‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ Continuity Problems & Errors

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X Men Days of Future Past Reviews starring Hugh Jackman Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

[WARNING: Major SPOILERS for X-Men: Days of Future Past in this Article!]


X-Men: Days of Future Past is now theaters, bringing with it the promise of a (semi-)rebooted X-Men Movie Universe where the missteps of past films will be course-corrected (or outright wiped away) in favor of providing the franchise with a clean slate on which to build toward a bigger, better, “fewcha” (future).

Of course, throughout the marketing campaign for Days of Future Past, hardcore fans of both the X-Men comic books and/or films have remained wary of the lingering issue of continuity errors. The six films in the preceding X-Men movie saga (X-Men, X2, X-Men: The Last StandX-Men Origins: Wolverine, X-Men: First Class and The Wolverine) have nearly choked themselves to death with inconsistencies and contradictions in shared universe storytelling. It was an annoyance in the past, but it is a downright deal-breaking flaw in the era of shared universe franchises.

X Men Days of Future Past Full Cast Photo X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

As we stated in our official X-Men: Days of Future Past review, the film does a lot of good things for the franchise – but that doesn’t mean it is able to completely clean up the messy continuity. Granted, Days of Future Past manages to negate the other X-Men movies (with the exception of First Class) in favor of a much-needed mulligan; but how well it earned that second chance at better continuity is up for debate.

We selected some of the biggest and most glaring continuity issues in Days of Future Past - and some additional ones that meticulous viewers will no doubt notice and likely criticize, even as the franchise tries to leave its ugly blemishes behind.


Prof X. Lives

Patrick Stewart as Prof. X in X Men Days of Future Past X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

One of the biggest continuity issues that has been apparent ever since Days of Future Past was first announced was the return of Patrick Stewart’s Professor X. In X-Men: The Last Stand, Professor X was vaporized by Dark Phoenix/Jean Grey – only to achieve resurrection by transferring his consciousness into the body of a comatose patient who was under the care of Moira MacTaggert (as seen in a post-credits scene):

Now, if you read around the Interwebs, you’ll hear all kinds of justifications for how Xavier’s resurrection could result in what we see in DoFP - and also the post-credits scene of The Wolverine, which serves as a direct lead-in to DoFP. The most popular theory is that when Xavier transferred his consciousness, he did so into the body of a twin brother. This familial relation is never specified in X3, but it isn’t impossible (just soap opera-style cheesy). However, even it that WAS a viable explanation, it still wouldn’t explain how or why Xavier’s twin brother also ended up paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair.

At the end of The Wolverine, any direct explanation is left to vague references, as Wolverine asks “How is this possible?” upon seeing Xavier alive, and  Xavier answers, “You’re not the only one with gifts,” suggesting that some aspect of his powers has allowed him to cheat death. A lot of fans hoped that Days of Future Past would detail exactly how Xavier made it back, but alas, that explanation is nowhere to be found. And since DoFP insists that X3 is official canon, that unanswered question is certainly a big one.


 Future Wolverine’s Adamantium Claws

X Men Days of Future Past Future Wolverine Metal Claws Continuity Error X Men: Days of Future Past Continuity Problems & Errors

Days of Future Past clearly recognizes the events of both X-Men: The Last Stand and The Wolverine, and when last we saw Logan onscreen, his Adamantium claws had been destroyed in a battle with the “Silver Samurai.” From early marketing of Days of Future Past, the question of how Future Wolverine got his claws repaired was nagging the minds of fans everywhere. In the actual film, we get zero explanation of how this particular restoration occurs.

Director Bryan Singer promised all would be revealed. The easy answer seemed to be having Ian McKellen’s future Magneto be the source of Wolverine’s re-attachment to his famed metal; all it would take is a throwaway line of dialogue and the whole thing could be settled.

The most we get from the film is implication: In the 1970s, young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) reveals the imaginative vision for endowing Wolvie with a metallic upgrade, as the pair are on a jet flight to Paris. You could call that an implied explanation, but most fans would, in turn, call B.S.

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  1. I’m 29 now….and I grew up with X-Men…buying all the comics, cards, figures, figurines, and of course a subscription to Wizard, not to mention watching (and buying if I could) all the animated TV shows. I was so stoked to see the first movie when it came out…I knew all the story lines and how they interacted, and I am saddened that those who’ve made these movies didn’t stick to those story lines and bring them to life from the pages of the comics that so deeply held my interest as a kid. This movie franchise is a huge disappointment. They should have never made the movies if they weren’t going to stick to the comics. It’s somewhat cool to see it all come to life, but these movies are by far the biggest let down to any true fan of X-Men .I hope whoever has made these movies understands that, and realizes they are failures to those of us who grew up with it.

    • A lot of the comics are crap. I’m glad they changed some things. If people do not like it they should just reread the comics

    • Having just reread the Days of Future Past graphic novel I was reminded of something.

      Marvel has split up so many of it’s characters (they were broke and before making their own movie studio, selling movie rights was a great way to make money and boost comic sales) that any “loyal” straight adaptation would be difficult if not just impossible.

      I think the film was a competent adaptation of the comics, my only complaint was that there was no reference of a “Franklin”. Even if there are no current plans for an X-Men/ FF crossover, a little cameo of a character in the future named Franklin would have been awesome and got people talking. Especially since he was such big part of the graphic novel.

    • Come on, now. The animated series was different from the comics. The movies are different than both. Just think of the movies as another alternate reality like Ultimate Marvel.

  2. I am a huge fan of X-Men. The only movies I have not seen are The Wolverine (many reasons) and DoFP (Work). I plan to see the movie, but I am a little let down how they have basically started to phase Anna Paquin’s character out. I am a gigantic Rouge fan, so I am possibly biased. Even with that said, I just don’t think it would be a common X-Men adaptation without the character. They could have at least described why she was absent. I will definitely go and see the movie though. I must truly give it a rating. Also, Jerome, you are correct, they have taken that classic feel away.

    • DoFP will set everything right for you. The time thing made it so that there was no feasible way for Anna Paquin’s character to be in the film, however (and I don’t feel I am spoiling this for you since you read this article full of spoilers.) She is back at the end of DoFP, just like the rest of the cast and characters of the original trilogy, and is very available to be included in future films.

    • your a gigantic fan of makeup? or perhaps the color red. If your that big of a fan get the character name right.

    • I know how you feel, dude. Rogue is, by far, my favorite female comic book character. I do not care for Anna Paquin. I don’t know if she is going to continue to portray Rogue, or not. All I know is that Rogue is no Sookie. I think that if they are going to go forward with a Gambit movie after the Apocalypse movie, they are going to need to build up Rogue. I don’t know if I like Channing Tatum as Gambit, but I don’t see Anna Paquin and Channing Tatum heating up the big screen together. I think Rogue is going to be re-cast, and she is finally going to get Ms. Marvel’s powers. I think the Apocalypse movie will give us the Rogue we have always wanted. I hope so, at least.

    • The Wolverine was one of the best superhero films in that they wrote as a drama which just happens to have Wolverine in it. The 3rd-act climax aside (w/the ridiculous interpretation of the Silver Samurai), it was very impressive.

  3. file this under who gives a S^%T

  4. The author of this article is looking at First Class as a reboot, which is incorrect – it is a sequel. It DOES exist in the same continuity as the original X-men trilogy.

    1. We are to assume that Mystique eventually escaped captivity and rejoined Magneto. This allows for all of the events of the original trilogy to proceed as they did.

    2. Professor X’s new body may be paralyzed because it’s been in a comatose state all its life and its muscles have atrophied.

    3. We can rest assured that if Fox had had a “grand plan” for its X-Men franchise back in 2000, as Marvel does with its Avengers universe now, there would be no such continuity flaws. The original trilogy would have been designed to fit in with the plot of the overall franchise (in perfect continuity with First Class and the Mystique-kills-Trask storyline), and then lead into the ‘future’ portion of Days of Future Past. Instead, they have had to allow continuity flaws to exist in order to tell the best story. In the end, nothing in the continuity takes away from the story making sense. It’s not important how Wolverine got his metal claws back – the ‘future’ in DoFP takes place 12 years after he loses them to the Silver Samurai (approx. 50 years after 1973 = 2023, ‘The Wolverine’ takes place in 2011), so there’s ample time for him regain them with Magneto’s help. Xavier may not be shown talking about his history with Mystique in the trilogy, but it could be because it’s a sore subject, and he doesn’t enjoy revisiting it.

    The only plot hole that I didn’t like at first was this: in DoFP, Magneto is able to pull his helmet to him through the glass in its vault. In other words, he can control it, meaning it’s made of metal. But in his fight with Sebastian Shaw in First Class, he had to use the metal parts of the submarine to remove the helmet from Shaw. Why couldn’t he just use his own powers to toss it off Shaw’s head? I’ve decided to accept the idea: the paint that Magneto applies to the helmet to turn it red contains some metal. This lets him control the helmet via controlling the metal in the paint, which was not there when Shaw wore it.

    • Good points. First Class is a prequel common to both the X-Men trilogy and Wolverine films and the DoFP ‘reboot’.
      I’m not convinced how, in the intervening years between 1973 and the X-Men trilogy, Bolivar Trask changed height and race. The reboot would have allowed existing people to change circumstances and actions, not physiognamy.
      My remaining major bugbear is Professor X’s cameo at the end of the Wolverine Origin movie, where he appears as Patrick Stewart but walking and using his mutant powers. DoFP posits that a drug enables Xavier to walk, but only at the cost of his telepathy.

      • What we see in Origins may be a projection of professor X. In DoFP, he projects himself to Mystique in an upward position. Same goes for the first scene in The Last Stand.

    • They can’t be set in the same timeline, because there are no sentinels :)
      Original timeline, 1973: Mystique kills Trask, Sentinels are created blah blah.
      If the X-Men 1-3 films are set in the same timeline, where are the sentinels? Shouldn’t they have hunted mutants to near-extinction in the thirty years they’ve had to do so? Sentinels won’t exist in the new timeline, but supposedly X-Men 1-3 are still part of the old timeline (before Wolverine time-travelled), so they should still be around. And yet there’s no trace, not even a hint of them anywhere.

      • I’m going to be that guy. When Raven kills Trask, it puts a stop to the Sentinel program. They actually mention it. However, her killing Trask sort of assures them of the program’s importance (them being the US government) and so with new funding and fresh samples of Mystique herself, they eventually create the Sentinels of the future which do more or less wipe out mutant kind and a big portion of humanity as well.

    • Not to bend over backwards to make things make sense, but… Magneto definitely would have modified the helmet so that he could control it in the time between First Class and Days. Maybe he mixed in some iron with the paint or something. If I had his powers, I would be duct-taping nickles to everything I owned that was plastic.

    • Problem is that first class was a reboot originally, and was wrote as such.
      They got freaked out on the possibility that that would hurt sales and added 2 cameos to make it a prequel. But in the end the story was still very different than a prequel made with the original continuity in mind would have been. Thus the many and quite a few cases serious continuity issues.

    • No, the helmet must be made from vibranium or it wouldn’t block telepathy.

    • There’s no way Mystique could survive having her blood, brain matter, bone marrow and tissue harvested.

      • nothing in the movie said she did

  5. I watched first class again and saw the old man Sryker in the 60s. He has continuity problems and has been played by FOUR ppl!!!

    • @michael:

      The Stryker from first class, the older one sitting at the desk as charles and magneto do their demonstration, was the father of William Stryker. Xavier even says to him “I know you’re thinking of your son William” who at this time was like 14 or 15. 10 years later in DOFP we meet the 25 year old, the now grown up Stryker. This isn’t a continuity error.

      The only stryker continuity error at this point is the xmen origins version of stryker which took place in 1975 ( i think) who appears to be a lot older (like 40) than the 25 year old Stryker from 1973 in DOFP. Oh well I can accept that Origins was just canned from the storyline if that’s whatever else can do.

      Of all the plot holes I think the three biggest for me are Bolivar Task being a small white dwarf in 1973 and a tall black man in 2006. The Charles – magneto relationship continuity issues such as in X1 he says he met magneto when he was 17 but first class suggests he was really in his early 30s, Charles not knowing what magnetos helmet can do in X1, but its established early on in both First class and DOFP that he knew all about it, the falling out in 1963, but they get back together in the 1980s to go find Jean Grey etc…One I think no else even realizes is if Wolverine lost his memory in the 1980s (after he got his claws) as its suggested in Xmen 1 when charles is reading his mind and can’t find anything and wolverine actually says I have no memory, then how does Wolverine remember the events of WWII in the WOlverin movie. He meets the Japanese guy and remembers everything. But, its already established he lost his memory any everything leading up the 3-mile island disaster and that’s he just been wandering since. Did he get his memory back at some point in the original trilogy? Maybe after he met stryker in xmen 2? Then of course there’s the mess that is xmen origins like the Sabertooth character being completely different then the one in xmen trilogy, two January Jones characters, the older stryker in 1975, and where is wolverine in 1973 Vietnam as show in this Origins or new york as shown in DOFP when he a wakes up, maybe he was on leave?)

      Anyway I think the mystique/charles relationship and wolverine claws “plot hole” are overrated. It’s not hard to believe that between 1973 and the beginning of X-1 in 2000 that Charles & mystique have just completely moved on from each other. I mean I have friends that I were extremely close with 5 years ago that I don’t even talk to anymore. Some childhood life long friends. And as for wolverines claws. Its already been established that Magneto can manipulate metal on a bio level. So its not hard to imagine that he got his claws back from the 10 plus years he spent with magneto after the end of the Wolverine.

  6. at least it’s not like the Riddick series…that continuity is truly a mess

  7. What’s more. There wouldn’t have been a need to make “a mutant cure” for X3 if Beast had already made his own serum to suppress his mutant form and abilities…

    • Suppression is not a cure. A cure would eradicate the mutation completely. Like, antipsychotic drugs suppress symptoms of psychotic disorders, but doesn’t ‘cure’ them. It’s a misnomer used in the films, evident by Magneto getting stuck with the ‘cure’, but regaining his powers…

      This is my own speculation, off what I gathered from X:FC, that Beast is a pretty selfish/vain character (so far), brilliant, yes, but flawed all the same. I’m sure the suppressive cocktail he uses is specifically for his deformity (blue fur wasn’t originally part of his mutation, right? A result of Mystique’s blood/blueness?), and since Charles is his friend, then he also made one specifically for him…possibly compatible with mutants with ‘similar’ mutations. But I doubt it.

      Just sayin’. My opinion.

  8. There is one continuity that i don’t think can be explained and thats the fact that there where 2 Emma Frosts. Given that the first one we see in Wolverine origins is a teenager, but in XMFC she is an adult who then is apparently killed before DOFP. Even the whole time travel river metaphor doesn’t work that out.

    • They actually fudge their way out of this one, by pointing out that the girl that helped young Scott was not Emma Frost. Her name was Emma sure, but we never get her last name and we only ever see her display her diamond form ability. So while obviously there are two Emmas they at least can pretend that young diamond only Emma is a different character or maybe a descendant of Emma Frost.

      • Actually they didn’t fudge their way out if it at all. Emma in Origins was Kayla Silverfox’s sister. So it was never even implied she was the telepathic Emma Frost. This was a case where the audience ran with an idea that young Emma Silverfox was actually Emma Frost.

        • well if you can name another X-men related character that’s female, blond, can turn into a diamond and named Emma I’d like to hear it

  9. Lets see In X-Men First Class Emma Frost is a woman but many years later she’s a girl helping a young Scot Summers in Wolverine Origins … and Xavier is standing at the end. (It was also unnecessary to show Xavier and Magneto at the air port at the end of Wolverine Origins. Since Logains conscience was sent to the 70s, not at the time frame)

  10. Weren’t the sentinels shown in the training room at Xaviers mansion in X2?

    • Actually, it was in X-Men 3.

  11. Soo… if DOFP kept (most) people from fearing/hating mutants at the end and canceled out X3 from happening than wouldn’t it cancel out Wolverine Origins and X2 out?

    • “most” is the important word here, there could easily be a contingent within the government/military that was unchanged despite Mystique’s actions in saving Nixon. Somethings could easily have played out in a similar fashion. Remember what McCoy said about time being like a river?

  12. Anyone else notice the Quicksilver seen where he is in the kitchen and how his music didn’t seem to be a going super slow. If he is moving that fast I would think the music he is listening to would be moving as slow as everyone else in the room. They could have easily solved this by him removing a head phone and at the audience’s normal time his music sounds super fast/ like the Chipmunks. Minor movie error and I am picking on a work of fiction; so forgive me.

    • or his tape deck plays superfast

    • That scene was perfect. The music was for the audiences benefit. Who’s to say that was even the song on he was listening to.

    • It seemed pretty clear that the music was playing at the same high speed he was running at. Showing that after he stopped running would be overkill.

  13. another continuity issue is that the balding Professor X was walking with Erik when they visited the young Jean Grey in the Last Stand. The professor should have already been wheelchair bound.

    • You don’t remember the drug Hank gave Charles that allowed him to walk for a while?

      • Yes, but dont you remember that the drug cancels out his powers, which he clearly has in that scene.

        • Yes, but don’t you remember Charles projecting himself in an upward position in DoFP?

          • Yes, but why would charles ride in a car if he could just project himself to Jeans house?

    • Not a continuity issue. Alternate reality. X1-X3 aren’t in the same timeline as First Class and DoFP.

  14. How come no one ever mentions the fact that Mystique is alive during the original X-men movies, yet in Days of Future Past she supposedly get’s killed in the 70′s before Wolverine goes back in time to change history? It’s like killing Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars 1,2 or 3 yet having Darth Vader a part of 4,5 and 6. Poor story writing.

    • I think you misunderstood the film.

      Mystique wasn’t considered killed in the past (I don’t think they really mentioned her current whereabouts in the future timeline), she was captured. She kills Trask (the midget) and then the Sentinels program is revived decades later. Using Trask’s research, they capture Mystique and use her powers to help develop the Sentinels ability to shape shift (you see how they were able to change shape, size, and make their limbs sharp in the future scenes).

      You probably remember the scene where she sneaks into Trask’s office and finds his files and sheds a tear. That showed that Trask has been tracking, capturing and killing mutants as part of his research. Presumably, after his assassination, someone carries on his work and tracks Mystique in the future.

      • My bad. There is a single line at the start of the movie that eludes to the fact that Mystique did escape capture at some point; however, the movie still asks you to assume too much (Wolverine getting his claws back from Magneto, Xavier transfers into, apparently, his twin brother’s body who is also crippled, or who’s legs ONLY have atrophied from being in a coma). And I know I’m beating a dead horse here, but I didn’t like the fact that they started giving mutants powers they’ve never had (Mystique can’t copy powers, Kitty Pride can’t time travel etc.)

    • Maybe because she was never killed

    • “Poor story writing.”

      Not so much poor writing as writing before First Class or DoFP were written. Can’t fault them for that. The in story explanation is those 2 movies were set in a different continuity than X1-X3. Like Marvel’s 616 continuity vs Ultimate Marvel.

  15. The unknown truth is that xmen first class was made with the intensions of being a reboot. This movie was supposed to be a direct followup to X-men FC, however when Bryan Singer was hired to direct DOFP, he decided to combind the FC continuity and the trilogy’s continuity, which just dosnt work. These movies are just like 2 pcs of a puzzle that wont fit together, jam em togather all you want they just wont fit. Look, even if we approach Xavier’s obvious mistakes in X-1 as him going senile, too many things still dont fit. I dont care what kind of family issues Charles and Raven had, the Raven from First classes continuity wound never try to kill or help kill him like she did in X-1 and X-2, plus how was Charles walking in the beginning of X-3 and origins, while using his telepathy at the same time? Plus, how does Charles still look the same after Jean killed him, and why does he still need a weal chair? Someone said because his brothers muscles weren’t in use for so long they stopped working. Then why do his arms still work. Just accept it, FC was a semi-reboot. While the major events from the original trilogy still happened in the FC continuity( liberty island, stryker invading the mansion, alkatraz island, jean killing Scott, wolverine killing jean) some things were also different. In the FC continuity Magneto was probably still in prison for JFK, since he turned against humans far before he did in the original continuity,( he was still palling around with a walking Charles in the 80′s while in FC’s continuity, they broke off in the 60′s). This is how I see the time lines:

    Timeline 1 (trilogy continuity)

    Wolverines mutation manifests, him and Sabertooth run away from home, they fight in the US civil war, WW1, WW2, -> Wolverine saves Yashida from the Nagasaki bombing -> at the age of 9, Charles mutations manifest -> at the age of 17, Charles meets a 19 yr old Erik, the first person he knows who has a mutation besides himself, the two become good friends -> Wolverine and Sabertooth fight in Vietnam -> around 1970, Ravens mutation manifests, prompting her family to try to kill her, making her run away and giving humanity the idea that mutants exist -> with a growing hatred against mutants, Erik and Charles build cerebro together to help mutants -> events or X-Men origins: Wolverine -> Charles recruits Scott -> Sabertooth experiences a secondary mutation-> by 1985, Erik already becomes angry with humanity and views them as inferior, but still goes with a walking Xavier to visit and recruit Jean -> Xavier forms his school -> Erik, who now formed his brother hood, recruits a wandering Raven ->Xavier recruits storm and beast -> Xavier get shot in the spine while him and the X-men trying to stop a battle between Erik’s newly formed brother hood and the friends of humanity(human supremacy group) -> events of X-1 -> events of X-2 -> beast experiences a secondary mutation -> events of X-3 -> Xavier transferred his consciousness into that of his brain dead twin brother, wakes up to Moria -> Beast is killed by friends of humanity -> events of the Wolverine -> Erik tries to recruit Wolverine, who doesn’t trust Erik, so Charles projects an image of himself(wheel chair included) to convince wolverine -> unknown further future events.

    Timeline 2(FC Continuity(no time travel))

    Wolverine(who has no half brother), mutations manifest, runs away from home, fights in the US civil war, WW1, WW2(never goes to japan, fights in Germany), gets tired of all the fighting after WW2 -> at age of 9, Charles mutations manifests, -> at age of 6, Ravens mutations manifest, runs away from home – > at the age of 12, Charles adopts Raven as his sister -> Erik’s mother is killed and Erik is tortured by Shaw at aushuwitz -> events of X-Men FC -> Beast develops temporary mutant suppression -> Erik is charged with killing JFK, goes to prison -> After the school is shut down, Charles becomes a addicted to the mutant suppression drug -> Trask begins experimenting on mutants -> Wolverine sleeps with too many mobsters daughters, to escape the mob he joins the weapon X program -> Raven kills Trask,then she gets captured and experimented on -> a guard has too much iron in his blood, which lets Magneto brake out of prison, and then he frees Raven -> Wolverine gets Adamantium bonded to his skeleton, losses his memory from the procedure -> around 1980 Charles gets off drugs, accepts his power and he and hank reopen the school -> Charles recruits Jean -> Charles recruits Scott and storm -> events of X-1, (minus Charles stating he and Erik met at 17, instead he says they met at 30, Charles doesn’t look for Erik in Cerebro, since he knows about his helmet, Raven never poisons Charles because she still cares for him,) -> events of X-2, (Minus Erik and Raven trying to kill Charles in dark Cerebro, also Wolverine stalls with stryker and kills stryker himself, Jean still dies) -> events of X-3 Minus, Charles dying( Erik saved his friend from jean) the African american Trask and Moria are not present, Hank isn’t surprised by the cure, because he made something similar to that already, the Sentinels were fighting against Magneto and the brother hood on Alcatraz) wolverine kills Jean -> Wolverine gets depressed and goes into hiding, Erik and Charles recruit him because of the coming threat -> future parts of X-men Days of futures past.

    Timeline 3(FC Continuity(time travel))

    Wolverine(who has no half brother), mutations manifest, runs away from home, fights in the US civil war, WW1, WW2(never goes to japan, fights in Germany), gets tired of all the fighting after WW2 -> at age of 9, Charles mutations manifests, -> at age of 6, Ravens mutations manifest, runs away from home – > at the age of 12, Charles adopts Raven as his sister -> Erik’s mother is killed and Erik is tortured by Shaw at aushuwitz -> events of X-Men FC -> Beast develops temporary mutant suppression -> Erik is charged with killing JFK, goes to prison -> After the school is shut down, Charles becomes a addicted to the mutant suppression drug -> Trask begins experimenting on mutants -(TIME LINE DIVERGENCE)-> past events of X-men Days of Futures Past -> X-men age of Apocalypse -> unknown events -> alternate version of X-1 -> alternate version of X-2(where Jean lives) -> unknown events -> Time traveling Wolverine wakes up in Mansion.

    • If First Class was meant to be a reboot, why did they use Hugh Jackman as Wolverine?

      • Because he’s awsome? And it was just a 5 sec cameo, it was eaiser to ask him then to recast the roll for 5 sec.

        • Well considering Singer was originally asked to direct First Class (but couldn’t due to scheduling issues with Jack the Giant Slayer, but stayed on as a producer) I don’t think the studio, or the writers from what I’ve read, had the intentions of making FC a reboot film. And sorry, but it would’ve been easier to recast Wolverine rather than paying Jackman a large sum of money for a 5 second cameo (same goes for Rebecca Romijn).

          • They could have saved some money recasting Wolverine for that cameo in First Class (or shoot someone who looks like him from the back and imitated his voice), but it wouldn’t have gotten that big audience reaction. That was a great laugh and it was perfect.

            • There could had been a better way, not including a Wolverine Cameo AT ALL.

      • For the same reason they used Judy Dench in Casino Royale.

        On top of that, until DoFP, he could have been playing anyone. They never said nor gave any indication he was Wolverine. It wouldn’t have been any different than any other movie where they pull some past cast member to appear in some random role within the new version in an attempt to give the redone version some sense of validity.

      • Because at the last second they were afraid it was too soon to reboot and threw in 2 cameos to make it a prequel but they did not change enough of the plot to make things match. The movie was originally announced as a prequel.

    • YES!! Thank you!! Finally someone gets it. Most everyone else here is trying to shoehorn X1-X3 into the First Class/DoFP continuity…or just focus on continuity errors without even considering alternate realities.

  16. If you “don’t want fans getting hung up on the details”” then why publish the article?

  17. Im really, really curious as to what Wolverine POSSIBLLY could have affected in the past timeline of his universe to change Bolivar Trask from a large black man into a white dwarf.

    • Alternate timeline? Lol. Just F’ing with you. Me either.

    • Has any one ever possiblaley thought that black boliver trask is just another man named boliver trask or that when Charles goes into that body he mentally couldn’t move his legs
      And him walking when finding jean grey whith magneto is just
      A mishap because first class wasn’t done yet and they just changed it so Charles
      Lost his legs then HMMMMM?!?!? People use your brains and stop complaining

  18. I didn’t really think it would take much explanation as to how Logan got the metal back on his claws. I mean, his girlfriend now controls a company that has quite the large stockpile of it in that fortress. If her grandfather could make the samurai out of it, how hard could it be to re-encase the claws? And it’s not like the metal would get destroyed in that explosion.

  19. I’m a bit late to the game here (just got a chance to see the flick today). Yes, there were major continuity issues but I will gladly accept them to banish the memory of “The Last Stand.” The way it dismissed the introduction of the epic Phoenix storyline teased in X2 while casually killing off so many major characters was downright offensive to X-men comic fans from the 80s-90′s.

    “First Class” and “The Wolverine” started righting the ship and “DOFP” put the X-men films on a course that has huge potential going forward if done right. A few things I would really like to see in the films going forward:

    1. Take the focus off of Wolverine: I know Hugh Jackman is a big draw for the ladies (see the gratuitous ass shot in DOFP), but the draw of the X-men comics was always the team aspect. If they give Rogue,Cyclops,and Storm the gravity and backstory their respective characters deserve Wolverine doesn’t have to be the main character.

    2. Introduce Gambit properly, and for the love of god don’t cast Channing Tatum.

    3. An obvious one given the next movie is about Apocalypse is turning Angel into Archangel. Now that the past has been reset Angel most likely will not be dead.

    4. Bring in Cable,Psylocke and give Bishop a bigger role. Apocalypse, Cable and Bishop are all intertwined and now that Cyclops is alive again the potential is there for the Nathan Summers story arc.

    • Well, unfortunately:

      1. Not going to happen. You said it yourself. Hugh Jackman is the big draw for the non-comics audience (who make up the vast majority of the audience.

      2. Again, bringing in the ladies. Anyway, I never really got into Gambit in the comics. He worked in the animated series, but I don’t know how well he’ll translate into live action if they go the full Cajun.

      3. Obvious to you and me, but not to the bulk of the non-comic reading audience. We just have to hope the people behind the next movie base it on that source material. They may have their own ideas about where to take the story. I have a feeling TPTB will be looking to make Wolverine one of the Horsemen. See #2. He’s the big mass audience draw.

      4. See #3. While seeing Cable on the screen would get applause from the comic guys, the bulk of the audience would be looking at us and wondering why we’re so excited.

      You have to face it. Despite appearances, superhero movies aren’t for us. They’re for the mass audience. We just have to hope Singer puts as much of the source material in as will fit.

      • #4 well by that logic, what’s the point of making any comic book movies at all?

        • The reasons are:

          1. The studios see that comic book movies make them a lot of money. Even though the bulk of the audience aren’t comic book folk, enough of the comics have made it into the national gestalt that they’re somewhat familiar with the characters.

          2. Accept that your not going to get shot by shot recreations of your favorite comic arcs and be happy with the well-made comic films we are getting…and hope they stay fairly close to the gist of the source material and not do something stupid like have Kitty Pryde send people’s consciouses back in time using her WHAT psychic abilities?

  20. Just sounds like a bunch of obsessive fanboy navel-gazing; the same kind that has nerds missing sleep on messageboards discussing topics of such import as “why did Han say the ‘Falcon made the Kessel run in less than 12 parsecs when a parsec is a measure of distance, not time”, or, why Superman’s ridiculously godlike Silver Age powers aren’t depicted in the movies.

    • sounds like someone’s upset people have interests in things that doesn’t involve him

  21. ["The only stryker continuity error at this point is the xmen origins version of stryker which took place in 1975 ( i think) who appears to be a lot older (like 40) than the 25 year old Stryker from 1973 in DOFP. Oh well I can accept that Origins was just canned from the storyline if that’s whatever else can do."]

    I disagree. I find it difficult to swallow that a “25 year old Stryker from 1973 in DOFP” would have a ten year-old son, who was mentioned in the film. So . . . I find it a lot easier to accept Danny Huston’s 1973 version of William Stryker.

    Exactly how did Trask’s legal downfall led to the resurrection of Jean and Scott? They should have stayed dead.

    ["The unknown truth is that xmen first class was made with the intensions of being a reboot."]

    No, it wasn’t. X-MEN FIRST CLASS was made to be a prequel to the first three X-MEN movies. Which is why there were a good deal of plot inconsistencies in that film.

    • ["The unknown truth is that xmen first class was made with the intensions of being a reboot."]

      No, it wasn’t. X-MEN FIRST CLASS was made to be a prequel to the first three X-MEN movies. Which is why there were a good deal of plot inconsistencies in that film.
      LoL, u just proved my point! There was a lot of inconsistencies, too many to be considered in the same continuity.

      • I can confirm that X-Men First Class was originally conceived as a reboot. It was a prequel to the events of the first film, but also was meant to set up a new timeline and sequence of events and live in a separate universe from the original 3 films. Then, when Matthew Vaughn dropped out as the director if its sequel, Bryan Singer came on board (and event never anticipated, as his leaving X-Men 3 left a lot of bad blood between him and Fox), Singer saw an opportunity to tie the two worlds together and try to eliminate X-Men 3 and Wolverine Origins from the timeline (based on the wild unpopularity of the films).

        By the same token, The Wolverine was intended to be a stand alone film, and not fit into the X-Men Universe. It was to be directed by Darrin Aronofsky and feature the Wolverine character, but not be an X-Men prequel or sequel (hence why it never had the X-Men moniker in its title). Aronofsky had to drop out when he and Rachel Weisz split up and he fought for custody of their child and then production delayed again based on the nuclear meltdown in Japan. By then, Marvel was deep in the “each film sets up the next” universe with end credit scenes and easter eggs, so Fox jumped on board with their superhero franchise and made the end of Wolverine tie into DOFP.

        The only other “supposed to be” of the X-men franchise is that X-Men Origins: Wolverine was supposed to be a good movie. That failed as well.

    • “Exactly how did Trask’s legal downfall led to the resurrection of Jean and Scott? They should have stayed dead.” simple. when it comes to time travel one small change can change a lot of things. And Trask being imprisoned instead of dead is not a small thing. And the fact a mutant saved the POTUS’ life, causing at least some good will among the general public, could have changed history enough that Scott, Jean and any other mutant that died during the trilogy to now still be alive, and in some cases never have joined up with Magneto and be with the X-men(Psylocke in this case)instead

  22. I really liked the movie, there were many mistakes and I would have liked more of the original trilogy but it’s pretty good

  23. Why don’t you mention how in First Class, in the CIA building you see “William Styker” but he is young in “Days of Future Past” u don’t just get young again like that…

    • That was not the same Stryker that was in DOFP, Origins, and X-2. that was his father. Remember when Xavier read his mind and mentioned his son William?

  24. This movie absolutely SUCKED. Watch it more than once and then tell me it was good.

  25. What if the chronological order is this: First Class/Origins Wolverine, then The Wolverine/DOFP, then the trilogy? For example, because of Wolverine traveling back in time, he changed what was supposed to happen, therefore in the future (the trilogy) Things like the sentinel program dont exist anymore. I mean, in X3, they had to have existed at one point because Wolverine decapitates one in the Danger Room. Secondly, the world DOES know about mutants, but it is more of a political debate rather than a war now, possibly because of the events in DOFP have made people nervous about out-right attacking them. The FUTURE we see in DOFP was Timeline 1, and when Wolverine travelled back in time, he Ended Timeline 1, and created Timeline 2.

    • the problem with your theory is that The Wolverine takes place a couple of years AFTER the trilogy, remember he’s dreaming about Jean Grey and her death.

      the timeline, from what I can tell is this: The first few minutes of Origins(1845-1945), First Class(1963), Origins(1980s), X-men 1-3(Late 90s-early 2000s), The Wolverine(2000s, 2 years after X3), the future scenes from DoFP(2023), the 70s scene taking place between First Class and Origins(1973), creating a new timeline, Apocalypse(new 1980s), whatever movies Fox makes in the future and then the Epilogue of DoFP(new 2023)

  26. So many words, yet there is one very simple solution…..

    This wasn’t the first time Wolverine traveled back in time…….

    • Weird post sorting,
      just posted this, and it’s been jammed in the last quarter of the thread, with posts that are a month old?

  27. So if Apocalypse is set in the 1980′s, and the end of DoFP is set in the present, does that mean that they’ve already beaten Apocalypse?

  28. The explanation is even simpler than all that…time travel caused these inconsistencies. Just like Kat, sent Wolverine back to the 70′s, someone with her similar abilities sent someone else back in time to the 50′s/60′s causing mistique to meet Charles Xavier at a young age thus causing the story line to happen the way it did abd lead up to DoFP

  29. Yes we all see many continuity errors. But I was amazed that nobody ever mentions the quite so obvious one about Wolverine’s metal claws. From DoFP, it is clear that Wolverine got his metal claws after he was lifted from the river and handed over to Stryker in 1973 or so (alternate future). Even from the other series indicated he got his metal claws some where around that time, someone else maybe can give details on this (original future). But if you noticed that in The Wolverine movie, he already had his metal claws in the well with young Yashida during WW2.

    • Sorry, my mistake. They were bone claws during the well scene.

  30. No need to explain. We saw Magneto move the chess piece at the end of Last Stand. We knew fully well the cure was temporary after seeing that scene.

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