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x men first class trailer X Men: First Class Trailer & Images

Two weeks ago the first official look at the cast of X-Men: First Class hit the net in what can only be described as a messy concoction of negative reactions, even from the director of the film, who did not approve of the amateur photoshop work.

Matthew Vaughn did his best to spin something positive out of the situation, by talking about the film’s story, characters and costumes, while releasing some better images (actual stills) from the film. While Vaughn made a good effort to paint the film in a better light, inevitably our best measure of this film is going to come from the official  X-Men: First Class trailer.

While they started off the marketing on the wrong foot, and while the film is being rushed to make its critical Summer release date, the fifth installment in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men franchise looks to rectify the mistakes of the previous two films (X-Men 3 and Wolverine) and re-launch the series in a new (and hopefully better) direction.

Watch and enjoy the X-Men: First Class trailer to see if they’re in fact heading in the right direction:

X-Men: First Class pulls viewers back in time to the 1960s when mutants are unknown to the world and for the most part, to each other, as we discover the origins of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) before they part ways and end up on opposite sides of the human-mutant conflict, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively.

Surprisingly, the video is actually not too different from the leaked X-Men: First Class trailer description from a month ago, which is a good thing, as what was described sounded pretty amazing. Now we know that it looks amazing as well, but how telling is it of the final product? I remember getting excited about the trailers for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, only to be let down twice.

Here are key screen grabs from the trailer for a better look at the characters of X-Men: First Class:

Has the X-Men: First Class trailer sold you on the prequel? Have director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer got it right with their new take on the X-Men?

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

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  1. Awesome! Can’t wait!

  2. I caught this on FB a few minutes ago. I’m really not sold on it yet. We need a bit more

  3. Unimpressive.

    • Im with you on that Little Monster.

      • I think it just went from a DVD rental to catching it on HBO.

        • hahahha that’s funny I was thinking the same thing!!

    • You make a better one then.

      • Oh please! Spare me the “you can’t do any better” BS. It’s just weak, like the trailer.

        • Not really weak man. Not at all. Weak is not having a true reason to dislike something. I am not going to argue that there are so many x-men teams and stories and universes that no one can claim they have the right idea for an x-men origins story. But I will say that if FOX made an X-men movie that came straight from the pages of the first x-men comic, you would have a problem with it. You would find something to gripe about. SO, that is why so many of us say “you do better.”

          • Actually yes it is weak. Even weaker is making an argument as if you know everything about a person and can predict what they would do in a situation when honestly you can’t. Its fairly said and a waste of time. You have no idea what he would do if it was more faithful so it’s dumb to try and tell him what he would do.

            It’s also dumb to say you go make one better. These people got a 100Mil budget to make this film unless you plan to give that to him than don’t say something as pointless as you go make one. Obviously he can’t with out the budget. However, give the same budget and freedom for all you know he could make a better film. He certainly couldn’t screw it up much more. At least he would respect the source material more .. Mostly because it’s almost impossible to respect it less.

          • You’re wrong there pal. I LOVED the first two films, and I’m quite aware how they deviate from the source. So, make something else up.

            • I’m assuming that Daniel F was defending Little Monster and Little Monster was saying your wrong to someone else other than Daniel F.

              • My comment was a reply to “Alpine”.

      • really , why does everyone resort to that type of comment. First off if he was a director or a studio exec, maybe he could but im sure it would nt be these xmen.

      • Or sure gonna fund it for him? I actually think he and most people probably would make better the difference is we don’t have the funding , studio backing or famous actors to cast. Tell you what send a few talented actors his way along with 100 Mil and I bet you he will do better.

    • Jesus dude, you sure do spend alot of time commenting on something you claim to be so uninterested in…

      • Well, you see, it’s called a discussion.

        • Little monster lol I find that comment so funny just because the film looks awful doesn’t mean you hate X-men. Some people comment because they care about the comics. Thats the reason I still sometimes comment, but not often on XFC stuff. I love X-men this film is going to suck though sadly at least for me. To me they could of easily made a cool scifi action flick and didn’t need to step all over the great Xmen name. It’s just like the Uncharted flick changing everything about it sort of ruins the point of calling it Xmen.

      • I also think when you dont like the way something your passionate about is treated badly you should say something about it, instead of sitting there and continue to watch it be crapped on

  4. OK I’m sold ….. HELL YES

  5. I really liked that. Just a glimpse of Kevin Bacon there in the middle… I think it looks good. Reminded me what I liked about “X-Men” in the first place: the characters.

    • heck yeah stripper mutants cool

  6. Better than what I thought looking forward to it

  7. Am I the only one feeling significantly underwhelmed by the trailer? Probably because I sat through Computer Apps class for an hour waiting for it to be posted.

  8. my first thought was that it looked cool, But I felt that way about The Watchmen trailer and had mixed feelings about the film itself.
    So , we shall see.

    • I loved the Watchmen trailer, but really disappointed by the movie

      • Panda,

        That’s why I said the TRAILER looks good to me. 8)


        • Yeah – the trailer isn’t bad (except for the cuts from X1). But speculating about the movie, I actually have hope for it.

          Sorry I’m compelled to trash Watchmen whenever someone brings it up – I’ll try to stay on topic from now on :)

  9. I’m sorry, but the 30 second trailer for Captain America was more interesting than this. Just because they put dramatic music and clips from the old GOOD xmen films doesn’t help this.

    • Why and how? We saw a skinny guy become big and put on his costume, lol.

    • And so many on these boards would say there are NO good X-Men movies. I laugh at that.

      • Alpine this is probably the only thing you’ve said on this topic I completely agree with. The first film while not great was enjoyable, but X2 was a fantastic movie. However, once X3 dropped the ball and after most people were let down by Wolverine suddenly people started acting like they hated the first two as well. It was odd. Maybe they did and maybe they didn’t , but it is crazy how much praise was going around for the franchise after X2 and how much everyone suddenly hated them and singer after Wolverine which he didn’t even make.

        • I love the first two X-Men movies. IMO Singer is an underrated director. Suspects and Apt Pupil are two of best movies I´ve ever seen.

  10. looks awesome, just as I thought it would.. Don´t know why people are so worried about, it´s Matthew Vaughn. The man hasn´t made a bad movie yet..

    • Like they say, there is a first time for everything.

      I myself thought it looked very uninspired, heck, the guy playing Xavier looks positivelly bored himself.

  11. That looks substantially better than I would have thought.

  12. i think this is a good first look am looking forward to seeing more over the next few months

    • I agree. The trailer looks ten times better than the Cap teaser. Yeah, I know, the Cap one is just 30 seconds, but it looked kinda cheap.
      I really have hope for this movie.

  13. it certainly was impressive. i guess we’ll have to wait and see but i just hope vaughn does it justice

  14. i digg it

  15. Impressive. I trust both of them (Singer and Vaughn) to provide a good telling- and not a rehash of the mess that was the Last Stand.

  16. I like it, as far as trailers go, but then I liked the trailer for X-Men 3, so… lets see where this goes.

    That said, after Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn has earned a bit more credibility with me than Brett Ratner ever did.

  17. ok so I have to say this……
    still havent changed my mind….. Crap fest if they would have had just Magneto and Prof. X then i might have been ok with it cause the magneto stuff looked cool, cause like we have said a 2 min trailer does not make a movie

  18. put the original xmen in here and i bet most would be all about it. haters in the room. Definitely supporting this.

    • Actually, changing the characters wouldn’t change the quality of the trailer. At least not for me it wouldn’t.

  19. I really don’t get why everyone is so negative about this. It’s just a trailer and the people who make the trailers are completely separate from the people who make the movies. Everyone here that says “SUCKS DUDE” will go see it and they know it.

    • really cause I didnt pay to see wolverine when that came out either or x3. Im done with these yahoo, lol , ruining these characters. This was the third strike, and it kinda goes with the Uncharted arguement. if your going to make a movie and call it First class then it should represent the product that you are selling, This is like false advertising, this isnt the Xmen First Class, this is Xavier and Magneto meet the mutants, or What if? Magneto and Xavier had a bunch of mutants and stopped the Cuban Missle crisis !!! For Gods sake they made the Hell Fire Club into a Gentlmens club, lol which is great considering two of the best characters from the Hells Fire club were Women, lol way to go Singer , you douche.

    • BS argument and you know it. Just because you like it doesn’t mean everyone will see it. I have no intention of seeing this and I can promise you I won’t. You have no reason to doubt anyone who says that.

      You will see this anyways is the worst argument being made these days it’s a dumb trend and pointless. Unless you can predict the future or read minds you don’t know that and your wrong. All your doing is making your self look bad worse than the film which is hard.

      • Well, many people say that because lots of folks here and on other sites said they wouldn’t see TF2, then those same people bashed what they saw the week it came out…

        • Doesn’t make the point any more valid. It’s a cheap reply because someone has nothing of value to say. It’s also not always true. Just because some people who say they won’t see it still do doesn’t mean we all will. There may be a past example of a few people who did it, but it’s still a worthless argument to say everyone who says they won’t see it will. I said I wouldn’t watch Transformers 2 and I didn’t. I’ve seen bits and pieces because other people had it on I’m not gonna cover my eyes and run ( I should from how awful it seemed) but I’ve never sat and watched and probably have not see more than 30 mins. I still stick to the fact that I will never see this and I’ve never seen any film that I said that about. If I ever change my mind I’ll be sure to admit it just like I did with Spiderman. I said I wasn’t gonna watch it and while it still looks awful since Dennis Leary is in it I’ll watch it at some point before I die just not right away. However, I have no intention of ever seeing this because of the great disrespect they are showing toward the comic. Just like I will not watch Uncharted because of David O wiping his back side with the disc (I hope it cuts him).

    • I’m not saying the movie suck, I’m saying the TRAILER sucks. I’ll still see the movie, but when it premiere’s on HBO or TBS.

        • Lmao.

          • OK, you know what? It’s time to tone down the rhetoric on BOTH sides here. It’s getting ridiculous and it’s putting some people off.

            So let’s chill out, whether you’re defending the movie/trailer or think it looks terrible.


        • Looks like I’ve been told (sarcasm).

          Ps: it’s an open forum, so I can post on whatever I want. Stop being such a douchebag.

          • Actually, Little Monster, calling people a douchebag will get you booted from this “open forum.” So back it up or you can find somewhere else to talk about movies.


            • Sorry about that Vic. It’s just annoying when you get called out when someone doesn’t agree with your opinion. It’s the reason I took a break from this site for a while, and it seems I may just leave completely. Too much negativity lol.

              • Little Monster I hope you stick around.

                I don’t mind healthy discussion and disagreements, but I hate when people go around telling your not gonna do what your said your gonna do like they know you so well. I also hate when people act like they know what your really thinking.

                I don’t mind people disagreeing with me if they can debate that disagreement like an adult, but I hate those uselss arguments like “you know you’ll actually watch it” or “you make a better film”

            • Besides, if “Alpine” looked at my other comments, then he would see why I’m not looking forward to this film. if he can’t read, then I can’t help him.

              • That’s fine, and sometimes I “lose it” here myself – but we’re all better served when we each try to take the high road instead of dropping to a lower level in our comments.



                • Wow, I didnt know my commment would generate all this. Sorry. I was just calling out Little Monster on record. He is just one guy I picked on but he represents a lot of people on here. People say a movie is horrible before it comes out, then say they will never see the movie, then they go see the movie, and make yet another negative comment after they see it. It just gets old especially when they resort to namecalling when someone else disagrees. Again, very sorry to all.

                  • Alpine the problem is your essentially running around calling everyone liars. There is no reason to assume everyone who is against it is liar and will see it anyway. Will some? Probably but I feel comfortable saying most people who say they won’t probably won’t. There is no reason other wise. It’s just messed up and makes you seem like a bit of jerk to go around calling everyone a liar because you think it looks good and they say they won’t see it. I said I won’t see it and when you call someone a liar for saying the same thing I take it as you calling me a liar. It’s my most hated cliche internet argument. I can promise you I will not see this film at any point in my life. I am no liar sir. I’ve stayed true to my word every time I said that and only changed my mind once and when I did I admit that I had changed my mind it was only because of one cast member.

                    Now with all that said had you paid attention Little Monster actually said he WOULD watch the film. I have not seen him say once that he wouldn’t. He simply said he’d wait to see it is all. My think is what gives you the right to go around calling so many people liars because you don’t like what they are saying?

                  • But I never said the movie sucks, just the trailer. And I know from experince that a bad trailer doesn’t equal a bad movie, or vice-versa. XO:W and IM2 showed me that, and everyone here KNOWS how much I dont’ like those films.

                    Like I’ve said, I’ll WILL see the movie, but when it premieres on HBO. I’m not spending one dime on a theater ticket or DVD rental.


                    • That was a reply to “Alpine” :)

        • You don’t want to see a single comment for him after this? I’m sure he will listen to you because your very clearly in charge of him. Seriously ? Your telling people what they are really thinking, what they will actually do and then handing out orders for them? Seriously man who do you think you are ?

          • No, I am challenging him to keep his word. Thats all. I cant MAKE anyone do anything. Calm down dude. Its all in good fun.

  20. Looks good, but the Wolverine:Origin trailer looked good too and we all know what followed! I’ll prob get more excited as we get closer to release date.

    • exactly: same thoughts

  21. Thank you SR for letting us see this!

  22. Umm the visual effects in this trailer are better than Green Lantern, Thor, and Captain America combined. Not saying that its a better trailer… it just Looks the best. The blackbird flying? Beautiful.

    • There have been many movies with amazing effects that have been complete crap.

      Good effects doesn’t equal good movie.

      • I do agree. Transformers is a clear example of that. Im just saying… it definitely looks the best in terms of CGI.

  23. Not interested. It will sell to fanboys and make money, and that’s what really matters.

    • not really cause us fanboys want the real xmen and not a bunch of characetrs that at some point in history graced a x men book. Substance is as important if not more important then looks. You can dress poop up and make it look like something else but its still poo

    • From what I’ve been hearing, it’s the fanboys who are most upset. Hell, I don’t consider myself a fanboy, and I even think the trailer was crap. The general audience will be the ones flocking to see this mostly.

      • hmmm one of my earliest memories is of xmen cartoons. Since then I have watched every cartoon incarnation, collected comics and toys etc etc so I guess I would be called a “fan boy” and I am excited for this. Its just a different take and the story could very well bowl all of us over

        each to their own though

        • That’s how I’ve looked at the movies, as separate stories. All the comics have had different continuities for the characters, and the movies should be seen as that as well. Having said that, the last two films were just pure crap. X3 was a big let down, and XO:W was one of the worst comic book movies I’ve seen. It’s b/c of that I can’t get excited about another X-men film, and the trailer didn’t help at all. Plus, all the BTS problems this film is already facing: a rushed script, a rushed production, and already established continuity errors.

          It’s like the Star Wars prequels. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won’t expect anything a third time around. Look I’m not saying the movie sucks b/c I can’t judge it before I’ve seen it. But I wont’ go to the theaters to see it or rent it on DVD. This trailer has convinced me to just wait ’til it’s on HBO.

          • X3 was a major let down. Especially when you think of the potential it had coming out of X2 (the ONLY things I like about X3 is Beast and the scene when Magneto free’s Mystique [not the maddox/juggernaut interaction-more so the car flipping and leaving mystique once she is human])

            Similarly, Im not saying this movie is going to “like be the totes best thing ever made like omgzzz” because I cant make such a bold call based on a strong cast and a trailer which I found cool and exciting, sorry you didnt.

            I will no doubt see this first day and I really hope it pleasantly suprises me and is a great film

          • You’ll see it. You fanboys love to complain. Just shut up! Why even watch the trailer? Your mind was already made up.

            • Can I use that crystal ball of yours for the lottery?

            • Rod,

              Don’t be telling people to shut up.


            • All of these people in here talking “You’re a fanboy, you’ll see it”, speak for yourself, cuz obviously that’s really what your doing, you people must work for Fox or something, you just assume us “fanboys” are going to see it just cuz it’s a CBM or X-Men. I won’t support any of FOX’s “X-Men PASS GAS” or whatever until it goes back to Marvel and if it never does then I’ll never support Fox’s “X-Men What if” or “Fox’s EX-MEN”, I’ll PASS on X-Men”Random Class”.

      • Most people that classify general audience will still be expecting to see characters they know. My mom watched the trailer and asked me, “Where’s Wolverine? Where’s Cyclops? Where’s Professor X (I had to explain who McAvoy was playing), and Where’s Jean Grey?”

        It’s being set up for failure in my opinion. Because only fanboys will recognize most of the characters appearing in this movie. The only one’s my mom recognized was Beast, Mystique, and Magneto.

        People who don’t follow comics will be expecting the characters from the original X-men trilogy.

        • so the general audience is going to expect to see those same characters that were just the other day thirty something in first class set in the 60s? That would confuse the heck outta them, thats why i guess they decided to use the older characters and some ppl that the general audience isnt aware of to play around with

  24. i love it

  25. Meh. Not enough like the actual origin team of X-Men. I’ll pass. Fox has screwed the pooch on the x-men franchise. It needs to be redone from scratch by a different company.

    • Marvel Studios should handle a complete reboot of the franchise. Get the same studios that made Ironman. Then maybe we’ll get something refreshing.

  26. Looks like Vaughn did the best with what he could. It might be a crap movie but Fessbender as Magneto looks solid. Probably going to steal the show in this film.

  27. Magneto steals the missiles on the Sub, but how far does he get? Historically, the missiles were transported of Cuba by Sub. The jet ends up on the beach, destroyed, so I guess he doesn’t get too far. I loved the music, and the lead actors conviction in their roles. I’m excited to see how far they go with the action in that ending sequence. I think it will do well and I’ll see it.

  28. Not a fan of McAvoy. Looks weak and “aloof” here as usual—which doesn’t match Stewart. So glad he’s not in the Hobbit. I love the idea of a film set in in this time period. But so tired of prequels. I really have no desire to see this film despite liking marvel and the genre.

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