‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Continuity Problems & Errors

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X Men Days of Future Past Reviews starring Hugh Jackman Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

[WARNING: Major SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past in this Article!]

X-Men: Days of Future Past is now theaters, bringing with it the promise of a (semi-)rebooted X-Men Movie Universe where the missteps of past films will be course-corrected (or outright wiped away) in favor of providing the franchise with a clean slate on which to build toward a bigger, better, “fewcha” (future).

Of course, throughout the marketing campaign for Days of Future Past, hardcore fans of both the X-Men comic books and/or films have remained wary of the lingering issue of continuity errors. The six films in the preceding X-Men movie saga (X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last StandX-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine) have nearly choked themselves to death with inconsistencies and contradictions in shared universe storytelling. It was an annoyance in the past, but it is a downright deal-breaking flaw in the era of shared universe franchises.

X Men Days of Future Past Full Cast Photo X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

As we stated in our official X-Men: Days of Future Past review, the film does a lot of good things for the franchise – but that doesn’t mean it is able to completely clean up the messy continuity. Granted, Days of Future Past manages to negate the other X-Men movies (with the exception of First Class) in favor of a much-needed mulligan; but how well it earned that second chance at better continuity is up for debate.

We selected some of the biggest and most glaring continuity issues in Days of Future Past – and some additional ones that meticulous viewers will no doubt notice and likely criticize, even as the franchise tries to leave its ugly blemishes behind.

Prof X. Lives

Patrick Stewart as Prof. X in X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

One of the biggest continuity issues that has been apparent ever since Days of Future Past was first announced was the return of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X was vaporized by Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey – only to achieve resurrection by transferring his consciousness into the body of a comatose patient who was under the care of Moira MacTaggert (as seen in a post-credits scene):

Now, if you read around the Interwebs, you’ll hear all kinds of justifications for how Xavier’s resurrection could result in what we see in DoFP – and also the post-credits scene of The Wolverine, which serves as a direct lead-in to DoFP. The most popular theory is that when Xavier transferred his consciousness, he did so into the body of a twin brother. This familial relation is never specified in X3, but it isn’t impossible (just soap opera-style cheesy). However, even it that WAS a viable explanation, it still wouldn’t explain how or why Xavier’s twin brother also ended up paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

At the end of The Wolverine, any direct explanation is left to vague references, as Wolverine asks “How is this possible?” upon seeing Xavier alive, and  Xavier answers, “You’re not the only one with gifts,” suggesting that some aspect of his powers has allowed him to cheat death. A lot of fans hoped that Days of Future Past would detail exactly how Xavier made it back, but alas, that explanation is nowhere to be found. And since DoFP insists that X3 is official canon, that unanswered question is certainly a big one.

 Future Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

X Men Days of Future Past Future Wolverine Metal Claws Continuity Error X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

Days of Future Past clearly recognizes the events of both X-Men: The Last Stand and The Wolverine, and when last we saw Logan onscreen, his Adamantium claws had been destroyed in a battle with the “Silver Samurai.” From early marketing of Days of Future Past, the question of how Future Wolverine got his claws repaired was nagging the minds of fans everywhere. In the actual film, we get zero explanation of how this particular restoration occurs.

Director Bryan Singer promised all would be revealed. The easy answer seemed to be having Ian McKellen’s future Magneto be the source of Wolverine’s re-attachment to his famed metal; all it would take is a throwaway line of dialogue and the whole thing could be settled.

The most we get from the film is implication: In the 1970s, young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) reveals the imaginative vision for endowing Wolvie with a metallic upgrade, as the pair are on a jet flight to Paris. You could call that an implied explanation, but most fans would, in turn, call B.S.

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  1. What about Magneto’s power after he was “cured” in the third movie?

    • In the UK, we had a post-credit scene showing Magneto playing chess with himself in a park. Then you see him stare at the pieces for a few seconds, then (curiously/hopefully) put his hand over a piece (like he would when he wanted to manipulate a metallic object), and then you see the piece move slightly and the camera cuts to black. All inferring that he got his powers back.

      I can’t remember exactly, but I think in X3 its insinuated that the “cure” might not actually be permanent for the more powerful mutants.

    • Why, why, oh god why!

      Why people dont stay till the end of the credits to watch the cutcenes????????????

      They are in all MARVEL movies, and people leave before the end and lose the cutscenes…

  2. In the first wolverine solo film he was in vietnam fighting with sabertooth its very messed up

  3. The “f*ck off” and “go f*ck yourself” thing was ridiculous to be mentioned, as this was an “argument” used by any idiot all over the internet before this post was created. Anyways, you forgot to mention that the series made the adamantium in Wolverine story wrong. He doesn’t have bones anymore, his bones were mixed to the adamantium and then it became “adamantium beta”. It means that when he lost his claws in The Wolverine, is should have regenerated back to adamantium [beta] claws. His bones are not covered with adamantium, his bones ARE adamantium, a variation of adamantium that even have the ability of regenerating itself just like the old bone and his whole body. You can even see this in the comics.

    • What? You’ll have to provide X-Men comic issue #’s for that. I’ve read them for decades and Wolverine’s never had “growing” adamantium bones. His own bones regenerate. The adamantium is just a coating. That’s how in the comics Magneto was able to pull the adamantium covering off his bones. Hell, the comics themselves have the adamantium covering his bones…same as in the movies

      • Agree with pjames3 – Going to need some proof of the “adamantium beta” thing. Been reading Wolverine since 1985 and never remember seeing it, unless it’s a new ultimate Wolverine thing.

        • or new ultimate or some alternate universe, i cant remember where i read about it..

    • The author wrote that the “F*ck off” thing was a “minor nitpick” so I am not sure what you are on about. It is a problem because it betrays sloppiness and inattention in the script or on the part of the actors.

    • i have read something about it, but it was in an ALTERNATE universe, so it is not considered in the “normal” wolverine universe.

  4. Odd that this film was better then the previous ones but was very simplistic. You see a lot of Matrix and Terminator, doomed future similarities. At least most of the characters reminded me of the ones I read in the comics.. finally. But it really does make a make a mess of a lot of things but nothing too major. I still hope to see Wolverine someday on the big screen, seen enough Logan. Imagine a whole series of films of just Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, no Superman or Batman; it’s just not satisfying. But in the end, we will have Apocalypse. Nuff’ said.

  5. how about Origins wolverine and Days of Future past timelines could never line up? as much as I dislike Origins it was made and features Hugh as Wolverine and Patrick Stewart as Pro -X. so I guess all other films happened but where changed due to the time travel events but X-men Origins was never part of it? I guess Origins is a parallel timeline that never went anywhere.

  6. I am hoping they start to focus on Cyclops, and Jean as main characters, as well as storm, Juggernaught, Nightcrawler, Gambit, Beak, Sinister, and Archangel being great new additions too. Could be cool to see Stryker still using some Sentinels to help him bring in mutants and start off seeing young Cyclops, Beak, Jean, Storm being hunted and Cyclops stand up and destroys it taking on a leaders role saving his friends. It would be kind of cool to also see Jean Grey try to stop Quicksilver but his mind is moving too fast and she cannot really control her powers to an increased powerful state yet. a Interaction with Beast and Beak could be amazing like the first time we see them in the new x-men comics and beast takes beak under his wing so to speak and teaches him how to use his powers of flight. the other characters such as Juggerhulk, Nightcrawler, Gambit, and Archangel could have some really great scenes to match the DOFP Quicksilver scene, X-2 Nightcrawler, X-2 wolverine mansion scene, and Azazel First Class dropping human scene.

    • Juggernaut’s not a mutant. His powers are from magic.
      before that, he was just Xavier’s angry step-brother.

    • Angel is now dead in the X-men movie universe, so any chance of seeing Archangel in future movies is unlikely unless they create an all-new character from scratch.

      • you do realize the Angel Magneto was talking about was the one from First Class, right? The girl with the dragonfly wings, not Warren Worthington.

  7. The Sentinel thing is what bothers me the most. There have been giant robots hunting mutants and then humans
    since 1973? Through all 3 X-Men movies? And we’re just hearing about them now?!

    • This plot-hole bothered me a lot too, but as they say in the article above, it makes much more sense if you imagine that First Class has its own timeline; thus, the events that happen in the previous three films kind of still happen in this timeline but with variations, one of which could be this one you just mention.

    • This has been answered many times on this site as to why this was…

      In original timeline Trask is the “brains” and creator of the sentinels. When he is assassinated the process of making them would be severely slowed down. Image if Tony Stark died yet he is the creator of the Iron Man suits. People would step in to try and make the Iron man suits but would suck at it. Just like we saw in Iron Man 2. So point is, there would be many many trial and error attempts at replicating Trask’s work and creating sentinels that were invulnerable.

      Either way, X-Men 3 also showed the danger room scene where the X-Men are fighting a sentinel. That alludes to the fact that they were around during X1-X3 but weren’t well built. It would have taken years of testing to get the sentinels to the point they were at in the future.

      Also think about this…the plot of X3 was about “curing” mutants. The gov’t probably haulted the Sentinel program because they wanted to try the cure first. When the cure didn’t work the gov’t pushed the Sentinel program forward again.

  8. Almost everything has continuity errors somehow the thing with comic book to film is the fact that comics have lots of universes. Days of Future Past first presents itself in Uncanny X-Men #141 comic and it’s set to take place in Earth-811 not the main 616 universe. So that’s why with DOFP I didn’t look into stuff questioning Professor X being alive, Wolverine’s adamantium claws because it never took place in the main universe from the previous films to begin with.

  9. In the comics, it is Mystique who is the main villain who assassinates Senator Kelley. Also in DoFP the film, Trask is very clear that he needs Mystique alive.

    President Nixon doesn’t even know in the film that Magneto was implicated in JFK’s murder, so it makes sense that no one in the first X-Men films would know.

    Wolverine had ten years between The Wolverine and DOFP to have his claws restored.

    In the original timeline according to the promotional website, it was the events of The Last Stand and the destruction of Alcatraz and the Bay Bridge that caused the reactivation of the sentinels program, it was inactive during the first three films.

  10. This article is excellent!Imagining the future portrayed in DOFP as part of the timeline of “First Class” makes incredible much more sense! I wished they had mentioned this more explicitly such that us as audiences could have understood it better.

  11. Walkman did not exist in 1973. What was Quicksilver listening to?

    • It was a transistor radio

    • Those back flipped headphones he had on stood out a lot to me as being out of place

  12. What does “deal breaking flaw” actually mean in the context of this review? Is your website boycotting all future films? :p

  13. They should just re boot the whole thing based on x men evolution cartoon series… would appeal to youngsters aswell more being based in a school!!!

  14. Just a random thought. If going by the first 3 X-Men movies and Mystique was captured. How did Night Walker come about? His father was in the file as being dead right?

    • Because Mystique was captured, Night Walker never appeared in the movies. Not even in X2 😛

      • I think you guys mean NightCRAWLER?!

        • Solo Wing understood what Amy meant. That is why he said “Night Walker never appeared in the movies.” He followed that with a smiley face. Solo Wing was nicely implying that there is no Night Walker character.

          Since you want to keep being a punk/hypocrite, I will play your game too…It isn’t NightCRAWLER. It is Nightcrawler.

          • In reference to Nightcrawler:
            In DOFP when a nurse is talking about Mystique to the human appearing Mystique she says, ‘do you think she has any family?’ To which, Mystique looks sad and says ‘Yes.’

            I thought that this may be a reference to Nightcrawler but my friends disagree and think she is talking about Xavier. It was rather ambigious and could be taken either way.

            • My personal opinion would be she was talking about Xavier…the family that she left for her own war

          • 😀

    • Good point. Rogue would have been a better choice. Mystique can make herself a visual copy of a person, but she can’t duplicate their powers. The best choice would be Mimic. He can duplicate actual abilities, but since he hasn’t been introduced to the movie reality, that’s a no go. Rogue would be next best, but in the 70’s, she wasn’t even born. For that reason (and the fact that Jennifer Lawrence is a big star now) they went with Mystique. You can at least hand wave that Trask fiddled with the DNA to change the mutation so the Sentinels could copy and counter powers.

      I’ve got a bigger problem with using Kitty Pryde as the one who sent Wolverine’s mind back in time. Last I checked she could only phase thru objects, climb air and disrupt computer systems. No sending a mind back in time. In the source material, it was Rachel Summers (Scot & Jean’s daughter) who did that. In the movies, they should have had Professor X be the one. It would have made more sense. I guess TPTB saw it as a way of throwing a bone to the comic geeks out there, seeing as Kitty was the one who went back in time in the comics.

  15. You know what’s REALLY crazy? Those people on the screen aren’t mutants at all! They’re only people pretending to be mutants, and all their powers are special effects! The guy who’s claiming to be Professor X is actually an actor called Patrick Stewart, and he’s been in loads of other things. And Magneto is really another actor, called Ian McKellen!!

    • Well, Pookie, we are discussing the incongruities in this superhero movie and the source material is part of the discussion of how those CHARACTERS were handled, so…

    • You know what’s really crazy?

      You are..

  16. I’m surprised no one has mentioned that in this movie, it is shown that Banshee was killed. So, how does that explain his daughter, Syrin, in X2?

    • X1, X2 & X3 took place in one reality. First Class & DoFP took place in an alternate reality. One where some of the things that happened in movies 1-3 also occurred. Banshee in the original reality probably never was part of the X-Men.

      Singer really should have reshot those scenes (when Charles was in Logan’s mind) to show that they were similar, but different.

      • And to think that people complained, A LOT about DC’s ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ story…

      • Wrong… There is no alternate realities…

        As for Syrin existing without Banshee? I agree that that is a weird situation when comparing to the comics. But here are some possible solutions…

        1. Syrin and Banshee in the movies aren’t related.
        2. Because Banshee was captured, tested on, and dissected…his DNA could have been implanted into another women later.

  17. Still absolutely no explanation for Kitty Pride’s sudden ‘time/consciousness manipulation’ powers…

    • Secondary mutation my friend…secondary mutation..

  18. Seeing as I didn’t read EVERY comment sorry if this has been mentioned. They completely skipped the sentinels. The used nimrod instead(for people who have only watched the movies, I did not make that up) The ones they showed in the seventies were sentinels but that was the only time it actually showed them.

    • If it were not for the 90s animated X-Men, I wouldn’t know the Nimrods 😛
      I’m not a comic reader btw, my interest for X-Men is thanks to Fox Kids. I still remember I curse the first movie as they didn’t use the costume from Jim Lee X-Men.

      • That’s where I know them from too. I’ve only started reading the comics recently.

  19. Can someone pleeez explain to me who that spikey haired, red eyed, African American guy was??? just as long as you dont say its Tag, Spyke, Emplate or Kid Omega (Quill).

    • Bishop.

      His story from the books is a convoluted mess, check wiki for highlights.


    • Nevermind, I just realized that you meant the kid from the Mystique/Havok/Stryker scene.


  20. this entire article is pointless and one gaping hole of errors.

    1) YES. All those films are apart of the canon. But the latest film changes the timeline. But they are all still canon. DUH.

    2) Charles may have made a mistake, but when has anybody (who doesn’t have eidetic memory) made perfect recollections of past events???!!!

    3) the scene with Charles as a child DOES NOT indicate a mastery of his abilities. Just because someone seems to be in control during one moment DOES NOT MEAN that they are in control the rest of the time. The simplest explanation is that Charles was intently focus on a young Raven which is why he SEEMED in control during that scene.

    So as you can see screenrant’s article, above, is completely pointless.

  21. I’m somewhat surprised nobody has mentioned (that I see) that Mystique’s power isn’t really well suited toward the Sentinel’s ability, but Darwin (yeah, that one, killed in First Class) is perfectly suited.

    Unless I’m completely ignorant or misunderstanding(possible, since I’m not a massive comic buff,) Mystique can change form… but that’s about it. She can emulate Wolverine but her claws can’t stand up to his, and she doesn’t get his healing. She can’t emulate others’ powers (which the Sentinels do, whether it’s outright emulation or just a different ‘mode’ could be up for debate.)

    As little as I know of him (horray, Wiki) I still believe Darwin should have survived First Class in some form or another, and where the Future Sentinels are touted for their adaptability, Darwin’s power was just that: Adaptation.

    Maybe I’m being too literal.

    • Many of us on here have said that it could have been the result of testing on Rogue. She has the powers to absorb (borrow) others powers especially after touching a mutant which is how the sentinels were gaining powers from iceman, colossus, and sunspot

  22. None of these little continuity problems bother me. I don’t know how anyone could ever write a time travel story without getting themselves into trouble. I’m bothered more by the barely-there Colossus in all of the movies (and therefore no romance with Kitty Pryde). He’s a pretty central character in the comics. And the absence of Rogue in this film. (I know, I know, they shot the scene and didn’t use it.) Also, it’s too bad that they switched Wolverine for Kitty in the story, just for box-office reasons.

    Also, It’s been a while since I read the comics, but I thought the claws were added by Department H. I was very surprised at the bone versions. Isn’t that why he has to break the skin and then heal every time he pops them? Claws aren’t made out of bone, anyway. Okay, now I’m quibbling. Guilty.

    • I think the scene at the very end with both Peter and Kitty in the classroom was a nod to that, actually. I took it as such.

      Rogue holding hands with Iceman was another fanservice nod as well. I see she can control her powers now.


  23. This list barely scratches the surface. While being the most entertaining and well-produced of the past several X-Films, the plot and inconsistencies are ridiculously off the charts. For being the film that was supposed to “fix” things, it actually does more damage and can’t even follow it’s own logic or continuity, let alone the franchise as a whole. While I didn’t love First class and there were again serious problems within itself, it worked as a reboot re-envisioning things. That’s what it seemed to present itself as and what it should have remained. They could even still use the other (future) actors as long as they specifically distinguished it as not connected to the previous films, but doing so just took the already bad continuity and multiplied it beyond reason. You can speculate that it’s a very similar but not the same future if you want, but it is intentionally presented as all being in one excessively impossible timeline.

    Within the movie itself, it was entertaining if you have the ability to shut your mind off, but there were so many glaring errors added to by characters acting like complete idiots that I can see how it would get an acceptable “watchable” rating, but not the high marks that it’s received.

    Aside from a few bright moments (surprisingly Quicksilver’s scenes), in my view, there were plenty of poorly thought out scenes and the narrative damaged the franchise more than fixed it.

  24. “How Stewart’s version of Professor X (who supposedly exists in the Original Trilogy continuity) has memory of First Class continuity is a definite problem.”

    Ummm…No, it’s not even remotely a problem. It was Him. They are the same guy. First Class’s continuity *IS* the original trilogy’s continuity. That’s what prequels are.

    • No, the original 3 movies and First Class/DoFP are in different realities. The confusion is they got cheap and reused footage from the 1st 3 movies instead of reshooting them just differently enough to see they’re similar events, but not the same.

  25. what completely confused me was, at the end of the movie & Wellstone wakes up…When are we?
    Wolverine (q ho ages more slowly than everyone else) has gray sideburns, so are we in 2050? Then why are Jean & Scott so young? Even Charles? If Wolverine looks old, then. th he. others. should be dead from old age! $

    • You must understand, Wolverine’s age is already 200 years old by the time. So it’s no wonder he has grey hairs. As for the other characters, I believe you can already see their ages on their face.

      And no, it’s not 2050, it’s 2023.

  26. Who cares?

    You’re watching a movie about time travel, mutants, robots and alternate realities and the things you have a problem with are continuity errors? That snaps you back to reality? Lol?

    The worst plot hole in that movie was the fact Quicksilver just had to take a plane ride with them and he could have grabbed Mystique in England in a few seconds. Movie over. But no one cares about rationale. They’re mad no one explains how Wolverine gets his claws back. Ruh roh!

  27. “The Sentinel thing is what bothers me the most” too as Aaron said before. “There have been giant robots hunting mutants and then humans
    since 1973? Through all 3 X-Men movies? And we’re just hearing about them now?!”

    A simple explanation to all your questions and this one, is all 3 X-Men movies, DOFP, X-Men Fist Class are from the same timeline but X-Men Origins is an alternate timeline along with the timeline Professor-X explained where Mystique killed Trask. So the sentinels from that timeline entered their universe somehow and started hunting them even though they’re from an alternate but similar timeline. Who cold have brought them here you ask? Well Apocalypse as he figures out his fate in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse and time travels with a device in his universe go into an alternate one to send sentinels to kill the X-Men from all 3 X-Men movies, DOFP, and X-Men Fist Class. Apocalypse is the true meaning of survivor as wolverine said in DOFP. So he could just do what I said to avoid conflict with the X-Men or Sentinels if they have ever encountered him since he’s a mutant.

    • Was there a line in DoFP that said that Sentinels have been active for 30-40 years?

      If there was, I missed it. My assumption was that Trask was assasinated by Mystique, turning him into a matyr. Years, or even decades later, someone digs up Trask’s files detailing his research that had lost funding; robotic “Sentinels” that could detect the X gene in mutants. It takes another 10 years or so to correct and perfect his research before releasing the robots in the world, which could align with X3:TLS. That movie did end with Magneto leading an all out assault on Alcatraz and the implication that slowly “cured” mutants were getting their powers back. Mystique could’ve turned bad again and then the government captures her (she being Magneto’s most trusted and powerful ally with her powers) and BOOM!! DoFP occurs.

      • It’s stated in the movie that Trask built the 1st Sentinels in the 70’s. After he is assassinated by Mystique, his work continues and Mystique is captured and her genetics added to the Sentinels. This is mostly by implication, but the phrasing suggests that Sentinels have been around for decades. Certainly, the damage that was done in the future couldn’t have been done in a short time. And if they’re going at all by the source material, then the Sentinels have been around since the 1st models…from Mark 1 to Mark 10.

        Also, 10 years after Trask’s death would be in the mid ’80s. X3 took place around 2005. I don’t think the government waited 30-40 years to start the Sentinel Program. Everyone should stop trying to shoehorn X1-3 into the same timeline as First Class and DoFP and just accept they are different timelines.

        You are right about the “cure” in X3 being temporary. The mutant Worthington Labs distilled the cure from could only affect powers temporarily. They just didn’t do proper beta testing.

        • There are some errors btwn the films and it would be easier to just say “Oh they’re different universes” but again, that totally negates the purpose of the film.

          Everyone still dies at the end and there’s no point if it’s a different universe/timeline entirely. Our heroes are eliminated and there are Sentinels who will roam the Earth eliminating mutants the second they’re born and that’s just depressing. To make the movie work it HAS to be the same timeline that is only changed once the Sentinels are stopped.

          Btw, I’m sure we’re putting more thought into it than the writers did (or perhaps they put SO MUCH thought into it that they were exhausted and said “Screw it” when it came to these smaller things). It’s like Looper all over again.

          Well actually… if it were a different timeline than there should be two Wolverines, like in Looper.

      • this is what gets me mystique was reall never with or the right had man to magneto the directors did for some wierd reason she has her own group she has opnly help him a hand full of times and thats it.

    • BTW, I hate the alternate timeline/universe theory. That makes the whole movie pointless.

      It means that the older Charles, Erik, Kitty and Wolverine were all exterminated since they sent Wolverine to a DIFFERENT UNIVERSE. In that universe, things are different, SURPRISE!

      • Why would First Class and DoFP being in an alternate universe make the movie pointless? It’s actually following established precedent in Marvel’s Earth 616 (regular Marvel Universe) and the Ultimate Marvel Earth (with the Ultimates instead of the Avengers.) Both universes have very compelling stories (and IMHO the best Peter Parker/Spider-Man stories in decades.) Also, was Star Trek any less exciting and interesting because it took place in an alternate timeline that the previous Star Trek TV shows and movies?

        Also, it seems you misunderstand time theory. They didn’t send Wolverine’s mind to an alternate reality. They sent him to the past of their current reality. His actions in the past and the actions of those he affected caused the time stream to branch off, thus creating the alternate reality (or changed reality if you prefer, as the movie showed everyone in the Sentinel future vanishing after the Sentinel program was canceled in the past. All their futures had been changed.)

        The thing to remember is that these 2 movies aren’t in the same timeline as the other X-men movies. It’s just that due to the “time stream” theory Beast postulates (and since it’s in the movie, we need to assume it’s how they want time travel & timeline changes to work) they have a different history to some extent than what we’ve seen in the X-Men movies.

        Differences from the X-men movies under the original First Class (FC)timeline:

        1. In the X-Men movies, Charles and Erik were still working together at least until shortly after they recruited Jean Grey. In FC, they parted company back in the ’60s…and again in the ’70s.
        2. In the X-men movies, Erik didn’t start fighting against humans until after he helped recruit Jean Grey. In FC, Erik was probably hunted by the government since his actions during the Cuban Missile Crisis. He was captured and imprisoned after being made the fall guy for President Kennedy’s assassination. Taking the viral marketing as part of the canon for the movie, he was imprisoned at least until he was around the same age in X1.
        3. In the X3, Charles was still walking well into middle age while still having his powers. He was crippled in FC and in DoFP, could only walk by taking a treatment that blocked his powers.
        4. In X1, Prof X tells Wolverine he 1st met Magneto when they were in their teens. In FC, they meet in their 20’s.
        5. In X1 Prof X says Magneto helped him build Cerebro, but it is clearly Beast who does this in FC.
        6. In X1 Prof X says his first students were Cyclops, Jean, and Storm, but in FC his first students are not those 3.
        7. In X3, we see Magneto and Mystique still a close team until he abandons her after she loses her powers. In DoFP, he tries to kill her and she turns him over to Charles. They definitely part ways.

        So, we can either look at these inconsistencies as evidence of sloppy screenwriting and directing throughout the entire series (especially during Bryan Singer’s absence) or as evidence of at least two separate realities (like Marvel’s Earth 616 and Ultimate Earth.) Let’s be honest, it’s a combination of both.

        • I think my issue is my perception or understanding of what an “alternate” universe is. I see it more as of an “altered” universe.

          To me, alternate means different, and that’s what I was saying in my previous post. If they sent Wolverine to a DIFFERENT universe then they’re all dead in their current one thus, they have not prevented the future with the Sentinels from happening (then what’s the point?), they just created a new world where it will not happen. Like in Looper, Bruce Willis comes back in time and now there are two of him (JGL and BW). So there is a universe that still exists w/o Willis there (an Alternate timeline) while he’s altering and influencing the new world and timeline that he’s in and we’re watching.

          I prefer to believe that they sent him to the past of THEIR OWN universe, still in the same timeline and his actions have ALTERED it.

          In reference to your list, differences that occur after Wolverine travels to the past fit into the story, his mere presence is changing events and creating interactions that never happened the first time around. For ones that come before DoFP, the mistakes are there, and we all know why they’re there. I agree that Singer’s absence led to some odd decisions made and he’s erasing them, HOWEVER, he also admitted to changing things that he had written (like the line in X1 where Prof X says that he met Erik at 17), but hoping that we just let it go. Now I didn’t know that he was aware of that issue when I saw the movie the first time and I just chucked it up to the studio not paying attention but he did notice.

          If you scroll up and see my response to you earlier (where I mentioned Looper before, apparently…) I explain why it HAS to be the same timeline IMO, so we agree on a few things, and I understood the time theory just fine.

          • “I prefer to believe that they sent him to the past of THEIR OWN universe, still in the same timeline and his actions have ALTERED it.”

            That’s actually what I was saying. Whether you believe in a single, malleable reality or in a multiverse, whenever a time traveler goes back in time, he’s going back to the past of his current timeline. His actions in the past change the timeline, either creating an alternate timeline with different events after his arrival or changing the timeline to something different. Whichever works for you. I personally thing the multiverse theory works better for time travel, but the movie makers seem to prefer the single timeline theory (as evidenced by the mutants in the future disappearing from the room when the timeline changes – their equivalent of Marty McFly’s fading photograph.)

            As far as the list, all those events occurred in their respective realities, prior to any time travel changes. I agree with you on the real world reasons the continuity in these movies is messed up, but the game we’re playing is to make everything fit in the most logical way. With X1-X3, the only way they fit in with First Class and DoFP (logically, within the movie(s) reality) is for them to be set in alternate realities. IMO, this doesn’t make the events of DoFP any less important or interesting. As I said before, Marvel has a long history of having multiple realities and fantastic stories in all of them. And if Star Trek can knock it out of the park with their timeline changes, then the X-Men certainly can.

            • My main problem isn’t the idea of an alternate timeline for the story is that they don’t market it as such. It is marketed as prequels and sequels to X1-3 and origins. I can handle alternate realities much like the reboot of Star Trek, but this not the case for this series

              • You are incorrect. The story was marketed as an “inbetwequel”.

    • Right idea, but you’re trying to shoehorn the next movie in to make everything work. Often the simplest solution is the best. X1, X2 and X3 definitely and most likely Origins and The Wolverine are set in the same timeline. (Though Origins may well be in its own timeline.) First Class and DoFP are in a separate timeline. The Sentinel-filled future flows directly from the events of First Class. The other realities didn’t have them (except maybe as a one of.)

      Per Beast’s theory of changes due to time travel, time has a certain momentum and events may change to a certain degree, but the end result is normally the same (unless incredible effort is made to change events.) So it looks like that’s how time travel works in the X-Men movie universe.

      I think what confused many people about this is that when Charles was in Wolverine’s mind, they reused footage from the previous movies. What they should have done was reshoot those scenes with different clothing, locations, etc… That would have shown the same events but in a slightly different manner and made everything clear.

      But that’s a minor gripe compared to Kitty suddenly developing time-spanning mental powers. If they weren’t going to introduce Rachel Summers as the one who sent our hero back in time, then they should have just had the Professor do it. At least that would have made sense.

      • In DoFP they Trask convinces the president to resurrect his Sentinel program, that means that if Mystique had successfully killed him the Sentinel research was (presumbably) just gathering dust somewhere for years.

        Additionally, Sentinels were used in the Danger Room in X3, if we’re not ignoring that, that would imply that the X-Men were familar with the threat.

        That would mean, in my estimation, that DoFP’s future scenes is a direct result of Mystique’s assassination of Trask. Years later, someone finds his research and continues it. Stage 1 happens at some point btwn X2 and 3 (which is why they now train against it) but sometime afterward they get even better and capture a newly returned to power Mystique (she lost her powers in X3, but the cure seems temporary at best).

        After her FAILED assassination, the Sentinel program is easily justified (Mystique, Magneto and Beast have all been caught onscreen and there’s no denying their existence to the general public anymore. The events of the Cuban Missile Crisis [First Class’ ending] is probably a military secret) and the timeline changes for the first discernible time. Sentinels get a much earlier start and, if anything, they should’ve became more dangerous in the future since they were greenlighted earlier (which may be the case. The Sentinels suddenly begin killing the older X-men with less effort).

        Magneto’s corruption of the Sentinels causes the program to be destroyed entirely and now Sentinels don’t exist in the first place.

  28. “The Sentinel thing is what bothers me the most” too as Aaron said before. “There have been sentinels hunting mutants and then humans
    since 1973? Through all 3 X-Men movies? And we are only hearing about them now?!”

    A simple explanation to all your questions and this one, is all 3 X-Men movies, DOFP, X-Men Fist Class are from the same timeline but X-Men Origins is an alternate timeline along with the timeline Professor-X explained where Mystique killed Trask. So the sentinels from that timeline entered their universe somehow and started hunting them even though they’re from an alternate but similar timeline. Who cold have brought them here you ask? Well Apocalypse as he figures out his fate in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse and time travels with a device in his universe go into an alternate one to send sentinels to kill the X-Men from all 3 X-Men movies, DOFP, and X-Men Fist Class. Apocalypse is the true meaning of survivor as wolverine said in DOFP. So he could just do what I said to avoid conflict with the X-Men or Sentinels if they have ever encountered him since he’s a mutant.