X-Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

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x men 4 team roster X Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

The X-Men franchise has a bright future on the silver screen. With multiple projects in their early stages of development and several given the greenlight after the financial success of X-Men Origins: Wolverine to kick off this summer, there seems to be no end in sight for what the future may hold of Fox Studio’s hot property.

I’ll bet Disney wishes they could have picked up this film license in their acquisition of Marvel

Aside from solo films for Magneto and Deadpool, and the prequel team-up film X-Men: First Class, we might be getting a movie based on the New Mutants comic line and… a possible X-Men 4?

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner, who has worked on all of the X-films thus far, was in attendance for the Fox press presentation of the X-Men Origins: Wolverine Blu-ray release and fielded some questions from the audience about the future of the franchise, including some from Brendon Connelly of /Film.

One of the first things addressed was the Tim Pocock (young Cyclops) tweet that got out which hinted at X-Men: First Class beginning filming early next year. Shortly after, Pocock re-tweeted a follow-up saying that it was a prank and to retract any news from it.

On that topic, Donner said it’s complete false and that no one is yet signed for the First Class film but did confirm that all of the young mutants appearing in X-Men Origins: Wolverine did have the standard options in their contracts for more flicks should they decide to go that path (which they will).

Here’s where the interesting part comes in: Donner then revealed that she’s been working on plans for even more films than the ones we already know about and she said two of them are X-Men 4, which would bring back the characters of old, and a film based on The New Mutants.

X-Men 4?! That’s major if it happens, but when would they film it? Jackman’s got Wolverine 2 in development which wont be out for a few years, how much can he push his body physically 4-5 years down the road for the part? Assuming of course, he plays a prominent role in the fourth installment…

When could it realistically be made and in what order would the films go into production? There’s Deadpool, X-Men Origins: Magneto, Wolverine 2, X-Men First: Class, a possible Gambit movie down the road, and now two more!

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  1. I have ALWAYS loved the xmen comics, and I am excited for more movies in the X-universe, even if X3 was fairly terrible… there is always a chance to redeem

  2. Oh man, I was all over Holloway as Gambit years back – that was actually the first article I read on Screen Rant I think.

  3. Hm, Bryce or Quicksilver, which one is Rob? lol

  4. Maybe they could try filming WOlverine 2 and X4 together. With Wolverine having a reduced role in X4 from the previous films. They could film them together and or back to back like with Lord of the rings.

  5. @ Bruce,

    The one I’m thinking of was around X3 and had a pic of cartoon Gambit glowing.

    @ Ken,

    What? Quicksilver?

  6. great article Rob !

    if AND when they do a gambit Flick/of introduce an “older” GAmbit.
    i asume they’d throw in Mr.Sinister.

    i say Sawyer from lost should Play Gambit.

    Josh Holloway for Gambit in X4 !

  7. remember ???

  8. Cable and Gambit are my favourite mutants since I quit the diapers. Cable and the time travel can help the franchise go back in a more effective and near the comics way, but how his he suppose to do it since both is parents are dead ? For Gambit he needs to be like 10 years older, being the king of thief’s and speak that good old French Cajun way from time to time. But it has to be realistic, because we can so tell when an actor just memories a line (yeah I am French, but your site still the best).

  9. Jeremy Irons would make an awesome Mr. Sinister. Check him out in the most recent version of The Time Machine.

  10. If they make X4,
    I hope they start fresh with a whole new storyline .
    Just forget about X3 altogether.
    I know I have.

  11. I think Boone from Lost would make a great Mr Sinister

  12. The idea of First Class makes me cringe. You know they will try to aim it at the younger, PG 13 audience. First class could end up to comic book heroes what Twiligh was to vampires…that’s just scary.

    Please give us Magneto. Or X men 4. No need to reboot the 4th, the characters are well established to the general public already.

  13. They did kill a lot of important characters. But lets see what they have got left and reconsider.

    Beast, Iceman, Angel, Wolverine, Storm and Collosus are still alive (I am only mentioning the exciting fun ones) not to mention they could always bring in new characters, such as Sunfire, Spike or Jubilee perhaps. Or bring back Nightcrawler (Why not?)

    And as some people have already said, Sinister would be a good choice, I would actually like them to show Sinister and Apocalipse. In fact, I would not like to see Magneto, or maybe in one small fight scene (good fight scene) in which he is killed early in the movie.
    This would be considered as “killing” a character- but not if hes already been in 3 X-Men movies and has his own origins movie. X-Men have more villains then Magneto.

  14. @ ogb,

    All the X-Men movies have been PG-13.

    What do you have against the Twilight fanbase? Or the PG 13 audience for that matter? Perhaps you are blindly prejudice and biased towards the general female teenage fanbase Twilight obviously draws from its movies.

    Or I misread what your comment was implying.

    If a fourth movie is made (5th, actually), it would not be a reboot, but instead a sequel of the other four movies. Nothing would change.
    Besides, Hugh Jackman is too well known and accepted as the character of Wolverine and FOX knows this, thus making the odds almost slim of FOX risking a reboot and changing the casts (no matter how old he is)

  15. Kitty Pryde was only a New Mutant for a shor time, she started with the Xmen.

  16. Fail for saying New Mutants introduced Kitty Pryde. She joined the X-Men in 1980, and New Mutants was what, 82-83?

    Also, she’s already in the films… so would that be introduction?

  17. The best news I got from reading this was that they are making a new Excalibur movie!!!!!!!!!!!!! And maybe a 300 style version. It would be cool to finally see a more Fantasay based King Arthur Movie a-la LotR.

  18. @ Yup,

    You’re correct sir, she was intro’d in Uncanny – I was listing them off the top of my head and thinking of the Doug Ramsey budding relationship with her.

    I didn’t expect her to be a part of the New Mutants movie but with that movie no doubt tying into the existing films, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Kitty Pryde appear in some role.

  19. James the problem with the twilight fanbase is that they like terrible movies.

  20. Great news but let’s hope they get the proper scripts and directors.

  21. Too many movies my GOD!!! These movies are going to be so washed down and mindlessly put together that they will make the Woilverine movie look like an Academy Award picture.
    On another note, I think a Cable movie would make for a great idea, and they probably woudl not even need all taht big of a budget.

  22. Daniel F,

    Your reasoning is based on your own personal opinion. Twilight being good or bad is utterly subjective. The only way one can judge a movie overall is with facts we can all agree on, and by statistically measuring what it has done

    Twilight has grossed $380,000,000 worldwide as of 2009. That includes DVD sales. So considering it only took 40 mil to make this movie, its no doubt that it was an easy success.

    It was one of the most successful openings ever recorded for an independent film. The film’s average Cinema Score grade was A-. According to polling by Fandango.com, 65% of the audience plan to re-watch it

    This also topped by the fact that it made 70 million dollars on its opening weekend alone.

    So, more people like Twilight then the people that dont. Obviously.

    If the Twilight fanbase is still being called into question, ask someone that went to Comic Con, there was a tsunami of Twihards in it.

    But if i where to share my opinion, Twilight was a good movie.
    And New Moon looks even better =]

  23. @James

    Twilight fanbase are promoting and encouraging watered down, tween influenced versions of vampires. Vampires used to be scary, brutal, etc. Did you see Twilight? Sorry, but sparkling in the sunlight is just not scary to me.

    There are problems with PG13. Wolverine should NOT be PG13. I’m sorry but when he kills someone in a brutal fashion with clues, and then he takes his claws out and there’s no blood? That’s distracting.

    My prejudice is not BLIND. Let them make as many crappy Twilight movies as they want but stay away from other comic book movies.I know it’s not the same people making those movies, but Twilight becomes famous, movie studios get a whiff of the money, they apply same standards to their other movies.

  24. @James

    There is a sliding scale to the whole “good movie vs bad movie” argument. While there are films where that determination can definitely be subjective, there are other films that are empirically great or awful.


  25. I like new movie “X-Men First Class”.I cant wait to see new movie “X-Men First Class” Storm love Halle Berry.I love her new movie!! X-Men is Storm was beautiful.I hope new movie “X-Men First Class” this next year!! When I will be excited new movie “X-Men First Class”.I want to see new movie “X-Men First Class” for Storm.

  26. ^ What?

  27. I 100% agree on the Wolverine thing.

    I understand your take on saying that the Twilight Vampires are less frightening. And your’re right.
    I dont think vampires should be enjoyed only by people who are 17+ I appreciate the fact that Stephany Meyer change the character for teenagers to also enjoy, and at the same time giving it her on take.
    Bottom line is, Vampires aren’t real- theres no real take on Vampires. Theyve already made many G rated vampires for kids to enjoy. And obviously theyve already made rated R Vampires. I’ve noticed that a lot of things are okay until they are made for teens.

    True. But i dont think Twilight can be put in the same category as Battlefield Earth, The Spirit and Species 2.

    It also doesnt fit in the whole TDK, The Godfather, Episode 7 category obviously, but Twilight is still a subjective movie.

  28. (about Twilight) Seriously, where’s Blade when you need him? Oh yeah, in jail

  29. James

    But don’t you think that the concept/idea of a vampire warrants a more mature target audience? These are violent creatures that feed on human blood. PG13 might work if done correctly. Look at how dark TDK got with a PG13 rating. But again, a really talented person would have to be in charge of that.