Potential Villains of Wolverine 2

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wolverine 2 silver samurai Potential Villains of Wolverine 2
Kenuichio Harada, the Silver Samurai

So, moving on past Sabretooth, we know Wolverine 2 is going to follow the story of his experiences in Japan from the popular Frank Miller and Chris Claremont comic book.

With that being the basis for the story of the sequel, it’s an obvious choice to have the Silver Samurai (real name: Ken Harada) be the key villain of the movie, or at least, a key character in the movie.

He’d make for a great character on screen with his power to channel energy into any object, notably his katana sword, to the point where it can cut through the strongest of materials (except Wolvy’s Adamantium of course). This would make him a worthy opponent in combat, but not necessarily a real threat.

Giving meaning to their encounters would be the hardships evolving from Wolverine falling in love with the Silver Samurai’s half-sister, Mariko Yashida, a key plot thread in Wolverine’s journey to Japan.

Ken Harada ain’t all bad, though, despite his conflicted history. He’s actually pretty cool and is sometimes looked at as a superhero, not just a villain. In later comics, he’s worked together with Wolverine to take down other bad guys and put effort towards serving his country.

With all that in mind, I think we need something more. As much as I personally liked Liev Schreiber’s performance as Victor Creed, I don’t think that it fits within Wolverine 2 from what we know of it so far. However, it also doesn’t make sense for his character to just abandon Wolverine… but it also doesn’t make sense that they meet again… or that he looks like Tyler Mane’s Sabretooth later on in the continuity… It’s really a confusing (and unfortunate) situation for the character.

wolverine 2 omega red Potential Villains of Wolverine 2
Arkady Rossovich (Omega Red)

Moving on to another popular X-character who’s been talked about online for years, and whom many fans would love to see featured on screen: Omega Red (real name: Arkady Rossovich), the mutant-healing-serial-killer-turned-failed-super-soldier-experiment of the Soviet government.

Similar to Wolverine’s Weapon X history, Omega Red was augmented with a metal alloy called Carbonadium (It’s basically the Soviets’ artificial version of Adamantium) in the form of tentacles which give him his trademark appearance.

The experiments didn’t go too well for poor murderous Arkady though, and he ended up having to rely on sucking the life out of victims with the help of his implants to survive. He later was given the Carbonadium Synthesizer, a device that helped maintain his condition and prevent his life-sucking needs.

Eventually, the Soviet government figured that Omega Red is a pretty bad guy and not very well disciplined so they froze him in suspended animation where he stayed until being re-awakened after the Soviet government had fallen.

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  1. You might as well go with rebooting the original x-men movies bc they ruined so many characters in them. They didn’t really stick to the comic storylines and leave to many gaps to fix.

    They’re rebooting fantastic four, ghost rider… who knows what else…

    I hope disney/marvel can eventually get all the rights to these movies and make things right.

    Here’s what i really wish… They would reboot the x-men movie only with the ideas of the fans! that would be cool.

  2. But for this movie i would like to see wolverine go against omega red, with the silver samuri as the secondary. that would be cool and the flashback ideas of team x is a good touch!

  3. Omega red is a villain I always wanted to see. He’s one of my favorite x-men villains. I think he’s more cool than sabertooth and juggernaut. I doubt he’ll show up in x-men origns: wolverine 2, since the plot will take place in japan. But, x-men origin: wolverine had many characters, so the sequel could have many as well. Silver samurai and team x could be awesome. If done right, I think I would like the sequel more than the original, because wolverine is more violent in japan. Maybe yuriko oyama appears in the movie.

  4. the big bad (developed) Sabretooth obviously, but also the SENTINELS ! this is essentially the fifth X-Men movie and they haven’t introduced those terrifying Sentinels..

    • They had sentinels in the danger room excercise in x-men 3

  5. i think that would be really cool to see silver samuria, omega red, sabretoothe turn into sabretoothe in wolverine 2 or at least in x-men first class’s sequel, and maybe even sauron, and some of the other mutants like beak,chamber,husk,glob herman,mammomax, and tito bohusk. i think that omega red,silver samuria,sabretoothe,sauron, and chamber would be the best mutants to use in the sequel given they were all connected somehow in the weapon-x program or the japan story. these are the mutant i want to see introduced to the x-men films besides apocalypse,sinister, and john sublime.

  6. i also want to see a sequel to first classs were cyclops is in it with sinister, and the sentinel storyline, and a x-men 4, and 5 back to back with the original x-men coming back together like colossus,angel/archangel,nightcrawler,iceman,gambit,wolverine,beast,banshee,rogue,kitty,storm,cyclops,professor-x,emma frost,mystique,sabretoothe,magneto,a better juggernaught,the real blob,sinister, and apocalypse. these are the x-men and need to come together once more for an epic story that kinda brings it all together.

  7. ohh and of course moria mctaggert would have to be a bing presence in x-men 4, and 5.

  8. few mutants that i can think of right now they never covered is Forge, Spike, Julblee, or Quicksilver

  9. there needs to be Theory of how The Liev Schreiber Version of Victor Creed Becomes The Tyler Mane Version of Sabertooth Brought to The Big Screen involing amnesia and a Prototype of Magneto’s Mutant creating Machine owned by Willaim Styker into creating Sabertooth and how Willaim Styker is Reponsponable for Creating Sabertooth and covers it up by Bribing The CIA into saying it was Just a failed Experiment gone wrong nothing to Personal or Expensive and should be scrapped from Styker’s Pensonal Computer and Personal Files thus covering it up as a big nothing. as a result none knows about it exsept for Willaim Styker and The CIA that is until Moria Mctaggard gains access to the Styker’s Pensonal Computer and Personal Files and sends Photocopies of them to Woverine to piece together what happened To Victor after his own Creation and find a way to make things right along the way deal with the Feral but quiet shaggy hairry animal that is Sabertooth and finally be a hero for real this time. thanks for lisening!