X-Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

The X-Men franchise has a bright future on the silver screen. With multiple projects in their early stages of development and several given the greenlight after the financial success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to kick off this summer, there seems to be no end in sight for what the future may hold of Fox Studio’s hot property.

I’ll bet Disney wishes they could have picked up this film license in their acquisition of Marvel

Aside from solo films for Magneto and Deadpool, and the prequel team-up film X-Men: First Class, we might be getting a movie based on the New Mutants comic line and… a possible X-Men 4?

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who has worked on all of the X-films thus far, was in attendance for the Fox press presentation of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray release and fielded some questions from the audience about the future of the franchise, including some from Brendon Connelly of /Film.

One of the first things addressed was the Tim Pocock (young Cyclops) tweet that got out which hinted at X-Men: First Class beginning filming early next year. Shortly after, Pocock re-tweeted a follow-up saying that it was a prank and to retract any news from it.

On that topic, Donner said it’s complete false and that no one is yet signed for the First Class film but did confirm that all of the young mutants appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine did have the standard options in their contracts for more flicks should they decide to go that path (which they will).

Here’s where the interesting part comes in: Donner then revealed that she’s been working on plans for even more films than the ones we already know about and she said two of them are X-Men 4, which would bring back the characters of old, and a film based on The New Mutants.

X-Men 4?! That’s major if it happens, but when would they film it? Jackman’s got Wolverine 2 in development which wont be out for a few years, how much can he push his body physically 4-5 years down the road for the part? Assuming of course, he plays a prominent role in the fourth installment…

When could it realistically be made and in what order would the films go into production? There’s Deadpool, X-Men Origins: Magneto, Wolverine 2, X-Men First: Class, a possible Gambit movie down the road, and now two more!

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  1. … how come your talking vampires? I though it was about X-men?

    Anyhow, I like the idea of New Mutants and absolutely adore the thought of crossover-movies. They have only begun to scratch the surface of the possibilities with x-overs in Marvel movies. More, I say!

  2. i want to see wolverine 2 and i want to see silver samuria,victor/sabretoothe,omega red,lady deathstrike and sauron.then magneto with apocalypse as the villain.then first class with a sentinel story,and sinister in their some where.a gambit film would be damb cool,as well as deadpool.a new mutants does not sound good but a generation-x,and special class sound great if they combine the three somehow adding beak,chamber,husk,glob herman,angel salvador,mammomax,prosimian,and orb weaver they would be cool i really want to see beak chamber.and a x-4 and x-5 would be great.

  3. a district-x would be good if bishop was a detective that hunts wanted mutants that cops can’t get. he could have a group that help him out.

  4. I think that they should start out w/ X-Men First Class because I feel like if they kind of introduce to us the characters we knew from the first X-Men people will get a familiar sense and it would be cool seeing Scott and Jean and Storm at their younger age.

    Wolverine 2 and Deadpool after that. They can do those around the same time because Deadpool is not apart of the X-Men so it wouldnt be too overkill.

    Then do The New Mutants. Introduce to us some new blood in the X-Men. Then end it w/ X-Men 4. That way by the time we watch that we’ll already know everything about the characters and be able to see new actors/characters evolve throughout the individual films.

  5. i very much enjoyed all x-men movies but i want to see more of iceman beast & angel. i also want to see a movie made of the original x-men with jean grey as marvel girl and all five members in their original costumes or updated version’s of them.

  6. James I believe you made a mistake you said they tried to make twilight so teens can enjoy Vampires. I believe you meant preteens because any teenager who enjoyed it is just kind of sad and anyone beyond teen years is worse. Twilight easily fits in to the bad movie category. It was pure pre teen trash. There was no depth on any kind of level the story was hardly about anything at all. The only emotion any adult should feel from watching it are vague urges of suicide.

  7. I agree completely with Daniel F… anybody with an ounce of intelligence cannot honestly say they enjoyed twilight…. the acting was ABYSMAL! the story was rushed and was fairly boring. and dont get me started on the character interaction… no chemistry at all it felt so forced, i felt awkward just watching it. James by your argument ($$$) revenge of the fallen was the best movie of the year… from a critical standpoint twilight was atrocious

    @chris ive said it before and I will again, you have an odd obsession with odd lackluster and plain boring characters and I dont get t

    @ anyne who says 4 is too many movies… ummm Xmen has been around for over 40 years with countless issues and cartoon series… how can you say 4 is too much…a very odd thing to say indeed.

    Does anybody think boone from lost (the bad brother from vampire diaries) would play a great sinister?

  8. From my argument ROTF was a movie that the PUBLIC liked, and they gave good word of mouth and re-watched. I am not saying ROTF was good IMO, I am merely pointing out the obvious, the people who went to see this movie liked it. Obviously. The people who do reviews at rotten tomatoes and all of these websites make up only about 2% of the overall viewers.

    Same with Twilight.

    Tell me something Daniel F,
    Do you also judge kid characters with such analysis and depth? Romance, action and sex is what attracts pre-teens, does it cross your mind that literature and sophisticated movies with a deep story would bomb if aimed towards teenagers (IN GENERAL)?
    Youre judging a teenager movie with an analysis worthy of an Oscar movie aimed towards grown ups.
    Would you go up to a five year old and tell him Spongebob is a show that lacks choreography and cinematography?

    Twilight is a smashing success at what it is, a romance aimed a teenagers. Lets face it, according to the approval its getting from its own fanbase; if the approval of fans meant money, Twilight could buy X-Men and Transformers three times its worth.

    I refuse to carry out an argument if you guys are saying “anybody with an ounce of intelligence cannot honestly say they enjoyed twilight” its just no way to discuss movies, or anything for that matter.

    Its good that you guys did not like it, because movies are meant to have a different impact on people, heck- I hated Bladerunner (go ahead, crucify me) but once people start talking about overall success, money and approval- there’s not an opinion, only facts… that eventually come from the consumer’s aproval, in this case, us- the viewers

  9. James have you watched many animated movies? Movies that are aimed directly at children still manage to bring raw emotion and depth despite being made for 5 and 6 year olds. Have you seen movies like UP? Are you trying to tell me that 5 and 6 year olds can handle depth, story layers, character development, and emotion but preteen can’t handle such concepts? I’m only criticizing the writing and directing of course. If you would like I could go on a more superficial level and talk about the atrocious acting in twilight. Would that be better?

  10. Also I just wanted to add when people start talking about box office numbers to justify their movie taste it pretty much means they know it sucks.

  11. Daniel

    You are incorrect my friend, Pixar doesn’t make movies for children, they just make movies for themselves and then publish them. Perhaps you could use another example from, Dreamworks. But then your point would be futile hence the fact that Dreamworks Animations are in my honest opinion, rubbish.

    Once again, you are incorrect. Youre suggesting that I only mentioned the box office numbers because i knew it “sucked”

    First off, i did not reject the movie, I liked it. It wasnt Slumdog Millionaire but it was good. Im glad i paid to see it.

    The only reason I mentioned the box office numbers is because I personally thought that my opinion would be irrelevant, you reject the movie and I like it, which is okay, but this is only the opinion of two people. So I was merely pointing out that opinions aside, Twilight is statistically speaking (and according to people that saw it) a good movie. And I can prove it.

    And Ive only been talking about the regular average Joes and the fans. If you combine all the Movie Blogs and Rotten Tomatoes, then Twilight would receive approximately (but no more) then a 68% (60% on RT alone)
    Which is not high, of course, but its great considering these are critics, among the fans this approval rating is tremendously higher.

  12. The acting in the movie Twilight was spot on to what the book explained was the current status of the characters was.

    It was a movie based on the book, and the book explained their behavior and why they acted this way, the movie did a splendid job of bringing that to a movie.

    They wheren’t supposed to feel close, they weren’t supposed to show chemistry, if their relationship seemed forced, distant and awkward, then they did their job.

    That’s the point of the whole relationship. The story explains their unorthodox behavior, if you didn’t get it, its quite okay. Not everyone does. Again, movies are subjective.

  13. I was making no comments what so ever about the relationship I’m speaking of the acting. Something as simple as line delivery and facial expressions. They are simply not good performances.

    So your saying Pixar doesn’t make movies for kids? Ok. If you say so.

  14. The facial expressions come hand in hand with what I mentioned.

    Broh, now you’re just nitpicking xD

    And nope. =]
    They make great movies that everyone would enjoy. They never when they make their movies do anything to the film to please a child. They just concentrate on making movies they think are good.

    I’m not saying this by the way, this is what every single person that works for Pixar claims (All seven-hundred of them), and its true (Its easily provable)

  15. Your right expecting people who get paid to act to actually do a decent job is nit picking.

    So talking dogs, monsters in the closer, talking toys, talking dogs and even talking cars. None of that was made for kids right?

    I’m sorry, but the way it works is Pixar makes movies for kids that everyone else can enjoy. As opposed to Twilight which is made for preteens and anyone older with out taste. 90210 with a bastardization of vampires added in the mix and even worse plots and acting.

  16. what does “twilight” have to do w/ x-men? i think everyone got waaay off subject.

  17. Rather then listening to what I am saying, you blindly disagree with my take on the subject. Perhaps you’re confusing Pixar with Dreamworks.

    Yes, correct- well almost.
    Twilight IS aimed towards the general audience of teenagers and pre-teens. Good.
    But then I do not see why you have to judge older people and question their taste only because they liked a movie.

  18. First off, you can’t “prove” that twilight was a good movie because likes and dislikes are opinions. IMO it was horrible.

    Second, way to ruin the xmen thread. If you want to talk about twilight go find a twilight thread because I don’t want to hear about that garbage.

  19. James

    stop saying you can prove everything because you sound like an idiot.

    Pixar does make movies for kids. If you can’t realize that then you are commenting about things that you have no clue about.

  20. Buddy you’re terribly misinformed and confused, I did not start the Twilight argument, but you’re blaming this on me because im the one in the argument you disagree with. Unreasonable but understandable.

    I have not deprived you of discussing X-Men, if you dont like reading about something, don’t. I apologize for not providing you with the sufficient will ability and self control to simply ignore something that does not interest you.

    Pixar Planet has people that work for Pixar, and are in constant touch with the higher ups that work for Pixar (Such as Andrew Stanton), I also have a good friend that writes for that website. (In fact im doing a podcast with him soon) They can vouch for this. Pixar doesn’t make movies for little kids. Or anyone for that matter.

    And I’m sorry for the misunderstanding.

  21. George
    Im sorry, maybe my explanations seemed hostile and offensive, I assure you im not trying to be tough or insulting towards you, quite the contrary Im just discussing the topic that was brought up.

    And you’re right, discussing X-Men the subject was derailed a little, nothing wrong with that but I see its becoming a nuisance, my bad =]

  22. @George

    I’ve deleted your last comment. If you can’t be civil, find somewhere else to talk about movies.


  23. Awesome!!! However, this must happen before the third movie because they killed off Jane Grey and Cyclops (totally wrong way to take the story IMO: what about Cable?!)

    Maybe they’ll remake the third movie because it just sucks they killed off Jane Grey and Cyclops which are two major X-Men characters, parents of Cable who comes from the future to save the present. Fan girl here!

    I always loved Jane Grey, wanted to be like her when I was little.

  24. Melanie

    I totally agree about killing off Jean Grey and Cyclops. That was horrible doing that crap. They could have so easily went in another direction and kept them both alive but I’m sure they will find a way to bring them back.

    I don’t think they will remake the third movie. They’ll just do a fourth with hopefully bringing them back in some way like they do in the comics.


    I can’t call someone a jerk? geez, i would have understood if I cursed at him.

  25. One of the worst things about X-men movies is how much of a wuss they made Cyclops. They made his character too much of an emo and he was whipped the whole way through. A far cry from the leader that he was in the comic books.

    btw George, I feel ya on the censoring on this site

  26. Melanie

    If they want Cable in it they dont necessarily have to make Cyclops or Jean Grey the parents(It was actually a clone of Jean that mothered Cable)

    Remember, Juggernaut and Xavier weren’t brothers in the movie like in the comic books. Most of the relationships between the characters where completely different then the source material.

    Another route would be to bring in Bishop and alternate the past but that may be cheesy, it would feel forced and it may seem as if they regret the choices they made with X3 (Which I’m sure they do, but still)

  27. Any chance they’ll make a movie based on the Weapon X storyline. Visually, that was the most striking X Men comic book. All the costumes looked badass.

    First Class though, not sure how “badass” it could be…it’ll probably be like Heroes on the big screen.

  28. We’re discussing the Cable thing in the Deadpool thread if you’re interested:

    I don’t believe Cyclops is dead dead and they can always bring him back. I think they need to for X4 and to have Wolvy as a supporting character.

    Cable could be the result of Mr. Sinister experiments using Jean/Cyc DNA, or they could go with the Madelyne Pryor story, or they could just say he’s the son of Cyc and Emma or something.

  29. The death of Cyclops was more implied than anything. All we saw was his glasses. It’s still possible to bring him back. Also there is a clone of Jean in the comics and they can just bring her in for Cyclops to hook up with.