Rumor Patrol: X-Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie Story Revealed [Debunked]

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X Men Fantastic Four Crossover Movie 1024x604 Rumor Patrol: X Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie Story Revealed [Debunked]

In 2013 Fox made significant strides toward launching its own superhero movie universe. There was the solid performance of The Wolverine, which set up big reveals about the plot and cast of the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past; we also learned that a follow-up film, X-Men: Apocalypse will be coming in 2016 and will feature the iconic titular villain, with more Wolverine films and an X-Force movie also helping to expand the X-Movie universe. 

But mutants aren’t all we’re getting: the past year also brought further developments with the Fantastic Four reboot being helmed by Chronicle director Josh Trank, reminding us that Fox is weaving something together that could eventually bring the X-Men and Fantastic Four together in one film. And now, new word is circulating about such a team-up film.

Bleeding Cool pointed us to a report from The Motley Fool, in which the investment site laid out the following claim as part of its report on studios other than Disney that will soon benefit from the Marvel brand:

Fox owns the rights to the Fantastic Four and the X-Men characters, who are among the most well-known comic book heroes of all time. After multiple movies in their respective franchises, Fox has now decided to combine the Fantastic Four and the X-Men for an “Avengers”-style movie that could pay off huge for shareholders.

Based on a 1987 four issue comic called Fantastic Four vs. X-Men, the movie will see the characters against each other because of secrets regarding the Fantastic Four’s origin.

Wolverine Thing Fantastic Four X Men 1024x604 Rumor Patrol: X Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie Story Revealed [Debunked]

Now this isn’t really all that big of a revelation; for months now there has been heavy speculation (even expectation) that a X4 movie (X-Men + Fantastic Four) could happen. Fox’s Marvel universe shepherd, Mark Millar, initially made claims that characters from the respective teams could show up in the other team’s movies, before back-peddling on the idea of a direct X4 movie crossover. So for now, the official focus seems to be on building these respective franchises in viable brands.

However, any serious fan can tell you that at this point a crossover is a no-brainer: the new game in the superhero movie genre is to build a franchise universe, and that’s the level of entertainment that fans have come to expect. With only these two Marvel properties in development, Fox has limited options for team-up films. X4 would make sense – but only if both brands are established enough to warrant it

At the moment the X-Men films are going bigger and bolder with attempts to introduce things like time travel (possibly multiple timelines) and more fantastical villains like The Sentinels and Apocalypse. Meanwhile, casting rumors for the Fantastic Four have the fan community raising a collective eyebrow, with young up-and-comers like Miles Teller (21 & Over), Allison Williams (Girls) and Michael B. Jordan (Fruitvale Stationrumored for the principal roles of Reed Richards, Sue Storm and Johnny Storm, respectively. Needless to say, these rumors have not been met with universal acclaim.

Fantastic Four Future Foundation Costumes 570x397 Rumor Patrol: X Men vs. Fantastic Four Movie Story Revealed [Debunked]

Fantastic Four – Future Foundation Costumes

With so many risks on the table, team-up talk is premature at this point. Unless both franchises are successful in their second-act relaunches, a team-up won’t ever be necessary. Writer Simon Kinberg is currently working to manage both franchises, so tracks may indeed get laid for the future – but only the box office returns will determine if it’s a future that comes to fruition.

[Update: Source article, when questioned, revealed to piecing together Wiki and another site's speculation as a scoop. It's not true.]


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on May 23, 2014, Fantastic Four releases March 6, 2015. X-Men: Apocalypse releases May 27, 2016.

Source: Bleeding Cool (via Omelete and Motley Fool)

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  1. Here is the F4 Casting Call:

    Sam Worthington as Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic
    Claire Danes as Susan Storm/Invisible Woman
    Garret Hedlund as Johnny Storm/The Human Torch
    Brendan Frasier as Benjamin Grimm/The Thing

    • Wasn’t Michael B. Jordan already cast as Johnny Storm? Or was it debunked?

    • Brenden as Thing??? No. Cast the Rock as Thing, Timothy Olyphant as Mr. Fantastic, Zac Effon as Human Torch, and Elisabeth Banks as Sue Storm

      • The Thing should be CGI like Hulk. So having The Rock would be a waste of talent IMO.

  2. I love how studios are putting their own twist on Marvels franchised shared universed rather than a simple Avengers clone such as villian centric team-ups and heroes against heroes.

    Whether superhero propereties sours your mouth for orginal films I find it admirable that Sony and Fox are trying to be creative and putting a spin to distingish themselves.

  3. for me to gain interest I have to know a little about the story and mainly what X-men will be featured, if its Wolverine and Magneto again and more of the same ole same I have seen enough.

  4. “…that could pay off huge for shareholders.”

    This just puts a bad taste in my mouth.

    • Those sort of internal reports are always meant to inspire confidence in the money making ability of a project before it is financially backed.

      No movie ever has been proposed to a studio or investors by “it’s going to be a fun, heart warming adventure” or “an action packed thrill ride that fans will love” without a conversation about “what’s in it for them.”

      The soft and fuzzy stuff is how they pitch it to us, and we aren’t meant to see the business side of it.

      It doesn’t scare me off, every single movie made in a studio environment exists for the sole purpose of making people money. The good ones, the bad ones, all of em are intended to turn a profit.

      I am however not at all excited about a FF/X-Men crossover by Fox based solely on source material and track record.

    • Then what’s their true motivation for making these films? And let’s not forget that for this film to be worth our time and money they’re going to need a serious budget. So don’t try to sound or come off as a purist when we’re obviously talking about a Hollywood production.

      • I’m aware of how the film business works. It’s just that it happens too often that when the term “shareholders” is openly mentioned, it is paired with a products that is often times watered down or ultimately disappointing.

        I’m just anticipating what we all may or may bot be in for.

  5. Sorry to sound like a kill joy, but this news just doesn’t excite me like Marvel and DC news does. X-men apocalypse has a little bit pumped, but fantastic four – meh. Maybe I’ll change my mind when ever the trailer comes out, but fox has already done enough damage to the FF franchise.

  6. As long as it has little to no Wolverine. But…

    Throw in Cyclops leaading a new team with Gambit, Rogue, Angel, Jubilee, Kitty, Colossus, and Nightcrawler..?

    I’m in.

    • Agree.

      Fox needs to bring the big fan favourites appart from Wolverine. If they get them back, they could have something really epic and memorable

    • Don’t hold your breath. James marsdan was not asked back fir the new film and one if the producers even said that the character if Scott summers was not returning to the franchise anytime soon

      • none of the producers or creative team has ever said that.

      • Yeah, I’m not sure that producers have ever said Marsden would not be returning. I wouldn’t be surprised if he cameo’s in the movie or if there is a button scene about his resurrection.

        Especially with all the outrage of Cyke’s death in Last Stand plus the popularity of his character in Marvel lore.

        • Don’t forget Marsden being seen on a plane out of Vancouver sitting next to Halle Berry after she’d finished filming her scenes as Storm in the city.

  7. Lets just go all nuts…and cast Denzel Washington as Mr. Fantastic, Kim Kardasian as Sue Storm, Michael Turner as Johnny.

    • L M F A O @ “Kim Kardasian as Sue Storm.”

      • Phil Robertson as ” The Thing!”

    • Ken Jeong as Doctor Doom

  8. Every article on this subject matter that I have read at Motely Fool has struck me as amateur and lacking in actual insight beyond what any casual observer could provide. They come across as headline-grabbing rather than substantive informing (more than other sites, that is). I ignore them, anymore.

    But anyway, this sounds interesting. I am a big Fantastic Four fan, so I hope for the best, but the FF film is the most unknown comic book-related quantity that there is right now, in terms of actual confirmed information. I will believe it when I see it.

    • The articles at Motely Fool are designed to lure people in and get them to subscribe to their services. Not a bad idea but if one does a web search they can find what their recommendations are along with analysis on their picks.

  9. Michael Turner? the running back?

  10. I know they are owned by 2 different companies but i feel an Avengers vs X-Men scrip would be appreciated more by fans since the comic series was brilliant!

    • You are preaching to the choir my friend!

  11. Might as well.

  12. I wished Fox would just give up Fantastic Four. Just give it up, they already f*cked it beyond belief twice already, and nobody outside a handful of people, I would argue, gives a sh*t about Fantastic Four. The X-Men are as big of an universe as the rest of Marvel universe is, they have plenty of potential spin off teams and solo movies to last them for years in terms of X-Men mythos. Give up Fantastic Four, it doesn’t fit with the X-Men near as much as it could with the Avengers. Or of anything else, just give up all the space characters. It pisses me off that Marvel is going cosmic and they don’t have access to guys like Galactus, Silver Surfer or the Skrulls all because Fox. It just pisses me off. There’s my two cents.

    • Agree, I can’t see FF and X-Men together as much as I see them with Avengers. Especially since Marvel studios is going the outer space route.

      However, a cool thing to see in DOFP would be for Reed Richards cameo to be part of the time travelling experiment as he is genius.

    • It is sad and the relationship between the two properties feels forced (since that’s all they have to work with)

      I would feel a bit better about it if Fox had been willing to trade Galactus/SS for extended time for DareDevil but they had to go and be complete ^#$@$%^@$@ about it all.

      As a consolation prize……The Skrulls are fair game just as Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch are.

  13. Heheh. Here’s Marvel and Fox studios trying their best to emulate DC’s Supes VERSUS Bats.

    Errrrrrr, Marvel and Fox… you know very well that X Men and FF ( And I DO LOVE those properties, especially FF ) doesn’t exactly resonate with the pop culture collective consciousness as SUPERMAN and BATMAN.

    • It was a matter of time until a DC fan would step onto this chat room and subtlely claim that DC is better even though unprovoked. Same ole’ screenranters doing the same ole’ thing as usual.

      How is this “Marvel and Fox studios trying their best to emulate DC’s Supes VERSUS Bats?”

      Marvel studios has nothing to do with FF and X-Men. This is all Fox studios. Marvel studios already has their own good thing going with Avengers properties and the upcoming t.v. shows of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage.

      Why can’t people stop crapping on each others properties and making things Marvel vs DC when its unnecessary? Can’t we all just be excited for DC and Marvel instead of making it a competition? And if you say “No we can’t” then what is the point in going into the others chat rooms and starting a fire?

        • LOL…

          Wait are you saying that because its 2013/2014 we have to pick side?

          No way bro, I pick both! I love D.C. and Marvel! :)

        • Coke or Pepsi. I choose Dr Pepper.

            • oh boy…Bryan Singer and Avengers? Don’t get me started. That poison would end up leading to The Toxic Avengers.

          • I choose RC and a moonpie

        • Settle down, Clay.

          Half the time I post it’s all just tongue in cheek.

          Oh, and VERONICA all the way !!!!

          • I do read a lot, and see a lot, of your posts and I will say your sense of humor and talent for quips, puns, jokes, etc is appreciated. I tend to laugh with many of your posts.

            But I will say, you tend to have a knack for knocking around Marvel fans and Marvel movies. It may be intended as a jest on your part but when it has become noticeable that you making jokes at the expense of Marvel is somewhat of a pattern then thats when others might get put off by your comments.

            I wasn’t trying to come across tense or bent out of shape although I’m sure my post came through that way.

            Either way, have a Happy New Years Eve and New Year… I will try to not let peoples’ bias get to me as much on this site.

            • @ Clay


              Happy New Year to you…

  14. So I just thought of an easy fix to the Scott Summers (Cyclops) and Alex Summers (Havok) being brothers yet living like 40 years apart

    When Alex and Scott were infants/toddlers, Mr. Sinister new how important they were and tried to come after them. Alex and Scott’s parents found a way to split the children up so that they could never be captured together. Time travel their buts to differnet times. Alex to the past and Scott to the future

    To bring them back together, DOFP Wolverine timetravelling messes up the moment that both brothers were separated causeing Scott’s future timeline (where he is killed) to erase and placing Scott in a different timeperiod.

    Boom! Problem solved.

      • LOL. I agree it is going to get messy. But hey, if Fox is already going that route I figured why not put in my hopes and dreams of resurrecting one of Marvel’s most beloved characters.

        If you can’t beat em, join em.

  15. I just hope that the nee X-Men movies “feel epic” or have that scale that seems to have been missing from the other ones. but then it’s Singer at the helm.. And he seems to shine in the ensemble cast department but lack vision when it comes to giving the viewer something epic. Just go back to x1 & x2 there ostecibly global ramifications to whats going on and yet.. Meh.. We just see some average fight scenes that feel (if not for the cg).. Hate to say it but on the level of tv scripts, framing etc. Maybe I’m crazy.

  16. And how long before there are rumors of Marvel’s X-Factor? Would Fox own those rights as well as it is another group containing mutants that is connected to X-Men?

    • Yes Fox would own those rights as those team members are mutants and X-men. Also because X-Factor was a spin-off of X-Men with the original 5 members then led into other X-Factor team memberships.

  17. FOX needs to not worry about the pockets of the shareholders and instead focus on the audience, because that’s where every penny comes from. THE FANS are the true stock, we are the money itself.

  18. Its way too early to make that crossover.
    One of the worst rumors!

  19. getting a little late for F4 to launch in 2015 isn’t it? Maybe thats just hope on my part… Sorry bitter F4 fan who desperately wants to see The Hulk vs Ben Grimm and Iron Man & Reed Richards vs Dr. Doom.

    • Doom would not lose to the likes of Richards and Stark, this would be a futile attempt to match the genius and greatness of Doom.

  20. I must admit I love the idea of an XForce movie – but I want the Black Ops Xforce – like from the Messiah storyline – Wolverine, Cable(sorta), Warpath, Rhane, X23, Psylocke, Angel, Domino & Deadpool. Give me the bloody mutants!

  21. What about that F4 have their own movie at first (where they already have their powers but not connected to that previous crap what FOX made) and during the second, they find a weird anomaly in space and go to research it where they eventually fight against heralds of Galactus (say Air-Walker and Terrax) before returning to Earth where anomaly has changed everything -> Days of Future Past but before they reach back there X-men solve almost anything and new foe rises: Apocalypse.

    After kicking Big-A’s ass F4 land to the Earth and they found out that Apocalypse was a sleeper agent for Galactus (if sleeper-agent / herald is beaten, then the world is ready to be eaten) and the teams fight before Silver Surfer appears in the sky.
    Then FFX vs. REAL Galactus and his Heralds (Stryfe, Nova, Erik the Red and Silver Surfer (who would leave the team).

  22. A few months ago it was reported that Hugh Jackman had signed a 4 film deal with Fox/Marvel for $100 million. That seems to indicate X-FORCE in 2015, X-MEN:APOCALYPSE in 2016, a third WOLVERINE in 2017 and perhaps an X-FORCE sequel in 2018, unless DAYS OF FUTURE PAST is part of the deal. With both X-FORCE & FANTASTIC FOUR coming out in 2015 it only makes sense that their sequels come out in 2018 & 2021, everybody seems to want trilogies to maximize their investment. If this is the case then I don’t look for a VS or a teamup between the two until well into the next decade. As much as we all want Marvel to get their properties back from Sony & Fox I don’t see it happening in our lifetime. Thats an extreme statement but with Sony on the verge of bankruptcy and Fox having a hit & miss track record at the box office the past few years the Marvel stuff they have is the only guaranteed revenue generators they have. That’s why they announced so many future films…to get big money investors. I wish Marvel had never sold any rights away years ago but I do realize that it kept the company alive at a very bad time and without Raimi’s SPIDERMAN trilogy at Sony and the original X-MEN trilogy at Fox Marvel may never have gotten the chance to build this cinematic universe. Hopefully, down the road, Sony & Fox will find it to their advantage to work with Disney.

  23. yeah the only way I see another x-men film is if it involves Cyclops, Archangel, Rogue, Gambit, Nightcrawler, and Beak.

  24. I’m not sure I believe the source on X vs. FF, but what I’d love to see is them team-up against Apocalypse, a la Ultimate Universe.

  25. Will the red head from the wolverine be in DOFP?

  26. They need to put Franklin Richards in DOFP. He’s a Mutant and its an established in for the franchises to test a connection.

  27. Just picture a young, snide, cocky Reed Richards. Smartest person on Earth, amazing girlfriend and he just got superpowers!? That sounds awesome!