X-Men: First Class TV Spot & French Trailer

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X Men First Class Magneto trailer X Men: First Class TV Spot & French Trailer

One summer superhero movie down, three to go. With Thor debuting over the weekend, next up is Twentieth Century Fox’s attempt at course correcting the X-Men film franchise with the Matthew Vaughn directed X-Men: First Class, produced by and with a story from Bryan Singer.

Last week we brought you the character trailers for Banshee, Beast, Havok and Mystique which offered a deeper look into the mutant characters who didn’t see much screentime in X-Men: First Class trailers to date. Today we have for you a Magneto-heavy variation of the full international trailer as well as a new X-Men: First Class TV spot.

It’s a young group that forms the first team of X-Men, but what were they like when they were even younger? We’ve seen in the trailers the scene of Erik Lehnsherr in a Nazi internment camp, but this TV spot gives us a quick scene featuring a very young Erik alongside a very young Raven “Mystique” Darkholme and Charles Xavier when the three first meet. But is it by chance they meet?

In the film, Mystique appears the same age when they are but children, but in the rest of the film she is seemingly younger than Xavier and Lehnsherr, just as she is in the main X-Men trilogy, which indicates that, like in the comics and like the mutant Wolverine, she ages at a much slower rate.

This X-Men: First Class spot also includes a few brief flashes of action sequences, including one of Magneto getting up close and personal against Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon), a character who’s been kept mostly secret in the marketing for the film.

And if you’re still game for watching more X-Men: First Class trailers, here’s the latest French version which features a few new shots including more Magneto scenes and the round X-Men logo’d door, presumably to the team’s secret base under Xavier’s mansion.

Check out that image of Fassbender sporting the Magneto helmet. Perfect.

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.


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  1. First

  2. Eh… It wuda been nice to get some background on azazel or shaw and the hellfire club

    • I actually find it nice that we don’t get background on them until the movie releases. Every other film seemingly reveals way too much but this one is holding a lot back for the actual release which is refreshing.

  3. Wow, even though I didn’t understand a lick of what was said in the french trailer, it sure did look sick. Wish they had that one in english, cause it blows away the other trailers.

  4. So wait a minute. Professor X, Magneto, and Mystique knew each other as kids??? WTF? Bryan Singer, you suck!

    • How dare you! He made thriller

    • I don’t think anyone will understand that.

    • Welcome to Singer’s FoX-Men! Where nothing makes sense but was instead all a** jammed together because of the “cool” factor.

      • Goooood,

        Let the hate flow through you…

        • Perhaps I’m wrong, but the TV spot doesn’t fit with the rest of the trailers we’ve seen on here. Specifically when Erik and Charles are talking and Erik asks, “What do you know about me?” Maybe the spot is Xavier meeting someone else and not Erik (it may be Mystique), because they’re not all in the same camera shot and it looks like the backgrounds are different when they show all three.

        • “Like” and LOL

          • That was for Dante’s post

        • Sorry but I’m NOT calling you Emperor Dante ;)

  5. People that made this film are hacks.

    • Save those accusations for sometime after the movie comes out.

  6. I hope the climactic fight between Michael Fassbender (Erik Lehnsherr/ Magneto) and Kevin Bacon (Sebastian Shaw) will knock everyone on their ass and be so amazing and action-packed, audiences all over the world will be left breathless.

  7. PLEASE let this movie bomb so Singer can’t keep perpetuating this sham as the X-Men with more movies. Let Marvel have the rights back.

  8. Good X-Men: First Class TV Spot

    • yep

  9. Man, I was going to come on this article and do some good ol’ X-bashing but I see there is no need…

    So here’s a thought on directors – if music video directors can become blockbuster comic book movie directors then shouldn’t the reverse also be true?

    I mean if, as a director, you, let’s say, make 2 or 3 crappy comic book movies in a row shouldn’t you be demoted to music videos?

    • Singer didn’t make X-Men 3 or Wolverine.

      • But he did make Superman Returns and this atrocity.

        • You haven’t seen X-Men: First Class, lol. And it’s Matthew Vaughn directing.

          We’re rather excited about this X-Men movie.

    • I’d agree with you Dante if you were talking about Snyder :)

      • My comment was more referencing directors in general, so absolutely I would include Snyder – back to music videos with you Zack, or Zach, or Zac however you spell it.

        • … don’t forget McG!

          But I honestly think Singer makes great movies overall, even if I don’t always agree with the direction he takes the characters (SR), but IMO he stays true to the spirit of the source material which I find most important.

          Big continuity errors are also a problem, but ignoring Wolverine and X3, the only real error between X1, X2, and XFC (that I see so far) is Hank McCoy’s cameo in X2 and his appearance in XFC.

          • I just can’t get behind a supposed first class of X-Men comprised of Magneto, Mystique, Havok, Banshee, some Wasp rip off girl, Beast, and the Prof.

            Seriously the First Class of X-Men should have been a reboot. Wash the taste of X3 & Wolverine right out of our mouths.

            I find that Singer is a bit too romantic for my taste, he may have begun an inspired film maker but he has devolved; first his love letter to Richard Donner and now his love letter to himself.

            • Someone’s out of spilled milk again.

              • So, in other words Nostelg-O, why complain when it’s already messed up?

                Didn’t know you agreed this was poop-tacular. Thanks for the support!

  10. /Nerdrage

    Are they even going to use ANY canon of the X-Men in this movie??

    /end nerdrage

    I can’t wait to see this! It looks awesome!


  11. The French Trailer really emphasizes Magneto’s awesomeness and bad assary

    • Shouldn’t bad-assary be hyphenated?

      • it does look more bad-assary hyphenated

        • I too am a hyphen fan.