Somewhat New International ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer

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X Men First Class Trailer 2 Somewhat New International X Men: First Class Trailer

As we inch closer to the summer movie season and the onslaught of superhero movie marketing and merchandise, studios are beginning to open up in revealing more for their tentpole films. Twentieth Century Fox and their fifth X-Men film might be the exception.

Another version of the international X-Men: First Class trailer has arrived, this time in full English and featuring some entirely new footage. You’ll get nothing new from the Xavier-Lehnsherr relationship, but you will get a little more Azazel, Banshee and Havok. Just a little.

If you’ve been keeping up with X-Men: First Class and its trailers and images released thus far, you’ll notice that this doesn’t reveal anything new. It’s nearly the same as the Russian and Japanese international First Class trailers we shared before, mixed in with a few brief shots from the X-Men: First Class TV spot, with maybe a second or two of additional visuals.



The trailer works and we were sold on the similar international ones prior to it. It’s just surprising that we haven’t seen an actual second (and different) theatrical trailer with only 5-6 weeks left before it hits theaters. Perhaps because the movie contains even less action than we thought from director Matthew Vaughn’s words and they’re not spoiling it, or more likely, the film simply doesn’t have too much to show because of how rushed it is. The marketing materials to date have been bottom of the barrel compared to the competition and this might be the most rushed film of the summer, a definite concern after the end result of X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

While the shot of Banshee flying and Magneto lifting the sub look cool, some other special effects aren’t as pretty, like the floor stomp, explosion and Havok’s energy blasts. Seeing this so close to the release date brings back flashes of Hugh Jackman’s awkwardly fake CGI Adamantium claws from his solo outing in 2009.

Like all franchise films, there’s already talk of X-Men: First Class sequels but will this film, with some questionable marketing and an entirely new cast perform at the box office well enough to launch a new trilogy for Fox and Bryan Singer?

Below are some stills of key scenes and visuals from the trailer – They aren’t the highest quality as it’s from YouTube, but we’ll replace if we get better later:

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.


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  1. cant wait to see this movie all trailers look good roll on june

    • I am cautiously optimistic.

    • yeah the trailers are awesaomee

  2. Talked to a friend yesterday about movies this summer, he asked what comic book movies were coming out, knowing that I love comics, when I mentioned this movie he said, “They’re making another X-Men movie????”

    I think that about sums up this films chances in the theater.

    • Dante – we will find out shortly.

    • The movie is just now starting to roll out its ad campaign. Its first TV spot since the Superbowl was just recently released. Don’t worry I’m sure xmen will be on every burger king cup soon enough you’ll see.

      • And we all know how popular Burger King is…LOL

    • Yeah, I have the distinct feeling a lot of movie goers are gonna go in expecting to see Cyclops, Wolverine, etc and be sorely disappointed. They might even come out and do a little googling to find out what is going on and learn how really screwed up this movie is.

  3. @Dante, lmao cuz your friend said that means the film will tank? Lololololololololololololololol

    • Hey Oscar,

      I was using my friend as an example of a non-comic book guy movie goer. So in this example he would represent the general, non Screen Rant, public who has no idea a new X-men movie is even coming out. I think you meant you laughed your brain out.

      • Non comic book movie goer? Like the ones who lined up at midnight to watch XMO:Wolverine? Lol Fox has nothing to worry about son. Specially with people still going out to watch Scream sequels and Fast and Furious sequels.

        • You know Oscar, I’m not your son, and rather glad of that fact.

          Another thing Wolverine had tons of hype to build it up, in fact the hype began more than a year before release, but here we are a little over a month from release and the general public is unaware of the existence of this film.

      • One person does not illustrate a trend.

        But I get your point.

        • Perhaps I should have made it more clear that my friend is an avid movie goer just not a huge comic book movie guy like we here. I apologize for my lack of clarity.

          • Me saying the movie will be on every burger king cup was an analogy. Just trying to say before the movie is released everyone will have seen a oreview or a billboard exc.. can’t believe I had to explain that.

            • Who said you had to explain? I was just joking that Burger King is horrible. I believe this is common knowledge, yes?

              • Yes, but how does your average movie-goer friend feel about Burger King? And what about this friend? Is he “popular?” That should give us a clearer idea of how this film will perform at the box office.

                If you just would have stated that up front, we could settle the matter, and none of us would be having this ridiculous back and forth.

    • It’ll “tank” because it’s not sticking to comic book continuity (have you heard that Alex is Scott’s younger brother?). Or if that doesn’t work, than because Xavier walks and has hair, mystique’s forehead is too big, Hank McCoy is too thin, or simply because Fox is making it, not Marvel.

      Yes, even though Fox helped get the whole superhero movie ball rolling, and everyone was thrilled, ten years ago, when the “X” on Twentieth century Fox stayed lit for a few extra moments. That was then, now Marvel can do no wrong and X-men needs to be returned to them quickly and with an apology.

      I’m looking forward to this movie. I hope it raises the X-men “stock” and Fox will have bought low and will sell high if they ever sell the rights to Disney.

      Anyway, I’m hoping for an engaging story and some good direction. I think it looks good too.

      • Indeed that was then, it’s sort of like M. Night Shyamalan – I mean we all loved him when his movies were good but then lo’ and behold we turned on him like jackals when his movies were crap. Shame on us clearly.

        • -I see fanboys.-

          No. It’s no like that.

  4. hahaha! hmm, well I had to laugh when the first 30 seconds was the same, “before he was…” bit was there, over all it wasn’t very “NEW” but it was still good :)

  5. X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland and Donald Pierce as well as Tessa and Selene.

    • What is the deal with this freaking comment!!??? I have seen it on numerous websites, always a different screen name, same exact comment. Enough, whoever you are, if you have nothing original to add stay out of it.

  6. I think this is going to surprise everyone. Everytime I see something new, It looks better and better. We still haven’t even seen Bacon as Shaw, and hopefully only a fraction of Emma’s outfits… I love the serious tone of the film (it appears at least). Can’t wait.

  7. The non-trailer marketing has just been terrible. The footage from the film has mostly looked pretty good (sans my distaste for McAvoy).

    The posters need to look more like the 1960′s Bond posters (illustrated).

    • All movie posters should be illustrated – period!

      I’m sick of bland photoshop. Give us some beutifully rendered artwork. It worked for the last hundred years then computers come along and F@@k it all up. Kids growing up won’t know what an iconic illustrated movie image is.

      By the way, I think this looks great. Over on SuperHeroHype they are all slagging it off and moaning about “continuity” and “not like the comics..”. I’m sick of hearing it. I’m glad the guys on this site seem a little more positive. Well done you.

    • That would be cool. Marketing may improve but I wonder if the smaller budget is an issue.

  8. really really epic trailer…looks awesome !

  9. It looked like Charles was giving Erik a little aid with his mental powers! Cool shot with the sub!

  10. Every trailer I see makes me more and more excited for the movie! Forget comic book noncontinuity… it looks like a good movie. I’ll be there first night

  11. It’s kind of confusing the way they are mixing early Xmen characters and storylines with more recent ones.

  12. I guess the best way to view this movie is as a parallel world Xmen that has nothing to do with the comic book Xmen.

  13. I wonder, does everyone, who isn’t pleased with this film, get annoyed with x-men cartoons? As no xmen cartoon has ever struck 100% with the source material. The mid 90′s one did, but only slightly. So, if we can have cartoon series after series not sticking 100% with the source material, why can’t the films do that? Which in fact all the comic book films have done. Sure wolvy and xmen 3 were bad, but it wasn’t the story that was bad, it was the directing and lack of ability to tell a good story.

    just saying. love to know what people think of the cartoons.

    I for one, had doubts about first class, but really the continuity isn’t THAT thrown off. Sure Emma’s been in origins and first class, and yes we all know the Havok argument. But still, xmen 1 had rogue, bobby, colossus, and other as just kids, wolverine origins put Gambit in the 80′s so that throws of any relationship rogue and gambit could have had, and no one cared all that much. But I think this film will be decent. I will happily admit it, if i’m wrong, but what we keep seeing is pretty cool. Besides, as someone mentioned earlier about not seeing cyclopes or wolvy, if someone is expecting to see them, then they def didn’t look at any trailer/photos/or anything regarding the film. New characters are good, and i’m happy others are getting a chance to shine, like Banshee, Moria, Beast, Havok, and Hellfire Club.

    • First Class does look like it will be entertaining but all the continuity issues are a problem. I liked the 90′s X-Men animated cartoon, even though it slightly strayed from comic book canon. If Fox just realizes their writers do not know more than the creators of the product, these movies could be better. I’m someone who usually don’t like reboots but this series is one that is prime for it.

    • “really the continuity isn’t THAT thrown off”

      Yes, yes it is. Do you really want to go down the laundry list though? Just say the word and we will begin listing them.

      As to the animated series’ and even all of the movies thus far…, none of them have stayed 100% true to the source material. But not even the source material has stayed completely true to itself. There are some variations and changes that have been made over time but those are nothing close to this movies deviations because, at the end of the day, while there are differences, they all hold true to some very base things that XM:FC does not.

      • No, I’d rather not list them again ha, I know what they are. I just think that as every single cartoon series has diverted massively from the source material. I mean Wolverine and the X-MEN was completely unlike the comics and wasn’t even taken from the comics, apart from key themes, like days of future past and the build up for Apocalypse that we never saw (shame). xmen evolutions thre everyone in high school, but had Wolverine as an adult who knew the professor well, had Mystique posing as a principle, and a love triangle between a teenage Scott, Jean and Rogue. The new anime has a new phoenix story, a random meeting between the x-men and emma frost in japan who is capture by the u-men, who had captured Armor. So really the cartoons barely keep to the source material.

        I just think it would be good to give first class a chance, cause it might be good. These continuity issues aren’t super massive. I mean they aren’t life or death. I’m not denying them and yes they are really different from the comics in some cases, but not all. But the films are just someone telling a new story. I mean its like motion comics, they are pointless when you already have the actual comics. so a film that portrayed stuff 100% would be, well for me, not worth getting excited about.

        So I don’t think a reboot is needed, sequels would be good and more ‘origin’ type films too as long as they aren’t as crappy as x-men 3 and Wolvy Origins. As the x-men universe is vast and stuff can/does change.

        • You say you don’t want a listing of all the deviations but then dismiss them all as not being “super massive”. That tells me you are either turning a blind eye or really don’t understand why a lot of these changes are far worse than anything any of the animated series or the X-Men trilogy ever did.

          • no, i’m not dismissing them whatsoever. i know what they are. what i’m saying is that there needs to be some creative liberties when writing stories like this. like there’s been with the animated shows. so even though there are big changes with some characters, like havok and two emma frost’s in two films both greatly far off in age, we need to see the film to see if they make sense. the other characters like banshee, moria, angel, beast, hell fire club, mystique, work fine for a prequel story. they fit. yes, this isn’t first class from the comics, it shouldn’t have been titled that, but if you can look past the title and view it as simply prof x and magneto origins, it changes the feel completely and make you see the changes as possibly interesting. i think this film might have something good to offer. point is we wont know till we see it.

            the bourne films are a good example of a film that didn’t follow the source continuity but was still epic!
            But like i said many many times, if the film is bad, i will admit it, but i want to wait and see it before i make that call, cause it might just surprise us and be really good. changes and all.

            • we need to see the film to see if they make sense

              Is that anything like: “We need to pass the bill to see what’s in it”? :-D

              Oh drat! I did it again! :-)

  14. I’m betting the rush factor could be the main reason why this movie could end up turning into yet another unsuccessful X-Men movie. But here is to hoping that it’s not.

  15. I had stated before that I was gonna skip seeing this in the theater, but I think that trailer just changed my mind…

  16. Wow, I know this is like last century news but movies are gonna beast this year… very beastly.

    • Does that mean that the movies will be good? My translator is broken. :-)