Potential Villains of Wolverine 2

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wolverine 2 villains cast hugh jackman Potential Villains of Wolverine 2

The folks at Cinema Blend spoke with Liev Schreiber the other day during a press junket for his upcoming film, Taking Woodstock, and touched base with him on what his future may be in the X-Men franchise.

Unfortunately for fans of Schreiber’s portrayal of Victor Creed, the talented actor didn’t sound too enthused about the idea of returning to the role of Wolverine’s brother and arch nemesis. Join us as we discuss what the storyline of Wolverine 2 may entail in terms of characters and what other stories and villains could be introduced.

We’ll be touching on Silver Samurai, Team X, Omega Red and more!

In speaking with Cinema Blend, Schreiber pointed out that he may not be ready to play the part again.

“I’m over 40 now, and do I really want to go through the physical stuff that it took to pull that off again? I’m not so sure.”

Bah! If Hugh Jackman can do it, you can too, Liev.

I do understand what he’s saying though: by the time Wolverine 2 starts shooting, he’ll be in his forties. At the same time, if the filmmakers want Schreiber back, this is probably their last chance.

Storywise, I don’t know how they’d turn Wolverine and Creed against one other again, what with Wolvy’s memory loss at the end of the Origins film – especially since we already know the two characters don’t know each other in the first X-Men movie.

With Liev’s disinterest and the way the character has been treated in the series, I could see sadly writing Victor Creed and Sabertooth off as separate characters.

Cinema Blend’s Katey Rich made a good point on this, saying that Schreiber may not have much of a choice, assuming he’s signed to a multi-picture contract (which is pretty standard for these genre movies at Fox Studios).

That being said, if he doesn’t want to come back, his friend Hugh Jackman definitely wouldn’t force his return as a contractual obligation.

Continuing his thoughts on the Wolverine sequel, Schreiber continued,

“As an audience member, I’d be really interested to see how you’d go from the Liev Schreiber Victor Creed to the Tyler Mane Victor Creed [from X-Men]. So I’d like to see that.”

I think we’d all like to see that. It’d be a big let down (we’ve had far too many already) if the filmmakers just ended up leaving Victor Creed and never addressing how he goes from this:

wolverine 2 liev schreiber sabretooth victor creed Potential Villains of Wolverine 2
The talkative and egotistical Victor Creed (with normal eyes)

…To this:

wolverine 2 tyler mane sabretooth victor creed Potential Villains of Wolverine 2
The dumb, slow and quiet animal, Sabretooth (with abnormal eyes)

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    Great article Rob. I wonder though, if Omega Red’s arm tentacles are to close to looking like Whiplash’s weapons from Iron Man for them to use it again?

  2. You could just have Omega Red be reawakened,
    Silver Samurai is sent to deal with him,
    Ommega Red gets away ,and targets Silver Samurai
    when he goes looking for him he finds Mariko and Logan together .
    and Logan defends Mariko .
    Or they could just adapt Frank Millers original Wolverine work more closely.

  3. The transformation of Creed to Sabretooth doesn’t have to take a whole movie. Tooth – after he grows his hair and put in his dark lenses – and Wolvie – after he loses his memory – can partner up, not knowing who they are, right? More as a secondairy storyline.
    Wolverine III would then have to happen after everything that happened in X1 X2 & X3, and they can meet again, with Wolvie having his memory back and all.

  4. I don’t see this working well at all … I know I’ll end up going to see it no matter what but I honestly think the continuity is way too screwed up for them to do anything with Sabretooth – and I don’t think they need to. I think that for the movie’s sake they should leave him alone and just let us all assume that Liev Schrieber’s Sabretooth, after his last meeting with Wolverine, continued with a life of senseless sadistic killing and after a while completely lost it and over the next 20 years between Origins and X1 degenerated into Tyler Mane’s Sabretooth. Leave him out of the sequel altogether and chalk it up to insanity?

  5. Listen everyone, This is FOX we are talking about, for all we know, Fox will make the Silver Samuri the one that was created by the Russians and awaken by Omega Red who is related to Mariko all while Wolverine is some how caught up in the middle of it. But dont forget the random act of throwing about 20 different mutants all into it. Next time they will throw in Shadow King, and Mr Sinister, and possibly Jubilee.

  6. I think everyones making too big a deal about the difference between Schreiber’s and Tyler Mane’s versions of Creed. It’s not confusing. Two different movie at different times were made, and although I would have just matched the look and feel of the character in the second movie to the first, often movie makers just don’t do that. Why can’t people just accept that the two directors went for different looks. It’s still the same character the same way the character differed in different comic book series over the years.

  7. @ Wickamo

    …except that Wolvy and Sabertooth don’t know each other in the future (X-Men 1) after such an extensive history (Wolverine Origins).

    For Wolvy it’s logical (memory loss) – but what about Sabertooth?

    And remember: Wolverine is suppossed to be a direct setup for X1, so that kinda does need explanation and “insanity” just doesn’t cut the mustard.

  8. Unfortunately there is NO way they can show the transition from Schreiber to Mane in a Wolverine movie. You can assume that mayber Schreiber’s Victor Creed went under some extensive experimentation that could possibly have resulted in more animalistic qualities and memory loss, but you simply CAN’T put that into a Wolverine film since either A.) Wolverine and Sabretooth would have to meet back up, and that would screw things up even more for X1, or B.) they do a Sabretooth-only scene that shows the transition but feels extremely out of place.

    However, I have a solution. Show the transition in either the Magneto movie, or the First Class movie. I lean more towards the latter. I mean, the whole X-Men team knows who Sabretooth is by the time of X1, so obviously they’ve had past run-ins with the character.

  9. I don’t actually care if Victor/Sabretooth is in the next one. As for X-Men 1, Sabretooth did know Logan that’s why he took his dog tags. Logan doesn’t remember him but Victor does and he knows that Logan has memory loss. There was something in one of the profiles on the Marvel site about how he used to hunt Logan down every year on his birthday, which hints at a bit of obsessive behavior. There are a lot of way to make it work if they wanted to but I don’t think they will.

  10. I’d love to see Omega Red in this movie, and done well, mind you.

    Silver Samurai too.

  11. Liev Schreiber was excellent. Hope he reprises his role!

  12. Yeah liev was awesome.
    They really should introduce Omega Red through the Japan storyline.

  13. Why are they making a sequel to this? It was a critical and Box office pile of poop shaped like a C+ at best.

    I did really like Liev Schreiber though

  14. Just show Omega Red sucking the life out of Sabertooth, and “killing him”. His body would come back to life in a more feral state, similar to the character in the first X-men movie.


  16. I don’t think it was a ‘Box Office pile of poop’! It made $365 million worldwide and it still has to open in Japan! It stands up to the numbers the previous X flicks did: X-Men – $296, X2 – $408, X3 – $459. And of course you have to consider all this negative buzz after the leak and the production problems, the bad reviews, plus the bad taste that X-Men 3 left in the fans’ mouth. So it simply doesn’t make sense calling X-Men Origins: Wolverine a bomb at the box office! Instead it was a big success. Come on guys!!

  17. And all this talk about Jackman doing a 2nd movie for the money, well yes! Maybe he does. I’d say he maybe does it for money AND fame but I think nobody should blame him for that. I bet all of us would do it for $20 million. People just sound like romantic souls whose hearts were broken by the bad people of Hollywood industry who destroy with their movies the heroes of their childhood. Grow up!

  18. EJK: You obviously know nothing about Hugh Jackman. He doesn’t do anything just for the money. He has said that he loves the character and he’ll keep doing it as long as the fans want him too. The huge woldwide box office is a pretty good indicator that most fans want him to.

  19. @ Lord Garth,

    You’re right about Wolvy getting owned by critics (and rightfully so) but money talks and it banked $363,232,787 worldwide according to Box Office Mojo.

    Wait till it comes out on disc and it’ll make stupid amounts of cash in addition to that – A big profit-maker for Fox.

  20. i say have stryker use sabretoothe in a experiment and it screws him up,and wolverine has to go up against sabretoothe and omega red when stryker tracks him to japan,and wolverine should fight silver samuria early on. at the end stryker starts the sentinle program and hunts mutants down in first class as he’s looking for wolverine,stryker could also create that mind blocking thing in x2 because of what happened in wolverine 1. i personely would love to see chamber,beak,and husk,as wll as apocalypse,and sinister. but i want to see them in first class except apocalypse i would like to see him in the magneto film.

  21. Since it’s in Japan, they’ll stick Sunfire in the film for sure.

    As far as Sabertooth, I agree with Josh R. In the film Creed wanted the adamantium injections, but Stryker said he couldn’t handle it. So maybe he goes for them anyway and it triggers a secondary mutation involving some memory loss.

    Although Fox probably wont even address it onscreen.

    After all, they had Hank Mccoy in human form in X2 and then he showed up as Beast in X3 acting like he always looked like that.

  22. Are fans really that concerned about how Sabretooth transforms from somewhat intelligent, short haired mutant to stupid, long haired mutant?

    It’s obvious that nobody cared to preserve that continuity in the first place so I don’t see how anything interesting will come out of explaining it. One can easily assume that he mutated/evolved further. Why waste screen time on that?

    The second movie has no need for Sabretooth. He wasn’t particularly threatening in the first movie which severely lessened his impact.

    I’m not too enthused by all these spinoffs and prequels. The only x-men movie I would be truly interested in would be a sequel with sentinels and maybe Apocalypse whom the humans and mutants unite against to fight. Everything else is just ancillary.

  23. @ Luke and Leia’s Love Child,

    You get a Marvel “no prize” from me :)

    Sunfire is a character I wanted to talk about in this but couldn’t fit in, in time.

    He’s a character I suggested as a potential for X-Men First Class since we know they can’t use the real originals from the comics and need another male character.

    What a good way to tie it into Wolverine 2 with the other members of the team being from the first Wolverine.

  24. I think everyones forgetting the biggest enemy Wolverine has ever faced,,, “Online/Dvd Piracy.”
    I would like to see Wolverine take to the streets of Japan and target the Japanese mafia’s devious network of dvd piracy…

    Fricken huge opening weekend!!!

  25. @ Rob

    Lol! Marvel “no prize”. That’s a blast from the past!


    Is the Sabertooth thing a huge deal? Maybe not, but if people are buying into the world of the Marvel Movieverse, where the films within each respective studio connect to themselves, then perhaps it should be touched on in some way.

    Even if it’s just in a supplementary comic like they did with X2, Blade 3, Iron Man and Incredible Hulk.