‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Continuity Problems & Errors

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X Men Days of Future Past Reviews starring Hugh Jackman Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

[WARNING: Major SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past in this Article!]

X-Men: Days of Future Past is now theaters, bringing with it the promise of a (semi-)rebooted X-Men Movie Universe where the missteps of past films will be course-corrected (or outright wiped away) in favor of providing the franchise with a clean slate on which to build toward a bigger, better, “fewcha” (future).

Of course, throughout the marketing campaign for Days of Future Past, hardcore fans of both the X-Men comic books and/or films have remained wary of the lingering issue of continuity errors. The six films in the preceding X-Men movie saga (X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last StandX-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine) have nearly choked themselves to death with inconsistencies and contradictions in shared universe storytelling. It was an annoyance in the past, but it is a downright deal-breaking flaw in the era of shared universe franchises.

X Men Days of Future Past Full Cast Photo X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

As we stated in our official X-Men: Days of Future Past review, the film does a lot of good things for the franchise – but that doesn’t mean it is able to completely clean up the messy continuity. Granted, Days of Future Past manages to negate the other X-Men movies (with the exception of First Class) in favor of a much-needed mulligan; but how well it earned that second chance at better continuity is up for debate.

We selected some of the biggest and most glaring continuity issues in Days of Future Past – and some additional ones that meticulous viewers will no doubt notice and likely criticize, even as the franchise tries to leave its ugly blemishes behind.

Prof X. Lives

Patrick Stewart as Prof. X in X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

One of the biggest continuity issues that has been apparent ever since Days of Future Past was first announced was the return of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X was vaporized by Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey – only to achieve resurrection by transferring his consciousness into the body of a comatose patient who was under the care of Moira MacTaggert (as seen in a post-credits scene):

Now, if you read around the Interwebs, you’ll hear all kinds of justifications for how Xavier’s resurrection could result in what we see in DoFP – and also the post-credits scene of The Wolverine, which serves as a direct lead-in to DoFP. The most popular theory is that when Xavier transferred his consciousness, he did so into the body of a twin brother. This familial relation is never specified in X3, but it isn’t impossible (just soap opera-style cheesy). However, even it that WAS a viable explanation, it still wouldn’t explain how or why Xavier’s twin brother also ended up paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

At the end of The Wolverine, any direct explanation is left to vague references, as Wolverine asks “How is this possible?” upon seeing Xavier alive, and  Xavier answers, “You’re not the only one with gifts,” suggesting that some aspect of his powers has allowed him to cheat death. A lot of fans hoped that Days of Future Past would detail exactly how Xavier made it back, but alas, that explanation is nowhere to be found. And since DoFP insists that X3 is official canon, that unanswered question is certainly a big one.

 Future Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

X Men Days of Future Past Future Wolverine Metal Claws Continuity Error X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

Days of Future Past clearly recognizes the events of both X-Men: The Last Stand and The Wolverine, and when last we saw Logan onscreen, his Adamantium claws had been destroyed in a battle with the “Silver Samurai.” From early marketing of Days of Future Past, the question of how Future Wolverine got his claws repaired was nagging the minds of fans everywhere. In the actual film, we get zero explanation of how this particular restoration occurs.

Director Bryan Singer promised all would be revealed. The easy answer seemed to be having Ian McKellen’s future Magneto be the source of Wolverine’s re-attachment to his famed metal; all it would take is a throwaway line of dialogue and the whole thing could be settled.

The most we get from the film is implication: In the 1970s, young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) reveals the imaginative vision for endowing Wolvie with a metallic upgrade, as the pair are on a jet flight to Paris. You could call that an implied explanation, but most fans would, in turn, call B.S.

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  1. It has reached the point of continuity/canon be damned. We took a good shot at it; let’s move on.

    • Yeah, honestly it wasn’t possible to fix every continuity issue simply because the first trilogy was made without any idea that First Class or DoFP would be made. I feel like they did nearly the best possible job of fixing things. At least enough that we can continue on with new films in the franchise and move past it.

    • Oh noes, the fanbois have their panties in a bunch. Grow up.

  2. I don’t really care about those continuity errors that much. I can understand those at the top, but those at the bottom is really, really nitpicking. You can’t expect a franchise with so many movies as the X-Men movies not to have a few continuity errors. It’s only natural! I don’t like to nitpick that much. I watch the movies to entertain myself, not to make sure of consistency. If i nitpick to much, i end up ruining the experience for myself, and that i truly don’t want!!

    • I’d like to offer my own little explanation for why Wolverine may have gotten his claws back. In an alternate reality in the comics, Magneto has a son with Rogue named Magnus Lehnsherr. This man has the same magnetic powers as his father, and anyone he touches turns into a metal statue, kinda like Colossus, only they can’t move and are dead. He also had the power to create metal with his mind. So maybe he recreated the adamantium and put it on Wolverine and then got killed by Sentinels. My name also happens to be Magnus, so i think he is a super awesome character, and you’re welcome Logan for what i did for you!

      • Do I recall correctly that Magneto’s first name was originally Magnus in the comics?

        • Indeed you are when i think about it.

        • Actually, it was an adopted name. He was born Max Eisenhardt and went by “Magnus” for a while before changing his name to Erik Lehnsherr. But he would still use the Magnus name from time to time throughout the comics.

  3. There are continuity errors I’m not going to argue with that, I don’t really care at this point though. Wolverine getting his claws back by help of magneto could also be explained that in X2 maggie states that Stryker is the only other man besides him that can manipulate adamantium. So that adds to the evidence that Magneto did indeed do it. The sentinel question is a biggie but it is clear that Sentinels did exist in the X men trilogy, since the danger room created the robots. My guess is the sentinels weren’t as widely used yet, as they probably wanted to but the super sentinels out on the field. Kinda silly yeah and they should’ve been a clearer part of the of X-trilogy. The mystique/professor X connection disturbs me too, but I don’t think mystique would have to die, if we’ve seen something is that mystique can escape from pretty much anywhere. So they could’ve gotten have they need and Mystique still be alive. The connection between her prof X I can’t find an explanation though. The professor X twin could be thought as a variation of the whole Cassandra Nova story, really twisted and cut down of course but could serve as explanation.

  4. You “… hope that fans don’t get so hung up on the little details and inconsistencies that they don’t remember to sit back and just enjoy the movie…”! Are you kidding?

    I was about to say the same thing to you. Who cares, why are you nitpicking, it’s a freakin MOVIE,ie. entertainment, just sit back and enjoy it!!

    • Try to remember that just because we make a list of the main issues fans have raised about the film, doesn’t mean we didn’t enjoy the film we gave 4.5 out of 5 stars to.

      Just doing our jobs.

      • I have to agree with trust. This was a bit of a nit-picky article.

        The movie has proved to stand on it’s own merits enough that I didn’t even consider any “continuity issues”.

        I think Singer really did an amazing job of cleaning up the X-Men franchise.

  5. I thought it funny that Charles misquoted Logan, but didn’t see it as a continuity error. After all it had been a few years…

    • I thought he told them to “F*ck Off” and he told the Japanese guy in Wolverine to “go f*ck yourself pretty boy”…..

      • Nope, he first said “Go f*** yourself” in FC then repeated it in The Wolverine.

        • Interestingly, the script said “F*** off” and Hugh improvised “go f*** yourself.” I think it was a little in-joke.

    • Yeah, I don’t see it as a continuity error for a character to not perfectly remember a phrase spoken a decade earlier.

  6. The group still isn’t cohesive enough. They don’t seem like the XMEN team…they never have. Its like the Wolverine/Mystique Power Hour. Which works if these were solo films, but the individualism of the characters took me out of the film. Why does it have to be about Jackman and Lawrence all the damn time. Spread the wealth evenly. Bring our Xmen back to glory!

    Despite that, I did really like the film. Very entertaining. #2 behind Captain America.

    • Agreed 100%

    • … and Magneto being the bad guy. I was looking forward to Magneto and X teaming up to stop the Sentinels… oh wait.. Magneto is the bad guy… AGAIN >.<

      • well that was past magneto stil lsomewhat fresh after their splitting up so yes they are enemies…but future magneto and charles were helping each other and magneto actually went to hold charles hand recounting how it was stupid to fight each other all those years before he was about to die and so in essence there was a good magneto. They needed magneto to still be bad because it would have ruined the way first class ended.

      • Magneto is the oldest villain in the history of the X-Men and he’s the one most recognizable to the most people. All of the movies constantly play with how Magneto is on both sides of the fence, honestly a little too much in my opinion. But you should love it.

    • +1

      • +1 was to agree with dofp being #2 behind cap2 but i would of been thrown if magneto just got broken out and decided to save the world…..he didnt have to try and kill raven tho..like there was no loyalty to her….or how in the future, iceman’s x-men were surviving by themselves constantly being hunted by sentinels while prof x wolverine storm and magneto were wat??? Flying around in the x jet ignoring their young team? I liked it…no references to franklin richards killed my geekgasm but that last scene in the xavier institute with the whole team was worth origins and x3….sorta lol

  7. NEVER in the film is it implied that Mystique died after getting caught by Trask Insdustries, in fact after they tell Wolverine how she killed for the first time, he ends up saying “And many more to come.” It is implied that she escaped after being experimented with her. The plothole in this case is that supposedly it was Trask who thought of the idea of tampering with Mystique (we see it on the film) yet, in the original timeline he couldn’t have done so…because..well, he was dead. So, who came up with the idea of turning Mystique into a weapon? Stryker, perhaps??

    • Revised that part, Nate.

      Still doesn’t hold since in the OT there’s a DIFFERENT Bolivar Trask played by Bill Duke.

      • An alias after an attempt on his life….. A really bad impersonator or maybe just a mutant mind swap

      • Bill Duke plays “Trask”. The name Bolivar is never stated in The Last Stand. So although he was clearly supposed to be a reference to Bolivar Trask, Fox could easily just say they’re different people. It’s not a continuity error.

      • “Still doesn’t hold since in the OT there’s a DIFFERENT Bolivar Trask played by Bill Duke.”

        Small point of contention, but Bill Duke’s character is only credited as Trask and not Bolivar Trask. Sure, we could argue that was their intention. We could even argue that it was implied. At the end of the day, however, nothing exists within the existing canon that definitively states Duke and Dinklage are in fact playing the same character, only that the two characters share a surname.

        • One possible explanation could be taken from the scene where Raven is digging through the files in Trask’s office – would it be so hard to fathom Bolivar having an affair with his secretary and the Trask seen in X-Men: The Last Stand is a product of that affair?

          Hey – your father was killed by a mutant, you’re his only heir – you’ve just inherited Trask Industries…

          I know it’s stretching, but not out of the question. Good enough for me to go “meh, mystery explained”

          • That would be as good an explanation as any. I don’t get too worried about little things like this. If it had been Bolivar Smith and Smith, no one would even take notice.

  8. I dont see why the sentinel program could be going on in secret in the original trilogy, its not like they had other stuff to deal with. -_-

  9. The actions of DoFP reset the timeline…so professor x never died and wolverine never lost his claws

    • But wolverine doesn’t have adamantium claws to start with in the new altered timeline.

  10. This article, to me, seems like a massive excuse for a b@tch session. Prof X coming back is not a continuity error. It’s cannon. He transferred his consciousness into, if you watch the commentary if X3, into his brain dead twin brother. Can we please stop saying that it comes out of nowhere for prof x to return. Might as well be saying nick fury suddenly pops up in Iron Man 2 talking about this previously unmentioned Avengers initiative.

    I’ll bet the Wolverine claw issue will be resolved in Wolcerine 3, but it’s no stretch to say being friends with the master of magnetism has it’s benefits when your skeleton is covered in metal. Stretched and reshaped by Magneto. I don’t need my hand held during a movie, but some people must, I guess.

    The people studying Mystique obviously didn’t kill her. Seeing as using her DNA to create the new sentinels took over 50 years, I’d say they did have her for quite a while, taking blood, spinal fluids even brain tissue, which can all be done without killing someone. Trask made it massively clear in a couple of scenes she needed to be taken alive. She eventually escapes, probably with the help of Magneto, who obviously would have escaped himself at some point. Thus helping to create the bond seen in most of the original trilogy. The torture of being studied like that even helps to explain the massive personality shift for the first class mystique to the original trilogy.

    The “f@ck off” being turned to “f@ck you” is a nothing issue. Charles is angry and making a point. Not using quotes for a history essay.

    The guys who love to point out the continuity errors as a reason as why Fox should give up the franchise don’t need any help. So let’s not make up stuff for them to use, please?

    • Like times a million billion… :)

    • Slayer, while I generally agree with you, I think the return of Xavier needed more explanation. You state:

      “Prof X coming back is not a continuity error. It’s cannon. He transferred his consciousness into, if you watch the commentary if X3, into his brain dead twin brother. Can we please stop saying that it comes out of nowhere for prof x to return. Might as well be saying nick fury suddenly pops up in Iron Man 2 talking about this previously unmentioned Avengers initiative.”

      Thats a ridiculous comparison. Nick Fury appears on screen in Iron Man and mentions the Avengers initiative. There is no onscreen explanation for Xavier’s return; a person shouldn’t need to watch a DVD commentary to get the whole story. If it didn’t make it into the movie, how can we consider it canon?

  11. Your sentinel origin nit pick is way way off the mark, there was no raven in the original Xmen movie as once she assassinated Trisk raven was dead to him…. It’s was clearly mentioned in the film. Once the movie was nearly over, Stryker continued the research on Logan resulting in Deadpool rather than the Sentinal. It’s pretty obvious to me, moot point

  12. i really hope they go and make 2 x men movies. one with the original cast and especially since they are all alive again. i would LOVE a cyclops and wolverine team up movie.

  13. Just enjoy the friggn’ ride!

    If you want timelines there’s Ancestry.com.

    If the movie’s fun, the popcorn’s good and my coke is cold…. I’m good!

    • Another nitpick that has nothing to do with the article:

      I absolutely f***ing HATE people who eat and drink at the movies. The sounds of chewing and slurping really kill my enjoyment of a movie and I know I’m not the only one.

      *thinks back to a movie critic releasing a “Rules Of Cinema” video on Youtube saying people should be banned for talking, eating, drinking, putting their feet up on the seat in front and other annoying things*

      • Cinema is a PUBLIC AREA. Also , ALL modern day cinemas sells popcorn, drinks, snacks & whatnot. It’s part of their revenue.
        You’re not the only person in this world Dazz. There are 4 Billion others.

        If you want peace & quiet, go watch DVD in your apartment.

        • Since this is a nitpicking article I feel I must inform you that there are over 7 billion other people in the world 😛

          • @triphazard85
            whaaat ? whatever happened to using condoms?

          • …and over one more; my neighbor just had a baby…but that’s nit-picking!

        • This

        • Ok and how about the idiots who continuously toss their popcorn in the bag through the whole fng movie, ill hear some nonsense like someone rummaging through a bag, oh its that idiot tossing his popcorn for the 20th time….. not to remove the snacks but the man has a point.

      • Well, seeing as how theaters make about 85% of their profits from the concession stands alone, I would have to say yes, you’re probably the only one.

  14. Is anyone wondering how Nightcrawler will be introduced, considering Azazel is dead…

    • What’s the connection between Nightcrawler and Azazel?

      • Azazel is Nightcrawlers father and Mystique his ma….. Stryker has DNA of both, tried to clone Mystique and ‘hey presto’ Nightcrawler

        • Thanks, wasn’t up in the history. Wasn’t there a time when they were going to make Mystique the father because she could change her form or something? I remember something about that a long time ago, but not sure about the history.

          • Not sure on that one….

      • They were both “blue babies”!

    • Mystique and Azazel could have had a relationship during the time they were both following Erik around.

      Perhaps she had a relationship with Azazel, then he gets caught during some plan concocted by Erik and ultimately dies, creating a rift between Erik and Mystique.

      • Maybe that’s why she wanted the little guy dead so bad…. Makes sense now!!

    • Easy, by not caring about any of that. I know I don’t, because those were really bad comics, the Azazel comics.

  15. If Apocalypse turns up in the 1980′s, then how does this explain the “happy ending” to Days of Future Past? Does it mean we already know all the X-Men featured in the final happy scene survive whatever happens Apocalypse does in the new movie?

    • Yep, hence Logan’s memory wipe….

      • Oh thanks.. I guess that means that all x-men members will be okay in the end even after Apocalypse so, As for Logan’s memory wipe.. it’s possibly that “past” wolverine would have memory loss and going through 50 yrs. I suppose that the wolverine who went back to alternate timeline remembers only original one.. it sounds like all events of original timeline has been varied due to the ripple for this new timeline.. like X-men and x-men 2 both would still have happened but not in same way as it happened in original timeline. I think the wolverine origin has been wiped because next movie will tell us how young cyclops join x-men so Technically, sounds like Wolverine may have gone on different path to meet william and sabertooth. That also explains why he doesn’t remember Sabertooth.

        • Wolverine / origins is not totally wiped out. Parts of that (the black ops scenes at the beginning) took place before DOFP with young Xavier. The rest took place after. But in either timeline wolverine loses his memory, whether it’s by Stryker’s bullet to the head or the time travel effects.

    • This is why I really didn’t like that they showed the “happy ending”. It almost lowers the stakes for any follow-up movies because we all know that no matter what happens, that rosy perfect future is going to come true.

      I think a better idea would have been to show the future as being the Age of Apocalypse. They could have still used that scenario to bring some characters back to life like Cyclops. Then maybe in the past they could have received a message from Jean Grey as the Phoenix (since in the comics I believe she can time travel), that a new even worse future must now be prevented. This could have helped to prevent continuity issues and provided more of a “clean slate” for upcoming movies IMO.

      • I’ve wondered if they’re going to try to avoid time travel in the Apocalypse story. It seems like something they wouldn’t want to do twice in a row in the series. Cable’s announced as in X-Force but I don’t know if he’ll even be in “Apocalypse”, let alone be a time traveler.

    • I don’t think so. In the end, Wolverine’s consciousness is back in his future self, and he wakes up to a whole new world that we the viewers are as unfamiliar with as he is, seeing how everything after 1973 is supposedly now altered. This means that, while the X-Men still came together (much like Hank’s theory that “some things are just meant to happen”), it was in a different way in this timeline than the first three X-Men films portrayed. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this new timeline he created had Apocalypse in it at any previous point.

      In the comics, Cable traveling back in time causes Apocalypse to wake from his hibernation 100 years early. Obviously, it was Wolverine who went back in the film, but I believe they will still use that premise in the sequel. Presumably, Apocalypse was out there somewhere the whole time during all the films, he was just asleep. But, THEORETICALLY, I stress, now that Wolverine has taken such a huge leap back in time and changed so much history, this somehow causes Apocalypse to awaken in 1973 (or some other point in time) and confront the X-Men in the new timeline’s 80’s.

      So, in a nutshell, the “happy” ending is because of events that took place in 1973. The sequel will take place in the 80’s so it hasn’t happened yet, and therefore, there are no repercussions from it yet. Apocalypse hasn’t met the X-Men in the now-current (read: rebooted) past time yet, therefore it didn’t affect the now-current future.

  16. I’m just wondering where the Sentinels were during the first three films, since the original timeline in DoFP seemed to suggest that they were in active use after Trask was assassinated.

    • That’s the same question as ‘where the hell were the other avengers during Cap2′ question, poetic license or the sentinels were having a service lol

    • They said how after trask died it took 50 years to build them up improved and all

      • But also in the same scene they said the Mystiques bone marrow, spinal fluid and brain matter would save 50 years of research….

        • I was confused about that too. However, Trask was alive at this point. Previously he was dead and with him went a brilliant mind that could speed up the process.

    • it was shown in x-men the last stand danger room. It’s safe to assume that the sentinels were still activated.. just not shown onscreen.

    • Wrong, what they said is they came to be 50 years after the assassination, so the warm has been raging with the adaptive sentinels for 10 years or so, although I have to admit I miss the the tendril weapons, seeing Rogue yank and slam some of em would have been awesome.

  17. why the hell was ‘Sex Tape’ trailered in that movie? I am very angered by that, also the eff word again…not my biggest problem, but there are senseless parents who go to those movies and don’t expect to hear ‘vaginas’ see a penis and boobies when taking their kids to a movie…like seriously.

  18. Haven’t seen the movie yet, but I’m wondering how Magneto got his powers back? Also, does Ian McKellan have a big part in the film, or is it more of a cameo?


    • In Last Stand, one after credit stinger suggested the cure was temporary. Magneto was (slowly) getting his power back.

      • Thanks…I’ll watch for that.

        • @ Jeff

          It’s pretty much the last frame of Last Stand where Magneto is staring at a chess piece and it moves ever so slightly. Actually a really good scene.

  19. Despite the many continuity errors though, one thing’s for certain:
    Everything begins again like a blank slate.

  20. Logan and victor are in front of a firing squad at what looks to be the Vietnam war in the beginning of the first wolverine movie

    • First World War I think….

      • It is clearly during the Vietnam war, as it was shown after WWII.

  21. What about Wolverine from 1970’s till present day— was he just on auto pilot, living but gaining no new memories till he wakes up and is extremely confused… he’s been doing all sorts of s*** including teaching a class but he wasn’t even awake ?

    • Explained in the movie…. Logan didn’t actually time travel his consciousness did so he goes back to exactly the same time into the future but with an alternate timeline…. Everyone else has memory of 50 years, Logan does not as technically the previous timeline and memories still exist for him…. As the past has altered Logan only remembers the original past

      • For all the Fringe fans, its exactly like Peter in season 4.

  22. Luv that elevator scene between Quicksilver and Magneto.
    ” my Mom knew a guy whose good with metal”

    Easter eggs for X-fans

  23. Thanks for this guys, it’s well done. And I really appreciate so nicely spelling out the alternate timeline argument, which is what I’d been thinking as the only thing that makes a whole bunch of things make sense. That way, the wolverine movies and the trilogy are one timeline, and the first class and days of future past are their own.

    Now, there still seem to be a number of issues within the film. For instance, how would shooting raven in the head help things if magneto doesn’t think she is worth killing given they have blood samples. That would have caused a lot of blood! This isn’t an inconsistency per se, as teaks makes it clear he needs her alive, needs spinal fluid, etc. But it does indicate poor planning on his behalf.

    There’s also a ton of issues if we count the viral stuff as canon, chief among them The Bent Bullet site, though there are some issues with 25 moments. I guess the only way to square that is count the events of those two sites as ANOTHER reality.

    • The first Wolverine movie is not in it’s own timeline. It intersects with DOFP scenes with the younger cast.

      Since it is 1973, it is after Wolverine left the army and likewise left Victor and Stryker’s black ops group. Since that would have more than likely occurred before 73, it would be unaffected by the time travel storyline. However, when Wolverine first sees Stryker, it looks like he needs to read his name badge which would not make sense if he had already worked with him. Even if wolverine did recognize his face, Stryker did not recognize Wolverine which also does not make sense. Not to mention, this Stryker looks much younger than Stryker in the origins movie.

      • Not only that.But there’s a scene where Trask asks Stryker how old is son Jason is and he said 2(I may be mistaken,could be 2-3).I was like what!!!!!!!!!,Jason is 2 in DOFP but he was all grown up in x-men origins:Wolverine

        • I thought he said he was ten.

        • Wrong, you weren’t listening, he said 10, and its not uncommon for officers/ career men in the army to marry and have children at a young age, so the age matches and is right.

  24. The problem with just saying the original trilogy and first class are not the exact same timeline is that their was no time travel in First Class! Their is no ability to say that all of the events are the exact result of the ones before it! Basically the people who wrote this didn’t care to address these things and or confirm them! Seeing Prof X come to life and Wolverine get adamantium claws would have made too much sense! Or how mystiques abilities allow here to absorb powers like rouge does just as much as she can change appearance! I mean really sentinels take her blood and then can be impervious to mutant abilities like the Borg or something! Annoying!

  25. Loved the movie however I didn’t need to see the happy ending at the X-mansion. Reason being is because we know there will be X-Men Apocalypse Movie set in the 1980’s. So whatever happens in that movie can’t be too devastating to Prof X, Beast and Wolverine because they’re so happy in the future. If they would have ended it in 1973 it would leave room for the audience to speculate but now we know how it all ends by 2023.

    My guess is that they will do X-Men Apocalypse then reboot the series with new actors in present day. I just don’t see Michael Fassbender and Jennifer Lawrence doing anymore movies after their 3 picture contract is up.

    • But s that really a bad thing? These movies ARE prequels. We all know the Professor X and Charles are gonna become enemies, The X-Men will be created and so will the Brotherhood. We know that will happen, it’s just about watching the journey to end result we already know. It’s obvious they’re going to succeed in 1980s Apocalypse film, but it’s just about the heroic journey that makes it enjoyable to watch. Get over it!

    • Rumors say that after x-men apocalypse movie, it’s a chance of having the original casts (from original trilogy) to be reunited for the new movie like adult Cyclops, Jean etc. I think Storm will be recasted (so it wont be halle berry).

      Older professor X will be back again. As for Wolverine.. it will be a surprise (depends on his own movie but in some ways, it is likely that he will die) so this will give all of those characters to grow in the new x-men movies after that.

      • Ps. that will be set AFTER the ending of DFPO (the happy ending one)

        Also, it will be likely to have include X-force and other x-men movies as well as CABLE and Mr. sinister etc.

    • Silly Apocalypse can time travel, so can Cable, in their respective apocalyptic futures they can sense the changes, he will notice and realize somethings different, and activate early, in order to undo the happy ending of DOFP, Thats the one mistake Kitty Pride said but also a major plot point for the next film ” this war, this future, no one will remember it but you, you’re the only one” but hes not, Apocalypse also is aware.

  26. I dare anyone to care about any of these continuity errors.
    Honestly, the movie is great.
    That’s all you should care about.
    The rest is just fanboy blah blah.
    Grow up.

    • Amen!

  27. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Is anyone arguing that that’s canon, or is it basically being ignored? Because that one causes more problems than it’s worth.

    I’m in agreement with most comments. Xavier transferred his consciousness, Magneto gave Wolverine his claws back, Mystique found her way out of Stryker’s hands, and if Trask is dead, the sentinel program would have been (probably) been set back quite a few years (they only had 8 prototypes in the movie) until they could develop the tech (using the research on Mystique) to create the invincible sentinels of the future. And the Apocalypse issue for the 80s doesn’t matter because they’re not going to kill any main characters. You see Wolverine’s happy ending. It can still happen. And maybe that’s how they’re going to explain how Wolverine gets his metal claws and skeleton in the reset continuity. Apocalypse experiments on him and makes him his Angel of Death. It was how Wolverine got his adamantium back in the comics after Magneto had stripped it. Apocalypse gave it back to him. And it gives Hugh Jackman a chance to play a bad guy for a film.

  28. personally i was happy with the ending, b/c it kind of wiped the slate clean and brought the team back to square 2 (where everyone is together under the house of X and seem to get along with one another). really keen on seeing where apocalypse takes things b/c as a character driven screw up fixer movie, this was pretty good. was just expecting a little more action and way better visuals (the sentinels in the cargos on the train looked so CG =.=

  29. I’d buy into the alternate timeline theory as it is the only way to successfully explain the discontinuity and all the little errors here and there in all the 7 movies to date. It’s not exactly a satisfying theory but one that at least makes sense to me.

    Fox realized they’d make a mistake not mapping their movies well in advance to create a shared continuity ala Marvel but then again, a shared movie universe idea only truly came to be after the Avengers. I’m sure they’d be doing exactly that going forward.

    In my opinion, Fox missed a great chance to completely reboot the X-Men movie franchise and start from a clean slate by making First Class as a period piece in the 60s just so they could align the ages of Prof. X and Magneto to the Original Trilogy. In doing that, they will have to fix all the discontinuity issues in the Original Trilogy which brings about DOFP.

    Now, DOFP is a great movie but at the core of this movie is great character drama, not the time-travelling idea.

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