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x men first class trailer X Men: First Class Trailer & Images

Two weeks ago the first official look at the cast of X-Men: First Class hit the net in what can only be described as a messy concoction of negative reactions, even from the director of the film, who did not approve of the amateur photoshop work.

Matthew Vaughn did his best to spin something positive out of the situation, by talking about the film’s story, characters and costumes, while releasing some better images (actual stills) from the film. While Vaughn made a good effort to paint the film in a better light, inevitably our best measure of this film is going to come from the official  X-Men: First Class trailer.

While they started off the marketing on the wrong foot, and while the film is being rushed to make its critical Summer release date, the fifth installment in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men franchise looks to rectify the mistakes of the previous two films (X-Men 3 and Wolverine) and re-launch the series in a new (and hopefully better) direction.

Watch and enjoy the X-Men: First Class trailer to see if they’re in fact heading in the right direction:

X-Men: First Class pulls viewers back in time to the 1960s when mutants are unknown to the world and for the most part, to each other, as we discover the origins of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) before they part ways and end up on opposite sides of the human-mutant conflict, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively.

Surprisingly, the video is actually not too different from the leaked X-Men: First Class trailer description from a month ago, which is a good thing, as what was described sounded pretty amazing. Now we know that it looks amazing as well, but how telling is it of the final product? I remember getting excited about the trailers for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, only to be let down twice.

Here are key screen grabs from the trailer for a better look at the characters of X-Men: First Class:

Has the X-Men: First Class trailer sold you on the prequel? Have director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer got it right with their new take on the X-Men?

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

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  1. I’ve got a theory on why the trailer shows images from the first movies.

    We get the cards saying “Before he was Professor X… he was Charles.” I don’t think they’re trying to link continuity but, for those who haven’t followed the comics, it links Patrick Stewart to James McAvoy and Ian McKellan to Michael Fassbender. If I didn’t know the characters, I could see myself wondering ‘Who’s Charles? Oh! It’s Captain Picard from the first “X-Men” movie!’

    They just want to show that it’s the same characters we know before we knew them. At least, that’s what I got from it.

    • I agree Jessie and I am having a hard time understanding how others couldn’t figure that out. It actually scares me a little.

      • @ Ink

        “I agree Jessie and I am having a hard time understanding how others couldn’t figure that out. It actually scares me a little.”

        I saw what they were trying to do but it sadly failed. You cannot expect to create a connection with the first movies and then say, “but only focus on these two characters!” Making that connection by default brings with it ALL the other character baggage.

    • It’s not about why those cuts are in the trailer, it’s the fact they feel the need to make the connection for the audience.

      Kinda like in Star Trek Nemesis they felt the need to show a picture of a bald Piccard at the academy so people would know it was a young version of him (like he was bald from puberty or something.

      • @ Panda: The physical changes alone in Charles Xavier warrant the connection be made. His defining features are that he’s bald and in a wheelchair. Neither of which are true in “First Class.”

        I know that James McAvoy is portraying Charles Xavier because I visit websites like this one. In order to appeal to non-comic readers and occasional movie-goers, a link needs to be established that there are characters here you’ve seen before. It may feel unnecessary and or seem like producers don’t think their audience is smart enough to figure it out, but they just need to cover all their bases. Better to be redundant than alienate a potential movie-going audience.

        • @Jessie- I hear ya, but I wouldn’t expect many people unfamiliar with the casting or story would be swayed by a character like Xavier (Magneto possibly). Most casual moviegoers will more likely be wondering where Wolverine is.

          Like I’ve said in another comment- no one felt the need to show clips of old Obi Wan in the Phantom Menace trailer. Or Shatner in the Star Trek trailer.

          • @ Panda: I would be swayed by a story focused solely on Xavier. I can only imagine the dark aspects of himself, knowing he can go into anyone else’s mind and yet not get up and walk out of a room. I’d imagine he’d had some self-destructive tendencies after whatever it was that put him in a wheelchair. (If anyone knows, please don’t tell me. It’ll ruin plans I have.)

            Plus, people had 30+ years to acquaint themselves with the world phenomenon that is “Star Wars” and Alec Guinness’ portrayal of Obi-Wan Kenobi, before Lucas Films release “The Phantom Menace.” Its only been 11 years since “X-Men” and it didn’t really break any ground cinematically like “Star Wars” did.

            The same goes for William Shatner. Through the “Star Trek” films (the first one with Capt. Kirk released in 1979 and his last appearance in 1994) Shatner has almost become a caricature of Kirk. People have had decades to relate him with his character. “X-Men” doesn’t have the longevity that the other series have produced.

            • “I would be swayed by a story focused solely on Xavier.”

              We’re talking about general movie-goers, are we not? My point is that I don’t think people who are not familiar with the comics and have such little recognition of the film trilogy that they wouldn’t know Xavier by name are going to be swayed by a younger version of the “the bald guy in the wheelchair”. Yes – Xavier is a fantastic character, but general movie-goers (that I would define as someone only familiar with the previous movies) looking for an action/superhero movie aren’t going to be swayed by a young Xavier. Twist that however you want… I really think you and I think alike, we just have different opinions about what will generate interest for this movie in the eye of the general public.

              I for one think the X1 cuts make the trailer look cheap. I think that having line like “Before they were enemies, they were friends… Before he was Prof X he was Xavier, Before he was Magneto he was Erik” would be enough to establish this is a prequel about Xavier and Magneto, no cuts of old versions needed. Just my opinion

  2. This is a quote from yahoo

    “Director Matthew Vaughn told Entertainment Weekly that the 1960s setting makes this film like “X-Men meets [James] Bond, with a little bit of ‘Thirteen Days’ thrown in.” It’s clear in the trailer that the style of the ’60s is everywhere in the movie, from the character’s regular clothes to their X-Men uniforms, which copy the blue-and-yellow color scheme from the original comic books. Obviously, there is a lot of action in the movie, but Vaughn insists there’s more to it than that. He said, “It’s got a lot of teenage angst. The ‘Twilight’ girls will like it.”

    Um… I KNOW for effin sure I’ll pass on this now!

  3. I refuse to watch this movie…im sure captain america or transformers 3 will be out around the same time. Thank God their are so many options this summer. I think we can all agree its going to be a great year for movies.

    • Dude, you will be the first one there, lol. No, honestly, you are looking forward to Transformers 3 but not this?? Oh, well.

      • Alpine I bet he won’t telling people that they will watch a movie when they say they won’t is the most pathetic argument in existence. It’s basically saying you have nothing worth saying but you want to try and talk trash anyway. Unless you can read minds you have no right to tell anyone what they will and will not watch and essentially make your self look like a troll when you try to do so.

  4. First off I loved the trailer. It looks like they got the characters right even if they arent a traditional x-men team. I am looking at this as if they are saying “forget there was an x-men 3 or wolvering movie”. It looks like this story might fit with the first 2 x-men movies that Singer made. Why not? Singer wasnt in the latter two projects. I like Singers work on the first two so I am excited to see this. I wouldnt be suprised if we see Magneto and Mystique leave together at the end of the movie. The Brotherhood begins…… Again I am looking at this as Singers 3rd x-men movie. Its a prequel to HIS x-men movies.

    • It’s not Singer’s film, it’s Matthew Vaughn’s.

  5. So far we have been let down by four X-men movies, so my expectations are extremely very low for this one.

    • YOu need to keep your let-downs to yourself. You don’t speak for “we”, I was let down by X3 and to a lesser extent Origins, but I enjoyed 1 & 2 immensely.

      • Totally agree, INK!! X-2 is one of the greatest comic book films ever made, IMO.

        • I agree Andy S. X-2 is easily in my top 5 best comic book films.

          • x2 was a great installment and by far the best of the franchise.

  6. I’m just going to wait and check the ratings on IMDB before I go see it. If it gets good reviews I’ll check it out. Hate that it’s an alternate timeline but the trailer still looks good. I had extremely low expectations but the trailer looked better than I thought. I also love that it appears Magneto’s costume is closer to the comic than in the first two x-men movies.

    And while I’m thinking about it…I REALLY want to see an X-Factore Movie. Archangel, Wolverine, Deadpool, Psylocke, and the other guy. That’d be amazing. Archangel is one of my favorites. A movie with that and Apocalypse, the 4 horsemen…epic.

  7. what happened to Colossus he was one of the best characters in the X-men franchise?

  8. All this back and forth bickering is tiresome to say the least.

  9. It’s too bad, Fox owns the rights and not Marvel/Disney.

  10. the trailer looks good(to my surprise). who cares if it follows the timeloine.

    • the fans of the Xmen

  11. It actually looks pretty good IMO.

  12. The trailer didn’t look bad; better than I expected. Are there problems? Yes, but I’m hoping for some good action and effects.

  13. Sometimes I wonder if a film franchise could pull off a one-off, sorta “what if” movie without rebooting. This would be a perfect opportunity but having the actual first class comic characters in the 60’s

    I for one think audiences would buy it if the movie is done well (i.e., writing, plot FX). Sure, there’ll be people saying “so – aren’t these the same characters as the 2000 movie?” but is that any worse than people nitpicking about timelines and character ages and recasting and so on?

    Just a thought

    • A one-off …

      Isn’t that the premise for the new Wolverine movie? A basic story in the life of Wolverine?

      • @ Ink,
        Kinda, but isn’t Wolverine the same continuity of Xmen films? What I’m suggesting is to do a First Class movie set in the 60s, with whatever characters they want to use (Cyclops, Jean, etc) but NOT be a reboot or prequel. Then later they can do X4 if desired picking up where X3 left off.

        Just trying to think outside the box because studios seem to become slaves the continuity created by previous films. I’m surevthere are practical obstacles (like option contracts on the actors) but I don’t think audiences would object too much. SR did something similar by ignoring 3 a nd 4 ever existed, then agin 20 years had passed since those films.

        It might be worth the risk, kinda how Batman Begins was somewhat of a risk and it was the genesis of the reboot (debatable maybe, but IMO it is)

    • that would be fine and acceptable if that where the case but its not this is a prequel its not a reboot.

  14. By reading comments on Thor, Captain America, and X-Men FC its easy to see where the most passion is. I will admit I lose myself sometimes when commenting and I apologize for that. It truly is nice to see so many out there who love the X-Men as much as I do. I really hope we ALL get a good movie here and to come. Thanks all!

  15. this looks awesome!!@@@@

  16. I dunno…I think the whole concept of putting out a trailer is to generate interest, and in this case I would have to say mission accomplished if the number of posts here is any indication. Like it or not, Fox owns the rights and are releasing the movie. Like it or not, they will continue doing whatever they want with this property regardless of the glowing or caustic opinions of anyone truly interested. All the disagreements and/or in fighting wont change anything, but the reactions are stimulating and free of charge…
    It remains to be seeen if the finished product will be able to make the same claim.I gave up griping about the casting and continuity issues a while back.

    I just hope its a fun movie, ya know?

  17. Hmm let’s see. The trailer for Iron Man was awesome and so was the movie. The trailer for The Incredible Hulk was awesome and so was the movie. Granted Spider-Man 3 was lousy, but it seems like more the exception than the rule.

    • Andy I’m with you on Hulk. I thought Ironman was good, but I’m one of the few who really loved Incredible Hulk I think it was better than Iron Man it tried to be more than a basic special effects driven straight forward action flick and it succeed. It was a smarter film over all and I loved it.

      • I am totally with you on that one Daniel. Incredible Hulk stands as one of my favorite comic movies of all time. It was one of the first times that they really caught the essence of a comic character. With the exception of the Batmans of course. It was the perfect mix of good writing, great acting, and awesome special effects.

    • Wolverine trailer was cool, it was weak. Terminator Salvation trailer was EPIC and the movie was awful… in fact, it was so bad it ended the franchise and they couldn’t even sell the rights after 😐

      • I read somewhere that the rights to Terminator sold for $30 million and Lionsgate and Sony were both bidding. That franchise still has significant value (I, even if Salvation was a disappointment and I’m sure many would say that it left the franchise with nowhere to go. What would the franchise have sold for before Salvation? Not sure.

        Talking about epic – some of the best trailers IMO ended up being for some of the most disappointing movies (again IMO): Star Wars Ep 1, Watchmen, Spiderman 3.

        But back on topic – at the end of the day trailers are about marketing. Give away enough to attract an audience but don’t give up everything so people don’t get turned off. I think this XFC trailer does a pretty good balance. Overall I think it’s successful

  18. Come on now people. Iron Man 2 was average at best I would say. The 2nd Hulk film was better than the 1st, but that is not saying much. The we have the god awful Punisher atrocities, along with the ill conceived whacked out Fantastic Four movies.

    Remember Daredevil and Elektra? Spidey 3 sucked and so did X3. The Wolverine film below average also.

    All good trailers? Perhaps, but the movies were terrible.

    • Hahahahaha

      Gonna have to disagree with you Incredible Hulk was not only a great comic film, but a great film all together. One of the best comic films period and the seems to be an opinion shared by most even if you don’t agree.

      Also Punisher 2004 may not be a film you liked, but it has a fair amount of fans like it or not. War Zone was crap though.

      Quick being a DC fanboy and marvel hater it’s pretty obvious at this point. I’m a Batman fan and prefer it over anything Marvel has made so I’m in no way a Marvel fanboy. So take it from me when I say it’s better to just respect a good film when it happens rather than being a blind one sided fan boy in the company wars.

      Were those films you listed terrible? For the most part, but Daredevil does have a fair amount of fans like it or not.

      Terrible Marvel films (That Marvel didn’t actually make or have anything to do with.) Lets not forget Marvel doesn’t actually own the rights to any films that have been made other than the new hulk and Ironman which the vast majority would call great
      Spiderman 3
      Punisher Warzone
      Fantastic Four 1 and 2

      Now lets compare to the good films on the Marvel side

      Iron Man
      Iron man 2 (May not be as good, but still far better than most comic films)
      The Incredible Hulk
      Spider Man
      Spiderman 2
      X-men 2

      That puts marvel in the plus side and that’s not even mentioning all the borderline films that are not so clear cut like Wolverine, Dare Devil , Punisher 04, Blade 2 and Blade 3 and Ghost Rider all of which despite not being mostly loved do have a strong fan following with lots of support. Now compare to DC You got a bunch of Superman flicks and a bunch of Batman flick. Tons of variety. Sadly most of these meet the middle ground un certain list.

      Superman, Batman 89 and both Nolan films are the only ones that are for sure considered good DC films. Where as Superman 4, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin are all considered crap. Superman 2-3 and Batman Returns all meet the middle ground zone list and can neither be defined as great or bad for sure. This isn’t even including Green lantern which seems like it will also be a middle ground considering most people hate it, but it has a semi strong following trying to say it looks good.

      So despite thinking that DC is a better comic company the only logical conclusion is that Marvel so far is better for comic films. Not only do they have more film, but more good films and far more variety in their films rather than the same two heroes over and over.

      • I agree with almost everything you said, except the part about Superman 2. That movie was freakin’ awesome.

        • Andy while a lot of hardcore superman film fans love Superman 2 it also has a large group of haters much like my self.

          I’ll never in my life be able to forgive Superman 2 for the worst scene I’ve seen in a comics film in the history of comics films. Superman rips the S off his chest and throws it at the bad guys. That is by far with out a shadow of doubt the worst thing I’ve ever seen in a comic film in my life and it makes me want to vomit. It was so bad that it even ruins the first Superman for me.

          • I loled when I read your comment on the “S” emblem entangle because if anything was completely WTF, THAT was it. In fact I am STILL waiting for some reasonable explanation as to why Superman had the absolutely silly power.

            2 was very love hate for me. I loved both Zod and Ursa and the set up for their entrapment. BUT I hated Supes sleeping with Lois, revealing he was Superman, using some hokey chamber to turn himself into a human (Couldn’t they just make a whole army of Supermen with this device?) and then using it to defeat Zod and flunkies. Sure the plot was clever but the base idea was very ill conceived.

            but I digress…..what were we talking about? :)

      • i just wanted to add a few more bad marvel films that you didn’t mention: Daredevil, Blade 2, Blade 3. There is sadly a long list of bad marvel films.

        • Luke I mentioned all those movies but not in the bad movie section I put them in the middle ground section because while you may not like them those movies do have fans and a decently large enough amount of them to not be straight up bad movie.

      • “compare to DC You got a bunch of Superman flicks and a bunch of Batman flick”

        You must be giving DC sympathy points because you forgot to mention Supergirl and Steele. I’m still waiting for an announcement of an Enlongated Man 3D

        Curious to see how Green Lantern turns out

  19. Michael Fassbender looks like he will nail it as magneto.

  20. Looks great, and much better than expected. I’m in.

  21. I’m not going to watch this film. The trailer was very meh. They could’ve made it better. One issue I have with this is that it takes place in the 60s. Thats over 30 years ago!! So that means that today, (or in the original X-Men series) all the main characters – other than Professor X and Magneto, obviously – would be in their 40s or 50s. That was pretty stupid. If they could mess up on such a simple thing like that I wonder what else they must’ve fu<ked up on in the script. Count me out for this one.

    They should've just stuck with the Magneto movie. It would've probably been better, probably.

    They should just hand back all of their cbms back to Marvel and stop F-ing around.

    • I’m not sure I’m following what you’re saying.

      The only characters here from the X-trilogy are Prof X, Magneto and Beast and they’re all appropriately aged.

      Mystique is the other but she ages slower.

      Assume Havok is Cyclops’ son – the timeline in the film continuity makes sense. The problem is explaining Beast’s lack of fur in his X2 cameo and explaining how Emma Frost was in Wolverine.

      • i am with you on the emma frost thing. but what if this is set after wolvies flick…. but wait why wud prof choose havok over cyke. cmon on people cykes like prof x’s bit.. er i mean son :-) seriously!!!! cmon. i will be honest the movie looks good as just that… a movie but fan wise it has a lot of holes. oh and i can explain the beast problem…
        can anyone say image inducer???? well in x2 he cud be using one. problem solved.

        fox needs to wake up
        make a x movie with the original xmen cyclops marvel girl beast iceman and angel. from there all will fall into place.

        • Wolverine was set in the 70s, FC will be set in the 60s.

  22. Trailer looks good, although i was uneasy abt recycling the older scenes at the beginning. One thing worries me is how they juggle all the characters around charles n eric. We dont want another X3 thats for sure.

    • They HAVE to do that to let mainstream audiences know what it is and remind them it’s the same characters, same series, etc.

      I thought it totally worked as an easy way to introduce McAvoy and Fassbender as the characters.

      • They don’t HAVE to do anything (I don’t remember the first Phantom Menace trailer showing clips of old Obi Wan), but sure, Xmen isn’t exactly Star Wars in the film business. And it doesn’t detract from the trailer although I find it cheesy personally, and doubt Xmen fans are put off by it.

        sorry- I just annoyed when the argument is they HAVE to, but I know what you mean

      • “…an easy way to introduce McAvoy and Fassbender…”

        I just felt they could have taken a different approach in re-introducing those characters, something other than the “easier” way.

        • No, that’s not the point. They want EVERYONE to know this is the prequel to X-Men. This is how they became the X-Men and the Prof.X and Magneto we knew.

          • I think what he’s saying is there are more creative ways to show it’s a prequel. I also think the X1 cuts make the trailer look a little cheap (although I like the rest of it, just not the beginning).

            I believe saying “before he was Magneto, he was Erik,” etc., plus establishing that it takes place during the 60’s (as shown by the Kennedy TV clip) is sufficient to show this is a prequel.

  23. I admit that I was nonplussed with most of the scenes in the trailer since everything tended to be shown quite quickly for you to register stuff immediately. But the A-12/SR-71 Blackbird being flown into what could have been the Cuban missile crisis really got my attention. It was like watching a super-powered armed intervention the likes we haven’t seen before not since the storyline in that Gundam 00 anime.

    I already hate the continuity errors in this one. I’m awaiting a very plausible explanation on Beast, Angel and Havok.

    McAvoy and Fassbender so absolutely rule in this one that I think I blocked out the other cast except for occasional glimpses of Rose Byrne – she’d have made a cute Shadowcat but Ellen Page nailed it first and made it more iconic to date.

    I’m still warming up to the addition of Azazel in this one. If only a younger Warren Worthington’s Angel or even one of his Cheyarafim ancestors made an appearance then I’d be satisfied since it’d all make sense.

    Well, I’d rather be sensible and reserve full judgment on this one until June 3rd. I may not like it for now, which has been my prevailing mindset of recent comic book adaptations, but I’ll certainly come clean about being wrong about something… occasionally. I’d probably knock back a couple of beers and laugh it off when that happens. Chill, guys.

  24. I love X-Men! May it be forever told through any medium

  25. I’ve had MASSIVE doubts about this film. And the trailer really doesn’t end those doubts. Sure, it looks like it will be a “good” story. It looks like it will have some pretty cool graphics. My only real problems with the film is this: Inconsistency in the timeline ie Beast w/hair when in x2 he’s normal then in x3 he’s a beast again and Emma Frost in Wolverine Origins as a teen now she’s a 30 years old woman half naked flaunting around-takes away from some classiness. Also the title tricks you “First Class” is Scott, Beast, Iceman, Angel. Obviously if this film is in line with the other xmen films the line up has to change somewhat (and i’m okay with that) but this has too much reliance on not so famous of xmen characters.

    In all honestly if they just titled the film something OTHER than first class I would probably have had a different attitude. but because they really pushed the FIRST CLASSness of it and it only have ONE actual XMAN (Beast) I’m just a little disappointed.

    But like I said…I’m sure it will be entertaining, just not what I was expecting is all.

    • They kept the name “First Class” because they liked it. It’s not based on the comic but a lot of people are still hanging on to that for some reason.

      Those who read the First Class series represent less than 1% of those who will see this movie when it’s all said and done.

      • Well, liking a title isn’t a good reason to keep it, especially if it gives off the wrong connotations.

        In regards to the first class comics…I don’t care about them. I strictly mean the original comics. And those who will see this film will have knowledge or read them and will be a greater than one percent. I just think to title it “First Class” was silly, when they could have simply called it X-MEN Origins rather than First Class as it is not the “first class.”

        • In the X-Men film universe, this IS the “First Class” of Xavier’s mutants. It totally works for me.

    • Well the continuity problems with these movies seems to be one part laziness, one part wanting to do too much at one time. As I said in another post from the first movie they seemed to want to fit as many characters in as possible since they seemed unsure of how many films they were even going to do.

      Hank McCoy and Kitty showing up in two second blips was just done to pop the audience I guess and when they re-introduced them with different actors and the blue version of Beast it was just kind of done with no explanation. The Emma Frost thing pretty much seems like the same deal, they threw that character in to do one special effect sequence that they could have written any other way and now it kind of makes no sense in the story they are trying to tell.

      Aside from not going by the comics which in reality is pretty hard considering how many different directions the X-Men books have gone in the last twenty years the people making these movies have just done a bad job of creating and maintaining its own narrative.

      • i agree with you slayer. There is a massive amount of material to shift through. I’m perfectly happy with xmen 1 and 2 which are good ways of picking various elements from stories and making them into something new. And it is definitely just laziness the continuity issues between the films.
        Yeah Rob I get this is “the first class” for the film universe, but that still doesn’t help deal with issues of beast and emma frost and havok. Sure, even if you go with the image inducer for xmen 2 that still doesn’t solve emma frost and havok being scott summers younger brother. Though it sounds like they are going to try and solve that with some “clever” story telling. I also think they should have de-slagged emma frost as well, and made her a bit more classy rather than trashy.

  26. I am truly surprised by how entertaining this looks. Initially, I had absolutely no interest in this- but that’s begun to change. =)

  27. I have to say this trailer is awesome. I have total faith in this movie, even the whole timeline/characters problems are bull. Can’t wait till June 3rd.

  28. DEAR SIR looks very good but must wait to see . WHEN will they do sub- marine . also WHAT will disney be doing now that they own marvel???? PLEASE e- mail me at billzuschlag@yahoo.com thank you . 3-d any body . green hornet was goood look forward to green lanter . dc moving to calif part not all WHAT is the plane///????

  29. Looks great ! – by the way , X.men 3 The Last Stand was excellent too – Stop slagging it off !