Channing Tatum Wants to Play Gambit in a Future ‘X-Men’ Film

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White House Down Channing Tatum Channing Tatum Wants to Play Gambit in a Future X Men Film

The X-Men film franchise may be entering its teenage years, but Marvel’s mutant roster has never been hotter. This summer’s The Wolverine (more or less) made up for the disappointing entry that was X-Men Origins: Wolverine and essentially jumpstarted buzz for next year’s X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Beyond that film, the future of the X-Men franchise is a bit more uncertain. Fox seems keen on pushing an X-Force film (written by Kick-Ass 2 writer/director Jeff Wadlow) out next, though what shape or form that project will take remains to be seen. The X-Men universe has such a rich array of characters that it has already introduced on the big screen, and given the limitless possibilities, any of those could potentially return in a future film. Now, one star has spoken out about which character he’d like to play.

According to Slash Film, Channing Tatum mentioned at a recent press event that he wants to bring Cajun mutant Gambit to life on the big screen. Here’s what the White House Down and Magic Mike star had to say:

“I would like to play Gambit. Gambit’s my favorite. I’m from New Orleans, around that area. My dad’s from New Orleans, and I like to do a Cajun accent. I could do it for real. No knock on Taylor Kitsch [who played the character in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’], though, ’cause I actually like his Gambit, but I’ve always lived around Cajun people. [...] Gambit was always like the woman-loving, cigarette-smoking, drinking [guy]. He was the punk rock of all the superheroes. He’s a thief. He kind of rode the line.”

Many X-Men fans share Tatum’s love of the character, but as he mentions, the role was already filled by Kitsch in a previous film. Kitsch’s portrayal of Gambit did receive mixed reactions from fans, largely because the character’s long-awaited appearance was so brief. There’s also the problem of his placement within the timeline of the X-Men films. X-Men Origins: Wolverine takes place roughly sometime in the late 1970s, before Wolverine loses his memory and long before he ever becomes a bonafide X-Man.

wolverine taylor kitsch gambit Channing Tatum Wants to Play Gambit in a Future X Men Film

If Fox really wished to bring Gambit back into the picture, there’s no doubt they could find a way to do so (after all, they’re about to bring time travel into the mix in Days of Future Past). However, the studio has already gotten enough flack from hardcore fans regarding the series’ already-convoluted continuity, and director Bryan Singer has revealed that he plans to clean some of that up in Days of Future Past.

If Fox ever decided to reboot the Gambit character (retconning or ignoring his Origins appearance), Tatum does sound like a viable choice, as he would bring a touch of star power and seems to have a genuine love of the character. Plus, the fact that Kitsch had back-to-back box office disappointments in John Carter and Battleship means that re-casting is a more likely option.

However, the bigger question isn’t whether or not Tatum would make a good Gambit, but whether or not Fox would go back to an element of the franchise that didn’t quite work the first time rather than expanding their burgeoning X-Men cinematic universe. In other words, don’t hold your breath for a Gambit return just yet.

Do you think Tatum would be the right guy to reinvent Gambit, or would you prefer Kitsch return as the character? Let us know in the comments section below.


X-Men: Days of Future Past hits theaters on May 23, 2014.

Source: Slash Film

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  1. I know our comments dont mean anything to anyone. Ive been a gambit fan since 1992 and i half to say tatum is deff not gambit material.the man who played gambit in orgins captured the right field of remy but didnt show enough cocky or masculen apperance.i myself is not impresed that tatum is playing such a big charector in the film but its not up to us its up to the directors .but my oppinion he is not a match to remy not even close . I myself suggest sam winchester from super natral he would play a great gambit size,hair,everything

    • I agree

    • Couldn’t agree more! I was trying to figure out who would be good in the role bc like yourself tatum doesn’t fit. Then you go mention sam winchester and my mind is made up.

      • I could not agree more that tatum would be awful playing gambit and definitely not Gambit material I my eyes the person that definitely has the look of Gambit is JOSH HOLLOWAY from LOST. He has the full look maybe not the accent but he has the look and charisma down.

  2. Sorry i made a couple spelling mistakes i was typing fast on the phone just so you know im sooooo cheesed that tatum is playing the raging cagin hes a comedian actor not a serious actor no offence hes great in certain movies but as gambit …….noooooo im sorry but no he doesnt have the accent or hair build or look gambits is chizzled jaw feature and 6,1 180 ? Tatum is like short and kinda chunky lmao sam from super natural or even jhonny debt someone with a little more spunk fire and cockyness … orry to say but i wont be seeing the movie but thats only mehh

  3. They should keep kitsch as far too many films these days are recasting main characters, which a lot of people are discouraged from watching them, its understandable if they are portaying another age, like the newer xmen films, but if theyre not then why change them? Its almost like its a completely diifferent character when its another actor

    • thats what i am talking about. i think channing would do a great job but you need to keep original people.

      • and i thought battle ship was bad ass

  4. I am so happy that they are using gambit in the next x-men movie! and I am thrilled that channing tatum has been cast as gambit. I never even thought about him as playing gambit, but now I love the idea for many reasons. First, gambit is attractive and so is channing, and gambit is from the south (new orleans) and channing is as well ( he can do a mean cajun accent!) so channing understands that world and he will make a TERRIFIC gambit! :) I am soooo happy that he was cast as gambit! Thanks x-men producers!!! I can’t wait for the new x-men movie with channing/gambit! :D

  5. Y prefiero a Taylor Kitsch :) Él se ve muy bien X-men origenes Wolverine solo que no le dieron mucha accion y destacamiento en la pelicula. Y poner a otro cuando ya estubo el (Kitsch)no se veria bien

    TAYLOR Kitsch:)

  6. TAYLOR Kitsch:) lo prefiero a él

  7. Though Channing is a great actor but still… Taylor Kitsch is the perfect Gambit for me. I don’t think Channing can do proper justice with this role. He doesn’t even look like the Gambit in comics and Taylor looked perfect.

  8. I preferred the original gambit… Taylor Kitsch.
    Recasting is a lot of frustrating and discouraging from watching.

    Channing Tatum is also one of my favorite actor but I think hes not fit for the role of Gambit. He looks huge and heavy on the screen, it should be more on slim and lean type…

    So, Pls. … do keep the original cast.

  9. I preferred the original gambit… Taylor Kitsch.
    Recasting is a lot of frustrating and discouraging from watching.

    Channing Tatum is also one of my favorite actor but I think hes not fit for the role of Gambit. He looks huge and heavy on the screen, it should be more on slim and lean type… The appearance and personality of gambit doesn’t fit for him.

    So, Pls. … do keep the original cast.

  10. It is confirmed that Tatum will be Gambit in the new X-Men: Apocalypse. Before we judge his role, we should remember the big roles that some actors got to play that we (as fans) gave crap for. Quickilver in the new X-Men: DOFP, to me, gave a spectacular role that we cut too soon before we gave him a chance on the screen. Going to Nolan’s Dark Knight universe, Heath Ledger received many negative critic before appearing on screen. And when he did, he absolutely dominated the role. Our own face of the franchise Wolverine was an unknown actor at the time before he was given the opportunity in the first X-Men. Don’t judge too soon on Tatum’s Gambit, give it chance when Apocalypse comes out in 2016.

  11. I also think Channing Tatum is not a good choice for Gambit. Taylor Kitsch was quite good although he had a little screen time in Wolverine. I don’t understand why they wanna change the actor. It would be soo much better if he had his own movie or had more screen time. I really hope Taylor Kitsch gets to play Gambit again.

  12. Taylor Kitsch portrayed everything about Gambit. Seriously, I have no idea about recasting Gambit by Tatum, he is completely out for Gambit. If they do want Tatum to cast as Gambit, why don’t they just put him in Origins, instead of choosing Taylor as Gambit as first place? Imagine Robert Downey cast as Ironman in the first, and suddenly recast the character by Johnny Deep or Tom Cruise ( just an assumption ), i believe everyone would be discouraged from watching. If you place Taylor as Gambit in the first place when filming Origin, then just stick with it as Taylor received good feedback for portraying Gambit.

  13. Please, bring back Taylor Kitsch.
    He freakin is Gambit and how could he have shown a real Gambit, when he appeared in the movie like freakin 5 minutes?
    Tautum is a rude, american-bro-guy, no Gambit material. I really hate to see, that he migth be gambit soon.

  14. Worst decision made by a casting director ever. Just bring back Taylor Kitsch.

  15. I see lots of fans are not happy about Channing Tatum choice, if you like to see Taylor Kitsch as Gambit again you can sign here, maybe we can catch some attention:)

  16. I think Tom Hardy would make a great Gambit.

  17. Someone there mentioned Jerad Padalecki (sam from supernatural) would fit for the role. The appearance is perfect Gambit no doubt but im worried that Jerad is not capable for a role that big. I really hate when marvle change casting for character every movie but i have to admit that almost 100% of the time the result is amazing.. Taylor was a great gambit but i believe we should leave the casting choice to the experts who know what thay are doing and know the actors abiltys abit better than as fans..
    And the fact that Tatum is a gambit fan makes me feel that he is gone put heart and soul into the character, and i trust the proudection to solve the”apperance” issues.
    Good luck Channing! And thank you Taylor!

  18. I could have seen Channing Tatum as Gambit, say in 2007, not because of his age then but because of his body. Gambit does strike me physically more along the lines of the actor first portraying him in Wolverine. Accent wise I’m sure Channing will do a better job and yay for his love of the character itself but he would need to do some serious work to slim down while also attempting not to look sickly doing it.

    Just believe he may have out grown the role; where as the original actor may still be able to step in those shoes again and possibly prove it was the films that failed in John Carter and Battleship and not his role.

  19. Yeah just leave it as you presented it. Taylor is Gambit, rather if you tried to revamp the series with Days of Future Past, which was great and a great idea! Don’t go recasting characters, that is what makes a movie start a down hill trend. Just have Taylor research the comic character and research the appearance and he is just fine!

  20. Taylor Kitsch is almost perfect for the role. He just needs to get the accent down and work on the attitude that Gambit has some more. If he does that he will be perfect for the role.
    Tatum is just all wrong for Gambit, I don’t think he’d do a bad job, it’s just he won’t do a great job like I know Kitsch is capable of.
    John Carter was not his fault, he’s not a bad actor and he was good in Origins. A film I for one actually enjoyed along with all of them so far to be perfectly honest. Cast Kitsch.

  21. I could not agree more that tatum would be awful playing gambit and definitely not Gambit material I my eyes the person that definitely has the look of Gambit is JOSH HOLLOWAY from LOST. He has the full look maybe not the accent but he has the look and charisma down.

  22. TAYLOR!!!! ONLY HIM! Its obviously… I dont want Tatum O.o no plsss plls whyyy??