5 Easy Fixes for ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’s Continuity Problems

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X Men DOFP Continuity Fixes 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

[WARNING: Major SPOILERS for the entire X-Men franchise in this Article!]

Despite being arguably one of the best X-Men films in the entire franchise, we’ll admit that X-Men: Days of Future Past has a few continuity problems. We’ve highlighted some of the film’s biggest errors in a prior post, but, rather than chastise the filmmakers for Days of Future Past‘s flaws, we have decided to be proactive and present some easy solutions to those problems. Read on for some simple fixes to X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s continuity errors.

1. Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in X Men Days of Future Past1 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

Ever since the first trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, fans have been wondering how the film would explain the return of Wolverine’s adamantium claws. As viewers of The Wolverine know, Wolvie reverted back to his bone claws after Silver Samurai/Yashida drained the youth-giving ‘essence’ directly from his knuckles, and severing the metal claws in the process. Unfortunately, as it turns out, Days of Future Past didn’t have an explanation as to why Wolverine’s metal claws are back.

A quick fix in this situation is simply to remove the adamantium claws altogether, either by adding bone claws back to Hugh Jackman’s knuckles through CGI, or simply to cut around the few scenes where the claws do come out. There really is no point to Wolverine’s claws being metal in the future, as he doesn’t actually use them to fight anything.


2. Professor X Being Alive

Young and Old Professor X Face Off 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

Perhaps the most contentious of the Days of Future Past continuity errors is the fact that Professor Charles Xavier is alive in the future despite having been killed in X-Men: The Last Stand. While the end credits button scene for The Last Stand does suggest that Professor X, or at least his consciousness, is still alive, Days of Future Past never explains why the character looks exactly the same, or is still a paraplegic. Some will say that Xavier’s consciousness jumped into the mind of a twin brother, but, as we see it, there are two better options for solving this problem.

Option 1 is to have Professor X stay dead. Many films undermine their predecessor’s end credits scenes, and in this case the scene is vague at best. Our solution is to have it be Magneto who urges Wolverine to go back in time and save Mystique, rather than Charles. We suspect that Magneto, and likely all the mutants, are well aware that it is Mystique’s DNA that gives the future Sentinels their advantage, and so it’s easy to see Magneto realizing that the time travel solution is the only one. In turn, this choice would make the final scenes in Days of Future Past – where Wolverine discovers all of the X-Men crew alive and well – all the more poignant. Wolverine is relieved to see Jean and Cyclops alive, but the big reveal would then become Professor X, who then tells Logan all he missed in the mean time.

X Men Days of Future Past Trailer Patrick Stewart as Professor X in Future with Wolverine 700x425 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

Option 2 is a little more complex, but easier to pull off with minimal changes to Days of Future Past. Essentially, what we propose is a solution where Professor X is actually projecting a vision of himself into the minds of the X-Men, but he’s really in another person’s body. We know that Xavier and other telepaths are capable of this – we saw such powers on display in a few scenes from First Class – so it’s possible Professor X is tricking the X-men into thinking they are talking to him. This would also keep in line with The Last Stand button scene, and The Wolverine end credits scene as well.

How we would find out that it’s not truly Professor X comes when young Charles (James McAvoy) communicates with elder Charles (Patrick Stewart) and sees through the visage. In that scene, Professor X could explain what happened and the ruse he has been pulling off for years. And again, the final scenes with Professor X could focus on how Wolverine saved the real Professor X from death.


3. Future Sentinels Origin

X Men Days of Future Past Spoilers 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

The entire crux of Days of Future Past‘s plot rests on preventing a specific event in the ’70s where Mystique kills Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), is captured, and her DNA is used to create the future Sentinels adaptive ability. While Wolverine does stop Mystique from completing the act as it originally played out, Trask does determine that Mystique’s DNA will be useful, and he specifically asks for a wide array of samples, including brain tissue, spinal fluid, and bone marrow. So, if Trask Industries needs all of those materials to upgrade the Sentinels, the question them becomes: Why is Mystique alive in later X-Men movies?

Again, a quick fix could be a simple line of dialogue that says Trask only needs spinal fluid or bone marrow, not brain tissue. Anything that implies Mystique could have survived the ordeal would suffice, and then it could be implied that Magneto rescues her and brings her back into the Brotherhood. Even as it stands, it’s possible Mystique survived to live on to the original trilogy, but added clarity would have been nice.


4. Mystique’s Relationship with Charles

Mystique Aims Plastic Gun 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

In X-Men: First Class, the filmmakers establish a bond between Raven/Mystique and Charles Xavier. At an early age, Charles meets Raven and the two are practically siblings until Mystique sides with Magneto at the conclusion of First Class. After that, the original timeline presents a situation where the two never see each other again until the events of the first three X-Men films. But if they were such close friends, why is there no acknowledgment on Xavier’s part during any of those films?

In this case it could be implied, likely through a bit of dialogue, that after Raven killed Trask she fully transformed into Mystique, and therefore the girl who Xavier knew ceased to exist. He no longer saw her as Raven, and therefore had no reason to acknowledge her presence any longer. Or conversely, it could be Mystique who ignores Xavier’s existence.

Rebecca Romijn as Mystique 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

After being captured and experimented on, it’s possible that young Professor X could have saved her, but as we see in DoFP he is more concerned with restricting his powers than doing any good with them. Some dialogue from Professor X could explain that Mystique blames him for letting her fall into Trask Industries’ hands, and therefore he is “dead to her.”

In all reality, though, this is one that doesn’t need too much fixing, as Mystique barely crosses paths with Professor X in the original three X-Men films. It’s easy to imagine that Xavier is embarrassed by his past failures and therefore never acknowledges his prior relationship with Mystique to any member of his X-Men team. He simply avoids her and she him.


5. Stryker Continuity

Josh Helman as Major Stryker 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

This is a case where Bryan Singer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg chose to alter continuity simply to wink and nod at the audience. For all intents and purposes, Stryker’s only reason for being in Days of Future Past is to trigger Wolverine’s confusion in France. He’s not essential to the plot, and therefore is an unnecessary inclusion.

In this case, we’d prefer if Singer cut Major Stryker out altogether, since creating a continuity problem where there shouldn’t be one feels lazy. Not to mention the confusion that comes from the final scene, where Mystique, posing as Stryker, pulls Wolverine out of the water. And even if Singer kept Stryker in the film, removing Mystique’s yellow eye flash would have kept with the continuity of later X-Men films, and even X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Moving forward, we could have assumed that was the moment Stryker recruits Logan into his mutant team.


Honorable Mention: Xavier’s Wolverine Quote

X Men DOFP Charles Reads Wolverine Mind 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

It’s a small nitpick, but some people were bothered by Charles’ incorrect quoting of Wolverine when the Professor tells Logan to “F*** off” and not to “Go f*** yourself.” Had Wolverine simply said something to the effect of, “I actually remember telling you to go f*ck yourself,” then everything would be kosher, but as it stands there was some confusion.


X Men Days of Future Past Full Cast Photo 5 Easy Fixes for X Men: Days of Future Pasts Continuity Problems

As we mentioned, X-Men: Days of Future Past is still a great movie, and does well with the admittedly difficult time travel concept. Similarly, we acknowledge that hindsight is 20-20 and suggesting solutions after the fact doesn’t change anything. But perhaps if there is a Director’s or Expanded Cut of the film, Singer could take some of our ideas into account.

Either way, now that the events of Days of Future Past have created a new timeline, the filmmakers have a blank canvas to work with and any continuity problems are likely resolved.


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X-Men: Days of Future Past is now playing in theaters.

Want to discuss SPOILERS? Head over to our Days of Future Past Spoilers Discussion. Confused about that scene at the end of the film? Read our Post-credit Scene Explained article or listen to our editors discussion on the XM:DoFP episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. The sentinel and Mystique continuity problems you listed here don’t exist because the alternate timeline created erased them. Mystique was never actually captured by Trask for her DNA samples because the sentinel program was canceled after she did not shoot the President. Because the program was canceled, they did not need her DNA for the sentinels so she never would have had to die.
    Not sure why you mention it as an issue. Second, we can’t use her blaming Xavier for her capture as a reason for their not acknowledging each other because, as stated for she was never captured. Like someone said, they are barely ever on screen with each other and thre is so much time between the movies that it hardly needs explaining.

    • The continuity problem the OP is identifying with Mystique is that she appeared in the original timeline movies and didn’t die in the 70s. He is assuming that when Trask takes her brain tissue, spinal fluid, and bone marrow that she would have died. That seems like a bad assumption – taking small amounts of those items over time isn’t likely to have killed her.

      • I think because of the word “brain tissue” that we thought she died.
        Can anyone brain tissue being taken without affecting themselves?

        • If I survived having my brain picked at I wouldn’t be a very happy camper.

          Of course the producers could screw with us all and have “Apocalypse” ignore everything that happened in “DoFP” wouldn’t that just be a holy hand-grenade?

        • Taking spinal fluid is a routine medical procedure. A brain biopsy is done in many situations e.g for prion disease and alzheimers disease staging. All you need is a tru-cut biopsy. The core measures approximately 1cm in length and 0.1cm in diameter. People survive these things.

        • They did Brain Surgery even back then and people had parts of their brains removed and still lived with diminished capacity. Now our blue skilled shapechanger is special with an elongated lifespan and I would assume with better healing abilities then the average person. As for Wolfie’s claws, when he went back in time, his past self didn’t have them, get gained them sometime in 1970’s, lost them after Last Stand and then sometime (off screen) between Wolverine II and Future Past he gains it back, off screen, possibly in the next Wolverine movie. If I’m not mistaken, Professor X dies and comes back in the comics too.

    • That’s a great explanation! I also don’t understand why SR needs an explanation for how Wolverine got his adamantium claws back. Sometimes we need to figure it out for ourselves. Here is how I saw at it: We know that Logan passed through a metal detector on the White house Lawn, so he was metal free when Magnet launched him in the river. When wolverine sunk to the bottom, he was wrapped in rebar. When he was pulled up from the river and placed in the boat, I’m not sure if the rebar was still there, but Wolverine was strapped to the same metal-coil spring mattress when he had the adamantium fused to his skeleton in Origins. Perhaps this is an example of Beasts’s ripple in the water theory. Maybe that event still happened( Logan getting injected with adamantium), but it is a little bit different( since the space time continuom was disrupted by the time travel mission). Stopping that one event (Trask being killed) changed many future events, some perhaps were effected more than others, but definitely different. What I’m trying to say is that I think when Wolverine is pulled from the river, he is laced with adamantium, and Professor X will tell us all how in Apocalypse. Remember, he told Logan that there is a lot to talk about, and I am sure we will know how in the next movie. But until then, it is fun to try and guess the how and why!

      • “What I’m trying to say is that I think when Wolverine is pulled from the river, he is laced with adamantium,”

        Wolverine doesn’t acquire his adamantium skeleton until six years after the events of Days Of Future Past. That’s how it was in the original timeline as well.

  2. the events of dofp in the past pretty much erased everything from the earlier movies. that means everything from origins & beyond has changed. that includes the deaths of charles, jean, & scott havin’ never happened.

  3. The easiest way to solve the Adamantium problem would have been simple; A single line referencing Magneto. The Wolverine did have a load of extra metal, and the movie ended with Magneto coming to Logan. Its not really a problem.

    There are about 10 other continuity issues with Origins, other then Stryker. With the Gambit and Deadpool reboots coming, Emma having been used in the past, Sabretooth not referencing their history in X1, Stryker’s age not matching up, and countless other issues, I think its best to ignore the movie in general.

    For all we know, Mystique broke MAGNETO out of jail, and then they formed the brotherhood in X1. In any case, after 3 decades of being experimented on, Mystique is cold and vengeful and not even the same person we saw now.

    There really aren’t as many continuity errors as anyone thinks, and when we remove Origins, there are almost none.

    Things happening that aren’t shown on camera are not continuity errors.

    • I think Singer including clip(s) from Origins and also including the Vietnam War in the movie shows he is trying to connect Origins to DOFP so that he can remove it from the timeline. Singer could have left the Vietnam War bit and Stryker being over in Vietnam looking for mutants out of the movie since Origins Wolverine is the only X-Men movie to refer to Vietnam and only movie to refer to Stryker being in Vietnam messing with mutants. I know Vietnam was a big part of the 60’s through 1975 but Singer could have stayed away from the Paris Peace Conference (Vietnam related) as the site to have Mystique assassinate Trask.

      The 2 Emma’s aren’t issue’s since it has been pointed out by FOX that the 2 Emma’s are different individuals.

      Sabertooth not acknowledging Logan in X1 isn’t a big deal. Victor and Logan had a falling out. At the end of Origins, Logan and Victor part ways cause they know their brotherhood is ruined by Victor’s actions. Plus, Victor has become way more feral by the time X1 starts and doesn’t talk much anyway. It is possible that he has gone through further mutations which messed with his memory. Lastly, in X1, Sabertooth takes Logan’s dogtags which reference the fact that they are or were close. Why would Victor take his dogtags if he didn’t know him?

      Deadpool IS coming but Donner herself has said she still wants Ryan Reynolds to play the part. If they were truly trying to distance themselves as much as possible then they wouldn’t want to cast Reynolds again and also wouldn’t be using clips from Origins.

      • That Deadpool movie will not have the Deadpool created in Origins. Ryan did an amazing job as Wade Wilson. All his snappy comebacks and such were improvised (If I can believe the Making Off, and knowing Ryan’s past)

        Reason why they chose Reynolds is more because he is Deadpool instead of him being in Origins.

        In some interviews given for the never outcoming Deadpool movie, plots were here and there. Saying ” Deadpool watched Origins, didn’t like it and goes on a Rampage to FOX” and much more.

    • People claiming this article is nitpicking errors in DOFP, but continuing to claim Origins was full of continuity errors still puzzles me. What are all the other continuity errors in First Class? Sabretooth not mentioning what happened in X-1 does not seem as big a deal as Mystique breaking into the mansion and trying to kill Xavier, when we later found out she was pretty much his adopted sister. Stryker was the correct age in the 1970’s when matched against the version in X-2, so I don’t know how that is an error.

      • I’m with you Slayer…

        First Class is the movie that caused all the problems, not Wolverine Origins. That doesn’t mean Origins is an amazing movie but it was decent.

        Also, there is plenty of other issues comparing X1, X2, X3, First Class, and DOFP. So why are some people so quick to say it is Origins fault? Here are issues that Origins had nothing to do with

        A) 2 different Trasks
        B) Like you said (Mystique trying to hurt Xavier)
        C) Prof X says he met Magneto when they were 17 but apparently not according to First Class.
        D) Prof X says his first students were Storm, Jean, and Cyke
        E) Toad in 73 looks different and older than in X1
        F) In X1, Prof X says he doesn’t know why he can’t read into Magneto’s mind but he should know since he has seen Magneto wear his helmet in the 60’s
        G) Prof says Magneto helped build cerebro but it is beast.
        H) Wolverine with adamantium even after The Wolverine without explanation
        I) Prof X being alive without further explanation

        Now a lot of these I am smart enough to fill in with plausible answers and dismiss with my imagination. However, as much as I loved DOFP, would it really be that difficult for the writers to have had re-watched all the movies and look on line at people’s problems and then write in solutions to the story?

        • See I think like a lot of things people have latched on to the phrase “continuity error” to described what is just bad writing. Much of what went wrong in X-3 and Origins was bad writing, leading to some contradictions in the plot lines. And even though Origins was a prequel they did make some attempt to place the characters in a somewhat plausible time frame that would jive with the open-ended chronology established in the first three films.

          First Class placed a hard time stamp on certain event and then placed characters in that really had little or no context in the story and somehow the previous two movies got the blame for throwing things out of whack. Mystique made a big speech in the first X-Men about how she was afraid to go to school because of how she looked, but then she is shown purposely hiding her true form and probably living out in the streets at 12. Then she lives with the Xavier family.

          And continuity aside I find it funny that both Magneto and Stryker even lived past the 70’s since it would have made more sense for both of them to be executed for high treason among other things. Plots holes are not always continuity, sometimes they are just plot holes.

          • Mystique made a big speech in the first X-Men about how she was afraid to go to school because of how she looked, but then she is shown purposely hiding her true form and probably living out in the streets at 12.

            I disagree. We first met Mystique at Xavier’s home when she like twelve, but we don’t know her history before the meeting. So we can safely assume before she ran away from her actual home, knowing how to control her power, she’d probably be in school with normal kids by her parents.

            • People can assume anything, it still points to holes in the writing and that is the issue. When they present a character over the course of three films and give no hint of a connection to another character and then decide to do a retcon back story that fudges little detail here and there they probably don’t notice the inconsistencies and hopes nobody else does either.

              According to what has been said in the movies the majority of mutants did not manifest their powers until puberty, which means that unless Mystique was born with blue scales she looked normal for some amount of time as a child. If she was born looking like an alien in the 1950’s then I doubt she ever went to school and would have been locked away in some government facility somewhere being experimented on (which would have been a more compelling back story in my opinion if they wanted to make her hardened).

              But based solely on what was said in the films and what was shown, some of it does not add up. And again this has nothing to do with continuity as much as lazy writing. Making the audience assume everything and have to come up with numerous explanations for plot holes is not being creative or clever.

        • Well Clay, we could assume Prof.X statement regarding Storm, Jean, Cyclops were one of his first students to refer to when the school re-opened again, when the school succeed, and when he has his hope back


          C) Prof X says he met Magneto when they were 17 but apparently not according to First Class.
          G) Prof says Magneto helped build cerebro but it is beast.

          These two are what bothers me most.

          Could it be the Prof. going senile and forget his age when he met Magneto?

          The could’ve at least shown short clip in First Class that Magneto helped with the metal, building the Cerebro underground when they are still CIA X-Unit.

          Then again, DoFP has established that Magneto really is a smart man, knowing tech things as shown when he watched over Sentinel blueprint and in the end knows how to control them.

          • About Jean, Scott, Storm,…Agree as if had said the same thing in previous posts….

            As I said above I can fill in logical explanations with my imagination to make things work.

            What I was meaning by my above post is that some people keep blaming Origins for continuity problems yet Origins came out before First Class.

            It was really First Class that messed up the continuity and plot issues.

            My even bigger issue is that even after DOFP we still don’t have most everything explained. You would figure that DOFP writers would be able pay more attention to detail and not still leave so many unanswered questions.

            • Meant to write “Agree as I have said the same thing in previous posts…”

          • Also, didn’t mean to come off like a jerk. After re-reading it sounded that way.

            I guess in the end, like i said, all of us are able to use imagination and theory to plug in the holes. And it seems you and I and Slayer have been on the same page with theories and imagination.

            But the problem is that the audience shouldn’t have to do this much guessing game and plugging in holes stuff.

            I don’t know why Singer can’t just do an interview that clears it all up. Every time Donner or Singer has done an interview they are vague with answers. Or they do one thing then say another.

            For instance, Singer admitted that the line he wrote in X1 about Xavier meeting Magneto when they were 17 really messed things up for First Class. Singer went on to say that there were just things he is hoping we will forget.

            That is crap. We all on here have been able to write possible solutions to all this and we aren’t getting paid to do it. For instance, to solve the issue of them meeting at 17, all they had to do was show a 17 year old Charles and Magneto passing each other on campus. The 2 of them bump into each other knocking each others stuff. Xavier bends down to help pick up his things and can see Erik’s name on his ID and says oh what class are you headed to? Erik says, “Metallurgy.” Then Xavier says oh you’ll want to head to the west end of campus. Maybe Erik was there secratively to meet someone that can be a villain in upcoming movie. Mr. Sinister?

            • The idea of fans having to plug ideas in has been a problem with the X-Men series from the start. As someone who read the comics for a long time in the 80’s and 90’s it was easier to do with X-1, but as time has gone on I realized that the stories relied way too much on audience participation and it really did not take into account how many people might not be able to fill in the blanks. What has also happened is that since there have been so many variations on the characters and stories involved in the comics people are coming up with wildly different scenarios depending on what time period they are familiar with as it relates to the comics, so there is no consensus on what is actually going on.

              From a purely writing or storytelling standpoint the notion of viewers having to fill in the blanks works in small doses in certain cases, but when it gets to the point where people have to write short essays to fill out someone else’s work it does start to seem like there are deficiencies in the original work. It would be like someone handing writing in to a college professor or book editor and when asked about missing or confusing story points telling the reader to “use your imagination”. I do not think that would go over too well……

              • It seems we definately agree…

              • Yes…

                I’m with your opinion on this one. Not only X-Men movies, most movies just relied heavily to audience imagination and interpretation. Some movies need that (e.g: Inception) but for others type of movies I really wish the writers pay more attention to give fulfillment to viewers who paid tickets to the cinema.

    • how does the fact the MYSTIQU7E is a young girl in First Class and still appears in her 30’s in the X1 add up when X and M are substantially older, but she’s not?

      • By aging slower, Beast explained that in the movie.

  4. Fun to watch but a so so attempt to correct the franchises problems. Terrible writing. I often wonder the greatness xmen could reach under marvel studios.

  5. I feel like you lack the imagination required to really offer solutions to anything. You came at everything WAY to cut and dry and created problems where none really exist if you have a little creativity.

    *The claws. Just because Mystique has Logan removed from the water doesn’t mean she wouldn’t have turned him over to Stryker or that Stryker wouldn’t have caught back up up with him. And Logically speaking with Wolverines meddling in the affairs of the past its not only plausible but quite likely that the first three movies are actually no longer valid. We won’t know until we find out what Charles tells him.

    * The Sentenials. Just because he asked fir brain tissue doesn’t mean he got it. In the original time line Traske is dead. So his request for DNA reinforces the danger that is sentenials and also is a nudge towards Future Charles statement ” if we wake him now we nay set our selves on a path to an even darker future”

    *Charles Death. This I always thought was fairly simple. Pheonix, a relatively untrained but powerful psychic against a seasoned veteran; isn’t it quite possible that if she could rip him apart particle by particle, he could just as easily reconstruct himself. Maybe teleportation has been in his repertoire all along. Maybe it was all apart of some grander scheme.

    *Mystique’s Relationship with Charles. Have you ever pissed off a woman? Tried to control her? When she loved you deeply? Maybe…. oh I dunno…. made her feel unpretty? Women can be cold. Its a very logical and cohesive in character explanation to simply deduce that Mystique harbors a bitterness that Charles deems childish so rather than indulge her he feels he’s doing her a service by ignoring her- serving only to push her further away. As a woman I can understand this. Its like that awkward stand-off-ish-ness you experience with some exs. You just pretend they aren’t there because its easier.

    *Stryker Mess. As previously stated; in no way does Mystique’s presence and impersonation impact Stryker’s actions after the events of DOFP. If anything it implies a new found compassion for Logan from Mystique. And I disagree. Strykers presence in DOFP builds a relationship between Stryker and Mutants. It gives history to draw from and depth to his character as well as added an extra layer of tension.

    Stop making mountains out of mole hills. Sometimes the solution is in the details.

    • * The Sentenials. Just because he asked fir brain tissue doesn’t mean he got it. In the original time line Traske is dead. So his request for DNA reinforces the danger that is sentenials and also is a nudge towards Future Charles statement ” if we wake him now we nay set our selves on a path to an even darker future”

      If you mean that Trask was already dead before X-1. I’d say watch X-3 once more. There’s Trask. Big, and black! But he’s definitly there

  6. Sorry my friend, but to me, pretty much every item in your list, is nitpicking.

    I didn’t particularly liked “First Class” as a movie, it was great, but all the changes to the X-men i knew were kind of annoying to me, still it was a pretty good movie on its own right, with its own continuity.

    First i will start with the future stuff, Xavier is alive, Magneto has his powers, Wolverine has his claws, kitty Pryde has powers she did not have, as much as i would like an explanation for all of this, one thing is undeniable, this characters have no reason at all, to talk about stuff they have been living for a while now, we knew Xavier was alive, we knew Magneto was regaining his powers after X-3, magneto can put adamantium back into wolverine, and for kitty i got nothing, but again, why would any of the future character wonder any of this? they already know, having them talk about stuff they already know would be the worse thing they could have done.

    And the past characters did not asked any of this, because there was no point in them asking.

    Your are assuming any of Trask experiments done on Mystique would have kill her, and there is no reason at all to think this, Mystique was free and well in the X movies, you don’t need to be told she survived, you don’t need to be told she was rescued, even if you think i am assuming all this so are you by thinking this needs to be explained, it doesn’t, we also don’t know how the relationship between mystique and xavier turned out over the years or in what terms they saw each other last time prior to X-1, i agree with you there, but that is a First class problem not a DOFP, since they just made a retcon.

    Stryker being there does nothing for the movie, but it doesn’t hurt it either, it’s just another character who was there to trigger a scene, i see your point, but this is not an issue, nor a continuity error.

  7. I think in DoFP they established a quite different timeline, which IMHO has nothing to do with the timeline of the first original trilogy.
    So this could be the reason why there are no sentinels, Wolverine has adamantium claws etc. (The Wolverine(2)then is not in the DoFP-, but old trilogy-timeline, I don’t know).

    The future we see in DoFP is not the Future of the original trilogy. There might be some parallels like the death of Jean and Cyclops, but they could have been killed by the Sentinels in the DoFP-Timeline rather than by Jean/Wolverine in the last Stand (the reason Wolverine in DoFP is surprised to see them alive). I hope this makes some sense :)

    PS: I have not read the comments, so my apologies if this theory was declared before.

    • @Aliens”R”Us it’s been stated that DoFP erased everything from origins on the the wolverine. that means, charles, jean, & scott never died, logan never lost his adamantium, etc. DoFP pretty much retcons everything we’ve seen except for first class.

  8. So this could be the reason why there are no sentinels in the original trilogy and Wolverine has adamantium claws in DoFP-Future.

    • Sentinels do exist in the original trilogy (X3 Danger Room reference anyone?)

      It’s just that they were not much of a threat during the period. Until after 2 years of The Wolverine only then Sentinels are becoming real and dangerous threats to mutants

      • But why so late, why is Trask and the goverment waiting 40 years. There is no Sentinel helping to fight Magneto and his brotherhood during X1, X2 and X3.

  9. From the above article…

    “And even if Singer kept Stryker in the film, removing Mystique’s yellow eye flash would have kept with the continuity of later X-Men films, and even X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Moving forward, we could have assumed that was the moment Stryker recruits Logan into his mutant team.”

    The moment Stryker recruits Logan into his mutant team was revealed in X-Men Origins: Wolverine which happened before the events of DOFP.

  10. First off, you have to remember and approach the days of future past because it is basically altering the whole time stream of x-men, essentially cyclops and Jean could have died in the battle with the Sentinels and not the ways that they had in the previous movies. Also about Xavier alive, don’t they bring him back for the second Wolverine movie? In regards to Mystique, remember it is a different timeline, but you could also go under the assumption that Trask found what he wanted in the spinal tissue and blood samples. In regards to the relationship, like you said they do not meet, and also Charles probably would not have said something unless he thought she could be saved. Lastly with Stryker, you could probably assume that assume that after he switched it around, there was a high probability that history continued as it did with the movies minus the exception of Jean and Cyclop’s death. As well as with a few other changes if you want to be technical.

  11. I think you people need to understand that, it would’ve made no sense in the context of the movie for the characters to explain the changes. Why would Magneto randomly say, “I used my powers to give Logan his claws back.”? Why would Xavier need to randomly explain how he was alive when he’s probably already explained it to all of the X-Men by this point? X-Men Origins Wolverine is already non-canon to the X-Men film universe isn’t it. Just because they used some scenes doesn’t mean the context was exactly the same.

    In regards to Mystique still being alive, Trask simply meant that he wanted as many samples as possible in order to study Mystique. He may have been partially exaggerating. Also, he could have gotten only, some tissue, enough to study and as little as possible to keep her alive. He was fascinated by her, why kill her so quickly.

    As for Mystique and Charles, they grew apart. Mystique became a heartless killer and went for the out-going, outspoken girl she was to the silent, reserved killer she was. Her feelings for Charles were replaced with ones of anger and hatred. Charles finally moved on after his depression, and tried to move on.

    Also, on the subject of how Mystique’s DNA could be used to let the Sentinels replicate Mutant powers, he probably modified the DNA or something. Suspension of disbelief can apply here is that’s not a reasonable excuse…idk.

    You people need to get over it.

    • Again,…Origins IS part of the X-Men film Universe.

      A) Scenes from Origins were used.
      B) The Vietnam War was used for part of the location and shows Stryker there. Origins was the only movie in the X-Men universe before DOFP to use Vietnam as a setting with Stryker also there.
      C) Laura Shuler Donner has said she wants Reynolds to reprise the role of Deadpool.
      D) No one from FOX has ever specifically stated definitively that Origins isn’t cannon.

      If FOX was truly trying to pretend that Origins did not exist in their movie-verse then why use scenes from Origins? To make the audience connect the two. Why would FOX use Vietnam and Stryker together? To help the audience connect the movies. Why would you back Reynolds instead of recasting to distance Origins from the rest?

      If you don’t want to believe that Origins is “canon” then that is your prerogative. But you would just be making things up to make yourself sleep better at night.

    • However, with the rest of what you said, I completely agree about DOFP doesn’t need to spell everything out for us…

  12. There is another problem: Didn’t Jean Gray and Scott Summers die in x-men last stand? It did not explain how they are alive in the future. Also wolverine looked surprised when he saw both of them at the end of days of future past. Why would he be surprised if he knew that they would be alive also?

    • To answer that you cannot forget that at the end of the movie logan wakes up with the memories of the first time around, when jean and scott were killed.

  13. Been reading most of these comics and all of the speculation about the different universes that could be. Most of this is to hide or distract from the fact that there are still issues and this movie didnt fix everything. ALL of the X-men movies were poorly written, although I do understand the excitement for such movies, but they didnt get any better.
    That being said, the most likely assumption is that Wolverine returned from the time he was sent from, that there is NO Sentinel threat. The only other uncertainty is whether or not Logan got his adamantium claws. Hopefully this movie was just to reset the whole franchise and start over with a younger cast

  14. For those who think that DoFP, doesnt need to answer all the questions? Yes the hell they DO need to answer the questions!!! It was their abysmal writing that is making us ask them, so yes, if they want my money and want me to continue to see their garbage, they need to answer the questions!! ALL OF THEM!!!!

  15. Again more speculation about Logan’s claws. It’s safe to say that since it was Mystique that had him at the end of the movie and not actually Stryker, then he didnt get his adamantium back. Maybe Apocolypse will give them to him when he becomes one of the Horsemen

    • Wolverine doesn’t ever acquire his adamantium skeleton until 6 years after the events of Days Of Future Past (going by the timeline in X-Men Origns: Wolverine) since I doubt it very much that Mystique held Wolverine prisoner since her very intention was to rescue him, it’s still possible that Wolverine acquires his adamantium skeleton 6 years later in exactly the same way that we know already.

      Do you recall what Beast said in Days Of Future Past…he said that some things in the timeline may change while other things remain fixed despite those changes.

      I like to think that Bryan Singer wouldn’t mess around altering the timeline of his original films too much. With only slight changes (such as Magneto replacing Mystique with another shape shifter to fulfill the tasks that she would’ve originally done since I don’t belive she’d ever be a part of his team again in this new timeline) the timleine of the first two X-men movies can pretty much remain intact. As long as key events in the timeline occur (things meant to be done by Mystique being done by another shape shifter) the timeline can still remain intact for the most part in the timeline for the first two films.

      Bryan Singer wanted to alter the events of the third X-men movie which he had nothing to do with, and he succeeded in doing that by revealing that Jean and Cyclops were still alive at the end of Days Of Future Past.

      I don’t think the timeline is altered as much as people are thinking it is.

  16. Charles xavier does actually say that after raven kills trash
    Quote ” the day she truly became mystique”

  17. Charles xavier does actually say that after raven kills trask
    Quote ” the day she truly became mystique”

  18. I think that all these problems are for the most part valid but what we
    Need to do is to just not look so deep into things and enjoy a brilliant movie
    Even if the little errors bug me and they really really do I try not to get to frustrated
    Even though I no that then can be fixed with just one little throw away line of dialogue

  19. I consider all the movies with Hugh Jackman to be all cannon or part of the same universe so yes the claws need to be explained but furthermore, how about the fact the Xavier can walk (as a old man) in X3 (when he meat Jean Grey for the first time) and in X-men Origins: Wolverine (when he rescues scott and the other captive mutants) all of which he was using his powers of telepathy (if you wanna consider he was using Hanks serum.)Or how about the fact that Stryker is recasted every single damn movie like he is such a minor character that it doesn’t matter or better yet how throughout the timeline he is this TALL and SKINNY DUDE then in X2 becomes significantly shorter and fat (not even body changes through aging can explain that).

  20. Just have wolverine not have metal claws??????????????? That is an idea I can’t get behind!

  21. “While Wolverine does stop Mystique from completing the act as it originally played out, Trask does determine that Mystique’s DNA will be useful, and he specifically asks for a wide array of samples, including brain tissue, spinal fluid, and bone marrow. So, if Trask Industries needs all of those materials to upgrade the Sentinels, the question them becomes: Why is Mystique alive in later X-Men movies?”

    Going by Days Of Future Past Trask wouldn’ve been killed by Mystique before he even mentioned needing brain tissue, spinal fluid, and bone marrow in the original timeline.

    He’s only alive to say such a thing after Wolverine and the rest prevented Mystique from killing him. The moment they saved Trask’s life the timeline was changed.

    Anthony Taormina, you need to pay better attention to things before you write articles like these.

  22. I dont see most of these as continuity errors. This film begins in a future much further down the path of time from THE LAST STAND. The movie ends in a time line PRIOR to THE LAST STAND. This film essentially concluded a series of sequels that were needed to revitalize a fan base that was yearning for some good storytelling rather than just a lot of flash. There is no reason why a future XMen film couldn’t continue or conclude the storyline where THE LAST STAND left off.

  23. If Im not mistaken, Logan lost his memory after being approached by Charles and Erik, so he couldnt have said that.

  24. The biggest problem with this movies is still Kitty Pride. She pulled the time travel power from her arse without any explanation and used it first on Bishop. What happened next? Well, the butterfly effect happened wich means as soon as she sent Bishop back in time, the timeline changed and they both and the sentinel vanished from the scene resulting from a successful trip.
    When she used her powers later to send Logans mind back in time she had to maintain constanst contact all the time (days? weeks?) for the whole reason of tension. Actually, they all should have disappeared too the very moment Wolverine jumped back in time because whatever happened in the past – happened already.
    And after Magneto’s stunt with the Sentinels (he couldn’t have possible reprogrammed) and his dropping of the stadium in front of the White House, Potus Nixon would have give Bolivar Trask every budget he needs to perfect his Sentinels to hunt down this threat.
    And the biggest plot hole – Somehow, Mystiques shape-changing abilities give robots the power to adapt to any super-power.

  25. I don’t consider “DAYS OF FUTURE PAST” as one of the best in the “X-MEN” movie franchise. It has too many plot hole. However, I still found it entertaining.

  26. How did u guys ignore the biggest issue with this movie? We are supposed to believe all this came after Mystique killed Trask and then was captured? Well if captured, she would have been killed. Trask even says they need bone marrow, brain tissue, etc… I don’t think her DNA and all that stuff needed for Sentinels comes with just her captured for a while. Liked movie but the plot of Proffesor X always having to tell mutants to patient with government and mankind. He has made that speech in 3 movies. So they tried to kill them in 72 and 2002 and now the future? I don’t think he would continue to do. Writers need a new plot line

    • I’m not here to nitpick over what has or has not been explained to us. There are more movies to come, so maybe things will continue to be revealed.
      In the comic books, Mystique and Azazel have a child together. That child is Nightcrawler, which why explhe is so religious since his dad is the devil. In DOFP Magneto states that Azazel is dead. Depending on how long ago he died, that would mean that Mystique is either already a mother or pregnant.
      I understand that there is no reason for any of this to be brought into DOFP. As other readers have said, just because the characters don’t talk to each other about an event doesn’t mean that event never happened. I’m just curious to see if the movies ever bring up that Mystique is Nightcrawlers mom, or if they get into the whole religious aspect (good vs. evil) of Nightcrawler. If you can’t tell, Nightcrawler is my favorite character. Afree the kick ass opening in X-2, I was hooked!
      P.S. Still no sign of Jubilee