‘X-Men: First Class’ Review

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X Men First Class Reviews X Men: First Class Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class has been a controversial film ever since it was first announced. Comic book purists said that the filmmakers were straying too far from the source material with their interpretation. Film purists said that the production was being rushed and the movie would suffer – while fans of summer blockbusters remained unaware (or unmoved) by all the missteps in the movie’s flawed marketing campaign.

Well, whether you’re a fan of the comics, the movies, or just summer blockbusters,  X-Men: First Class has something to offer you. After two poor entries (X-Men: The Last Stand and Wolverine) this franchise is getting a much-needed injection of life from director Matthew Vaughn and all the talent surrounding him.

…But that doesn’t make the film perfect.

The story is pretty simple at its core, but slightly convoluted in its execution: We start with the childhood years of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, the men who will become Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Charles is raised in a world of wealth and privilege; Erik, on the other hand, has a horrific childhood in the Nazi death camps (a scene that pays homage to Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie), where his control over magnetic forces attracts the eye of a Nazi scientist/evil mutant named Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), who pushes Erik to develop his power by way of trauma and pain.

Flash-forward to 1963 (an homage to the year the first X-Men comic book was released) and Charles (James McAvoy) and Erik (Michael Fassbender) are two young men on very different paths. Charles is now a prominent academic, while Erik is a haunted man, touring the world on a quest for revenge against Nazi war criminals and the mysterious Shaw. Meanwhile, the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union is intensifying, threatening to annihilate humanity in a nuclear holocaust – which is exactly what Sebastian Shaw and his cabal of evil mutants want. When CIA agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) catches wind of Shaw’s plan, the CIA tasks Xavier to gather a team of mutants to battle Shaw and his henchmen, setting in motion a chain of events that will inevitably create the X-Men, as well as the lifelong rivalry between Charles and Erik.

X Men First Class Michael Fassbender James McAvoy X Men: First Class Review

Fassbender and McAvoy as Magneto and Prof. X in 'X-Men: First Class'

Matthew Vaughn moves this multifaceted story at a brisk, controlled pace. With a runtime of more than two hours there’s a lot that happens, but thankfully the time passes quickly. Most of the attention is focused on developing the characters of Charles and Erik, their friendship and eventual falling out, and this is the glue that holds the film together. McAvoy and Fassbender are excellent in their respective roles and have awesome chemistry together; the most moving and interesting scenes in the film belong to them alone. Despite complaints from comic book purists about the liberties this film takes with the source material, it manages to present both Xavier and Magneto as fresh and rich characters who are both worth exploring.

This reinterpretation not only makes First Class interesting as a movie, but in my opinion (as a longtime fan of the comics) improves upon these characters’ backstories in ways the comics never have. Seeing Xavier as a naive man – who has not yet learned the tact and ethics that go along with mind reading – makes for some interesting themes and humorous moments. Seeing Erik as a sort of twisted super-powered James Bond is thrilling, and Fassbender brings an intensity that makes this another breakout role for the quickly rising star. The two leading men don’t try to mimic the performances of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen from Singer’s films – instead they make the roles their own.

However, while the Charles/Erik storyline is the main focus (and is worth the price of admission in and of itself), the title of this film would imply a story about a larger team coming together. This aspect of the film (the actual X-Men team) is not as developed or interesting, and some fans will have a major problem with that. We do meet a group of mutants in the film, but with the exception of the pivotal role of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), the rest of the mutants (good and bad) are mostly just there to fill out the action scenes – or in the case of  Emma Frost (January Jones), fill out some ridiculous outfits (which the film does manage to justify… sort of).

X Men First Class White Queen Sebastian Shaw X Men: First Class Review

Kevin Bacon and January Jones in 'X-Men: First Class'

For her part, Lawrence is great as Mystique, adding subtlety and depth to a character that was mostly eye candy in previous films. As with Charles and Erik, Vaughn manages to explore Mystique’s character in a way that is more interesting than either the films or comics have really presented her – even though we know where her arc will inevitably lead. The other performance of note is by Kevin Bacon, who makes Sebastian Shaw a charmingly menacing supervillain, without crossing over into campy or hammy territory.

Some people will be disappointed that the actual X-Men team members are little more than stunt actors in this film, but the battle scenes with the mutants are impressive. As with Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn proves that he is a fantastic director when it comes to action sequences, and First Class arguably has the best high-flying superhero action this side of X2 or Spider-Man 2. Whereas Singer’s films tended to fetishize every moment of mutant power use, Vaughn implements the powers (and the special effects to create them) into the film so matter-of-factly that it makes suspension of disbelief almost effortless (though seeing a blue-furred Beast still doesn’t feel quite right).

The ’60s aesthetic and historical footage are also blended into the film well, at once honoring that era, while still feeling modern enough as not to seem like a period piece. There are some wonderful stylistic tricks Vaughn employs at different points (first-person POV, split-screen montages); however, now and again the film feels a little unbalanced or unpolished in its editing (likely due to the rushed production schedule), though average movie fans are not likely to notice these seams sticking out.

XMen First Class Magneto X Men: First Class Review

A more familiar and iconic Magneto in 'X-Men: First Class'

Like most origin or prequel films, the nature of the story inevitably results in a truncated ending. The climax of First Class must fit all the players into their predetermined places, and the speed with which these transitions occurred felt rushed, even though Vaughn does capture some powerful moments in the dissolving of Charles and Erik’s relationship. The rest of the characters (literally) stand aside and then take sides, which again shortchanges them in terms of development or interest.

Thankfully, the rich Xavier/Magneto dynamic, fantastic action, and a handful of fun Easter eggs are enough to keep comic fans, movie fans, and summer blockbuster enthusiasts all sufficiently entertained by the majority of what this film gets right. Matthew Vaughn and Co. have definitely given the X-Men franchise a bright new future, and hopefully in the next film the actual team dynamic will be the nexus, rather than a distant secondary focus.

If you want to see more of the film, check out the X-Men: First Class trailer below, and be sure to hop over to our X-Men: First Class Spoilers Discussion to talk about the film once you’ve seen it.

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Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. Saw it Sunday. I’d give it a four or maybe even a 4.5. To me it was the best straight-forward superhero movie I’ve seen. It wasn’t Spider-man or the Nolan Batmans, but those really had strong character stories going on. X-men FC had some shining moments with the characters, but mostly it was an awesome good guys/bad guys/save the world from destruction movie.

    Special effects were all great to fine-with-me. Mystique looked a lot better in motion, as did Magneto’s helmet. Overall I liked Beast too. I’d heard some bad things, but I liked the things they got right more than a few things that were questionable.

    I liked what they did with the X-men story. And it is pure X-men. The Charles/Eric/Mystique stories were the best, and I expect those, if any, to have ripple effects in the comics.

    All of you who are going to wait for DVD, you’ll like it a whole lot more than you think you will. Sometimes that is a better way to see a movie anyway. The only thing is that in the meantime you’ll hear and read too much about the story.

  2. First off, this was an incredibly enjoyable movie. The action was awesome, and the pacing was on point. They made the mood of the team and it’s members fit the setting for the time period in which it was set. Matthew Vaughn did a great job of making an action movie in this one, I will say. Having said that…

    This movie should not have been labeled “X-Men,” or had any association with it. As a stand alone movie about a group of humans that can do things normal humans can’t does not an X-men movie make, especially when you skew characters so far from the original (Moira not being Scottish), over inflate powers (Sebastian Shaw got stronger with absorbing kinetic energy, but never could redirect it like a fireball or volcano stompy feet), or just insulting the audiences intelligence (killing Darwin, the mutant that can’t be killed or cracking Frost’s diamond form with a brass bed post). There really needs to be fan input when these movies are made up and creators input before the final cut is put out.

    So, yes it was a good movie, it just wasn’t an X-men movie.

    • and….
      -collosus wasnt russian
      -Iceman shouldnt have been so young
      -Mystique and Magneto are not friends in the comics and have had next to no time together
      -Rogue should have ms marvels powers
      -whiplash and the crimson dynamo were merged
      -Doc Ock was bastardized
      etc etc etc

      Film makers take liberties, even comic books de power and over power characters as well as changing their whole origin. Compare the ultimate universe to the 616 universe

      the fact is this IS an X Men movie and the best of the 5, just because you dont agree with the retcons and liberties taken doesnt change that

      • My problem isn’t liberties taken with source material, as long as the liberties make sense.

        My problem is Fox doesn’t even stay true to the continuity they themselves set up. And the idea that mutants are immune to nukes is so mind-bendingly stupid.

      • My problem isn’t liberties taken with source material, as long as the liberties make sense.

        My problem is Fox doesn’t even stay true to the continuity they themselves set up. And the idea that mutants are immune to nukes is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. “Author: Jennifer Joseph
    You can thank X3 and Wolverine for the box office numbers. Even though the opening numbers weren’t great it still beat out every other film released this weekend by tons.”

    Jen XFC was the only film to launch this weekend. It had no new competition and was competing with a week to two week old competition.

    • Just curious as to why you continue to comment on a post about a review of a movie you have no intention of ever seeing, let alone give a chance even in the face of an excellent review by most people.

      leave the comments to the people who actually seen it and take your unwarranted negativity to another post yea?

      • Yea and your rude insulting nature toward me is not at all negative.

        Simple solution. If you don’t like what I have to say ignore me and don’t respond.

        “why you continue to comment”

        Because people keep replying. If you want me to stop don’t reply. Just keep your mouth shut and I’ll follow behind.

        I can admit to my faults I’m stubborn and prideful. I can’t let someone get away with being rude and insulting simply because I expressed my thoughts with out at least responding. If you want me to shut up try not being such a…. Well I can’t that word.

        Catch more flies with honey. Or something like that. If you want something from someone (in this case me shutting up) try being respectful and not insulting or rude. Go back and read some of my first posts. I didn’t say the movie sucked I never insulted it for it’s quality. I didn’t insult you or any of the fans of the film. I simply expressed how I feel about the film being made. Then you and a few others decided to take it upon your self to attack me because I won’t watch the movie.

        Hope you are proud of your self.

        • Daniel you remind me of my home boy D, shamose feels his opinion should be loved and respected and worshiped. when you think about it. no one cares about what we think individually. i recommend people to make their opinions on the movie or comments on the movie. dont make it personal

    • You’re right, I forgot those other films opened the previous weekend. But who cares? The first part of my statement is still correct and you are just trying to be argumentative. I see no other reason for you to be in this thread since you don’t plan on seeing it. Usually you at least see a film before bashing it..why the change?

      • First of all Jen no I’m not being argumentative i was just correcting a mistake is all. Just like when one of the writers makes a minor spelling error and someone just tells them they got it wrong. I was simply giving you the correct information. Sorry that offended you so greatly.

        Second of all I’m not bashing the film. I’ve said it over and over again it may very well be a good film. There has not been any bashing. I’m not insulting or trashing a film that I havn’t seen. I’m expressing how I feel about this film in general. I’m expressing why I won’t see it and my problems with it’s existance. I have not insulted it’s quality as a film in any way. I have merely said it’s not faithful which is a fact even those who love it can’t deny it’s not faithful. I also said I have no interest in seeing it which is my prerogative. I have not however bashed the film. I expressed my feelings on this film and got attacked by several posters simply because I didn’t plan to see it.

        However if you are dead set on having a negative feeling toward me by all means go ahead. Unlike some people around here I won’t attempt to beat you through the internet for forming an opinion.

        • I’m not offended by that but you seem to want to blow it up like I am so whatever. I’d call it a common internet mistake but you know exactly what I am or am not offended by so I can’t help but feel you’re just…well, I don’t even know why you’re being like that. The only reason you were “attacked” by several people is because of the way you word things and your own negativity. I don’t have any negative feelings but I am so done talking to you about this.

          • Hi troll! I hope your day is full of sunshine and rainbows because obviously your life is super depressing and you have nothing better to do than troll SR. Have a splendid life!

            • Jennifer,

              Glad I saw your comment – the person you replied to is history (for other reasons in addition to that comment).


              • Thanks Vic.

      • im still mad about how the flubbed the ages. amoung other things. how old was emma frost at the end of the wolverine movie. and why was xavier bald when he came to picc them up. but in first class emma is clearly older then xavier. on top of she wasnt cute. thats the issue that sticcs out with me the most atm.

        • Maybe becuase Wolverine doesnt really count in the continuity?…

  4. I’ve been curious about this movie, and after having read (mostly) positive reviews, it has peaked my interest. Beast was always my favorite character, and while X3 may have been somewhat of a dud, I enjoyed his character and Kelsey Grammer’s performance. I always love seeing Kevin Bacon playing a villain.
    And I like the fact that it takes place in the ’60s. Still not sure about the inclusion of Havok and Banshee though. When are they gonna give poor Thunderbird his due? :)

  5. Some big mistakes were made as far as Continuity. Remember, Prof-X was bald headed and walking at the end of Wolverine and at the beginning of Xmen: the Last Stand. The screenwriters, Executives and directors should have noticed this. All of them should have watched all of the xmen movies before making xmen: first class. Now, they can fix it if they make Prof-x walking again and Charles and Erik become friends again in the sequel to xmen: first class. It’s simple for a fan to notice this, get it together Marvel. But, I still give it B-.

    • The screenwriters DID notice the things you said. They simply chose to tell a new story that would reboot the franchise in a way.

      And this is NOT a Marvel Studios movie like Captain America and THor. It is a FOX movie – they own the rights to X-Men.

      • It’s a reboot? Really? Then why did no one tell Singer, because he’s claimed in interviews that it’s a prequel.

        The people who MADE the film don’t even know if it’s a reboot or a prequel. Shouldn’t that tell you something about how little they care about this franchise?

        • A prequel, yes…to his original x1 and x2, written and directed by him. Lets just forget x3 n xo…he didnt have anything to do with them…thankfully..

          • Yes. That’s the point, X3 and Wolverine were dumped. First class makes perfect sense if you don’t take those two movies in consideration. Synger already did this with Superman, he discarded the two last movies and made a sequel directly tied to Superman II. Does this mean he’s trying to re-establish the point where he left the franchise, at the end of X2, to make sure he can do the Dark Phoenix arc the way he first envisioned in a possible remake of X-men 3? Like, rebooting just half of the franchise, and letting the two first movies untouched? If this is what he was planning, makes sense to call XMFC a prequel AND a reboot.

      • Matthew Vaughnn: “My main goal was to make as good a film that could stand on its own two feet regardless of all the other films. However I thought anything that worked in all the other movies, and I could have some fun with nodding towards, I would. But my main rule was, You know what, were trying to reboot and start a whole new X-Men franchise and therefore, making a film work on its own two feet was far more important than trying to be referential to the prior movies.”


        • The film was very good. No doubt about that. But as a fan, we would like for the makers of these movies to follow the storylines of our favorite characters. We understand their will be changes and challenges to keeping these storylines basic or as we know it. But at least give us a little something in return other than your vision. You have to remember we have been following these comics and characters longer that you have been making movies. So when we dont see our characters portrayed in the right light it makes us not want to go into our pockets and give you our money.
          The only thing that annoyed me about your movie is, how do you have a movie called the first class without the very first X-man; CYCLOPS!!!!

          • Yeah, that really bothered me. Even though I enjoyed the movie, I couldn’t help but think they could have done an entire reboot and kept the original members. The guy who played Beast would have been perfect for Cyclops. I also believe they shouldn’t have had Mystique in it (even though the actress did a fine job); they should have saved her for the sequel, after Magneto and Xavier split. I so hope they keep McAvoy, Fassbender and Lawrence because they were the best parts of the film.

          • Everything said above starting at sentence 3 was extremely awesome and needs to be freakin tied to a brick and thrown through the head exec at Fox’s bedroom window.

  6. Great movie. What a film maker Matt Vaughn is with the right material!!

    I was disappointed wi Stardust and I feared he might not have the chops to handle super hero stuff, then came Kickass and I knew he could do this.

    I must admit I hated the original 3 X-men films. I never understood the love for the second one and I always thought the Bret Ratner was no better or worse than the other two (and I loath Bret Ratner)I thought thet got Magneto and Xavier mostly right but all the other characters tragically wrong. Including a 6 ft’ 2″ pretty boy Wolverine.

    This film was one of my favorite super hero movie experiences yet. Every role was so amazingly well done. (Especially Mcvoy and Fassbender!)

    The setting was gorgeous! To pull this off in the early swingin 60′s and make it feel authentic and not hokey is a triumph in it’s own. The War room scenes reminded me of updated reshot color Stranglelove scenes. I am sure that was not lost on Vaughn either

    It dawned on me while watching this that Fassbender should indeed be the new Bond and they must have it set during the Connery 60′s era.

    As hollywood are far too politically correct and pussified to have Bond actually battle radical Muslim terrorists or act like Bond should act with Chicks. Having Bond where he should be, the 60′s, would provide endless cool cold-war scenarios and Bond could be the chauovanist and ladykiller he is supposed to be.

    Fassbender walking into the Bar reminded me of the icey cool (but Suave-something Craig and most other Bond’s besides Lazenby and Moore never had)

    When he was in his wetsuit along the dock it was almost a shot for shot of Bond in Goldfinger. Vaughn nailed it and Fassbender IS BOND

    Terrific film. 4 stars and a slice of Geno’s East pizza

    Both Vaughn and Fassbender must be the next era of Bond, set in the 60′s. MUST MUST HAPPEN!!!!

    And the nifty cameo of Wolverine was to me the best Jackman -Wolvie scene ever filmed. Too bad you never saw that precice attitude in any of the other films

    • So you thought they got Wolverine wrong because he was tall. Yet you’re fine with Shaw going from an opportunistic shady industrialist to an ex-Nazi with a philosophy that matches Apocalypse’s and powers not even close to the ones in the comics…?

      • why mess with wolverine he was a camio in one scene and the movie is great they change the team up but it was great plus if anyone notice when charles was usin cerebro they had cyclopes and storm as a camio

  7. I thought the movie was “good” but lacked action. When there WAS action scenes, again, good…but there wasn’t enough in my opinion. Too much story and not enough mutants kicking butt. I did like the cameo’s with Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Romijn.

    & IM 22.
    GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!

    • Wow… this just sucked all the IQ right out of the room…

      • That comment actually made my left eyeball throb

    • ok so he knows about the xmen but really did he study up on them cus my bro is 4 years younger than yours and with lookin in a book he would give anyone a 2 or 4 hour talk about a chracter or the whole team

  9. It appears the current lifetime gross for the film foreign and domestic surpassed the budget. A sequel is definitely likely
    Total Lifetime Grosses
    Domestic: $60,553,797 48.6%
    + Foreign: $64,000,000 51.4%
    = Worldwide: $124,553,797

    Unless these sources are false. The future of the franchise seems good. Considering its still in its first week. Give it the rest of the summer, dvds, etc etc, this will get sequel. Fox would be stupid not to with all the positive reviews.

  10. I felt more could have been done with Prof X and Magneto, from the first movies I got the impression they were long lived friends and that Magneto helped build the device that allowed Prof X increase his range…
    I liked it, but something was lacking…
    I did like Mystique’s role in this one, she seemed like a real person…
    I liked most of the acting…
    But still there was something missing…
    Bacan’s character was too powerful, but again I liked him in the role…
    Magneto seems to not realize the effects of his actions and blames others (a nice little moral to it all)…
    The whole superiority twist of his character…
    He actually becomes what he hates…

    Hate begets hate, understanding begets undersatnding…
    Those unwilling to look at what they are doing are destined for their fate… In that case history repeats itself…

  11. Lol, that quote isn’t even coherent…

  12. I watched this movie with a bunch of friends and I sort of enjoyed it.It wasn`t as good as the Hulk Vs Wolverine short animation,but then again that`s just me.I don`t know if this post will be deleted if I say this, but this movie was so funny with all it`s sexual references .Only a very few people will catch onto this (those off course with a slightly sick mind and if you happen to speak Afrikaans and English). Apart from that it was not to bad.I enjoyed it as much as Thor.

  13. I enjoyed it, but found it a strangely schizoid experience from beginning to end: simultaneously taking the time and effort to develop certain aspects and galloping over others; effective, non-showy camera techniques and evocative ’60s-style split-screening contrasting with some scrappy editing and dubious framing (the warship face-off in particular); dialogue at times thoughtful and totally convincing, at others clunky and heavily signposted; excellent performances from McAvoy and Fassbender alongside a blank, non-existent one from January Jones – who looked as though she’d been beamed directly in from 1962…in the form of a life-size cardboard stand-up.

    Come to think of it, these are all points I’d make about Kick-Ass too.

    THAT cameo was a work of genius, though: funny and pitch-perfect.

  14. I didn’t think I could want to see this movie any less, why even call itXmen? why nou call it what it is Charles’ and Eriks Bogus Journey

    • That is funny

    • LOL.. story of their Bromance!

  15. Booohoooooooo! are u nuts? X-men last stand and Wolverine were great sequels not poor entries……..Mr outlaw…get a life

    • X-men last stand was the worse ever. The producer and director should have been shot. You dont kill off Xavier, Cyclops and Jean. It was rushed and poorly put together. Wolverine started off ok, until they bought in mutants that didnt belong. No way, deadpool has Cyclops eyes, or blades coming out of his arms, and was that suppose to be Emma Frost at an early age, who can change to diamond form but not read minds? they tried to bring in the morlocks but messed that up too. hey have plenty of material for a scrip that all they had to do was put into movie form.
      That whole Trilogy jacked up so many characters and character associations. Rogue was a member of the Brotherhood before she became an X-man, Iceman, along Jean, Cyclops Angel and Beast were the first 5 X-men, so he should have been way older. Angel was Gay (in the movie) Halle Berry sucks as Storm. Cyclops was a weak leader, and they hinted on but never truly bought in Jubilee and Gambit.

  16. @rian
    i knw wat you mean
    them x-girls seems to wanna sleep with evry member of there team LOL

    & @eric i thought the very same thing
    “from the first movies I got the impression they were long lived friends and that Magneto helped build the device that allowed Prof X increase his range…”

    that was my ONLY PROBLEM with the movie
    & that butterfly girl. but everything else was great

    • Lol,That is not the only thing that was awkward about the movie.I`m gonna be crude here if you would be so polite to forgive my sense of humor as I will explain why this movie was so funny in my most subtle manner I can think of(note;I am a sick man): Did you notice when Mystic laid in the bed where Magneto was standing? Someone in the cinema said something about a blow job.In Afrikaans Blow or Blou means the color blue…(drum role lame)And one time when Xavier and Magneto where stealing free Satellite T.V by turning that massive dish thing, they looked into each others eyes with tears sort of in ‘gay’ for each other way,while Xvaier talked about inner beauty and stuff.And you know when you do something with your thingy?I think the action rhymes with Hank,you get hair on your hands,Well Hank the guy who had conveniently four hands must have Hanked quite a lot or why else did he turn into that blue hairy werewolf when he injected himself in his favorite hankers hand…I`m very sorry but I just had to get this of my chest.

      • No one can call himself a man, let alone a “sick man” who still refers to your dick as a “thingy”. Your post reveals a lot about how repressed you are sexually if you are older than 12.

        • You are not the only one who thought that scene wuth the dish plate had a homosexual vibe. The intimacy of Charles digging Erik’s most emotional memory was… Idk, for a moment I felt like they were about to kiss.

  17. Although the movie did go away from some of the character basics. It was an enjoyable movie and revived some of the villains from previous years. Kevin Bacon I thought was phenominal as Sabatian Shaw. He had such an influence on Magneto. Even though Xavier didnt get paralyzed by a the fight but in a fight with an alien name Lucifer. The movie was good.
    Thought it was nice of hugh to have a cameo, aside from that, i didnt care for Shaw’s villains other than the Emma Frost. Who the hell was the Devil dude and tornado guy. Who was the black mutant, and butterfly/wasp girl who spit fire? Wouldve liked to see Kevin bacon return as Sabastian Shaw in future movies, but to inject the hellfire club was pretty cool. I thought there were more memebers though

  18. Great movie… very entertaining. Loved Magneto.

    Like many fanboys I just wanted it to be MORE like the original comics. The reason why the X-men trilogy sucked was because they paid no attention to the comics (it was insulting). And after they screwed up the first one they couldn’t really “fix” it with the sequels (bless them for trying ;)).
    Hopefully Fox will realize that they can’t take something awesome – change it – and think it will be better (because it won’t).

    Anyway, back to First Class…
    The Wolverine cameo was cool – I think Jackman FINALLY got to the “heart” of the character (i.e. that little Wolverine cameo most resembled the character – more than in X-men 1,2,3 and Origins).

    Can’t wait for Deadpool (let’s just hope Fox won’t screw that up as well).

  19. … I’d rather not recommend it for amateurs ( real ones, i mean!). Given the number of gross errors directly related to the basics of the subject ( people who are born with paranormal powers and/or physiological abnormalities, and their difficulties to live into a society that rejects them). No fan of the original concept can be satisfied with this… Hu! Movie, let’s say…
    Mystic, Darwin and Emma are morphing THEIR CLOTHES as well as their bodys!! Zero out of ten, Mr Singer: this is not Harry Potter!
    Shaw wants to strike a nuclear holocaust to promote the mutant race! That’s so stupid, it speaks for itself!
    Hank is an aviation technician, a biochemeist and he can buil you a Cerebro in a few weeks… That’s reed Richard with blue hairs!
    Magneto is full of hatred for humanity because Shaw killed his mommy ( opening scene easy and highly touted!): if it is not simplistic -even insulting!… But Lucas ( Georges!) already done the same to explain Anakin’s choice of The Dark Side of The Force. Never silly enough for the masses.
    And what about the immediate disappearance of the ONLY Afro-American of the whole cast? And the instant turnaround ( no more explanations than that!) of that go-go-girl wich seems to have a more marginal life than the others?! If it is not a message as eavy as reactionary, i wonder what it means…
    Finally, note also the total absence of any form of esthetism: just compare the graphic effect of Havock’s blasts of energy in the comic and that poor pathetic hulla-hoop performance here. the “queer” looks of the Beast ( he’s wearing lipsticks!) and the cheap rendering of Angel’s wings ( and flight!)… and i don’t even mension Emma’s grotesque wardrobe! Oops! Too late, i did!
    Using real facts ( and even archival documents!) to try to make the story more authentic falls into the water facing the pile of illogical facts that dot this blockbuster. Besides, rewriting history IS WRONG! You’ll see they’ll show the same lack of respect in the sequel and JFK will be their next victim.
    Bold reaction, yes, but i’m sure many fans will live their disappointement as hard as i do for X-Men First Class is a betrayal of everything the comic ever promoted. Please, do yourself a favor and read again the 70′s/80′s era.
    In addition, it is badly installed ( as skits!), poorly played ( Moïra, Magneto and Emma are terrible!) and without any kind of atmosphere. Nothing to save here but Banshee, flying like a madman in the air, and this beautiful picture of the Blackbird and the submarine, magically suspended between the sky and the sea… Still, it’s a bit light for a subject that rich of possibilities.

    • You have dwelled way deep into this sci-fi fantasy cruel depiction of unreal characters that we love. But, your points are valid. It is ok to lighten up

  20. The cameos were nice, but dont take away from the true origins of the characters. We all need to remember that mutants dont see their abilities until theyre in their teen years. So, these cameos of mutants as adolescents goes away from their origin. We all know that Magneto helped Xavier build cerebro, will we get to see that in the upcoming films. How does Moira go from an FBI/CIA agent to a mutant scientist and what about her mutant son that the X-men had to put down. And please dont bring the Juggernaut back as a mutant when he is NOT!!!

  21. my last complaints to an otherwise entertainng movie are these:

    In X2, Hank McCoy appears in human form. In First Class, he goes through his transformation,.

    In X2, Sebastian Shaw is speaking with McCoy on television. In First Class, he is killed by Magneto,.

    In X2, Xavier says he worked with Magneto to build Cerebro, while in First Class Hank McCoy builds it.

    In X-Men, Xavier doesn’t know why he can’t find Magneto using Cerebro, but in First Class Xavier witnesses the effects of the helmet Magneto wears, though the helmets are different designs.

    In The Last Stand and Wolverine, Xavier is bald and walking, whereas at the end of First Class Xavier is wheelchair bound.

    In The Last Stand, Moira MacTaggert is portrayed as being a British Doctor while in First Class she is an American CIA agent.

    Storm and Cyclops appear as children when Charles uses Cerebro for the first time in 1962. Both mutants are children, which would place their adult selves in the first film at older than they actually were. Not to mention, Havok is Cyclops younger brother, which means Cyclops is practically an adult.

    In the opening of of The Last Stand, Eric and Xavier are working together to recruit Jean Grey in the 1980s or 1990s.

    Emma Frost appears as a teenager in Wolverine, in 1979. However in this film set two decades earlier she is a full grown adult.

    • It’s a mess isn’t it? LOL. Well, since it’s supposed to be a reboot AND a prequel they can flub their own continuity all they want.

  22. Please dont bring Halle Berry back as Storm. She is so awful. Bring in Ggabrielle Union or Sanaa Lathon (She fights Predators and Xenomorphs) And bring in an Iceman with confidence. The 2 of them alone are Omega level mutants. These characters need to act like they know that. And a Cyclops with some leadership, and a not-so Gay Angel. And a Beast who shows that he is as brilliant as he is agile, strong and fast, not i’m mad because I’m blue so dont piss me off. And some bad a$$ brotherhood members. A Pyro that actually has a austrailian accent. Bring in Mr. Sinister, Omega Red and a Lady Deathstrike that actually knows why she is fighting Wolverine. And a Rogue after she has claimed the powers of Ms. Marvel. How about a story on Magneto’s kids, Scarlet Witch and Quick Silver. Or a story of Mystique tricking Sabertooth into having sex only to produce a normal child who resents them and all mutants. And finally ending with Magneto ripping the adamantium from Wolverine’s bones sending Xavier into a frenzy turning him into Onslaught. Thats your script

    • I LIKE IT!!!!!!!!!

    • She is amazing when she’s not in sci-fi/fantasy films.

      Exhibit A – Catwoman
      Exhibit B – X-Men

    • I liked Iceman’s casting and Kelsey Grammer as Beast is one of the franchise’s best casting jobs.

      Some of the things you’ve mentioned would be cool to see (would love more attention on a proper Rogue and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver -bee tee dubs it’s one word- would be great additions on screen) HOWEVER, you’ve mentioned like 50 different things without any sort of connecting plot line and say, “That’s your script” — perhaps I’m missing something but no, it’s really not anything but a jumbled mess.

  23. Ok, saw it yesterday and I enjoyed it!

    What didn’t quite fit in was the winged girl spitting fire and the young guy flying around using his soundwaves…..this almost pulled me out of the movie a couple of times. And yes I have to agree that the biest looked strange once turned blue (a bit like the apes in planet of the apes, the original movies).

    Otherwise some great action and emotional moments. SPOILER** Can someone xplain to me why our Mr. bad guy is not absorbing the coin in the final scene as he would have done with other stuff (like punches and bullets etc.)? SPOILER END **.

    Lookings forward to a second first class movie…

    • The baddy was being mentally imprisoned by Prof.X while the coined travelled through him.I really thought when the coined crushed through Mr.baddy`s head it would also destroy some part of Prof.X`s mind leaving him paralyzed but it didn`t.Instead he was bloody shot with a lame ass bullet in the back.

  24. Oh and I forgot, what happened to Magneto’s helmet in the last scene…looked ridiculously strange.

    • The helmet is actually exactly as it looked in the First Class comics. Yes, a bit strange but true to the source.

    • I think he also painted it with red metallic paint, so that he could control it. Obviously the helmet wasn’t made of metal.

  25. just wanted to chime in regarding the terrific musical score for the film. i was impressed by the feel of regrettable, inevitable fate the music carried; we all know the tragedy waiting for the mutants, and the music reflects that quite well.

    the score really helped elevate the film.

  26. 49% on this site gave it 5 stars for good reason. IT ROCKED!

  27. The film was good, acting was very good. Though I still have my complaint about recent superhero movies. There is too less action! I agree that this movie had a short development cycle, but still, they just want to focus on character development these days (and character destruction, as in the case of Iron Man 2 :P)
    I like the drama in the movie, I really did, but please, give me some more action! It’s a superhero movie for God’s sake!
    Also, what was the point of having all those other mutants in the movie? Specially Banshee and Angel? Those two were useless and their fighting scene at the end was really terrible.
    I guess if I had read all these comics in my life, I would be more interested in the characters, but since I did not (never read any Marvel comic in my life), I want more action. I want character development too, I am a sucker for emotional drama, but in a superhero movie, I expect more action. Please! 2-3 scenes of mayhem doesn’t cut it.
    3/5 is my score for the movie.

    • Marvel or DC Comic or whatever. I don’t even know which is which! :P

  28. STA-STINKA….. without the name x-men, this movie tanks…. bottom of the rung behind the first 3 x-men films…

  29. For the sequel, I’d like to see Cyclops and Jean Grey and maybe Dazzler and Angel, although the latter would only be there is they completely ignored the fact that Warren Worthington appeared in X-Men: The Last Stand. Anyway, then the X-Men would be Havok, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Banshee and Beast and maybe Dazzler which wouldn’t be too far off from the comics. Maybe they could bring in Lorna Dane as a love interest for Havok. Magneto’s brotherhood would be Azrael, Angel Salvador, Riptide, Emma Frost and Mystique and maybe Toad and Sabretooth because they were in the original X-Men movie. Liev Schreiber could reprise his role as Sabretooth and maybe we’ll have another Wolverine cameo. It’s important to remember that this movie would be set around the same time (at least the same decade) as X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I think the premise should be that we already know that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is not canon because Professor X wasn’t walking in the seventies so the question is what really happened? How did Professor X recruit Cyclops? And did Cyclops meet Wolverine when he was a teenager and then not recognize him decades later or what? Oh and the title should be X-Men: First Class Part 2 because Scott and Jean were part of the first class. Oh and maybe they could save Dazzler, Storm and the Toad for X-Men First Class Part 3 which would focus on Emma Frost and the Hellions. That could be set in the eighties and now Scott and Jean are older and Xavier’s School now has younger students who look up to them but at this point in time not all young mutants go to join Xavier’s school: some go to Massachusetts Academy and get trained by Emma. So the plot could have Charles and Emma both trying to recruit Dazzler the way they each tried to recruit Kitty Pride in the comics.

    • No Dazzler. Period. There are far too many not-core X characters or downright made-up characters being put into the movies. Also, none of these movies are canon. 20th Century Fox has no respect for the source material at all.

      With a name like “X-Men First Class” and an X-Men movie set in 1963, this movie should have been straight-up Xavier, Scott, Jean, Hank, Warren, and Bobby vs Magneto. Done.

      • The movie was set in 1962 and Xavier had not recruited Scott at this point. In fact, in X-Men #1 Jean was his latest recruit. Scott even said “Who’s Magneto?” when Xavier mentioned him in X-Men #1. I expect Havok, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Banshee and Beast for the sequel. That sequel needs to be made or the whiny fanboys will never shut up.