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x men first class trailer X Men: First Class Trailer & Images

Two weeks ago the first official look at the cast of X-Men: First Class hit the net in what can only be described as a messy concoction of negative reactions, even from the director of the film, who did not approve of the amateur photoshop work.

Matthew Vaughn did his best to spin something positive out of the situation, by talking about the film’s story, characters and costumes, while releasing some better images (actual stills) from the film. While Vaughn made a good effort to paint the film in a better light, inevitably our best measure of this film is going to come from the official  X-Men: First Class trailer.

While they started off the marketing on the wrong foot, and while the film is being rushed to make its critical Summer release date, the fifth installment in Twentieth Century Fox’s X-Men franchise looks to rectify the mistakes of the previous two films (X-Men 3 and Wolverine) and re-launch the series in a new (and hopefully better) direction.

Watch and enjoy the X-Men: First Class trailer to see if they’re in fact heading in the right direction:

X-Men: First Class pulls viewers back in time to the 1960s when mutants are unknown to the world and for the most part, to each other, as we discover the origins of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) before they part ways and end up on opposite sides of the human-mutant conflict, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively.

Surprisingly, the video is actually not too different from the leaked X-Men: First Class trailer description from a month ago, which is a good thing, as what was described sounded pretty amazing. Now we know that it looks amazing as well, but how telling is it of the final product? I remember getting excited about the trailers for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, only to be let down twice.

Here are key screen grabs from the trailer for a better look at the characters of X-Men: First Class:

Has the X-Men: First Class trailer sold you on the prequel? Have director Matthew Vaughn and producer Bryan Singer got it right with their new take on the X-Men?

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

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  1. Hmm, not very special but the effects for Mystique’s transformations was pretty damn cool! ;)

  2. Hang on, why is Beast blue here when i was the origin story?

    McAvoy seems way too young for the role (scene where they are on the couch) and I wasn’t sensing a whole lot of chemistry from he the 2 leads either!


    • You didn’t sense chemistry between the two leads? You mean from the slow motion walk or from the close-ups at the end? Whhhaaaat

      • Steve that is probably the most ridiculous complaint so far.

        The best thing about the trailer is Fassbender you can just tell he is going to steal the show. And the Tension/chemistry between McAvoy and Fassbender is GREAT- well as great as can be told from such a small amount of footage

        Optimism people, reserve judgement for the finished piece

        • Seriusly guys?

          Fassbender looks as bland as McAvoy from that. Hopefully the film will portray a different vibe.

  3. So the main complaints about X-Men FC I have been seeing the past week are these
    1. Its not the actual first class (ie cyclops, jean etc)

    In response to that I posted this a few days ago: “People complaining about First Class not having the original 5 xmen, how about just think of it like this:

    This is Erik’s and Charles first attempt at creating the school/the xmen. which implodes on itself andfails miserably due to the differing views of the two leaders

    This could set up for Xavier being more cautious in his selection process in his true first class ie the next movie. beast stays, he recruits cyclops and Jean….maybe storm and gambit (because if continuity is that important Iceman and Angel are out)”

    No read this interview: http://herocomplex.latimes.com/2011/02/10/x-men-first-class-bryan-singer-talks-about-azazel-havok-and-mystique/#comment-21304 (oh is linking Non-screenrant articles a faux pas? if it is sorry Rob and Vic)

    2. Beast didnt have fur in X2:

    Why is that a problem it was a little cameo just to make fans pop. Then in X3 he was Blue, nobody complained or asked why is he all of a sudden blue and furry? How about we assume Beast was nervous about appearing on national TV in blue fur so Hired a human representative. Not believable at all. But I really dont think a 10 2nd cameo is that big of a deal

    3. Emma in Wolverine Origins
    She never used telepathy, she wasnt called emma frost on screen. She wasnt like the character AT ALL. Lets just think of her as a little girl called emma who could turn into diamond and assume the white queen in this film is the actual Emma Frost

    4. Age of Beast, Charles, Mystique and Magneto

    Frankly I dont see why this is a concern for anyone and the ages, in my mind do match up

    5. Havok

    This is the only area of the film that I disagree with so far. I dont see why they had to include him, without scott and years older. I cant defend that. They should have used another character, or no one at all.

    I am optimistic and if we can just ignore the VERY minor inconsistencies from a franchise now 11 years old we may well find it to be an enjoyable movie (and from the trailer and the talented cast/Singer I dare say it just might be great)

    • The Beast depiction is actually accurate since he turned himself blue and back again on several occasions. I am pretty sure that’s how they will explain it in this movie, they just never bothered to mention it in the other movies for whatever reason.

      As for who the put in this “first class” I think it’s pretty obvious they tied their hands by using Iceman and Angel as they did in the other movies and having Cyclops show up in Wolverine, which would have been years later. They just had to dig around for other characters at this point and work with it.

      As for the whole Emma Frost thing well that again falls on them wanting to put to many characters in these movies at times when it’s not needed. The confusion with this comes from the fact on the movie credits the list the character as Emma Frost. And in the comics Emma Frost did develop the ability to turn into a diamond substance. So if they are two different characters it is still easy to see the confusion.

      • I agree slayer, I think theres even a scene in the trailer where beast transforms himself (rather painfully by the looks of it) frm human to some blue flurry animal…

        The FC continuity and character issues im totally cool with it, Nolan did take some liberties in his batman movies and few were complaining (how Harvey Dent got his scarred face to name one) I think Singer too did the same with Sabretooth in X1.

        As long they can mash it all together and make a fine superhero movie its totally forgivable..

    • Shamose,

      Occasional linking in comments to other sites in order to help make a point is OK.


  4. i see fox has no respect for the source material, so all im going to say is i cannot wait to see the remake when marvel/disney get the rights back, and that goes for spiderman,ff,and dd too. it looks like it might be alright at best, and maybe go on to be a sequel or trilogy, and maybe even go to do the x-men 4 film as well, but the continuity and characters are really slopply, so as i said just wait till marvel get the right then we will see the proper films be made. maybe even more like the real first class and then lead into something like grant morrison new x-men with beak too, and a real sentinel story.

  5. the thing that nolan did worked because he made it believable and kept the continiuty, and thought out the whole thing. with the x-men its like the previous director forget the continiuty or never watched the film before and makes mistakes, or make drastic changes to characters. fans of x-men have spesific favorite characters they would love to see and when they changes them too the point where they do not recognize them then they have made a big mistake.keep close to source material,do not make drastic changes to characters, make a great story, and then make great effect practical/cgi blended. and think about the little details, and not so much on the action. because the story is the film.

  6. Anyone else breath a little sigh of relief after seeing this? So much better than I was expecting.

  7. I disagree with the fact that you say that X-Men Origins : Wolverine was a let down… I found it to be an awesome film… This trailer looks like more of the same as the first 2 X-men just an earlier year in a different time… with not as good of actors…

    • For me at this point with this franchise I can’t blame the actors as much when allot of them aren’t given much to do in the first place. Since it has been stated this movie is about Xavier and Magneto I would guess allot of these other characters are going to be throw-away background players like so many of the other characters in the series have been.

      It’s funny they were probably scared to use the Beast, Iceman and Angel as part of the original movie because of their low popularity and now they have to do a movie set at the time they were actually around and they are left to use even more obscure or out of place characters.

  8. I was just sitting here trying to think if a prequel ever worked; I can’t remember one but I could be wrong. Good director but a cast of ‘how do these people keep getting work?’

  9. Give me a break, who the hell are all these people? not any of the orig.cast? this is soo stupid…i will not waste my money on this crap..there was no need to do another movie without the regular cast and add some new ones..this is total BS!

    • u know what would be really stupid? making a movie about two 30 something year olds with two 60 year old actors. I dont see how they could put in any of the original actors since the movie is set in the 60s. I find your comment total BS.

  10. Is that Mystique in a X-man uniform?!? I’m so tired of Hollywood screing up everything that is already known about this Franchise? I will not be seeing it