‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Titled ‘Days of Future Past’?

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X Men First Class Days of Future Past Header X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

There is word circulating that 20th Century Fox has reached out to the MPAA to secure a title for the studio’s forthcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class - and if reported accurately, that title is going to send a tidal wave of geek freak-outs across the Interwebs. The title in question is “Days of Future Past” – which remains one of the most famous and celebrated X-Men storylines of all time.

More interestingly, however: “Days of Future Past” was also a X-Men story that dealt with time travel and multiple timelines – meaning that director Matthew Vaughn and Fox could be (finally) trying to organize the convoluted continuity of the X-Men film franchise, using a tactic similar to what J.J. Abrams did with his Star Trek reboot.

Here is the quote from AICN reporter “The Kidd,” which first kicked off this rumor:

One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

The title “Days of Future Past” is taken from the two-issue Uncanny X-Men comic book storyline written in 1981 by legendary X-Men writer/artist team Chris Claremont and John Byrne. In the story, the X-Men are trying to stop the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (led by Mystique) from killing an anti-mutant political figure named Senator Robert Kelly. This pivotal event creates a separate timeline in which the X-Men fail to stop the Kelly assassination, and as a result, mutants are hunted, imprisoned and exterminated by humanity. One X-Man from that future dystopia manages to travel back in time and warn the present day X-Men, who ultimately stop the assassination (though the two timelines both remain in existence).

X Men Days of Future Past Comic Book 570x418 X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

The X-Men Battle Sentinels in 'Days of Future Past'

Given where X-Men: First Class left things, it’s easy to see how “Days of Future Past” could be reconfigured to focus on Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and his Brotherhood going after a key political figure, and the X-Men team being visited by a dimension-hopping mutant to be forewarned of what happens if they don’t stop the assassins. “Days of Future Past” also had the mutant-killing Sentinel robots, an older version of Wolverine, etc. – all of which would be awesome to see onscreen (not to mention a Terminator-style future dystopia). A “DoFP” plot could also open the door for the franchise to introduce time-hopping X-Men like Bishop or Cable to the mix.

In terms of the movies: “Days of Future Past” would give Vaughn and company a way to end all this continuity madness once and for all. If time travel and alternate timelines are successfully introduced into the X-Men movie universe, then that would be a perfect explanation for why the original X-Men trilogy (and Wolverine) have plot points that contradict First Class, while allowing all of the films to remain valid (unlike the ‘forget the past’ approach of the Spider-Man movie reboot).

X Men Original Trilogy vs. First Class Movie Continuity X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

“Days of Future Past” is an awesome story on its own – and I for one would welcome anything that could straighten out the movie continuity in satisfactory fashion. First Class was tormented all through development for not being a clear prequel OR reboot, but instead some weird amalgamation of both. I think a lot of X-Men fans would agree with the sentiment that it’s time to clean house. J.J. Abrams successfully cleared away decades of Star Trek continuity when he spun-off a new timeline for his 2009 reboot, which allowed him the freedom to tell his own stories using familiar characters.

Finally, introducing alternate timelines would give Fox many new options for how they approach their other upcoming X-Men films: including already-in-production sequel The Wolverine, and the already-planned X-Men 4. In fact, “First Class Continuity (FCC)” and/or “Original Trilogy Continuity (OTC)” could be terms we all start throwing around pretty soon. Comic book geekery at its best.

X-Men: Days of Future Past - if that is indeed the title – will be in theaters on July 18th, 2014.

Header Image by Deviant Art User “Wobblyone“.

Source: AICN

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  1. Just start from scratch

    • Agreed. This sounds like something only the die-hard comic book readers can follow…

      • Agreed. I havent really liked any if the X-Men. They never really got mutant racism right nor the Martin Luther King Jr (Xavier) vs Malcolm X (Magneto) dynamic down.

        • what are you talking about? In the first few films, admittedly, they didn’t spend a lot of time on Magneto or Xavier, but they absolutely nailed that dynamic in First Class.

          • Ryan

            Not at all sir. FC had better Xavier/Mystique and Magneto/Mystique moments than Xavier/Magneto did. Xavier/Magneti relationship was withered down to a two week summer crush at mutant camp. They should of savedthe “break-up” for the second film, it had no weight in First Class. Mystique leaving Xavier was bigger than Magneto and Xavier break up.

            • They could have saved the Xavier/Erik rift for a later film. Certainly many agree with you. Personally I felt that it was not rushed and made sense happening when it happened. And what I meant that they nailed was the Malcolm X/MLK dynamic. I watched the film with my ex-roommate, who nothing about X-Men and had never read a comic nor seen an X film before, and HE immediately picked up on it.

              Almost everyone agrees that the relationship between these two was great in the film, but, like I said, plenty agree with you that the story was rushed and the ending forced. I don’t necessarily. But many do.
              As I stated in another post I think there’s plenty of room for a reconciliation in future movies. It’s not as if they are arch-enemies at the end of the first film… they just had a strong disagreement.

            • I agree. Prof. X and Magneto’s realationship was so downgraded it hurt to watch. I agree with starting over.

    • Thank you. A reasonable response… this is just Fox realizing at the very last moment that it’s the fans that bring in most of their money… so they’re finally turning to favored stories from the comic books….

      It’s just way too late for that kind of thing though.

      They need to start from scratch, as you said. The only reason they’re trying to keep this train wreck running is because they have Hugh Jackman as Wolverine and they want to take another crack at making a film there.

  2. a good way to bring back cyclops maybe he was sent back in time as well, and bring in the sentinels,Apocalypse,sinister, and beak of course.

  3. Hhhmmm. Well I think…. Hhmmmnn.

  4. As long as they repair the damage Brett Ratner did in X3 and give us a good x4 then I’ll be happy. First Class can do what it wants.

  5. This is good news but as someone stated earlier I would’ve much rather seen this story arc in the upcoming X-men 4 or 5. I would’ve loved seeing Cable and Bishop come back and fix the events of The Last Stand. Maybe now I’ll get to see one of my favorite mutants, Forge, seeing as how Professor X has yet to start putting all the defenses and technology in the X mansion

  6. This is good news but as someone stated earlier I would’ve much rather seen this story arc in the upcoming X-men 4 or 5. I would’ve loved seeing Cable and Bishop come back and fix the events of The XMTLSMaybe now I’ll get to see one of my favorite mutants, Forge, seeing as how Professor X has yet to start putting all the defenses and technology in the X mansion

  7. This is good news but as someone stated earlier I would’ve much rather seen this story arc in the upcoming X-men 4 or 5. I would’ve loved seeing Cable and Bishop come back and fix the events of The XMTLSMaybe now I’ll get to see one of my favorite mutants, forge seeing as how Professor X has yet to start putting all the defenses and technology in the X mansion

    • Forge would be cool

  8. Please, please, I hope this is true. They messed up the continuity so badly with X3 and Wolverine, this would be a welcome relief. I actually had an idea of how they could’ve fixed up the messed up continuity as well as the dreadfull storyline of both X3 and Wolverine.

    In regards to X3; X4 would’ve started off with Wolverine holding a dying Jean Grey in his arms (last scene from X3). The camera would then close up on pupil of her eye and then go deeper. We would then see the entire movie (every scene from X3 sped up) and then suddenly go dark.

    All of a sudden, we would hear a voice in the background (Sebastian Shaw) asking Jason Wyngarde if the psychic illusion is over.
    Thats how I would’ve started X4, by basically saying that everything you saw in X3 was just one of many illusions created by the Hellfire club to confuse and control Jean Grey.

    In regards to X3. Same thing. Wolverine walking away from 3 Mile isand and then you hear in a computer voice “Simulation Over”. And all of a sudden you see Logan in that famous liquid immersion chamber with those funky goggles on. You would then see colonel stryker asking Professor Thornton if Logan was ready for the field or if a another simulation/mind wipe was necessary. This whole thing would take place in the early 70′s

    • Yeah, I thought they could have patched things up without relying on that old scapegoat though…

      Prof X is in a new body anyways (X3 post credits). Turns out X can still hear Cyclops who is actually wedged in the same dimension Nightcrawler travels through when he bamfs. Magneto regains his power, the journey back to his former glory only serving to increase his power. Same goes for Mystique, who in prison, slowly regains her powers, and after escaping, is less trusting of Eric and more out for herself.

      Have Gambit and Jubilee take on the ‘Wolverine / Rogue’ roles, just like the start of the 90′s animated TV series, with Sentinels tracking Jubilee.
      And toward the end, have Jean reappear, the Phoenix reborn, which would set up X5. (Oh yeah, CGI Beast too, gotta be done but done well).

    • CREATIVE!!!!!!

    • “It was all a dream?”

      Well, that’s a f****** awful idea. Any scriptwriter who turned that turkey in would be taken out back and shot.

  9. They gotta definitely do something. Can’t stand that FCC Prof. X is paralyzed in his 30′s, while in OCT you have him still walking around in his 50′s.

    Absolutely loved the episodes that were done in the 90′s animated series based on this story line. Would love to Bishop over Cable if we have to take one over the other.

    For me, X-Men has not really even been done yet, and won’t be until we see a team of X-Men confront some Sentinels.

    If they can pull off Apocalypse then I would love to see that, but it would have to be done carefully. Maybe even bring in the Horsemen.

    • The thing that bothers me is the line in the interview where he says he’s introducing one new villain because xavier is in a wheelchair and magneto needs an equal to fight..

      xavier is A TELEPATH!! HE DOESN’T NEED TO RUN AROUND AND DO KARATE!! The great thing about Charles Xavier is he’s one of the most powerful mutants on Earth and he can’t walk. He doesn’t need to. To even insinuate that Xavier isn’t on equal footing with Magneto because of the wheelchair is insulting…

  10. Love the poster Kofi. That is truly a classic story and done the right way could be epic on the screen.

  11. I read it when it originally came out. It was such a trip for my young mind. That story marked the return of the Blob as a legitimate villain. I had really liked him in the story from X-Men #3 which was featured in the collection of reprinted stories “Marvel’s Greatest Superhero battles.” At the time I was still stubbornly resistant to the “new” X-men. I’d been collecting since the (first) death of Jean Grey only a few issues previous.

    I never liked all the convoluted stuff and other characters they got into with this story afterwards. It just took away for me.

    I liked XMFC. I liked the other movies too, or at least the first two. I don’t care about the inconsistencies one iota. Those things are pare for the course for this comic book reader. I’m sure this won’t resemble the comics and fans will go crazy again, but it sounds like something they could make a very entertaining movie. Looking forward to it.

  12. I much rather have a complete new cast of actors set in modern day. And give us a bad a** wolverine that is not the center of the plot. Like Riddick in Pitch Black. He was terrifying and the story didnt lose its focus on him. Tge less screen time made him a bigger threat.

  13. Does sound interesting, but i would prefer that these X-men films fail so that sony will stop screwing things up and Marvel can get the rights back. Thats probably wishful thinking though.

    • The original X-Men, X2 and First Class were both superior to, anything that has been made under the Marvel label. Including The Avengers and Iron Man. The only Marvel superhero movie on par with any of those movies was maybe Spider-man 2, which was also made by Sony.

      • Ryan

        This i can agree wirh.

      • Good god man, Spiderman 2? The Raimi movies were abominations – badly scripted, poorly directed, but most damningly, they were horribly miscast. Truly painful to sit through, from what I recall. And 20th’s X-movies certainly aren’t great – X2 had it’s good moments, but X1 was desperately mediocre, and the less said about the third one the better. Otherwise, only First Class compares to the “Phase One” films – together with the recent Spiderman which, astonishingly, turned out to be a proper film and really rather good.

        But the previous Spiderman and X Men films were very second rate.

  14. I would freakin love this.I thought XMFC was great but would have been better if it had the original starters but it was still done smart

  15. Screw Xmen 4 I’m sorry but if its Wolverine and friends again I could care less. The Wolverine maybe good if they don’t weight it down with weird amount of mutants like the first one. First Class is my fav Xmen movie as well, although if Sentinels are involved I’m worried we may get an X2 feel of the good and bad mutants teaming up to fight a common threat.

  16. The 1st 3 films were by far a slap i the face of the franchise i grew up with. No character associations, no original x-men, inappropriate associations (Pyro- a student, nOT, rogue, a student-Not, No Gambit, No baast or angel until the 3rd movie)no juggernaut/Xavier dialogue, no wolverine-sabertoothe/lady deathstrike dialogue, no sentinals, a horrible portrayal of storm and cyclops, no Blob, no morlocks till they 3rd movie, if that is what you want to call them. The first 3 sucked and then they ruin first clas by brining in Havok who is cyclops younger brother, and force a relationship between Xavier and Mystique. can you say ULTIMATE FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I’d prefer not to use fail as a noun, but if I were, I would use it to describe your post before applying it to any of the X-Men films. First Class was ruined because of Havoc? Wow. Irrelevant nerd rant alert.

  17. Just eliminate Bryan Singer from having anything to do with the X-Men, and all should turn out great. Smart thing would be to make a two-part tie in with First Class and X-4, then make X-5 the movie the first X-Men should have been. I can’t say it enough…NO input from Bryan Singer.

    • Thank YOU, send him to DC comics, let him jack up their story lines

      • They tried that, they sent him back to Donner-Shuler and Fox……

    • Singer’s superhero movies are among the best out there. Zack Snyder is good for slavishly reproducing comic books on screen, but Singer is great at making character-driven and emotionally and thematically resonant films. Compared to Avengers… which was entertaining but completely empty fluff… I’d take a Singer-helmed film any day. X-Men First Class was outstanding.

  18. better not relate x-men first class to the old ones

  19. If this indeed happens, it’d be the high point of the genre after THE AVENGERS.

  20. It might sound like a great idea to the writer of this article, but it sounds like a horrible idea to me to just say that the films take place in different continuities. That’s just stupid. Better to forget about most of the stuff in the Wolverine movie (or forget about it entirely)- which is I think what XM:FC was trying to do, and this is the one film where most of the contradictions come from.

    Other contradictions between the original trilogy and First Class are either minor and not going to be noticed by most people, or they are forgivable ret-conning which happens all the time in comic books anyway so I don’t understand why people are getting their panties bunched up about them, or there is still room to explain them in the context of the existing films, or there are logical explanations already.
    I could list examples of all 3 types of inconsistencies, but just to throw one out there: Xavier and Magneto appear to be broken up by the end of FC. So why did Magneto go with Xavier to meet Jean Grey at the beginning of X3?
    This is easy to explain. In the comics, Xavier and Magneto are always frenemies. Sometimes they are at odds, sometimes they are allies. There is obviously the same dynamic in the films. Xavier and Magneto could easily make up at any time and even in the comic books sometimes Magneto has come back to teach at the school or work with the X-Men. This would also explain the line about Magneto helping Xavier build Cerebro, even though in FC it was designed and built by Beast. Just say that the original Cerebro was destroyed by the attack on the FBI and that a new one was built under the X-mansion, and Magneto was there to help.

    Okay another one: at the end of Wolverine, Xavier is shown standing to a group of young mutants. Yet he is paralyzed at the end of FC.
    This is one that is already easy to explain. Xavier has the ability to project images of himself into others’ minds. There is no reason to believe that what we saw at the end of Wolverine was Xavier’s true physical form. He could have been projecting. Besides, this is something else that has happened in the comic books before- Xavier has regained the ability to walk only to be re-paralyzed again. Something common in comic books- they change some significant aspect about a character, just to be fresh, but then inevitably the character almost always goes back to the familiar, one way or another. Like Wolverine and his bone claws.

    Anyway, I’m sure Synger doesn’t want to waste time in his movie trying to make that horrible Wolverine movie make sense or validate its continuity. He would rather just tell good stories. This is the reason why the inconsistencies arose in the first place: the needs of the present story took precedence.

  21. Bryan Singer did to X-Men what Michael Bay did to Transformers or what Tim Burton and Joel Shumacher did to Batman. Thankfully Christopher Nolan saved Batman and Jon Favreau didn’t screw up Iron Man. So at least comic book fans have a few movies to stand behind as close approximations of the real thing. Getting people to read over 100 books for the complete Civil War storyline is asking a lot.
    Just a short note on Avengers, It was fun to watch and had no dull moments. Let’s face it, comics are not Shakespeare, so the real bottom line is, all of these movies will be a bit trivial, no matter how many millions you dose the special effects with.
    First off, back in the late 80′s the only book worth reading was Uncanny X-men and anything by Byrne, Moore, Shooter and Miller. Xmen was written by one man for over 180 issues. Chris Claremont is still alive and would be more than happy to hammer out a plot I am sure, he showed up in X3, fyi.
    This brings us to the point albeit obtuse, get the writers and artist involved in these stories to write the screenplays, not some husband wife writing team or people who read the source material as much as reading the back of a cereal box.
    There is a reason these characters are even mentioned to be made into movies. The creators deserve a shot at making some of these movies.
    Sin City is a perfect example of the creator making the movie, Would have loved to have seen The real Robocop.
    (Noticed I barely mentioned the xmen movies, thats because none of them are worth the time it took to make them. That includes the spin-offs, even though Wolverine did give us the real Wolverine-in-action sequences. First Class was Magneto’s origin retold, who cares? Make all of them some bad idea from a mutant at Xavier’s school, have it be rejected due to being so convoluted then redo the whole thing as the New Mutants, with the Xmen being barely seen, so then, all the whining and self loathing all of these movies have had throughout will be done by kids, not grown ups that can shoot lasers out of their head, or turn into metal or…..)

    • This could barely be more wrong.

      The X comics have such a long and convoluted history it would be impossible to dilute them down to film form and keep them totally true to the source material. They *could* do a faithful adaptation of the first few issues, but that would be super lame. Nolan’s Bat films are not any more faithful to the original comics than the X films are, in fact I’d say the Nolan films are a significantly bigger departure.
      Comparing Singer to Bay? Just harsh, and totally completely wrong. I can’t even begin to fathom why you would say such a thing, so won’t speculate, but coming from someone who knows and loves both the X-Men and Transformers, Bay and Singer are not even on the same planet. Singer’s X movies are true to (most of) the characters, they tell very entertaining and worthwhile storylines that are CHARACTER DRIVEN and about the X-Men characters, they are smartly scripted, briskly paced, and fun to watch. Meanwhile the Bay films use the Transformers name, but the characters in the films bear NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER to any actual Transformers except for Optimus Prime. The robots in the movie always have to settle for being secondary characters, taking a backseat to whatever vapid Victoria’s Secret model or porn star Bay wants to bang at the time, and a bunch of other ridicuous human characters that are all the invention of Bay. NONE of the main characters in any of the Transformers films have EVER appeared as a TF toy, cartoon, or comic book character. Further, the Bay films are atrociously boring and painfully stupid, suffering from awful scripts and piss-poor direction. Comparing the two things shows you don’t know what you are talking about. At all.

      Tim Burton’s Batman was fine. Joel Schumacher turned it into gay porn.. again.. not even close. Sin City was good, fine, but Sin City is a completely different thing. Watchmen and 300 are also completely different. If X-Men was one concise graphic novel, then it could be adapted from the source material and done faithfully. But it’s not. It’s a sprawling mythology that unfolded over thousands of issues over 50+ years. There have been dozens of writers, tens of different books, TV shows and cartoons etc etc. Singer did a great job of bringing some of the more memorable characters to the screen and putting them in good, entertaining stories where the character’s drama took center stage. To warrant a comparison to a Bayformers film, none of the X-Men would get any dialogue, they would only show up on-screen for a few minutes toward the end of the movie, Cyclops would be an overweight black woman and Jean Grey would be a blue-haired dwarf, and the main characters in the film would be a race of tiny gremlins who enjoyed making shoes and speaking in racially stereotypical slang. And they would spend a large part of the film trying to bang an underwritten underwear model and making jokes about farts and testicles and stuff.

      The way you talk about the X films it seems like you haven’t even seen them. Most of the X-Men in First Class actually were kids. And there wasn’t really much whining and moaning. There were also kids in the first X films.. Rogue, Iceman, Pyro, Kitty, etc…

    • Also re: Avengers and comic books not being Shakespeare… well that’s absolutely right, they’re not (especially the source material for comic books, which is often extremely dumb, a good reason to try and improve them when bringing them to the big screen), but why is it that people who like to defend dumb movies and attack good ones always resort to that defense. It’s not Shakespeare! They’re not trying to win any Oscars! As if that’s a virtue?

      Yeah, Avengers was dumb fun. I’ll give it that. But you can have movies that are great fun and also well-written and character-driven. First Class is a good example.

      Avengers was fine for what it was. But the X-films were more satisfying IMO. And films like Bayformers etc.. there is no excuse. I don’t care if they’re not Shakespeare, but I get tired of hearing that defense. You don’t have to be writing Shakespeare to put characters in your film that the audience connects with or gives a crap about. You don’t have to win an Oscar to avoid being offensively condescendingly stupid.

  22. if they remake the xmen movies agai (hopefully marvel will have those rights back) they should make Wolverine the animal that people claimed him to be. we really didnt see that much of it in any of the movies. but thats my opinion.

    • dont get me wrong, I loved the xmen movies when they came out. but wolverine just needs more action instead of love in my opinion. I was wondering what happened to the rights of the Fantastic Four?

  23. I don’t care, I just want Azazel to be in all the movies from now on. All of them. And all non-x man movies. Forever.


  25. Obviously, the original comic storyline will be reconfigured, but the ‘one new character’ pretty much has to be Kitty Pryde. Ellen Page is a decent actress, so she may return to the role if fan backlash regarding Last Stand isn’t too great. In terms of a physical foe to battle Magneto, phasing through stuff vs magnetism could make for an interesting CGI-off.

  26. The first and second X-men movies honestly were the best movies I have ever watched. First Class was pretty good in a sense but Last Stand really caught me off guard. Seeing how great X2 was, Last Stand honestly sucked. We need the original director for X3 and if an X4 happens, then yes! I also didn’t like Beast being introduced so late either but apparently it was too costly for make-up for Beast. I haven’t watched X-men origins:wolverine but I have heard it was somewhat bad. If so, the whole X-men movies should be rebooted or something in that area because I don’t like where things are headed

  27. I would personally love to see an AOA X-Men movie.

    • Hell yeah!

    • ist fUULl of errors of all kinds but you get the idea

      • im a fan of the 90′s cartoon series but i think it would be better off that the movie goes with a sort of same approach but with subtle changes… have nolan chip in…. so that the movie will make sense of all the garbage singer gave us… including superman returns…

  28. so let me get this straight, the next FC movie will have a brief scene from the TLS with distortion and having antimatter wipe them out with only wolverine and kitty survivng with their mind altered… then revert back to FC timeline to tell what the heck happend that changed the future…. then have wolvie travel back with bishop or cable, then saves the day with the xmen, only to show the post credits that apocalypse was the culprit and that his plan has worked… cue sinister laugh from apocalypse… take that avengers!!