‘X-Men: First Class’ Movie Moving Forward

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x men first class X Men: First Class Movie Moving ForwardIt looks like 20th Century Fox will be continuing the X-Men franchise not just with solo spin-offs. The studio signed Josh Schwartz this week to write X-Men: First Class to bring the franchise to a younger generation.

Josh Schwartz is the creator, writer and producer of the television shows The OC, Gossip Girl and Chuck and this will be his first shot at developing a project for the big screen. You can probably guess who the target audience will be.

The film will undoubtedly follow (at least in some way, shape or form) the general idea and story from the X-Men: First Class comic book which Marvel debuted in 2006 as a mini-series, later continued as an ongoing series. The book follows the original five X-Men (for the most part) in their teens working for Professor X as it was when the X-Men comic began back in the 60’s.

That being said, the comic may have no bearing at all on the film… in fact it probably won’t – we all saw what happened with X-Men 3 and pretty much all the other Marvel properties they own rights to. They don’t seem to pay homage to the continuity of the source material at all – so I would not be surprised to see the First Class team feature characters that definitely do not belong. Just look at X-Men Origins: Wolverine; it has Gambit captured and as part of Weapon XI program, which makes no sense at all to anyone familiar with the comics.

My fear is that Fox will just randomly pluck any X-characters who they think are popular and throw them on the same team without regard to who they are and where or when they are from. And it’ll be a shame if they do that since the X-Men are badass in their own right and they don’t need to be screwed with to sell.

x men first class wide X Men: First Class Movie Moving Forward

I’m a big X-Men fan myself and I’m always up for seeing more feature films about them. However I wish they could just turn some of the millions of stories already written (and illustrated) for them and adapt them for film, rather than just using the brand and character names for whatever they want. There’s a reason the X-Men comic has been around so long and has spawned so many books, games, merchandise and television programming – you don’t need to make up stuff to substitute for that.

I have no idea what to expect from Schwartz, other than the project obviously being targeted as a teen drama for teens. Apparently there’s also a possibility of him directing which makes it even more unpredictable.

You know my thoughts. What are yours?

Source: Variety

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  1. I have to say that I am scared that Fox will screw this up again. I could definately see something like Pyslocke or Bishop appear in the film just to get the charecter out like Gambit. I’m glad we finally get to see him but its not true to the comic. Stay true to the comic Fox or we’ll have another x-men 3.

  2. Rob do you see the shift that’s taking place here.
    Everythings going tween…

  3. Rob, I couldn’t agree with you more. I’m hoping that FOX figures out by seeing the take from The Dark Knight that remaining true to the spirit of the original is the way to go. Hopefully, they will be savy enough to know that the X-Men have a built in fan base that are rooting for them to do the right thing. If it were up to me, I would place the movie in the 60’s with the original five characters…perhaps even shoot the sucker with the existing film techniques of that time in order to take us back to the period. Jeeze, how great would it be for them to capture the original look and spirit of such a cool comic.

    Keeping my fingers crossed, and thanks for the write up! Well done, sir.

  4. I agree 100% with your take on the whole thing Rob. The big problem is that no matter what the take on the first class is. Its almost a guarantee that people like myself (huge X-Men fan) and you and everyone else that loves everything X will be there to see it. They know this, so they will make it how they want. Its sad really.

  5. totally agree
    what a waste

  6. I’ll be there when it opens … even though I have no faith in FOX.

  7. While I really enjoy Chuck, I totally see this becoming a superhero OC. FOX has lost all it’s credibility with X-3 and Spidey 3 and I can not wait until the X-Men franchise is back in Marvel’s hands. I am NOT a big stickler for comic book canon, but lately FOX has been doing things that make no sense at all. WHY did we have to have SO many villians in Spidey 3? IT would have been a great story with just Sandman and Harry! They could have then used Spidey 4 as a full-fledged Spidey vs. Venom flick! Instead we got a hodgepodge of 3 characters. I see this new X-Men feature going the same way because of the cash that both X-3 and Spidey 3 hauled in!!

  8. sony does spidey but your right either way

  9. I read about this story on another website as well and they quoted someone, perhaps Schwartz as to who would be in it and among others, Colossus, Rogue, Jubilee and Shadowcat were mentioned. None of which were orginals so why call it the first class, its already off on the wrong foot

  10. Jubilee?? Really?? Thats awful!!!! She is farthest from the first class that you can get. Ugh, I am gonna be sick.

  11. I wish Marvel would buy back the rights to all their comics and make decent films about them, like they are doing with all the Avengers, like Iron Man, Hulk, and soon-Captain America!!!(but not soon enough!) Let the comic people make the comic movies-because they do it best. The movie people just make the movies for the money, not the fans.

  12. @ Jeremiah,

    That was probably Coming Soon where you saw it. In it they say it’ll like draw from the comic of the same name and likely will feature those kids who had roles/cameos in the film so far

    “Iceman, Rogue, Angel, Colossus, Jubilee and Shadowcat, who have appeared prominently or made cameos in prior pics”

    But there is no basis for that other than the fact some of the younger actors have contracts for additional X-Men installments – although they didn’t reference that.

  13. @huntthejest

    Whatever deal or contract they had with Fox has to expire which I think is soon so Marvel will have rights over X-men and I think spidey too. Correct me if im wrong.

  14. I’m a big comicbook fan but would rather not see any comic tv shows than see bad comic tv shows. Mutant X is not forgiven!

  15. yeah it sucks really a guy who focuses on teen dramas x-men is my all time favorite superheroes i remember watching the cartoons when i was little and now the movies suck the first 2 were allright but not enough action and the third one just killed the x-men franchise bret ratner should never direct a movie ever. i hope they do make and x-men 4 and make some of the characters more badass like rogue she is a badass not a victim which they always seem to make her out to be. im excited for the wolverine movie other than that im not seeing any other movie of x-men besides the 4th one hopefully marvel buys back the rights from fox its worth it can they even do that?

  16. It would be easier if they just made a movie with some of the lesser used characters like Iceman and colossus without trying to make it an origin story and/or prequel. It just seems like Fox wants to make more X-men movies without the hassle of its high priced cast.

  17. I think the actual title will be Xville.

  18. I have faith in Josh Schwartz… having watched the OC, and seeing the numerous comic references he had Adam Brody doing.

  19. @Jess: while I thank you for that glimpse of hope, its not likely Fox’ll let it expire soon now that they’re about to have a huge smash with the Wolverine movie. Hugh Jackman’s in bed with them and won’t get out until he squeezes it dry. Make an X-men live action TV show that’s part Heroes, part 90’s cartoon, and 0 parts O.C. and it’ll be awesome. I posted this on another board a second ago, but thought it might be worth mentioning on this one. The first six episodes should feature the origins of Xavier and the First Class, then a Magneto origin, then have them battle Magneto across several episodes, finally defeating him at the end of the first season. The end of the season finale can have the new recruits(Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler and Wolverine) show up at the mansion for a few seconds, and people will go ape-$#!+

  20. God, I hope its not the Rogue, Shadowcat, Colossus roster (the living members of the Last Stand). Brett Ratner really screwed up a perfect opportunity make an awesome movie and diluted the touching Dark Phoenix story with the unnecessary Cure. If they make a First Class movie I hope its the original five X-men, and I hope Jean can levitate more than a paperclip.

  21. am angry that they are going to make an men movie, with all kids!!! can they please just make a continuation to
    X-Men 3..please i wnt their to be an
    X-Men 4 with the original actors!!!

  22. I wish that they would quit with the prequels and spinoffs. Cant they just make a continuation of the 3rd movie with Profeesor coming back to life and some how jean grey back in it.

  23. I agree ice man was one of the original x men but you don’t see him in action until the 2nd movie it doesn’t make any sense to me and this Schwartz guy will just mess things up even more.

  24. That’s true Alphonse. My guess is that the First Class roster will include very different characters from what was in the Marvel continuity.

    There is a young Cyclops in the Wolverine movie so perhaps he and Gambit will be two of the characters (as Taylor Kitsch has a three-movie contract)

  25. @ Mike

    i know i’m a bit late, but i would prefer dimension films to make this film, and probably all other marvel movies. i just think that fox is too child sensitive when it comes to movies that should not be child sensitive.

  26. First things first, I must say that I am more of a movie fan, as well as the cartoon fan then the original comic book. So in retro-spect, you guys know more about the comics then I do. But here is the thing you have to realize. All of the people that are involvied with any of the movies, know very little about the movie before they get involved, then, they reserch it, but only the parts that they want to research. Not agreeing with them, but they look at who is popular, who will make money, and who will make good drama and action. Marvel, DC, as well as all the other comic books have so many charicters in it, there are way to many to choose from. So they try and go with what will work. So they compermise, not realizing that when doing so, they compermise the heart of the storyline. But they figure that they want something new, they dont want to go with the old, because it has already been done. They change what they want, when they want to. i.e. Mystique was nightcrawers mom. Juggernaut was Professor X’s step brother, etc. But they dont want sub-plots, they want fast action stories that sell. And what they are doing does sell, No matter what we think about the movies, we will go see them, we will buy the blue-rays, DVDs, merch, etc. All in all, at least they are doing something, and they have great tech. to make it look good. It may not be great, but it is really good.

  27. Rob, I will say this as well, I think that the roster will include the base main charicters, because they know that they will sell, they may include or have cameos of charicters that we all know dont have anything to do with the first class, but wolverine, cyclops, beast (might not be blue), etc. maybe even storm, hard to get better actors then whom played them, but they will try.

  28. i think the movie might not turn out well. but perhaps working on the rise of Apocolyse movie might interesting and seeing the transformation of the Angel to Archangel would be cool. A movie based on on supervillain would be different.

  29. the issue is that marvel should buy back the rights and do this movie right as they did with the hulk and ironman which i thought they could not pull off. im not a DC fan but the dark night made up for the sins cast down on us by some of its producesors. plus last time i checked didnt gambit get introduced with storm???