‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Titled ‘Days of Future Past’?

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X Men First Class Days of Future Past Header X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

There is word circulating that 20th Century Fox has reached out to the MPAA to secure a title for the studio’s forthcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class – and if reported accurately, that title is going to send a tidal wave of geek freak-outs across the Interwebs. The title in question is “Days of Future Past” – which remains one of the most famous and celebrated X-Men storylines of all time.

More interestingly, however: “Days of Future Past” was also a X-Men story that dealt with time travel and multiple timelines – meaning that director Matthew Vaughn and Fox could be (finally) trying to organize the convoluted continuity of the X-Men film franchise, using a tactic similar to what J.J. Abrams did with his Star Trek reboot.

Here is the quote from AICN reporter “The Kidd,” which first kicked off this rumor:

One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

The title “Days of Future Past” is taken from the two-issue Uncanny X-Men comic book storyline written in 1981 by legendary X-Men writer/artist team Chris Claremont and John Byrne. In the story, the X-Men are trying to stop the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (led by Mystique) from killing an anti-mutant political figure named Senator Robert Kelly. This pivotal event creates a separate timeline in which the X-Men fail to stop the Kelly assassination, and as a result, mutants are hunted, imprisoned and exterminated by humanity. One X-Man from that future dystopia manages to travel back in time and warn the present day X-Men, who ultimately stop the assassination (though the two timelines both remain in existence).

X Men Days of Future Past Comic Book 570x418 X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

The X-Men Battle Sentinels in 'Days of Future Past'

Given where X-Men: First Class left things, it’s easy to see how “Days of Future Past” could be reconfigured to focus on Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and his Brotherhood going after a key political figure, and the X-Men team being visited by a dimension-hopping mutant to be forewarned of what happens if they don’t stop the assassins. “Days of Future Past” also had the mutant-killing Sentinel robots, an older version of Wolverine, etc. – all of which would be awesome to see onscreen (not to mention a Terminator-style future dystopia). A “DoFP” plot could also open the door for the franchise to introduce time-hopping X-Men like Bishop or Cable to the mix.

In terms of the movies: “Days of Future Past” would give Vaughn and company a way to end all this continuity madness once and for all. If time travel and alternate timelines are successfully introduced into the X-Men movie universe, then that would be a perfect explanation for why the original X-Men trilogy (and Wolverine) have plot points that contradict First Class, while allowing all of the films to remain valid (unlike the ‘forget the past’ approach of the Spider-Man movie reboot).

X Men Original Trilogy vs. First Class Movie Continuity X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

“Days of Future Past” is an awesome story on its own – and I for one would welcome anything that could straighten out the movie continuity in satisfactory fashion. First Class was tormented all through development for not being a clear prequel OR reboot, but instead some weird amalgamation of both. I think a lot of X-Men fans would agree with the sentiment that it’s time to clean house. J.J. Abrams successfully cleared away decades of Star Trek continuity when he spun-off a new timeline for his 2009 reboot, which allowed him the freedom to tell his own stories using familiar characters.

Finally, introducing alternate timelines would give Fox many new options for how they approach their other upcoming X-Men films: including already-in-production sequel The Wolverine, and the already-planned X-Men 4. In fact, “First Class Continuity (FCC)” and/or “Original Trilogy Continuity (OTC)” could be terms we all start throwing around pretty soon. Comic book geekery at its best.

X-Men: Days of Future Past – if that is indeed the title – will be in theaters on July 18th, 2014.

Header Image by Deviant Art User “Wobblyone“.

Source: AICN

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  1. OHH GOD. This is gonna be epic.

    • someone please do something about these spammers…

      • That’s the third one today!

    • in the reboot i want to have, cyclops (main character not wolverine), Rogue, Gambit, Jean (i want a phoenix in the third movie not like the last stand), Wolverine, Storm, Ice Man, Angel, Beast, Colossus and Charles.

      • How about first film. Should be the old 60s X-Men. Starring Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast and Angel. And the first battle against Magneto and the Evil Mutants.

        2nd film should be based off the Second Genesis storyline on how Xavier formed a new X-Men team (Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Colossus, and Shadowcat) to rescue the old X-Men team from the island of krakoa.

        3rd film can lead up to The Dark Phoenix saga. With both X-Men teams join together to form a new X-Men team. This film can lead to final of trilogy. After they realized Jean is alive again later on the comics. That can introduce a 4th film. Which is funny, because those 2 storylines I listed are the first of the two storyline arcs.

  2. Sigh. Now I know I’ve gone from being a detractor of the X-Men First Class film to being a total fan, because I actually reacted with a lot of excitement at this news.

    I guess I’ve finally accepted that the X-Men movie universe is just its own thing now. It would be fun to see some crossover between the two X-Men casts, though, especially if Hugh Jackman is involved. Very good idea.

  3. F**k yea.

  4. This is such a brilliant brilliant idea. They could finally achieve a much needed working continuity like the Avengers. Brilliant.

  5. Does anyone think that this may be a bad idea? Establishing an alternate timeline is fine but with each “separate” franchise proceeding with sequels it can become very convoluted, very quickly.
    First Class was a great movie, but not a good comic book movie. They didn’t have to write a lot for it, the Cuban Missle Crisis did it for them. The origin between Charles and “Eric” wasn’t even correct! The actual origin would have been far more compelling. Besides, they killed a character who can’t die (Darwin-he adapts to everything) right after thy introduced him. The character relationships were quick and thin. It was a good movie, but not a good comic book movie.

    • Right! I as much as I enjoyed FC, I was disappointed that we got revenge-seeking Magneto instead of Holocaust-survivor Magneto.

    • Darwin died because he was the only black man in the film. Hollywood always kills the token black man..

    • First Class wasn’t my favorite either but I really dug the story line.

  6. Yeah Finally some damn sentinels this sounds pretty awesome if it comes together right!

    I can see the war torn future scene with all kinds of mutants fighting sentinels and the military…

  7. I don’t know about this. I feel that Days of Future Past would have been a great concept for X-Men 4. So, if they do this, there will still be a Jean that will kill Scott and there will still be a mutant cure? X-Men 4 should be where Bishop comes back and fixes X-Men 3.

    • I didn’t even know they were goin ahead with X-Men 4.This is too much imo.But i do prefer X-Men 4&5.

    • Who knows Kahless. Maybe it is X4. It just says that title was registered. Nobody gave the MPAA a script, did they?

  8. It would be cool if they did go with this storyline, and set the sequel in the late ’60’s. There was already a lot of real political strife and turmoil, so Magneto going after a senator is not implausible. The senator could even be made into a RFK-like character. He might even be positioned as a presidential candidate. His assassination would be the point of divergence in the timelines. If he survives, and presumably goes on to become president, things go one way. If he dies, it goes another.

  9. Awesome. I hope they can pull it off. I’m actually not fond of the original x-men trilogy and the wolverine movie was just ok IMHO but i thoroughly enjoyed x-men first class.

    • Whoa. How can you not like X-Men 1 & 2, but really like x-men first class?! Wolverine had some problems, *cough* Deadpool, to name one, but it was still better than first class! The only good thing about first class was Magneto and Prof. X! It had a horrible makeup job for Beast! Banshee was a young kid, not even irish and Havoc was born a long time before Cyclops! They are brothers, BTW! Luckily Days of Future Past can fix all of this! I’ve been saying they should do DoFP ever since they made the dismal X-Men 3.

  10. If this means that they have found a way to tie these movies together into 1 cohesive series I’m all for it and excited.
    I very much liked FC even though when it tried to connect to the first 3 films it got messy. It’s exciting as a fan to know that Fox has seemed to smarten up and to take the time to get it right with a great Director and writing team.

  11. I can’t say I am too optimistic about this production team doing any X-Men story arcs, let alone this one. I was never a huge fan of all the time travel stories just because of the continuity issues they raised. Add that to the lack of attention the writers and producers of the X-Men series have paid to their own story lines and you have a recipe for more confusion. This sound like it could end up like their interpretation of the other stories they sort of used for the other movies, which had mixed results.

    They left off First Class in such a way that half of the people involved in Days of Future Present haven’t even been introduced, unless now the movies are somehow connected. That of course then will start up the debate about which of these movies is “cannon” at this point, since fans want to make pretend the ones they didn’t like just never happened.

    Then there is the question of which characters are going to be involved, since they left the actual X-Men team pretty thin at the end of First Class, and the villains were the usual one-dimensional special effects that nobody will miss if they are gone. Budget-wise I doubt they are going to be able to re-cast other major characters and then have money to do special effects for them.

    • At this point, there’s no such thing as “canon” or not “canon”. The concept has no meaning anymore. Maybe in the first few years of a title or character, they try to keep the same continuity and all that, but even early on, the original writers or group of writers would move on. New writers would come in, and of course they would put their own spin, interpretation or exploration into the characters. They aren’t reboots necessarily (the term didn’t exist back then), but certainly they were a different look. A new artist for example may also bring in a different appreciation of a character. For example, I was always interested in seeing John Byrne draw a certain character that he never drew before. But now that almost every classic title and character in both the DC and Marvel universe has been re-done multiple times, what’s really canon anymore? There’s also no obligation for the filmmakers to use anything from the comics in terms of characters, storylines or ideas. They could, and have, made stuff up that had no origin in the comics at all. I mean, is there any point to use a character in an X-Men movie just because he showed up one time in Outrageous X-Men Special Winter Annual #3 back in 1976 (I’m making this all up of course) when he is used in a completely different context? It gets kind of pointless quickly.
      Except for something like Watchmen, no one is looking for a literal translation of a comic book to film. We’re all looking for variations on a theme. As long as the movie product is true to the spirit of the comics, that’s all anyone can ask. I mean, so what if how Xavier and Magneto meet is not “correct”? What does that mean? Everyone’s origin has been retconned to death. Xavier originally fought in the Korean War for example. Would not have fit into the First Class movie or the first trilogy.

      • You make the point yourself that bringing in characters that appeared in a one-off in the 1970’s or any story line out of context can become pointless, and that is what they have done a lot in these films. The problem is they never actually bother to give them any context within their own stories and it just becomes random people on the screen from one film to the next.

  12. I know im jumping ahead but 2014 will also be a great year for CBM.With this X sequel,Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Cap 2.I wonder which will be bigger at the box office this or ASM2? These two will definitely be slugging it out for top spot.And i know Cap 2 will be huge but i still don’t think it will top either of these.

  13. Sounds plausible… and like Kofi says, it could be a great way to explain the screwed up continuity.
    The title itself sounds a little corny though: “Days of Future Past”? reminds me of those sappy romance dramas…

    Regardless, I really liked X-Men:FC (didn’t like the other X-men movies) so I’m definitely looking forward to the sequel.

    • again, how can you not like any of the original trilogy, but really like first class?!

      • Because I’m an individual with his own preferences and opinions…

      • I’m in the same boat as The Avenger on this one. Didn’t care for the original 3 and I hated wolverine. But First Class was awesome. It just a matter of opinion really. Wolverine butchered “Deadpool” to a point where I refuse to even call that character they made up Deadpool.

        • You are right. The first 3 films turned into the Hugh Jackman show. Everything revolved around Wolverine and that wasn’t anywhere near how it was in the comics, not in the Clairmont days.. Anna Paquin was the worst rogue ever too..

          First class was leaps and bounds better but I worry because they’re bringing Bryan Singer back. That man should not be allowed near a movie set! Neither should Sam Raimi for that travesty that was Spiderman 3!!

  14. No surprise here. They’re obviously trying to fix things with the continuity. If not for the rushed production and the continuity problems, X:FC 1 could’ve been the perfect x-movie.

    The big question is: Who’s the time travelling mutant coming back to the 70’s? Cable? They could use the return of cable to resolve the whole summers brothers fiasco (alex older than scott? wtf?). Bishop? An african American character would be very welcome, add some gusto and excitement to the team of primarily white xmen, plus Bishop kills sentinels VERY WELL. Rachel Summers? Baby phoenix is a possibility, but they could wait and do an excaliber movie down the pipe. Trevor Fitzroy? This is the way to go, Fitzroy opens the portals using the life energy of mutants, brutal. Apocalypse? That dude travels through time as often as I ride the bus… more actually. Askani? Franklin Richards? Illyana? lots of teleporters and time travellers in the x-universe.

    I just hope in the end we have one of two things, 1) the original 5 iceman, beast, cyclops, marvel girl, angel and prof x ready for a relaunch of the franchise or 2) ALL the x-men, that’s right, all of them. Every one we’ve seen in the movies, twisted in time, and spit back out in a more sensible, modern team, with hopefully a proper gambit and psylocke.

    • I think time travel can get real ugly real fast. Any time a series starts messing with time travel, that’s a point at which it can become really good or really bad, because it’s a no turning-back kind of thing. You have opened the Pandora’s box of time travel. Although, for the X-Men, time travel is a big part of it’s later mythology. All the stuff with the Summers family, Madeline Pryor, Sentinels, etc. is a big part of the series obviously. But to introduce it with the First Class sequel is certainly going to be a challenge. I’m not sure why we’re all of a sudden thinking that part of this is try to resolve the inconsistencies between First Class and the original trilogy. I think that they need to focus on it making sense and working within the context of the movie itself before trying to solve that other problem. It definitely sounds like retconning or retroactive continuity to me. That’s a slippery slope.

    • I say screw this! And let’s make a reboot of the X-Men! Starring the 60s original team; Cyclops, Jean Grey (marvel girl), Iceman, Beast and Angel. Them fighting against Magneto and his evil Brotherhood of Mutants.

      THERE, it already beat Avengers. Damn, would that be too much to ask Fox?

      2nd film, introduces the other X-Men, wolverine, storm nightcrawler, colossus, and shadowcat. Teaming up to save the old X-Men from that island in that story arc. K yay that’s successful! Sentinels and such for the film.

      3rd film, the introduction of the Dark Phoenix saga and the “death” of jean grey. Cyclops gets emotional, goes to deep depression and quits the X-Men. Iceman and Beast joins other teams. Angel stays. There way to follow the story arcs.

  15. no words…to describe this…awesomeness!!! …oh and dont screw this up!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

  16. it also clears the way for the Merc with a Mouth!

  17. The concept sounds just epic but I just hope they can all put it together where it translate well on screen

  18. time travel? hmm makes me think of Cable vs apocalypce

  19. Damn, I really wanted the title to be X-Men: Economy Class :)

    But seriously, I never read the comics, but this sounds like it could very interesting if pulled off well. Or it could just be extremely confusing and make the X-men universe even more convoluted than it already is.

  20. This sounds like a cool idea, I have never read that x-men story but it has potential. I hope it’s good!

  21. Your hypothesis was pure genius! I’ve always believed that Days of Future Past was the closest thing that Marvel had to DC’s “Watchmen.” As a young kid, I was shocked by the casual way that iconic characters were killed before my eyes, while the “off-screen” deaths of many other mutants were treated like collateral damage in a much bigger war against the machines.

    Lastly, that painted homage to John Byrne’s original cover art would look INCREDIBLE as the official movie poster.

  22. Time to break out the comic boxes and re-read my Uncanny Xmen issues from Back in the Day especially DoFP.

  23. I really don’t want to jump to any conclusions but if done right (and how many times has that line been used) this COULD be the best X-Men film and perhaps one of the best comicbook films.

  24. I really don’t want to jump to any conclusions but if done right (and how many times has that line been used) this COULD be the best X-Men film and perhaps one of the best comicbook films. Hopefully this rumor is true.

  25. Time Travel is very tricky and can tear a movie apart with the smallest of mistakes.

  26. in the reboot i want to have, cyclops (main character not wolverine), Rogue, Gambit, Jean (i want a phoenix in the third movie not like the last stand), Wolverine, Storm, Ice Man, Angel, Beast, Colossus and Charles.
    This may be to many characters but at some point i want all of thse to be in the main characters/team.

  27. This sounds like a great idea! Hopefully we will get to see each X Man in his actual costume from the comics and Gambit gets the screen time he deserves Mon Cher!!

    • I saw bits and pieces of the X-men trilogy and I was not impressed at all. First Class didnt impress me much either. What made me feel this way is that there is too many characters, the costumes look syfy channel cheesy and it doesn’t stick to canon. What made Marvel work so well in the lead up to the Avengers is that all the way until the end they stayed true to the comics. Maybe I am bias becuase I believe its better to leave the comics to those who created them and will keep them as they were intended to be rather than how the other studios want to make them.

  28. Easily one of the best X-Men stories. And that poster is freaking awesome. Although I’m not sure it will help the mess that us their continuity, they should just cut their losses and call XMFC a reboot.

    • Is not us.

  29. I know that everyone is saying that this is a way for them to connect contradicting stories from XFC and the first three movies,but to me it seem like this is FOX finally trying to get away from the first two movies and move the X-Men franchise in a new direction that isn’t at all related to the first three movies.

    Personally,I just wish that they would just come out and admit that First Class is a reboot,or “pre-boot”,then they wouldn’t have to go through this charade.

    • They really can’t admit to it being a reboot or whatever because they changed their minds and threw away an actual reboot script to appease Singer for whatever reason. No matter what they do at this point to do this story they will have to either use the characters they have already established (for better or worse), or somehow re-introduce a lot of the characters and then explain a complicated story idea.

      Granted this could all just be someone on the Internet speculating since this is the third scenario that has been suggested for this film, and none of it ever matches up with previous reports.