Possible ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer Description [Updated]

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x men first class synopsis Possible X Men: First Class Trailer Description [Updated]

Of the four major Marvel and DC superhero movies debuting this summer, two have already unveiled trailers and two have yet to. While we eagerly await our first real looks at Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class, we at least have what may be a detailed play-by-play of what the trailer for the latter will present to fans.

The X-Men: First Class trailer has been expected to debut early this year for quite some time and recent rumors had it possibly playing attached to screenings of The Green Hornet this weekend. While we know that is not the case, we do know early unfinished versions of the X-Men: First Class trailer have been screened to a select few.

Ain’t It Cool News confirmed from talking to director Matthew Vaughn that a few versions of the trailer have been shown, but that they have not finished selecting what will be shown in the official trailer. Daily Blam however, put up a post earlier this week claiming to have what may be a detailed description of how one of the test trailers plays out, including details on key characters and their powers. Here’s what they had to say:

[As it turns out, the following description was spot on. Watch the X-Men: First Class trailer and see for yourself!]

  • Trailer opens with voiceovers by Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart, reprising the recognizable voices of Magneto and Professor X, respectively.
  • We see young Erik Lensherr (Michael Fassbender) & Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) first meeting, them meeting Dr. Hank McCoy (Nicholas Hoult), interspersed with scenes of Erik angry and using his powers on objects and against people, with words of “One wanted peace” and “The other was too far gone” flashing on the screen.
  • We see shots of Azazel (Jason Flemyng), Nightcrawler’s red-skinned father, taking out multiple people with swords and later, Havok (Lucas Till) firing red energy beams from his chest.
  • In between those shots, we also see the Hellfire Club, with Emma Frost (January Jones) standing beside Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) and “Man in Black” (Oliver Platt).
  • Emma’s costume is described as being the same from her animated incarnation in Wolverine and the X-Men, while Shaw & are “black aristocratic clothes.”
  • We see Hank McCoy in blue fur as the real Beast, flying the crashing Black Bird (from set photos earlier seen here) while incoming missiles head towards the island.
  • The final shot shows Erik putting on his Magneto costume, a black and red suit, followed by a black helmet.

No shots of Jennifer Lawrence’s shape-shifting mutant, Mystique, Edi Gathegi’s Darwin or Caleb Landry Jones’ Banshee but it’s best that they don’t reveal all in the first teaser.

Now, compare this rumored trailer description to the X-Men: First Class synopsis we reported earlier. The footage sounds bad-ass, but then again, many thought the trailers for X-Men: The Last Stand and X-Men Origins: Wolverine were good. Those movies didn’t match up.

With Matthew Vaughn directing and Bryan Singer back involved, we can put much more faith that they will deliver a much higher quality comic book movie than the last to franchise installments.

The real X-Men: First Class trailer will arrive in the very near future and it’s possible that we’ll see a trailer during the Super Bowl in February. Then we’ll know if what’s described above is accurate.

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X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

Sources: Daily Blam, AICN

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  1. So…since the film is taking time to explain Xavier’s baldness, will they also explain all the continuity errors? Will it explain why Beast goes blue in this film even though he doesn’t ’til X3? Will it explain why Emma Frost is older in this film (that takes place in the 60s), and why she’s younger in WOLVERINE (that took place in the 70s)?

    • I don’t think beast’s character was in either Xmen 1 or 2.

      • He was in human form on TV in X-Men 2.

    • @Little Monster

      In all honesty dude,I use to get a brain twister out of “Emma” in Wolverine. But thing is shes not Emma Frost. She doesnt even have Emma Frost’s abilities. That character was given the “Frost” last name to generate buzz in the fanboy community. I read in several areas that its not the same character as the Emma Frost we know. It was just a character made for the Origins film. Check the credits. Shes not even listed with Frost as a part of her name.

      • According to IMDB, the girl was Emma Frost, sister of Silverfox.

  2. @INK

    Hank McCoy made a cameo appearance in X2:X-MEN UNITED in HUMAN form. He did mutate until X3.

    • I always considered Beast in X3 as the big error, almost as if they forgot about the cameo in X2 (which was a useless cameo anyway). When Beast is introduced in X3, Storm talks about him as if they are old friends and he’s always been blue and furry.

      • I thought that it just happens to him randomly and for unknown periods of time… Like The Hulk…

    • Oops, should have scrolled down before I responded.

  3. Jeez. I could of Sworn Havoc shot out Solar waves from his hands and Chest. Not Red Optic Blasts.. I really wanted to see the solar waves, instead they cop out to say “oh yea he’s Cyclops’s brother” Dammit! i wanna take a nap now ; (

  4. @Prophet King

    She had displayed her diamond form in one of the film, but she wasn’t on screen enough to display anything else. That WAS Emma Frost. Whether you regard it as her or not, and having her as an older character in a film that takes place in a earlier time IS a continuity error.


    Well, they could have been friends the whole time, but it was never shown in the films unitl X3, but I see what you’re saying.

    • beat me to it my fellow comic book nerd 😉

      oh and by the way, descriptions over at blaster say that the Xavier goes bald lifting a huge freakin ship with his mind.
      thats right.
      because for some reason in this x men universe hes telekinetic,
      what the crap.

  5. I can’t even put into words how excited I am to see emma frost in a big role in an xmen movie. She is by far my favorite xmen character. And to have january jones play her is near perfect. Just watch mad men. She’s like a house wife version of emma frost

  6. Wouldnt it be great if ALL of these films ended up being great? No more Marvel Vs DC, or this superhero is better than that superhero. All we have done is b**** and moan about various aspects of the new Spiderman, Captain Americaa, Thor, Green Lantern, X-Men First Class… But what if they were all really good??? COnsidering the mass of talent involved in all of these films there is certainly a good chance.

    We all go to far condemming a film before we have even seen so much as a screenshot or trailer.

    • I’m not trying to condem the film, but they’re making soo many obvious errors that it make one wonder if they even watched the other films. I’ve been let down by the past two X-MEN films, and I don’t see how this could be any better. Especially, when they have already established continuity errors before the film is released.

      if you ask me, I would say that FIRST CLASS will be a good movie, but not a good cbm. Just like the first two.

      • Maybe you’re right.

        I think First Class might be closer to the comic versions of XMEN than any of the other films, especially if they have something similar to classic costumes. The trailer description certainly sounds fun. But we all know trailers are rarely indications of quality.

        • DR I think you need to back off the meds how can you say this will be closer to the comic, costumes dont make the movie, especialy when there is so much absolutely wrong with everything else, this goes back to the whole argument that its ok to make changes as long as you dont change the core of the characters, and this has done far worse to the characters. i personally think that this is Fox’s plan to change the charactersso much that they arent recognizable to their marvel Counterparts. They Should let Marvel make their Xmen Movie and let Fox do theres and see who’s is better. Cant see why they couldnt look how many red riding hoods are coming out or Arthur movies.

          • I really don’t mind them deviating from the comics. I look at the films as alternate storylines for the franchise. We’ve seen those many times in comics, and that’s what I consider movie adaptations to be.

            I’m just sick of them destroying their own continuity, and don’t seem to even care b/c they know the film bank at the box-office.

  7. I have no faith in Bryan Singer. Remember he left X3 to go ruin Superman. And when they failed he came running back to the X-Men franchise which is not very good at all. He didn’t adapt the comics well at all. He is clearly not a fan. He is just a poser in the vein of Michael Bay that likes the perks of being a director of a huge franchise.

    I’m done supporting these losers. But I do like Kick Ass. :)

    Think about this. The X-Men films do not hold a candle to Iron Man. Singer sucks!

  8. Lol amazing how screwed up the continunity is in the X-men franchise.

    • To be fair the continuity of almost every comic is royally screwed up, it has taken DC years to get their universe back in line after killing so many of their characters in the 80s and 90s, and Marvel are no better. Can you imagine trying to work out an X-Men timeline?

      But yes, they shouldnt have messed it up so badly with just 5 films.

      • I’m saying it didn’t take 5 films. They had it thoroughly screwed up in only 3 films. Cyclops , the leader of the team for YEARS in the comics, dead after 3 movies? Yup, thoroughly screwed up after only 3 films.

  9. hmmm hope the trailer comes out soon

  10. this sounds absolutely horrible start to finish

  11. @lilmonster Dude this movie is totally unrelated to the other movies..Its its own franchise..Don’t look for continuity with the other films. They all screwed up the timelines anyway.

    • Actually, it’s been confirmed many time to be a PREQUEL (taking place BEFORE Singer’s films).

  12. sounds good hope we have a good story. also hope they explain beast looking human in x-2 maybe a disguise would be nice. and hope to see beak,apocalypse,sinister,sentinels,chamber,husk,glob herman,anole, and mammomax.

  13. We just have to hope for a good movie. Yes all comic books have their continuity screwed up by the movies. It sounds to me like xfc is cramming too much in to one movie. Just like in the first two, too much focus and effort in to wolverine and then neglect other powerful characters like storm and cyclops. I hope they dont do this in xfc. AND, if they do beast like they did in x3 I’ll be extremely pissed. Not knocking kelsey grammer, I know actoers do as they are directed, but that was a lame , pathetic effort at a great character.

  14. Forgot to mention I just came home from watching green hornet at the theatre. Got to see the Thor trailer in 3d on the big screen. Looks awesome. Cant wait. We have just under four months…….. until it begins. Yeeeeaaaaaah. Summer of super hero movies!!!

  15. This sucks already. Havoc releases energy blasts from his hands not his chest, the entire marvel universe knows that Nightcrawler is the child of Mystique. Why wont they follow the freakin storyline?!? (in my Samuel Jackson’s “Snakes on the plane” voice)

    • Actually Nightcrawler is the child of Mystique and Azazel, so thats one aspect that was correct, but otherwise this film is just sloppy. Wish chris Nolan and Jon Favreau could direct all comic book movies across the board. It’s a shame that graphic novels such as Sin City, Kick Ass, Wanted and Watchmen do so much better with much smaller budgets. I too try to imagine the movies as their own individual univerese, but there is no excuse in this time an age. No writers strike, budgets are high, the technology is there and great actors are hired on. Can we get a comic book fan or hell even an author of the comics to please write the script for these films? and not a new found comic book fan who became a fan because of the movie, but someone who has a true interest and love for the orginal art. If your plan is to make a trilogy anyways take not from the Harry Potter or even the Twilight films. Stretch the movie out. Make the movies truley connect. Tell a complete story as if it was a novel. They tell these stories on screen as if they were 45 mim episodes on TV. Even Smallvilles continuity errors pale in comparison to Fox’s screw job of these films. Okay Im done venting. lol

  16. I honestly think they will create a new series off of this. Either that or they alternate between future and past in this movie. Which would make havok and emma able to be in the film.

  17. What is funny to me is every person here making crap comments about this movie will be the first in line to see it. I will admit this movie is taking liberties but I look at this as ANOTHER X-men story, sort of like starting up a new comic book series. How many times have we seen new stories with new team members or mixing up team members to form new groups (x-force and x-factor). So far I like what I am reading….and forget X-men 3 or wolverine was ever made. Continuity shouldnt be a problem from this point forward. Look for this movie to introduce something so they can start fresh with new x-men movies. Something like Star Trek did.

  18. I personally don’t condemn movies based on comics solely because of the storyline or the costumes. I see comics, despite being visual in nature, as being books. Movies are a different medium.
    That said, I look at the trilogy, and I’d like to point out one thing: the continuity in X1 and X2 was smooth; it was X3 that screwed it all over. From what I understand, the new director threw out Singer’s original plot and replaced it with his own. I’d bet Singer didn’t plan on introducing Beast there.
    In regards to X:First Class, the early days they did say it was a prequel. But in more recent months they’ve said its more of a reboot. Therefore, its making an entirely new series; it may incorporate elements from the first two X films that were mentioned (like the split between Xavier and Magneto), and might even be in line with what’s happening in X Origins: Wolverine, by not having Wolverine show up.
    I think using costumes more in line with the original concepts is a good idea on the part of the director, and I think that despite the fact that the original X trilogy was a complete screw-up, we shouldn’t condemn this one before ever seeing it.
    I take movies by their own merits: I liked X-Men; I liked X-Men 2 because it gave more depth to the character of WOlverine and others; but then Singer left to go direct Superman, and the new guy took over. The characters had no real development beyond making Jean Grey act like a whore and Wolverine into a crybaby. The humor was flat and good for shock humor (‘Grow Those Back!’), but other than that, nothing. Storm did good taking over as leader for the X-Men. But I hated how they killed of Cyclops and Professor X. Way to kill a franchise.
    That’s why they re-classified this movie as a ‘reboot’, not a ‘remake’ or a ‘prequel’. I seem to recall reading that on IGN, but I’ll go make sure. Anyways, I’ve done my own ‘ranting’ for long enough. I know I’ll go to a Midnight of this show.

    • Reboot? More like a re-imagining of the whole X-Men universe. They have plucked characters from the future, characters who were never a part of the group for any real length of time and even well established villains to be part of this new team.

      To put it in more familiar terms lets take the J.J. Abrams reboot of Star Trek as an example…..If Abrams had done what they are doing to this X-Men then we would have had Klingons and Borg as part of the bridge crew, Spock would have been replaced with his brother Sybok and Sulu would now be an Andorian. Just how well do you think THAT casting lineup would have worked out?

      Of course if anyone is to blame for all this in the end it’s Marvel themselves for being foolish enough to sell the rights to their iconic characters off. They need to bring everything back in house before it’s too late to salvage anything.

  19. Ok…I took a market research survey today and actually saw the real trailer for X-Men First Class. It had plenty of watermarks and “property of FOX” crap on it, but I saw the thing twice. I wouldn’t bother posting this if it wasn’t true so…..take it for what it is.

    While I don’t have an exact scene for scene recount of the film stuck in my head, I’ll try to give you what I can piece together from what I watched.

    Much of what the previous synopsis says is true, there’s the chick who turns into diamonds…..a dood shooting a red lazer out of his chest….yadayadayada. But, many of those scenes were switched around in this version of the trailer as I’m sure it’s a new cut.

    The movie seems to center around the time period of President Kennedy and the impending Cuban Missile Crisis. The mutants are at the school watching President Kennedy’s public address on an old TV. The president is stating that any firing of missiles from Cuba will be considered an act of war by the Soviet Union. The mutants turn to eachother……fade out. You get the idea.

    The trailer clearly shows Mystiqe transforming on a bed, and Beast trying to land the crashing Blackbird…(and a female mutant with fairy wings who I’ve never heard of before but I’m sure some of you know her).

    The X-men seem to have gotten their equipment (mainly the giant Blackbird Plane) directly from the military, as the X-men can be seen on an aircraft carrier and flying away from it. So, I’m sensing a secret gov partnership with the mutants, although it isn’t explained in the trailer.

    There are scenes of Magneto walking briskly through the hallways of the school, obviously angry. He encounters one large mutant and does the “force push” thing, that makes the mutant buckle and convulse. I don’t know why this happened…might be missing a special effect. Maybe the other mutant had a watch on because he seemed to be clutching his wrist, but it was such a quick cut I couldn’t tell.

    There is a dark scene where Charles and magneto are sitting across from each other (I think playing chess) where Charles says: “Listen very closely my friend….killing will not bring you peace.”
    Magneto replies: “Well, peace was never really an option.”

    The last big “ahh” moment in the trailer comes from Magneto (not Charles as was previously mentioned) lifting a submarine out of the water from the open bay of the blackbird plane. There are military ships surrounding the scene, and magneto seems to be struggling with the weight of the submarine. There’s some island in the background (guessing the cuban Isles)

    Just re-laying what I can remember. Release date is June 3rd at the end of the trailer.