What We Need From X-Men 4

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x men 4 characters What We Need From X Men 4

The news the other day about producer Lauren Schuler Donner hinting at the beginnings of plans for an X-Men 4 movie (and a movie based on The New Mutants) got me thinking of some of the infinite possibilities for the next X-Men installment.

I could go on and on about stories and characters I’d like to see, but keeping to the basics, I’ll discuss some of the issues from the existing X-trilogy that need to be rectified going forward with the next movie, should it come to fruition.

Join us as we discuss what we’d like to see from X-Men 4 and open the floor for your ideas!

We’ll go through some topics that need to be addressed, many of which stem from issues we were left with from X-Men 3: The Last Stand, starting with who the villain(s) should be.

A New Villain

Magneto’s reign is over, have him as a guest role to touch on his relationship with Xavier and perhaps have him redeem himself in some way, becoming the friend he used to be when he was the X-Men’s co-founder prior to the events of the X-trilogy.

This would be a nice concluding touch to the story of X-Men: First Class, which I think may feature Magneto working alongside Xavier to build the institute and the Cerebro device. With a possible role in that film and his own origins solo movie, Magneto’s story will be continued in the past, not the future: leave him out of X4.

x men 4 the marauders gambit mr sinister What We Need From X Men 4

So who must the X-Men dance with? Mr. Sinister and the Marauders? Apocalypse? Sentinels?! You could make multiple movies using any of these villains, let alone the time-traveling storylines featuring Bishop and Cable, which would allow for some very cool tie-ins to other X-films in development.

The Marauders would offer a good way to showcase a team of enemies and would tie Gambit into X-Men 4, while bringing Mr. Sinister into the mix. His interest in Jean Grey/Cyclops could be a key storyline and his involvement could help branch into existing or new spinoffs in development. Going that direction could also allow for the storyline of Cyclops fathering Cable as a result of Mr. Sinister’s experiments (I doubt it would follow the comics though) .

Give Rogue some Power!

Rogue was the leading lady of the first X-Men movie and then became a completely unused and wasted character in its sequels. Her power is to acquire other powers and she didn’t do that once over the span of three superhero movies. I don’t get it and judging by the interviews I saw for the movie, neither does Anna Paquin, the actress who played Rogue.

Paquin has matured as an actress and she has a strong following with her hit show, True Blood. Bring her back and bring her into the action. Let her fly and smash things.

gambit rogue taylor kitsch anna paquin What We Need From X Men 4

A more significant (and useful) role for Rogue could also include or setup a possible storyline with her and Gambit; Wolverine star Taylor Kitsch is very interested in doing just that, and many fans would like to see it happen.

Speaking of powers, Iceman finally iced up in the final action sequence of X3: The Last Stand so now he should be a full-fledged mutant combatant and X-Men member. Let him and Rogue dominate in the large-scale action sequences. Ice slides, anyone?

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  1. They need to give Rogue and Logan a good story line, but he needs to give her up. Think in X2 and in X3 how he looks at her(feral ownership), let the Gambit love interest build up, but have one of those fatal flaw moments where Wolverine has to save Rogue(again) while the new X-men really show their stuff. And with the cure waring off, Rogue can learn to control her powers, much like in the comics.
    Cyclops has to come back, James Marsden really created a great character, Jean could be accessible in the telepathic realm and dream sequences, and witht he professor returning without the “wheels” see if Patric Stewart can “throw” around a few antagonists.

    a few thoughts for now…….

  2. I want 2 see cyclops come back and show his little brother havoc and his team the X-factor

  3. You really can’t bring characters back after they died like they do in comic books (except jean). All they could do is introduce new mutants and have some of the younger ones like iceman and colossus become more important members.

  4. I’m sorry-the early 90’s cast was the best to me-either that or the late 2000’s-to that end, I think Cyclops, Emma Frost, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Angel, Iceman, Psylocke, Havok, Polaris, Colossus, Shadowcat, Beast, with cameos by others such as Dazzler, Bishop, Cable, Northstar, and yes, Sage, who I cannot believe is still stuck in Exiles. I think the Hellfire Club would make a nice set of villains for an X-film, or better yet-Cassandra Nova

    • I agree with the last writer when you talk story line and X-Man continuity you must either go hard with the Hellfire club which can establish a definite 5 and 6 installment if done right. You have a lot to work with there because they challenged each X-Man almost on and individual basis with almost fatal consequence. If you don’t go that route lets go Inter-galatic with Princess Lalandra (i don’t think i spelled it right)and the almost unstoppable Gladiator,(Now there is a character that would make an awesome screen appearance) You can cast Michael Clarke Duncan as the Gladiator, or a bulked up Dwayne(Rock)Johnson, With this story line we can delve into the Professor X character and give him a love interest, while finding out about Scott (Cyclops)Summers father, the Swashbuckling Cavalier, and his crew of Heroes. Please drop me a line if you like my ideas i want to write and produce movies one day and would love the criticism.

      Mike Wash.

  5. D Bernard, what early 90’s cast? the first movie came out in 2000. no offense but what your proposing wouldent work…its too complicated to bring in new mutants that no one knows of outside of X-men comics. To bring in mutants from other x-teams complicates and confuses moviegoers even more. I think they should stick to the core teams…and then maybe later make other x-team movies. And you have to take into account that you some of those characters that you and i like are not very popular and will probably never see the light of day. Bishop and cable…dazzler eh I loved them in the comics but on a list of 100 most popular marvel characters they would barely scratch the surface.

  6. tasouli
    i agree, bring Cyclops back as the leader with professor x, then GAMBIT, either him OR cYCLOPS HAS TO BE THE LEADER




    • i agree with the list of charecters to have bigger roles. i also think that if they are going to do xmen first class they should stay true to the comic roster : cyclops, jean grey, beast(unfurred)iceman and angel, in the x-men movies there are to much moving arround such as the first one although well done, how can iceman be a student if he was one ofthe original line up especially if they are all arround the same age? i do think as supporting cast should have prof x and magneto they started the school together and cameos of others toward the end leading into joining the team as in storm, rougue gambit, wolverine( has had to much screen time already)and when they introduce a new charecter they should flash a bit of past
      like gambits past as a theif, rogue’s runaway which led to her getting together with mystique or storms hardships as an orphan in egypt things like that brief, just enough to show why they ended up at prof x school
      one last thing comic apperance is so important, why must they change costume or a charecters look, the only charecter i was excited to see that kept true to apperance and back ground was nightcrawler. if your going to solo gambit i want to see the trench, the boots the gloves and the red eyes there’s a reason for the outfit. and of course taylor k was good as gambit but he needs to learn the accent and the phrases gambit uses all part of the charecter.


  9. i rather see Rogue with Wolverine sinse Singer and Hayter hinted it in the first two films. plus after watching the Wolverine film Gambit was like maybe in his early late 20s so he will be kinda old when he meets Rogue if ever so thats not very good. last couple years there has been a big Wolverine/Rogue fanbase thanks to x-men 1 and the chemistry between Jackman and Paquin. plus Logans sexual crush Jean is like dead for now anyway so he can realize his love for Rogue in my view.

  10. I agree with everything rick said, The young mutants need more screen time and the main characters of the last three need to take on a supporting role. I want to see storm take over the school as a teacher. I want to see the profeesor in at least one fight scene, it would be bad ass. He could walk now since he switched body’s in X3. Pyro was one of my favorite characters in the movie, even though I hated him in the comic books. He was awesome in X2 and for some reason he sucked ass in X3. I dont know what happened. Did jean kill pyro in X3 when she destroyed the bulding or did he escape.

  11. About Storm:

    I think that Storm should be the leader as of now. She’s the one with her head on straight. Halle Berry just needs to play the part of Storm. But Storm was a leader of the X-men for a good amount of time and she’s lead other teams. She’s a very likeable character and it is much preferred to see her than Cyclops. Cyclops still has pain from the death of Jean Grey. I think to see Scott and Emma with a relationship on the side would be perfect though and yes that he should show his bad side, but he’s not ready to lead until he realizes that Jean’s not coming back.

  12. since they put gambit in origins and sabretooth, they are leading in to introducing mister sinister. I could predict the plot of the movie right now.
    Movie starts off at the institute with many more mutants since the events of x3. new mutants make cameos, they show the new leaders of the school like storm teaching and stuff. Then they cut to a scene from origins when sabretooth and gambit were both approached by sinister who prevents them from being killed by the police or something. Gambit forms the marauders. After sabretooth and toad are defeated in x1 they join the marauders. Then they attack the morlocks that we saw from x3 in the mutant massacre. The x men hear about this and Gambit joins the squad, he reveals some of wolverines past since they know eachother and the rest of the movie is spent trying to fight sinister. At the end Apocalypse is revealed to have been behind sinister. This sets up further sequels.

  13. I Love the idea of bringing major villans such as Sinister,Marauders,Apocalypse, and Sentinels in for the next couple of movies. I think theses villans would flow very well in connecting with the Jean/Phoenix stories in the first three movies. I really liked where Bryan Singer was taking Jeans story in X2 and he gave her the firey phoenix form, we need more of that. Also I like the idea of bringing a time traveler in to maybe fix some of the mistakes that were made in The Last Stand.
    1 big one that they need to bring back Cyclops. I also agree that Cyclops is a leader and should be a leader however Storm is every bit the leader he is and led the X-men team for over over two decades either with Cyclops as coleader or as the main leader. In The Last Stand Storm the writers & director robbed Storm of her leadership role giving many of the pep talks and leading opps to Wolverine in the movies, it made no since to me what so ever.
    Both Cyclops and Storm need good roles in this next movie, and Wolverine needs to take more of a back seat. Storm just always seems to get robbed of good parts anymore.
    I would also love to see Rogue get super strength and flight.
    We also have to have more of Gambit! This where I would like to see the next coupe of movie go.

  14. give opportunity again to Famke Janssen and James Marsden.
    I want to see her as Jean Grey / the Dark Phoenix in another X men. I have a good title for another X men. ” X men Rise of Apocalypse “.
    I want to see Cameron Diaz as Emma Frost of the White Queen,
    Tilda Swinton as Selene or the Black Queen, Jennifer Garner as Scarlet Switch, Kelly Hu as Yuriko Oyama or Lady Deathstrike.
    give also opportunity to Halle Berry and Rebecca Romijn.

  15. Timothy Olyphant as Creed… NICE!!!

  16. Timothy Olyphant as Creed… NICE!!!

  17. Ahhh i cant get enough,,, Hey rob if youd like to talk about some ideas on X4 Gimmi a shout, id be rad…Peace!!!

  18. Excellent Rob!!!

  19. Yes its about time someone has said it all. Ive also been thinking about what the fourth film could be since 2007. It took me a year to get over the disaster that X3 was. By time i saw the lamness of Wolverine i jus expected and accepted it. ANyways yes a big team roster…forsure. Plus i totally agree about wolverine. Second or even jus cut out and bail on the team for personal reasons. He does sometimes do that. Gambit has to be worked in somehow. As difficult as it might be. Ive always thought Sinister could be the main villian. He plays in shadows as does his errand boy. This would tie in Gambit. Could also explain where cyclops has been since the end of X3. Also Jean is really Madlyn Prior?? Sinister could also eventually lead to Apocolypse and so on. I have lots of other ideas for Rouge, Cyclops/Jean, Storm, Iceman, Logan. But nowhere to apply them.. Tell me Rob, how does one get them in the hands of someone like Brian SInger or Michael Dougherty??? ANy tips would be much appreciated. Im a fan first but also like things to make sense,, i mean they have to.
    I could go on and on but its late… Great article Rob.. Go Xmen!!!

  20. Ahhh i cant get enough,,, Hey rob if youd like to talk about some ideas on X4 Gimmi a shout, id be rad…Peace!!!

  21. I definately want to see the Marauders in a future X-men movie, as well as Genosha and possibly Apocalypse (he's a little iffy). I would say Days of Future Past would make a good movie, but, like Apocalypse, time travel seems a little iffy for an X-Men movie.

    as for the team…

    Cyclops (why wouldnt they bring him back when its so easy)
    Wolverine (he needs to take the back seat this time, honestly)
    Rogue (we know she can kick ass, the question is will they let her)
    Nightcrawler (I was pissed that he wasnt in X3)
    Emma Frost (So long as shes a telepath and not just diamond lady)
    Gambit (hopefully they find a way to keep him young enough to have a romance with Rogue)
    Prof. X
    X-23 (only if X4 is wolverine centered again, otherwise thered be no point)

  22. What abot laura kinney(X23) huh! You know you can think about making an X-Men
    Origins:X23 (laura kinney) i would pay to see that!

  23. I agreed with everything you said and thought you were spot on. It was like you read my mind. Except for one thing. I disagree that Cyclops should take soul leadership of the X-MEN. I think they should make Cyclops and Storm co leaders. This is why, yes Cyclops is an amazing leader in the comics and has been on and off since the conception of the X-Men. However Storm has also Lead the team through the 80's 90's and some of the 2000's and now she's a Queen. So you are talking about about two characters that are complete bad ass's and very interesting people. Also Yes Xavier gave Storm leadership over the school and the X-MEN in X3 but you weren't ever really able to see that demonstrated because of Wolverines fat head. the writer's just had a hard on for him, made no since to me. Anyway we agree on everything else man. Great article!

  24. X3 had its great moments, but all told they killed off, underused, or 'cured' half of all important characters. With that said, this article is the most brilliant thing I have ever read regarding the X franchise. If there is a way to make X4 from the craziness X3 left off with, you said it all. Even if X4 never happens, thanks man, this really made my day!

  25. If they make a X-men 4, Id like to see them start with by introducing Mr. Sinister & the Marauders as the villains. Is Wolverine the only mutant that ages slowly, or can all mutants? That would be one idea to use to use Gambit in the film, having him on Sinister's team at first then join the X-men. Id like to see more Beast aslong as Kelsy Grammer returns in the role aswell as Iceman fully using his powers, what i mean is being covered in ice, goin by his name. Someone had a good a idea about that cure being only tempority, maybe they could use that idea give Rogue her powers back etc. I like Ink's idea about hinting about the preasence of Apocalypse in the film and maybe save it for end of the film as Sinsister is secretly workin for him. If the film does well, they could should make a X-men 5 and continue on from X4 With Sinsister and whatever happend in that film and Intruduce the Sentinels. One character they could introduce for the story would be Forge, along with other mutants who are being forced to build the Sentinels in promise they will be released after a army of them are completed, not knowing they would be terminated. It would be like the Slave Island comic. And if that film does well, the X-men will face their toughest battle, Apocalypse! in X-men 6

  26. X-4

    As a long time fan and more personally, an Angel fan, I’d like to see Apocalypse and his Horsemen. This could bring in Sinister and his Marauders and time travelers like Bishop and Cable. I say dump Wolverine and Storm as leaders, its been done and its tired. I say dump Magneto, beyond a cameo and bring in Cyclops, Emma Frost, Gambit, the real Psylocke, real Rogue and upgrade Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler and Iceman from supporting roles to actual team members.

    I think its been smart to down play the role of students within the format and structure of a two hour film. I like that they exist, but I think the franchise needs something huge to spark some interest and I think Apocalypse is the way to do it.

    I wouldn’t be opposed to an Angel recast either, Ben Foster is talented and could probably pull off Archangel, but he’s just too small physically. But then Jackman was hardly the right build for Wolverine either, so who knows. He was better than expected, in hindsight.

    As suggested before, X-4 could involve the Mutant Massacre, Registration Act and so on, bringing in Sinister, Marauders, Sentinels (beyond the DR sequence). It could end with the massacre, Angel losing his wings, Apocalypse entering to take him, etc. That could work.

    I wrote a spec script for x-3, wish I knew who to send what I’ve written to, it was good, my fifteenth script. I was just a little slow with it, lol. Such is life.

  27. I definitely agree with Dr. Laure’s Jean Grey ideas.