‘X-Men: First Class’ Sequel Titled ‘Days of Future Past’?

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X Men First Class Days of Future Past Header X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

There is word circulating that 20th Century Fox has reached out to the MPAA to secure a title for the studio’s forthcoming sequel to X-Men: First Class – and if reported accurately, that title is going to send a tidal wave of geek freak-outs across the Interwebs. The title in question is “Days of Future Past” – which remains one of the most famous and celebrated X-Men storylines of all time.

More interestingly, however: “Days of Future Past” was also a X-Men story that dealt with time travel and multiple timelines – meaning that director Matthew Vaughn and Fox could be (finally) trying to organize the convoluted continuity of the X-Men film franchise, using a tactic similar to what J.J. Abrams did with his Star Trek reboot.

Here is the quote from AICN reporter “The Kidd,” which first kicked off this rumor:

One of my little birds Weapon X recently dropped me some information that 20th Century Fox had recently registered the title DAYS OF FUTURE PAST with the MPAA Title Registration Bureau. The Bureau exists for studios and productions companies to stake their claims on certain titles that they intend to release and distribute, so that others can stray from using a similar title.

The title “Days of Future Past” is taken from the two-issue Uncanny X-Men comic book storyline written in 1981 by legendary X-Men writer/artist team Chris Claremont and John Byrne. In the story, the X-Men are trying to stop the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants (led by Mystique) from killing an anti-mutant political figure named Senator Robert Kelly. This pivotal event creates a separate timeline in which the X-Men fail to stop the Kelly assassination, and as a result, mutants are hunted, imprisoned and exterminated by humanity. One X-Man from that future dystopia manages to travel back in time and warn the present day X-Men, who ultimately stop the assassination (though the two timelines both remain in existence).

X Men Days of Future Past Comic Book 570x418 X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

The X-Men Battle Sentinels in 'Days of Future Past'

Given where X-Men: First Class left things, it’s easy to see how “Days of Future Past” could be reconfigured to focus on Magneto (Michael Fassbender) and his Brotherhood going after a key political figure, and the X-Men team being visited by a dimension-hopping mutant to be forewarned of what happens if they don’t stop the assassins. “Days of Future Past” also had the mutant-killing Sentinel robots, an older version of Wolverine, etc. – all of which would be awesome to see onscreen (not to mention a Terminator-style future dystopia). A “DoFP” plot could also open the door for the franchise to introduce time-hopping X-Men like Bishop or Cable to the mix.

In terms of the movies: “Days of Future Past” would give Vaughn and company a way to end all this continuity madness once and for all. If time travel and alternate timelines are successfully introduced into the X-Men movie universe, then that would be a perfect explanation for why the original X-Men trilogy (and Wolverine) have plot points that contradict First Class, while allowing all of the films to remain valid (unlike the ‘forget the past’ approach of the Spider-Man movie reboot).

X Men Original Trilogy vs. First Class Movie Continuity X Men: First Class Sequel Titled Days of Future Past?

“Days of Future Past” is an awesome story on its own – and I for one would welcome anything that could straighten out the movie continuity in satisfactory fashion. First Class was tormented all through development for not being a clear prequel OR reboot, but instead some weird amalgamation of both. I think a lot of X-Men fans would agree with the sentiment that it’s time to clean house. J.J. Abrams successfully cleared away decades of Star Trek continuity when he spun-off a new timeline for his 2009 reboot, which allowed him the freedom to tell his own stories using familiar characters.

Finally, introducing alternate timelines would give Fox many new options for how they approach their other upcoming X-Men films: including already-in-production sequel The Wolverine, and the already-planned X-Men 4. In fact, “First Class Continuity (FCC)” and/or “Original Trilogy Continuity (OTC)” could be terms we all start throwing around pretty soon. Comic book geekery at its best.

X-Men: Days of Future Past – if that is indeed the title – will be in theaters on July 18th, 2014.

Header Image by Deviant Art User “Wobblyone“.

Source: AICN

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  1. I want Cable, wolverine, and lots of Mutants in the movie. I want Sentinel Robots and lots of villians in the movie. Also I want lots of action and vehicle toys.

  2. I like Rob’s idea from the podcast to have them eliminate the timeline for Last Stand. As for the new movie I’m all in on the sequel regardless.

  3. I would like them to get more in depth about mystique story. I thought the next move would be individual tales of each main xmen and how they came to be, sort of like what they did with Wolvering. I have a great story line for mystique if they ever want to explore that venue.

  4. Well, most my people and I want to see X-Men First Class 2 with sequel titled Days of Future Past, we want to see in X men First Class 2 add newer members cast for X men Characters Filming including Cyclops, Dark Phoenix ( being Jean restrained ), Scarlet Witch, Iceman, Storm, Warren Worthington III, Juggernaut, Nightcrawler also with Wolverine there.
    Villains for X men First Class 2 here they are :
    Mr. Sinister, Vertigo, Onslaught, Bastion, Sentinel,and Mojo.
    we love to see X men and Brotherhood of Evil to be United like a secon
    X men Movie ( X-Men 2 United )

    • Onslaught would never happen until Xavier wipes Magneto’s mind. Onslaught isnt a villian that just appeared, he was created through Magneto’s mind corrupting Xavier’s !

  5. cameos i love to see the DARK PHOENIX just like in x men 3 last stand actually and jean grey can control it !with psionic blasts and disintegration for her enemies around her. she is becoming good. i love if dark phoenix VERSUS bastion. cyclops VERSUS mister sinister. magneto VERSUS apocalypse. professor x VERSUS onslaught. scarlet witch VERSUS mojo. i love all that for x men first class 2.

    i love if kristen stewart as dark phoenix for x men days of future past
    seeing tree angel love between cyclops dark phoenix emma frost. havok also must appear more a lot of join with gambit and polaris. juggernaut as charles’s brother must be there too !

    i think x men days of future past must run about age of apocalypse storyline too.

    • Kristen Stewart is a perfect choice for the young Jean Grey.

  6. All of the X-Men movies have been very sub par. A reboot with better writing would be best.

    • I totally agree. And with less focus on Wolverine. Focus on the team, not one member.

  7. I liked the first 2 X men films, the 3rd not so much, but certain elements (i.e Callisto played by Dania Ramirez). Nevertheless, I loved X Men: First Class and this concept for the sequel could be great, just hoping they use Bishop because I remember in the X Men cartoon on FOX, this storyline was used as well.

  8. I don’t know perhaps I can be answer my request about X-Men Days of Future Past. I truly request for X-Men Days of Future Past is about Famke Janssen should be come back as Dark Phoenix but she could control her power and her self. bring James Marsden too as Scott Summers / Cyclops seeing the Adventure of Phoenix Force and Cyclops

  9. GUYS! am i the only one to think about this or what?

    I think the next movie “Days of the future Past” would somehow connect “Last Stand” with the “First Class”. come to think of it, xavier cyclops and a lot of mutants died and lost their power in the last stand, and chaos happened and all. Just like in the comics, kitty pride went back in the past to warn the “first class” xmen about this, and to prevent it from happening.

    Might this be the reason behind? im excited

    • I hope not. All of the X-men movies were horrendous. The plot, atory lines, character associations that wasnt, that were: Let me explain:

      X-1: No wolverine/sabertooth association (wolverine lost his memory, sabertooth didnt)
      Rogue and Pyro as a student – never happened

      X-2: BTW is Pyro German? No wolverine/lady deathstrike association (weren’t they almost married) Killing off Marisko and stryker

      X-3: Worst movie ever- Where do i begin – Killing off Jean, cyclops, xavier, no association between juggernaut and xavier (arent they half brothers), Juggernaut not a mutant, so he shouldnt have lost his powers in the presence of the kid, the appearances of gay angel and beast

      The original 5 x-men were Angel, beast, iceman, jean and cyclops. To not start the movies off that way was a diservice to everything we watched on tv and read in comics over the years.

      Halle Berry as storm was a horrible choice
      rogue didnt join the x-men until after she stole the powers from Ms. marvel
      No warlocks, no sentinels, multiple man a villain? Magneto was boning rogue before mystique, Havok was the younger brother of cyclops, but he’s shown way before cyclops.
      No Gambit, no jubilee and Xavier was paralyzed in a battle with the alien lucifer, not a fight with Magneto! The x-men movies suck!!!

      • I agree with you, man! The plot points in the movies are so bad. Don’t forget about Emma Frost/ White Queen in Wolverine Origins. How she looked all young when they first showed her being rescued along with Cyclops in the prison. But in X-Men first class. She looks all old. I was like… what?

        And I agree again.

        In my opinion. X-Men (2000) film would have been badass if it started as Cyclops, Jean Grey, Iceman, Beast and Angel as the main X-Men heroes. Follow by Magneto’s Evil Brotherhood of Mutants starring; Magneto, Toad, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and Mastermind. It can take place with a modern feel to it. That would be cool. Juggernaut should also be introduced along with his backstory with Xavier. Also the sentinels can play a good role in the second film.

        You know how Harry Potter had 8 films. If X-Men did the first film right by having the original team, we could have got like many sequels based on the other arcs.

        Then that’s when you introduce Wolverine, Storm, Kitty Pryde, and Colossus for the sequel. Which can start the arc when the original X-Men had to be rescue and Xavier assigned a new team to assist the old.

        And then on, we can have other arcs. I like this way better to be honest.

  10. well my people and i had a new from here and finding in the website to comment there

    X-Men Days of Future Past Movie Cast 18 July 2014 – Comic Vine

  11. Finally a movie thats not about Magneto. Not the first time i’ve heard this. Hopefully they fix everything they’ve done with the prior x titles and make the x team we all know and love. Meaning family is family. A

  12. The marvel studios films have shown that staying close to the source material results in very successful films. The xmen films were never loyal to the source material and took it to new lows with the use of sebastian shaw at a completely different time in the story than when he appeared in the comic (the hellfire club came in just as phoenix was losing her mind). The best thing that could but will not happen is if marvel studios was able to get their rights back to xmen so that the complete destruction of it will stop. Fox has been obsessed with magneto and wolverine to the detriment of everything. Wolverine was a bit player in the dark phoenix storyline and magneto was not involved in it at all. Famke janssen was a great actress who was given nothing to do as dark phoenix (not to mention that phoenix was good for a long time before she turned evil). Other central characters who true fans loved like nightcrawler, colossus, and cyclops have been relegated to second fiddle to wolverine and magneto. Is it any wonder that these movies have grown ridiculously tiresome. And every storyline in the comics did not dwell on the mutant-human fight. (I.e., the morlocks subway fight to save angel). Now, they propose to butcher the future past storyline without the cast that was in that storyline (i.e.,storm, nightcrawler, colossus, wolverine and kitty). I wish marvel would sue to reclaim their rights so that their property stops being trashed.

    • So… you felt that Captain America: The First Avenger was superior to X2, X-Men, and XM First Class? In that case we can just disregard everything else you said.

      • “So… you felt that Captain America: The First Avenger was superior to X2, X-Men, and XM First Class?”

        Well, yes, I’d agree with that. First Class on a par with Captain America, but Captain America was far superior to any of the other X-movies, including the first two. (And no-one was more surprised than I.)

    • If only Marvel studios had the series long before fox. It’s not too late to do a successful reboot of the series. I’m really looking forward to a reboot of X-Men starring Cyclops, Jean Grey, Beast, Iceman and Angel. The original five fighting against Magneto and his evil Brotherhood of Mutants. Maybe throwing in Juggernaut too. Just like the old days. A small appearance of Wolverine/ Logan is fine. No other mutants introduce. Just those 5 main characters. The forming of a team, and the battle against Magneto. Right there. That’s already sold.

      • Probably won’t happen. There’s a chance that someone went back in time from the The Last Stand timeline and did something that triggered all of these mutants to appear out of sync with that timeline in order to avert some great catastrophe. First Class will serve as the semi-reboot, with the facts being confirmed in this Days of Future Past. Unforunately, it’ll be awhile before we have a solid reboot. You know, unless this movie isn’t well received. In which case, we may only have to wait five years if The Amazing Spider-Man is anything to go by.

        • Yeah, you’re probably right. If this film can somehow make a new future for the X-Men. Then a new fresh start of X-Men reboot will be nice. But yeah, probably won’t be for awhile from now. Fox should stick to making films that are not based on comics. And let Marvel studios work on it. They always tend to screw things up with their crappy X-Men film universe. They even made minor plot holes. Like in Wolveirne Origins, Emma Frost/ White Queen appeared as a young prisoner girl with the other mutants planning a escape and they were rescued by Prof X who is an old man at the end. But in First Class, Emma appears as a old mid 40s woman while Xavier appears very young. Major plot hole right there. Come on Hollywood…

  13. I hope there should be Emma Frost in X men Days of Future Past, she joins with the X men using her telepathic waves, her diamond hard form, hypnotic massive force, mind rage, and bedlam struck ! Charlize Theron is very so good being Emma Frost there. she also helps jean grey from the Dark Phoenix transformed into the White Phoenix of the Crown, the first jean will be come back more evil using entire her entities from the galaxies and draw energies which making quake disaster and meteors rains, Professor X after heal fro seeing in the last scene X 3, he can join again helping Jean. Emma also helps Professor X with other like Cyclops, Storm, Havok, Gambit, Bishop and Wolverine. Magneto, Scarlet Witch, and Avalanche will have to join with the X -men bacause seeing the main villain are Mister Sinister, Proteus, Bastion, Lady Deathstrike, Deadpool, Master Mold, and Mystique ( she joins beacuse wanted revenge for Magneto )

  14. Dark Phoenix or White Phoenix the Crown in X men : Days of Future Past must along with Cyclops they are so perfect! of course including Emma Frost or White Queen! Halle Berry as Storm must do extreme about her power i saw in x men last stand her power was weak and her acting was less, so the film must do supporting her! Rebecca Stamos as Mystique never applied guns, in comic book Mystique always applies with guns! so for this film it must be done. Scarlet Witch should be introducing she the most familiar characters too. her power chaos magic. anarchy assault, god off lately power, burning with her red jogs. this movie must tell about En Sabah Nur ( Apocalypse ) too.

  15. I heard the producers were planning on having a new character join the X-Men. With Xavier now restricted to a wheel chair it probly is a good idea to bring in a new character to challenge Magneto. I hope it will be Polaris.

  16. Oh and another thing.

    How is Havok older than Cyclops in First Class?
    Why Prof X looked old in Origins and Emma Frost is young?

    And we can also flip it around.

    Why is Emma Frost older than Xavier in First class but in origins she appeared as a younger version while Xavier appeared old?

    Them plotholes. Man… lol

  17. I was really excited to see my favorite xmen character in the next film until I saw who got the role. Why is it so hard to cast these guys right? First class was casted perfectly, but when you go back to the original present day xmen its like they just throw whoever in the spotlight. Bishop looks like Jason Manos in most of the comic books I’ve seen. He’s not dark complcted and has a more distinct look than this dude. Hally Berry looks nothing like storm. Hugh Jackman is a good actor but I have seen quite a few other actors who would fit the role of that specific character better. Oh well. It is what is.