‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer Reveals Strange Sebastian Shaw Sequence

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Kevin Bacon Sebastian Shaw Hellfire Club X Men: First Class Trailer Reveals Strange Sebastian Shaw Sequence

Two days ago we posted the UK version of the international X-Men: First Class trailer. It was almost identical to the Japanese, Russian and French trailers aside from different subtitles, but each has slowly revealed a few mere seconds of different footage.

Another version the X-Men: First Class trailer has launched on the official Marvel YouTube channel and at first glance, it’s exactly what we’ve seen before, with a few seconds actually taken out. But if you look closely, there is literally less than one second of something we’ve not seen before, something potentially very strange related to Kevin Bacon’s Sebastian Shaw…

The one subject that the X-Men: First Class marketing hasn’t delved into at all is that of the Hellfire Club, which may end up being the most important plot point in the film. Two of the film’s leads, Emma Frost (January Jones) and Shaw (Bacon), are involved with the Hellfire Club but the trailers thus far, have focused on the Magneto-Xavier relationship and not the villainous side of things.

Let’s start with a little history about the Shaw character. Shaw is one of the greatest supervillains of the X-Men universe. He’s a natural born leader, a genius and a mutant with the powers to absorb kinetic energy, allowing him to take a severe beating, just to turn into strength against his opponents. He studied engineering, started his own company and became a billionaire before turning 40. After being initiated into the Hellfire Club, it didn’t take him long at all to become its leader and start his plans for world domination… at least that’s the way it was in the Marvel Comics.

Watch this trailer and see if you spot anything unusual:

Missed it? Check out this split-second sequence that shows up after Banshee takes flight – this is the one difference in this trailer compared to the previous ones:

One, two, three… four arms?

Now, this is either some clever tie-in marketing to this week’s release of Mortal Kombat video game (see: Goro) and the second episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy (it’s not) or Shaw may be quite a bit different in Bryan Singer and Matthew Vaughn’s 1960s take on the mighty mutants.

Perhaps Singer, for his story, wanted to go with a villainous mutant with a more exciting power than just something physical, something with a little more flare to boost the visual side of any action sequences. Perhaps it’s just something related to that vial/hand grenade Shaw is holding onto or perhaps it’s just strange special effects animation and this trailer is intentionally throwing us all off. That’s a lot of perhaps.

What do you think is going on here?

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011 and I’ll be there.

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  1. It seemed like a reflective phenomemon.
    He was releasing energy more than anything else
    If he absorbs kinetic energy ,
    What would happen if Magneto attacked Shaw with his powers?

    • Well, Shaw isn’t metal 😉

      • He could throw his helmet on him…

  2. Four arms is nothing compared to how fanboys will be up-in-arms over this. As if they needed any more ammo.

    I was reading X-men when Shaw was first introduced. I’ve always thought his powers were pretty cool, and I’d think it could translate to screen okay. But maybe they thought some kind of twist would be better for the screen. Also, I don’t think there’s really anybody in the cast who’s simply super strong. You kind of need Colossus or Cyclops.

    The other thing is that this could represent, visually, how he absorbs power. When all is said and done there may not be four arms. It could just be some sort of visual fluctuation.

    Or, it could be that he absorbs different energy in different ways. So maybe they’ve expanded his abilities to that he reacts to all kinds of energies. So maybe he’ll even absorb mental powers. If this is the case, then I’d expect the Darwin character to go up against him.

    Finally, weren’t they planning some kind of PSI war, which I assume would take place on an “astral” plane. So this might not be “reality.”

    I’m still going to see it. And if they change the character, I really don’t mind (if the movie is good). What character hasn’t been changed in Superhero movies? Particularly the villains.

    • “I don’t think there’s really anybody in the cast who’s simply super strong. You kind of need Colossus or Cyclops.”

      That´s what I wanted to say. Thank you.

      • Ha, Scapegoat, idk if you are being sarcastic by quoting from above, but in reply to that comment above. I mean, Xavier is one of the strongest telepaths ever, Magneto is one of the strongest mutants ever, Beast is…well they don’t call him beast because he’s furry. Shaw is a pretty powerful git, Mystique is pretty fierce as well. Emma Frost is right up there with Xavier and Jean….I’m gonna stop there, especially since we still have a Summers in the film, and that family is just stuffed with powerful mutants. Soo yea, I think we’ll be fine without a Colossus and Cyclops.

        • I didn’t mean the lack of Cyclops and Colossus as a criticism, I’m suggesting that the filmmakers were trying to come up with something visual to demonstrate Shaw’s powers, since there isn’t a straightforward strongman type to throw a punch. I forgot that Havoc has similar powers to Cyclops. I’ve read the comics and seen the trailers too, so I’m aware that there are some powerful characters.

          It does remind me that I’ve always thought making cyclops eye beams red is rather confusing to readers and movie viewers if they aren’t supposed to be hot. I sort of wish they could change that for the movies. Now it looks like Havoc’s energy is red too, and perhaps causes fires.

        • No, Luke. No sarcasm at all. I meant it. Since there´s no one in the movie who is physically strong (like Colossus), it´s obvious that they had to change Shaw´s powers a bit. I´m okay with it. People need to understand that the source material for this film isn´t the comic book series “First Class”, but Singer´s first two X-Men films.

          • Thanks for clarifying, Scapegoat. I should be careful about bringing up C-Y-C-L-O-P-S. The comment on it’s own could look like a typical complaint about his exclusion from the movie.

            I was doubtful about this movie when the cast was first being announced with the characters(particularly Azazel and Darwin, both of whom I had to google). And as an older fan, I have a fondness for the original X-men. Otherwise, I’ve been 100% on board since the first trailer, which blew away all of my doubts.

            • I´m actually one of the few supporters of this movie. And although I´m not familiar with Azazel, I think it makes sense for him to be in this film, as long as he hooks up with Mystique at the end (or in a possible sequel).

              • thats because your nuts , just another thing to pump up singers ego, having to put his mark on yet another character that was fine before they messed with him

              • I’m fine with you supporting the movie Scapegoat, and I’m looking forward to it too. But careful that “your nuts” don’t become “just another thing to pump up singers ego.” I’m sure that wasn’t your intention.

              • Darwin is going to be in this movie? I haven’t been keeping up on this movie as much as I would of liked but I didn’t know that.
                Also im pretty sure Azazel is supposed to be Nightcrawlers dad from the comics isn’t he?
                This movie is looking much, much better than it originally sounded so I think ill definetly be checking it out.

  3. I’m kinda surprised how good this looks

    • yh same here

  4. Oh, and this is a really good “lightning rod” discussion. I suppose in a roundabout way, you’re building up excitement for Thor.

  5. He has a grenade in his hand that he detonates, he then holds the blast in his hands which is extremely similar to his comic book powers. The 4 hands thing is probably due to the special effect since he also has 3 heads.

  6. I don’t think what we’re seeing is four arms as much as a blur/super-speed effect. At least, that’s the way it looks to me.

    • i agree, because if you look under his left, our right, hand(s) you can see a fifth hand. prop just an effect :)

  7. They just probably tried to give Shaw some visual effects for his powers. Just standing there getting hit would not suit some people visually. If that was a incendiary device though they have changed his powers a bit since, ironically his son killed him by phasing a bomb into him.

  8. I agree it looks as though it’s some sort of strange visual after image effect of trying to absorb the explosion. Seems unnecessary to me.

    • I also don’t know if I would label him as one of the greatest villains of the X-Men universe. He has the power to be immensely powerful to be sure but to set him along side the likes of Apocalypse seems out of place. He is also fairly easy to neutralize 😉

      • Well considering he’s one of the only X-Men villains aside from Magneto to make it into the movies he has to be important 😉

        As for taking him down Storm just froze him till he almost passed out back in the Dark Phoenix comics. Any telepathic powers could probably do him in too.

        • “Any telepathic powers could probably do him in too.”

          I imagine that is where emma frost would come in.

          • Unless she turns on him at some point then it’s not a worry for him.

        • Importance in a movie is all relative. I was commenting on what Rob said, “Shaw is one of the greatest supervillains of the X-Men universe”
          Just because a villain doesn’t make an appearance in a movie (or even a comic) doesn’t mean they aren’t out there.

          • I was commenting on what the article said as well. It seems like the article was trying to build Shaw up since he may not be as well known or what some people might want to see.

        • Actually , Shaw was trained by Emma to resist Psychic attacks and is pretty good at it.

  9. Interesting take on his powers there, but I agree it’s just a strange special effect, he doesn’t grow more arms and heads. He’s just absorbing the explosion to become stronger like in the comics.

  10. Molecular morphing to contain the energy from the blast?

  11. I seem to remember Shaw and his Hellfire Club being taken down by a certain member of the X-men ALL BY HIMSELF. Hmmm I wonder who I am refering too, oh that’s m right WOLVERINE.

    • actually he doesnt take them all out he takes out Leland and Peirce.

      • And those three guys in the basement who became Reavers, and who knows how many other hapless guards….

    • That was pretty much the first or at least one of the first (aside from his debut in Hulk of course) stories that has Wolverine being the awesome bad-a$s he would later be established as.
      On a slightly off topic note does anyone remember much more recently (I think it was in an issue of Wolverine Origins) that Shaw had absorbed so much kinetic energy he he threatened Wolverine with actually bending the adamantium fused with his bones?

  12. same garbage trailer with a second or so worth of new footage. waste of time, if they really want to draw the haters in, they’re gonna have to step their game up and show us something beyond flash backs (to show ‘continuity(though it doesn’t seem to exist)) and some cheesy money shots.

    • Funny thing is I have not seen any of the trailers for this movie on television yet.

      • well, its not like you’ve seen many, if any, June movie tv spots either.

        • Green Lantern has been all over the NBA Playoffs already. They have two weeks between them and the Hangover and Kung-Fu Panda 2 ahead of it and the only thing coming out the week after it is Super 8. Green Lantern is out June 17th. They have tried to give it some room to make it’s money at least.

  13. This looks terrible. Is this the best they can do? Who the hell comes up with this crap?


  14. I dont care how many people hate on it…

    I cannot wait to see it! :)

    Oh, and it just looks like a special effects shot in the clip….

    • I am with you Tim. I had my worries, but the trailers have made this look amazing!

      • With me, it´s three. And we´re not the only ones who are looking forward to this.

        • Sweet, our numbers are rising!

          • The aye’s have it. Bill is passed. :-)

    • Yeah, and pay 800 billion Dollars for each movie.

      Vic, I might be wrong, but I think our “special friend” is back. You know what I mean, don´t you?

      • They’ll get their money back in about…..200 years. 😀

  15. marvel doing x-men right EPIC WIN! fox doing sequel to first class, and x-men 4 and 5 useing the characters i mention above, and making them more story/characters driven and not doing it like the non stop action wolverine film EPIC WINNING!!!!!

  16. By the trailers, so far this film looks pretty solid. Continuity aside of course.

  17. I bet it’s Changeling posing as Sebastian Shaw. I draw this conclusion because he was involved very early on in the X-Men and turned in to an enemy of the X-Men. I hope this is true especially since I am very upset over their decision of Kevin Bacon as someone as amazingly cool as Sebastian Shaw and maybe with his death (fingers crossed) we can get a cooler Sebastian Shaw.

  18. Well considering singer/vaughn, when selecting characters for this movie, simply scanned the comics and picked the “coolest” mutants they could find, without any concern for subject material continuity and trying to make it fit with the previous films… it seems like they either, 1) as someone said, the multiple limbs are merely a representation of how SHAW’s powers “look” when he absorbs energy, OR 2) they combined Shaw’s powers with those of FOREARM of the Mutant Liberation front/and or the savage land mutate that has four arms.

    “Let’s have a die with mutants on it, another with powers, and roll them! Whatever combo happens will be in the ahm… first class.”

    It does look cool, but what I liked about Shaw was his ability to be underestimated by opponents. If someone hasn’t fought him before, they’d never guess from his stature that he had such incredible strength. I do like the casting of Bacon.

  19. I still hope there is a Wolverine cameo. Something… anything. He needs to be in the story. In the yellow latex.

    • He will be in it. Maybe not in yellow spandex, but he´ll make a cameo. I bet my left testicle for it.

      • Wouldn’t putting Wolverine in this movie kind of negate the idea that has been tossed around that Origins:Wolverine never happened ? It is already hard to try and sell the idea of just forgetting things in the movies that don’t jive, sticking Wolverine in will just fuel the fire more.

        That said he is probably one of the only characters that could have been alive and the same age in 1962, thus not creating another continuity problem. Characters like Sinister and Apocalypse could also be used without creating confusion if used later down the line.

  20. Idk it just looks like the grenade goes off and the initial blast of energy is so much that it kind splits his body. But then his mutant power kicks in and absorbs the blast.

  21. i’m not familiar with shaw, but it almost looks like he’s absorbing the explosion, probably for his kinetic abilities – similar to lebeau and his playing cards.

    • Shaw has the mutant ability to absorb kinetic energy and use this energy to augment his strength, speed, stamina and recuperation capabilities to superhuman levels. He is capable of absorbing the cutting, piercing and thrusting energy from a blade which makes it exceedingly difficult to cut or stab him with sharp edged weapons.

  22. Or somebody just really screwed up on the FX. 😀

  23. this looks to be the best xmen yet for sure

    • I agree, it looks amazing.

    • Well, it can’t be any worse than the last two that’s for sure. Not like that makes this look any better though.

  24. the more i see of this movie, the more i cant wait to see it. bring it on!

    • Yeah, me too.

  25. If the film was another name, I would see it. When I hear X-Men: First class, I think of Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Angel, and Iceman (the snowman one). I think I will skip this film, I was never a big fan of the X-Men movies, and I this one doesn’t look to be any different. Once Marvel finally gets the rights back I will watch what they make but right now, I’m tired of trying to be milked for my money just because the name X-Men is on it.

  26. surely it’s just some sfx to emphasize his power absorption ability and they wouldn’t take their creative liberties that far

  27. if you look closely at the bottom of the shot, you can see parts of another two arms, so i don’t think it’s a Goro tie-in

  28. isn’t it possible that it is just his hands moving really fast or something… i don’t know, just proffering some point of view