Could Mark Millar Help Fox Reset The X-Men Film Franchise?

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X men and sentinels Could Mark Millar Help Fox Reset The X Men Film Franchise?

Last September Fox officially announced that they had hired Marvel Comics legend Mark Millar, creator of Kick-Ass, Wanted and the upcoming Secret Service books, as a consultant for their own Marvel films. He later compared his role to that of Joss Whedon’s with Marvel Studios, describing himself as an “overseer” of sorts. With the timing of his recruitment however, it was too late to get involved with The Wolverine and as Bryan Singer began production on X-Men: Days of Future Past, we learned that he had never even met Millar, let alone spoke to him about the film or future of the franchise. Singer even explained that he had is “own thoughts” about the series.

With no imminent plans for crossing over Fox’s Marvel properties and Josh  Trank therefore working away on his standalone Fantastic Four reboot, what exactly does Mark Millar’s role involve? He’s helping plan out the future of the franchise beyond that.

Millar explains to Collider that Fox had an interest in him because a lot of his ideas, designs, story elements and themes from his work on the Ultimates (another Marvel universe’s version of The Avengers) are being used by Marvel Studios in their film franchise and since he’s got “one foot in film, one foot in comics” Fox wanted to use him as an “asset” on their long-term movie plans. And there seems to be a big plan in place that we’ll find out about closer to the release of the Fantastic Four reboot in 2015.

“I can’t really talk too much about exactly what they’ve asked me to do because it ties in with a plan that’s probably not going to be announced for about two years or something.

Millar explains that he’s signed an NDA and is (legally) sworn to secrecy but he does confirm that he and the producers and execs at Fox are indeed planning out a long-term roadmap for their own Marvel Cinematic Universe and, as he and X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer said before, are looking to take advantage of the vast array of assets they have in their library of licened Marvel characters. They key to the franchise however, and to avoid repeats of X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, is bringing in the right people.

“It’s building up towards something. You know, I’m working and talking to some people, bringing in some people. I brought in Jeff [Wadlow]. I really wanted Jeff after he did such an amazing job on Kick-Ass 2. I told the Fox guys ‘this guy’s going to blow up and become massive after Kick-Ass 2… Get in and get him now before people realize how good he is.’ So he’s been brought in now and there are a few other directors that we’re talking to as well. I’m strategizing…”

Jeff Wadlow, who we spoke to over the weekend, is indeed penning the script for X-Force, the next X-Men film after Days of Future Past. We don’t know much about it other than there will be five mutant characters prominently featured as the core roster.

Cable and X Force Could Mark Millar Help Fox Reset The X Men Film Franchise?

Is part of their plan the long-hinted at eventual crossover between the Fantastic Four and the X-Men? Not yet:

“What you’ve got to do is be smart about it. You’ve got to grow things organically. We’re not talking crossovers and that sorts of stuff yet. I mean the idea is to build everything up quietly, in its own way, and bring in the best possible talent. Marvel sold the X-Men franchise off to Fox back in the ’90s when they needed the cash, but you have to remember that they were the crown jewels. The reason they got snapped up is because they were Marvel’s biggest selling book for 20 years, so you’re sitting on a gold mine there. We’re all taking about – very vaguely – lots of possibilities, but I think there’s a good 5-10 potential golden franchises there you know.”

To continue long-term with the X-Men, some sort of reboot – or thanks to time-travel, a “reset” – will eventually become a necessity. They need the core characters (Cyclops, Rogue, Storm, etc.) from the original trilogy and from Marvel Comics to keep making movies for many years to come and that means recasting younger actors eventually. One theory we have is that they can still continue the current continuity in a way by using time travel to alter the events of the films we know and reset the timeline, or launch a parallel one that would let them restart with a new cast for X-Men 1 and do things differently. Such a plan would allow the studio to change things up and give other characters who didn’t get a fair shake the first time around a bigger role to play (see: Cyclops, Rogue, Gambit, etc.).

Franchise poster boy Hugh Jackman can be kept in the fold as well and given something different to do with his character since Singer is sending him back to the ’70s in Days of Future Past. Thanks to the wonders of time-travel, he can continue playing Wolverine even if the series is rebooted. With Mark Millar being involved, Jackman could also be playing a version of the popular time-travelling mutant character Cable who in Mark Millar’s Ultimate X-Men series, is actually an aged Wolverine as opposed to being the son of X-Men leader Cyclops.

What would you like to see Fox do with the X-Men after X-Force?

Bryan Singer directs X-Men: Days of Future Past with newcomers Peter Dinklage, Omar Sy, Boo Boo Stewart, Fan Bingbing, Evan Peters, Adan Canto, Josh Helman, along with returning stars Jennifer Lawrence, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Hugh Jackman, Anna Paquin, Ellen Page, Shawn Ashmore, Halle Berry, Lucas Till, and Daniel Cudmore. James Marsden may be involved if witness reports are true.

The Wolverine releases July 26, 2013, X-Men: Days of Future Past on May 23, 2014.

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Source: Collider

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  1. So DoFP for 2014, fantastic four for 2015, X-Force for 2016, then what?

    How about the original 5 x-men in X-Factor! That’s where archangel should be introduced.

    another decent movie would be Excalibre, bring back nightcrawler, and introduce CAPTAIN BRITAIN!

    and of course Alpha Flight!

    • If they did X-Factor, I would LOVE to see X-Factor Investigations instead.

  2. I have a love him/hate him opinion of Mark Millar. His over the top style tends to either equal great suspense and excitement or else it just translates as excessive and predictable. He can write the best and the very worst all at the same time. He’s a very divisive figure. Look at The Ultimates. This is considered by many to be the best comic storytelling of the early 2000’s. In comparison, look at all the Ultimate Avenger titles he authored just a few years ago. They went from bad to worse. Millar can sometimes come across as his own self-parody in the worst of ways. If he uses some self-control and a disciplined manner of story-telling, this could be great. But if he gets lazy and just relies on excessive violence in place of characterization and plotting, then I’m not too thrilled, as we’ll just have another X-Men: The Last Stand on our hands.

    • Ultimate Avengers 4 featured a series of metahuman-based civil wars popping up around the globe to comment on the Arab Spring uprisings that were taking place as the book was being written. I would hardly accuse that series of being emblematic of mindless or gratuitous writing in superhero comics.

  3. hey, Rob, love all of your articles…. but I cant buy the theory of really rebooting the franchise in the near future, recasting everyone except Hugh Jackman.

    Fox has an impressive cast right now, all of the actors want to keep doing sequels, including Jackman, so no way Fox and Singer will say goodbye to all of them except Hugh in the near future.

    In any case, Singer will fix certain things and will keep moving forward with the same cast, just a new timeline with some dead characters back, at least Xavier and Cyclops.

    • ^This Statement


    • … and why “reboot” and recast, when there’s tons of characters that haven’t been used? How about let the characters grow old and/or die for once and keep things fresh by adding new characters to the franchise? How many times do we have to see reboots/remakes before a franchise turns into a self parody where there are no real stakes and just “the next episode/issue”. I’m rooting for Days of Future Past to fix continuity issues and maybe bring back a few characters that deserved a better fate, but I’m not interested at all in start all over again.

      • Because bringing back characters involves bringing back aging actors who don’t have the schedules to support multiple additional movies.

        Halle Berry probably isn’t going to keep coming back as Storm, for example. They one day will have to recast in order to bring the actual core X-Men team from the books back to the big screen and do it differently, where Cyclops can be THE leader, etc.

        I think time travel is being used for a big reason and Fox needs to keep making X-Men movies for years and years and years to come.

        • / No Halle Berry as Storm / – I can only hope – her and Anna Paquin are absolutely awful in the X-Men movies. Marsden was Great as Cyclops just tragically underused!

    • I know, we need Cyclops back. He is the LEADER of the X men NOT WOLVERINE!!!!!! He could be such a great character, one who has to deal with so much like Rick Grimes or something. And Marsden has great potential if they bring him back!

      • I couldn’t agree more! Cyclops is the LEADER of the Xmen. I loved and hated them bringing the Xmen to the movies because they didn’t tell the original story. The comics got it right, why try to fix something that wasn’t broke.

      • If and when they reboot and they want to make a great movie universe no fan can argue with THEN start with The X-MEN – Angel, Beast, Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman and a wheel- chair bound Professor X.

        If they really can’t resist (like Marvel Comics) then you can have maybe a Wolverine come in halfway through the movie.

        I absolutely loved First Class. It was the best X movie to date, seconded by X-Men 2. But please if there’s a reboot, or Ultimate boot, Stop messing with the timelines. It hurts my pea brain. And my loyalty.

    • Doesn’t have to be near future. We already have three more years of Fox Marvel movies coming. But what happens three years after that?

  4. I don’t mean to crap on everything here but does anyone really care about a X-Men Fantastic Four team up? I’m sure there are some and it could be decent but I think most people will agree when I say that no one simply cares. Especially with epic team ups like Batman/Superman, Avengers 2 and a possible Justice League movie. And Fox thinks that teaming up the FF (Who’s prior movies suck) and X-Men (Which most of them suck) is going to compete against these other studios? I just keep thinking in my mind the things Marvel Studios could do if they had these properties, especially FF. But instead the main motivation for Fox making these things is too simply keep the rights.

    • We don’t need a FF/X-men cross-over. Sounds good at first, but things are too muddied up right now. No one knows who are who in the X-franchises. I liked X-men #1 & #2, but all the subsequent ones were meh at best, and sometimes worse (still bought all the DVDs, tho, I confess). FF flicks were OK (bought those too), but needed improvement in a number of places. Reboots, which I generally shy away from, might be called for here. Using Ultimate ideas might not be too smart; I’d rather go back to THE source material, the core, and that is the early comics of the 60s and 70s (for FF, X-Men, Avengers, everything!). A reset to give Cyclops his due is a must. he, not Wolverine, should be the main X-guy. team leader, original X-Man, etc. and all that. Wolvie and Magneto are over-used; would like to see Mr. Sinister, Apocalypse, maybe Mimic and a few others sometime in my life-time. Don’t know if X-Force will muddy waters further, but who to use? well, Cable as leader (the son of Cyke and Madelaine pryor), and I suppose everyone wants Deadpool. But after that, pretty open field. Maybe Cannonball, Sunspot, Colossus…I really am not sure who would work best (but no Wolverine…keep his name clear out of it!).
      For the FF, gotta see if legal wrangling would allow use of the frightful Four, arguably some of the best villains ever in the FF mags (again, go back early!). Wizard, Trapster, Sandman, and Medusa. There might be a rights issue (pay a stipand for their use, I say, maybe a share of the take at the gate) for Sandman (was used in a Spiderman flick) and Medusa (probably on line for an Inhumans flick). Kang would also be a possibility, as he has fought both the FF and Avengers in the past. Dr. Doom was OK, but we have seen him twice now, throw out the old leftovers polluting the fridge, good tho they once might have tasted, and serve us something different. Big no-nos: no superheroes dancing, crying, making undue amounts of lame humor, or fornicating. Also, at the risk of irritating some (and I don’t care), keep all races and genders just as they were in the early comics (the Torch is not black, males are males and females are females, no one is gay). No bias intended, but “What is, is; the rest is fizz”. As to Miller himself–good, bad, otherwise…darned if I know.

      • If Marvel Comics, after all these years, still can’t resist doing things like having Wolverine in The Avengers, I doubt Fox is gonna resist the cash grab and leave Wolverine out of an X-Men movie.

        I liked the cameo in First Class, but was happy to see a great X-Men movie without Wolverine in it. Proves that “The X-Men” are great without him or with him.

        I still don’t get the absolute hatred some of these movies get.
        I’d rather have seen the two Fantastic Four movies we got (which had some excellent parts in them) than none at all. Got to see a Human Torch on screen, and joking with Ben, and fighting with Sue, and making fun of Reed.
        Granted some of the plot and dialogue was painful, but I’m a fan and they didn’t insult the books. but I got to see a decent looking SILVER SURFER flying through NYC, trashing Johnny Storm, etc… onscreen! I dunno, maybe I’m just easily excited by these movies and people younger than me expect more. Some of the criticism I get. I’m glad for an FF reboot.

        But the fans who post some of the hatred online , who read or took a movie making 101 class, couldn’t write a one minute, one-act play about their own breakfast that day, yet they say this or that sucks . It’s funny for a bit, then it’s annoying.

        I’m excited for any of these movies. We are at a pointy in the process of these comic book movies that they are not going to have s***** effects and photography. (Even Green Lantern had cool imagery, but it was a DC movie so…) .

    • Uhh… you know Batman vs. Superman is going to suck, right? It’s being made by the same team who made the lame ‘Man of Steel’ and instead of focusing on fixing the flaws from the first movie they’re going ahead and jamming Batman into the franchise to try and boost box office revenues. Hey, I wonder if Batman and Superman are going to be distrustful and fight each other in the beginning before discovering that a villain has been pitting them against each other before they team up to save the day?!

      • I’m just saying as far as hype is concerned. Despite how people feel about Man of Steel or Batman/Superman, the world will be more hyped for Batman/Superman than X-Men and Fantastic Four teaming up.

        • Yeah, I agree with that. There’s an existing desire to see the Avengers assemble or to see the World’s Finest team up because that’s what those characters are known for. Throwing the X-Men and Fantastic Four into the same movie feels arbitrary.

      • I think that’s a little unfair. Where else do you think the plot could go for a world-wide audience who isn’t familiar with the literary and animated past of the characters?

        It’s like complaining that the next Fast and Furious movie will have really fast cars, pretty girls and tough guys in it.

        Of course, it will follow that path. It’s whether or not the journey is fun to take that will determine if it’s good or bad.

    • Agreed. Now if FOX and Sony work out a deal, then a Spider-Man/F4 crossover would be a good idea, but that might be less likely to happen than FOX and Disney.

      • Could set up a possible story where Spidey joins the Future Foundation too.

        I mean, hell, ANY crossover deal would be cool since you have several franchises across several studios using New York as a main backdrop. Even if we see Osborn Tower in a Marvel Studios movie or a quick blur of red and blue swinging past the FF during a Fox movie, just acknowledge they all share the same space. That’s all we ask.

      • EXACTLY! Anyone ever see the cover of The Amazing Spider-Man #1 ? Go check it out.

        Although, any crossover is possible because in the Marvel comics universe the character ALL exist in one space. Has been that way for 50 years now. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

    • Really? How can you call most X-Men films crap when the majority of them received high critical and commercial success. I, for one, am one of the few who have actually enjoyed Origins, despite the opinions of others, and have also enjoyed The Last Stand even though that film could’ve been better but was good enough to reach decency. I wouldn’t mind rebooting the X-Men franchise but since this one has been started and has successfully played out to be one of the best cinematic comic book franchises I have seen (in my opinion), then a reboot would not be a smart thing to do.

      What would be better is if Millar does not reboot anything, nor any franchise right now. Finish off the X-Men Franchise by doing X-Force, an X-Force sequel, and move on to X-Men standalone (origin/sequel?) films for characters such as Nightcrawler, Cyclops, Deadpool, Storm, Colossus, Gambit; hell, why not even do an Apocalypse origin film since his origin story is quite fascinating.

      Then, after all is said and done, reboot the X-Men and commence the reboot of Fantastic Four, make trilogies for both franchises, and until they are recognized, BAM, both franchises unite as one and team up against a major, global threat.

      Or better yet, have DOFP be the main cause of the Fantastic Four reboot story-wise.

      • @Prince Awesom3

        Box office success or critical acclaim doesn’t make a movie a universally approved movie.

        It’s called having your opinion rather than agreeing with everyone else purely because RT gave a movie an 80% approval rating despite the movie being so full of suck that it’s in danger of becoming a black hole.

        I’d agree with him. The Wolverine is the only good X-Men movie I’ve seen so far (since we can’t see DOFP yet).

        • A universally approved movie DOES depend on a commercial and critical success. Every movie does. If it makes enough money and critics and the consumer approves of this movie, chances are that it has been indeed accepted as a quality franchise.

          And my opinion on the X-Men franchise does not rely on the ratings of any website. I also have not said Origins was my only X-Men approved film I share such delight for -_- .

      • “I, for one, am one of the few who have actually enjoyed Origins, despite the opinions of others, and have also enjoyed The Last Stand even though that film could’ve been better but was good enough to reach decency”

        Thank you. I think I am the other one of the few. (Which, like you said, can’t be true judging by box office.)

        About time I’ve seen someone say this. Not every Bond movie is a gem, but if you love Bond, you go see it.

    • Not many people cared about an avengers teamup outside of comic book fans. But marvel made them care. Fox could do the same

      • I’m sorry to say it but I think that’s exactly the delusional assessment that might cost Marvel. The majority of people don’t care about the Avengers, they cared about RDJ and perhaps Whedon brought in a crowd of his own.

        I can guarantee you, barely anyone outside comic book fans even know where Thor is from or what he can do. They liked RDJ, they liked a funny Hulk. Maybe, if Dark World and Winter Soldier are actually good (for a change, compared to the other Marvel solo movies post-Iron Man) one could actually start talking of a genuine Avengers appeal, but I still HIGHLY doubt it. Man, look at how The Dark Knight blew up Batman and I can still easily say at least half of the people I know haven’t seen that film.

        People like good laughs and Avengers had ‘m, but caring for the Avengers, please, don’t kid yourself. Comic book culture hasn’t become THAT big (yet?).

        Granted… I don’t think that many people, percentage wise, care about movies at all in general anymore.

        • well, thanks for setting us all straight silrain. gosh, i almost thought for myself there.

          • my feels, MY FEELS!

    • It’s difficult for anyone to care until we meet the Fantastic Four and see if that film is any good.

      We literally have comments on the site asking if anyone would care about Guardians of the Galaxy and it was one of the coolest things at Comic-Con.

      It’s YEARS down the road (if it ever happens) so who knows.

  5. Fox is beyond help, unless they reboot the universe starting with X-Force, in my opinion.

    I guess I could live with Jackman sticking around, but I think they would have to get a new actor to do it properly.

    • Fox is so far beyond help that they’ve managed to produce a better superhero movie this summer than either of their two major competitors, Marvel and Warner Brothers.

      • @ Thracion

        Y’know, had it been rated R I would probably agree with you.

      • I agree! I believe the wolverine was a better film overall than iron man 3 and man of steel.

      • Yeah, okay… I highly doubt it, but I’ll judge for myself when I finally see it, thanks.

        • The fact remains most people enjoy most of the X films that Fox has come out with. They already have a successful franchise. They don’t need help. People have different opinions on their movies, no movie is universally loved, but they keep ticking the right boxes every time they make a X film. Money and just enough love to keep making more.

          In my opinion, The Wolverine while still having flaws, was the best CBM so far this year, and I think it’s a little sad that it’ll be making the least amount of Box Office money. But next year should be quite interesting to see how DOFP fairs.

          • MOS was the best. Free choice vs. Eugenics and population control. Way better movie than those crayola-covered Marvel abortions.

  6. Word

  7. After watching the Wolverine last night, I wouldn’t mind if DOFP was the last one that just resets everything and then Fox press that gigantic reboot button. Brand new stories, actors and I never thought I’d say this but Wolverine could be recast too.

    • +1

  8. I think all this talk of reboots and resets is wishful thinking. Look at it this way; they’re filming a big X-Men film with all the original cast RIGHT NOW, right this moment, somewhere in Canada, millions of dollars is being spent bringing the same characters from the current franchise to life. This isn’t just a one-off, Fox is taking their current properties and using them to further their reputation. X-Force, is it a good idea? yeah I think so. Do I care? hell no. Face it people, the Avengers made so much money because A. the was advertised more than anything B. it was a team up movie of currently existing MARVEL players C. Robert Downey Jr. Sure the movie was good, but the majority of people that I know only saw Iron Man, or none at all before watching the Avengers. Most didn’t think the studio planned it out. AND THEY DON’T CARE. The marketing is what made the movie, whether it was great or not, and it was! Now look at Days of Future Past. People will see Halle Berry, Ellen Page, Hugh Jackman, “Gandalf”, James McAvoy (“He’s Cute!” go the girls), Jennifer Lawrence and Nicolas Hoult, and they’re gonna be all over this movie. The twi-hards are going to come to see Boo Boo and Daniel Cudmore. Girls will see all the currently big guy actors and HAVE to see it. It’s a big assembly, people who didn’t even see the original trilogy or even first class will see the trailer and go “Hey that’s a big deal!” and go. this movie is going to make BANK whether it ends up being good or not. It won’t be anywhere near as high as the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time, but it may be effectively FOX’s Avengers.

    The way I see it they’re going to stick with this current roster for a long time. there’s no need to reset the timeline when a sentinel-filled future is wiped out, they can continue with the original franchise, as well as some sort of First Class timeline sequel. It’s not like Logan is being sent back for nothing, he’s there to stop the Sentinel future from happening. And besides, they’re introducing new young mutants anyways, Warpath, Quicksilver, and Blink. AND THEY ARE NOT STEALING AVENGERS CHARACTERS, Quicksilver is Magneto’s son everyone so shut up. X-Men has dibs.

    My point is there’s no point in talking about reset’s because it won’t happen. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, and this series certainly ain’t broke. Expect a normal straight up original cast sequel somewhere within 5 years.

    • They unfortunately can’t do that and it’s because it’s a “logistical nightmare” as Singer describes, to bring that cast together. The cast has aged quite a bit since shooting the first X-Men 14 years ago (yeah, that long) and they have very busy schedules.

  9. Please let the new timeline begin in the Jim Lee era of the early 1990’s. Xmen films need Sci-fi elements: Shi’ar technology, Sentiel armies, badss guys in tech suits, and Hybrid/Mutant monsters. Not faceless army guys with Mutant cure guns. Making the new universe in the not-so distance future where the political and social climates are much more extreme against the mutant population would make a much more compelling story.

    Another problem is that would entail a larger studio budget which is ultimately what Fox lacks and what Marvel studios is willing to throw down. They give us slim down TEAM action sequences in favor of bloodless Hugh Jackman throw downs. That equals movies that are 20 years old and that are frankly, second tier to major movie frachises. I.E. Iron Man, Avengers, and Star Wars.

    • only 10 years old, and there are some bloody moments with Wolverine, so Idk what you’re talking about.

      • He probably hasn’t seen it is my guess.

        • I think the fact he claims they should use Jim Lee era ideas and then mentions the Shi’ar and the Sentinels might mean he has not read many of the comics from before 1992 or he just is a fan of the 90’s cartoon. At this point there is no definitive version of the X-Men due to all the changes in the comic books, so any film adaption is going to probably be a mess unless someone settles on one straight line of thought and actually write more than one script at a time.

  10. Fox will never NEVER EVER!, compete with Marvel/Disney. They simply don’t have enough characters. Mark Millar is lying to himself “5- 10 gold franchises” Really? When Marvel and Sony announced a partnership and Fox is left dead for dry what will they do?

    • I don’t think 5-10 is far off. Do you know how many X-Books there are currently?

      • There are quite a few, I know. You certainly could have five to ten franchises if you planned it out well enough. I don’t think that could happen without a reboot but I doubt that’ll happen anytime soon.

        There’s X-Men, X-Force, and The Fantastic Four. That’s already three. There’s always Weapon X, too. There are enough characters in X-Men to have different franchises going. It all depends on the planning.

        • Deadpool, Magneto & Silver Surfer all had solo scripts, but you could literally have spinoffs of many of the X-characters, things like X-Factor and multiple team movies that tie together.

  11. They’ve worked with a lot of the right people. Those running things now are untested with a very shorttrack record except Bryan Singer. But really isn’t the real problem the producers and execs who have know clue what they are doing. Marvel has Joss Whedon but really Kevin Feige, Fox has Mark Millar but really ????? probably a room full of suits who can’t tell the difference between Wolverine and Professor X.

    • This is why I have total faith in Marvel, not because of Joss (haven’t liked anything he’s done so far) but because of Feige and his enthusiasm for the material.

      • I love that the dude in charge (Kevin Feige at Marvel Studios) is so enthusiastic about their work and knows the material. Usually the head honcho of a studio just knows the PR lines he’s memorized and is just there for the business of it.

  12. Marvel should just tell Disney to buy Fantastic Four back. I know Fox are Jerks, but Money is Money, If Disney offered them over 1 Billion dollars they could not resist. Right? As for X-men I could care less; let fox keep’em they already ruined my childhood anime DBZ!

    • Yeah, they probably have a Billion if they just go through the pockets before doing the laundry, and dig around the car floors and seat cushions. And when’s the last time that mouse cleaned out those big ears? Surely there’s a half-billion stuck in his ear wax.

      OR they could just concentrate on making the movies they are making, developing all of the other properties they have, and let the rights to FF revert back to Marvel at no cost.

      You do realize that if Fox isn’t actively using the rights to make movies, after a certain amount of time the rights go back to Marvel? If Fox has a successful run of FF movies, that would probably be 3 or 4 at the max. Then what? Reboot again? Probably not. Fox and Sony are really on there last outings for FF and Spider-man after the current projects.

  13. there not doing a cross over of ff and xmen any time soon(read the quotes in the article)..also just cuz wolverine is going back in time doesnt mean he is staying there to relive the 80s and 90s…he will probably be sent back at the end of the movie and if not then he can just be a member of x force and not take over cables role… i feel like they will have wolverine in x force just to have a familiar face but PLEASE NO WOLVERINE/CABLE…USE REGULAR (CYCLOPS SON) CABLE!!!!!!

  14. If they want to reboot, try doing it right the first time. You don’t start with X-Factor. You don’t start with an X-Men that does not include Iceman, Beast and Angel. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD YOU DO NOT START WITH THE@#$%#%@$#%$^&%#$^ ULTIMATES!!!!!!!

  15. Mark didn’t create the ultimate Wolverine/cable…it was Robert Kirkman..and that is what killed the ultimate universe for me

  16. These movies should not be rebooted. Fox screwed up their own continuity, and they need to just deal with it. They own too many mutants to reboot the “Mutant Universe” they own to continue showing the same mutants over and over again.

    There are many more mutants to use to make up a team of X-Men. Cyclops is gone. Deal with it.

  17. Everybody wants to have their favorite X-Men in there, but what about the villains? Apocalypse or Omega Red would be awesome!

  18. Fantastic 4 vs. the Frightful 4 (with Deadpool)
    X-Force (with Deadpool)
    Deadpool solo movie

    And I also want a Doctor Doom movie.

  19. Just keep Brett Ratner away, give me David Hayter as a credit writer, and reset the X-Men universe to give new and old characters a solid shot. I really want a well done, leading Cyclops. Not the James Marsden “I will mainly suck in the first movie, get knocked out quickly in the second movie, and quickly die in the third movie” Cyclops. Ugh that was miserable.

  20. I really don’t think fox can reset the x-men universe in a way that makes sense, I would love to e wrong. I mean they wasted popular characters (rogue,storm,gambit) and haven’t been used correctly

  21. They have GOT to get a new Wolverine.
    It is a complete neccessity to the integrity of the franchise.
    If they are going to reboot X-Men (which I think they should do), Hugh Jackman has got to go.
    He’s a thing of the past.

  22. If someone violates an NDA do they get sued and/or go to prison?

    • They get a visit from a black Van and it kidnaps them to a secret basement where they have to undergo screenings of Uwe Boll movies for days and days straight until they’re brain has lost any form of sanity.

      Honestly though, I hear a lot of actors specifically say “If I tell ya that I’ll never get a job anymore.” I think the break of trust ruins your image horribly to an extent that’s probably worse then any legal measures. Studios often have to green lit casting as far as I know, so you’ll probably get blacklisted by every studio if you seriously screw NDA’s. (Technically Michael Caine has violated his for example during the TDKR filming if I’m not mistaken. But I don’t think he got in more trouble then just a collegial reprimand by Nolan.)

      I think you’ll basically get banned from the industry if you truly ignore an NDA.

    • It’s a civil thing. The wronged party could sue for money, but no prison time.

  23. “What would you like to see Fox do with the X-Men after X-Force?”

    Sell it back to Marvel where it belongs.

    • So you never want to see a Doctor Strange, Black Panther, or Ant man film? Because is Disney/Marvel had X-Men you would never see those guys on film.

  24. I want to see one of the best X-Men stories I ever saw involving Cyclops, Archangel, Beast, Beak, Mystique, Rogue, Sabre Tooth, Sinister, Apocalypse, and bring back Gambit, and Night crawler for more story. I would also love to see Juggernaught redeemed in the films.

  25. Keep Hugh Jackman. Recast everyone else.

  26. They are not going to reboot anything while they are still making movies using the existing cast & storyline

    • They won’t reboot anything so long as we continue to go see the movies they make, and from the looks of it, DoFP will definitely make money.

      I also don’t think Fox is looking forward to having to do what DC and Sony are doing. I think they hope they can sneak into a ‘marvelous’ position straight away, cashing in an past endeavours, and I really doubt whether that’s to the good of the audience.:/

      I liked I liked X2 and First Class and there’s a good chance I’ll like DoFP. But I’d give a lot to see a more classic untampered X-men team in its prime with X-men’s true leader: Cyclops. (Still vote for Aaron Eckhart as Cyclops if his age fits the story.)

  27. I am looking forward to X-Force and maybe the original X-men in a new alternate time line with the original cast as well as a sequel after Days of future past dealing with The younger Xavier and others building toward the original actors.

  28. In two years after AoU drops, it will be announced that Fox has signed an agreement to develop a joint cinematic universe with Disney/Marvel while still maintaining cinematic ownership of the properties. If they work out a deal with Sony, Phase 3 I believe will be the closing act to the Marvel Character Wars.

  29. Bryan Singer’s X-men movies while good were kinda campy. Mark Millar coming in could dirty things up for the x-men universe, which would be great. People want darker. The dark knight movies were head and shoulders above Bryan Singers movies but the X-men, the source material have the potential to be far better than anything Batman could be. Fox are sitting on gold, and by the sounds of it they’re beginning to realise that (thanks to Marvels’s movies and success), however they’ve yet to translate this to the big screen. Some people look to Bryan Singer as an X-men genius. And he’s not and never was. He started it all and as a fan I’m grateful but I’d like to see X-mens version of Christopher Nolan take the helm, recast some of the core X-men with younger actors, get an awesome script ,get WETA on board for special effects,etc etc