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x men 4 characters What We Need From X Men 4

The news the other day about producer Lauren Schuler Donner hinting at the beginnings of plans for an X-Men 4 movie (and a movie based on The New Mutants) got me thinking of some of the infinite possibilities for the next X-Men installment.

I could go on and on about stories and characters I’d like to see, but keeping to the basics, I’ll discuss some of the issues from the existing X-trilogy that need to be rectified going forward with the next movie, should it come to fruition.

Join us as we discuss what we’d like to see from X-Men 4 and open the floor for your ideas!

We’ll go through some topics that need to be addressed, many of which stem from issues we were left with from X-Men 3: The Last Stand, starting with who the villain(s) should be.

A New Villain

Magneto’s reign is over, have him as a guest role to touch on his relationship with Xavier and perhaps have him redeem himself in some way, becoming the friend he used to be when he was the X-Men’s co-founder prior to the events of the X-trilogy.

This would be a nice concluding touch to the story of X-Men: First Class, which I think may feature Magneto working alongside Xavier to build the institute and the Cerebro device. With a possible role in that film and his own origins solo movie, Magneto’s story will be continued in the past, not the future: leave him out of X4.

x men 4 the marauders gambit mr sinister What We Need From X Men 4

So who must the X-Men dance with? Mr. Sinister and the Marauders? Apocalypse? Sentinels?! You could make multiple movies using any of these villains, let alone the time-traveling storylines featuring Bishop and Cable, which would allow for some very cool tie-ins to other X-films in development.

The Marauders would offer a good way to showcase a team of enemies and would tie Gambit into X-Men 4, while bringing Mr. Sinister into the mix. His interest in Jean Grey/Cyclops could be a key storyline and his involvement could help branch into existing or new spinoffs in development. Going that direction could also allow for the storyline of Cyclops fathering Cable as a result of Mr. Sinister’s experiments (I doubt it would follow the comics though) .

Give Rogue some Power!

Rogue was the leading lady of the first X-Men movie and then became a completely unused and wasted character in its sequels. Her power is to acquire other powers and she didn’t do that once over the span of three superhero movies. I don’t get it and judging by the interviews I saw for the movie, neither does Anna Paquin, the actress who played Rogue.

Paquin has matured as an actress and she has a strong following with her hit show, True Blood. Bring her back and bring her into the action. Let her fly and smash things.

gambit rogue taylor kitsch anna paquin What We Need From X Men 4

A more significant (and useful) role for Rogue could also include or setup a possible storyline with her and Gambit; Wolverine star Taylor Kitsch is very interested in doing just that, and many fans would like to see it happen.

Speaking of powers, Iceman finally iced up in the final action sequence of X3: The Last Stand so now he should be a full-fledged mutant combatant and X-Men member. Let him and Rogue dominate in the large-scale action sequences. Ice slides, anyone?

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  1. Sweet article rob. I agree with most of it and would like to see new villians like apocalypse but I think we will still see some magneto.

  2. Singer was great but he’s tied into several projects so I doubt he’s involved at all.

    What about jon favreau?

  3. I would love to see Sinister in X4 with hints at Apocalypse who would be the major baddie in X5. I like your ideas about the roster. I think they could have something happen at the beginning of X4 to drive Logan away (maybe the return of Scott) thus beginning the “removal” of Wolverine from “major” screen time.
    At any rate I’m all for it.

    Speaking of which … 2011 is going to be a kick arse year for comic book movies.

  4. Nightcrawler must return!!!!

  5. Ink

    2011 will be sick!

    May – spiderman 4, Thor and the hangover 2

    June – green lantern

    July – captain America

    And star trek 3 somewhere in there. Maybe even transformers 3.

    I meant star trek 2 lol

  6. Dude. Sinister. Marauders. Coolest movie ever. EVER> I love Magneto, but Sinester’s such a sick man, thew only way a film gets more intense for the X-Men is if they also have to deal with a widespread anti mutant hate group like the Friends of Humanity. I also wanna point out some creepy X-Men movie math if now that they chose Taylor Kitsch for Gambit in X-Men Origins: that movie took place 15-20 years before the events of X-Men, making a Gambit in his 20s in his 40s now. Isn’t that just a little weird having Taylor Kitsch cast as him? Kinda. You could explain it away as him just having great genes, or that those great genes were aided by Sinister. The point is, get Sinister and all the Marauders in a movie. My pick for Sinister is Jeremy Irons. As for Graydon Creed, get Timothy Olyphant. Just imagine Creed junior in a movie that ALSO has Sabretooth (bring back Liev!). Also, get some newer X-Men like Polaris and Havok!

  7. In X3, they did have a headstone for Scott but we don’t know if they actually had his body, so yeah, he could return. Jean, in the comics, was killed and the Phoenix cloned her; we could have something similar where Jean gets cloned but her Phoenix power is eliminated (or somehow controlled).

    Wolverine is my favorite but the movies have focused way too much on him. Now that he has a solo movie and sequels coming out, make him secondary as you suggested. You are also correct about Magneto; make him go off in the beginning, after getting his powers back, to create asteroid M or something.

    Apocalypse could be a shadowy character manipulating Sinister in X4, and then have him as the main villain in X5. The ending to X5 could be the X-Men are about to be defeated by Apocalypse when all of a sudden Cable shows up to save the day, leading into X6.

    I also agree that Rogue needs Ms. Marvel’s powers. After Mystique gets her powers back, have her manipulate Rogue into holding on to Ms. Marvel until she dies (or goes into a coma), thus having Rogue keep the powers.

  8. I think the team should include…

    1. Cyclops
    2. Beast
    3. Gambit
    4. Iceman
    5. Emma Frost
    6. Rogue
    7. Wolverine (just so they can say Hugh is in it)
    8. Kitty Pryde
    And I’d like to see Deadpool involved somehow… I don’t know if that would be true to the comics at all, but I’d like to see him one more time before the Deadpool solo flick.

  9. How about something to do with Alpha Flight, would love to see the XMEN battle ALPHA FLIGHT, especially SASQUATCH?

  10. I’d ike to to see Mr. Sinister as the villain for a whole new set of X-men movies. As stated in the article, I would leave Wolverine out of most of the movie and have him in maybe 5 minuutes of it if possible. I woudl also liek to see Cyclops step up and have him be the leader that he should be. We all know Prof X is back, Cyclops is not dead, and Phoniex is Phoniex, she coudl come back. The problem is you cannot bring all 3 characters back, so I would leave out Jean Grey because the story arcs for Cyclops and prof x are much better. I want Gambit in the movie and I think that they need to find a way to make him fit. Nightcrwaler, Beast, and Angel are also musts. Also what about Jubilee? Taht could be another possibility, although her powers are pretty ridiculous.

  11. Can we get rid of/recast storm? Thats what I want. Gambit needs to be in it. Beast needs more action. Nightcrawler returning for a bit would be sweet. I pretty much agree with what is said though.

  12. How come no one is talking about Archangel? I would love to see the transformation from Angel to Archangel. That could easily be tied in with the Apocalypse story line.

    Also, Taylor Kitsch is o.k., but not compelling. X-Men Origins: Wolverine got a couple of things right and one was recasting Sabertooth with Liev Schreiber. Awesome.

    Just go back to the drawing room and do the same with Taylor Kitsch.

  13. @Rob
    Dude you cant be serious someone else playing wolverine That’s like someone else playing Luke Skywalker
    Cant be done!!

  14. hey said the same thing about someone else playing James Bond. While I think Connery is the best, the others have done great jobs. If Liev hadn’t played Sabretooth, I think he could be a great Wolverine.

  15. I’m totally agreed, last time we saw magneto in X-men The Last Stand he could do something with the chess brick. He pushed it with he’s hand and everyone know what that means. Magneto can now controll plastic. So i think there would be a good thing with magneto in X-men 4. And we should see Wolverine/Hugh Jackman fight against Liev Schreiber/Victor Creed with the X-men in the fourth movie. And we can not forget Gambit, or Charles Xavier, in the end of X-men 3 he waked up in a hospitale. Mr. Sinister would be great to have in a X-men 5 if there would e a fifth movie.

  16. @Jay-Man
    I think that chess piece was metal.

  17. @ Vin,

    In 10 (20-30?) years, they won’t simply stop making Wolverine movies when Hugh is too old if they sell.

    Someone brought this up in an interview with the producer and it was an interesting point. Wolverine’s life will last a very long time, they could make a Bond franchise in the future out of it.

    I’m not talking re-casting within the current slate of movies though, no way.

  18. @cflfootballfan

    As Screen Rant’s only Canadian writer, YES to Alpha Flight.

    Sasquatch FTW


  19. One thing I meant to say in my other post was that, much like the “brains behind the action” comment, I don’t want to see X-Men just turn into a superhero action movie. What I’d love is for it to continue on with badass science fiction and social commentary. With that said, I’d much rather see them draw influences from Grant Morrison’s run on X-Men. especially the costumes. Man I love the New X-Men outfits. As for how to set up Gambit, one of the best things about him in the early days was that he was such a shady character. Part of his charm was that, much like Wolverine, he was a longer, a brawler, and he had a lot of mystery. Unlike Wolverine, we weren’t really sure if his intentions with the X-Men were for good or ill. I say work Gambit in THAT way. As for powering up Rogue, i don’t think she needs Ms Marvel, they just need to change how she can make use of her power. In the first film she drained Magneto of a bunch of energy, why not have a bit of Age of Apocalypse style payoff? In the AOA she did the same thing to Polaris, it allowed her flight and some resistance to injury. Just have her absorb some of Juggernaut, and boom, flight and strength. or have her able to recall anything she’s absorbed like in X-Treme X-Men.

  20. they need to make a xmen movie like they filmed 300 and sincity, have frank miller direct it. That style of xmen movie would be awsome. i vote zack synder and frank miller for the next films. At least make 1 x trilogy for adults. And where are those big robots from the xmen comics, those things were awsome and scared the hell outa me.



  23. How can you say Rogue never used her ability to take other abilities? She used Wolverine’s healing power at least once, maybe twice in the first film. I do agree that she should have a bigger role and used it more often.

  24. I want Rogue get Ms. marvel’s powers and fly and kick arse!

  25. Normally love your articles but that was horrible advice/wish list. In reality they need to reboot the franchise while keeping some of the same actors.

    I do like your idea of redeeming Magneto. But they really need to get a different and younger actor than Ian McKellen. Stewart was good as Professor X but it wouldn’t bother me if they changed that actor as well. (BTW I thought Xavier ended up in the body of Proteus/Kevin MacTaggart?)

    Cyclops: Horrible character. Always has been always will be.
    Angel: If they make him into Archangel he would be better.
    Beast: Was good. No need to change. Though the cat form is better.
    Cable/Bishop: Please don’t. Along with Rachel Summers that time crap was just that. Crap! Cable and Bishop were always stupid characters anyways.

    Colossus: More Colossus. Though they need to lose that power that he has in the movies where he can change other people into metal.

    Emma Frost: This would be nice. Especially after Nasty Halle Berry and Famke Jansen. Bad or good, Emma Frost would be a nice addition to the movie. A Hellfire Club plot would be good for a reboot.

    Iceman: Meh….I could care less. I’d like to see him ice up though.
    Nightcrawler: The Nightcrawler from X-Men2 was good. Keep him.

    Psylocke: Reintroduce her as the British Betsy. She was much better that way. And she could replace Jean Grey.

    Rogue: I could take her or leave her.

    Gambit: Whatever. They really made him to Cajuny in the books. He was good when he was first introduced in the books. Please don’t make him have a relationship with Rogue. One of the worst ideas ever.

    The Three-In-One/Stepfords: Great idea.

    Wolverine: He’ll always be the focus. Whether we want it or not.

    Forge: Forge would be cool.

    Havok and Polaris: Might be great ideas. They could also introduce Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch here and later add them to the Avengers movies.

    Lockheed: Add him.

    Sage: I’d add her. Maybe via the Hellfire plot.

    Shadowcat: Meh…

    • [i]Colossus: More Colossus. Though they need to lose that power that he has in the movies where he can change other people into metal.[/i]

      He had no such power in X-3! That was Rogue using her power on him!

  26. In a perfect world, we’d get Singer back as director, but his schedule’s pretty full right now.

    So I say bring in Joss Whedon. Serenity shows that he can direct a sound feature length flick, and he obviously knows the characters.

    As for the cast of characters, I definitely think Cyclops should come back, and I also think its fairly obvious how. They found his visor, and without that he can’t open his eyes, so poor Scott’s currently walking blindly through the forest.

    I’d love Nightcrawler back, but Alan Cumming absolutely hated the makeup, and he said he wouldn’t be willing to do it again. I suppose they can recast him, but I think we all agree Cumming was fantastic.

    I know a lot of you don’t want another Wolverine centric plot, and I don’t really, either, but I would really like it if they could play off of the Wolverine mentoring Kitty Pryde thing. We kind of got that with Rogue, but I’d much rather see Ellen Page in an expanded roll than Anna Paquin.

    Lastly, expand on Angel, who was horribly underused.

  27. If Wolverine is in the movie, I can pretty much guarantee it won’t be in a minor supporting role or a cameo. It’ll cost the studio too much money to cast Jackman for such a small role. I love the Wolverine character and I think that Jackman has done a fantastic job in all 4 movies thus far.
    I thought Kelsey Grammar was great in X-3 and would love to see him back for another go, and Nightcrawler as well. I also think that we’re going to have Magneto back again, it’s too easy for the studio to just make another story with Magneto than to actually come up with something new and original. This IS Fox we’re talking about, here.

  28. Ew, no. British Psylocke was boring, uninteresting and redundant. If they use her, I hope it’s the bad-add Ninja version! By the way, Ninja Psylocke would make a great addition to the second Wolverine movie, which will take place in Japan.

    As for X-Men 4. The franchise is already ruined and the original actors are too old. I’d like for them to reboot it, casting teenager actors (ages 15-25). It will be much better and fun.

  29. I pretty much agree with everything said here. Bravo, guys. I didn’t like how the third X-Men film killed off my favorite X-Man off-screen, and then cured three of my favorite characters – Magneto, Mystique and Rogue. Since the cure isn’t likely to be permanent, as Magneto’s last scene in the film hinted at, and we never actually saw Cyclops die, all of that could be easily corrected for “X-Men 4″. I’d love to see James Marsden’s Cyclops finally get a leading role after being pushed aside for three movies and I refuse to believe his off-screen “death” in “X-Men: The Last Straw”… er, “Last Stand”, was real. Plus, I’d like to see Cyclops use his optic blasts more than the one-or-two times he used them in “X3″, and make them not generate heat as they mistakenly did in the “Wolverine” prequel. Jean Grey needs to return too, and for once, let us see the Jean/Cyclops relationship unfold. We got a few scenes with Cyclops and Jean in “X-Men”, but when “X2″ and “X3″ happened, Cyclops’s time with Jean was inexcusably reduced. “X4″ needs to fix that, and besides, I love Famke Janssen’s portrayal of Jean. I’d love to see her reprise the role. I also agree that Rogue needs to be a leading character and that she get Miss Marvel’s powers and memories somehow, even if they introduce a new character that has the same powers as Miss Marvel (like how Jason Stryker substituted for Mastermind in “X2″). I love how when Rogue had Miss Marvel’s powers, she had super-strength, was invulnerable and could fly, but she couldn’t have skin-to-skin contact with someone without draining their powers and memories. She was invulernable on the outside, but was really one of the more vulnerable members of the team. That was cool to me. Anna Paquin does a great job as Rogue, so I think she needs to toughen up, act more like the Southern belle we know and love from the comics, and finally fight on-screen. I mean, it’s been three movies and she hasn’t thrown a punch! She’s an X-Man, so she needs to fight with her teammates! I also think Tyler Mane should return as Sabretooth, make him speak, make him behave more like his comic counterpart by messing with people’s heads, and show some more of his rivalry with Wolverine. Wolverine also needs his trademark doesn’t-work-well-with-others, doesn’t-give-a-crap attitude from the comics, especially since “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” did a lousy job with Wolverine AND Sabretooth. Besides, if a new villain like fan favorite Mr. Sinister, imagine the storyline possibilities with Gambit, Sabretooth, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Sinister in the same movie. I also think we need a Nightcrawler/Mystique history here and come up with a plausible reason as to how she could be Nightcrawler’s mother but still look young like she did in “X3″ (maybe Mystique’s shape-shifting made her age slowly?) I know it’s unlikely, but I’d like to see “X-Men 4″ correct what Brett Ratner did in “X3″. As much as I loathed “X-Men: The Last Straw”, and believe me I did, I did want to see more of Kelsey Grammer’s Beast and Ben Foster’s Angel. Both were under-used and they need more focus and character development. I’d also like to see Iceman not only in his ice-form again, but also use his ice slide too, and let him rival with Gambit over Rogue’s affections. I don’t know if Taylor Kitsch or someone older would play Gambit, but as long as he has a Cajun accent and they write him waaaaaaay better than what “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” did, I’d be happy. I hope White Queen is introduced too (maybe Charlize Theron or someone like that could play her?), and as mentioned already, Gambit is a must. I do hope that Ian McKellen’s Magneto is in the film in some capacity, as I love both McKellen and Magneto, and hope he gets some more scenes with Patrick Stewart’s Professor X – even if said scenes are brief. I’d love to see more of the Danger Room, too. But you guys also forgot to mention one pivotal thing to include on your list of things we need from X-Men 4: all six founding members together. In the comics, Xavier’s first students were Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Beast and Jean Grey, as fans know. But while all six characters were in “X-Men: The Last Straw”…uh, I mean “Last Stand”, they were all not together in the same scene. They weren’t even together on a poster, on a magazine cover, in photoshoots for the film – nothing! I’d love to see Xavier, Cyclops, Jean, Iceman, Beast and Angel all in the same scene. That’d be a dream come true. There are a ton of other things I’d love to see included – like Daniel Cudmore’s Colossus get more to do (and speak with a Russian accent for once), a scene of Colossus using the Fastball Special with Wolverine in a GOOD X-Men movie, getting Bryan Singer back in the director’s chair, making a two-hour plus “X4″ film with both action AND character development, have Ellen Page return as Kitty Pryde so that an actress can finally play the character in more than one X-Men movie. I’d list more, but that’d go on too long and my rant is long enough as it is.

    By the way, the X-Men Films site has their own petition for a fourth “X-Men” movie up that has, as of right now, 230 signatures so far. You can check it out here:

    I hope my rant wasn’t too long, sounded too mean or sounded to nit-picky. But I love these characters and I don’t want to see the “X-Men” trilogy end with the third film, especially since I found it to be incredibly disappointing. Thanks for reading my comments and I really hope that there’s a fourth “X-Men” movie.

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