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x men first class trailer X Men: First Class Trailer & Images

Two weeks ago the first official look at the cast of X-Men: First Class hit the net in what can only be described as a messy concoction of negative reactions, even from the director of the film, who did not approve of the amateur photoshop work.

Matthew Vaughn did his best to spin something positive out of the situation, by talking about the film’s story, characters and costumes, while releasing some better images (actual stills) from the film. While Vaughn made a good effort to paint the film in a better light, inevitably our best measure of this film is going to come from the official  X-Men: First Class trailer.

While they started off the marketing on the wrong foot, and while the film is being rushed to make its critical Summer release date, the fifth installment in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men franchise looks to rectify the mistakes of the previous two films (X-Men 3 and Wolverine) and re-launch the series in a new (and hopefully better) direction.

Watch and enjoy the X-Men: First Class trailer to see if they’re in fact heading in the right direction:

X-Men: First Class pulls viewers back in time to the 1960s when mutants are unknown to the world and for the most part, to each other, as we discover the origins of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) before they part ways and end up on opposite sides of the human-mutant conflict, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively.

Surprisingly, the video is actually not too different from the leaked X-Men: First Class trailer description from a month ago, which is a good thing, as what was described sounded pretty amazing. Now we know that it looks amazing as well, but how telling is it of the final product? I remember getting excited about the trailers for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, only to be let down twice.

Here are key screen grabs from the trailer for a better look at the characters of X-Men: First Class:

Has the X-Men: First Class trailer sold you on the prequel? Have director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer got it right with their new take on the X-Men?

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

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  1. Much better than expected…Fassbender looks great as Magneto

  2. We only see him for a second in the trailer, butBeast just looks like s@!t to me. One thing I liked about X3 was Beast was done really well (and Grammer was perfect for the part). He looks like the cat-faced version of the last 10 years or so (which I really despise)

  3. I have had very low expectations for this film, not as low as the Spidey reboot, but pretty low. That being said, this trailer looked pretty good. I’m actually surprised how much that trailer interested me in this movie. Depending on how the rest of the trailers look, I actually will probably go see this.

  4. NOPE Just not feelin’ it. Definitely lost that lovin’ feelin. And it’s gone, gone, gone, ooohhh ohh oh.

  5. Sticking to my last declaration not to see this one in theatres.I have rights, by God, and I mean to exercise them when it come to XFC.

    • I’m with you on this one. No way I pay to see a made for tv movie.

  6. X-3, Wolverine then this film. It probably won’t be as bad as Wolverine but will likely be as bad as X-3. It’s so very frustrating watching these disaster films be made when there are so many awesome story arcs in the X-Men archives.

    • You think X-3 its better than Wolverine?

      • Sadly, as heart wrenching it is to say, I also though X-3 was better than Origins.

        • yeah I agree x3 was a little better then wolverine, the best part of wolverine is the first 30 mins everything else after sucks ass

    • i completely agree.

  7. It looks like they are trying to take great care into creating a pretty good movie. i kind of like that they choose unknowns for the parts. I also like magnetos helmet, it looks more like the one in the comics. Ok I’ll watch it.

  8. The trailer looks good to me.

    I’m still on the fence about the film though, but now my interest for the film has gone up. But for me to know if I really want to watch the film is by seeing if the rest of the trailers are good (or better) and see the reviews from critics and fans.

  9. Katze,

    I really think you need to look at the movie version of comic book characters/stories as an alternate universe version and not expect them to stick strictly to the source material.


    • Vic, yeah but there are still limits. There are some integral things from the stories that there are absolutely no reasons for people to mess around with. Cyclops, for example, has always been recognized as Xavier’s first student. And following that was Angel, Beast, Iceman, and finally Jean Grey, who they all fell in love with. It was a cute story that would have adapted just fine to the movie screen.

      Keep in mind it’s still a kind of mythology, and it’s gonna irritate the people who love these stories, when people do movies based on these myths, like it or not, and say “okay so Odysseus didn’t do that, he did this instead… Achilles was actually Hector’s friend, Mars was Zeus’ brother not his son, etc.” Lord of the Rings is a perfect example. Peter Jackson cut some stuff out from the books and expanded on some scenes, and it STILL upset people. However, the difference is where Peter Jackson really had good reason to make these changes, in this case there isn’t much of a great reason that I can understand.

      I like the X-Men movies anyway despite all the changes, but it does irritate me, and that’s just one of the reasons I’d like to see these characters return to Marvel – as well as Spider-Man.

    • Vic, I think you hit on an important point here. What made Singer’s original “X-Men” film and its initial sequel so successful was how they captured the heart of the comic. I grew up on these comics, and I’m not bothered by many of the character changes, in terms of the cast and the ages of those characters.

      What bothered me about X3 was how poorly written the script was, how it had characters doing things that made no sense (Magneto can lift the Golden Gate Bridge to get his army to Alcatraz, but he can’t just drop the bridge on the island facility itself to kill Leech?), actions that were totally out-of-character (Jean killing Scott–right).

      People who wish more of the storylines from the comic would be transplanted should consider the mess that was the third X-Men film. Most superhero comic books are essentially soap operas in spandex. Soap opera storytelling doesn’t typically work well for film.

      For my part, I love the trailer for “First Class.” I get the feeling they’re on the right track. I *NEVER* got that impression from the previews for the third film.

    • I disagree with you Vic. The greatest super hero films do not stray very far from the source material.

      • Insider while I agree with you I don’t believe Vic ever said the best stray far. He’s simply saying that the movies have their own stories and set in another universe. I think both points are valid and the best comic films find a happy middle ground between faithful and original.

    • Vic while I agree with you completely on your point I think your using as defense for the wrong film. I’m usually the first to say I like comic films to create their own stories to create some originality. As long as they stay faitful to the comic in some ways.

      However you said we can’t expect them to stick strictly to the source and while that’s true there is a difference between creative liberties and changing just about everything. This doesn’t even resemble what the actual first class is. It may very well be a good film, but it won’t be a respectful film. It’s very disrespectful to the source already and we don’t even know everything. We just know enough to know that (as far as I can remember) no other film has ever strayed this far from the source ever. This is the most creative liberties I’ve ever seen taken.

      I don’t mind not following a specific story and sort of creating your own in fact I’m in favor of it. My rules usually are as long as you don’t change the characters personalities and the tone of the comics. This seems to be way more serious than the tone of Xmen and it changed the characters. I don’t even mean that they have odd personalities I mean he literally removed the actual characters and replaced them with ones that don’t make sense at all. Every member of the actual First Class is not in this film they were all removed aside from Beast who actually didn’t have Fur in the actual first class. Emma is Cyclops age in the comics and they fall in love and in this she is on par with Xavier. At this point in the comic time line Mystique was a spy not having anything to do with Xavier or Eric. Havoc is Cyclopes brother and his YOUNGER brother at that. Cyclops has been destroyed in all three of the Xmen films and now he just gets dropped out of the cast all together and despite being the first Xmen in the comics it has yet to be born in the film.

      • If Singer´s first X-Men movie stuck to the source material 1:1, it would have taken about 15-20 years before Wolverine showed up. And what kind of an X-Men movie would that have been without Wolverine. I know he was overused in the sequels, but it was a good starting point for the average cinema goer.

        And although they all say Wolverine won´t appear in this movie, I´ll be he will. Maybe just a cameo at the end or so, but he will appear. It´s too seductive.

        • Scape again there is a difference between making some changes for the story and making radical changes. Singer changed things, but nothing as radical as this has.

      • Yeah, I’m not saying it’ll necessarily be a great film, but I think it exists within movie continuity and not comic book continuity. They used the comics as the jumping off point and stayed sort of faithful, but this looks like an extreme reboot, where they’re really going off in a different direction (as opposed to Star Trek, for example, where they tried to stay very faithful to the original).

        Of course I’m not a huge X-Men fan, so this isn’t bothering me so much – but I could have been annoyed by a few things in Iron Man (my all time favorite comic book title) but I let them slide because within the context of the film, they worked.


        • Vic I don’t think Iron Man is a fair comparison. I’m a huge fan of both Iron Man and X-men and I can tell you while iron man made lots of changes it was still nothing near the level of this film. This is with out a shadow of doubt the least faithful comic film ever made. It’s not a simple matter of they changed a few things its that they changed every thing. They could easily change the character names and call it something else and no one would confuse it with the Xmen first class coimcs because they really are not that similar. My problem is by making this film they hurt the chance of a good X First class ever being made. It’s the same argument with the Uncharted film the changes being made here shockingly are even more radical than the changes for Uncharted which are insanely radical as it is. It’s simply not right of them to change this much of it.

          Why call it first class? Why even make this movie ? To me there isn’t one redeemable thing about it for an actual X-men fan it honestly feels like they spit in our faces. I think there is a pretty clear divide so far it seems like people who have actually read the X comics and been fans hate this and those who don’t read the comics don’t care.

          Of course you should never go out of your way to only please the fans of the project. of course you have to appeal to the mass audience, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore the actual fans all together and no only ignore them but show no regard or respect for the source material that they are fans of. All they did was take the name X-men First Class and use a few character names that don’t actually exist for the most part during the First Class time period.

          There is no excuse for this. Some people may try to say that they made the changes to fit the movie continuity but this seems more like it’s mean to be a reboot and not follow the continuity at all that seems obvious based on the use of Emma Frost alone who they changed the actress of and the age of acting as if she never appeared in the Wolverine film. So not only does it not follow the comics at all in any way not even close less close than any other film in history, but it doesn’t even follow the established film continuity in anyway. So there is no reason for the disregard for the comics other than to spit in the faces of the fans.

          It’s like making Iron Man but not having it be Tony Stark as Iron Man switching the character to Happy being in the armor and calling it Hogan Enterprises. The changes yet are even bigger than that would of been and that would of been huge.

          • Again, I’m not necessarily defending the changes – I’m just saying they’re making a movie to appeal to a mass audience. We’ve seen what happens when comic book movies are made to appeal more strictly to fans only (Kick-Ass, Watchmen). Were those movies not good? No, I liked them both – but they disappointed at the box office.

            I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but the reason a company spends $100,000,000+ to make a movie like this is to get a return on its investment. And to do that you have to appeal to the broadest audience possible – and not only in the US, but worldwide.


            • Vic I understand completely that they are here to make money and that they can’t be 100% faithful they can’t afford to, but that doesn’t mean the solution is to change everything they possibly can.

              Honestly I’ve always said it’s about finding a happy medium to be loved respected and make money. Watchmen and Kick Ass were fantastic movies but they didn’t make a lot. Then again look at some of the least faithful they not only make very little money, but they also get no love or respect. If you can find away to appeal to the masses while still staying true to the comics in as many ways as you can than you get praised and make money. Look at IM and TDK both made significant changes, but still managed to stay pretty faithful in comparison to their competition. Both received great reviews and made tons of money. Then look at Fantastic Four or Catwoman which were essentially failures financially and almost universally panned. You have to find that blend of respect for the source and mass appeal. XFC has not found that blend because with out even seeing the film yet we already know they have made more massive changes than any other comics film has to date and who knows how many more are to come.

            • I think a lot of people are forgetting that the actual stories of the “First Class” of X-Men weren’t really as interesting as the comics being produced today. They were great for their time, but storytelling in comics has come a long way. I think they need to make some big changes to the story for any “First Class” film.

              Would it have been cool if they’d kept to the original cast? Not everyone will agree with that. Frankly, I’m glad Angel isn’t in there. I’ve always found his character annoying. What the filmmakers are doing is keeping somewhat faithful to the previous films, so that they can sell each other on DVD.

              • The fact that the original X-Men team was on the shelf as a comic for about five years is not something allot of people who weren’t collectors even realize. I started reading X-Men the same year the Wolverine mini-series was done and I back read to the Giant-Sized issue. The fact is the original team was eh, and they got replaced for a reason. When X-Factor came out it took a long time for it to hit it’s stride so I can see why a movie company would not want to roll a few million dollars on those dice.

                In the interest of just basic story telling though someone should have just used the switch over they did in 75 as a base for the original movie, if they were planning on doing a series. I don’t think they knew if it would catch on which is why things have been so unbalanced.

                At this point they are trying to pull a Star Wars and make the whole concept about Xavier and Magneto, which for a time was a theme in the comic books. The problem is they have introduced too many other characters that are just set pieces at this point and outside of Xavier, Magneto and Wolverine they have made most of the other characters throw away bit players at best.

  10. The fact that Kevin Bacon and Michael Fassbender star in the film, makes me feel quite optimistic… if not assured about the outcome.

  11. Just want to say thanks for making another X-men movie that has nothing to do with the origanal story. Look just cause you buy a title and know ppl will go see it doesn’t give you the right to slap something together real quick and give it a HUGE title. Make better costumes!!!! you take the fun out of movies when you don’t try. Magneto looks like a bobble head doll!!!!

  12. Count me surprised. I thought this movie was going to be all kinds of bad, and maybe it still will be, but the trailer didn’t indicate it in the least.

  13. I don’t mind that FOX Studios is making another X-Men film, but why even call it First Class without the original First Class?

    Call it X-Men: The Beginning or something like that.

  14. No doubt that is an awesome trailer. But they should never have called it First Class, just X-Men : Origins.

  15. My bet is what causes Charles xavier to lose his hair is his use of cerebro in the trailer, when he put it on it glows with power, and seems to casue him some discomfort

  16. I wonder if Lex Luthor is still annoyed the X-Men are living in his mansion.

  17. wow im not impressed it came off as cheesy to me for some reason

    • I like that though, it isnt taking itself too seriously.

  18. i really want marvel/disney to take the right back to x-men and do them right. disney needs to just pay fox for the rights back so we see better films because fox have really messed the x-men up bad.

  19. At this point I think Marvel and Fox are just trying to keep making these X-Men movies because the trend of comic book movies still makes a good to decent return in the summer season. It clearly isn’t any type of re-boot though since they put clips from the last three movies in probably because Fox still is going to milk the Wolverine movies at bit more while it still has the rights.

    Looking at this trailer it just seems like they are trying to do what they probably should have done in the first movie and have an actual group of younger mutants on a smaller scale. The first movie made it seem like there were hundreds of kids who just ended up at the school which made little sense for too many reasons. I understand never being able to use the decades of comics as reference because of time constraints and the fact the books while loved by fans did have it’s share of continuity issues especially when writers left.

    As for the characters being used I can tell that they have gone the route of using some people who have probably come during the newer versions of the comic mixed in with some familiar ones. They pretty much shot themselves in the foot by using Iceman and Angel in the original movies with no substantial roles. But what fans of the comic always seem to like to forget is that the original X-Men team was not popular and the book didn’t become a mainstay until Claremont was writing it for nearly 20 years and made it a story-arc driven book. Smart thing to do from the start with these movies would have been to introduce the original five and have them get into some type of trouble as in Giant Sized X-Men #1 and have Xavier have to recruit other mutants to help him save them. If they ever do an actual re-boot like with Hulk and Spider-Man that would make there life much easier.

    • Marvel has nothing to do with these movies !!!!!!!!!!!!
      Hey Vic , we should probally put a notation for all of those out there that dont know that Marvel does not own the rights to the Xmen Movie versions or their characters. they have no say in what is being done with them and as long as FOX continues to make a movie using the characters the rights won’t revert back

      • Loco you need to find something new to fight for. Trust me. I spent over a year trying to explain that to people and it never worked. People just refuse to get it. I can understand someone like my mom not getting it because she doesn’t visit these sites but I can not understand how someone who posts on sites like these still does not get it. I mean clearly you’ve done a little research on it or you wouldn’t be here and it’s mentioned all the time.

        • Well considering that Marvel has their logo prominently displayed in the trailer for every movie made from their characters, it’s understandable that people would assume Marvel has some say in the film.

      • Avi Arad still gets executive producer credit and uses the movies as commercials for the other stuff he can license at this point. So when I say Marvel and Fox, I’m talking about him. And clearly he doesn’t care as long as he can make some sort of profit off of these movies which I can’t really blame him for. These bad movie deals came out of the horrible mismanagement of Perelman and Ichan and no matter how fans might feel about these movies the studios have gotten over with most of them making a decent return on their investment.

        As for the content the fact that the director has mention this version of the X-Men with Twilight pretty much sums up what could go wrong with this idea. If they just plug the X-Men characters into the fad teen-movie mold then it might make the first one’s look like Apocalypse Now. That said anyone who thinks Transformers is any better then even the worst X-Men movie is truly dedicated to the cause.

  20. A nother x-man movie, intersting

  21. I like each and every aspect of it, trailer is superb by itself – don’t understand why all the hate o.O

  22. I just don’t know. My expectations for this film was on the very low rung of the proverbial ladder. I must say, I’m pleasantly surprised, though I’m still waiting for Fox to bend me over and ass rape without any lube (but hey! that’s me)

  23. I don’t like Magneto’s voice. He doesn’t have the accent he should. The rest looks pretty cool.

    • Im pretty sure Fassbender can do a decent German/English accent. There really was only 2 short scenes in that trailer, so give him a chance. ;)

  24. This looks like a cool period mutant movie, but an x-men movie? there’s still too much that doesn’t fit. I can’t get away from screwy history/timeline/characters.

    BUT am I the only one who thinks Kevin Bacon’s mischieveous grin is perfect for Shaw?

    • i have exactly the same opinion, i just have no idea how this one will turn out the actors are very strong and the characters are interesting but the time line and number of characters and continuity might be slightly too much for some people, i guess we’ll have to just wait and see for ourselves

  25. looks awesome to me.

  26. Maybe its just me ,but why are Proffessor X and Magneto in their early 20s in the 60s but 65 or 70 in the last three movies. lol. If magneto is a holocaust survivor shouldent he be a little younger? since he was shown as a child in the previous x films?

    Those are just my initial thoughts from the trailer. Im not gonna hold my breath for this one…its crap. The only thing im interested in is Beast/ Hank McCoy whos one of my fav. X-men.

    • Your math skills need improving.

      • Your comprehension skills need improvement INK…or maybe i should have clarified, my post was pointing to the fact that when the first movie came out in 2000 Patrick stewart and Ian McCellan seemed to old to be playing the parts of magneto and the prof. x…i dont know maybe because the x-men movies were never given an official place in the X-men timeline.

        Basically how large is the time gap between first class and the first three X-men movies because it seems rather ridiculous, and long. So just based off estimation if the first class was in the 60s does that mean that Prof. X and Magneto chilled out for the next 40 or so years????

        • My comprehension skills are just fine. You said exactly what you meant to say and where called out on it.
          WWII 1940-1944 – Magneto is 10-15
          X:Men First Class: 1960′s Magneto is 25-35
          X-Men 1: Magento is 65-75
          Seems pretty straightforward to me.

          “So just based off estimation if the first class was in the 60s does that mean that Prof. X and Magneto chilled out for the next 40 or so years????”

          I am guessing that story (or stories) have yet to be told.

    • As awful as I think this is and with dozens of Continuity errors and loads of disrespect for the source material. I have to ask do you actually know when the holocaust was? Hint it was WW2 and do you know when that was? Hint it wasn’t the 60s. The ages seem fine to me.

    • my Math is pretty good so yeah , if magneto is lets say @8 in Xmen when he shows his power, even though most mutants dont show their powers untill they hit puberty, but there are exceptions, so moving on by 1962 and the cuban missile crisis, he would be @25 so in xmen three in 2009 he would be @ 72 and Im pretty sure Xavier would be around the same, Im good with those ages and the actual time line i think they are ok there, but I agree with what some one else had said my main problem is that the Movie is Mislabeled, and its false advertising, they would have been better of with X-men begins, Xmen origins, or X men : it all starts here , lol, just not First Class. It would be like Marvel Doing Avengers and then having Black knight , Tigara, D-man, U S Agent,and Goliath, yes they have all been in the Avengers at some point but they are not “THE” Avengers

  27. Cant wait!!

  28. Feeling better, aside from alternate version of xmen history being used. Interested to see what develops in the storylines being created.