‘X-Men: First Class’ Sets Up Sequels

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X Men First Class Sequels X Men: First Class Sets Up Sequels

You cannot make an X-Men movie without planning ahead. Every one of Twentieth Century Fox’s money making mutant motion pictures is a hopeful start of a new series of films, and that absolutely applies to this summer’s prequel, X-Men: First Class.

Featuring a cast of mutants who are (for the most part) new to the film franchise, X-Men: First Class takes fans back the the 1960s, to the origins of the X-Men team and of mutant leaders Magneto and Professor X. With the film set in 1962, where (and when) does the story go from there at the conclusion of X-Men: First Class?

Total Film chatted with First Class director Matthew Vaughn and star James McAvoy about potential sequels and what direction they may follow. Says Vaughn, after indicating that the movie will set up a sequel:

“First Class is similar to Batman Begins, where you have the fun of introducing the characters and getting to know them, but that takes time… But with the second one you can just get on with it and have a rollicking good time. That’s the main difference between Begins and The Dark Knight.”

This is, of course, assuming that most of the characters we meet in X-Men: First Class live through the story. We know the core characters who play a part in the main X-Men trilogy obviously live on, but the others who do not, may not share a similar fate.

As theorized by our own Kofi Outlaw, X-Men: First Class likely isn’t as distant from the Marvel Comics history as some have been led to believe. If Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer’s story is anything like the intriguingly similar X-Men: Deadly Genesis story by Ed Brubaker, then there’s reason to believe some of the new faces to the franchise won’t make it through the sequels. Such a move would also allow us to meet younger versions of the characters we already know in the sequels, tying into the first X-Men movie.

x men first class opening scene description X Men: First Class Sets Up Sequels

Just how far would X-Men: First Class 2 jump ahead in the timeline though? Vaughn explains that he’d like to keep it in the ’60s for his next one.

“1962 is far more grounded in the world of the ’50s. I think it takes about five years for a decade to really start getting its identity, so the fun thing about this for me would be doing [a sequel] in the latter part of the decade, where you’ve got The Stones, The Beatles, Flower Power…”

He continues to explain that he and Singer have discussed the potential for the series to continue into the 70s and 80s but that they can’t age the characters too quickly. As for the actor playing Charles Xavier, McAvoy would like to see him eventually evolve into Patrick Stewart’s, literally.

“In First Class he uses Cerebro for the first time and maybe it unlocks something in his head – maybe he can’t keep the voices out or something. So in the second movie his journey could be about getting himself out of a mess. And then in the third movie he becomes… Patrick Stewart!”

What I’m most interested in seeing is how Erik Lehnsherr and Xavier’s relationship continues after this movie. From the trailers, it’s very evident that their opinions and goals are already fracturing their friendship. Do we see them split apart in X-Men: First Class or is that something reserved for the next movie?

Be sure to watch the first official X-Men: First Class trailer and the more recent (and more epic) international X-Men: First Class trailer.

X-Men: First Class‘ cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.


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Source: Total Film

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  1. 3 prequel films? really?

    • Why not? There have been hundreds of X-men comic issues. We can deal with 3 sequels to this series.

  2. So making their own continuity, and somehow tying it in down the road? Still want to see the movie before making a final judgment.

    • I agreee that I want to see the movie before I start thinking about possible sequals, characters, etc. However, this movie has jumped Thor in terms of level of excitement for me.


    • why not .. these movies are getting good they are good forget that there amazingg. they need to countuining you making them. i really wanna see rachel summers and nate and all them. and so do many other people… enjoy watching x men films. so please just hush,cause if they wanted to these films could go on forever…

  4. X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have
    included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland and Donald Pierce as well as Tessa and Selene.

  5. Still not sold on this film. I am trying. I like the cast and the setting. But, something keeps holding me back from embracing it. I’m not sure prequels ever, TRULY, work. Take the whole plot of this film- sorta been there, done that. We know X and Eric used to be friends. We know they split over ideology. We know they fight each other. That was explored in the last 3 X-Men films. Couldn’t they just move on? I’d rather go forward than backward. But, that’s just me.

  6. Nightmarish on so many levels, God they are just determined as hell to turn the X-men into the FoX-men. So unfortunate, they really could have turned everything around but instead they continue on the path of insanity with this dribble.

    • Yep. This movie is bad enough on it’s own and simply implying a relationship with the first set of movies but to actually try and connect the two franchises would cause a melt down.

      • How is it bad? It is not even out yet…

        • Sorry, that was admittedly a bit unclear. “Bad” refers to the continuity issues that this movies creates. So it should more properly read;

          Yep. This movie’s continuity issues are bad enough on their own along with simply implying a relationship with the first set of movies but to actually try and connect the two franchises would cause a melt down.

    • @Loco, LOL! I love that term FoX-Men, that’s so sad but true. I totally agree. They will run this thing into the ground and milk the cow dry and kill it afterwards.

  7. It still REALLY annoys me that they had the almost perfect opportunity to rebbot the franchise with this new movie with a great director and excellent cast. They could have done the true first class, with Cyclops, Jean, Beast, Iceman and Angel….

    • I agree. It would have been nice to see the original X-men come together. But they changed that by making Ice-man and Angel as teenagers in the previous movies. This prequel series seems to be connected to the other movies instead of a reboot. So the characters are going to be different.

      Maybe they bring them all together as X-Factor, If no one remembers the beginning of this comic series, it had all the originals come back together as a team. (I know Cyclops is supposed to be dead, but I’m not sure of that; no one ever found his body).

      • Please don’t give them any ideas about X-Factor, then we’ll have some more bastardizations to deal with from Fox.

  8. May I be the one to say “Too soon!”?

  9. “As theorized by our own Kofi Outlaw, X-Men: First Class likely isn’t as distant from the Marvel Comics history as some have been led to believe.”

    Kofi’s “theory” did very little to prove it was a close match to Marvel canon. In fact, the continuity issues are nothing short of astounding.

    If Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer’s story is anything like the intriguingly similar X-Men: Deadly Genesis story by Ed Brubaker, then there’s reason to believe some of the new faces to the franchise won’t make it through the sequels.

    The problem with the Deadly Genesis storyline is it’s just too out there. This is one comicbook story that would just not translate well into a movie format.

    • what I truly love is that they are associating this with Deadly Genesis, my problem with that is that the mini, was a set up to introduce the third Summers child Vulcan. and the only characters that are in First class that were in Genesis was Darwin, Xavier, and McTaggert. The other thing is that most of that series takes place in space in the Shiar empire in the present.

      • yup read it and still disagree with the idea of trying to tie this movie to Deadly Genesis , its a crap argument, the three characters in this does very little to associate the two stories at all.

  10. It’s not that bad of an idea to do a sequel if the film is good. It may be good, so who knows. Every films plans for a sequel so i’m not surprised. I can’t say yes, do it until i see this one.

    Speaking of Deadly Genesis that story could actually translate rather well, if done right. Since we are seeing a different first class to what we’re use to, it would be easy to see how Xavier put together a new team, wiped Scott’s memories and bang bring us into that actual continuity. Still for them to do a genesis they would have to (if following wolverine origins) set it in the 80′s and would need Patrick Stewart helming the role of Prof X. You could even take that to tie in why xavier got Scott when he did, because he needed the other mutants to help save his old team, as well as save them from Trask. See right there, good way of doing Deadly Genesis, tying in the silliness of Wolverine Origins all leading up to the much better xmen films 1 and 2. :) It’s doable.

    But still, the main point is we all have to wait and see the film then pass judgement. so for now i’m not for or against a sequel. I just want to see this one first.

    • you do realize thats completely backwards right. The original Xmen: Scott, Jean, bobby, Warren, and Hank, had been captured, Xavier then brings in a bunch of untrained students that Moria had taken in, Xavier Physically trains them and they go off and get whipped out, Darwin and Vulcan are left comatose on the island while the 2nd team of xmen wolverine,Nightcrawler,Storm, etc, come in and save the orginal team , and Polaris shoots the island into space with Darwin and Vulcan on the island. Vulcan wakes up, due to the fact that he had absorbed Darwin’s powers, like twenty years later, which would still be the 80′s if we use their current time in the first class movie. Vulcan then comes for revenge on Xavier for leaving him to die. He comes back , kills Banshee, whips the X-men and is later defeated by Rachel Summers.

      Sorry but im having trouble seeing this relating to what they are doing currently, I call it grasping at straws, They got their teeth kicked in for changing things to much , so they took the only character that was in the book and said draw conclusions, I call BUll Stuff

      • I haven’t picked up a comic in years but, just from the articles here I still can’t see how this Deadly Genesis story has much of anything to do with a story set in the 60′s involving the Cuban Missile Crisis. Add to that the fact they have put the Hellfire Club from the 80′s in the movie and two characters that appeared after 2000 and it’s kind of hard to see where this movie has anything to do with anything aside from the characters all being in the comics at one point or another. The other thing is that despite the great intentions of fans to try and give these movies some sense of direction you never actually hear anyone making the movies even attempt to come up with a rationale for certain things which leads me to think they aren’t thinking about it at all.

        Funny thing is the article starts by saying you cannot make an X-Men movie without planning ahead. Well by their own admission there are things in other movies in the series people are supposed to disregard because it doesn’t fit in with what they want to do now, and really didn’t fit when they did it in the first place.

        And if they have plans for more movies then there should be something on paper already, the scenarios Vaughn are talking about are clearly just him riffing off the top of his head since even he knows depending on the box office there may either not be another movie or he might not be back for it.

        • I’m not defending deadly genesis, i’m just saying there are options. however, we can’t be insanely picky about time lines and stuff. I mean xmen 1 is set in 2000, when originally in the comics it was set in the 60′s, there needs to be some flexibility.

      • Ha, its not completely backwards! And if we’re gonna get THAT picky then all the x-men films are crap, but more than that, ALL the marvel films are crap because NONE of them follow ONE story line frame by frame but take pieces from various comics to make a new and engaging story.

        I’m not saying they are doing or should do a reinterpretation of deadly genesis, i’m just saying its possible to take ideas and make a story similar to it for the films. Still, give First Class a chance. But my biggest argument is, people wouldn’t be so angry about this film had it NOT been called first class. that title gives off ideas that this film isn’t going to be covering. Rather it would have been better to call it X-Men Origins.

        • yeah they are crap, the only one that is even decent is the 2nd

        • I agree with your staement with the Title is basically false advertising and It is the main problem I have with this film. That said i would be giving this more of a shot if they would have went with a different title. However as it is they have been grasping at straws with everything having to do with this project. They are doing the same thing trying to relate this to deadly genesis, which again has absolutely no resemblance to this movie. It almost like me saying that this is based on the Illuminati mini series cause it deals with Xavier trying to fix problems in the world, without the public knowing it.

          • Yeah, the title has been my issue too. And I do agree that if they are somehow doing deadly genesis that will be weird…they’d be better off basing it off the ideas but making it original i.e. xmen 2 which dealt with wolverine’s origins. but yeah. i’m still interested to see what they do and how they do it.

            • I wouldn’t say they are all crap (the X-Men movies, I would say that Singer’s movies were overrated and that X-3 caught the brunt of allot of hate for what has been bad writing overall. The fact they closed X-2 with the whole Phoenix image and then 3 was just that mess of disjointed ideas it was a total lack of payoff after people went through three films.

              As for not following the comics and what this movie might be based off of, I will say that this whole Deadly Genesis thing is something that the writer of an article on here bought up and I have never really heard the makers of these movies reference any specific comic book storyline, which probably has lead to allot not jiving with much in any version of the comics.

              And all of that would not be so bad except that what they have crafted really is a muddled mess at this point and aside from the work of devoted and well-meaning fans there would not be allot of ways to explain these movies at all to someone who is not familiar with the material.

              On a side note it’s kind of funny to make the statement that a film that is seen as a prequel is setting up sequels. That’s like saying they might make some more movies after Revenge of the Sith….

                • If I can find that article I would like to read it but, considering Ratner came in after several directors left the film (Vaughn included if I remember correctly), how did the producers let him come in alter things so much that it came off that disjointed? If they had an idea that they were going to do then it should have gotten done, and if they gave him that much re-write power shame on them.

              • Besides, star wars did that, its called Force Unleashed :)

                • See that’s the point, any sequel they might do after this has to link up somehow with the three movies they have already done. Unless they pull the dreaded reboot card out of the deck but, they have kind of committed themselves to this being linked to the first three movies. Question is can they somehow keep continuity with what they have done already without making some of the glaring mistakes they have made with their own stories.

                  As for the Star Wars analogy what you said it also to the point since there was a ton of “Expanded Universe” stuff done between the originals and the prequels and they almost never reference any of it the films just because it would just make it confusing. People knew where the story was supposed to go when those last three movies came out, how well it was executed again is a whole other debate. But in the end it was two three movie trilogies that were tied together somehow.

                  At this point X-Men is on three movies, one spin-off/prequel and now a prequel in theory. They want to do two more movies after the first three and sequels to the prequel? They are going to run through characters/actors and customers goodwill pretty fast without a better plan at this point.

                  • Just because they do sequels doesn’t mean it HAS to link up. Like the article said, they want to keep it in the 60′s, so realistically we’ve got 30 some odd years of story to play with before xmen origins: wolverine ends with Xavier saving Scott summer, then another 10ish years before xmen 1. There’s plenty of time to do other prequel stories that don’t have to link.

                    At the moment wolverine origins is the only problem with linking stuff because, well mainly because it sucked and had a fake emma frost in it. other than that there isn’t much of a problem with continuity other than just deviating the comics timelines. which has been happening from day 1 with all the comic book films.

                    • The end of Wolverine had the Three Mile Island meltdown as a backdrop which was in 1979. If they decided to keep the Wolverine movie in the story that would mean the Cyclops character would be born around the time First Class is supposed to occur in 1962.

                      The idea they are going with to start using real world events as backdrops for these X-Men movies is an interesting choice at this point too since it now locks them into an actual historical time frame. Hope the X-Watchmen approach works for them.

                • um a better answer would have been the Books, the books pick up where the movies end. 501st and Vader to name two.

                  • not sure what you’re on about here. what books pick up where what film ends? Surely you do not mean the xmen comics pick up where the films end. and what about vader?
                    is there a comic book film that you are happy with though?

                    • you made a comment about picking up after revenge of the Sith and you said Force Unleashed and I said actually the books are a better continuation

        • no there isn’t , and i’m well aware of the difference between a movie and its source material, it was an ill conceived attempt to tie material together that has no string to tie it to, and as I said before I read the article and as I stated in the comments of that article, they are not even close and they are not drawing anything from it other then a character, you made an assumption, it is a theory and one I don’t ascribe to. Listen most of the articles on this site are very well written and report facts as they are received. This was not one of them. The Author drew assumption based on what he thought, those thoughts where faulty and I stated every reason for it being so, it’s really simple. So other then there being a black bird, Xavier, Moria, Darwin, and an island (cuba), I see very little resemblance.

        • @ Kofi…My question to you is, exactly what elements from that plot can they really use to bridge the gap with the X-Men trilogy??? Because when I read the Deadly Genesis plot there really isn’t a lot of what I would call usable material.

  11. I will hold final judgement till I see the film but the more I see and read the more I want to see this film. This is the film I want to see more than any other this summer. Go X-Men universe!

  12. Wonder if Austin Powers will be part of the crew in ’68?

    • im sure they could put him in it

  13. sweet 3 prequals will be awesome but i wanna see x4 and 5 made sooner =/

  14. Here is something else I just read an article with Fassbender, and he states that in the movie that Shaw is working with the Nazi’s doing experiments on prisoners and he actually is the one who forces Magnetos powers out , which is why Magneto wants to kill Shaw, LMAO, wow they will just make up anything up for this pile of crap.

    • @Loco Lobo

      I don’t put much weight to what some of the authors of screenrant write. This is becuase these guys usually don’t say anything negative about a film that is being made, even when real fans can tell that the movie will flop. I don’t remember seeing one article written by the author to this particular blog where he actually gives a movie (a superhero movie) a bad review. It’s as if the article writers of screenrant secretly work for the studios that actually make these films (superhero films).

  15. That whole “genesis” argument was really only trying to convince the X-men fundamentalists that the changes could be okay, AS IF anything could. Everyone else is either okay with the changes or are completely unaware/don’t care.

    I’m glad to hear about possible sequels to this. I think the historical aspect could make it interesting. I’m looking forward to this movie most of all out of the Superhero movies. And it may well turn out that I don’t like it either, but it won’t be because Hank Mckoy parted his hair down the left instead of the right.

    It’s one thing to make all of these redundant nit-picky cannon complaints on these boards where a lot of readers have some familiarity with the comics. But imagine making the same argument to regular movie goers.

    • Most of our “canon complaints” are hardly what you would call nit-picky and go WELL beyond simple hair parting. Even the original trilogy went well beyond what I would call small changes but we accepted them for the most part. The problems with this film’s continuity issues are more like an order of magnitude greater than the sins the first X-Men committed.

      In this case it’s safe to say you are trying to make a mole-hill out of a mountain. ;)

      I’m also not fond of you equating the average movie goer to a mindless sheep that will just eat whatever is put in front of them. I think we can give them a bit more credit than that, especially considering the ease of looking up information these days.

      • So what? I’m saying general audiences are stupid because they don’t know X-men comics? Hardly. Rather I’m aware that most of them simply aren’t interested in comics and never will be, and I respect that. I don’t care how easy it is to look up information. The audience shouldn’t have to. Do that mean you think they are lazy?

        I’ve been an X-men fan for more than 30 years. I had a hard time warming to the “new” X-men. And frankly, I mostly stopped reading them because there are too many characters (and they never die permanently). So I hope this movie keeps the mutant numbers down more than the previous movies. Otherwise, I don’t care about the cast of characters (except Cyclops, but he’ll come later).

        I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: X-men is about mutants using their powers to protect a world that hates and fears them, and being holed up in a big mansion with lots of sexy babes.

        It’s not about Charles Xavier being bald or even Alex Summers being Scott’s younger brother.

    • yeah , see this is the problem with that statement, The problem isnt the cannon or the lack continuity, I can except that look at all the superhero movies that are out, all but maybe 4 movies are loyal to the source material and they are good movies, and after 3 previous X movies, thats not an issue, so dont bring that up its a lame argument. My problem is the fact that the producers and the studios and some lame ass is miss representing the product, this is not a First Class Movie, Its not an X-men movie, Its an Xavier and Magneto Movie, if they called it X-men Origins and left it at that then fine, I would give two poops about it. The other thing is stop comparing it to stories leave it at the fact that its an original story that has little to nothing to do with the actual X-men other then giving Xavier the idea that he will need a team that will help him in the future to deal with Magneto, it that really that hard. Then everyone would say ok fine I can get with that instead everyone is trying to box this into continuity

      • I didn’t read the X-men: First Class comics. I remember seeing them in stores. It’s a good catchy title. X-men Origins isn’t as good and, face it, it’s got “baggage.” Chances are they won’t call themselves “X-men” in this movie. They’re just using the name.

  16. well i rally hope barnell bohusk aka Beak makes it into the sequel, and glob herman,cyclops,sinister,apocalypse,the sentinels, and husk too.

  17. i also think the humans vs e mutants need to be explored more maybe them useing the sentinels as their weapons, and maybe even john sublime useing mutants to gain powers. i think seeing john useing mutants dna in animals as test before human trials would be cool and we could see prosimian,mammomax,anole,kathleen,and some others as cameos would be a really good idea to show. i also think cyclops needs to be in the next and sinister, and they need to show magneto start building his army and how sabretoothe joined the brotherhood along with blob,toad,quick silver,glob herman,and scarlett.

  18. Gotta keep that license in Fox’s hands somehow, even if that means beating the property into the ground. I want my classic X-Men team, dammit.

  19. Rob-
    In regards to your question about the status of Erik and Xavier’s friendship split, I think you only have to look at the fact that Erik’s got his “tune out Charles” helmet on towards the end of the film to see where they’re relationship is headed in this installment.

    • @ Lance,

      You do realize Charles isn’t the only telepath in this film, right ;)

  20. Professor Xavier will use the Cerebo more but he looses control and his ability will be messed up which then causes his hair to fall out as if he had cancer…Thats what I think may happen.

  21. You know what? Maybe you have not heard me say it here on this website as well as Blastr a million times, but….I WANT CYCLOPS! NOW!! Aside from that, will we ever see Sentinels in action?

    • That is one thing that will not change no matter who is producing these movies. Hollywood will not bank a movie with a leading male character that is 5 foot 3 inches unless it is set in Middle Earth. Besides I don’t where they will even find a short body builder who can also act so, you might have to take what you can get with a live action Wolverine.

    • Hugh Jackman carried those three movies, and he did a fantastic job. No, he’s not 5’3, but seriously who cares? If movie makers did nothing but followed the comics by the letter, all these movies would be 2 hour contradictions…lord knows how often the comics contradicted something before it.

      And besides, you’re showing how naive you are if you think that this movie “bombing” will put the movie rights to the franchise in Marvel’s hands. Don’t know too much about the business side of movies, do you?

      • No you’re right I don’t know that much about the business side of movies but I’d be willing to bet that unless you’re in the “biz” you don’t either and as far as Hugh Jackman goes everybody is entitled to their opinion

  22. If they have a sequel to the prequel in the 70′s, I want DAZZLER in silver satin with roller skates! And mohawk, no powers STORM!

  23. Well said, Yeti. Hugh Jackman does not look like wolverine and he is obviously too tall (a foot to be exact). Xmen orgin Wolverine was totally off base. It failed to follow the source. The movie was atrocious.

    • Actually Mr. Day I was disappointed with all the X films

      • As I

  24. How can you have the first class with out the first x-man (CYCLOPS). you wont get my money

  25. Why wouldent they just start out the movie as Stan lee and Jack kirby originally intended…Based off the civil rights movement…dealing with prejudice and racism through the eyes of mutants. Would have made for a far better storyline.

  26. I think they might save the whole Brotherhood formation thing for a sequel, and have Magneto become evil then, kind of like with Star Wars how they saved Anakin becoming Darth Vader for the third one. What I’m really hoping to see is the origins of Phoenix, Storm, Cyclops, and Nightcrawler!!!!!!