International ‘X-Men: First Class’ Trailer (in English)

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International X Men First Class Trailer International X Men: First Class Trailer (in English)

The first official X-Men: First Class trailer from February remains the only one for the X-Men prequel to release in North America, but last week we did get an amazing retro ’60s style X-Men: First Class opening sequence to fill the void.

While we await the next official trailer from Twentieth Century Fox, we watched the powerful and moving Russian trailer which offered more mutants and an epic score. This time around, we have the same international trailer, but made for Japan with the voices left in English, giving viewers their first real earful of Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Erik Lehnsherr (Michael Fassbender) hinting at their journeys to come.

There’s certainly no hiding how Magneto and Professor X came to be on opposite sides of the mutant phenomenon and arguably might be the most compelling plot point of the movie. This X-Men: First Class trailer goes to show how Charles has already taken on the role of a mentor with the mutant group they formed, attempting to convince Lehnsherr that he’s powerful and can use his abilities for good, whereas Lehnsherr is determined to establish mutantkind as the dominant species. While his violent tendencies come off as villainous, we cannot help but feel sympathetic for Magneto’s cause based on his past experiences.

Watch and enjoy:

How does that compare to Green Lantern, Captain America and Thor?

We’ve been totally fooled by X-Men trailers before, as evidenced by the final product of X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but what we’ve seen so far from director Matthew Vaughn’s First Class does make it look like the most interesting and intriguing superhero film of the summer, especially when it comes to story and characters.

This trailer alone, makes me want to see what Vaughn and Bryan Singer can do with the main X-Men team, should X-Men: First Class successfully launch a trilogy of its own.

X-Men: First Class‘ cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.


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  1. I need to have an X-men costume party right now!

  2. I don’t know. The more I see these trailers from this upcoming film, the more it looks somewhat solid as a film. It is no question that the stories have been destroyed, source material wise. What’s done is done, they are not rebooting, nor remaking it. So just give me a good movie.

  3. embedding disabled by request!!!

    • just go to youtube bernard and type in x men first class international trailer. that’s what I had to do

    • Ya, we tried a few versions but they’re all disabled. Going to seek out another solution.

    • Or just click on the video and be immediatly taken to the video on Youtube.

      • Joshi,

        The original video was deleted from Youtube, but I found a copy and am hosting it here on SR.


  4. I’m not expecting much from this film ever since Origins Wolverine destroyed my childhood. Admittedly the trailer does provide better hope for this film, but I think it will probably be the worst superhero film this summer.

  5. I am getting more excited about this film. Where i was really stand off-ish, after seeing that trailer with English, my hope have risen even more. Don’t let us down Fox, like you have! :)

  6. I think it will do better than thor in terms of cheesy not needed humor

    • Agreed. I’m betting this will be alright, not the best in comic book movies, but probably not the worst either.

  7. I believe in Matthew Vaughn.

  8. Looks fine to me. It’s still First Class, just not the comics version, this is the First Class of the films continuity. Why can’t people understand that?

    • That’s what I’m saying. This isn’t the comic version we all know and love. They are moving on with what they got. So if that’s the plan, just make it good quality film. I am happy with that. So far, by the trailers, it is looking as if they are doing just that. Hopefully.

      • Looks like it could potentially be the best X-Men film so far.

        • definitely, still cautiously optimistic. Vaughn is directing, could be the hidden gem this summer.

          • @DrSamBeckett and D-Man

            But that’s the thing, “it’s not the first class from the comics”… it’s a COMIC BOOK movie! If they aren’t going to base it off the first class from the comics then what are they going off of??

            I fully understand that they want to keep with the continuety of the films, but if they hadn’t dug themselves into the hole they are inwith previous films, they wouldn’t have to use the wrong characters for this movie. It’s not the first class if the X-Men who made up that class aren’t in it… It wouldn’t make sense if they made a JLA movie with Red Tornado, The Question, Booster Gold, and Black Canary as the founding members, so why should fans of the X-Men just accept this? If the JLA was done as I previously mentioned JLA fans wouldn’t just accept it and say that as long as it tells a good story with those characters they’ll be happy…

            I’m just saying people have every right to be as upset as they want if the characters they know and love aren’t being brought to life correctly…

            • The lack of consistency with their own stories is not going to help them as much as not keeping with comic continuity at this point. The fact they aren’t using the original X-Men is almost less of a problem then the fact that they have hardly no recognizable characters at all in this film.

              Just judging by the first two bad posters they did they know that they have no marketable characters from the comics or any of their own movies. They had to tell people that McAvoy and Fassbender are Xavier and Magneto. As loath as people are to admit it without the most popular characters like Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Rouge, etc. anyone who is even remotely familiar with the X-Men comics, cartoons and their video game appearances will not know who most of the characters in First Class are.

              • So true… But this film will probably make boat loads of money anyway like the last ones. Which will lead to more prequel sequels… Maybe next decade there will be a proper X-Men film. Cause it don’t look like we are getting it during this one…

                • The amount of money this film makes might make or break the whole franchise. With Thor, Captain America and Green Lantern coming out this film could already suffer from a burn-out effect with movie goers.

                  And with all the apparent disdain even the current producers have for X-3 and Wolverine (even though they made their money back), how much goodwill do they think they have with their paying customers.

                  • Only time will tell. If a major flop at the box-office is what it takes to get the X-Men a reboot to set it back on track… then I hope it flops like a fish out of water!

                    • Well according to this site they are releasing this on an off week but, if Pirates is still going strong after two weeks and the Hangover and Kung-Fu Panda do well this movie might not have a great run.

    • i agree Drsam. I mean I was upset at first, but to be honest, coming from a good writers perspective, the continuity issues are easy to fix. Also I think people would be less upset if the film didn’t hold the title “First Class” and was simply called X-men:Origins. its a film about Xavier and Magneto. Not all the characters are unknown, Shaw, Frost, Mactaggart, Banshee, Havok. They are all pretty popular. Sure some of them are not in the right order, but we have to give a little bit of way for the writers to come up with something good. I mean xmen 1 and 2 were a combinations of lots of stories. Same with Spider-man 1 and 2, they followed the canon but still made a new story.

      So, let’s just see what happens in June. And remember the film would have a different feel if First Class was NOT in the title.

  9. We’ve updated the post with a new version of the trailer.


  10. that was awesome except the subtitles were in chinese

  11. I’m looking forward to this movie the most. I didn’t like how the first X-men didn’t have the original team. But now I’m over it.

    X-men is just about people with powers fighting to protect a world that hates and fears them, and being holed up in a big fancy mansion with lots of sexy babes. The specific characters aren’t so important.

    I think this movie is going to appeal to a lot of adults who aren’t comic fans, but liked Professor X and Magneto. And Michael Fassbender is a good actor.

  12. I believe this has more promise then both Thor and Green Lantern. Probably the 2nd best just after Cap. America.

  13. Well, I guess if it can happen to novels, it can happen to comics too. I just hope this doesn’t herald the end of faithful adaptions, which it probably won’t, though.

  14. The more I see of this one the more excited I am. I wasn’t to sure about it to start, but I feel more confident with each relase of new footage.

  15. It is looking better and better. Could you imagine being a Seaman on that Submarine? Lol.

    • I bet that sub was smelling pretty bad after it left the water. :-)

  16. This is great n im gonna see this, i hope they won do horrible x men movies like X3 n Wolverine again….

  17. I’ll give this a shot….
    I like what Fassbender is doing with Magneto, I just hope they will keep the serious tone.
    Fingers crossed.

  18. Sorry but the Japanese version isn’t making this steaming pile look any more appealing.

    • How you think that this looks like a ‘steaming pile’ is beyond me. Vaughn looks like he’s gonna be introducing a darker tone that is missing from so many comic book movies but present in the source material. Let’s just hope Fox haven’t forced him to make too many compromises for fear of challenging joe-public’s expectations how a comic book movie should play out.

      • It is a steaming pile because they pretty much took all the X-Men canon and defenestrated it. I keep hearing the same argument over and over…..”If its a good movie who CARES if it follows the original comics???” Well I do for one and I know others who feel the same way.

        If we apply that statement to other films though.

        Would it be ok if they decided to……

        …make the Man of Steel using the “Blue Electric Superman” from the 90′s?

        …change the color of GL to a deep red or a nice shade of blue, it’s only a color right?

        …recast all of the JLA members to Lex Luthor, Nightwing, Guy Gardner, Dr. Fate, Hawkwoman and Powergirl? Whats the big deal, most people don’t know who the JLA founding members are anyways so this will work won’t it?

        If they aren’t even going to attempt to be respectful of the canon then they have already failed imho because no matter how good the movie is or is not, it will never be “X-Men First Class”. I would have been more accepting if they had been more honest with the material and called it maybe, “X-Men Re-imagined” but the title along with the inferences that it is the prequel to the X-Men trilogy is just wrong.

        You might be able to overlook the plethora of continuity issues but I can’t.

        • Yeah, screw making a good movie. Much better just to honor the ‘canon’.

          • I see, so we can’t POSSIBLY have both? /rolls eyes

            They could have EASILY done this storyline and still remained pretty faithful to the original canon but instead created this abomination.

            • I guess I just don’t think comic books are ‘a serious business’ and therefore don’t feel so aggrieved and wronged just because the ‘right’ characters aren’t in this movie. You don’t like it? Don’t watch it. It’s quite simple really.

              • So you would be fine with all my other casting/movie changes then? Blue Superman, Red Lanterns and an alternate JLA?

                If so then we are at an impasse because you aren’t able to relate to the general issue.

                While you might not consider comics serious enough to warrant continuity, I’m sure there is something you would feel similarly passionate about. Whatever it is, if someone started screwing with it for movie purposes would you like it?

        • I agree with you 100% mongoose I’m sincerely hoping that This movie bombs so then maybe just maybe they’ll relinquish the rights back to Marvel,one can only hope

  19. If we just totally disregard that any X-Men movies ever happened, how would you feel about this movie then? Sure, there are continuity problems and this isn’t the first class from the comics, but as a movie, this looks great to me. I don’t know how the movie will actually turn out but they had me sold from the first trailer.

    • That’s a bit part of the problem right there, asking people to forget about movies they paid to see and then trying to sell them on another movie. The trailers have all looked pretty much the same and the main selling point is Magneto, who movies or not has been a bad guy most of the time. Aside from Magneto, Xavier, Beast and the overused Mystique allot of these other characters are just not known, and may not draw much interest. Even the first two bad posters show how they can’t even sell Magneto and Xavier without referencing the other films because despite all the jumping around they want to do Xavier is known as the bald, older teacher/mentor in a wheelchair and Magneto is the older villain with the helmet.

      As for the trailers it’s mostly Magneto doing his magnet deal on things and most of the other effects have been used before in the movies that people are supposed to disregard. Havoc uses similar beams to Cyclops, Azazel is using the same Nightcrawler effects, Mystique is the same, and Emma Frost’s diamond effect was used in Wolverine on a character that wasn’t her.

      So at this point Vaughn and producer Singer are going to have to work pretty hard to undo allot of what Singer himself has done and if they don’t blaming the last two movies isn’t going to cut it.

  20. Just saw a fan dubbed spanish version of this trailer and it was EPIC! The previews for the movie are getting better and better everytime!

    I’m officially now excited for this movie!

    Kudos to Fassbender, his bits on this trailer are stellar, he will be the highlight of the movie for sure.

  21. Looks much better than Green Lantern.

  22. So we get X-Men, THOR, and Captain America all in the same summer?