‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Continuity Problems & Errors

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Future Sentinel Origin Story

X Men Days of Future Past Spoilers X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

X-Men: First Class distinguished itself from the preceding trilogy of films (and a Wolverine Origin movie) by redefining a lot of the core character relationships within the X-Men family. The main alteration was the re-positioning of Mystique as the woman between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr – and subsequently their opposing philosophies on mutantkind’s destiny. It was certainly a departure from X-Men comic book lore (though the characters do share a lot of history), but general opinion was that it also created a compelling character drama that provided a strong core to the film. The plot of Days of Future Past also hinges on the Mystique/Charles/Erik triangle – the only problem is: that little love story has no connection to the Original X-Men Trilogy.

At the beginning of DoFP, Prof. X (Patrick Stewart) recounts to future Wolverine how and when the future went so wrong. His story – Mystique’s assassination of Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), and her capture resulting in the creation of adaptable Sentinels – is one set within the First Class continuity, which doesn’t make sense at all. The original X-Men films indicated a close relationship between Magneto and Mystique, but the Professor X/Raven connection was never telegraphed at all. How Stewart’s version of Professor X (who supposedly exists in the Original Trilogy continuity) has memory of First Class continuity is a definite problem.

Bill Duke Bolivar Trask X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

The OTHER Bolivar Trask

The entire Future Sentinel origin story is an issue, since by all indications of Xavier’s story it’s debatable whether or not Mystique dies while being dissected by Trask industries. Even if she survived, that experience is reflected nowhere in the Original Trilogy, where Bolivar Trask just so happens to also exist. UPDATE: For those who debate whether the X3 version of Trask played by African-American actor Bill Duke  is actually “Bolivar Trask,” it has been confirmed by Bryan Singer that are two versions of the character, and that it is a continuity problem (read HERE).

The whole Trask/Mystique encounter is a good premise to drive the action of DoFP, but as a method to unify all of the films, it’s got holes.


Wolverine’s Xavier Origin Story

X Men Days of Future Past Trailer Wolverine Convincing Xavier 700x425 X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

Getting into some smaller nitpicks: An early moment of Days of Future Past involves Wolverine reciting a story to young Charles Xavier about how he [Charles] first discovered his mutant powers (thought he was crazy at age 9, figured out he had telepathy at age 12). However, looking at continuity, that story doesn’t quite add up.

In X-Men: First Class, the opening scene depicts Xavier (12) and Mystique (10) meeting for the first time – a meeting in which Xavier demonstrates clear mastery of his telepathic abilities. The ages may sync, however Wolverine’s version of the origin story seemed to describe a twelve-year-old Charles Xavier who hadn’t gained as much control or confidence as the one shown at the beginning of First Class. A small, petty but noticeable issue when watching the movies back-to-back.


Xavier’s Wolverine Quote

X Men Days of Future Past Trailer Drugged Xavier 700x425 X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

One of the most amusing moments in Days of Future Past is when an agitated Charles Xavier remembers Wolverine as the man he and Erik tried to recruit during that awesome First Class surprise cameo scene. Charles endeavors to give Logan the same advice that Logan had given to him a decade ago. And yet, the Professor manages to get the message wrong.

In First Class, Wolverine tells Xavier and Erik to “Go f*ck yourself.”; in Days of Future Past, Xavier tells Wolverine to “F*ck Off.” It’s not a big deal, and we know Xavier was in the midst of a drug binge – but still, it’s an easy thing to get right.


Possible Explanation: Alternate Timelines

X Men Days of Future Past Continuity Errors X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

In the end, it’s clear that – despite the fact that DoFP considers all of the previous X-Men films as part of its canon – the future we witness in the film CANNOT be a direct extension of the Original Trilogy continuity. There are simply too many errors.

One possible explanation for what we DO see may be found in the film itself: Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult) at one point describes time as a river: you can throw a stone into it, cause ripples and upset the flow – but eventually, somehow, the river course-corrects itself. Going with that time-travel logic, one could argue that the future we see in DoFP is a variation on the Original Trilogy; major events of the first three films that were directly referenced in DoFP  (like Stryker’s appearance in X2 or the Dark Phoenix saga of X3) still happened, only they happened within the First Class continuity line, which would allow for variant outcomes than the exact developments we saw in the Original Trilogy films, while still arriving in the future of DoFP.

Wolverine’s metal claws; Professor X’s return; the end credits of The Wolverine; a Bolivar Trask who his Peter Dinklage and not Bill Duke; the Sentinel origin story – all of it is free to exist without issue, if one simply rationalizes that Days of Future Past holds First Class as its official continuity, and that the future X-Men are only similar to the ones from the Original Trilogy, not exact representations.

X Men Movie Retrospective 2000 2014 X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

…That’s the best we can do to bring some measure of peace to fans still upset by continued X-Men movie continuity issues. Days of Future Past (or its makers) in NO WAY provide an official, irrefutable, explanation – and maybe that’s the biggest issue of all. However, if you’ve read our review or listened to our X-Men episode of the Screen Rant Underground podcast, you know that we liked the film! A lot!

We hope that fans don’t get so hung up on the little details and inconsistencies that they don’t remember to sit back and just enjoy the movie. At the end of the day, this is all supposed to be fun – and really, by the end of the film, Days of Future Past manages to negate all of these issues in favor of a bigger, better, more cohesive future. Hopefully the term “X-Men Movie Continuity Errors” are on their way to being a thing of the past…


More: Days of Future Past End Credits Scene Explained


X-Men: Days of Future Past is now playing in theaters. It is 131 minutes (its goes fast, don’t worry) and is Rated PG- 13 for sequences of intense sci-fi violence and action, some suggestive material, nudity and language.

Want to discuss SPOILERS? Head over to our Days of Future Past Spoilers Discussion. Confused about that scene at the end of the film? Read our Post-credit Scene Explained article or listen to our editors discussion on the XM:DoFP episode of the Screen Rant Underground Podcast.

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  1. dude u clearly do not get it.. ofcourse the story doesnt go with the first 3 movies cuz they no longer happened so its not cracks in the story ratther a complete alternate timeline. do u get that so the story cannnot be related to first 5 movies cuz that past doesnt exist. wow for someone who grew up during Back to the Future idk how u dont get this..
    THere are a few errors like go f yourself and stuff.. But if Jean is there and she is alive so she must not have killed the professor so in the new future he would be fine. yeh it doesnt explain how and why he came back in a new body still paralyzed. but just becuz the original never talked about charles and raven doesntt change the history. u gotta realize those first 3 xmen are now irrelevant. they change the time line so non of that stuff happened. i would have taken it a step further and showed the prison from x3 repaired. and everything else that was destroyed being just fine.

    • I Totally Agree! In short, the XMEn trilogy including the ending scene in The Wolverine never happened at all after DOFP. So the Xmen continuous with the ending credits in DOFP of showing the Apocalypse Saga.. So lets move forward and wait for the next Xmen installment which is the Apocalypse.

    • Continuation problems everywhere in this movie. Deal with it.

      One being Quicksilver wasn’t in the future. He’s assumed to be dead since there was no presence of him, thus, the sentinels should have been light speed and invincible.

      If they were smart they could have thrown Leech at the sentinels making them all useless and or use the “CURE” from the X3 movie. Mags could have filled an infinite amounts of syringes with the Cure and splattered the sentinels, easily destroying them all.

      Apocalypse would have been awake and raped everyone. Yet no where to be seen in the future. And you cant say he was in slumber because that means all that a mutant has to do is go to sleep and the sentinels can’t find them LOL

  2. One thought. In the Joss Whedon penned X-Men arc, we see Xavier projecting his appearance to “Danger”, making the being believe he is in one place when actually isn’t. While it’s somewhat of a stretch (though way less than the twin brother theory), Xavier could have been projecting his presence, making everyone believe that he was there and experiencing the physical effects of Jean’s Phoenix powers, when in reality he wasn’t there at all. This “I’m not really there but it sure seems like it” was even used in DoFP (airport with Mystique). Why was he in a hospital at the end of X3? Perhaps violent barfing due to Ratner’s suckiness. But he was unable to attend the confrontation with Jean or perhaps sensed the danger.

    • Still doesn’t explain why Xavier would just let all his loved ones believe he was dead and ditch them at what was obviously a very critical moment.

      • I got the impression he was just waking up when that scene took place, *after* everything went down. Wolverine probably left before Xavier got a chance to make contact.

  3. X-Men 3 revealed why Professor X was alive in the End credit scene. Doesn’t explain how, n its not the point you have to use your own interpretaion. I’m intpreting as a process that took some time, perhaps when he projected his conciousness in another vegitable it changes their appearance aswell, why is he crippled, because Professor X is n his crippledness is on his concious.

    Kitty Pride’s time traveling power is discovered later in her life after the original XMen trilogy, she is able to phase someones mind thru time the same she is able to phase their body thru objects.

    Wolverine’s claws is simple to explain Im sure he laced them with admantium hisself, their in war with sentinels, admantium claws would be a good asset.

  4. Hey, I thought I heard trask say there wasn’t “an ounce of metal” in his sentinels. If so how is professor xavier controlling them???????

    • “Hey, I thought I heard trask say there wasn’t “an ounce of metal” in his sentinels. If so how is professor xavier controlling them???????”

      Well, MAGNETO was able to control the plastic Sentinels by weaving metal through their bodies. Remember when he found them being shipped on the train?

  5. The problem is simply that Hollywood involved time travel at ALL. The truth is that the X-Men franchise was probably too lucrative to allow dignified closure, and in typical Hollywood fashion they employ time travel ala Star Trek, reboot and pretend none of the past movies happened.

    And this happens in SO many movies. In fact I can’t say I’ve seen a movie about time travel YET that didn’t have at least one illogical thing that caused me to protest at the screen.

    Time isn’t a “thing”, it is an abstraction, it is a measurement of CHANGE, just like an inch is a measurement of length. Traveling in time is like asking someone to squeeze 2000 inches into a foot that is equal to another foot of 12 inches. You can redefine what inches and feet MEAN but you’ve done nothing magical or scientific and only created confusion about your WORDS. The greatest problem with “time travel” is that we have disparate concepts of what the term means. I believe time is zero point. Nothing exists except the NOW and there is no way to violate causality. We live in a universe where things are in motion, but it is impossible to sample their past or future state; there is only the now. There is no “field” or stream, or cosmic projection system advancing us forward frame by frame. A second, like the inch, is not atomic in nature, but infinitely divisible. Matter moving one inch does not skip through space but traverses ALL the distance in between. Likewise, matter over time does not skip around by frame, from time A to time B, but exists and elapses at ALL moments between.

    • Interesting theory. But still just that: a theory, like every other time travel theory people discuss. And just as valid – unless you have proof?

  6. This is all pretty straight forward. X1-3 is set in an alternate reality than First Class and DoFP. The X-Men are founded earlier in this 2nd reality, but many of the same large events have occurred in both realities. Though there are differences. That’s the answer that cleans up the continuity errors. It would be more apparent if Singer had reshot the Wolverine flashbacks with different clothing, settings, etc… but – real world – they saved money just using footage from the previous movies. So perhaps in this reality, Xavier wasn’t killed by Jean Grey. So this Xavier is just the same guy. In the X3 reality, that Xavier wakes up in a new body that looks different and walks (but we never got to see that.) And the idea that the man is Xavier’s twin brother is kind of BS.

    Young Prof X saying “F off” instead of “F yourself” is easily hand-waved. He was on Hank’s drugs, not in his clear mind and remembering an insult from years ago. His mind probably just auto-corrected it from the American (and Canadian?) slang to British slang. Which is F off.

    Future Wolverine’s adamantium claws could have easily been handled as well. Singer could have either disavowed The Wolverine (which I don’t think he would do) or just include a line by future Magneto along the lines of, “Remember, Logan, when you go back, you’re not going to have that metal I gave you.”

    The different Trasks is even easier: The X series Trask exists in an alternate reality from this Trask. Real world answer: Recasting. Don’t read too much into it.

    • the weird thing is, in the comics, Xavier is an American born and raised in NY. In the movie, even if born in the UK, he was raised in America. He should have an american accent.

      there is a fan-theory that the Bill Duke’s Trask is Peter Dinklage’s Trask son, biological or adopted is up for debate

      • And Magneto should have some kind of eastern European accent, not Ian McKellan’s usual British accent or whatever Fassbender is doing. Hilarious how whenever he gets mad or gives a speech he slips into an Irish accent

  7. I think you’ve got it all wrong. First Class and the Original trilogy are NOT separate continuities. They are the same. First Class is just the past of the original trilogy. Wolverine Origins, however, is NOT continuity and has been stated multiple times as such. Because of this the older Professor X can have knowledge of the past (First Class). As for his relationship with Mystique, it can be seen that they just drifted apart when she killed Trask and returned to Magneto. In the past, Magneto could have easily been released from his prison by Mystique and joined back up with him. They never state she was killed when she was captured and because of the limited knowledge of DNA at that time it could have taken them 40 years before they perfected the sentinel technology. As you stated, Magneto could be responsible for putting the adamantium back on Wolverine’s bones. No explanation is given as to how Prof X came back, but characters come back from the dead all the time in the comics. The two Trasks are simply two separate people with the same name. Unlikely, yes, but totally doable. Because Origins is NOT continuity the two Emma Frosts and Stryker’s role within the film can be written off. One thing they don’t explain, however, is how Moira is a government agent in the sixties and a geneticist in the 00′s. Most of your errors can be easily covered up. It’s possible the sentinels were released right after The Wolverine and that they were able to trace their appearance to that day when Mystique was captured. Sometimes filmmakers try too hard to make messed up stories work, and sometimes people try too hard to make them not work. I’d hardly call Charles and Raven’s ages concrete at the time of their meeting and it’s understandable that Charles wouldn’t remember the exact words Wolverine spoke to him ten years prior.

  8. Singer is just taking after other creators who don’t want to be weighed down by another artist’s work. That said, my problems with the X-Men series is more fundamental and petty. I can’t buy the Mystique/Xavier relationship at all. She just shows up in his house and the next thing we know she’s going to university with him? What the h*ll did his mother say about the little blue girl staying in the mansion? They have a much better built in story between Rogue and Mystique.
    My biggest pet peeve with DOFP is how Wolverine calls Xavier “Charles”. Ugn……anyone who ever read an X-Men comic knows he only ever calls him Chuck or Prof. Get it right people! :)
    And can we get past the whiny, angry Magneto? He was in solitary confinement for years, but he still can’t control his powers if he gets too angry? Is this the Hulk or the Master of Magnetism? double ugh

  9. This movie is an insult to the audience. As soon as Wolverine woke up one day in 1973 with the knowledge and memory of the next 50 years, the movie was over. The future timeline no longer existed.

    • Yes the future timeline still existed when Wolverine woke up in 1973. The fact that Wolverine has knowledge of future events does not stop Mystique from being captured and being used to create Sentinels who wipe out the mutants in the future.

  10. Ok, I am a late comer to this party as I just watched X-Men DoFP this weekend. I will also preemptively state that I have never read the comic books so what I know comes from all the X-Men cartoons growing up. A travesty I know but it is what it is.
    I have many of the same gripes with some of the inconstancies you all have, but one of my biggest complaints is the bouncing around of Strykers age.
    Now I am ok with the 1st two Strykers we saw, the age of the men playing him adds up in my head, the really old Stryker in X2 and a somewhat younger version in Wolverine’s origin story. But here is where I get aggravated…. In X-Men: First Class, which time wise is before Wolverine Origins and his adamintium claws do not yet exist, we see Stryker, and he is older in First Class than he was in Wolverine Origins, that’s Stryker problem one for me. Now, in DoFP we have yet another Stryker and now he is suddenly in his 30′s AFTER First Class took place only a few years before. Unless he is a secret mutant and can magically change his age he is one of my biggest gripes yet.

    Here are the ages of the men who played Stryker by movie and age:
    X2 – Brian Cox age 62
    Wolverine Origins – Danny Huston age 52 (i can live with the 10 year age gap since he looks older than he is)
    X-Men : First Class – Don Creech age 66 , even older than the other 2!
    X-Men : DoFP – Josh Helman age 28 !!!!!!!!!

    I had been hoping someone one else would have addressed this as a major incontinuity with this movie series but I can’t find this anything about this glaring inconsistency. Surely I am not the only human on the planet this is truly aggravated with this?
    The fact that the makers of these movies seem to think no one would recognize these age jumps, to me, seem insulting to the fans that have watched all these movies.
    This is my continuity rant, I feel better now.

  11. No need to explain. We saw Magneto move the chess piece at the end of Last Stand. We knew fully well the cure was temporary after seeing that scene.

  12. Yes the cure was temporary and could have easily destroyed the sentinels since they are partially organic in the future.

    Mags could have made an arsenal of the cure and destroyed the sentinels then every mutant alive destroying them all.