Mark Millar Not Involved With The ‘X-Men’ Movies (Yet)

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Black Silver X Men Logo Mark Millar Not Involved With The X Men Movies (Yet)

From the moment Bryan Singer namedropped “Days of Future Past” as the story his next X-Men film will be based on, he made it clear that Twentieth Century Fox, producer Lauren Shuler Donner and he have plans to “broaden out” the X-Men film universe, taking a note from the Marvel Studios playbook. The X-Men universe is massive in its own right and Singer feels its time to do something bigger and bolder to take advantage of the Marvel Comics library that Fox holds the film rights to.

In addition to a story involving time travel and the largest superhero cast ever seen on film, we’re going to start seeing a shared, cohesive Marvel universe from Fox much like we’re seeing from Marvel Studios, and to help put their Marvel projects on the right track the studio hired Mark Millar as a creative consultant. From the sounds of it, he may not be too involved yet, at least on the X-Men side of things.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie told us that he had approached Fox and shared his desires to expand the X-Men movie franchise and at the time, no one seem interested. Not long later came the announcement that Mark Millar was being brought in to “oversee” (his own words) Fox’s own Marvel cinematic universe, one which Millar hopes will work in tandem with The Avengers franchise so none of the films will contradict each other.

X Men Days of Future Past Art Daniel Govar 570x398 Mark Millar Not Involved With The X Men Movies (Yet)

So we found it strange when Bryan Singer, while doing press last month for Jack the Giant Slayer, told Coming Soon the following:

“I think he’s working with Fox to look at some other stuff. I guess they’re trying to figure stuff out. I have my own thoughts about stuff like that. X-Men: First Class is part of that, this will be part of that but we’ll see. But perhaps he and I will discuss that in the future. I’m just really focused on this movie at the moment.”

Due to timing and The Wolverine already being in production, touted as a “standalone” story, we knew Millar would have little to no involvement with that project. The assumption however, was that he’d be involved with X-Men: Days of Future Past, a film that combines the casts of both the First Class prequel and the original X-Men trilogy, and would potentially serve as a launch pad to setup future projects and potentially tease the upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four.

According to Bryan Singer however, in a more recent interview with Bleeding Cool, Millar’s not involved at all with Days of Future Past:

“I’ve not spoken to Mark Millar at all. He’s not involved. I don’t know what his role is about. All I know is that I have my own specific beliefs about how to take this universe forward. I started with the first X-Men, then First Class and now I am combining them and I think it could go further than that and I have some ideas about that, so perhaps he should chat to me at some point.”

With key figureheads in creative control of both X-Men: Days of Future Past (Singer, Matthew Vaughn & Simon Kinberg) and the Fantastic Four reboot (Josh Trank, Matthew Vaughn & Seth Grahame-Smith) we do wonder now what Millar’s role is. Millar is friends with Vaughn, who’s involved with both Days of Future Past and FF, but it does seem odd that Millar is teasing elements of Singer’s X-Men – from time travel to the Sentinel robots – without have even chatted with Singer about it.

X Men Fantastic Four Crossover Movie 570x336 Mark Millar Not Involved With The X Men Movies (Yet)

Millar did however, say that fans shouldn’t expect Fantastic Four/X-Men crossovers until after Josh Trank’s reboot debuts and his new team is established, so it’s understandable that his work may actually begin there. Although when Singer says repeatedly that he has his own ideas for the future of the X-Men, it begs the question of whether or not the Fantastic Four and X-Men universes will ever merge on screen.

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Bryan Singer will direct X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage and Omar Sy along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry and possibly, Alan Cumming. No word yet on Famke Janssen and James Marsden..

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on July 18, 2014 and Fantastic Four on March 6, 2015.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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  1. So Fox is trying to form a cohesive cinematic universe by doing absolutely nothing that promotes cohesiveness? No team work, no brainstorming about ideas, no TALKING to each other.
    … yeah, I’m sure that’ll go well for ’em 😐

    [facepalm] I was actually getting excited about the possibility of a Fox-MCU. Now it’s looking like nothing will even come of the idea.

    • Yeah, it makes you wonder (worry) what Fox is up to.
      I’d guess that Millar is already being paid for his services but so far it seems like all he is is a mouthpiece.
      Now that I think about it that’s not a bad gig. :)

    • To be honest, I think I’d rather have no MCU at Fox than one headed up by Millar.

      • This.

    • Exactly!

      This franchise is a mess, but apparently most people don’t care. Including Fox.

      Hopefully they don’t screw up the Fantastic Four reboot, but I can’t say I’m confident.

  2. As long as the movies are good, then i have no problems. But fanboys like to nitpick every little thing.

    • We like to nitpick everything because we’re passionate about the source material.
      If anything, we’re hoping the movies are good (great) even more than you are, which means we’re more… vocal when it comes to the “little things”.

      • No no @The Avenger. That’s your problem. You should just hope they aren’t steaming piles of crap. Anything that ranks above Catwoman is a win! So Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer, Spider-Man 3, Green Lantern, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were all wins in my book!

        I’m kidding of course. @Norrin Radd, our fanboy nerd rage is what keeps the creators of these films in check. If left alone for too long, movie executives will just add whoever is a hot item at the time and center the plot around them…see the secondary characters in Judge Dredd and Superman 3 for more information. Fanboys built this industry…do you think Star Trek conventions, Comic Con, or the Nerdist network would exist without fans? We must be heard! Nerd on!

        • You need to raise you standards! :)

          Nah… well said. If your going to make a nerdy movie about a nerdy comic book and expect to make money off of nerds, then at least make some effort to listen to their opinion. Fox never got that memo and still doesn’t seem like they understand.

  3. This topic is an intellectual exercises at best but without any hard data it’s easy to say just about anything. A sensible thought could be that Fox will use Millar as a final error catcher initially, running the final script drafts past him to see if anything has problems that long time comic fans could potentially pick apart. Whether he has a larger role will probably depend on just how well he can incorporate himself into the processes of the different productions. Donner and the execs have some kind of vision so lets see just how they use their resident expert to make it all even better if that’s even possible. Their track record is a mixed bag so it’ll be interesting to see if they can keep from screwing it up…

    • An error catcher, what do they need that for 😉 In all seriousness though I do not really know Millar past the Kick-Ass movie, so if he is supposed to add some comic fan credibility to Fox’s projects then it is only going to mean something to current fans. Just based off of the comments that have come from him recently he just sounds like a salesman for products Fox does not even have yet.

      As for Singer and Donner’s hold on the X-Men films, Singers comments kind of say it all. He has no intention of trying to work some Marvel Studios set up along with Fantastic Four. If Fox is going to keep the X-Men and FF and want to do anything approaching cohesion they have to get the X movies away from Donner and Singer, get someone who is not buddies with Vaughn, Singer, etc. to actually oversee these movies, and actually get a series of solid scripts on paper before doing anything.

      • Lol, Yeah Slayer I know what your saying and it makes sense but I’m not so sure Fox is going to do what they need to do just yet. We’ll see…

  4. Marvel just needs to buy back the film rights to all these characters. They have Disney money now so what are they waiting for? I’m still looking forward to Wolverine and the next X Men First Class film.

    • If they do that, there wouldn’t be a spider man 2 and DOFP coming out next year. They don’t have the capacity to release more than two films a year

    • Unfortunately it’s a little harder than just throwing money at it. Fox seems determined to make a go of it and even if Marvel could reacquire the franchises you would very likely only see characters peppered in their current projects. Personally I would rather that was the case as I fear at some point soon you’re going to see a market saturation with so many CBM characters bunched up and coming to theaters so quick. I know that view isn’t held by many but historically it’s not an uncommon trend…

    • They could (and in some arguments, should) but that would mean a lot of movies and characters wouldn’t be featured in movies.

      Sure, they have Disney money but even that can only stretch so far.

      I don’t like Millar as a person but he’s had some great stories over the years for both Marvel and DC so maybe there’s no cohesiveness or maybe Singer’s being a little defensive about it and hiding the role Millar is playing at Fox?

      After all, he said HIS vision for the X-Men. He may have a vision for that franchise but is tapping into Millar’s experience in the comic books to discuss what could and couldn’t work in movies as well as what the fans would be excited about.

  5. Maybe Fox and Millar is planning to introduce Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch…

    … based on Ultimate Universe *shudder*

    • I wouldn’t mind that.

      It’s an issue that other shows have been exploring recently with not too many complaints (Game Of Thrones with Cersei and Jaime Lannister, hints between Seppia and her brother in Spartacus: Vengeance, The Borgias hinting towards it with Lucrezia and Cesare plus other shows and movies).

      Plus it would show that Fox have some balls to even put that into an X-Men movie.

  6. @The Avenger True, but what you people don’t realize is that these little studios don’t make comic book movies for just us comic book fans, they make it with us in mind but they have to appeal to everyone. Movie making is a business before anything. Of course some fans don’t get that.

    • I think we all understand it’s a business. That doesn’t stop us from getting our hopes up/down or nerd raging when we see something that doesn’t vibe with us though. At the end of the day, it’s not that we expect every cbm to be lifted straight from the pages of the comic. That would be an awful idea. We just get a little more passionate about the stuff we like.

    • “Movie making is a business before anything.”
      I get that (I’ve been saying it for years) and I think most people here on ScreenRant get that as well.
      That’s hardly the point though.
      A CBM can still be made for comic book fans, and appeal to the general public (Marvel Studios has been doing exactly that since 2008).

      By making the movie right, and faithful to the source material, they end up with a quality product which people will want to see – and this concept doesn’t just apply to CBMs. If LotR or Harry Potter had been made with complete disregard to the source material , I doubt those two franchises would have been as successful as they were.

      • Harry Potter’s a bad example though because a lot of those who read the books first (myself included) enjoyed the movies but found so many things to pick apart that the enjoyment was lessened compared to those who never read the books.

        What studios need to do is find a balance between pleasing the comic book readers and the casual audiences to please both as well as tempt the casuals into looking into the characters outside of the films.

        • the casual audiences don’t know the comic books anyway, so they will take whatever you throw at them it doesn’t change anything for them. so why not stick to the comic to please those who read it?

        • @Dazz ^Huh? What? That’s the same point that The Avenger was making, you proved HIS point. You saw things in the Harry Potter movies that were’nt done right having read the books already. That IS the same situation with the comic books dude. There is NO difference.

    • “hollywood” movie making is a business before anything.

  7. I don’t know why everyone is getting hyped up for this colossal train wreck. As long as Bryan Singer is behind this and Fox have their crummy hands in it, it will be deep fried duke on a stick.

    • +1

  8. My concern comes from a different angle. I like the X-Men and I like Fantastic Four, but the reason I’ve not minded the X-Men not being involved in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been that if you involve them, you lose what makes Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, etc. special. They don’t stand out when any child could be born with powers even greater than them. The same, ultimately, is true when you throw the Fantastic Four in their universe.

    So how big of a deal is a Fantastic Four/X-Men crossover? In a world full of mutants, it’s going to take some decent trickery for me to get overly excited over a movie featuring… four more mutants with a slightly different origin story.

    I’ve always thought that ideally, Fox gets all the X-Stories because of how large they are together; Sony gets Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Blade, Punisher, and Ghost Rider for all the great stories they have together; and Marvel gets the Avengers and their associated acts.

    • Daredevil for Sony too.

      • It belongs to Marvel Studio now

        • It would be nice if that happened and then they put aside one movie every decade with profits split 3 ways for an epic team up (possible Galactus story perhaps?)

    • fantastic four is at fox. Blade was at new line cinema and is now at marvel studios. Punisher was at lionsgate but is also now at marvel studios. sry if I sound cynical, thats not my intention at all

  9. And by the way, Alan Cummings is reprising his role as Nightcrawler.

    • Nightcrawler is cumming!

      … …okay, I’m sorry

      • *facepalm* wow lol

  10. Meh I’m not a fan of Singer’s vision of things. But that could change with Day of Futures past. If I can be honest though, I really just wish they could have reboited everthing moving forward with First Class. Reintroduce characters like Storm, Gambit, Rogue. Do them right, fo their origins right. A storm/young xavier & xmen vs shadowking movie would be sick and very different.

  11. I really hope they do the Sentinels properly, I believe there are many different versions. Giant robots rule!
    On a side related note, I hope Pacific Rim does well and gets good word of mouth publicity.

  12. Just expect a good popcorn movie from singer and nothing more. He doesnt even remotely follow proven sucessful source material and when he does he kills people off (jean,cyclops, magneto losing powers). Hopefully the rumors about apocolypse being in this movie are false because i want this movie to be over with so we can get a reboot and then build it towards apocolypse who is in my opinion on of the top bad guys of all time.

    • Bryan Singer doesn’t understand X-Men just like Christopher Nolan doesn’t understand Batman.

      • I want to see exodus and apocalypse in a movie. Mr sinister too

  13. bryan singer is a terrible director

  14. Makes sense, isn’t the DOFP script done? I feel like Millar’s talents would be best to use with films still developing scripts, i.e. Fantastic Four, kind of like Goyer over on the DC side.

  15. I remeber when Fox made “Dragonfail”, I mean “Dragonball Evolution”, they said that STEPHEN CHOW(director of Kung Fu Hustle and Shaolin Soccer) was heavily involved in Dragonball, I was psyched knowing that the man responsible for those awesome movies who I thought was perfect for Dragonball, but later found out he had NO creative input Dragonball and his name was just used to help promote the film which made sense because the movie sucked so hard it could have created a black hole.

    Fox is SO eager to compete with Marvel Studios, that they are getting way ahead of themselves by lying and saying certain actors are onboard(that aren’t) before they even get a chance to talk to them to see if they are interested or available, throwing in characters that don’t belong in this particular mythos(if Apocalypse rumor is true), “FORCING” a Pseudo-Shared Universe between foX-Men and fox’s Craptastic Four(Fantastic Four) and an overall lack of cummunication between other people who are so-called involved.

    • Dont think the apocalypse story/rumor is true. Has nothing really to do with the “past of futures past” story though I could see them merge this with AoA type deal, kinda how they did in the animated series. Think its a sign people are just tired of Magneto vs xmen.. It would be the 5th movie now that hes basically the main villain (granted in first class he was the bonafide villain in only the final act).

  16. @Acein210

    Um, Singer didn’t kill off those characters you mentioned. That happened in X-Men: The Last Stand and was the work of Brett Ratner. If you’re going to dis on someone, at least get your facts straight. Also, Fox’s X-Men universe has already been rebooted [sort of] with First Class and is now possibly going to be retconned so the events of XMTLS never happen.

  17. Makes sense, isn’t the DOFP script done? I feel like Millar’s talents would be best to use with films still developing scripts, i.e. Fantastic Four, kind of like Goyer over on the DC side.

  18. Millar is just a Hype Man. He’s trying to be the Flavor Flav of Fox. LOL!

  19. Keep him away from the X-Men film projects he’ll just ruin the Franchise