X-Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

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x men new mutants movie X Men 4 & New Mutants Movies On The Way?

As for New Mutants – that’s an idea that would work easily. It’s a great way to bring in entirely new unseen characters from the comics and cast a new set of actors, tied into an existing brand name. It would also work perfectly alongside an X-Men 4 since they could all be at the school at the same time, meaning both films would feature both sets of characters in at least some form. That cross-over capability is what makes these comic films so exciting as we’ll be seeing a lot of in the upcoming slate of films by Marvel Studios (Iron Man 2, Thor, Captain America, Avengers.)

For those who don’t know, The New Mutants was an X-series (the first real spinoff) that ran from 1983 until 1991, created by Chris Claremont. It basically follows young mutants in training and has since been relaunched twice but the original series introduced several characters who grew to be strong players in the X-universe including Cable, Cannonball, Warpath, Domino, Wolfsbane, Sunspot, Rictor, Magik and Cypher among many others.

We’ve heard before that Lauren Schuler Donner would love to see Bryan Singer come back to direct another X-film and Singer said he’d be interested in that too. The speculation so far is that if he did do such a thing, he’d likely be working on X-Men: First Class.

If Singer isn’t too busy with Battlestar Galactica and Excalibur (which producer Lauren Shuler-Donner says he isn’t) then forget First Class, let him help put X-Men back in the right direction by letting him helm X-Men 4 and do what he wanted to do with X3.

Seriously though, I’m in support of him directing either one and would like to see what he’d do with another X-Men movie after being away from the franchise for 6-7+ years.

What kind of budget would X4 require though? Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman both command large salaries, and bringing back everyone else, some who’ve increased their profile since (Marsden, Paquin), could be hefty.

Just think of the possibilities though… Cable intro’d in New Mutants, tied to events with Cyclops in First Class and leading the time-travel storyline of future X-Movies starting with X-Men 4… and partnering with Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool solo film? How about getting an older Emma and Gambit in X4? There’s interest in a Rogue-Gambit storyline and Singer very much wanted to include Emma in his version of X-Men 3.

There’s infinite possibilities, stories, tie-ins, cross-overs and characters they can go with for these projects – let’s hope we get quality over quantity from now on though.

Let the speculation begin…

Source: /Film, Artwork by Alex Ross for New Mutants #1 Cover

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  1. I hope they dont bring in Magneto cause we seen enough outta him. I wanna see new villains like Mr. Sinister etc. take over the villain role. Id like to see Pyro come back too, but only if they get more creative with him as they did with Iceman w/ Pyro using his powers to make objects of fire etc. Id love to the Sentinels aswell and have Gambit start off as kinda a bad guy w/ Sinister and later join the X-men.

  2. I hope that Kitty pryde will be in one of those movies with a big role. Atleast give her a big scene. Let other new mutants be popular too. I really hope so.

  3. OMG It would be so wondeful if you put storm in the movie I like her and her powers, plus if u do make her look good

  4. yea tht would be tight too

  5. I've been a fan for more than ten years and have seen most of the marvel films, even the older films.
    X 3 can be fixed and secondly, the so call cure is temporary, we know that Xavier is back now all we need are a clone of him, and doubles of Scott and Jean. Stick as close to the comic line as much as possible, it's truly the only way.
    As of Wolverine there was too much special effects, and it wasn't dark enough, one other flaw was the cast was too big. It should have featured Wolverine in the right way, these so called actors and directors are not true fans.

  6. I've been a fan for more than ten years and have seen most of the marvel films, even the older films.
    X 3 can be fixed and secondly, the so call cure is temporary, we know that Xavier is back now all we need are a clone of him, and doubles of Scott and Jean. Stick as close to the comic line as much as possible, it's truly the only way.
    As of Wolverine there was too much special effects, and it wasn't dark enough, one other flaw was the cast was too big. It should have featured Wolverine in the right way, these so called actors and directors are not true fans.

  7. i would like rouge and gambit to get together some how or meet.i mean in x men 3 rouge leaves and she took the cure.but if magneto can start getting his powers back then she can to because she is just as strong as him.so somehow she could meet gambit and end up going back to the school with him and then he sees wolverine and he remembers him a little ,then gambit kinda likes rouge but bobby(ice man)even though he is with kittie i believe now gets kinda jelouse because she can sorta be close with gambit and all in all they all come together for this big fight with either sinister or apocalypse.

    • I agree completely! Through the entire X-Men movie franchise I’ve been wanting a Gambit/Rogue movie! I think it would be amazing and people would love their story!

  8. If they're doing this then they need to bring Apocalypse into the scene!

  9. When it comes to the X-men comic's, one thinks of it as a group. How X-Men 1 – 3 where handled, felt a lot more like Wolverine films.
    I enjoyed Wolverine only up to a point, the director totally missed the point in the character and how the film was handled. The beginning of the film was awesome, then there were crazy effects which the character would never do. One the film should have been dark in tone, too much sunlight for my taste.
    Wolverine is a dark character and someone you don't mess with, he's a loner, he's head strong, he's got a nasty temper and I would have preferred the introduction of the Canadian X-men team. Alpha Flight.
    As of the title alone I thought it was weak why call it X-Men: Origins: Wolverine when it should just say Wolverine.
    I won't grumble about X-Men: New Class or X-Men 4, but what I ask for is that these people to get it right. Otherwise, don't bother.

    Just don't get me started on the new reboot of SpiderMan

  10. I Think that although Stan Lee & Avi Arad as done some awesome modern versions of our favorite superheros from Marvel. I haven’t seen a single reinstallment of the Mutant only known as Arcade, with all this Hustle and bustle about technology these days I’m shocked that the Great Stan Lee hasn’t explored the thought of making a mutant with Technopathic abilities. As well as other things such as reversing time & Space to bring back the dead either human nor Mutant.

  11. I’m amazed at what Stan Lee & Avi Arad did these days our favorite superheros. I’ve even started a visual Wiki of pictures on my computer of my favorite superheros. I would be as bold to say I’ve come up with a new member of the X-men. His name is Chad Magnus Maximoff Lensherr .a.k.a. Arcade and he’s a Technopath amoung other abilities such as the ability to reverse Time & space to bring back the dead either human or Mutant. This ability takes alot of energy out of Arcade because it takes everything he’s got to Preform this mutant power.

  12. for those of you thinking that magneto lost his powers wasnt watching very closely at the end of X-Men 3 THE LAST STAND. He is sitting in the park playing chess and starts moving the pieces on the board, so yes there is the opening for him the have his powers back. Plus after the credits in all the movies they show and opening for the next movies. But with the opening to all the new movies coming up they have to have move cause there is so many that need to be discovered character wise.


    • I agree! Cyclops didn’t get the attention he deserved!! After all he is the leader. I like Wolverine but I didn’t like how he took over all the movies and he is not the leader! I really do hope they bring in Cyclops and get it right. I think they did a great job with casting James Marsden and he was just playing the part they gave him, he has so much potential if they would just give him the chance to show his talent and make Cyclops the leader he deserves to be!

  14. I’ve been seen James Marsden a little interviewed that he wanted to be a scott summers / cyclops anymore in x men 4 play as cyclops using his laser.
    you get to find other potential x men star. like fame janssen for x men 4 she would be better play as Jean Grey / white phoenix of the crown that is so much much much much more powerful. and bring back halle berry and rebecca romijn as storm and mystique. and new mutants charlize theron as emma frost and angelina jolie as wanda maximoff / scarlet witch. x men 4 get to tell about the future past by villains with Apocalypse, Sinister, Onslaught, Bastion, Holocaust, Giant Sentinel, Lady Deathstrike

  15. i would love them to do the mutant massacre storyline or the fall of the mutants series as the casting would be amaizing or even the secret wars storyline would be fantastic im suprised they have’nt been done yet so many stories so many new characters.

  16. I cannot wait love all these films I hope the never stop making them :-)))))

  17. I reconized these charractors are these charractors from X-men Evolution? If not then whom are these Mutant? If Firestar is one of the Mutants then I’m defenly going to go see it. If not then this movie looks interresting, please someone sent me who the new mutants that’s going to be in the X-men 4 movie thanks.

  18. have just found these old articles…

    I remembered a few tidbits here and there, but its really interesting how Fox and producers had all these possible proyects in mind by that time, even before First Class.

    So if we take a look at all the proyects that were mentioned back in the day, this will be:

    Origins: Gambit
    Origins: Deadpool
    First Class
    X-Men 4 AND X-Men 5 (Lauren mentioned both in another interview)
    and New Mutants

    Wow… I know we got First Class and now Days of future past is coming, but feels a bit sad to see how they had a big plan in mind, but things didnt worked as fast as they wanted.

    In any case, Im sure Days of future past will be a new point 0 for Fox’s Franchise, and things will get even more interesting and faster after it. So… cant wait for 2014! :D

  19. x-men reboot cannot wait for this to happen. characters to be in it?

  20. I sure hope Firestar, Boom Boom will be in this movie