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x men first class spoilers X Men: First Class Spoilers Discussion

While we do have a  X-Men: First Class review where you can leave comments, we’ve set up this as a place where you can discuss X-Men: First Class spoilers without concerns about ruining the movie for folks who haven’t seen it yet.

If you’re posting comments here, assume that anyone in the conversation has seen the movie – if you haven’t seen the movie, I would recommend you don’t read the comments here until you have. icon smile X Men: First Class Spoilers Discussion

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  1. Loved Wolverine’s cameo… in fact, I was expecting it and I’m so glad Vaughn got him. Impressive also is Rebecca Romijn’s cameo as older Mystique. Hilarious. However, The fact that Xavier gets cripled at the end contradicts seriously with X3 (The Last Stand) where we see him walking in the flashback scene in the beginning of that movie along with Magneto while they sought Jean Grey.

    I’ve also voiced (though not vocally) the inclusion of Havok in the early X-Men team considering according to comic book lore, he’s in fact Cyclops’ younger brother (or older… I’m not sure). Including him in this movie places him as Scott’s father. I suppose it was intended, which I’m ok with.

    The brother/sister relationship between Xavier and Mystique is also curious thought cute. It’s just that it was never revealed or hinted upon in the first two X-Men movies… and Bryan Singer had a hand in those two as well as this one.

    In all, this is the super-hero movie that tops my summer charts.

    • Don’t stress yourself over all of the contradictions with the trilogy. As others have said, Vaughn admitted it was a quasi-reboot.

      Don’t forget that in X1 Charles said Magneto helped him build Cerebro, but from XFC, neither Charles nor Magneto had anything to do with it. :)

      • Good point.

    • Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about them going to Jean. ‘Cause in this one, Erik leaves before they start up the school, so…

  2. to all you movie and marvel nuts, I didn’t stay for after the credits, was there any spoiler? :S :(

  3. It was a fantastic movie, but I need to ask one question: where was Rebecca Ronjin’s cameo??? Couldn’t spot it

    • when Mystique is laying in Magneto’s bed naked…

  4. It was too rushed at the end,they should have saved magneto’s betrayal for another movie.but I suspect it may be the fault of the studios for not giving them guarantee of a sequel therefore showing a their cards in this movie.but other than that,great movie,although some of the characters such as angel proved rather useless IMHO.

    • I thought the same thing, and was fearful they’d rush that even before seeing it. I mean, we know what’s going to happen, why not stretch things out a bit.

      That said, I thought what they did and the way they handled it was incredibly powerful and effective. Even though I would have loved to see more of Eric and Charles and Mystique, what we got was really great.

      • My only issue with that was; I would have liked Magneto & Mystique to show more compassion for Charles while hurt. Would have liked to have seen a better bond.

        Angel and that tornado guy, the movie could have done without.

        • LMAO at ‘tornado guy’…his name is Riptide. Not that it matters. He was a filler character for sure.

          • I think the comment by robbie bear says it all about “Riptide”. I am a comic guy, not a master, but knowledgeable, and while sitting watching the movie, I was struggling to remember his name. I figured for sure they would mention it and NEVER said his name. If you cant mention a character by name, then they are not needed.

            • I had to look him up when I got home. I spent most of the movie wondering why Whirlwind, an Avengers villain, was in Shaw’s Inner Circle (even if he is a mutant).

              It’s not so much that he wasn’t needed. It’s that what he was needed for was very limited. Shaw needed muscle. A henchman. A thug with flashy powers. Someone to help drive the action, blow stuff up, and make Shaw look stronger and more important. It’s a very limited role, but it’s one he filled well.

              I suppose they could have done more with him. Developed him better. But the movie was already two hours long. And, in a way, not even bothering to mention his name serves to underline what he is. Here’s a guy who can throw tornadoes around like they were softballs, and Shaw doesn’t even bother to call him by name… and he meekly accepts that.

  5. I like the movie but the next one the need to step it up a couple of notches,maybe get a young storm,or gambit would be nice too but a job well done.

  6. I thought the film was really good! I had doubts, but they were proven wrong! The story was good, the retro feel was good, the graphics were good, and the emotion was good! After seeing xmen 3 and Wolverine Origins first class was such a breath of fresh air for x-men. I thought all the characters fit nicely into the story, and they all played really well off each other. The Erik Charles struggle was good, as well as the friendship between Charles and Mystique. I am a hugh x-men comic fan, and i know there are major deviation, but for me, they made them work well. I view it like a book, sometimes you make changes from a book when making it into a film, first class did exactly that and got it right! i really hope to see a sequel.

  7. How exactly did Darwin and Shaw dies, as far as I know Shaw can’t, and I KNOW Darwin can’t. I loved the movie, but those two deaths bring it from a 5 to a 4 in my opinion.

    • Shaw never said he was invulnerable. He wasnt immortal. It was just that the energy he fed off of slowed and possibly reversed his aging. The caveat in his death is that it had to be of low impact or else he’d kinetically reabsorb and rechannel it.

      • Yeah I kind of agree about Shaw. But even a low level of energy could have been absorbed and re-channeled. I think he dies because Xavier has stopped his mind from working for the time. His conscious and subconscious abilities are frozen so he can’t absorb the energy. They don’t get into it in the movie but that opens a question of whether Shaw was aware of his death. Maybe Xavier experienced the pain of the coin through the brain but not Shaw. These tele-paths are something else. Emma Frost does the reverse form of telepathy on the Soviet general when he thinks he’s getting it on with her. He’s experiencing something in his mind that she does not have to. Silly general should’ve known better.

    • Most likely Darwin isn’t dead. I’m guessing that he just turned into a form of pure energy until the radiation levels get low enough that he can reform a body. It happened in the comic books and his mind just went into a preservative, unconscious state and he eventually reformed himself. And as far as Shaw goes, he can die. Xavier stopped him from being able to move or use his powers so the hole in his brain from the coin killed him like it would anyone else.

  8. Ok, let me start out by saying that I have been reading comics longer than most of you have been alive. I have been around longer than the X-Men and have been a diehard Marvel/DC fanboy for my entire life. I have NO problem whatsoever with any continuity gaps and changes with the “mainstream” comic storyline. I thought this movie was absolutely fantastic. McAvoy and Fassbender were perfect as Charles and Eric. The early scenes at Auschwitz were chilling. The look and feel of the “60′s were captured perfectly. Sure, it would have been nice to have fleshed out the younger characters a little more but that can easily wait for the next one or two movies. It was nice seeing Ororo and the others as children and the Logan cameo had me in stitches. I, for one, will go see it again and can not WAIT for the series to continue. I just hope that Singer/Vaughn stay at the helm.

    • aye, man. haha.

  9. I wished they would have kept the line from the trailer when Erik is leaving the CIA base and Charles stops him. Everytime in the trailer when he said “help me guide it, shape it,…lead it” I got chills and I just wished it would have made the final cut. McAvoy and Fassbender were fantastic in this.

  10. Can anyone tell me how a man who adapts to survive dies? The scene with Darwin made no sense to me. His body should have adapted to absorb the energy blast from Havok. That is the only part of the movie that i was in disagreement about. Other than that, great movie.

    • Who knows, man? Maybe Darwin survived as a consciousness or astral being after having his body torn apart from the explosion, and will be back in the next film! Adapt to survive can mean many things. Look at Prof. X after the credits in X-Men: TLS, this franchise has no fear of astral transferring of consciousness.

  11. I wanted to like it more. To me First Class could have been better. I felt they crammed a lot of pinnacle moments in x-men history and a lot of it could have been saved for a sequel. Like Beast turning blue, Xavier becoming handicapped. I also didn’t think the relationship between Magneto and Shaw really got passed the surface. I thought some of the mutants were unnecessary for plot. I was irritated by the fact Angel decides to jump ship without any reason as to why she decides to join Shaw just after killing her fellow friend Darwin. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed Fassbender and McAvoy’s performances. They definitely made the characters their own. I just got confused at the end because First Class is a prequel and not a remake maybe someone can explain to me why Xavier is walking and still recruiting mutants with Magneto in the beginning of Last Stand.

    • Dont forget this in the sixties, the sene in X3 i think was in the eighties. A lot can happen in twenty years.

    • Last Stand had a flashback with Xavier walking- and in this movie we see Xavier walking and recruiting mutants with Magneto- Jean Grey was just another mutant who couldnt go against Shaw

      • ouch but that would make Jean really old????

        I guess Xavier gets out of the chair and then back in….

  12. So…is this a reboot?

    • no sam, this is not a reboot. its simply a prequel, that could possibly become its own franchise. But its the same film universe as the other x-men films.

  13. For me its the best film I;ve seen yet in 2011.

    It met all expectations and exceeded them. Considering the rushed schedule and all i say 3 (mutant) thumbs up to Mathew Vaughn for putting out what he did within the confinements he worked under (time, scheduling and so on.

    Did anyone else LOL and hard with the cameo scene with Wolverine?

  14. It appears the current lifetime gross for the film foreign and domestic surpassed the budget. A sequel is definitely likely
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $60,553,797 48.6%
    + Foreign: $64,000,000 51.4%
    = Worldwide: $124,553,797

  15. Did anyone else feel like Azazel was the best looking (in terms of makeup and effects) of the less human looking Xmen/Muntants? Every scene he was in felt like his presence was dominating, not because of acting skills but the look. His devil like image was just awesome.

    • Yes, Azazel was by far the best looking.

    • Azazel was the best, I was rather disappointed with the Beast’s appearance. He looked like a life size stuffed animal (Kelsey Grammer’s makeup was better) and with Magneto’s costume in the last scene, it looked like they just threw it together at the last minute. The helmet was so much better in the grey tones and 10x better than the ones in the first X-men film.

      • The helmet in the last scene was one of the few things they pulled directly from the First Class comics so even though it looked kind of goofy I liked it.

      • I totally agree! Actually, I think he was way better than even Nightcrawler in X2! Awesome actor performance as well.

  16. Did anyone see the young storm when Charles was looking for mutants? Were any of the other mutants during that scene known mutants? The wolverine cameo was funny. If I remember correctly that was a post credits scene from either one of the Xmen movies or origins which didn’t make any sense at that time. Azezl to me had the best scenes, just like Nightcrawler’s scene in the white house in the X movies. 1st class was a very good overall movie.

  17. so magneto put a quarter thru shaws head and then had him hemmed up coming out of the submarine and just drops him….i fell in love with the movie then…not to mention him crushing the helmets in the first scenes. im sold the best x men movie hands down…and vs dark knight one of the best comic book movies yet.

    • The thing about the quarter trick is that it makes Xavier complicit. That never would have worked if Charles hadn’t been holding him still.

  18. GReat movie!

    The only thing that keeps nagging me is that Charles hold Shawn as he was being slowly murdered.

    This after asking Magneto not to kill him.

    For me that didn´t fit the “I can´t kill anybody” character.

    But the movie was lot better than I espected.

    • Exactly. (Sorry I didn’t see this comment before replying above.) It makes Xavier complicit in Shaw’s death. (And I was half expecting that to be what crippled Xavier – brain damage from having his mind linked to Shaw’s while the quarter went through.)

      The one argument I can make for Xavier continuing to hold him when it became clear that Erik was really going to do it is that letting Shaw go would have meant he’d have been free to release all the energy he’d absorbed (what happened to all that energy, anyway?), which would have killed Erik and quite possibly everyone within a 30 mile radius (including Xavier himself).

  19. I liked the film on its own terms. Those two hours really did fly by. There’s a lot to say for it, but most of that has already been said. I did, however, have three main problems with it:

    1. Mixing real history with fictional. Specifically, the Holocaust. I’m glad those images and ideas are being related in a very personal way to people who might not otherwise be exposed, but I’m less happy about it being used as a backdrop for a comic book action movie. Especially since there are already far too many people claiming the whole thing never happened (or was at least highly exaggerated). Fictionalizing it and associating it with cartoonish villains isn’t helping. And then the one who’s supposed to be the sympathetic character is Magneto, who will inevitably become a terrorist and a mass-murderer who would start a war in the name of his establishing the dominance of his master race of “homo superior.”

    2. Leaving real history out. Yep, cutting both ways. The movie was set in the 60s and delving into American history… and managed to utterly and completely ignore the Civil Rights movement. The closest they got was a gratuitous close-up of the one Black guy when Shaw all too pointedly mentions the word “slavery.” And then, moments later, he recruits the one girl with dark skin and kills the one Black guy.

    3. Speaking of Angel… WIF was that? Of the original five X-men, they’ve got Beast, Cyclops…’s brother, and someone named Angel… who has been swapped out for a very obscure character of the same name (who I don’t believe was ever part of the main X-men team). For what? So they can get a dark-skinned girl? And randomly make her a stripper? And then, as mentioned, have her turn evil? I’d rather they have used a “reimagined” Dazzler.

    Still, it was all about the relationship between Charles and Erik, and that was perfect and beautiful. And I’m totally with you on the changes made to their early characters. It makes sense, and makes them stronger characters.

    • Re #1, Magneto has been a holocaust survivor for as long as I can remember. The holocaust scenes in First Class are an extension of the scene at the beginning of the first movie in the original trilogy. It was put in because the Magneto Origins movie was cancelled. Magneto isn’t ~supposed~ to be a cartoonish villain and that’s the point. Xavier is optimistic about people accepting mutants, but he’s lived a very cushy and privileged life and can often be downright naive. Magneto thinks people are heartless monsters towards those who are different, because he’s seen it all before. And he never started the war — the war was started by the humans, who turned their guns towards the beach. The humans start the war in every X-men incarnation I’ve seen. It’s still hard to justify the killing/experimenting-on of civilians that he does in the main films… but OTOH nobody’s hands are really clean in the X-men Universe, not even Xavier’s. So he’s a darker shade of grey. But I can totally see how it would read differently to people who weren’t already primed from other sources. It was a pretty poorly-done, shallow movie.

      Re #2, I agree. That was weird.

      Re #3, the other Angel was one of the original 5 X-men. Other than that, I agree. Since they aren’t sticking to sensible timelines (~30-year age difference between Cyclops and Havok??) they could’ve picked anybody. Angel felt like an excuse to have some lolol sexy stripper bits. HER NAME DIDN’T EVEN FIT HER POWERS, but I guess Angel sounds more stripperific than something like Dragonfly or Fairy.

      • Yes, Magneto has long been a Holocaust survivor. And they handled that well in the first movie. The cartoonish villain I was talking about was Shaw. Sorry I wasn’t clearer. He was portrayed as an over-the-top supervillain, yet the things he did as a Nazi scientist fell far short of what the real ones did. Too many already see that as fictional, and this doesn’t help.

        As for Magneto, I thought some of what they did with him here was good. the end was too much for me. He became exactly what he’d spent his life crusading against in the last 10 minutes.

        Over to Angel: It turns out she’s a character from one of the 90s spin-off books. Angel is actually her real first name (last name Salvadore). Her mutant name was Tempest.

        I think they included her so there’d be more variety on the team. And there’s something to say for that. Except, of course, that the first time they faced a bad guy, she turned evil and the other non-White team member was killed. (All with no comment from anyone about race.)

        It was a good comic book movie, but it suffered from trying to bring in real-world history. There was too much of the Holocaust for them to be able to handle it well, and no mention at all of anything having to do with the civil rights movement (which would have been a bit much for them to handle, perhaps, but ignoring it when they’re trying to tie the movie to real-world history is… problematic).

  20. It’s amazing how different people have different perspectives, on things.

    I felt, “the thing about the quarter trick”, was that quarters are NOT magnetic. I felt the same thing when Eric deflected the LEAD (also, non-magnetic) bullet, then removed(!) it from Charles’s spine.

    • You’re right that modern US quarters aren’t magnetic, but the metallurgical content of coins varies greatly from place to place and time to time. Pennies used to be minted from copper, but nowadays they’re made of zinc, with a thin copper plating. (That’s to save money, and even so they cost something like 1.2 cents each to make.) Similarly, US nickles used to be made with actual nickel, but, again, that was removed from the alloy because it was too expensive. But not in Canada; their nickles still have nickel (at least, last I heard).

      Shaw knew Erik’s powers were magnetic. After being pulled that powerfully, the gate would have retained residual magnetization for some time. I don’t know what the Nazis used to make their various coins, but rest assured that Shaw would have chosen one which was ferromagnetic – probably iron and/or nickel.

      Similarly, bullets have not been literally made with lead since they started coming in their own metal shells. Lead worked well enough when bullets were balls packed in black powder, but it’s too soft for modern ammunition. (It’s also toxic, which makes it dangerous to work with.) The bullet he deflected probably had a steel jacket.

      • It would have been great if they showed the jacket, in Erics hand, rather than the slug. I would have argued that it is all fantasy, anyway, and a suspension of disbelief is, pretty much, mandated.. but I appreciate your attempt, to argue the point, anyway. Thanx.

    • Not to sound super nerdy here, but Erik can manipulate magnetic fields..hence why he can float in the air. So he can create a magnetic field around stuff too..i.e. the bullet or the coin if there is no metallic-substance inside them.

  21. I Love how the X-Jet was a modified SR-71, notice the twin intakes just behind the front landing gear, just a Erik was about to lift the sub. Shame they didn’t have more screen time.

  22. One thing that ticked me off is Charles telling Eric not to kill Shaw. WTF??? I know that Charles is an idealist and all, but this guy killed his MOTHER in cold blood in front of him when he was like 8 years old just for some science experiment. And he wanted to kill billions more.

    Whats more, the movie makes it like in killing Shaw, he transforms into the villain Magneto. Absurd.

    • I’d say the point is that in Erik killing Shaw, makes Erik no better than Shaw. No matter the circumstances killing in cold blood, even out of revenge is not right. Yes Shaw needed to be stopped, but Charles thought there was another way, where as Erik just wanted him dead for selfish reasons, not saying that his feelings and want for justice aren’t justified, but its the way Erik handled it. He went too far…and became Magneto.

      • Agreed. Your focus is your reality. Magneto’s focus is on hate and revenge. He becomes that which he hates. His roots are that of a Holocaust victim and he hates his Nazi captors, including Shaw. While Erik, he spends all his time and energy hunting down those he hates. When he finds them he kills them. Xavier sees this and tries to work with him. In fact Magneto owes part of his existence to Xavier. Oh the irony. When Erik finally hunts down Shaw and kills him he’s left with nothing else. The targeted enemy is gone. There is a void to fill. He fills it with a hatred for humanity. As we know from then on the Brotherhood and Magneto work for racial superiority. This is what Shaw was after as well. In the beginning of the movie Shaw says he’s really not a nazi because he is looking for mutants, not the “master race”. Magneto taking the helmet says it point blank. Xavier was the only other mutant that had reached Erik. For example, when he taps into his memory and finds the brightest moment in his past. But Erik ultimately does not want that. When he puts on the helmet he blocks Xavier and what he believes out of his mind. The parallels are clear throughout the movie and is what the X-Men then spend the rest of their comic book lives dealing with. The X-Men are a metaphor to a post WWII real world. Kind of like Godzilla is for Japan.

  23. I also think that Magneto looked better without the cape and that stupid looking helmet. They make him look childish and a bit ridiculous.

    A plot hole: instead of Eric lifting the sub, he should have simply torn a piece off, drowning everyone inside

  24. i think he looks better with the helmet before he painted it, overall a pretty good movie…

  25. did anyone notice that on xmen 2 when mystic infiltrated stryker’s office (posing as his assistant) that you can see remy’s (gambit) name over magneto’s on the list?

  26. Just curious, how did the gold(?) bed railings managed to crack Emma’s diamond form?

    • The railings were likely of brass. Diamond is, of course, still harder than brass. But Emma isn’t exactly made of solid diamond. If she were, she wouldn’t be able to move.

      What Erik was doing with the railings wasn’t just hitting her. He was using magnetic force to squeeze her. He can apply a magnetic field strong enough to lift a sub. Here he was applying his power to a much smaller target. It’s not just force that matters, it’s pressure. And while brass would not normally hold up against diamond, the brass itself would be held together by the same magnetic field.

      They probably should have showed the railing compressing more. The tube collapsing, etc. And it’s probably still a stretch to have the diamond crack. But not as much a one as you may think.

      What it really comes down to is that we don’t know how Emma is able to move in her diamond form. It probably involves somehow breaking and reestablishing the molecular bonds. Which would make her more vulnerable than a regular solid diamond.

  27. The review here is probably the most accurate and honest reflection of the rest of our opinions as we will probably get. This was a whole lot of really great ideas and interpretations but yeah…… a directors cut one day with film time resorted and dispersed will be cool.
    Things that didn’t meet continuity like HAVOC being there already and at that age and MOIRA being NOT IRISH was still expressed in a way that made for a really good story if not the story we all know. This was like when mom takes a bunch of really great leftovers and makes a legendary concoction out of it that everyone loves.
    id ask for more.

  28. The review here is probably the most accurate and honest reflection of the rest of our opinions as we will probably get. This was a whole lot of really great ideas and interpretations but yeah…… a directors cut one day with film time resorted and dispersed will be cool.
    Things that didn’t meet continuity like HAVOC being there already and at that age and MOIRA being NOT IRISH was still expressed in a way that made for a really good story if not the story we all know. This was like when mom takes a bunch of really great leftovers and makes a legendary new meal out of it that everyone loves.
    id ask for more.

  29. Will we ever see Apocalypse or Mr. Sinister in an X-men movie??