Should Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique Get an X-Men Spinoff Movie?

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Mystique X Men Movie starring Jennifer Lawrence Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

X-Men: Days of Future Past isn’t even in theaters yet, but the team over at Fox’s X-Men movie division have been talking up some ambitious future plans. With people like Bryan Singer (X-Men), Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class), X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler Donner and comic book creator Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) all acting as Marvel-style shepherds, the plans for Fox’s X-Men movie universe include more franchise sequels (X-Men: Apocalypse and Wolverine 3), big team-up films (X-Force), and of course, another crack at solo character spinoffs (still waiting on you, Deadpool…).

In a new report, Kinberg and Donner are opening up about some of the goals they have in mind – particularly for the solo film spinoffs. Deadpool has been the biggest name fans have been clamouring for, but recently we’ve heard that a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum starring could be in the design. Today we can add another character being discussed for a solo project: Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique. Said Kinberg: “I love what Jen Lawrence has done with her, and I feel like because she is in such a crowded ensemble, there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo.”

In X-Men: First Class, the backstory of shape-shifting mutant Mystique was given way more depth and importance to the X-Men franchise. In Singer’s first two films, the blue-skinned vixen (played by beige-skinned vixen Rebecca Romijn) was little more than Magneto’s henchwoman (and implied concubine). She had some impressive espionage and combat sequences, but there was little of the complex character from X-Men comics to be found. First Class admittedly bucked comic book canon in order to position Mystique as a surrogate sister to Charles Xavier – a girl whose own identity issues formed one of the better character arcs of that film. In Days of Future Past, it seems that Mystique has stepped out of the shadows of both Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender), in order to carry out a mutant agenda of her own – one that could forever alter the course of the future, leading to the extinction of mutantkind.

X Men Mystique Movie Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

While we have little idea where the events of Days of Future Past will ultimately leave Mystique, based on early speculation about the nature of this new X-Men movie universe, the filmmakers could in fact position the character for an interesting solo film.

In the comics, Mystique’s origin revolves around her lover Destiny (Irene Adler), a mutant with the ability to see the future. Mystique and Destiny’s mission for most of the 20th century was deciphering the vague prophecies in Destiny’s diary while attempting to prevent those futures that would be the most devastating to mutantkind or the world in general. From what we’ve seen of Days of Future Past, JLaw’s Mystique is on a mission whose dire ramifications she is seemingly oblivious to. Maybe by the end of the movie her motivations haven’t changed – only her method of approach? With the simple introduction of the Destiny character, there’s definitely room for a Mystique movie to explore an interesting sci-fi hook like trying to shape the future (see: recent examples like Looper or the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow). Add in mutant powers and some key appearances from other X-Men universe characters, and you have even more clay from which to mold a compelling solo movie.

Mystique and Destiney 700x425 Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

Mystique & Destiny

Furthermore, Mystique has led her own teams in the comics, including The Brotherhood of Mutants and Freedom Force. She’s also been a member of the government’s X-Factor mutant squad, discovered and raised Rogue, and has run covert missions for Charles Xavier – all in addition to furthering her own future-pruning ends. Any one of those story threads would be ripe enough to sustain a solo film – let alone a combination of several of them.

Even though an EW poll shows that Mystique is one of the top characters fans would like to see in a solo film  – after Deadpool, Gambit, Storm and X-Force – it’s safe to say that the hardcore fanbase hasn’t exactly been fighting for this project tooth and nail. It stands to reason that it is Fox that needs some kind of incentive to lock down Oscar-winner and Hunger Games franchise icon Jennifer Lawrence in their X-Men universe – because supporting roles in these crowded ensemble films are not likely to lure her back many more times. So, while the incentive could be motivated by offscreen politics, the opportunity is nonetheless there to embrace the source material and offer a compelling Mystique movie to fans.

Channing Tatum starring as Gambit in X Men Movie Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

Of course, to hear Lauren Shuler Donner tell it, new creative opportunities are the studio’s only focus in this new era:

“There was a regime [at the studio] that didn’t see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it, and we’re going to do right by it. I’d like to do Gambit. I’d like to do Deadpool. We’ll see. There’s a lot of really great characters.”

While this all sounds interesting (and potentially fun), we can’t escape the nagging reality that X-Men: Days of Future Past still has a big hill to climb before ANY of these plans for the X-Men cinematic universe move forward. DoFP is arguably one of the most expensive superhero movies ever made, and the X-Men brand is not nearly as strong at the box office as competitors like Marvel Studios or Sony’s Spider-Man franchise. The Days of Future Past trailers have been okay, but tie-in marketing has not done much to inspire the hardcore fanbase, and even casual viewers have been put off by the sight of hokey promotional campaigns like these:

…So maybe we should wait and see how Days of Future Past fares before we get too far ahead of ourselves, yes?


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X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. Maisie (something) Sellers for a Storm spin-off film please!

  2. So now Mystique and Destiny are gay too, hmmm? Seems like a trend in comics nowadays. How come everyone around here is of a different social proclivity (ie.: gay) except me? “I am straight, and I feel so ashamed!” Sheesh!

    As for a solo flick, I don’t know if that would work, but I got one word for ya:
    CYCLOPS!—a thousand times over. Enough with X-Everything until Cyclops gets his due, eye-beam-blast it!!

    Bet the burger Mystique eats in the ad turns into indigestion!

    Next cross-over flick: Mystique versus Chameleon Boy of the Legion of Super-Heroes!

  3. no

    • +1

  4. So if I eat an X-tra double bacon burger, I’ll become a mutant and a diabetic.
    Don’t forget to take your Cholesterol pills afterwards.

    • That might be a better movie idea.

  5. For starts, how about doing some of the other X-men right first before we go jumping on a Mystique bandwagon. Honestly all of the X-men movies have sucked really badly, except for First Class. I have always been a huge fan of X-men and they were my favorites until the movies came out. But Cyclops, Storm, Jean Grey and the Phoenix, Colossus, Gambit, and many others have all been shafted so far. Give them some kick-ass screen time and show us more of them in action, Like what the Avengers did. It seems X-men’s whole focus has been on Wolverine, and don’t get me wrong, Jackman has done great portraying him; but a lot of us grew up enjoying other characters as well. Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan were great in their roles also, but I still feel Magneto was done injustly by not having great action scenes.

    And seriously, Banshee could have been made way cooler than bouncing off the ocean in a glide suit and Angel, or whoever the girl with the bug wings, were really took away from the movie also. Those are my only complaints with First Class.

    So get things right and make it realistic but fantasical at the same time. First Class had that appeal, but there is still a lot of work to do with other characters before Mystique takes center spot.

  6. I wouldn’t mind it, id go see it. But id definitely rather a solo Storm movie first. (Lupita N’yongo would be perfect!)

  7. The Quicksilver commercial was good. However, I’d be pleased if they’d change the costume for Mystique, I don’t mind the naked blue essence, but I love the white costume with the skulls (which would be very hard to work on screen). I’d love to see the black tank top suit on screen though.

    • I disagree completely. The commercial and interpretation of quicksilver are both completely garbage. Both commercials are horrible, but mystique’s is slightly less horrible, and I’m positive that is not Jennifer Lawrence.

  8. I really don’t know what to think about that Quicksilver commercial. Eehhh.

  9. The only solo movie I want from them is a deadpool movie

  10. If Mystique looked like the picture you show at the top (sitting, looking up, holding a skull), then sure!

    No… she looks like an electric blue lizard with a cheap red wig you buy at a thrift shop.


  11. This could really be a good strategy because it could setup future movies. [SPOILER] In X-Men Legends the game you learn that Mystique and Destiny are sisters early on, and one of them has the mutant power of being able to see the future. This is how Charles X-Avier/Patrick Stewart learns about the future where Apocalypse takes over by mistake, aka the Age of Apocalypse in the comics.

    This leads to some interesting continuity because X-avier learns how he’s going to basically be killed in the past (aka McAvoy) and Apocalypse will also gain the power of the four heroes, using what’s called the Lazarus chamber. Destiny basically reveals this is a future pretty much set in stone and what’s why Mystique rescues her. All the while Sabertooth rescues Blink from the savage land since he thinks Apoc will turn her into a dark rider.

    Now it’s true, this is not exactly what happens in the Age of Apocalypse comic book. But it’s much closer to the source material than most things are. So Destiny and Mystique return in the X-Men legends video game, which is like a roadmap Fox is using, since Fox/Marvel are who introduced Mystique to begin with being Nightcrawler’s mother in the animated TV show.

    Well you can’t have that thread happen without Mystique and Destiny getting their own film, with Azazel and Mystique starring in it. For those who aren’t aware Azazel is Nightcrawler’s father from the comics, revealed before Age of Apocalypse. Also Rogue is her adopted daughter, and Graydon Creed is her son because Sabertooth and Mystique got real close in the comics. So Graydon Creed, Nightcrawler and Destiny would be in any type of Mystique film.

    Why I think this is a good idea is because a solo film about Gambit, Iceman and Mystique(potentially) would setup a really good plot device for the fight with Apocalypse. And the reason for that is, Apocalypse basically takes over the world and starts up the infinite factory which sends out thousands of clone sentinels. The only way they are able to destroy the infinite factory, travel through time and thwart Apocalypse’s main goals is due to Nightcrawler & Blink. His mutant ability of teleportation is the only way they defeat Abyss, as well as Mikhail Rasputin who are the first and second horseman. If Nightcrawler hadn’t been born/come into his own, Apocalypse would never be defeated and they allude to this by the third act.

    Hence to me, makes perfect sense, tell his origin in the movie theater and also tell Iceman and Gambit’s. Also, the only way the X-men get inside Infinite Factory in both the comics and video game, is with help from Forge and Nick Fury. So I remember seeing stuff about Jackson’s Fury very distinctly when I played and thus Nick Fury and even a Deadpool cameo are definitely going to be on screen.

    • Yes, that’s exactly what I was going to say. Besides that I heard X-Men Apocalypse is going to have to be done in two films, not one. Think about all the tension between Collossus/Rasputin Jr. and his brother alone, upon finding out Mikhail Rasputin is the Horseman. Right there makes for excellent story telling that really needs to build up.

      And then the Lees putting in lots of exposition on the Infinie Factory and there’s just no way one film will cut it. They’ll have to do two for sure. I could see two hours and forty nine minutes devoted to showing where Mystique, Destiny, the X-Men and the Infinite Factory are at in X-Men Apocalypse the movie. That’s why when I first heard the name I went and played X-Men Legends again, since I know that’s where they’re heading and the story where Archangel gets kidnapped is just so well done.

      But they’d need two films, a two part series to incorporate the evil stuff Apocalypse does to the timeline in the Beyond Good and Evil cartoon. That’s why X-Men 2 was such a good movie. I really do believe that by using these elements though, X-Men Apocalypse will be the best movie yet. And they definitely need to cast Mikhail Rasputin with a really good actor, so we can feel that betrayal between him and Archangel as well as the first class cast. In my opinion, we need an Iceman solo movie and Mystique solo movie in between the Apocalypse story. Because Bobby can carry a film on is own and his origin is so important, to how the big bad gets defeated and they can bring in Wolverine, Cable or Deadpool cameos. Doing a cameo right always ensures a future film.

      • The key question is, can Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury be bank rolled to appear on screen with the X-Men when they storm the infinite factory? The second they secure him, Marvel’s got a goldmine!

    • Also Mystique is Destiny’s best friend, according to X-Men Legends and the comic book. Not her sister but they grew up together just so you know.

      • Right. When I first played X-Men legends and I saw Bolivar trask in the game, using the sentinels to rescue people that’s right when I thought.. ‘Holy geezuz, this would make for one of the best sequels to Days of Future Past’ right away. And it looks like Fox and Activision were thinking along these lines.

        After all the Age of Apocalypse is too long to play in a theater successfully. But a shortened version, aka X-Men legends the game would give us a great story because it’s basically an overview of what happens. And damn did they do Iceman good in that game, even has the voice actor in a few cut scenes. Iceman and Wolverine made X-Men 2 into the best film in the series, so he should have a solo film. And Trask goes from being misguided in the movie, to literally reprogramming the Sentinels to rescue survivors and battle Apocalypse.

        Who would have thought that’ll happen? One thing though, in X-Men apocalypse they need to cut everyone like Bastion out of the movie. I think that might be interesting for TV series. But we already have seen the Purifiers on screen in X-Men 2 with Stryker, and I think the extra fluff would just confuse movie goers. Bastion and all of them aren’t that interesting anyway, I’d rather the X-Men get into a political conflict on Genosha and fight for their very lives. DoFP sets it up so perfect!

  12. We’ll see but I would be more excited for a mystique film along with other solo films in the x men team that aren’t named Wolverine.

  13. Lawrence was unimpressive, even bland, as Mystique in FC. Maybe she’ll be better in DOFP, but if she doesn’t up her game considerably–no.

    • CONNIE! YES!!! I have been saying the same thing….I find Lawrence very dry with some bad timing and just like Cage ( who had the same type of performance as Lawrence in “Ghost Rider” ruined the films)she gets swallowed in frame with a much better actor. If “they” re-cast the part maybe I would be for it. Oh yes, I have heard it all ” She won an Oscar” my replie, so did Nick Cage, based on his co-stars performance, not his. She actually is bland in everything, no sincere emotions and she just does not come across then more then a pretty face. Even that is questionable.

  14. Sure, but I’m going to throw something out there which is somewhat unprecendented… Could Marvel Studios and Fox collaborate to pull off a crossover film? It could be a spy vs spy with Black Widow vs Mystique. If it goes over well, we could probably potentially see SHIELD meeting up with The Brotherhood. If they could pull this off successfully, maybe Sony would play nice so Spidey and Osborn can make an appearances with the Avengers.

    Delusional thought, I know. ;-)

    • Delusional? Maybe. Best Idea Ever? Hell yes. I would love for Fox and Marvel to “play nice” so that there can be a connection between the two universes. Even if they don’t connect them entirely, at least let certain characters crossover like they did in the comics: Wolverine, Spidey, Storm, Havok, etc. It would be great if these crossovers could happen in Phases 4, 5 or 6. I guess we’ll see but I won’t hold my breath!

  15. I like Jennifer Lawrence but Mystique has never been that interesting compared to other X-Men characters imo.

  16. Nope

  17. Seems interesting, but they’re more spin-offs that are more deserving:

    1. Gambit
    2. Deadpool
    3. Cyclops
    4. Nightcrawler
    5. Magneto
    6. GAMBIT!!!

  18. deadpool.

  19. We have not even had a X-Men film where Cyclops is leading the team? Making the characters about team work is what we need to see. Gambit, Nightcrawler, Archangel and other characters like Juggernaught, and Blob that need fixed before solo flicks, also they work better for story if they are about the team. also thought we had X-men Apocalypse coming, X-force, Deadpool, Wolverine 2 what is this all about when we have not even made it there yet? all I want is one film where we see Cyclops as the main character with Gambit in it along with Nightcrawler, Rogue, Colossus, Juggernaught Sinister, and Archangel. If I were the one making it I would have a human threat give the X-men some other small role villains like the brotherhood Blob, Toad, Mystique, and have them work together taking them out. then toward the end when they find the real enemy who is creating superior Beings has given Cain Marko special abilities, a huge door opens Cain head rises he gives a evil grimace then he charges as a massive Tank of a being. there are so many other characters that need to be done right before these solo avenger type films start happening.

    • There’s not going to be time for that, since X-Men Apocalypse comes out in 2016 and the follow up hits in 2018 as Simon Kinberg has hinted at. Say what you will about X-Men 1, but Simon Kinberg is marvel. When he’s involved, the movie is pretty much always going to be good as far as source material.

      Kinberg has basically already hinted at Bishop returning in X-Men apocalypse, and Xavier, Blink, Wolverine and the First Class cast. To lead up into the war with Apocalypse is going to require some real character exposition. They can’t cover Mystique and Destiny too much in the Apocalypse film, there isn’t the time and it’d be too confusing. Audiences were already confused about Striker in X-Men 2, even though he’s one of the worst villains who started the Purifiers as well as Weapon X. Kinberg has even admitted this.

      So there’s not going to be any room for extras, and origins of Mystique or Gambit are definitely extrapolated stuff. A solo movie with Mystique coming out between that time and one for Iceman would be real good though, leaving it open for a 2018 film of Gambit and finally X-Force & Deadpool. X-Force is in X-Men legends also. Kinberg has said lots of times he won’t do the Apocalypse battle unless X-Force is involved.

  20. Am I the only person who is not really into X-Men solo films? I’ll grant that a Mystique film could be good, but I certainly am not asking for one. I hope that they do not turn Mystique into the new Wolverine, sucking energy from the rest of the ensemble, because that would be a pity.

  21. Dear lord those commercials are horrible.

    I wouldn’t mind a Mystique solo film but I’d be surprised if Lawrence wanted to do it.
    Between The Hunger Games and X-Men she has made her mark in franchise films and just by looking at her roles outside of them I get the impression that sooner or later (probably sooner) she’ll be stepping away.
    I don’t blame her though. She’s paid her dues and if she wants to move on I wish her the best of luck.

  22. Mystique was a really interesting character in the cartoon and comics. You didn’t even get to touch upon her on and off again relationship with Forge. A movie exploring Mystique as a high profile bisexual character would be really interesting. Jennifer Lawrence (or Rebecca Romijn) really didn’t get much to do with her. I understand that First Class was built around Xavier and Magneto, both of whom have very little to do with Mystique in the comics … and her inclusion made a lot of sense since she was one of the few characters old enough to be alive in the 60s. Although in the comics, Mystique is actually much older than she was portrayed in the films. In fact, I wish they had worked with her comic age and placed her as more of a maternal figure to Xavier than a sibling if they really needed to give them a connection. Still, pulling her back towards her comic book roots would be essential for a solo film to be accepted by fans. Not to mention this would be a great opportunity to finally explore Nightcrawler’s origins. They could even explore finally tying her to Rogue.

    • Plain answer is in the overall Age of Apocalypse, they aren’t able to ever defeat him without Nightcrawler. (as well as Blink) Technically if Nightcrawler was never born, the X-Men wouldn’t defeat Apocalypse.

      So he’s a crucial element to tell on screen, being born from Mystique and the beast called Azazel from X-men first class. And it’s got to be a good story, so following the source material of the comic is a good start & having Drake and Logan as cameos. Then of course, there’s the background on Bobby Drake and his brother, as Iceman is another team member they had to have at full power to defeat Apocalypse past & future version. It all does seem to fit.

  23. Short answer: NO.

  24. Go ahead and make one, but as for me… No thanks.

    This is obviously trying to bank on J-Law’s name, who might not return for Apocalypse anyway :(

    • They wouldn’t need her because Rebecca Romjin Stamos has said in interviews she’d love the part again. And there really isn’t a need for a future/past version of Mystique. Kinberg has said recently that Mystique is alot like Wolverine, she can live for a very long time so a young/old version is just overkill.

  25. One thing I really hate about people wearing wigs in film is that sometimes it makes their heads hilariously giant in comparison to their face/body. Just look at Lawrence in these pics, she looks like something is wrong with her skull. I know a dude with dreads who wears a stocking cap over it and his face is tiny in comparison with the outline of his head.

  26. Gambit needs to be played by whoever played him in wolverine, he was perfect!

  27. My biggest hope for DOFP is for it to fix the errors made in X-Men 3 and give them the ability to do a good Cyclops & Phoenix story. I’d like to see Mr. Sinister, Cable(Nathan Summers), Rachel Summers, and all the characters that could be opened up by telling the story of the X-Men’s first couple.

  28. okay lets go back to the age of apocolypse (aoa) fro a second. began at the end of legions quest 4 right, then all x-men books ceased for a month, only X-men Alpha was published, then the following month all books return with twists in the name, when it was time for AOA to end all books ceased again and it all ended with X-Men Omega. Where am i heading with this? well why not let Xmen Alpha be Xmen Apocolypse> then branch out with a few movies exploring AOA say X Force, Deadpool, Excalibur and Wolverine and X factor then end it all with Xmen Omega (or what ever) that way we get to explore chracters more deeply in extreme situations. the best part is they all had tasks to perform to help Bishop get back and set time right. it lets Fox do their Marvel thing but different, dar i say better?

    • Indeed, one thing I like about your angle on the story following X-Men Legends is we get proper solo films of Iceman, Gambit, Mystique and Storm all the way into 2020. If done properly with much of their AoA backgrounds intact, we would see Nate Summers introduced in a movie about Gambit.

      We would likewise see Gambit vs Sugar Man (as seen: X-Men Legends 2), Iceman vs Pyro, Mystique grow up as a character and deliver the child Nightcrawler, and then if the Gambit/Mystique films did well at the box office we would see a Bishop solo film.

      Also, that would put a Cyclops solo film on screen in 2019 that would explore Nate Summers background in depth finally. It could feature major fights between Sinister, Cyclops and Jean Grey. It could explain why Patrick Stewart/Xavier was always so close to Scott in X-Men 2, how he raised him like a son due to him being raised in an orphange. We could learn why Cyclops felt like an outcast his whole life, etc, the starjammers and even Cyclops’ father. By having this take place after Age of Apocalypse is almost over, it makes his story the most compelling part of the saga. Sinister can never die according to X-Men Legends, and the only way he’s defeated is because of Cyclops and Corsair.

      That leaves the door wide open for a future Gambit 2 movie, Storm 2, another Deadpool movie and an X-Force movie. This is why it’s so important to get the Apocalypse story right in my opinion. It would lead to better films since they got the script right this time for DoFP, and at the least we’re going to see Bishop and Shard during X-Men Apocalypse.