X-Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

The X-Men franchise has a bright future on the silver screen. With multiple projects in their early stages of development and several given the greenlight after the financial success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to kick off this summer, there seems to be no end in sight for what the future may hold of Fox Studio’s hot property.

I’ll bet Disney wishes they could have picked up this film license in their acquisition of Marvel

Aside from solo films for Magneto and Deadpool, and the prequel team-up film X-Men: First Class, we might be getting a movie based on the New Mutants comic line and… a possible X-Men 4?

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who has worked on all of the X-films thus far, was in attendance for the Fox press presentation of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray release and fielded some questions from the audience about the future of the franchise, including some from Brendon Connelly of /Film.

One of the first things addressed was the Tim Pocock (young Cyclops) tweet that got out which hinted at X-Men: First Class beginning filming early next year. Shortly after, Pocock re-tweeted a follow-up saying that it was a prank and to retract any news from it.

On that topic, Donner said it’s complete false and that no one is yet signed for the First Class film but did confirm that all of the young mutants appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine did have the standard options in their contracts for more flicks should they decide to go that path (which they will).

Here’s where the interesting part comes in: Donner then revealed that she’s been working on plans for even more films than the ones we already know about and she said two of them are X-Men 4, which would bring back the characters of old, and a film based on The New Mutants.

X-Men 4?! That’s major if it happens, but when would they film it? Jackman’s got Wolverine 2 in development which wont be out for a few years, how much can he push his body physically 4-5 years down the road for the part? Assuming of course, he plays a prominent role in the fourth installment…

When could it realistically be made and in what order would the films go into production? There’s Deadpool, X-Men Origins: Magneto, Wolverine 2, X-Men First: Class, a possible Gambit movie down the road, and now two more!

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  1. I hope they make a X-men 4. Sure X3 had some flaws but the first two rocked. Id like for the franchise to continue on so they can keep Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Id like also like them to make a X5 & X6 and have all 3 films connected as one big story just as the Star Wars trilogys were. This time bring back major bad ass characters who can really rough up the x-men. Say Mr. Sinister & the Nasty Boys, or other mutants like Avalanche, Blob or even Juggernaut again. A idea for X5 would be have Sinister on the run still, after X4 have the humans feel like they have to even the odds by having Trask enslaving Mutants like a young Forge produce and build the Sentinels to combat evil mutants aswell as X-men. And save the best for last for X6 by having Apolcalypse appear as the one whos been pulling strings to have mutants and humankind destroy each other while its revealed Mr. Sinister helped in X4 as to be his right-hand man. After all it was Apolcalypse who made Mr. Sinister who he is in the comics. Thats all just small ideas i would have for a new trilogy that follows X3

  2. @George:

    Rules: No profanity or personal attacks.

    You shouldn’t need to call someone a jerk or anything else in order to discuss why you disagree with their point of view.


  3. Chrisj:
    Absolutely! The first two movies totally rocked. Not just one charachter or two, but the whole cast. It like drug you in. You didn’t just watch the movie, you experienced it. Major difference there. :)

  4. @ Melanie
    Thank you. Does anyone know if X-men 4 will most likely be a done deal, or is it just rumors elsewhere? I Heard Hugh Jackman on behind the scenes of X-men Origins: Wolverine say aslong as fans want him, he’d be more than happy to play Wolverine whether or not its a solo film or another X-men sequel that follows from X3.

  5. I would commend Miss Donner wishing her the Best!!!!!!! Wolverine Origins was Cool!!!!! Remember Beast is an Avenger and Xmen Character prefer him more joining Thor Iron Man Captain America and do not forget Wanda Scarlett Witch !!!! She is Magnetos Daughter turned Hero and a very strong Woman !! I know Jean Gray is Gone !!!!! They are bringing back Xavier right???? Then Cyclops right????? Whatever you do you should have Wanda come on Board !!!! Then have them both make there rightful place in the AVENGERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. @ Richard,

    Unfortunately, we cannot see that sort of cross-over.

    Beast is strictly a Fox Studios property so cannot appear alongside The Avengers in the Marvel Studios films.

    As for Wanda, there’s some confusion over her character since it was rumored that Scarlett Jo was in consideration to play her for Marvel Studios… I dunno for what but I’m now unsure as to which studio owns the rights to her character – I thought all mutants were Fox’s

  7. @ chrisj,

    For X-Men 4, all we know is that producer Lauren Schuler Donner is “cooking up plans” for it but I don’t know how much of a sure-thing it is or how it ranks in development compared to the other 5-6 projects in planning.

  8. @ Chrisj
    That’s what makes Hugh Jackman so awesome. He’s a really cool guy. Drop dead gorgeous too, but that’s just me. :)
    He brings it when he’s in a movie, not all actors can do that but they have a really good thing going with the series. It would be a shame to let it end now. There’s so much that can be done. I mean the comics are awesome but seeing this on the big screen?! Immortalized in print and film, can you imagine the concept you thought of so cherished? OMG what a legacy!

  9. @ Melanie
    Do the movie studios by chance read posts like this from this website and others? Did you like the ideas i had if they make X-men 4-6? So many Comics, so many characters to use still. Heck, some can even be used again from previous films like Gambit, Blob, Juggernaut etc. Id like to see Gambit be reintroduced in the 4th film, only this time he starts off by siding with Mr. Sinister as part of his gang just as he was in the comics. And if they brought Cyclops and Jean back, instead of the Wolverine/Jean Grey romance, replace it with the chemistry between Gambit & Rogue with Iceman being on the side and maybe let there be a rively between Iceman & Gambit for Rogue’s affection. Of-course they should give Rogue her perminant powers of flight & strength etc. In X3 i understood they cut cyclops involvement short so James Marsden could film Superman Returns. But i felt they cut off Rogue too much and worst thing they did was supposely cured her. I am glad we saw Iceman’s full potential even when it was short. anyways, i hope they make more X-men films, i do mean X-men who are in their prime. I still have my doubts about X-men: First Class.

  10. I hope X-men 4 wil go as plan.

    Have Gambit and Emma Frost in there!

  11. While not in connection with the plot of “First Class,” I think that a Gambit spin-off could benefit from a few of the ideas being thrown around for “First Class” and “Magneto.”

    Like it or not, X-Men Origins: Wolverine will probably be looked at as more successful than the original X-Men trilogy in that it made as much as it did at the box-office despite having been massively leaked online over a month before its theatrical release date and will likely do well in DVD/Bluray sales.

    With that success, a sequel has been greenlit, as has a Deadpool spin-off (and the character of Wade Wilson/Deadpool can ACTUALLY be saved within the first ten minutes of the Deadpool spin-off if done in a number of ways. Off-hand: Weapon XI was an experiment using a clone of Wade Wilson OR Wade’s healing factor rejects his newly acquired powers, including including the blades that he was provided with surgically (as this was an unnatural enhancement to his body’s structure, as opposed to the adamantium lacing Wolverine’s bone-structure which the claws were originally a part of).

    Gambit will likely have a spin-off as well, and hopefully with the proper training, Tyler Kitsch can better master the accent. He already looks the part and is of the age that, at 28, he is able to play a character in his young 20’s/late teens and still be able to have a role in X-Men 4 as a new team member in his early-to-mid-30’s (He’s not much older than the young Cyclops from “Origins: Wolverine”).

    “Origins: Gambit” can come out in between Magneto and X-Men 4, tying in all of the X-Men spin-offs with the actually X-Men franchise (assuming that “First Class” will release shortly prior to “Magneto” as a means to garner more interest in the actual story of Magneto). In order for this to work, Fox will have to mirror what Marvel is doing with Iron-Man 2, Captain America, Thor, and Avengers by filming non-stop and having one film release after another (Comic book characters don’t age, but actors do).

    This is being mentioned here because if all of these films ARE in-development, then I think it would work for Mr. Sinister to be the main villain in Gambit’s film, with him leading the Marauders (the group made up of Mystique, Toad, and a more vicious and animalistic looking Sabertooth).

    Since Toad was seen imprisoned at Three-Mile-Island but wasn’t among the group that Xavier found upon meeting “First Class” members Scott Summers and Emma Frost, it can be revealed in a flash-back scene in the Gambit spin-off that Sinister “rescues” a group of mutants (among those being Toad and Mystique) on the island. The Sabertooth connection would then occur in a short cameo in Wolverine 2 after the credits roll (Assuming that Victor Creed hunts down Wolverine prior to his trip to Japan. After the two engage in a short battle, Victor Creed retreats and goes into exile, unable to cope with the idea that his brother no longer remembers him – thus leading to a de-evolution that is first seen in the Sinister cameo at the end of Wolverine 2, and explored more in-depth over the course of the Gambit spin-off, ultimately resulting in what we saw as Sabertooth by the beginning of the first X-Men movie).

    This would leave Gambit with Sinister as the final villain, but also allow for a Victor Creed/Gambit showdown, where Creed can blame Gambit for bringing Logan to Three-Mile-Island and Gambit can seek revenge for the 2 years he spent incarcerated there, while also sowing the seeds for Magneto’s putting together the “Brotherhood” (Even have Magneto enter the final act of Gambit’s movie to persuade the main Marauders to join his cause – convincing Creed that he’d lead him to Wolverine if he joined him).

  12. That last post is of the idea that by the time X-Men 4 rolls around, Gambit joins the team in Wolverine’s absence. Wolverine can even bring him back with him to join the team (as he remembers him as his first acquaintance post-memory loss), immediately leaving Gambit with Rogue’s intrigue as she admires Wolverine – any friend of his would be someone Rogue would make acquaintance with.

    This would leave the New X-Men team with a core of Gambit, Rogue, Ice Man, Colossus, Shadow Cat, Storm, Beast, and led by Xavier in his new body. Wolverine would have a much-reduced role, and Gambit/Rogue/Ice Man would take on the Wolverine/Jean/Cyclops love triangle with Wolverine perhaps even making a joke about how “some things never change.”

  13. I do like your ideas TRC.

    and I do think Mr Sinister could be the force that brings all these movies together and redeem them to the quality of the first two… his convoluted background with just about every x-character could make him a villian of epic proportions

  14. i would love to see them do magneto with apocalypse as the villain,first class with the sentinel story and sinister,wolverine2 with sabretoothe,omega red,silver samuria, and sauron,and gambit origins films i also would like to see a wade/deadpool origins,and x-,4 x-5 and x-6 back to back so every one gets story and character development also a district-x if done in the fashion of the dark knight were bishop is a detective hunting wanted mutants when he finds out a twist its really a human villain john sublime would be f@#ing sweet.ohhhh and not to forget a new mutants movie combined with special class and generation-x would work so well. i mean put sunspot with chamber,husk,beak,anngel salvador,glob herman,and skin wow that would be so awesome to see!

  15. Featuring what happened in the past is really an excellent way to beef up the movie universe, draw more attention from audiences who might never otehrwise be interested in the comics, and gain revenue for the characters. So from a business sense making movies of the past is very smart. I just hope they can squeeze in a whole bunch of movies to fill out both past, present, and future before these actors get too old to play the part.
    IMO only XMen has the staying quality of any comic for video. There’s so much that can be done, yet still to be done. They could make a galactic nest egg if they carry it onward.

  16. um i really want an x men 4 cause im getting sick of hearing about the past ….i want to know whats happining now and i love storm she better have long hair in the next one!!!!!!!!

  17. AFter how much I hated “X-men Origins: Wolverine” I could care less what they do with the next film.

  18. they should have sentinels in x4 since the government thinks megneto lost his powers but they should give magneto and mystique their powers back later in the movie saying that the cure was only temporary. They should also bring pyro back. Pyro would do all the things magneto did in the other movies since magneto wouldn’t have his powers until late in the film.

    Also pyro would beat iceman in a revenge fight

  19. No More Magneto please. I agree with the cure being only tempory but have Mr. Sinister restore Mystique’s powers and give Rogue’s her other abilities and best of all have it end with Sinister being just a pawn for Apolcalypse whos really pulling the strings and have a war break out between humans and mutants and wait for him to show up in X-men 6 while Mr. Sinister returns to fight the X-men, at the same time the X-men must deal with mutants being enslaved into building Sentinels. A young Forge would be perfect as one of the mutants being forced to build the Sentinels to hunt down mutants world-wide starting the X-men in X-men 5. It would be a great story arc in a trilogy. Maybe include Quicksilver,Scarlett Witch & Gambit workin w/ Sinister and his own group of mutant known as the Nasty Boys. Oh yeah, have the Juggernaut return with Iceman using his full powers at the sametime be caught in a love triangle between Rogue & Gambit. And have Cyclops & Jean Grey return at the hands of Mr. Sinister and maybe blackmail them into fighting the X-men. So many ideas to be used for another trilogy.

  20. Okay so here is how I see it for a continuance of the Xmen movies. In X4 I believe we have seen enough of Magneto so yes Mr. Sinister would be a good replacement. Cut out Rogue (Yes I know shes hot but this is better off for bringing in more new mutants) up until the last scene or maybe put her in a few shots here and there to show progression of her powers returning to her. Logan and Storm go to see if Xavier is really alive at Moyra’s and the while they are gone the city is over-ran with Sentinels. The new xmen fight them off until Storm, logan and the professor get back, only for them to discover Sinister’s plotting for something more evil, the rise of apocolpyse.

    This then leads to X5 in which by now we have Angel and Professor X back in play? See where I am going with this? In X5 Apocolpyse calls on his Four Horsemen, two of which are ArcAngel and Prof. X. And who would be the other two? well there are alot of other good candidates but I would like to see him use Storm and Wolverine but they could easily use this as a way to bring back Jean and Cyclopse. by the way, as for Rogue, at some point while helping the injured mutants she suddenly gets her powers back and sucks in a wounded mutants powers. whos you ask? Ms. Marvel’s of course! giving her ability to fly.

    Now I know this all sounds old school and faint cause this is just off the top of my head but you could take the xmen plotline in any direction you want and I still think you would have someone else complaining it wasn’t done right.
    I just say we just sit back and wait till they are more ready to work on it and in the mean time keep our eyes peeled to the tube for Ironman 2 feat. War Machine people…. WAR MACHINE! lol

  21. Its possible to bring back jean, surely you know about the Phoenix and all that stuff? About Cyclops, Im not to sure. Idk how its gonna work but we’ll see,hopefully..

  22. @ devantlon1
    It’s possible to bring back both of them in the same way they were in the comics. Say Mr. Sinister having kept a sample of both their DNA over the years? Problem with that is they would need to put the idea in X-men: First Class film or a sequel to it if the film does great. I once heard people wanna make a Cable solo movie, but how they gonna pull it off is the question if they dont bring back Cyclops and Jean.

  23. they have to have sinister as the villian, it allows for the best possible tie in with the origin movie. This will allow gmabit to be introduced as the foundation of the marauders, it will also explain sabretooths diapearance. The end of the movie could climax with the morlock massacre with gambit defecting to the x men upon seeing wolverine. Wolverine shouldn’t be a main character anymore, but there has to be atleast one seen in which gambit tells wolverine more about his past, since they knew eachother. The newer mutants should be a bigger part of the team (Iceman and Colossus should do most of the fighting). The movie should end with the sentinels being built by forge and apocalypse revealed to be pulling Sinisters strings. He would be voiced by none other than James Earl Jones.

    and they can’t have a rogue/gambit relationship, that would be illegal.

  24. what happened to pyro anyway /brett ratner left mad things unexplained.

  25. @ Alex
    You sound like you liked my ideas for the next trilogy. James Earl Jones would be a good choice for apolcalypse. I forget who said it but Daniel Craig would be a good choice as Mr. Sinister. I just hope that if the Sentinels say anything in the movie, that it wont be any of the voice actors from the Transformers films. That would be a bad idea id think.

  26. Wolverine should have a cameo on this film to follow the events of x-3, Cyclops and XAVIER must be back, so which means Cyclops should be the leader for this one, but Cyclops is already getting his own film in First Class, wich means he will be the leader that we know from the comics, Gabit sounds a good option as the protagonist of the fourth movie, Wolverine already got 5. So either Cyclops or Gambit should be the stars, I would also like to see more Ice Man ,Colussus, Nightcrawlet and Beast, Jean Gray should be left ou, Storm could have a small cameo like Wolverine and Roge should be there as Gambit love girlfriend

  27. I would love to see BRIAN SINGER come back for X-men 4, the first two were the best, but i am wondering he doesn’t make Cyclops right at this time, he is the real leader, who was very misused and misunderstood in the 3 first films. James Mardsen did a nice job as Cyclops, even with the little screen time he had , much better than Helly Berry Storm, wich didn’t convince me at all

  28. I’m very much in hopes that they will x4 ahead of the other movies. They really need to. Things that need to happen in movies to come. As far as X-men 4 goes much less Wolverine if any. At this point I don’t think I would miss him that much. Throw Gambit in there instead. Have Storm be a strong leader of the X-Men, i want them to really work on making her character shine in this movie. Bring back Cyclops and have them co lead the X-Men. Bring Jean back in some way. Have Rogue gain Miss Marvels powers and give that girl some Rogue southern sassy attitude. Bring on the Sentinels, Sinister,& Apoc.
    Do it big and right and we the fans will be happy!

  29. The line up for x4 in order of screen time they recieve should be
    1. mix of iceman colossus kiity pride the younger mutants should take control of the team
    2. gambit, I want to see him join the x men in this movie you could give him scenes with wolverine (since Gambit most likely remembers him)
    3. Angel, he should finnally join the x men this could help explain the sentinels and his fathers involvement with them
    4. Pyro, I don’t know what happened to him at the end of x3 but I’d like to see him as a reformed x man
    5. Storm, should be professor or something minor like that
    6. Proffessor x, he has a new body now that could walk and we could even see him in some of the action scenes. Maybe he could have some sort of psychic fight with sinister.

    People their should be less of.
    1 wolverine, he had like six movies already. Hugh Jackmans my third favorite actor but I’ve had enough of him as an x man
    2 magneto, he was one of my favorite parts of the first 3 movies but he doesn’t fit in the story anymore
    3 they can’t bring back cyclops or jean since their dead and the main fanbase of the movie isn’t familiar with comic book resurections.
    4 beast, he a representative now so their would be no point of having him in the movie unless he is just informing the x men of something.