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X Men First Class Reviews X Men: First Class Review

Screen Rant’s Kofi Outlaw Reviews X-Men: First Class

X-Men: First Class has been a controversial film ever since it was first announced. Comic book purists said that the filmmakers were straying too far from the source material with their interpretation. Film purists said that the production was being rushed and the movie would suffer – while fans of summer blockbusters remained unaware (or unmoved) by all the missteps in the movie’s flawed marketing campaign.

Well, whether you’re a fan of the comics, the movies, or just summer blockbusters,  X-Men: First Class has something to offer you. After two poor entries (X-Men: The Last Stand and Wolverine) this franchise is getting a much-needed injection of life from director Matthew Vaughn and all the talent surrounding him.

…But that doesn’t make the film perfect.

The story is pretty simple at its core, but slightly convoluted in its execution: We start with the childhood years of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, the men who will become Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Charles is raised in a world of wealth and privilege; Erik, on the other hand, has a horrific childhood in the Nazi death camps (a scene that pays homage to Bryan Singer’s first X-Men movie), where his control over magnetic forces attracts the eye of a Nazi scientist/evil mutant named Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), who pushes Erik to develop his power by way of trauma and pain.

Flash-forward to 1963 (an homage to the year the first X-Men comic book was released) and Charles (James McAvoy) and Erik (Michael Fassbender) are two young men on very different paths. Charles is now a prominent academic, while Erik is a haunted man, touring the world on a quest for revenge against Nazi war criminals and the mysterious Shaw. Meanwhile, the Cold War between America and the Soviet Union is intensifying, threatening to annihilate humanity in a nuclear holocaust – which is exactly what Sebastian Shaw and his cabal of evil mutants want. When CIA agent Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne) catches wind of Shaw’s plan, the CIA tasks Xavier to gather a team of mutants to battle Shaw and his henchmen, setting in motion a chain of events that will inevitably create the X-Men, as well as the lifelong rivalry between Charles and Erik.

X Men First Class Michael Fassbender James McAvoy X Men: First Class Review

Fassbender and McAvoy as Magneto and Prof. X in 'X-Men: First Class'

Matthew Vaughn moves this multifaceted story at a brisk, controlled pace. With a runtime of more than two hours there’s a lot that happens, but thankfully the time passes quickly. Most of the attention is focused on developing the characters of Charles and Erik, their friendship and eventual falling out, and this is the glue that holds the film together. McAvoy and Fassbender are excellent in their respective roles and have awesome chemistry together; the most moving and interesting scenes in the film belong to them alone. Despite complaints from comic book purists about the liberties this film takes with the source material, it manages to present both Xavier and Magneto as fresh and rich characters who are both worth exploring.

This reinterpretation not only makes First Class interesting as a movie, but in my opinion (as a longtime fan of the comics) improves upon these characters’ backstories in ways the comics never have. Seeing Xavier as a naive man – who has not yet learned the tact and ethics that go along with mind reading – makes for some interesting themes and humorous moments. Seeing Erik as a sort of twisted super-powered James Bond is thrilling, and Fassbender brings an intensity that makes this another breakout role for the quickly rising star. The two leading men don’t try to mimic the performances of Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen from Singer’s films – instead they make the roles their own.

However, while the Charles/Erik storyline is the main focus (and is worth the price of admission in and of itself), the title of this film would imply a story about a larger team coming together. This aspect of the film (the actual X-Men team) is not as developed or interesting, and some fans will have a major problem with that. We do meet a group of mutants in the film, but with the exception of the pivotal role of Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), the rest of the mutants (good and bad) are mostly just there to fill out the action scenes – or in the case of  Emma Frost (January Jones), fill out some ridiculous outfits (which the film does manage to justify… sort of).

X Men First Class White Queen Sebastian Shaw X Men: First Class Review

Kevin Bacon and January Jones in 'X-Men: First Class'

For her part, Lawrence is great as Mystique, adding subtlety and depth to a character that was mostly eye candy in previous films. As with Charles and Erik, Vaughn manages to explore Mystique’s character in a way that is more interesting than either the films or comics have really presented her – even though we know where her arc will inevitably lead. The other performance of note is by Kevin Bacon, who makes Sebastian Shaw a charmingly menacing supervillain, without crossing over into campy or hammy territory.

Some people will be disappointed that the actual X-Men team members are little more than stunt actors in this film, but the battle scenes with the mutants are impressive. As with Kick-Ass, Matthew Vaughn proves that he is a fantastic director when it comes to action sequences, and First Class arguably has the best high-flying superhero action this side of X2 or Spider-Man 2. Whereas Singer’s films tended to fetishize every moment of mutant power use, Vaughn implements the powers (and the special effects to create them) into the film so matter-of-factly that it makes suspension of disbelief almost effortless (though seeing a blue-furred Beast still doesn’t feel quite right).

The ’60s aesthetic and historical footage are also blended into the film well, at once honoring that era, while still feeling modern enough as not to seem like a period piece. There are some wonderful stylistic tricks Vaughn employs at different points (first-person POV, split-screen montages); however, now and again the film feels a little unbalanced or unpolished in its editing (likely due to the rushed production schedule), though average movie fans are not likely to notice these seams sticking out.

XMen First Class Magneto X Men: First Class Review

A more familiar and iconic Magneto in 'X-Men: First Class'

Like most origin or prequel films, the nature of the story inevitably results in a truncated ending. The climax of First Class must fit all the players into their predetermined places, and the speed with which these transitions occurred felt rushed, even though Vaughn does capture some powerful moments in the dissolving of Charles and Erik’s relationship. The rest of the characters (literally) stand aside and then take sides, which again shortchanges them in terms of development or interest.

Thankfully, the rich Xavier/Magneto dynamic, fantastic action, and a handful of fun Easter eggs are enough to keep comic fans, movie fans, and summer blockbuster enthusiasts all sufficiently entertained by the majority of what this film gets right. Matthew Vaughn and Co. have definitely given the X-Men franchise a bright new future, and hopefully in the next film the actual team dynamic will be the nexus, rather than a distant secondary focus.

If you want to see more of the film, check out the X-Men: First Class trailer below, and be sure to hop over to our X-Men: First Class Spoilers Discussion to talk about the film once you’ve seen it.

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Our Rating:

3.5 out of 5
(Very Good)

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  1. It says Patrick Steward. It’s Stewart, I’m sure it is just a typo

    • Maybe he was demoted. Nyuk! Nyuk!

      • Well, he did say he was a barber in one of TNG episodes. :-)

    • Thanks DSB – it’s fixed ;-)

    • DSB LIVES!!

      • He’s ALLLIVVVEE! :D

  2. Saw it! Loved it! Best comic book movie ive ever seen.
    4.5/5 in my opinion

  3. X2 and First class are the only good x-men movies. There I said it

    • AMEN!!! :D

  4. One thing. In Xmen 1, they clearly said that Professor X met Magneto when he was 17. Does this hold up, or are they diverging at all from that storyline? (I really wish I could say for sure whether this is a reboot or a total prequel…)

    • Just go in thinking of it as a reboot, with very VERY loose connections to the original trilogy… if only for the 2 actors from the original film who make an appearance. other than small actor cameos, I think it is safe to say this is a reboot

    • They have changed some of the things in the story but also kept some… Its more of a prebooquel

      • LMAO at “prebooquel”…I’m choosing to call it a prequel with a few retcons.

        • What is a retcon?

          • A retcon is a retroactive continuity change. Comic books are famous for them.

    • It’s a prequel that disregards that line. They meet when Professor X is a grad student.

  5. I saw the midnight opening of Xmen:First Class last night. I was expecting another tale akin to Xmen:The Last Stand, instead I was treated to a prequel that paid homage to the first film and gave us the backstory of Prof. X and Magneto. The movie moved around the world fluidly and the story made sense giving that it took place during actual events in 1963. Every character shined and teased us enough to want more. I plan on seeing it again. Great job.
    P.S. The easter eggs and cameos were great as well. HINT HINT!

  6. Ok like I said in the discussion thread for today, it is a great action flick, its a horrible X-men flick.
    I knew going in that I was going to have major problems with the Xmen side of things so instead of looking at that movie from that POV, I decided to watch as if it had nothing to do with the X-men and found that even though I was shaking my head through the whole movie as to the things they where altering, I still managed to watch and enjoy it for what it was a good action flick with a decent story.
    I agree mostly with everything Kofi said in his review, Mcavoy and Fassbender are the movie with Lawerence following behind , but every one else is merely window dressing for most parts, there is little focus on the actual team and they appear mostly to be a second thought or piece to move the action along, i also felt and this is IMO that Bacon was nt that good and certainly not as good as some of the reviews are stating. I also really took the most offense to his Shaw, I happen to like Shaw in the comics and Bacon’s version is very limp and pretty much unrecognizable as the actual Character. However the worst cast member has to be Jones, she is really horrible in this movie, I expected much more from her considering her reputation in Mad Men, but she is really bad. Just to close out the other thing that was poorly executed was the Beast , im sorry he looked Horrible.

    • everyone on here gets their own opinion but I disagree with just about everything you said

      • well then its a good thing we all do get our own opinions, huh

        • Loco Lobo just hold your tongue and be glad he allowed you to have an opinion be grateful ;) Jk

    • Lobo,

      Thanks for the review. I’m still boycotting, but your line about just going to see an “Action” flick instead of an “Xmen” flick almost gave me pause.
      It’s a good way to think of it.


      • That’s funny, because compared to the other X-Men movies, this film probably has LESS action than those.

        • yeah but i think Vaughn presents it a whole lot betterin most of his scenes

          • That’s because Vaughn is a great action director.

    • It may even be a film version of “What If” LOL.

    • I will have to agree with you. I was severely let down by Emma Frost. Severely. She just wasn’t enough. She seemed to be reading from a telepromter(?). Then, the whole metal vs. diamond thing had me scratching my head. And Beast… He looked a little cross-eyed and lockjawed. Everything else, we can agree to disagree. :D

      I am glad you enjoyed it as a film though. You’re one of the ones who had a major issue with it.

  7. 3.5/5 from Kofi is really good. I just have to wonder what we would have gotten if Fox decided to give Vaughn more time to polish this film. I’m probably going to see it this afternoon. Great review, Kofi, and thanks.

    • Oh, and SR, you can keep your AAA rating. :-)

    • That 3.5 is actually a consensus from all our reviewers (me, Ben Kendrick and VIc). We all saw it and discussed and I wrote the review to reflect all of the points we each made about what was good and what was bad.

      As usual, thanks for the kind word Kahless :-).

      • Is that what you guys always do? Talk about it in a group and then each give a rating? Just curious.

  8. Great review Kofi! I will be seeing this tonight and am really looking forward to it even more now..

  9. This movie was excellent! I will see it again and I never do this. This movie pays respect to the comics AND the first X-Men movie. Saying that I do not see this movie as a prequel but more of a reboot. I hope this is the first of a new X-Men franchise. They go so much right with this one.

  10. Any teaser at the end credits?

    • No. There wasn’t. Which created a loud chorus of Boos at the Theatre I went to. lol

      • The only Fox comic book movie to use an after-credits scene was X3. Those are Marvel Studios films that do that.

        • Didn’t Wolverine have one to? I remember seeing something on youtube with Deadpool in a post credits scene.

          • yes, he was crawling towards his severed head in alternate endings

      • LOL! yes, some of us waited….for nothing x-p but it’s a REALLY good movie to watch. Go see it. NOW!

  11. I saw this last night at the midnight screening, and I agree with this review; 3.5 out of 5 (or 7 out of 10) seems to be just right. The action was great, though I was surprised that there wasn’t more for a “summer blockbuster.” It was more of a human (mutant) drama.

  12. What was the reasoning behind why they didn’t just use this as a reboot? Of course, if they did, they could have kept the original first class of mutants. I just feel this could have been a great way to start over. They can keep Huge Jackman as Wolvie.

    • “Huge Jackman”, good one, man. Thats funny. :)

  13. Did anyone else think the parts of the score sounded like Sirius by The Alan Parsons Project

  14. It was fantastic. To all of you who said it was going to suck before you even saw a trailer, In Your Face.

  15. I saw this flick this morning and agree with the rating. I actually enjoyed it a lot and I’m a great critic on script and execution. Enjoyed it as a good substitution for the comic story-telling origin. I gave it a 8/10 but a 3.5/5 basically equates to the same rating.

  16. i think this series is becomeing a mess. not saying its not a good film but when you watch films of a series you want the continuity to make sense like seeing xavier in a wheel chair in first class, and then in x-men 3 flash backs he is seen still friends with magneto,walking,bald, and recruiting jean grey. so i think films that are of the same series need to stay in continuity. however i also think as long as you do not change the things that make characters who they are in comics , and have a great story,characters,and effects then it can be really really good. if you start putting cheesy comedy, and cheesy action from begining to end then films do not work as well.so the main two things keep continuity from film to film and do not contradict yourself, anddo not drastically change characters, and their backstories.

    • This is ridiculous. How many people say they HATED X3 and now they say that First Class should bend over backwards to better integrate itself with all the mistakes of X3?

      If you watch these IN ORDER OF CHRONOLOGY then First Class comes FIRST. So the mistakes in continuity you mention would be the fault of X3, which should be written off for a variety of reasons.

      Some fanboys are just beyond the reach of logic…

      • Kofi to be fair I think he is simply saying they should of either tried to fit it in with teh continuity or just plain rebooted in stead of this strange middle ground area they went with. I think it’s a valid complaint. It makes things far more confusing. It’s nice to say pretend X3 doesn’t exist, but if you have seen it that becomes a hard task. There are plenty of movies I’d love to pretend don’t exist like Catwomen, but no matter how hard I try it is still there.

        Also not really fair to blame the continuity problems on X3. That movie was awful sure, but it was made long before XFC was. It doesn’t matter what order they play out in. You can’t say the errors are the fault of the film that came out first. NO it’s the fault of the film that came out years later and just said “Oh screw it” it was a lazy middle ground that simply does not make sense. Same problems with Wolverine. There is no need for it.

        Pretty simple the film could of been a complete reboot and probably would of been a better film if it had been. You may of even got as high as a 4.5. The things they decided to hang on to for continuity and the things they dropped make no sense.

        If you can drop:

        When they met
        When they stop being friends
        When they picked up Jean
        When Emma Frost shows up and what she looks like
        and When Xavier goes bald

        why couldn’t they just drop when all the x-men joined and how old they are? Then they could of made the actual first class. Not only keeping more true to the comics, but also adding in more reconizable characters that attract the masses. I expect a lot of movie watchers who don’t follow things to say “Where is Cyclops?”.

    • @ Blah: “X-Men 3″ was an inferior movie that everybody complained about. Why should “First Class” have to be accommodating to that?

  17. i also hope if they do a sequel that they bring in somemore intresting characters like beak aka barnell bohusk,tito bohusk aka beak 2,glob herman,stacy-x,anole,husk,chamber,cyclops,sinister,john sublime,apocalypse,and then use the sentinel story line giving the humans a very powerful weapon against the mutants. maybe forge helps the humans create it thinking that mutants can cause alot of damage. i also think they should explain some of the continuity problems and explian how they fix them from film to film.

  18. and x-men is a human mutant thriller drama if it were anything else it just would’nt work. you wouldnt feel for the characters, and just look at origins wolverine they took alot of the drama and thriller parts of film making and made it a cheesy action,cheesy comedy changed characters too much, and it was a horrible mess.sorry my rant is now over lmao. i just like to see great films made, and i love a great sci fi thriller, and monster films made the way i have talked about, and this is called screen RANT hahaha.

  19. i think a film should tie up all loose ends and not use after credit scene because alot of time they decide to either do a reboot, or not make a sequel then you are left hanging wonder well what happended after that? like x-men3, and the incredible hulk were the leader was created but i do not think he will be in the avengers? just a smart move i think.

  20. I skimmed through the review cause I really wanna be surprised with this film. My question, Kofi, would you say this is the best film in the franchise so far?

    • I put this neck-and-neck with X2. Might still give X2 the edge, though. Saw that one with my dad after a very long and terrible illness I had and it was one the best bonding experiences we’ve had – both of us loving that film. Hard to top that :-)

      • Cool! I had the same experience viewing ‘True Grit’ with my pops as well :). With that statement, maybe I will take my pops to this!

        I will definitely will read the review after viewing :D

      • Saying it’s neck and neck with X2 is higher praise than 3.5 out of 5, IMO. I thought X2 was not only the best X-Men film, but one of the top 5 superhero films ever made.

        I was on the fence about this movie, but I am now looking forward to seeing this. I know I will enjoy it now.

      • X2 and TDK are the only two comic films I ever saw in the theater where the audience stood up at the credits and gave a standing ovation. I’ve seen just about all of them in theaters certainly all the ones normally considered the best and those two by far got the warmest in theater reception I’d ever seen for this type of film. It was something special to be a part of and i wish it happened more.

  21. …Still gonna wait till it comes out on DVD or TV to watch this one, I wont support this as an X-men title just because they tied it up in nice packaging and a pretty little bow…you all are too easy, especially the guys saying they are X-men fans, I knew ye not.

    • Oh please. Give it a rest. That comic has one of the most convoluted and messy continuities of any title, full of stuff that doesn’t make a lick of sense. I own titles from the ’70s through now and have read the stories in every X title from the late 60s through now. And I say fair game if any filmmaker wants to re-imagine things. There are plenty of things that can stand to be re-imagined – the early days of Prof. X and Magneto being one of them.

      Have fun at home missing a good movie.

      • “Have fun at home missing a good movie.”

        Haha. I love it.

      • I’m with Kofi, even the ‘X-Men’ collectible cards were convoluted. X-Men comics were always a mess. Hell, they didn’t even have a back-story for Rouge until the 80′s

        • ice_man i agree. just got back from it wait the movie was not worth it. it sucked ass dude the score was messed up and the only good parts were with erik and charles. let down

        • ice_man i agree. just got back from it wait the movie was not worth it. it sucked ass dude the score was messed up and the only good parts were with erik and charles. let down

      • Easy for a person who is very clearly not an X-men fan to push the changes off as if they are nothing. Please don’t try to claim you are you have insulted the comics left and right. If you are not a fan that’s fine nothing to be ashamed about you don’t have to pretend to be a fan to talk about them movie. Just don’t expect anyone you belittle for choosing not to see it to respect your stance. Given that you are not a fan.

        • Daniel, you know I am a fan. In fact, you more than others can appreciate how much I love X-Men. That said, this film is great. It has its faults, sure, but people need to accept this is the First Class of the films and not the comics.

          I was a big hater when this film and the mutants chosen for it were first announced but at the core this film is about the relationship between Charles and Erik and them bringing together a group of young mutants to fight for and against humanity. That’s what happened and McAvoy and Fassbender were awesome in their roles.

          Of course I want to see that first kiss between Jean Grey and Scott Summers more than one between Raven and Hank and so on, but I suspect we’ll get there. I am just glad this film was good so that we can see more X-Men films and get that world up on the big screen.

          • “this is the First Class of the films and not the comics.”

            Then why wasn’t it about the first class to be trained and come out of the school irregardless of who they are instead of the Charles loves Eric movie?

            “Most of the attention is focused on developing the characters of Charles and Erik, their friendship and eventual falling out, and this is the glue that holds the film together.”

            “However, while the Charles/Erik storyline is the main focus (and is worth the price of admission in and of itself), the title of this film would imply a story about a larger team coming together. This aspect of the film (the actual X-Men team) is not as developed or interesting, and some fans will have a major problem with that.”

            IF that’s the story you want to tell fine, but it doesn’t make it “X-Men: First Class” by most stretches of the imagination. More like a prequel to a strange movie version of the First Class comic. In The Beginning, or X-MEN:The Founders would’ve been a much more germane title. It would’ve been a more honest way to present the story as filmed! Face it FOX has no soul.

            Perhaps as a franchise it will get down to actually telling a story about the First Class of students of the school, umm, sometime during the next movie.

        • I am a X-Men fan. The film succeds as a film in its own right and as a X-Men film. It is worth seeing. Clear and concise argument. Learn from it.

      • i guess i agree with you two.i also have many x titles and your right.there are so many odd things that dont make sense.reimagining isnt always the worst (just look at the dark knight.)but me working closley with a director and i have spoken with many film creators and ive noticed most if not all have the same intent,if its broke they will try to fix it.if its not they will change it.i think everyones beef is that we dont really care if you fix whats broken,like for instance.as a child i aways thought that it was stupid that the x mansion was called a school but you never seen any classes in sesion.but singer also thought that as well and said in an interview that, that was ridiculous.but,there are so many things that were not broke that not just the xmen movies, but many other areas comics,books and other mediums were fine in. .no matter what,i think that people should maintain there properties and never hand over there rights without say so.thats what im doing with all of my work.

    • Why watch any film in theaters by that logic. You’re missing out.

    • Gonna have to agree though in less ‘point the finger at everyone else’ terms.

      I understand non X fans wanting to see it and maybe even enjoying it. They are not a fan of the comics that are very clearly being insulted. Kofi does a great job and showing the attitude that went in to making this film by showing his own attitude toward the comics with his very blatant insults.

      I’ll pass. It may very well be a good film, but it will never be a good X-men film because it is not about the X-men. It’s X-men in name only. I’ve read the reviews and most reviewers like Kofi him self admit they changed not only the stories but the characters. I’m fine with visual changes. I am even fine with story tweaks. As long as they don’t change who the characters are at the core. XFC does just that. They even change what characters are a part of the original team going as far as to throw people in to the X-men that never were X-men. People try to say “Well they couldn’t go with the original team because it’s in the 60′s and it wouldn’t make sense.” That’s a lame excuses considering they didn’t have to make it in the 60′s IMO a bad choice in the first place. They could of very easily done it in a different decade or even kept it in the 60′s but made it a reboot rather than half a$$ attempt at keeping continuity.

      I won’t even bother for the DVD. I don’t care if it’s a good film by it’s own merits. I won’t support it simply for it’s blatant disrespect toward the source material.

      Just like I wouldn’t watch a Batman film if Bruce Wayne was suddenly a mass murdering vigilante like Punisher. I also wouldn’t watch a Justice League film if the team was consisting of a bunch of B level heroes who were never a part of the original team and one A Lister thrown in to make it seem legit or see a Superman film where Superman was some tough no non sense hero who beat his criminals sense less striking fear in to their heart like Batman. So I have very little interest in seeing Charles Xavier do his Best Tony Stark impression (which is what many reviewers seem to compare it to) Or a bunch of random mutants thrown on to a team and calling it X-men.

      • @Dan F

        You don’t know if this film changes anything. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT. Why you’re even hear putting your two cents in is beyond me.

        I know more about X-Men comics than you ever will, guy. It is my favorite series and was why I started collecting comics. But this whole insistence on what does and does not make something ‘X-Men’ is tiring, ridiculous and simply hypocritical.

        You also discount the ability of Comic Book movies to come up with ideas that then get implemented into the comics.

        I remember in 2000 when X-Men comics had a switch to black leather to match the movies. That was grant Morrison and Frank Quietely’s run. Those guys changed LOADS of stuff in the X-Universe – and it was great.

        You are not a true comic book fan IMHO if you can’t be open to change and new ideas.

        Dan, why don’t you pipe down until you actually see the movie. Seriously.

        • Now that seemed unreasonable, “I know more about _____ than you ever will”.

          Haven’t heard a comment like that since days in the sandbox.

        • Well said Kofi! agree with everything.
          XMen has been my favourite fictional body of work since I was a child, i am a massive fan and I found First Class to be an excellent movie

          the problem with the internet is it gives everybody a voice, and people by their very nature just love to complain.

          Ignore Daniel F he is the most negative person on this whole site. Disagrees and argues just for the sake of it I think, and I too am at a loss as to why he is commenting and preaching when he hasnt even seen it and has been negative of it since its inception. get a life dan mate

          • Shamose as I said before it may very well be a good film. I have no problem with admiting that. I’m glad you liked it. I’m sure it’s a very good film. It’s simply not X-men. I’ve read all the changes that have been made or at least most of them. Just based on the one’s i’ve read it’s far to many to be an X-men adaptation. It is merely a super hero team film that uses the name. I’m sure there are even more changes that have not even been listed.

            Still has I said IT MAY BE AND PROBABLY IS a good film. It’s just not a good adaptation. Technically I’m not insulting the film. I just insulting it’s merits as a comic book adaptations.

        • I don’t agree with what Daniel said but your “I know more about X-Men comics than you ever will” comment was as ridiculous as his flat out refusal to see a movie and then bashing it.

        • “You don’t know if this film changes anything. YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT. Why you’re even hear putting your two cents in is beyond me.”

          Actually I do know because …. Wait for it… I can read. As I pointed out before. It’s been stated in several reviews over and over. They described characters and the plot. Some reviews from actual comics fans plainly state that they made changes and said what they were. so That’s how I know. Thanks for trying.

          “I know more about X-Men comics than you ever will, guy.”

          OH You sneaky devil you. Have you been peaking in to my brain? That’s a sweet skill i wish I had it.

          Fact of the matter is you have no idea how much I know. Not only is this a childish statement, but it has no merit or proof. It’s just a cheap pointless jab. I’ll let you have it I won’t point out my X-men collection. I also won’t point out my vast knowledge of the characters and the stories. I also won’t say something cheap like I’ve probably sold more X comics than you have ever owned. No I’m better than that. Glad I didn’t say those things.

          “You are not a true comic book fan IMHO if you can’t be open to change and new ideas.”

          Well your opinion is wrong and kind of dumb. I’m not a true comics book fan? Despite my massive collection. Despite me probably reading more comic franchises than you have or most people have. Despite having seen just about any comic based film or cartoon. Despite being very passionate about comics. Yes despite all that I am not a huge fan in your mind. Unlike you who trashes the comics and insults them every time you talk about them. You are a fan though. I didn’t know to be a fan of something you had to insult it and subtly call it garbage.

          “Dan, why don’t you pipe down until you actually see the movie. Seriously.”

          At the risk of sounding childish. No?

          It’s funny people get all pissy with me for expressing my opinion, but you are just as rude and insulting as some people claim I am and you even use your position to bully the commenter’s and readers and talk down to everyone like you are the smartest man in the room.

      • @dan. A X-Men fan cant enjoy this movie. Seriously? Your opinion in this case is wrong. A X-Men comic book fan can enjoy this film. Fact. Your opinion just lost all validity on this topic.

        • @Avatar Seriously? Your ability to comprehend words in this case is wrong.

          I never said “An X-men Fan can’t enjoy this.”

          I said I wouldn’t be able to enjoy it

          I also said it’s easier for non fans to enjoy it

          I even said that while it may be a good movie it isn’t really about X-men it’s people get powers and use them with little to no connection to Xmen.

          I agree with your fact an X-men comic fan can enjoy this movie. They shouldn’t IMO, but they can. Anyone technically can enjoy anything. I never named a specific group that couldn’t enjoy it. I named a group that could more easily enjoy it than others. Before you jump on someones opinion make sure you understand what they are actually saying. Don’t put words in my mouth.

    • Dont talk until u actually seen the movie .. it might change ur way of thinking

      • So you are saying that every SINGLE one of his points would suddenly become invalid if he saw the show? What a load of BS. Sure might enjoy the show for what it is but enjoyment is hardly going to make him change his mind about anything above.

      • Going to change my way of thinking? The movie is suddenly going to alter my perspective on reality?

        No it will not in anyway change my way of thinking.

        I was kind enough to say IT MAY VERY WELL BE A GOOD FILM. It simply isn’t a good X-men film because it isn’t the X-men. To much has been altered. It’s like putting Punisher in batmans suit calling him Batman and expecting it to be a Batman adaptation. Maybe it would turn out to be a good film, but it certainly wouldn’t be Batman. Just like this. Just because they slapped X-men in the title does not make it so.

        • dont see it daniel i know for a fact you wouldnt like it. i have lower standards when it comes to some films. and this film truly sucked. Beast was the worst part about it. i was cringing the whole movie at how terrible it was.

        • Then you must have hated Frank Miller’s takes on Batman, which many people consider to be great. Kofi is right, comics change, movies about said comics should be able to adapt as well.

        • Dude.. Dan,

          Man just boycott the series like me until the rights go back to Marvel and let it be that. Stand by your principles and let that be that.

          Everyone will have their opinion on this flick and for the most part people have really enjoyed it and that’s fine. For those of us who don’t plan on giving Fox anymore money, that’s fine also.

          The one thing I have noticed while I’ve been trolling the comments is that a ton of energy has been wasted by people trying to make other people see their points. It’s like Religion and Politics. It ain’t happening.

          So far what i’ve gathered is that this is a great “film” but I haven’t noticed any excitement about the “Geek Buzz” content like we’ve talked about with Thor.

          I feel the continuity issues are what keeps this from generating that level of excitement. I could be wrong and that it may kick in after everyone has unclinched.

    • Sorry dude but I own a TON of X-Men comics and have been a fan for many years but I still call this one of the best comic book films ever. You cannot expect every film adapted from a comic book or graphic novel to stick as close as Watchmen. Separate the mediums and appreciate that they are trying to make a good film rather than a string of BS like X3 and Wolverine.

      • Jen that’s a little over the top, Seriously you are going with Watchmen? That’s not at all what I am asking for. Going from one extrema to another come on seriously? I like plenty of films that are not as faithful as Watchmen. There is a different between an faithful adaptation that still manages to be unique and stand out from the comics and a film that is almost a 100% word for word adaptation or on the flip side a film that changes every thing from story to characters on the team all the way to who the character is at his core and his personality.

    • ha ha like that two man.i will most likley wait to.

  22. It was a really good film. A few plotholes and logistical issues, but I enjoyed it all the same. I will say it was nice to have the few obscure characters get some sort of screen time. I can also see Magneto setting up a Hellfire Club/Brotherhood hybrid with the Hellfire hierarchy. All we’ll need is another “King” to rival him. Idk. Also, Vaughn got major points for having a Gnarls Barkley track in this film. So surprised! I think I may have squealed like a little girl…

  23. I really enjoyed this movie. I was a little disappointed by the end (just in the fact that I wanted the current story arc to actually arc into the next film and not end at the end of “First Class”). But I’m seeing it tonight with another group of friends.

    Fassbender and McAvoy are terrific. They are really what brings the movie together. I could’ve just watched the two of them play chess and talk for 2 1/2 hours. :)

    • But that would leave no room for the rest of the First Class trilogy :P

      • @ Rob Keyes: Ha-ha! Too true!

    • Yes, McAvoy and Fassbender were outstanding.

  24. This was a really good film. Even better than Thor. I just get annoyed when everyone goes to see a movie just for action. This movie was about the conflict between two leaders.
    9/10. It had a rushed schedule, so I’ll be a little less harsh.

  25. is there a scene at the end of the credits?

    • No, but everyone was waiting for it!

  26. ok after just now getting back from watching the film i have to say x-men are back on track.i hated wolverine origins, but first class washes the bad taste away. the continuity was not really messed up because in the x-3 flash backs him walking could be explain by him useing his powers or other means. anyways great film and it is right up there with x-2. the azazel scene was what really pulled me into the film, and magneto at the bar very dark scenes but hey they would use their powers like they did. and i am hopeing to see the sentinel story line in the next one, and i hope they bring in other villains like they did with this one like sabastian shaw. i would love to see sinister, and apocalypse, and as i always say beak,glob herman,anole,chamber,husk,stacy-x,cyclops,storm,gambit,and jean.great film bring on the sequels.also hope they continue after x-men last stand. maybe bryan singer can direct a x-men film that is after last stand, and vaughn can continue after first class?bring them on.

    • tldr

      Although, the see the word sentinel in there. Would be a great story for the sequel. Maybe develop Genosha into it somehow. Charles starts by supporting the government sentinel program but by the end the Xmen side with the brotherhood to save Genosha from robots.

      Oscar please. (holds out hand)

  27. I felt the movie was well made; and I would agree with the 3.5/5. January Jones was lackluster and I felt Kevin Bacon didn’t give his best. Fassbender was great; I can really see him as the next James Bond. McAvoy and Lawrence were also very good. I didn’t think Jones was the loveliest actress in the movie; I felt the girl who played Angel was lovelier.

    • Saw it too Kahless and really enjoyed/loved it…Jones was one dimensional monotone and flat(performence I mean),Angel (Zoe Kravitz ) was bad IMO..easy on the eyes but poor execution on her part as an actress..

  28. Best movie that came out so far this summer

  29. Just a short preface…….No, I have not seen it nor do I intend on supporting it at full price (I will be seeing it in 3 months through Redbox ;) ). My comments are in response to the review’s comments…….

    If what was said about the secondary characters is correct, it REALLY makes me sad if all they are is action mutants. They could have easily kept the continuity by just inventing some “proto” X-Men but instead they begged, borrowed and blatantly stole from all corners of the IP for nothing more that the “cool” factor.

    The saddest thing of all though is this film will be successful and hence spawn at least 2 more incarnations of this blasphemous franchise. Congrats Singer and crew on your cash grab at the expense of the fans. :(

    • I can’t believe you’re complaining about this movie without having seen it..I hope it does amazingly well as I want to see Fassbender and McAvoy Reprise their roles..

      • So I’m NOT somehow allowed to comment on the article??? I’m taking what Kofi said at face value (and I have no reason to disbelieve him based on others comments) my post is a valid one. Reading comprehension ftl.

        • Yeah, Mongoose, nothing better than hearing people be obnoxious and flippant about something they don’t really know about. It’s awesome.

      • dont matter it sucked ass. the movie was paced way to fast there was no character dev it didnt explain why the hell scott summers brother was alive in the 60′s it didnt explain ANYTHING about azazel( one the baddest mutants reduced to a 3 lined lap dog for a cheap sebastian shaw. the movie was a total let down in every aspect of what makes a film awsome. i cant believe so many people liked it. it was hammy it was a stereotype comic film. 0/5

        • What you said about Azazel is one thing I really didn’t like. I was able to let most of the character/continuity issues go but Azazel is such a BAMF that I just can’t see him as Shaw’s flunkie. I still liked the film though.