Should Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique Get an X-Men Spinoff Movie?

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Mystique X Men Movie starring Jennifer Lawrence Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

X-Men: Days of Future Past isn’t even in theaters yet, but the team over at Fox’s X-Men movie division have been talking up some ambitious future plans. With people like Bryan Singer (X-Men), Simon Kinberg (X-Men: First Class), X-Men movie producer Lauren Shuler Donner and comic book creator Mark Millar (Kick-Ass) all acting as Marvel-style shepherds, the plans for Fox’s X-Men movie universe include more franchise sequels (X-Men: Apocalypse and Wolverine 3), big team-up films (X-Force), and of course, another crack at solo character spinoffs (still waiting on you, Deadpool…).

In a new report, Kinberg and Donner are opening up about some of the goals they have in mind – particularly for the solo film spinoffs. Deadpool has been the biggest name fans have been clamouring for, but recently we’ve heard that a Gambit movie with Channing Tatum starring could be in the design. Today we can add another character being discussed for a solo project: Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique. Said Kinberg: “I love what Jen Lawrence has done with her, and I feel like because she is in such a crowded ensemble, there’s so much more opportunity if you were to follow her solo.”

In X-Men: First Class, the backstory of shape-shifting mutant Mystique was given way more depth and importance to the X-Men franchise. In Singer’s first two films, the blue-skinned vixen (played by beige-skinned vixen Rebecca Romijn) was little more than Magneto’s henchwoman (and implied concubine). She had some impressive espionage and combat sequences, but there was little of the complex character from X-Men comics to be found. First Class admittedly bucked comic book canon in order to position Mystique as a surrogate sister to Charles Xavier – a girl whose own identity issues formed one of the better character arcs of that film. In Days of Future Past, it seems that Mystique has stepped out of the shadows of both Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto (Michael Fassbender), in order to carry out a mutant agenda of her own – one that could forever alter the course of the future, leading to the extinction of mutantkind.

X Men Mystique Movie Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique in ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’

While we have little idea where the events of Days of Future Past will ultimately leave Mystique, based on early speculation about the nature of this new X-Men movie universe, the filmmakers could in fact position the character for an interesting solo film.

In the comics, Mystique’s origin revolves around her lover Destiny (Irene Adler), a mutant with the ability to see the future. Mystique and Destiny’s mission for most of the 20th century was deciphering the vague prophecies in Destiny’s diary while attempting to prevent those futures that would be the most devastating to mutantkind or the world in general. From what we’ve seen of Days of Future Past, JLaw’s Mystique is on a mission whose dire ramifications she is seemingly oblivious to. Maybe by the end of the movie her motivations haven’t changed – only her method of approach? With the simple introduction of the Destiny character, there’s definitely room for a Mystique movie to explore an interesting sci-fi hook like trying to shape the future (see: recent examples like Looper or the upcoming Edge of Tomorrow). Add in mutant powers and some key appearances from other X-Men universe characters, and you have even more clay from which to mold a compelling solo movie.

Mystique and Destiney 700x425 Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

Mystique & Destiny

Furthermore, Mystique has led her own teams in the comics, including The Brotherhood of Mutants and Freedom Force. She’s also been a member of the government’s X-Factor mutant squad, discovered and raised Rogue, and has run covert missions for Charles Xavier – all in addition to furthering her own future-pruning ends. Any one of those story threads would be ripe enough to sustain a solo film – let alone a combination of several of them.

Even though an EW poll shows that Mystique is one of the top characters fans would like to see in a solo film  – after Deadpool, Gambit, Storm and X-Force – it’s safe to say that the hardcore fanbase hasn’t exactly been fighting for this project tooth and nail. It stands to reason that it is Fox that needs some kind of incentive to lock down Oscar-winner and Hunger Games franchise icon Jennifer Lawrence in their X-Men universe – because supporting roles in these crowded ensemble films are not likely to lure her back many more times. So, while the incentive could be motivated by offscreen politics, the opportunity is nonetheless there to embrace the source material and offer a compelling Mystique movie to fans.

Channing Tatum starring as Gambit in X Men Movie Should Jennifer Lawrences Mystique Get an X Men Spinoff Movie?

Of course, to hear Lauren Shuler Donner tell it, new creative opportunities are the studio’s only focus in this new era:

“There was a regime [at the studio] that didn’t see the worth in [spin-offs], and the current people who run Fox understand, embrace it, and we’re going to do right by it. I’d like to do Gambit. I’d like to do Deadpool. We’ll see. There’s a lot of really great characters.”

While this all sounds interesting (and potentially fun), we can’t escape the nagging reality that X-Men: Days of Future Past still has a big hill to climb before ANY of these plans for the X-Men cinematic universe move forward. DoFP is arguably one of the most expensive superhero movies ever made, and the X-Men brand is not nearly as strong at the box office as competitors like Marvel Studios or Sony’s Spider-Man franchise. The Days of Future Past trailers have been okay, but tie-in marketing has not done much to inspire the hardcore fanbase, and even casual viewers have been put off by the sight of hokey promotional campaigns like these:

…So maybe we should wait and see how Days of Future Past fares before we get too far ahead of ourselves, yes?


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X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: EW

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  1. What!? Of course not, she’s nothing unique.

    Apocalypse should get an origin movie instead and then have him go up against the x-men.

    • Nothing unique? What? She’s the mother of Nightcrawler. There isn’t a more unique character in the X-Men multiverse..

  2. Gambit, Nightcrawler, Magneto, Rogue (recast) and Psylocke first. in no particular order.

    • Give me cancer now, Man!

  3. 2014- DoFP
    2015- Fantastic Four
    2016- Old Man Logan (post-apocalyptic)
    Wolverine and Cable road trip to stop Dr.Doom and Magneto from resurrecting Apocalypse. Cyclop’s ancestors mention mutant messiah. Franklin Richards can be featured, foreshadowing the Xmen/F4 crossover.

    2017- Fantastic Four 2
    Searching for a time traveling Dr.Doom, the F4 get trapped in the Negative Zone and battle Annihilus.

    2018- XFORCE (distant dystopian future)
    Cable and Bishop time traveling. XForce time travels to confront a threat in the distant future: Mr.Sinister and Cable’s young clone Stryfe resurrect Apocalypse. Cable searches for Hope Summers.

    2020- Age of Apocalypse (Xmen&F4 crossover)
    XMEN and Fantastic Four battle Apocalypse and his Horsemen in multiple time lines.

    • I really like your idea too, because it stays true to the X-Men legends game universe in that the first Horseman of the Apocalypse is Abyss. And technically at the end of DoFP [SPOILER] Kinberg has already confirmed that Blink will disappear and get lost somewhere…strongly pointing at the fact she will be back.

      Without the ability to travel through time easily using Blink’s power, what do the X-Men do exactly? That’s my point. Blink disappears at close of DoFP, because she gets trapped in the Negative Zone. That brings Sabertooth and Wolverine out of the shadows to have to rescue Blink, from the Negative Zone, and then we see Nightcrawler vs The Abyss in proper form. Shortly after we see Daniel Cudmore/Collossus against Gigantic Man aka Mikhail Rasputin, his “trusted” brother. Played by Van Damme so we see Apocalypse get fought in the past(First Class time) and the future (X-men time). Then X-Force is introduced.

  4. I voted yes so that it can compete with Cat Woman, the one that Berry was in. Yea, that one. Oh, that and because I’m in the camp of perverts like many of you are…I think.

  5. YAAAAS!!!! I say mystique should definatly get a spin off, and maybe add the night craer story arc.

  6. Remember Destiny has the ability to piece together ancient prophecies and texts, allowing her to see future events before they are even foretold.

    (SPOILER) In X-Men Legends, we find out Apocalypse was trying to kidnap Destiny due to her powers of reading these manuscripts. In order to acquire all the powers of the four heroes. She basically outright says to Xavier who is voiced by Patrick Stewart, “Apocalypse is planning to steal the powers of the four, and kill you in the past.”

    Another cameo with Destiny. In one of the Age of Apocalypse books, she alludes to the fact that the prophecy tablet says Legion will go back in time and kill Xavier. People think she’s crazy, hence the Cyclops descendents raising a fuss. But her prophecy becomes fulfilled, as both Franklin Richards and Nate Summers finally appear…and there is a huge war in the Negative Zone against Abyss. Again, just for me here, seeing this explored on screen in a Mystique movie would be most incredible.

    • Also technically Legion is positioned as Jason Striker….Striker’s son has alot of unfinished business with Xavier that’s for sure. That’s why Jason was so pivotal to X-Men 2 the movie for anyone paying attention.

      • I always got the impression that Stryker’s son in X-2 was a variation on Mastermind.

        • Not really.

          Mastermind was already in some scenes in X-Men First Class, and he’s Jason Wyngarde. Simon Kinberg has hinted as much…Xavier raised Striker’s kid like his own son, so he’s really the Legion.

          You play X-Men legends the game because it would be a lot less confusing for you, the games feature Patrick Stewart’s voice, Shawn Ashmore’s voice at times during cutscenes & so on.

          Fans think they did it for fan service, but really the Kinbergs draw stuff from it. Besides having most of the X-Men characters its where we learn about Mystique and Destiny being key things to the Apocalypse story, as well as Emma Frost and Ellen Page|Shadowcat. And for set design its rumored the next movies will have the Game of Thrones temple, to play the role of Divine Sanctuary from the aoa.

        • Not really. Mastermind is in the background at Hellfire Club in X-Men First Class, they already confirmed. You should really play X-Men legends too. All these characters are in that game.

          • Stryker referred to him as the great illusionist and he had the same first name and powers as Mastermind, so it is easy to make the connection.

            I never pay any attention to game adaptions since they are usually their own scenario themselves.

            • X-Men Legends game is different, has Days of Future Past art in it and is the definition of an “overview” of age of apocalypse. It pulls from all the books.

  7. No.

  8. Hugh Jackson’s wolverine is part Johnny Castle, part Sledge Hammer! He should have retied from the role years ago, dude sucks ass. Aesthetically, Wolverine II is a bad idea, sure it will gross a lot of money but its a virtual lock to suck… his first movie was a lumberjack love story and his second was ghost meets the oriental express. I’d take a J law Mystique movie over another Jackson suck feast any day.

    • Well said on everything Becton even jackman, He looks the part but acts nothing like wolverine is supposed to, not sure if its his acting or just bad writing/directing. Rebecca Romain was better

  9. meh. If they make it a little dark or make it a espionage thriller i’m game.

  10. I wish they would focus on the X-Men as a team, rather than individual heroes.

    • I don’t. The upcoming Apocalypse story is too big to fit into mainline films and Simon Kinberg who was basically there when these comics were written, has admitted as much.

      Having solo films interespersed in between is the obvious answer, to explore these vital subjects in depth. It is exactly what Marvel did with the MCU. And if Fox can put their own spin on it, why wouldn’t they do it better?

      • But thats just the thing, why should fox or even Sony for that matte be putting “theyre own spin on it”? Theyve been doing that for the past 14 years now, all which have amounted to a big and getting bigger collection of really bad movies. Xmen 2 is the only one that can call itself a good movie. They havent been doing it better, not even close. No one goes to see these characters be compltely differnt than what we know from reading the books and the casaul movie goers that dont know, dont knwo the differnce anyways.

        • Because they can be a lot more successful with it now, given Frank Millar and Simon Kinberg are back in charge. And their animated TV series was the most successful storyline. They’re not gonna ever let a Brett Ratner happen again.

          And X-Men 2 has some of the best acting in this era, NOT just for an x-men movie…it completely obliterates films like Thor Dark World, Breaking Bad and Spiderman 2.

        • Correction…They got “two” movies now that are really good, X-Men 2 and X-Men First Class. X-Men First Class was handled by Frank Millar and Blood Ties was the best cartoon, also done by Millar.

          Actually make that three, because based on an advanced showing of my friend in Germany; Days of Future Past may be the best one.

  11. God no, she’s awful.

  12. Most of the stories mentioned involving Mystique have not been set up in the movie version leaving a limited amount of material for the character as constructed. This seems more like a play to cash in on Lawrence’s current high profile than an actual interest in the character.

    • EXACTLY! i actually dont like jennifer lawrence as mystique at all. the original mystique (Rebecca Romijn) was way better in my opinion

  13. No. Unless it is Rebecca Romijn in the role.

  14. i understand all comicbook fans wanting solo films for other important characters .but we have to understand that fox is making these xfilms for profit and if they have to invest in these heavy budgeted movie they will surely make sure that they will get their profit when the film releases.
    In xmen series there are surely a lot of characters to pick for their solo films.but out off all the actors that are playing these characters hugh jackman is probably the most recognized celebrity and his character wolverine is one of the most likable character. Thats why fox decided to invest heavily on wolverine solo films.but currently there is another contender for this and she is jennifer lawrence.with her female fronted films hunger games currently breaking boxoffice records fox surely have noticed this and must want to take advantage of her will surely invest a lot in a movie with jennifer lawrence because she has a large fan base.all other probable solo films like deadpool and gambit are less likely to happen than mystique because ryan reynolds is a serious boxoffice poison and a movie with channing tatum is not a sure bet.

    • That may be the case, but Kinberg has already indicated he’s strongly for Storm AND Mystique. Halle Berry is a multiple Oscar winner, not a one hit wonder. With the right director she’s also box office gold.

      And it is because the writers at Marvel desire there to be more Storm and Mystique, that a real film is in the works. Not for any other reason, they’ve expressed interest in their backgrounds being explored. Especially for the Apocalypse arc.

      Frankly Storm and Mystique are the only two surefire hits, though Iceman certainly is in the running. They first need a box-office hit solo film as Millar has admitted as much. And they are really good actors, where it does not make sense to put Cyclops ahead of these guys since for Millar the idea of a Cyclops/James Marsden story would fit a lot better after Apocalypse is underway.

      • Exactly!!!

        It is like there is so many fanboys clamoring for a Cyclops solo flick, what they don’t flat understand is it doesn’t make sense to the story continuity. Remember, Cyclops did not get interesting until age of apocalypse was almost over…same for Gambit.

        Even in the animated TV series, Cyclops acts like a stuck up jerk on Fox network. He doesn’t get cool until three fourths of the way in, that’s when they tell his origins.

        Plain fact is, Marsden has been in very few movies. He’s not a sure bet and cannot carry a film on his own yet, plus he needs a few more stars on his cast in sci-fi flicks. But by the time the Apocalypse story is in full swing, Marsden would be ready. That’s why we need a Storm film first & Mystique, there’s enough material for a bankable hit and good story. A hit for them is good news for you, then you will see more films otherwise forget it.

        • Ice, ice baby!!!

          ICEMAN movie right after storm!!

          Just based off the episode COLD COMFORT and his awesome voice in the games alone, he would be a goldmine. :)

  15. No more solo X-men movies please! You can make a movie from Brotherhood point of view but not solo!

  16. Honestly,no.I love Jennifer,but the character is not so important.And if we remember what they did with Wolverine…

    • ….Yep, they made me into a SUPERSTAR!!!! We do remember ol’ dame. :)

  17. If they got rid of that ugly, inexplicable textured appearance and made the character closer to how she has traditionally looked (as in: ALWAYS)… maybe.

    I’d just rather see them bring the franchise to the present day and expand the roster of teams and characters for now, though: X-Force, X-Factor, Starjammers, the Shi’ar Imperial Guard, Excalibur, maybe Freedom Force or the New Mutants? There are so many possibilities to expand the X-Universe it seems a bit wasteful to focus on individual spin-offs at this early stage.

  18. I’m sick of hearing about solo spin offs just do teams. New X Men, X Force, and a Brotherhood vs Fantastic 4 movie with the Brotherhood killing them all, how cool would that be?

  19. I love mystique but somehow not all that excited. If rebecca was playing the part I’ll be like HELLL YEAHHH!!! Bring rebecca back please!!!