X-Men: First Class Gets Matthew Vaughn & Release Date

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Yesterday we reported that Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn was back in talks with Twentieth Century Fox to direct X-Men: First Class after allegedly almost passing on the opportunity late last week. Now, the deal is done and we have a replacement for Bryan Singer.

As of moments ago, Vaughn was confirmed to helm the X-Men prequel, and Fox has also set a release date for the movie next summer, further emphasizing their desire to get the mutant franchise back on track as soon as possible.

From the press release, here’s the quote from Byran Singer on the selection of Matthew Vaughn.

“I’ve been a fan of Matthew’s since Layer Cake. He has a deft hand with multiple characters and storylines, and a great love of the X-Men universe. I feel the combination of this story and his vision will make for an exciting and original X-Men film.”

Production is set to begin on First Class this summer which means we’ll be hearing about casting announcements very shortly. Will we see the familiar faces of Tim Pocock and Tahyna Tozzi as Young Cyclops and Emma Frost respectively in X-Men Origins: Wolverine? I’ve said all along that we probably will. They were signed for a reason and intentionally included in Wolverine for the sole purpose of setting up and launching the First Class franchise. I would be somewhat surprised to see other actors brought in to take over those roles.

The big question for the fans now is which characters will be featured in the movie and more importantly, as part of the X-Men: First Class roster. As comics fans already know, Fox has shot themselves in the foot in terms of keeping this film similar to the actual original team of the X-Men. With the characters they’ve used in the franchise so far (Iceman, Angel) and this movie acting as a prequel, not a reboot, they’re forced to change up who will actually form Professor X’s first team of mutants. We also already know they’ll likely be making up a few new characters for X-Men: First Class, something I’m a little concerned by.

With X-Men: First Class fast-tracked for release a mere year from now, this opens up 2012 for another one or two franchise films with Wolverine 2 and Deadpool likely to get release dates. Looking even further down the road, there’s also the highly desired X-Men 4 which producer Lauren Shuler Donner really wants to work on with Bryan Singer possibly directing.

I’m all for Singer and Vaughn working together on the next X-Men movie and as I mentioned yesterday, I wish they had the chance to go back in time and re-do X-Men 3.

What do you think about Matthew Vaughn getting a second chance directing an X-Men movie?

If you’re a fan, check out our articles on What We Need From X-Men 4 and on What X-Men 3 Could Have Been.

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X-Men: First Class opens June 3, 2011.

Source: Deadline

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  1. Just reboot the whole thing…Treat Wolverine like Iron Man and BAM! problem solved :)

    • The only thread of thought (or plot) that’s needs to be kept before the audience is the underlying, ever-growing intensity of their need to achieve ultimate victory or the forces of evil that will bring global doom down upon a humanity that faces such a peril yet doesn’t even know it. There’s is the honorable duty to protect all of mankind and save their own necks in the process.

  2. Talk about a rush here. Fox clearly wants to keep this hot property. I actually now think this may have a chance of being good, though only for Vaughn and Singer. The fact that they have merely a year to get the film in the can is rather surprising. I mean, director has just been chosen. Considering the release date they should get fiming started by July at most, so you (Fox) expect them to get the cast, sets, locations, and everything that preprouction requires in under 2 months? I want to give this a chance, but seriously change the release date. It looks impossible for the film to be any good if they’re rushing everything.

  3. Great news! I haven;t seen Kick-Ass but I am really looking forward to this.

  4. They did shoot theirselves in the foot. Hopefully they can make up for xmen 4!

  5. Please just reboot the whole series! Unlike Spiderman, Hulk and Ironman, the X-Men storyline has gone way too far from the comic story line, and now my favorite part of Marvel is my least favorite movie series next to Elektra. Pleas dear god just reboot the whole thing with Vaughn, and just keep some of the same actors. The only other thing that upsets me is the argument that Bryan Singer is great and Brett Ratner sucked. Keep in mind that Singer destroyed the entire time line, and that Ratner couldn’t change it by the third installment. Instead, he made a fighting based movie with less story line. Still better than x-men 1 and 2 in my opinion.

    • Typical Fox wanting to pump out this puppy as quickly as possible. Just a quick cash grab riding on Matthew Vaughn’s success with “Kick Ass”.

      The X-Men really need to be back at Marvel Studios for a total and proper reboot. Goodbye Singer, Ratner and all the cronies at Fox.

    • Yes, this is a perfect opportunity to reboot an awful franchise. Start afresh, ignore the previous three movies, get the timeline right(include Iceman and Angel). If Fox really wants to keep this franchise, they should do it justice, perhaps get Marvel involved as consultants. Fox need to start listening!

      • This is NOT a reboot, this is a continuation of the series. this time, it tells of how xavier and magneto came to be. THis is sorta like x-men origins:wolverine but still within the previous movies

        • It should be a REBOOT because the current series sucks big time. It may resemble the X-Men in some vague way BUT it isn’t a true, faithful or accurate adaptation. It’s totally screwed up.

    • I agree, I am so sick of everyone stating how great Bryan Singer was with directing the first two films. He too has his hand in ruining the timeline, people seem to forget that. It had to start somewhere and the third film wouldn’t be able to completely destroy the franchise unless there as damage already done, hence Singer. The only reason the first two X-Men films were great was because they were the first real comic book adapted movies that had an actual serious tone. So giving him so much praise is just disgusting to me. Bringing him back on board is not a good thing. They obviously need to go another direction to fix this. . . as in a reboot and if they refuse to take the time to do that then just return the rights to Marvel. I am sure they’d be more than happy to fix their baby.
      I also agree with keeping a couple actors like obviously Wolverine, and I actually liked the actress who played Jean Grey, she was perfect, I completely forgot her name right now though lol.

      • Famke Janssen. I completely agree. Even though she was just staring ominously into space in X-Men 3, she did the best with what she had to work with.

        • Yeah that’s it. Can’t believe I forgot her name. But she fit the profile exactly and she did a great job. Too bad they didn’t make her like the real Phoenix from the comics.

      • Agree 100%. Bryan Singer is a colossally over rated director more interested in pushing his own convoluted ideas than respecting the original mainstream source material.

  6. They should make a Marvel vs. Zombies movie!!!!!!!

  7. First Class roster: Cyclops, Jean, Storm, Beast, and Emma Frost

    My guess…

    • Agreed. I hope they don´t put Wolverine in it. We´ve seen enough of him. And also it would f**k up the continuity.

    • NOPE, this concentrates on xavier and magneto.

  8. I like that Vaughn is on board but it all seems a bit rushed to me and that worries me. I can see the end result having a lot of emphasis on visual glitz rather than the storyline which will be all wrong.

  9. Can Matthew Vaughn kick “First Class” ass into critical acclaim and box office success? Maybe with the original five X-Men and definitely outside of Fox’s interference.

    But, oh yeah that’s right we can all dream dreams and Fox’s mishandling of MARVEL property is the nightmare we must endure.

    • You’re kidding, right? Desperate pleas fall on deaf ears my friend.

      • No, this is not a joke!

  10. X-Men 3 did irreversible damage to the franchise; the entire timeline has already been screwed-up. There’s really no way to redeem it now. I was kind of hoping that Fox would hire talentless directors for First Class and Wolverine 2, so that this franchise might finally be destroyed and returned to Marvel…

    • I completely agree.

      • tHE WOLVERINE 2 movie has been scrapped and never was. wolverine 2 was just a fantasy rumor started by people who wanted more. This FIRST CLASS continues the origins storyline and does not at all ruin the time line. They are treating this like the star wars saga. sorry to bust your bubble people.

  11. i have come to the conclusion that i will never again go see another marvel film if fox or sony are behind the wheel. they just dont know what they’re doing. wake me up when Marvel gets the rights back.

    • Marvel does NOT have the ability to make live action films and movies. I thought you knew that. this was said when wolverine came out.

      • LOL!Have you not seen Iron Man 1 & 2? How about The Incredible Hulk? MARVEL does have the ability to make FANTASTIC live action films far superior in quality than the MESS Fox have dished up.

        At least MARVEL know their characters far better and try to keep within the MARVEL Universe Continuity, something Fox and Singer have FAILED miserably at.

        I’ve been reading MARVEL comics for 35 years and the Fox adaptations have been far from accurate, authentic or true to the real X-Men mythos.

  12. The roster should look something like this:

    Cyclops. Jean Grey. Beast. Emma Frost. *maybe* Storm.

    Professor X. Magneto.

    The last two might be a little tricky. To recast or not to recast? To use that awful looking CGI facelift business?

    Some folks here are pointing out “the rush job” like X3. I suspect Tim Peacock and Tahyna Tozzi could be in the mix, a longshot might be Haley Ramm (Young Jean in X3)

    But in essense, we are NOT talking about major “names” who have to be pinned down with workable schedules, but mostly a crop of new and up and coming actors. That said, I hope they do a LOT with Tozzi and Emma Frost.

    Why? Because we have the same problem that we had with Wolverine. Great action, some nice FX here and there. But we also have characters who won’t be in any “life threatening” issues. Let’s say the characters are Cyke, Jean, Storm, Beast and Emma. Three of those characters will go on to fight (or die?) another day.

    So who will they go against?

    I am hoping for The Brood or better yet, Sinister.

    Another possible is… Magneto as he breaks off from the School.
    (Quicksilver? Scarlet Witch?)

    • I think we´ve seen enough of Magneto as a villain. Sinister would be great.

  13. The way they included the young Cyclops and Emma Frost in Wolverine did not make sense. In the first X-Men movie, Wolverine didn’t know anything about Professor Xavier and his gang of mutants. Cyclops never met Wolverine up until this point, their hate for each other was obvious in this film as soon as they met. In the Wolverine film, he saved all of the young students. So if Wolverine saved Cyclops when he was young, why would he dislike him so much when they see each other again in the first X-Men film. I also thought that Scott Summers (Cyclops) was the first of Xavier’s students, and that he didn’t have many other students in the beginning of the school, so I do not understand why they showed him having so many students.

    The writers just created a huge mess. They should really just reboot the whole thing, because it is just too much of a mess to try and fix. This is beyond repair. If they don’t want to reboot it then just do us all a favor and give the rights back to Marvel. These movies will still be bad no matter what they do because they already ruined the story countless times on many levels. It’s just sad. I doubt I’d pay to watch it. I’ll go if someone pays for me but I won’t be using my hard earned money to watch this and get disappointed again.

    • NO, they do NOT need to reboot this. Marvel is behind the storylines anyways, so why are you people fussing? The time line of the series IS NOT messed up. They decided NOT to follow the comics as it would take TONS of movies just to get current. and i haet to say this, but MARVEL is behind the movies with FOX.

      • How come MARVEL STUDIOS can “follow the comics” as you say or maintain respect for the original source material with Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Captain America, Thor, The Avengers whose histories go back even further than the X-Men.

        You don’t need to cover every event for an X-Men film to be current. The problem is Fox & Singer introduced their own continuity timeline which totally disrespects the MARVEL universe. That’s why it’s such a MESS.

        Furthermore you don’t need a ton of movies to get in line with MARVELS’ continuity. It just needs passion, dedication, respect, ingenuity and hard work to get it right the FIRST time which is why a REBOOT is absolutely necessary.

        We have yet to see a proper X-Men film that truly captures the essence and atmosphere of the books. Why adapt something if you’re not going to be faithful to the source material? It makes no sense other than the fact that some people are arrogant self centered egotists.

        • Thank you X Guest 1, saved me time from typing. lol. I agree with you 100%

        • Dear X-guest 1: I do not know about the Thor and Cap. films yet but! The Incredible Hulk and Iron man films did not follow nor respect the comics. Not that I’m saying that they are bad films.(Although the first hulk film succeeded in making the INCREDIBLE hulk quite boring for the first half of the film with all the 24 effects and biology shots. As for Iron Man.. he reveals his secret identity! ’nuff said.)

          The reason films are diferent from comics is because you have between 90 and 200 minutes to tell a story that was previously told over a 50 year period in weekly installments. The only way to do it justice is go read the book. However, I am excited by every Marvel film (yes even electra!).

          Therefore No Reboot unless you mean make more X-films in which case reboot away. I’m just saying do not write off the first three x films they were not so bad. (Personally I think X3 should have been two films with two stories, oh and no heroes dying thats as bad as taking off the mask!)

          • @Martin

            First of all “following the comics” is more about faithfully portraying characters accurately instead of following particular storylines.

            There are many many stories that have been told over a fifty year period not just one story and most of those were monthly installments. I certainly don’t expect the entire X-Men narrative crammed into one movie. That’s just ridiculous and is not the reason some comic book movies look different to the actual comic books they are supposedly based on.

            I have never advocated that an adaptation of a super hero to the big screen be an absolute panel by panel copy of the comic book stories. ’nuff said, – although if you’ve ever seen storyboards on a film set, the layouts look very much like comic books. :-)

            I look for how accurately a character is portrayed starting with their personality traits, looks, age, continuity, and costume design. If they can match that with great drama, realism, action, sci-fi and fantasy storylines, you’ve got one hell of a comic book movie that does the comic book justice. That’s what it’s all about, NOT creating alternate movie universes that vaguely ressemble the original blueprint.

            If a film maker is going to base a film on a commic book then it’s fairly obvious and respectful to honor the original source material. There should be a very strong degree of authenticity.

            “Sin City”, Hellboy”, “The Watchmen”, are very fine examples of accurate and faithful adaptations. MARVEL STUDIOS’ “Incredible Hulk” & “Iron Man” (do not copy exactly) but mirror the comic books very well, therefore the original source material is respected.

            Christopher Nolan did a great job adapting “Batman Begins” & “TDK” from various Batman titles and graphic novels.

            Of course there are going to be some minor variations but it should never detract or move too far from the integral core foundations, origins and mythos that has made the books so popular among young and older readers for more than four decades.

            I also don’t buy into the argument of changing something just
            because a director has a certain perception aimed at appeasing the non comic book crowds. That to me is a real cop out and exhibits lazy egotistical film makers.

            I would love to see a complete reboot of X-Men by MARVEL STUDIOS with a veteran big name director, big budget and a fresh new cast.

    • (Wolverine Origins spoilers)
      Julissa: When Cyclops was rescued he was blind, he was only with wolverine for a few seconds so he probably had no idea who saved him. And Wolverine had his memory blanked after his fight… so they wouldn’t know each other. Maybe Prof.X should have known wolverine at the start of the first movie, I don’t really remember how it goes, but Prof. X only spoke with cyclops and didnt actually meet wolverine.

      Actually, Jean Grey (Marvel Girl) was the first X-student (like in X3). To be honest with you the Marvel continuity is insanely complex. It is full of plot holes and time travel and time travel into plots holes to kill your own father before you were born. I dont think we should complain just yet about the continuity in these films but just agree that X3 was a big steaming mess, forget about it and get excited about the next film.

  14. If they reboot the series, they are going to have to keep Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. He is the perfect actor for it. Just like Ledger’s role on The Joker. Almost irreplaceable.

    • Yeah, they can keep him as Wolverine and Famke Janssen as Jean Grey. They could keep the guy playing Professor X, I forgot his name too. Everyone they can replace I honestly don’t care.

  15. TO Matthew Vaughn

    My people and I need to have some characters for X men First Class Movie. In X men First Class Movie, we need people who to become villains are coming from William Strike. there is William Strike in X men First Class Movie. and it has to happen. because Jason has ever felt to study in Xavier school. and in this story Erik Lensherr and Charles Xavier team are still becoming best friend.
    we need you to plot with Uncanny X men and we need you to make an
    X men First Class Movie faster than X men Origins Wolverine 2.
    and It is the Best Characters X men First Class all time and also to join with Uncanny X men.

    01. Cyclops
    02. Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix
    03. Angel
    04. Beast
    05. Ice Man
    06. Professor Charles Xavier
    07. Selene
    08. Havok
    09. Bishop
    10. Storm
    11. Emma Frost
    12. Colossus
    13. Banshee
    14. Magneto
    15. Scarlet Switch
    16. Quicksilver
    17. Sabretooth
    18. Juggernaut


    18. Arcade
    19. Dead Pool
    20. Master Mold
    21. Onslaught
    22. Black Widow
    24. Bastion
    25. Jason
    26. William Strike

    In this story, william Strike has to take the other mutants for Experiments.
    Here some mutants who abducted with William Strike.

    ~ Sabretooth
    ~ Quicksilver
    ~ Professor Charles Xavier
    ~ Banshee
    and the others.

    we need you to grant our dream just like this for X men First Class Movie.

    Thank you !

  16. I agree more than 100 %.
    and I also would like you to plot with the Uncanny X men, for example : Selene and Banshee. I really love with them ! I agree more than 100 %. they have to join as heroes in the x men first class. I also would like Jean Grey to become the Dark Phoenix and she hasn’t become a villain. also agree. she has to be the greatest a hero. I would like there are Jason and Strike William there. they plot to kidnapped the others mutants.
    Ok ! I agree more than 100 % from all.
    I just want you to make quickly. I can’t wait for you First Class.

  17. The roster must look something just like this :

    Cyclops + Jean Grey ( Dark Phoenix )+ Angel + Ice Man + Beast + Professor Xavier + Magneto.
    we ask some characters who you must accept like Selene, Emma Frost, Scarlet Switch, Storm. they have plotted in X Force. and they are the most important super heroes too.

    because all of people here, you make by the greatest x men movie yet.

  18. yea… Matthew Vaughn has to be a director for first class. i think, he is very best someone for first class director.

    i cannot wait for first class. and i would like you to work together between Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. and i would like you to introduce for the hellfire club, like Selene, Havoc, and Emma Frost. we would like that they have to work together with Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr. might, they have to save their friend. he is Sebastian Shaw. i would like if Jason influence by his power ( Illusions )to Sebastian Shaw. and Jason has to give Sebastian Shaw to Strike William. and Selene, Havoc, Emma Frost have to save him.
    i would like this movie like X men United ( X men 2 ).

    and i would like villains for first class are :

    Black Widow
    Dead Pool
    Master Mold

    and you can add : Omega Red and Lady Deathstrike.

  19. Oh god… I love X men First Class. Vaughn ? I love him. he is very suitable for a director first class. i would rather x men first class should collaboration by the hellfire club too. i would like hellfire club as X men heroes too. hellfire club must collaboration with Xavier school and the brotherhood of evil. they must collaboration to destroy enemy. and i would rather for enemy are Master Mold, Black Widow, Bastion, Onslaught, and Multiple Man.

  20. I think Jonathan, Andrew, Daniel and Rebecca studied English articulation and syntax at the same school :-)

  21. I think, it doesn’t matter Magnetic Eye. they just wanna make for
    x men first class to be very good.
    I think, I like with Ellen’s people. Vaughn has to deal with the Uncanny X men plot. because I like this movie better than x men movie yet !
    I like with, Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix, Selene, Scarlet Switch, Emma Frost, and Storm. I think, this movie can deal with X force plot too.

  22. it would be great Dark Phoenix, Selene, Avalanche, Havok, and Bastion.
    i want to see Dark Phoenix Versus Bastion in movie there. and
    i want to Selene Versus Master Mold.
    Avalanche is very cute characters as hero for the first class.

  23. BOTTOM LINE! If these movies have anything to do with Bryan “Superman Returns” Singer. I will stay away and so should you.

  24. BOTTOM LINE! If these movies have anything to do with Bryan “Superman Returns” Singer. I will stay away and so should you.

  25. I agree. there must be Jean Grey / Dark Phoenix, Selene, Avalanche and Banshee. it’s very awesome. Matthew Vaughn must read from here.

  26. You know who you guys forgot! Havok needs to be with Polaris i loved her intro episode way back when. And I agree more than 100% about Banshee.

    The bad guys should be the brotherhood, of course, they were the only bad guys back then. Magneto, Vanisher, Blob, Mastermind, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch (not switch!). I think Namor and Unus (the untouchable) are possibilities too.

  27. Me and My friends agree with ” Jim “. there must be Havok, Polaris, Banshee.
    and we also agree, that a lot of people need with Selene, Sunfire, Avalanche and Cable. we thought that, this movie must plot with ” Age of Apocalypse “.
    in the past it’s right Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr must become relationship in the past. and we thought that, X men and Brotherhood must stand united, such as X men 2 United Movie. we really love X men 2. we need the First Class Movie such as that ! and it can be longer than X men 2 United. and there also must be romantic past such as :

    Cyclops + Jean Grey / Phoenix Force
    Havok + Lorna Dane / Polaris
    Angel + Wanda Maximoff / Scarlet Witch

    we thought that, Cain Marko and Victor must be there to join with Charles Xavier. X men and the Brotherhood must stand united for defead and destroy villains outside there.
    The villains who very good and can do a lot of damage are :

    Master Mold
    Omega Red
    Dead Pool
    Mr. Sinister

    we thought that, there also must be X Force such as : Selene, Jean Grey / Phoenix Force, Scarlet Witch, Storm, Emma Frost and others.

    We really beseech to Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer can grant and read our notice to add plot for X men First Class Movie 2011.