New ‘X-Men’, ‘Green Lantern’, and ‘Harry Potter’ TV Spots

Published 4 years ago by , Updated March 3rd, 2014 at 7:06 am,

New X Men Green Lantern and Harry Potter TV spots New X Men, Green Lantern, and Harry Potter TV Spots

Studios always save their big flashy guns for the summer and this year is no exception. Between hotly-anticipated superhero flicks like X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern hitting theaters next month and the concluding chapter in the fantastical saga, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, arriving this July, it begs the question: What movie will end up being the blockbuster event of the season?

Obviously we won’t know for certain if it’s one of the aforementioned titles until they are actually released – however, there are new TV spots for all three of those films to analyze in the meantime.

The combination of a rushed production, allegedly large deviations from the comic book source material, and some early unimpressive marketing materials (specifically, posters) left several fans grumbling that X-Men: First Class was a bomb in the making. By comparison, a lot of negative buzz began circling Green Lantern in the wake of an unimpressive first trailer that featured incomplete visual effects and a seemingly incongruous comical tone.

Now that several action-packed TV spots and trailers – crammed full with eye-catching visuals – have been released for both these superhero movies, the tide of fan anticipation has turned in the opposite direction. The X-Men prequel is especially well-positioned to succeed this summer, with early reviews for the film pegging it as both a rejuvenator of the franchise (following the release of two lackluster entries) and a stellar addition to the pantheon of superhero movies.

Check out the latest X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern TV spots below:


More CGI-heavy X-Men: First Class and Green Lantern footage has been unveiled in recent weeks, in part to assure fans that the visuals and fantastical effects in both films will be up to scratch. Warner Bros. even went so far as to invest an additional $9 million towards Green Lantern‘s visual F/X budget, so as to make sure the pivotal (and imaginative) extraterrestrial characters and worlds of the film look all the more convincing and polished. Judging by the 3D Green Lantern trailer that began screening in theaters over the weekend, that was money well spent.

In comparison, Warner Bros. has only begun its marketing push for the final Harry Potter film. The first TV spot did not boast any additional footage from that shown in the official Deathly Hallows: Part 2 trailer, but studio heads know this is a movie event that sells itself to devoted fans of the titular boy wizard, as well as casual moviegoers who just want to see an epic payoff to a franchise that began ten years ago. Plenty of effort has clearly been poured into making the last Harry Potter pic a cinematic finale to remember and the footage unveiled so far has nicely reflected that.

Check out the latest Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 TV spot below:


Depending on how you look at it, each of the three films discussed here could feasibly become “the event of the summer.” X-Men: First Class will hopefully be a return to form for the franchise, the first in a new X-Men trilogy -  and a most welcome reprieve for fans after the last disappointing X-Men prequel, Wolverine. Green Lantern, meanwhile, will at last bring the semi-famous superhero to life on the big screen – and looks to do so with some impressive style.

On the other hand: Deathly Hallows: Part 2 is the movie that promises not just a lot of bang for your buck, but the most emotional payoff of any tentpole pic hitting theaters this summer. Take that as you will.

X-Men: First Class arrives in theaters next month on June 3rd.

Green Lantern will hit the scene two weeks later on June 17th.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will be released later on July 15th.

Source: 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros.

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  1. Harry Potter, no doubt. I guarantee that Harry will make more money internationally than Green Lantern or X-Men will make in their entire runs.

    • That’s not a bold prediction. Everyone knows that.

      • Yes Harry Potter is THE event of the summer 8-)

      • Yeah, that was kind of my point. The conclusion of a multi-billion dollar, worldwide phenomenon vs. some rather mediocre looking comic book movies is really not a contest at all.

        • you mean, mediocre in your opinion ;)

  2. The Harry Potter TV spots need NEW footage come on WB! :D

  3. Between x-men and green lantern I think x-men will make more. GL looks a little too fantastic four for my taste.

    • I agree on that Pharoah.

    • ironic to your post is that the first 2 fantastic four movies made more than the first 2 x-men movies.

      • For real????

      • Now I’m not calling you a liar, but I think you need to check your facts on that Fantastic Four making more than ANY X-Movie.

        Fantastic Four made $154,696,080 in the theaters
        Fantastic Four 2 made $131,921,738
        X-Men made $157,299,717
        X-2 made $214,949,694
        X-3 made $234,362,462
        Wolverine made $179,883,157

        You do the math.

    • and no disrespect to green lantern, but x-men SHOULD make more. It’s part of an established franchise.

      • That’s really NOT a reason to make more.

  4. Awesome TV Spots.

  5. This summer`s biggest movie will be transformers 3 without no doubt well i was thinking y WB Shot HP 7 Part 2 in 3D bcuz its the Last one and really don`t want it end!

  6. cant frikin wait for harry potter

  7. Probably HARRY POTTER, because it’s the finale of an epic, years long series of established movies.

    But GREEN LANTERN will be better, quality wise.

  8. Not a Harry Potter fan but we all know how it will end,I will see GL and X-Men but not Harry Potter even though it will be the biggest.It will be interesting to see how Harry Potter goes up against Transformers 3.

    • HP will make more than Bayformers.

      • And how will it end Damian? Hmm…

        • I agree HP will be the biggest summer movie no contest.

  9. X-Men looks awesome as hell. Green Lantern, ugh, I just can’t help but get this feeling it’s gonna suck. I don’t know why. And I love the HP movies and this one is gonna be the best one of the series. BUT WILL WANER BROS SHOW SOME NEW FOOTAGE OF HP!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GL and X-Men are two different type of movies,comic related,yes,but it will take a different mind frame for GL.As someone posted above Fantastic 4-GL.

  10. I keep hoping that WB will release a statement saying that Part 2 will not be in 3D, but I doubt it.

  11. Green Lantern FTW. The only one thats brining something truly different.

  12. The article shouldn’t have included HP, we all know it’s going to make a ridiculous amount at the box office.

    Green Lantern will hopefully do really well.

    There’s an X-Men movie again?

    • Yea it should, responses to the new trailers in the theaters have been pretty favorable. Might prolly do same business as Thor.

  13. Incidentally the top 10 grossing CBMs of all time (Based on Domestic Theater Cumes) only involve these characters:

    Batman, Spider-Man, Iron-Man, & The X-Men (Men In Black is in there too)

  14. like i said before x-mens continuity better match with the first three film or they will be crushed by fans of film, and comics.i for one love both comic and film but film over comics.

    • “i for one love both comic and film but film over comics.”
      Well you just shot your credibility in the foot. How on EARTH (if you really read the comics)could you prefer the botched film world over the real thing?

  15. Green Lanter looks the weakest out of this batch. Harry Potter felt epic right up until they changed voices for the narrator. Lost me there too. X-Men… I can’t shake the feeling that Singer has already pissed on it before Vaughn got to it. Big mistake. With that said the tv spots are well put together. Cudos to those trailer cutters.

  16. Not feeling the compulsion /love some people have for Potter but then again a lot of people feel the same about Green Lantern but I can’t wait for it..I have only seen the first two Potter films..

    • GK,

      My daughter finished the book series a while ago and LOVES the final book. She’s got me reading it right now. :)