‘Days of Future Past’ Writer Talks ‘X-Men’ TV Show, R-Rated ‘Deadpool’ Movie

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Fox Making X Men TV Shows Days of Future Past Writer Talks X Men TV Show, R Rated Deadpool Movie

In this year alone, no less than four films based on Marvel comic book properties will reach the big screen, including Disney’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Fox’s X-Men: Days of Future Past. But on television – of the live action variety – the superhero genre is mostly vacant.

Of course, that will soon change with a slew of new series scheduled to hit the airwaves next season, including The Flash, Gotham, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and more. But despite this sudden surge to the small screen, there’s one studio holding the cards to a lot of very important superheroes that hasn’t announced any plans for television. That is, until now.

While making the press rounds at WonderCon, X-Men: Days of Future Past writer-producer Simon Kinberg confirmed to Collider that 20th Century Fox is considering an expansion of their own Marvel universe, which includes X-Men, Fantastic Four, X-Force, Deadpool and New Mutants.

Here’s what he had to say about the matter:

“We’re still in this place of figuring out what the future of the franchise will be, but when you look at ‘S.H.I.E.L.D.’ to some extent and what Marvel is doing now with ‘Daredevil’ and other shows on Netflix, it makes sense to tell some of these stories in TV partly because there’s just not enough screens to do all these characters, and also because the serialized format of comic books is better suited for TV. Because that’s it, every week you come back to the same characters different story, and in comic books every week it’s the same characters, different story.”

“I think what [Fox is] seeing now is with the proliferation of new kinds of visual and special effects, there’s a way to make these stories that doesn’t cost $300 million every time you have to make a huge movie.”

Kinberg doesn’t actually give any clues as to what Fox has up their sleeves or when we’ll actually get to see their plans come to fruition, but with the rights to such a large amount of characters, it would be a shame to not see each of them get their due in some way. And as he explained, TV is just the place to do it, with the medium’s emphasis on characters and serialized storytelling over the high expense of visual effects that have come to be expected in film.

deadpool no longer connected to x men wolverine origins Days of Future Past Writer Talks X Men TV Show, R Rated Deadpool Movie

There’s also another problem with adapting material for film that is often overlooked. Whereas comic books have the freedom to be whatever they want – in other words, they can be violent, risque, etc. – films (especially of the blockbuster variety) tend to play by other rules. However, Kinberg agreed a Deadpool movie would need to be made for a mature audience:

“Yeah, it makes sense to me. Genuinely, it’s early phases, early days, but if you’re gonna do a ‘Deadpool’ movie, I think you’ve gotta do a hard-R, darker movie and he is the perfect character to do it with.”

Though there have been some R-rated comic book movie success stories – like 300 and Blade – the sad fact is, most big-budget R-rated movies are simply not profitable enough at the box office to ignore the risk of making them. Kinberg mentions Deadpool as a possible starting point for Fox to dive into that pool (no pun intended), but we’re still waiting.

What do you think about seeing X-characters on the small screen, Screen Rant readers? Let us know in the comments.


X-Men: Days of Future Past releases in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Collider

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  1. Hurry up an make Deadpool

    • Fox gon f**k it up. Why bother? If they were willing to give us the Deadpool from the comics, they wouldn’t have made him the way he was in Wolverine Origins.

      Give the s*** to Marvel Studios, I say…also, it doesn’t have to be R-rated. Deadpool doesn’t really curse from what I remember. There’s no need to turn it into a gore porn flick if you’re trying to make the character popular. Some people know Deadpool, but that’s a niche fanbase and he’s not even close to being a household name like the other heroes, and even some villains.

      My folks & friends know Doom, Mag & Galactus, but none know Deadpool when I talk about him. I mean, if you go for a low budget type R-rated flick, you can turn a profit in, but I doubt anything over 30-40 mil will turn out great numbers to recoup the budget, since studios have to split gross with the theaters.

      • Deadpool swears and is crude quite often. He is also excessively violent. That is his character. The writers of the Deadpool script as well as those who have been pushing the project all these years want a faithful adaptation, so it would most definitely need to be a hard R. I could also see it going smaller budget and working on a smaller screen like what Marvel Studios is doing with Daredevil on Netflix. No restraint, and eventually being able to build to a film. Fox can see how it does on Netflix and if they like the numbers, then they can make the Deadpool film.

        • Finally someone wants to stick a bit to canon, but now the kiddies won’t be able to see it? Naw, hard PG or soft R max.

          • What exactly are you getting at? A character defined by his insane violent tendencies needs to stay that way. It’s part of his edge and appeal in the first place. When studios go away from canon, its because they don’t expect it to be that large of an effect on the character. For example… let’s say black Johnny Storm (although I personally didn’t like the idea) shouldn’t effect his characterization. The studio is thinking that one throw away line that he’s adopted or grew up with Sue covers that and it won’t change a thing about his personality, his motivations or his powers. But taking a character like The Punisher or Deadpool and saying, “Okay, no more cursing or killing” the whole entire character has changed. Then Deadpool is Spiderman with swords instead of webs and The Punisher is a low budget Batman.
            That’s why Punisher, Blade and Deadpool are better off staying Rated R. It’s essential to preserving what makes them different.

            • I for one am completely fine with the changing of Johnny Storms race. I know it was an example but you can’t compare them. Personality wise, Johnny can remain the same, it all depends on the acting. Its basically like changing Spider-man’s costume. Physical appearance didn’t ruin the character. In the comics, Deadpool’s entire personality is immature humor and 4th wall breaking hilarity. I agree with you 100%. Deadpool Needs the gratuitous violence and inappropriate one-liners to remain Deadpool. I guess that the fact we haven’t gotten a movie yet just assures that the writers are really pushing for the Hard R.

              • I think you are missing my point, I’m saying that he being Black WON’T… or rather… SHOULDN’T effect his characterization. It’s inconsequential that he’s black now. I just added that I wasn’t originally a fan of the idea because I assumed they did it only to meet some sort of demographic standard, but seeing as how the director did Chronicle, it makes sense that it’s also because he worked with Jordan before and trusts that he’ll do a great job playing the role, not just because they needed a black guy. …HOPEFULLY
                We’ll see when it comes out.

  2. My issue with a Deadpool movie is, will they capture the heart and tragedy that the comics do so well to encompassed withe the humor and violence and not have him based as a one diminsional character like some characters that have kind of the same vibe like punisher.I think TV would do a better job of exploring deadpool than a film. It could have a feel of realistic makeup effects like in old slasher films. It could be on Netflix or a cable network channel like HBO Or show time

    • See if you can find the script for the Deadpool movie that leaked years ago. It’s hilarious and really does the character justice, the only one dimensional character in it is Colossus during his cameos.

  3. Yes, I’d watch a Deadpool movie. Don’t know that it has to be a “hard” R, but I’d give it a view in any regard, I think. As for X-men as an animated feature, if the art, story-lines/plot, etc. was good, I’d give it a watch, but I would want the animation to be very good. Years ago Fox did an X-Men series (animated) on TV, and it was done in excellent fashion. I now have it on DVD. If they could do something like that again, sure I would watch it. But remember: I want Cyclops-Cyclops-Cyclops as the main man, not Wolverine! A live-action X-Men show would be welcome as well, IF it was done GOOD!

    • Same basic comments for New Mutants, X-Force, and Fantastic Four apply. But let’s stick pretty close to canon where possible, and not explore too far out with rewriting and reimagining characters.

    • A hard-R would allow for less cartoonish violence and for more adult themes. Possibly even an ending that isn’t tidy or clean.

      • This ain’t the Sex-Men spinoff…probably get grittier than it has to be. Remember it’s roots were mere comics.

  4. Yes bring him back, with Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool and having the same tone. The F word comes up a lot, really racy scenes and gore exactly like Deadpool including the cancer patient story.

  5. No… keep Ryan Reynolds away.
    he made a much better Hal Jordan
    than Wade Wilson… His Deadpool lacked any real
    depth outside of bein a smart ass… i can’t see him
    as a villain antihero type.. cept for his performance
    in that amityville remake..

    • I disagree. Even though, Reynolds performance as Hal Jordan wasn’t that bad, but him playing Deadpool is the right role for him than Hal Jordan. I can’t think any actors who are suitable for that role other than Ryan Reynolds?

      • Reynolds has the mouth to be the merc. Every character he plays is full of wisecracks cuz that’s Reynolds.
        Deadpool is more than jokes and luaghs..
        He (imo) is the most complex character Reynolds has brought to life.
        Not to mention his track record as of late has been less than
        stellar since GL bombing..
        Even if Reynolds is kept on his face is part of
        what sticks out to people so a movie where he spendsmist of it in makeup or a mask seems unlikely ..

  6. Deadpool is one of those tricky characters to make. If he will break the 4th wall in some ways he can it means that any drama goes out of the window but if you keep it low some fans would be upset. I say *uck the fans that don’t know what they truly want and have no clear picture of how its possible to make good but still want this and that.
    Black humor, drama and light breake of the 4th wall(like most of the characters in TV shows are doing nowadays) is a win. You can make slasher without showing the details kind of light action like Game of Thrones does.

    • A lot of fan service in the movie is bad for me.

  7. Ryan Reynolds is a perfect casting for Deadpool. If he were given the proper material (unlike X-Men 3) he could pull it off beautifully. I’d definitely watch a Deadpool movie or better yet, a series on HBO/FX/AMC/Showtime… these networks have shown that they are ready to show mature content (best on HBO of course).

    As for an X-Men series… THIS IS BRILLIANT! With so many mutants it is crazy to try and reign in all the great stories to just a few movies. This is definitely a comic book that lends itself to episodic television.

    What a great time to be a comic book nerd AND a film buff.

  8. I’m totally open to a live action X-Men series. I do want Wolverine and The X-Men to come back on the air because it was an amazing show, but live action would be awesome. But part of me wouldn’t want them to explore to current X-Men team, I’d want a new X-Men team but James Marsden could definitely come back as Cyclops and be the main characters. But it shouldn’t be on Cable TV, maybe on HBO or Netflix because the X-Men needs a darker tone than the cheesy, campy, dumb downed comic book stores Disney makes Marvel tell.

    The show should follow the death of Professor X and Cyclops taking over the school. The X-Roster should be; Cyclops, Emma Frost, Gambit, Jubilee, Forge and Rogue. The villains could be Mystqiue and her brotherhood, leading into a Mister Sinister plot and so forth. Then, later, we could bring back Shadowcat, Iceman, Colossus and introduce new characters such as Dazzler, X-23, Psylocke, Surge, Prodigy, Dust, Rockslide and more.

    This ideas are just me fan-boying away. But a live action series would be cool if it’s done right!

  9. Don’t get me wrong.. im not sayin i didn’t like
    him as Deadpool…i jus prefer him as GL.. i guess for me it was the direction they took the character….
    It’ll neva happen… Fox wants all memory of XMO:W
    to disappear that includes Reynolds Deadpool..

  10. Dazzler is not new..
    or interesting..

    • Mark Strong is the Man..
      loved him and Toby Kebbell(the scene stealer) in RocknRolla

    • I thought Reynolds was great as Wade Wilson. The reality is that none of the members of Stryker’s team got to really do more than a single feat, so judgment based on that alone is sketchy, imo.

      The resulting character “based” on Wade Wilson was not Deadpool by any definition, even loosely (which is why even the producers called him Weapon XI). And it wasn’t even Reynolds, it was Scott Adkins.

    • Green Lantern was not that bad itself, but the script could have been better, the bedroom scene was unnecessary, and the humor absolutely needed to go at least as far as Reynolds cracking jokes and comments went. Otherwise, not that bad. Besides, it’s the only live GL we have right now, so we had better respect it at least a little bit!

  11. New Mutants is PERFECT for tv.
    this way they can introduce and expand lesser mutants, and a few of them could easily crossover to the main movies, in minor roles.
    And of course, they could have a few cameos on the tv show from actors like Patrick Stewart or James Marsden. That would be AWESOME. James loves tv and has appeared as guest star on many tv shows, so he would be a perfect candidate, once they bring him back on the franchise (Dofp) and Patrick is always needed in some sense, so there they have it, perfect concept for tv.

    • I think the 1996 Generation X movie for television was intended to be a test run for a potential young mutant series. It didn’t do so well, even with an abundance of X-men based comics taking the world by storm.

      • that’s because it sucked

  12. A TV series would be sick! However they would have to reboot or have the show entirely separate from their movie-verse. I’d like to see an Uncanny X-Men series starting Cyclope, Beast, Jean, Iceman and Angel.

    However if they keep the show within continuity with the movies (can’t help but laugh when using the word “continuity” when talking about FOX), a good show would also be X-Factor. Have it star Havok and Forge.

  13. X-Men t.v show could be really good if they have some good actors and use a little money on the different powers. The one thing they have to do is make it more of a drama/thriller. I do not think just a bunch of action would be a good t.v show take notes from other shows like walking dead, game of thrones yet pull it back a little for kids to be able to watch.

  14. Thanks for the heads up Captain Obvious!

    I have said from day 1, release the test footage online of Deadpool. Watch the fan reaction and realize how stupid you were for not making this movie 4 years ago when it was promised to fans. Releasing that footage on a specific website and reading fan comments will tell you all you need to know about how huge this movie could be.


    • Yes, because some fans on the internet = entire movie going audience. No. That does not make sense.

      You do know that people on the internet who actually read through different movie news and reports equals about 10& of the entire movie going audience, don’t you?

      Plus, there’s the fact about it being Rated R, so that kind of lessens the entire movie going audience.

      Get your facts straight.

      • get my facts straight huh? clearly your not a huge Deadpool fan. The test footage has been dangled and teased for the better part of 2 years now. And if you are saying the R rating will keep it from making money, look at Blade, 1 2 and 3, kickass, V for vendetta, The punisher, Kickass 1 and 2….. you get my point by now idiot? since when does an R rating lessen a movie going audience? don’t be so easily convinced of the R rating stigma you brainless sheep.

        • Wade, you might want to check your facts as well. Because several of those films you mentioned are perfect examples of the limitations an R rating puts on potential gross of a film.

          The Punisher – Production Budget $33m, Domestic Gross $33m (FLOP)

          V for Vendetta – Production Budget $54m, Domestic Gross $70m (Not spectacular)

          Kick-Ass – Production Budget $30m, Domestic Gross $48m (Not Spectacular)

          Kick-Ass 2 – Production Budget $28m, Domestic Gross $28m (FLOP)

          The most safe of all your mentions is the Blade trilogy, yet not one of these films eclipsed $100m domestically, and the third film was even $12m short of recouping it’s budget. So I’d hardly say any of these is a good example of R films being anything else than a risky bet. “300” is an anomaly, not a market trend.

          • Roger,

            You’re also forgetting that The Punisher and Kick-Ass 2 were utterly destroyed by critics. Kick-Ass and V for Vendetta were positively received, but still pretty divisive among audiences.

            There’s a LOT of factors that go into how much a movie brings in, and its rating is just one of them.

  15. Since when does Fox have the TV rights to their characters. Marvel Animation uses the X-Men and FF in their cartoons which means Marvel has those rights. Otherwise Fox would have done a TV show ages ago. I don’t know if they are afraid to admit it or just don’t know who they have the rights to but complex powers is not excuse, look at Heroes, Smallville, Agents of SHIELD and The Tomorrow People.

  16. Deadpool have to break the 4th wall over and over again. That’s the fun part

  17. I don’t care what the movie rating is/will be, Deadpool had better break the 4th wall and I should crack the fug up everytime he speaks. Messiah War, epic Deadpool, that’s what I’m talkin about.

  18. @Frank
    so u would watch a Deadpool
    movie wit a pg rating ?

  19. That pun was totally intended.

  20. A Deadpool movie has to be a Hard-R to do it full justice… You can keep Reynolds as Wade Wilson through his transformation into Deadpool. Which you have to throw in the Weapon X program. Show cameos of Wolverine, Maverick, etc… everyone else who went through the program. Once Wade dons the Deadpool suit switch to voice overs. Have someone like Ray Park wear the suit just like with SnakeEyes with Nolan North doing the voices to bring out the full potential of Deadpool. I cant see Reynolds playing the full role and doing it properly

  21. I’ve always believed that Whedon’s run of X-Men would make a perfect, 2 season series.

  22. The problem is, I doubt any of this will happen. Deadpool is over. They missed their opportunity for that. And FOX kinda doesn’t know how to adapt comic characters unfortunately.
    If somehow this did happen, and Fox started approaching television for the Xmen, the best stories to adapt would be XFORCE, (Kyle&Yost) or Rick Remender’s XFORCE. House of M. Deadly Genesis, and Second Coming. Hope Summers’ story would be incredible on HBO. Hope Summers and X23 and Fantomex and Deadpool.

  23. Deadpool yes most definitely, It will be too bad if it`s R rated bcus my 10yr old loves the character of deadpool, but I quite understand why its Rater R. X-FORCE yes!! one of my favorite deadly group on comics! Fantastic Four? maybe as long as they dont change the HUMAN TORCH character (rumored).

    • Not rumored. Confirmed.

  24. I’d love to see an R rated DEADPOOL film, as long as Ryan Reynolds is not in it.

  25. I’ve argued all along a live-action series would be a great way to introduce characters to the franchise who are less familiar to audiences. In particular, I’d do one focusing on the teen characters: X-23 (whom I believe is a good option to consider for when Jackman is no longer able or willing to play Wolverine, since she can fill his role on the teams without needing to recast), Hellion, Pixie, etc.

    The kids are someone that could grow with the audience, and by casting young they can be part of the franchise for a LONG time.


  27. Oh look once again Fox is copying Marvel

    • Marvel didnt create the first tv show ever, lol.

      And even if you are meaning the shared universe, so what? fans want more proyects from their faves characters, so it doesnt matter who started first, this is the golden age and all fans can enjoy each universe. Thats the fun of it, if you dont care about the XMen universe, thats fine, but many more people care, so this would be excelent news

    • So by your logic Marvel/Disney has been copying Fox for some time now. I don’t recall any Marvel only releases until AFTER two X-men films.
      Many seem to forget the trend/standard was set by X-men in 2000.

      • totally. I don`t think Marvel would have risked puting their own money on a Superhero movie (back then Ironman was a lesser known character) if X men had failed. Maybe they would have sold the avengers to diferent studios and there wouldn`t be an MCU as we know it today.

        • It actually wasn’t a question of risk. They sold some movie rights to various studios back then because at the time, Marvel Comics was in a rough spot financially and simply didn’t have the means to make these movies on its own. Then the company got better and managed to make Iron Man. The rest is history.

          • So you are saying that the company that almost went banckrupt decided to make a movie about a lesser known character like Ironman and there weren`t any risks involved?.

            • Please read my comment again, and pay attention this time.

              • I did pay atention. “They sold some movie rights to various studios back then because at the time, Marvel Comics was in a rough spot financially and simply didn’t have the means to make these movies on its own. Then the company got better and managed to make Iron Man”.
                I does not change my point. When Marvel decided to put their own money on a LESSER known character like Ironman there was a risk. Maybe a risk they wouldn`t have taken if X men had failed. Sure there was Spiderman, but he is an ICON like Batman and Superman. There will be movies about them even after superheroes stop being the big thing in Hollywood.

                • Of course there was a risk but again, you missed my point: Marvel didn’t let Fox try their hand at superhero movies first and wait to see if it worked so they could in turn make some on their own, they sold some of their rights to other studios because there was no other option if they wanted to see their characters on the big screen. If they could have done it without resorting to selling their rights, they would have. That’s what I meant by saying it wasn’t a question of risk, it was a question of financial impossibility.

  28. I’ve been saying for years that an X-Factor show based on Peter David’s run is the way to go. They are detectives for the mutant community.

    • Awesome idea. Obviously nobody else on this sight has read Peter David’s X-Factor. Of all the X-properties it would translate the best to TV.