‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Continuity Problems & Errors

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X Men Days of Future Past Reviews starring Hugh Jackman Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

[WARNING: Major SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past in this Article!]


X-Men: Days of Future Past is now theaters, bringing with it the promise of a (semi-)rebooted X-Men Movie Universe where the missteps of past films will be course-corrected (or outright wiped away) in favor of providing the franchise with a clean slate on which to build toward a bigger, better, “fewcha” (future).

Of course, throughout the marketing campaign for Days of Future Past, hardcore fans of both the X-Men comic books and/or films have remained wary of the lingering issue of continuity errors. The six films in the preceding X-Men movie saga (X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last StandX-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine) have nearly choked themselves to death with inconsistencies and contradictions in shared universe storytelling. It was an annoyance in the past, but it is a downright deal-breaking flaw in the era of shared universe franchises.

X Men Days of Future Past Full Cast Photo X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

As we stated in our official X-Men: Days of Future Past review, the film does a lot of good things for the franchise – but that doesn’t mean it is able to completely clean up the messy continuity. Granted, Days of Future Past manages to negate the other X-Men movies (with the exception of First Class) in favor of a much-needed mulligan; but how well it earned that second chance at better continuity is up for debate.

We selected some of the biggest and most glaring continuity issues in Days of Future Past - and some additional ones that meticulous viewers will no doubt notice and likely criticize, even as the franchise tries to leave its ugly blemishes behind.


Prof X. Lives

Patrick Stewart as Prof. X in X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

One of the biggest continuity issues that has been apparent ever since Days of Future Past was first announced was the return of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X was vaporized by Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey – only to achieve resurrection by transferring his consciousness into the body of a comatose patient who was under the care of Moira MacTaggert (as seen in a post-credits scene):

Now, if you read around the Interwebs, you’ll hear all kinds of justifications for how Xavier’s resurrection could result in what we see in DoFP - and also the post-credits scene of The Wolverine, which serves as a direct lead-in to DoFP. The most popular theory is that when Xavier transferred his consciousness, he did so into the body of a twin brother. This familial relation is never specified in X3, but it isn’t impossible (just soap opera-style cheesy). However, even it that WAS a viable explanation, it still wouldn’t explain how or why Xavier’s twin brother also ended up paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

At the end of The Wolverine, any direct explanation is left to vague references, as Wolverine asks “How is this possible?” upon seeing Xavier alive, and  Xavier answers, “You’re not the only one with gifts,” suggesting that some aspect of his powers has allowed him to cheat death. A lot of fans hoped that Days of Future Past would detail exactly how Xavier made it back, but alas, that explanation is nowhere to be found. And since DoFP insists that X3 is official canon, that unanswered question is certainly a big one.


 Future Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

X Men Days of Future Past Future Wolverine Metal Claws Continuity Error X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

Days of Future Past clearly recognizes the events of both X-Men: The Last Stand and The Wolverine, and when last we saw Logan onscreen, his Adamantium claws had been destroyed in a battle with the “Silver Samurai.” From early marketing of Days of Future Past, the question of how Future Wolverine got his claws repaired was nagging the minds of fans everywhere. In the actual film, we get zero explanation of how this particular restoration occurs.

Director Bryan Singer promised all would be revealed. The easy answer seemed to be having Ian McKellen’s future Magneto be the source of Wolverine’s re-attachment to his famed metal; all it would take is a throwaway line of dialogue and the whole thing could be settled.

The most we get from the film is implication: In the 1970s, young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) reveals the imaginative vision for endowing Wolvie with a metallic upgrade, as the pair are on a jet flight to Paris. You could call that an implied explanation, but most fans would, in turn, call B.S.

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  1. dude u clearly do not get it.. ofcourse the story doesnt go with the first 3 movies cuz they no longer happened so its not cracks in the story ratther a complete alternate timeline. do u get that so the story cannnot be related to first 5 movies cuz that past doesnt exist. wow for someone who grew up during Back to the Future idk how u dont get this..
    THere are a few errors like go f yourself and stuff.. But if Jean is there and she is alive so she must not have killed the professor so in the new future he would be fine. yeh it doesnt explain how and why he came back in a new body still paralyzed. but just becuz the original never talked about charles and raven doesntt change the history. u gotta realize those first 3 xmen are now irrelevant. they change the time line so non of that stuff happened. i would have taken it a step further and showed the prison from x3 repaired. and everything else that was destroyed being just fine.

    • I Totally Agree! In short, the XMEn trilogy including the ending scene in The Wolverine never happened at all after DOFP. So the Xmen continuous with the ending credits in DOFP of showing the Apocalypse Saga.. So lets move forward and wait for the next Xmen installment which is the Apocalypse.

    • Continuation problems everywhere in this movie. Deal with it.

      One being Quicksilver wasn’t in the future. He’s assumed to be dead since there was no presence of him, thus, the sentinels should have been light speed and invincible.

      If they were smart they could have thrown Leech at the sentinels making them all useless and or use the “CURE” from the X3 movie. Mags could have filled an infinite amounts of syringes with the Cure and splattered the sentinels, easily destroying them all.

      Apocalypse would have been awake and raped everyone. Yet no where to be seen in the future. And you cant say he was in slumber because that means all that a mutant has to do is go to sleep and the sentinels can’t find them LOL

  2. One thought. In the Joss Whedon penned X-Men arc, we see Xavier projecting his appearance to “Danger”, making the being believe he is in one place when actually isn’t. While it’s somewhat of a stretch (though way less than the twin brother theory), Xavier could have been projecting his presence, making everyone believe that he was there and experiencing the physical effects of Jean’s Phoenix powers, when in reality he wasn’t there at all. This “I’m not really there but it sure seems like it” was even used in DoFP (airport with Mystique). Why was he in a hospital at the end of X3? Perhaps violent barfing due to Ratner’s suckiness. But he was unable to attend the confrontation with Jean or perhaps sensed the danger.

  3. No need to explain. We saw Magneto move the chess piece at the end of Last Stand. We knew fully well the cure was temporary after seeing that scene.

  4. Yes the cure was temporary and could have easily destroyed the sentinels since they are partially organic in the future.

    Mags could have made an arsenal of the cure and destroyed the sentinels then every mutant alive destroying them all.