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x men first class spoilers X Men: First Class Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a ¬†X-Men: First Class review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss X-Men: First Class spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile X Men: First Class Spoilers Discussion

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  1. I loved it ure & simple thought it was great . the graphics were so so but magnto was fantastic, and the wolverine cameo was preety funny to

  2. I really enjoyed the movie, the interplay between Erik and Charles was pure chemistry. I agree the other chars were rather weakly developed, though they did give you a bit better back story on Mystique then any previous X-men movie, she was still somewhat lacking. My biggest disappointment came with the tie-ins to the previous movies for parts and the unfortunate denial of events shown at other places (specifically the rush to resolve Charles’s and Erik’s friendship). I appreciate the need to conclude the story of their friendship and to establish the brotherhood / x-men teams . . . but the way they did it completely ignores the fact that in Last Stand they were still working together to recruit for Xavier’s school. Maybe a minor point, but it still bothers me. Just my 2 cents. Overall loved the movie.

    • Well I think this shows to them that X3 and Wolverine never happened as the break in friendship and Xavier being paralyzed ruins the scenes in X3 and Wolverine. Those movies are hated(though sorry I love both those movies, especially Wolverine) so they don’t care about ruining the continuity. Plus paralyzing Charles and showing their break in friendship makes the film more epic. At the same time doesn’t mean they can’t ever work together again against a common threat. Magneto is famous for going back and forth with Charles.

  3. So I just arrived back from the movie theater and came out unsatisfied. Yes, I am a fanboy of the series, but I don’t usually nitpick too much when it comes to the X-Men series (because there really is no point, the creators will do as they please) but I did find somethings in this film a little odd. For one, I didn’t like how they portrayed Erik’s and Xaviers friendship. Don’t get me wrong, both actors played their roles very well as the young mutatns and they had great chemistry together, but there was something off. In the comic book AND in the first X-Men films, its said that they were great freinds for a while before drifting apart. In this film, we are to believe they are friends for like…I would say 4 weeks to a couple of months. (If you want to argue with me, go back and watch as Mystique drops a line to denote the amount of time that has passed. The training of the young mutants, only took a few weeks). It just seems strange to me that what the original film seems to establish really doesn’t fit with this one. Also, Magneto is supposed to help build Cerebro…Im ok with Hank having designed it in this one, but since it’s destroyed they will need Erik to put it together under Xaviers school. So that really doesn’t add up in my mind. At the end of this film, they have chosen sides. I would have liked to see a new series with Erik and Charles staying friends and SLOWLY establishing their different ideals and drifting apart and the last movie being the catalyst for their frenemies status. The time line seemed rushed.

    Speaking of time lines. Lets talk about X-Men Origins Wolverine and how it fits with this film…It doesn’t. They took so much care to put Patrick Stewart into the end of that film and have the young mutants find him to show that this would be the first class. Well cyclops was there and …Wait…So was Emma Frost!?!?! So how does this really work? Can someone explain that. I am ok with the studios taking liberties like which mutants belong to which team and when, but if your going to take time to make this many films and try to make them all connect, Get it right. If you used Emma frost in wolverine, don’t put her in first class. OR make her young enough that it will make sense. And are we to believe that Alex Summers is Cyclops father or is he is Older Brother?!? That was never brought up either.

    Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate the film (like I hated X3) but there was just somethings that could have been done better. I loved the cameos and I enjoyed some parts of the film. But IMO there was bad mixed with good and neither outweighed each other. If they decide to make this a precursor trilogy to the first set of films, I hope they get their stuff together. Because in my mind, nothing has come close to X1 and X2 so far.

    • I totally agreed with your point about the length of time that they are friends in the movie. I felt as though it should have lasted a few years of them building a bond. That being said, they are not enemies yet. It occurred to me after that they can still develop a relationship for many years. Is not like they had a huge falling out. They just established that they were going to approach it different way, not that one would try to kill the other.

    • how can you consider yourself a fanboy.i have been reading comics for 40 years.i couldn’t wait to see my favorite comics on screen.finally there are plenty of movies made that look the comics.and all i read from people like you is this is good and this is bad.i’ve read so many stories from spiderman to xmen to ff and so on.all the comic book stories are not great but i don’t stop buying them and complaining to everyone about them.just try to enjoy that they are making quality comic movies and not what i lived thru in the seventies and eighties

  4. As a comic book reader, I enjoyed it. Even though it isn’t how it all worked in the books, I still enjoyed myself because they did an excellent job telling their own story in the Marvel world (because that is all a comic book is, telling a story). The unexpected joy from Hugh Jackman was also a huge plus.

    Although, there were two in particular scenes that made me die laughing. First when Magneto is driving the coin through Shaw and Professor X is screaming, they show the coin, than screaming, coin, scream. Whatever it was, it made me laugh.

    Then when Professor X announces he is crippled over and over, I know it just sounds horrible, but it just made me laugh. For whatever reason, those two scenes made me hysterical.

    Great movie though, should defiantly be on everyones must-see list.

  5. Just to point out something odd and maybe I looked too much into this. But when Shaw is trying to turn the mutants onto his side, he talks about how the humans will turn them all into slaves. BOOM! Camera goes straight onto the black guy! Whats the deal with that?!?

    • Thats not THAT big of a deal. And yes, this is coming from a black guy

    • @ X-Force: My friends and I looked at each other during that part were just like ‘Low blow Shaw.’ Way to look to the black guy during the time of the Civil Rights movement and convince him that he is going to be a slave all over again, just for being a mutant this time. The look got a pretty big Ooooohhhhhhh in my theatre.

    • shaw was just recruiting. not a big deal at all.

    • Shaw is an ass of major proportions. Using a “subtle” heritage reference to try and get under Darwin’s skin to turn him isn’t beneath him. He IS that low.

    • Have to admit,I thought the exact same thing.

      • last comment was @ X-Force

    • I noticed that too but Shaw is an ass and it isn’t beneath him to use any means possible to recruit while still pretending to be a charmer.

  6. Here’s how they do it…

    House of M baby.

    Would be perfect.

  7. Question.Why Emma never escaped after scoring a hole in the glass?She did not want to go back to Sebastian?But chose Magneto instead.Good movie but I never got that part.

    • shes a telepath dude. prob knew he was dead

  8. I really enjoyed the movie and will def. see it again. The whole setting was great and I thought McAvoy and Fassbender were perfect in their relationship with one another.

    One of the things I liked at the end as everyone moves into their respective roles and sides was that Erik and Charles’ friendship had not truly ended. They split but it seemed to me they still deeply cared for one another and that is something that never changes throughout the movies and I assume the comics. The whole scene after Charles is hit in the back by a deflected bullet between him and Erik was just beautiful.

    • Actually, your comment made me think again of that scene on the beach. Their friendship was so strong that Erik almost killed Moira because he blamed her for Charles being shot. However… he just teleported out of there with his team and left Charles on the beach wounded? After they were attacked by ships?
      What? Why?

      That bothers me now, because their friendship is/was supposed to be so strong.
      Did I miss something?

  9. I enjoyed the film and think the concentration camp opening was quite well done (among other scenes, of course). I loved the acting (Charles and Erik had fantastic interplay) and thought the progression was fairly effective.

    Somebody, earlier, mentioned that they didn’t see the logical change of Mystique’s loyalties from Charles to Erik, but I saw it very clearly. Also, Charles and Erik obviously still care about each other at the end of the film. Charles, however, has FINALLY begun to step out of the shadow of his naivete’ to realize he must be cautious when dealing with Erik…He has realized he an Erik DO have different approaches to the dawn of the mutant era.

    • …he anD Erik…sheesh.

    • I agree with your entire comment. Mystique cares for Charles but she never felt like she belonged with him. Erik showed her that she is beautiful just as she is and that he accepts her unconditionally. That was the first person in her life to ever do so. Pile on top of that Hank’s dismissal of her looks (low blow, Beast) and Erik kissing her while she is in her natural form and BAM! I believe it.

  10. yeah i think seeing people die in the film really made me think their was a danger lurking. i really hope the human decide to build the sentinels and hunt the mutants down this way magneto can be recruiting and battleing the human metal robot at the same time and charles xavier can find and help mutants on the run. i think beak would be a great characters to bring in and help beast realize he is what he should be by feeling the way beast did in first class.i think stacy-x would be a great character to use visually and for story purpose.i think other characters that should be used for visual mutant cameos would be glob herman,anole,chamber,and husk for showing some interesting mutants and powers we have never seen.another thing that should happen in the sequels is cyclops has to be brought in as well as storm,jean,a young iceman,youn colossus,sabretoothe,blob,gambit,avalanche,toad,and a young juggernaught.i also think john sublime would be a very interesting human villain showing a new way some human view mutants envy and wanting to become them, and sinister, and apocalypse being two of the x-mens biggest villains ever need to be added in as well. but my four main things i want to see are cyclops,sentinels,glob herman,and beak.

  11. LOVED the film! The audience applauded at the end (and that rarely happens nowadays!). I do have a question about why Charles held Shaw in stasis while Eric bored through Shaw’s skull with the coin…any thoughts on that?

    And also, how could a coin injure Shaw when bullets and explosions could not? (I think it might have been a SPEED phenomenon, if the coin had been sent at the speed of a bullet, Shaw would have been able to absorb the kinetic energy and have the coin fall impotently to the ground… but by moving it SLOWLY, that affect was avoided (which reminds me of how they were able to penetrate personal shields in Dune)).

    And also, my GF wants to know, what’s up with Eric/Magneto suddenly having the ability to float/fly/levitate himself?

    • ^ Good question, I thought that maybe he was controlling the metallic elements within his body or even the metal on his suit.

    • Erik is able to kill Shaw at the end because Xavier gets in his mind and freezes him. It can be assumed that as a result Shaw is not able to access his powers.

    • Its because magneto hasnthe abilty to manipulate magnetic fields and create one around himself enabling him to fly.(besides even if that wasnt the case u could always just presume he was wearing metal or using the submarine as leverage) Oh and he conrols ALL metal not just ferrous/magnetic metals. He is only named magneto as he’s similar to a magnet but not neccessarily limited in that way.

  12. Wolverine cameo was frikin funny lol

    • No it was a stupid “hey wolverine is in it” tacked on piece.

      • Nope. Awesome.

      • No, it was a great uncredited cameo. And it was perfect for wolverine’s character. “Hello, would you like to join-” “F##K you!
        Walk away. Perfect!

      • Not to mention they kept telling everyone he wasn’t going to be in it, Jackman just happened to stop by the set. Oh yes didn’t see that one coming AND he drops an F bomb!! I’m with you Jet, I should have waited for dvd on this one.

      • I agree jet.
        Although I admit I LOLd at the scene, it cheapened the movie a little for me. It would have been a good deleted scene on the DVD / BD

  13. The movie was amazing, I loved it. The more I think about it, the more I loved it. But, in the end, what was the greatest thing about it? Answer: January Jones. I would get sad when she turned into diamonds.

  14. “grievous continuity sins akin to what this film did”

    They created the Ultimate Comics line and rebooted everything.

    -FF got powers from the Nzone
    -USM Spidey and Green Goblin changed by the same serum
    -Wolverine works for Magneto

    But, as Kofi cleverly pointed out: “different creative teams putting different stamps on characters whose CORE ESSENCES always remain the same”

    You are using the fact that Singer is terrible to make an argument that people shouldn’t change the main canon, even if it MAKES IT BETTER. By your logic, the Ultimate line should never have happened.

    The movies do not need to exist in the same universe as the comics. If the main line is Earth 616, just pretend that this new movie line is Earth 617 and quit complaining.

    • The above post was written in regard to mongoose’s stance on retconning, from the fist page of comments on this topic.

  15. So I just came back from seeing it a bit ago.I can honestly say that this is the best comic movie since The Dark Knight.While I can’t give it 5 stars,it definitely is worth 4.I thought that the actual plot was very well crafted,but I’m going to have to dock some points because some of the characters just weren’t fleshed out enough.

    Angel and Darwin were the worst of the bunch,and I didn’t like how fast Mistique seemed to switch sides,but it did make sense.Most of my worries were squashed after watching the movie,and I thought that Mathew Vaughn did a terrific job in directing.

    I guess the only other thing that I could scratch my head over is the Wolverine cameo.I get that it’s just fan wank,but I really felt like they did everything in this movie to separate itself from the first three movies,and that Wolverine abomination,so there really wasn’t any real reason to have him in there other than just for fun,and I’m fine with that.I did like the Rebecca Romijn cameo as well,but I think that I was the only one in the theater that “got” that one.

    As usual,the side villains weren’t very fleshed out,and that’s expected,but other than the White Queen,the other guys were just there to flex their muscle.

    I guess the only other thing that I can really complain about is the original line up of heroes.Obviously they didn’t want to go with the original six,but I would have at least liked to have seen a better bunch to start off with.I like the Beast/Havoc and the Beast/Mistique dynamic,but Banshee didn’t do much for me.I didn’t hate him,but I think I would have liked to have seen someone better.In all,in the structure of the film,it all works.

    Looks like Vaughn was definitely the right choice,and hopefully,he stays for subsequent sequels.

    I honestly think that when it’s all said and done and this summer is over,we will probably look back at this movie as the best comic movie of the year.

    • I love the kid they got to play Banshee. He doesn’t have a ton of credits in his resume but he pulled this off and stood out for me.

    • The Wolverine cameo was great and it made sense. If Charles and Eric were going around looking for mutants, it makes sense that they’d come upon Logan sooner or later. And Logan’s response was perfectly in character. Also, the RMS cameo made perfect sense. I got it too. When Eric told Raven to get out of his bed and maybe come back in a few years, she aged herself to a full grown woman. Who naturally would look like RMS.

      One thing I really liked about the film was that just like X-Men was Wolverine’s movie, this was Magneto’s movie. Eric Lensehr was running around like James Bond with superpowers.

      I also agree with another comment to the fanboy crowd that this movie (and all the Marvel movies) take place on an alternate Earth, not Earth 616. This one seems to be one close to the Ultimate Universe, but still different. You get the gist of the heroes and villains in the main world.

  16. fantastic movie finally a good xmen film. very well directed and portrayed 5stars…

  17. I love the movie. It really shocked me. I felt I was going to walk into X3 or Wolverine, hell I thought i was walking into X1 and X2. I personally felt all those movies sucks. and when something dramatic happened, I never felt or cared. This movie showed me Xmen can be done right. Yes people whine because of story changed and team change. Who cares? Every movie takes those changes. I actually walked out happy that it was not the same mutants from the others. Its always about the original five that makes me feel like they cant give it a new angle. I loved that we saw havoc and other mutants. It really gave them the spotlight that they deserve. And there is plenty of room in the sequel to add some more. Now the highlight was Erik. Fassbender really nailed magneto, he embodied his personality perfectly. Him and McAvoy made this movie. And believe it or not I actually felt banshee was pretty bad ass. Aside from mystique he had a bigger role then most. saving Havoc from the american soldiers. protecting him from angel. locating shaw. He definitely had a bigger role then most. Darwin pissed me off. for a number of reasons. Idc what anyone says. how is it the first person to die in most any movie is black? this i find ridiculous. Also it seemed as if you could have had some character development there. and seemed him and havoc were buddies. I felt he woulda been great on the team. killing him off,was pointless and racist. they could have done without that scene. Other than that I walked out pleased. Best comic movie since Dark Knight. Vaughn was the man for the Job. God willing the sequels are helmed from him, not rushed, and even better!!

    • I didn’t find the fact that they killed off Darwin racist. I thought it showed how brave and courageous he was. This also gave a real shock to the young G-men (yet to be X-men), showing them that it is not a game and friends and loved ones can die dealing with the nature of the mutant/human struggle. It left me wanting more Darwin and sad that he was gone. Atrue Martyr.

      • I don’t think the death of Darwin was racist. It was necessary to show that it wasn’t a game. That the bad guys were out for blood (mutant blood too.) How better to show that than have the character who looks like he can’t be hurt be killed with little effort from the main baddie?

        And if all the heroes were white, then someone would have cried foul over that.

        • He’s not dead. Lol.

    • Again I say, Darwin is not dead. Lol.

    • Actually, Erik’s mom was the first to die. Darwin was killed because he was trying to save Angel. He was trying to do the right thing and got killed in the process. Nothing racist about that. I’d sooner say it was noble.

      Banshee was one of my favorites. And not just because he’s a hot ginger. :)

    • like the others responding to this, it wasn’t racist. his character was just originally black, but it made sense he would be the one to try to save angel–everyone thought he was indestructible. if they had changed his race to white–and deviated from canon–just to make it so that a black guy wasn’t the first x-man to fall (again, mommy died first, along with all the ppl eric killed), that would have been seen as HUGELY more racist.

      granted, it would have been awesome to see a film with darwin as the main character, adapting to every obstacle. can you say…. awesome!

  18. I have a question.Emma could have escaped from her cell after scoring the glass,but she didn’t.What’s up with that?

    • scoring glass is vastly different than getting out of metal–where she ended up. also, not impervious to bullets. the glas was just for cool factor. though hell, she coulda mind controlled ppl into letting her out.

  19. I thought the movie was much better than I expected, which is good ’cause I didn’t expect much. I only learned of this movie a couple of months ago, as there is much more advertisement for Cap and Green Lantern. The main characters (Prof X, Magneto, Shaw, and Frost) were very well done. The others… not fleshed out much but the movie can only be so long. I dare say this is the best X movie of the franchise! A job very well done!

    • Really? You thought Frost was great? I thought she played the part of eye candy well enough but didn’t add anything to the film otherwise.

      I think the reason First Class didn’t have as much advertising as the other comic book movies this summer is because it is already an established franchise. Definitely the best X-Men film!

      • Emma looked like she was up to something else but the character didn’t delivered. That scene in the sub that Shaw shows the helmet to her and send her to “get him some ice” made it look like there was a deeper thing going on between the two, a tense relationship. Is he trying to put her down in her place, showing at the same time he doesn’t trust her, or does he really underestimates her? Is she waiting for a opportunity to take over the command? But in the end it seemed like she was just a groupie with the hots for the big bad. Not even the scene mimicking Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct made me think otherwise.

  20. One of the best CBMs yet. Up there with Dark Knight. My biggest problem was Emma Frost. Well, a number of my problems center around her. January Jones seemed a bit flat (literally and metaphorically). Jones is very pretty and very busty, but there’s no compensation at the back. None. She had no real bite or arrogance about her. I had really hoped for the British accent. I see why Alice Eve dropped out. The role was very small. I still think she’d have been much better. Also, why didn’t she just break out of that cell once she got the glass opened? How is it that she “diamonds-over” her clothes? WHY does the METAL bedpost break her DIAMOND skin? I wouldve much preferred the the Inception-styled fight in that scene. I was really hoping for her to be a better part in this movie.

    I’m good with everything else even the existence of the Emma Silverfox-Frost issue. But these things really irked me. Ok. I’m done with my rant on ScreenRant. :D

  21. I loved this movie and I think is one of the best Comic book movies I have seen. I loved James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender as Charles and Erik !! I thought they had great chemistry and when they split, I felt like I wish they could have stayed together more!! I cannot wait for a sequel and hope Matthew Vaughan returns as director!!

  22. Riptide served as a stand in villain. No lines, just a bodyguard.

    If you guys could replace him with any other villain from the Marvel Universe, who would it be?

    - I would have liked to see Selene

    • Avalanche I would have liked to see. Maybe Black Tom in future movie.

  23. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a pretty good feeling about this franchise after seeing this movie!

    While it wasn’t perfect, it was a solid origin story.

    Also, loved the Wolverine cameo!!!

  24. I had to give X-Men 1st class 4 stars for a few reasons. Granted the movie would have taken much longer if each character had to develop & that’s why I gave it a 4 instead of a 3. A five would have made me leave the theater with no questions. How was Magneto able to levitate Shaw at the end..Shaw wasn’t made of metal & didn’t have on a blue & yellow seat belt suit. Riptide with no lines at all? What was Darwin’s purpose of being able to adapt to surviving if he didn’t & as stated earlier why did the only black character have to die 1st? Why didn’t Emma Frost just make one of the guards come open the door for her & send a massive brain fart through everyone else to escape? Why wasn’t more depth given as to why certain mutants chose sides? Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoyed the movie. Anytime my 9 year old daughter keeps asking questions throughout a movie it has to be good. Actually since she wants to be a telepathic now I’ll give it a 4.5.

    • Your first question – Did you not see the strain on the metal buttons on shaw’s suit as magneto lifted him? Not to mention a belt buckle or anything of that nature. Second question – No lines, correct. Third – Darwin survives. Fourth – Emma is not as powerful as Charles, She can’t influence people to the extent that he can.

      • dude darwin blew up. where is your source claiming his survival? is it Vaughn? Did he say hed show up in the sequel? looked like he evaporated lol.

        • but he’s Darwin. he adapts. in the comics, he converted to energy and bonded with a Summers brother for a number of years. he can’t die.

          • Darwin was killed I’m sure, he looked like he was blowing up and later the other mutant kids said “they couldn’t even bury him” and something like “they killed him”, they didn’t show him exploding but that’s probably due to the rating of the film and the american guy got blown up by Shaw with the grenade and didn’t show how he explode, so the director is consistant in killing the character without showing the graphic scenes. Unless the american general didn’t actually die, which is not the case I believe

  25. I was also let down cause the director didn’t put anything after the credits as most Marvel movies have. I wish I could get my money back and just rent it on Blueray.

    • are you a hunter from madoran?

  26. I, really, enjoyed the movie, but ….. coins and bullets are NOT magnetic.

    • Don’t forget that earlier in history coins and bullets both had a higher concentration of metallic materials.

    • and in X1, magneto keeps a bullet from entering the brain of one of the police officers outside the train station. so they’ve already broken that law. and since everyone is so anal about continuity…. lol.

  27. People need to stop attaching this to the other movies. This movie was a perfect stand alone, and if you use comic book lore instead of the old movies lore you would notice this one is close(er) on track than the others. To everyone complaining about Azazel(my favorite marvel character) and Mystique – How would they explain Mystique being married to some rich guy in Germany and Azazel being a (psuedo)-demon who wants to create as many children as possible? Come on now ladies and gents, use your noggins. The ONLY thing I saw that should have been rectified was Riptide’s lack of lines. This movie is easily the best of the series so far. I hope to see more in the future.

    • @Anthony I seriously don’t think you can say that people need to stop attaching this to the other movies. There is no reason that we shouldn’t, especially since that’s the POINT of making sequels/prequels. This movie was supposed to set the tone for the other movies, and any/all plot holes, timeline mistakes, and other problems are fair game for criticism.

      Also, since this is a PREQUEL, you should avoid claiming its superiority through its similarities with the comics. The first three movies established a reality within the movies, so the prequel is responsible for staying true to the MOVIES, not the comics (especially since the X-men movies are infamous for messing up important details, such as how Emma Frost is a grown woman in this one, but is a young girl in Origins, and doesn’t fall apart in Origins when she turns into diamond)

      The last thing I will say for now is that as far as the detail of when Xavier is paralyzed, this is the only movie that seems to diverge from the others. In X3 and Origins, we see an old, bald Xavier walking, so it is believed that he was paralyzed in his later years. This movie shows him being paralyzed much earlier than the others, so we are supposed to believe that between First Class and Origins, Xavier was like “LOLZ getting up out of this chair for a while”

  28. I saw Cyclops in the movie when Professor X first uses Cerebro.

    • Which kid? It can’t be possible. How about the white-haired girl… Storm anyone?

  29. Well made, great action, surprisingly great acting, and a well written plot and script. J.Mac and M. Fass put their signature on the X and Magneto. And the fact that the makers took liberties and didn’t try to completely tie in the film to the previous X-Men. Hugh Jackman’s cameo was perfect. Along with Rebecca Romain’s.