New X-Men: First Class Clip is Magical

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X Men First Class Video Clip New X Men: First Class Clip is Magical

X-Men: First Class charts the true beginnings of Charles Xavier and his uncanny team of mutants. A big part of that origin tale is how the “homo superior” are first revealed to the world and more importantly, how the world responds.

After a long series of X-Men: First Class trailers that offered little variation or new footage, we have a brand new never-before-seen clip from the film, titled “Magic Trick” which depicts young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy), Raven “Mystique” Darkholme and Dr. Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) attempting to persuade the CIA into the reality of mutants living among them. There’s also a new TV spot which ties in nicely to this scene.

Yesterday we posted a new X-Men: First Class TV spot which presented viewers with a look at Mystique, Professor X and Magneto when they were but mere children, meeting for the first time. This new clip features Mystique and Xavier working together years later as they attempt to form a relationship with the U.S. government. Needless to say, it took more than words to convince them that mutants were real.

Magneto would not have handled this meeting well.

While the two CIA doubters respond with shock and awe, Oliver Platt’s “Man in Black” is easily impressed. From the brief glimpses of Platt’s character in the trailer (and TV spot below), he proceeds to work Xavier and the mutants, introducing them to Dr. Hank McCoy, but for how long that relationship with the government lasts, we’ll have to wait and see.

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

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  1. i loved Xavier’s tired sigh after Mystique’s little trick.

  2. With every new clip I am liking this movie more and more. It looks like they are doing a great job of laying a firm foundation in this movie and filling in a lot of blanks for us. I always wondered how mutants became known to the government. It looks like this film will explore link between government and mutants in detail.

  3. Maybe I’m hearing things, but did Xavier just call him ‘Agent Stryker???’ I could possibly be grasping at straws but is this a relative of Colonel William Stryker??? Another X-Movie connection???

    • I didn’t hear him say anything about Stryker.

      • He sure did.

      • He does @ 0:22

      • I could be wrong. Listen again.
        Old guy: Are you gonna ask us to think of a number between one and ten?

        Xavier: (Laughs) No, Agent Stryker(!). Although, I could ask you about the missiles America are currently placing in Turkey.

    • i heard him say “agent stryker” too at the 22-24 second mark

    • yeah i heard him say Stryker too

    • Oh man, hope they edit that out……

      • Why? You might remember that Stryker´s son is at some point one of Xavier´s students. They revealed that in X2. And with Stryker appearing in First Class, they lay the foundation for that.

        • Thought this was supposed to be some kind of reboot, why try and connect up with stories from other movies that they are supposedly trying to forget. Stryker was used as a plot point for the Wolverine storyline and is also last remembered for being the main antagonist in Wolverine:Origins, which everyone is supposed to forget.

          The guy also looks older then Brian Cox and it’s 1962. I know it’s supposed to be a comic book movie and people in comics don’t age but, it’s just going have people asking questions.

          • Nope it’s a prequel. Hence why the trailers have been using scenes from the first X-men. Although, it would have worked better as a reboot when factor in all the continuity errors the film is making.

          • Even if it is a reboot Stryker is part of Xmen lore. As a matter of fact my first Graphic Novel purchase I believe.

            You appear to be saying Professor Xavier was in the first Xmen movies he shouldnt be in the reboot (if it is a reboot). 😉

            Either way reboot or not Stryker is an Xmen villain.

            • The Stryker character as they presented him has nothing to do with the old graphic novel and they seem to keep trying to distance themselves from the old comics for some reason, so why bring him up in this movie ?

              I’m sure it’s going to amount to the few seconds that’s in the trailer but, the people who have seen the previous movies who aren’t comic fans will associate him with X-2 and Wolverine. The notion they are trying to distance themselves from Wolverine:Origins makes it an odd to choice to toss a name in this movie that will probably make some viewers say, “Hey that’s the guy from Wolverine, is Wolverine going to show up?”

              The reboot scenario is what allot of fans have been saying this is but, when they started using clips from the other movies to promo this one that kind of went out of the window in my mind.

              • Well I believe the Stryker in the books had a military background before he became a man of the cloth. He is much older (in appearance) in the books also.

                I think he was also introduced to the mainstream book line also but would need clarification.

                The character himself as a villain though is quite multifaceted with having a mutant son that more or less killed his own mother and being part of Weapon X, etc

                You can still forget about Origins Stryker and use X2 Stryker alone. Granted some people wont get it as you explain but most times they dont put all the pieces together as well as the people in the know do so I dont think it will matter as much from a viewing standpoint.

                I agree though and hope all it is is a little nod to say we are still in the same continuity vein as all the other Xmen films (cept Origins) and it doesnt amount to much.

                • Stryker did have a military background and the connect the dots thing they did with the movie probably has to do with the fact that Claremont actually reintroduced the character in the second run he had after 2000. The character wasn’t used before that at all after his 1982 appearance.

                  He originally killed his wife and child himself because the child was a mutant. The way he was written the second time around seems to be what they used for X-2 and they merged that with allot of the Weapon-X influences so throwing him in here almost links up more with the Wolverine movie version then his original depiction.

                  At this point the X-Men lore has become so messy that even this reboot in the books they seem like they were going for has broken down into the similar mess it was in during the late 90’s. The movies and books seems like they have cross-contaminated each other with things bleeding together depending on who the writer is at time.

  4. Quit showing me the whole movie!!


    • I know right! I can’t help myself, I have to watch lol!

    • Nautius,
      LOL.. you may be right about that!

  5. Ok when I read the title I thought they were going to have someone in the room killed with a Pencil like in Batman.

  6. One of those CIA guys was Stryker!

  7. With the sheer amount of clips that have been released someone might be able to piece the entire movie together!

    Seriously though, Fox seems to be trying a bit too hard to sell this movie.

    • I could be wrong but I think Fox is pushing so hard because they get the feeling it is going to under-perform at the box office.

      Nah, certainly if they thought it was going to do badly they would release a glut of dubbed trailers to pad the films international release in expectation of a poor U.S. reception. Wouldn’t they?

    • It’s just that those attached know how to market a movie unlike those attached to GL.

      • Hehehe, that had to be sarcasm.

        I mean those Photoshop posters & banners for this movie have got to be the most amateurish things I have seen used as “marketing”

        • Nope. Sorry, but Fox actually knows what they’re doing when it comes to markteting this film unlike those attached to GL.

        • I’m not talking about quality of the marketing (although, it’s still better than GL’s). Looking past the horrible posters, the studio is actually marketing the movie unlike WB waiting until the last minute to the get GL campaign started.

          • So you’re not talking quality of marketing when you said “It’s just that those attached know how to market a movie”?

            So what you’re saying is Fox knows how to market, badly.

            • Haha, something their marketing team should be proud of but don’t go down this road with Ghost Dante, he’s quite cemented in his opinions on the marketing campaigns of XFC and GL. The box office will be the deciding factor in this debate, but IMO it’s about quality not quantity and in that regard GL is in the lead.

              • Green Lantern has been advertising on television before X-men and comes out after it so, I don’t see how Warner has given less ad time for it. And I showed up late but, they bought a spot for Green Lantern right before Thor. I may have missed it but, was X-Men ran as well ?

              • I totally agree about quality over quantity. I was just confused by Ghost – his comment didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

                Truly the box office will tell the tale of the tape – and on that note I have a feeling XFC might just have more than a little something to fear in GL.

                • I think they both will do well but GL is releasing much more quality material than XFC, there is more optimism surrounding XFC than GL at this point, mainly due to some of the shoddy material it has released IMO. I will be seeing both of them.

            • But at least they’re marketing the film. I’ve seen far more advertisement for X-men than GL. WB just waited too long to start marketing their film, and is only marketing the film to the fanboy, not the general audience.

              • GL releases June 17th, I really don’t need to say anything more than that, jog on.

                • What a coincidence, a new T.V. spot was just released. Please insert foot in mouth now Ghost.

                • ::Sigh:: I’m not even gonna waste my time on this anymore. You obviously can’t read what I’ve said about this in other threads, and there’s no point in even continuing this BS.

            • BTW, I wouldn’t go soo far to say Fox is marketing the film “badly” as the whole point of that is to get poeple interested in teh film, and from a some of these comments, I say they’ve accomplished that.

              • You clearly haven’t been watching the NBA playoffs.

                • I was watching Cartoon Network (yes, I do watch it from time to time even at my advanced age…LOL) & I saw a trailer for XFC that was just awful – they had the voiceover movie guy saying all the names of the characters – when he got to Azazel I just about died from laughter.

                  I think that trailer alone spoke volumes on the quality of the X-Men marketing.

                  Anyone else seen this trailer?

                • Nope. I got better things to do.

                  • OK, kids, let’s keep it friendly m’kay?



                    • @Vic
                      In your opinion do you think GL is being marketed poorly?

                    • Timothy,

                      No, I think GL is being marketed just fine.


              • If you are basing the advertising campaign on what you see on sites like this and on Facebook I could see where it looks like X-Men is being represented more. Green Lantern and Thor were all over the NBA Playoffs and during prime time shows. I just saw an X-Men television spot on Sunday during a game and most of their other trailers have been shown on MTV and online.

                There was a big X in the corner of the multiplex I saw Thor in which is of course meant to clue customers in that the movie is coming out. Overall though I think Warner has spent way more money to get Green Lantern allot of exposure, which makes sense because I think they dropped more money on that movie then X-Men has gotten this time around.

                I wonder if Fox is going to run an X-Men marathon on FX like it did with other Marvel themed movies to promote Thor. It would actually make more sense since it is their studios movie but, it would blow that whole making people forget X-3 and Wolverine.

  8. Come on guys, they are not giving away to much, I am getting more and more convinced that this movie will end up turning out to be a good X-Men movie. For the average person this is great marketing, for comic geeks and the like who spend all the time thinking about it, you may be able to piece some of it together, but for the average person not so much. Stop being so negative, you may end up liking it, or your just going to convince yourself that the movie will suck, and then it probably will, for you at least.

    • ^ What he said.

  9. Jennifer Lawrence is Gor-G-Us LOL

  10. that was lil lame writing

  11. whoa!

  12. David crow plays striker

  13. This looks excelent!

  14. meh this movie will blow hard with a vengeance

    • Hmmm, good title for the next Die Hard movie.

      Bruce Willis is out to take down a group of terrorists who target a network of electric generating windmills. In actuality they are syphoning the power to re-sell on the black-market.

      Die Hard – Blow Hard with a Vengeance.

      Next summer.

      • I was actually thinking porno

  15. Looks pretty damn good. It’s getting better and better with more trailers available! Big X-Men fan.. wonder if we’ll see a cameo of Hugh Jackman anywhere!! LOL