New ‘X-Men First Class’ TV Spot & Images [Updated]

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X Men First Class Movie Character Images New X Men First Class TV Spot & Images [Updated]

[Update: We’ve added the two new X-Men: First Class posters to the gallery]

Despite a very rushed production and coming off of two disappointing franchise installments in a row, director Matthew Vaughn and his impressive X-Men: First Class cast have seemingly constructed an impressive film that we can get excited about. Both the initial First Class trailer and its international counterpart presented a superhero film unlike its genre competition of the summer.

There’s been very little marketing for the X-Men prequel, likely less than its four predecessors, but there’s certainly more on the way as we inch closer to the beginning of the summer movie season. Over the last week or so, a variety of X-Men: First Class images have circulated online and today the first TV spot has also surfaced.

The images include the four 1960s-themed Total Film covers, two cast images and a few shots of characters (Emma Frost in diamond form and Mystique in uniform).

We’ve been fooled by cool trailers before (see: X-Men Origins: Wolverine) but X-Men: First Class seems different. There are fans who are and always will be against any movie deviating from the Marvel Comics source in any way, but as a movie, Bryan Singer’s story of the origins of the X-Men is the most intriguing story of the year’s comic book movies.

[Update: The two added X-Men: First Class posters include the new domestic and international posters. They’d be neat if they were hand-drawn comic cover art, but instead they look like a photoshop job, with an awkward facial expression from James McAvoy. They follow the same style as the posters released for X-Men 2 and X-Men: The Last Stand.]

Here’s the first TV spot, courtesy of MovieWeb, which offers a few brief shots of never-before-seen footage, including scenes of Havok firing his energy blast from a device on his chest and Banshee taking flight:

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.

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Sources: Facebook, Jennifer Lawrence Daily, Stark Industries Ru, CBR (via Emma Frost Files), MovieWeb, Filmonic

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  1. Mystique looks horrible. I think they did a horrible job in the makeup/wig department for her.

    • one thing i really hate is the horrendous effects for emma frost in diamond skin mode.

      • I hope that’s just a bad still picture because that looks way worse then the diamond effects for the other girl named Emma in Wolverine that isn’t Emma Frost…..

        • It´s a low quality screenshot from one of the trailers…

    • agreed with ya it looks bad

  2. this movie has garbage written all over it, not only did they screw themselves up with the lack of continuity, but they’re adding unknown mutants… unknown to average movie viewers and noob comic readers (such as myself).

    i hope this fails really hard so that fox sells the rights back to marvel (or marvel takes it off them) so that maybe, just maybe the xmen will get some justice. same thing goes for spiderman and fantastic four… well pretty much every marvel character that doesn’t belong to marvel (except blade, new lines versions of him where EPIC!!!).

    • So what? “Average movie viewers” didn’t know who Rogue or Cyclops were in the first movie, either. Or who the Green Goblin was in the Spider-Man movies. And as for n00bs, well, everything’s new to n00bs.

      Unknown characters are exactly what the franchise needs. I’m glad they don’t have Wolverine or Storm or Jean Gray in this movie; I’m actually a little tired of seeing them. It’s time to make a new, fresh X-Men movie to take the franchise in a different direction than the direction X-3 and Wolverine took it (i.e., downward).

      • I saw these pictures on another site a few days ago and someone asked what Darth Maul was doing in an X-Men movie, a reference to the Azazel character. Don’t know if was just a joke or not but, Rogue and Cyclops were on the pretty popular 90’s cartoon and have appeared in the Capcom vs. Marvel video games so they are a bit more known then allot of these characters.

        Aside from showing Mystique, Beast in his blue, furry form and the red guy these cast pictures could be for anything. The only thing they have that has instant recognition to it is the X symbol for the school. Those first two poster they did also show that they have boxed themselves in by making this so unrecognizable that they have to remind people who Xavier and Magneto are because they are both known as older characters from the first movies.

  3. Yes the cast is great, the look is great, but it might as well be titled “Hero’s” for all the good their doing the franchise. Marvel wants their X-Men back…

  4. Don’t tell me you were actually “fooled” by the Wolverine trailer. I mean, come on. The second I saw him flying through the air at the helicopter, I knew it was going to suck rocks. A trailer that relies on visuals and not words is a trailer for a movie that relies on actions, not ideas. It’s a pretty simple formula. Not to mention, they had a shot in the trailer for every single mutant in the movie, which was another clue that the story was going to be underdeveloped. You focus on the main characters in the trailer, not the fanservice.

    Now, First Class is doing it right (mostly). They’re focusing on Charles and Erik, with President Kennedy’s famous address playing in the background of one. That right there tells you just as much about the new movie as Wolverine dodging helicopter blades tells you about its movie. This movie will be far more cerebral, and though it has more than just two mutants, it won’t try to make itself about all the others in the group. You’ll notice that, unlike the mutants featured in the Wolverine trailer, these are given focus and not just attention.

    Trailers are supposed to play to a movie’s strengths. Wolverine’s “strength” lay in its action and eye candy, and that’s what you saw in its trailer. In this trailer, you see two men in various situations, evaluating each other, other mutants, humanity at large, and their own places in the world. That’s what you’ll see in the movie, too.

    • Have you read Wolverine’s Solo comics?

      Flying at a helicopter is the most believable thing he’s done.

      • The Wolverine we see on screen (live action) has nothing on the Wolverine in the comics; you are dead on there Rob. If they actually did a Wolverine movie much closer to the solo comic, it would more than likely have to be R-rated. Flying at a helicopter would be a normal day for the comic Wolverine.

      • Yea sure anyone can concede that point but it was done in such a cheesy way Rob. When I look at a scene and say to myself, I could have done better then somethings wrong. First it was the wrong angle to pull the camera back and show the entire action at almost eye level. It looked very bad from that angle. Additionally The chopper looked like it moved down to meet him rather than pull up from the exploding vehicle, which the pilot would seem to me to want to do naturally to keep shrapnel from hitting the aircraft. From an action point of view the chopper should have been lower to the ground attempting to gain altitude and the truck or was it a Humvee, should have been closer before going up. Maybe even filming the Humvee from inside the aircraft and catching some passenger/pilot chatter as Logan could be seen flying toward the cockpit. Then at the last second you get the outside shot as he hits the machine. Several other ways to do it, the whole scene seemed and looked rushed from a production point of view. Just my opinion I know, but as shot, it definitely has the wrong feel to it…

  5. X-Men: First Class will not apparently be the definitive depiction of the Hellfire Club as they do not seem to have included anyone apart from Sebastian Shaw and Emma Frost. As it stands it will only be them and a bunch of nameless henchmen in the film. They should have included Harry Leland and Donald Pierce as well as Tessa and Selene.

    • Why does this post look so familiar?

  6. What the hell happened to mystique and emma frost (in diamond form)? They both look ridiculous and cheap.

    The trailer would have been much better if it wasn’t in such bad quality.

  7. I agree. X-Men First Class looks cheap. It looks like a tv show. That’s the only way I’d see it is for FREE. I will NOT support these filmmakers who have no love for the source material and yet expect sometimes even demand that we forgive them and give the new film a chance thereby enabling them to making bad films that we feel compelled to vent about.

    I will vote with my ticket buying power and NOT pay for this film. It worked for Sucker Punch. EPIC FAIL.

  8. Mmmmm january jones. Yes please.

    • Mmmhhhmmmmmm. Jennifer Lawrence.

      • Mmmmmmm. Fried chicken. 😀

        • Is that a fetish of yours? 😀

          • That’s just gross. :-)

            • That´s ok. We understand. Sully dreams of a girl with a horse sometimes… 😀

  9. At this point in the game im tired of talking about whats wrong with the X-men movies, so umm pass on the movie…thank you hollywood for giving me a choice this summer. What a breathe of fresh air this isnt the only Comic movie out this summer…GO Cap GO!!!! lol.

    Ya know it seems like Fox and the other movie companies always want to take liberties with tried and true source material. But when it comes to an original movie script they couldent pull a fresh idea out of their butts. Its like talking to a child…so if the only way to show Fox how serious (real) X-men fans are (because lets be honest no real X-men fan would approve this movie) I will deny them my 8.50.

    I’ve bought the X-men comics from 1985-2002. bought countless toys, video games, books, clothes…supported the first three movies and even the less then cool wolverine origins. I dont think im asking for much when i say i just want one real good movie i can be proud of. Hell even Superman and Batman fans have that one great movie.

  10. So, am I right that Mystique is a Klingon?

    • You know, since in 1 crossover the X-Men did meet up with the Star Trek folks, maybe she stowed away on the X-Men ship and came back with them.

      Funniest part of that series was the “Dr. McCoy” thing when both Beast and Bones responded with “What??” Ah, good times……..sigh.

    • I suppose you think you are funny, petaQ!! Let’s see how funny you think you are when I rip that armor off of your charred flesh!!


      • Seems Kahless woke up on the wrong side side of Stovokor this morning. :)

        • I love you guys! Every day I read comments from you I feel less and less like a dork 😉 lol

          • I went to my kids one day and told them people call me a geek; I asked them if I was a geek, and not even a half second went by when all of them nodded and confirmed I still had my geek-card. :-)

          • If a dork is anything like a petaQ then you fit the bill perfectly!!


            • lol, I am 100% dork, I am just glad I dont go around talking in Klingon :-) then I would be 150% dork.

              • Hey, I resemble that remark! 😀

              • It’s funny; I’ve been told I look nothing like a geek. I’m 6’1″, 360lbs, black with a van dyke. I sometimes wear a scully because I like the way it mattes my hair (what’s left of it :-) ). People have told me I look like some type of hoodlum; and people have moved out of my way when they see me coming. But my father was a English and History teacher, so my diction is pretty good, so when people see me after they have talked to me on the phone, they are surprised. In fact, when I called my future wife the first time, she thought I was a white man. My son told me I would make the perfect bouncer….as long as I kept my mouth shut. :-)

  11. I think this movie will be good for what they are putting into it. my deal is that first class is about the five x men Scott, jean, warren, beast and bobby. Adding in people who didn’t even exist yet like mystique and banshee just seems like they are filling holes with new faces, nothing wrong with it but choose the right people, ya know

  12. Oh man, I´m so damn tired of reading comments like “this is not first class” blah blah blah. Isn´t it obvious that they used that title only to avoid any connection Crapfest Origins: Wolverine?

  13. Emma Frost looks horrible it looks like they just covered January Jones in cellophane, I really hope that’s just one really bad pic. I really hope that the device on Havok’s chest isn’t going to be his primary way of firing his energy blasts since in the comics they come from his hands even though lists his mutant ability as being able to absorb ambeint cosmic energy into the cells of his body he then transforms the sosmic energy into Plasma which can then be shot out of his body in any direction,though he primarily uses his arms

    • The device he uses is for channeling his powers. Kinda the same thing with Cyclops´ visor. He used that in the comic books at some point when he lost control of his powers.

      • thanks for clearing that up scapegoat because every time I’ve ever seen Havok he’s shot the blasts from his hands unassisted by any technology

    • I do remember seeing a comic long ago where Havok did fire an energy beam from his chest. I think he also did that in the X-Men cartoon from the 90’s.

  14. The X-Men comics were my favorite as a child (and young adult). While I would love it if they followed the comic continuity, this movie does look good (not so much the quality of this trailer). I do agree that Mystique could use some work and the Emma Frost picture is horrible (just a picture, hopefully she looks better in the movie), but I like a lot of the action scenes and the plot looks good. Banshee flying looked a lot like the first Iron Man.

  15. And what’s up with the Dylan Dog promo continually popping up? I had to try the trailer a couple of times because of that promo.

  16. I’m telling you, this movie is going to be good, and if it comes out and it is a good film, those of you that have decided it will suck before even seeing it, will still say it sucks.

    I know there are some things going against the film, like 100% sticking to the comics, and a rushed production, but it looks like its going to be a good film. And if it isn’t, well then it isn’t. I have never really been happy with the way FOX has taken The X-men from the comics and put them on the big screen, but I’ve still enjoyed the movies.

    All I’m saying is the negativity that gets thrown at these movies before they even come out is freaking ridiculous! Whether it be XMEN FC, MOS, THOR, CAP, or TDKR. You haven’t seen the damn thing yet, so wait until you see the films before bashing the hell out of them. I for one myself did not think Thor was going to be worth the ticket price, but after all the early positive reviews, I will defiantly give it a shot now.

    I know everyone has a right to their own opinion, but its really sad when you read a great positive article about an upcoming movie, and then you scroll down to the comments and you read, “SUCKS!!! LAME!!! WHAT A LOAD OF GARBAGE!!! CHEAP!!!”

    Just sayin…

  17. Tim: totally agree

    • I usually share your opinion Tim but with X-Men First Class they haven’t given us much to rave about, but rather to rant about. Hopefully they release something to change the opinions, I really want this movie to be epic.

      • “Hopefully they release something to change the opinions”

        Impossible. This movie is the fanboy punching bag. It seems like people are finding a way to hate every piece of news. That, or more often, they point out (again and again) that Alex is Scott’s younger brother. My favorite is how Mystique was a teenager in Wolverine. Broken records.

        Its not a passive hate at all. Every piece of news is actively rained on with the same comments.

        • I suppose you prefer we save our venom and just not comment? Or better yet stop patronizing the website?

          I much prefer an active pessimist to a passive optimist.

          • I prefer less repetition and an opinion that aims to persuade and convince, or at least provoke thought. Tim is right. A lot of people decided that they hated this movie months ago and aren’t going to let anything change their minds. It sounds stubborn and infantile.

            • OK I feel ambitious today, I’ll give it a shot…

              The bad rap this has gotten has evolved as more and more of the story came to light. For at least a year and more sites like this one have splashed the Front page of the ‘First Class’ comics on headers to a steady stream of articles about this movie. As time went on and more of the story came to light we realized this isn’t the story in the ‘First Class’ comics. So in a sense the comic so many expected to be adapted, at least in some cursory way, isn’t what we’re being sold. It seems like the old bait and switch that some superstore outlets use to use, you know the ones, to get the customer in the stores. In this day and age that smells bad, really bad, and so the long fall begins.

              Fox has had a uneven hand doing movies from this franchise. Two acceptable movies and two unacceptable ones. What’s clearly shocking is the unusual success the 90’s animated series had at this network, it’s strangely looking over time like a fluke. I think those involved at the time were left alone to produce that and they had a team that really loved the property and treated it accordingly. I think Fox didn’t take much notice because it was a cartoon after all, that is, until it started getting critical notice! Now that everybody smells the money, like it’s coming off a printing press, it’s being tripped over by a rush of experts that want to squeeze the whole enterprise dry at all costs.

              Those of us that hearken to the comics and the best of the franchise want nothing more than a top quality adaptation that doesn’t mess up the formula that made it good in the first place. Original Coke vs New Coke so to speak. The pain is punctuated further by the fact that as long as Fox makes movies using this property they can continue to do so and Marvel/Disney have no choice but to leave it in Foxes unsteady hands. So to get a quality improvement we can cross our fingers say our hail Marys, or try to communicate the problem that threatens to be a permanent one and lest we all forget that this is a movie that keeps popping up headlines this continues to be a brunt of controversy, debate and yes sometimes even discussion here and elsewhere.

              Just like all of you I come here at least weekly and try to find something to look forward to. Something I might enjoy watching. Like some I learn things, and that helps me understand some of my investments. I also share news I get here with friends and they ask me what’s going on and what’s coming up. I have friends and family that are looking forward to the ‘Hunger Games’ adaptations and the second part of the last “Harry Potter” film.

              But if you want to really get back to the problems of following story, we’ve already heard that “X-Men” 4 and 5 are in the works. So how is it the average movie goer is going to relate to this movie, then turn around and understand the logic going on in the other continuity? It’s just a matter of time before the strain on the whole continuity thing catches up with them. They don’t care because you can do anything with this stuff, it’s fiction right? It’s disposable right? The audience easily forgets, they just need to see the rule of cool being applied in sufficient amounts to help them forget the terrible dross that they paid for just a few years ago. We’ll dumb the audience down to meet our expectations. Yeah you read that right dumb the audience down! After all in the end it’s all stupid S*** anyway. Pulling submarines out of the water from a flying helicopter. Controlling people by thinking real hard. Changing the aspects of the environment with the wave of the hands. It’s all kids stuff…

              • Very well said. I usually stop reading the long posts after a paragraph, but I like this one.

                With all that you said above, it makes me wonder…..

                Is there any way to petition for Fox to relinquish the rights to this franchise (and Sony with Spider-Man for that matter)back to Marvel/Disney? That would be a sight to see.

        • Mystique was a teenager in Wolverine?! Are you high?

          • I’m thinking Emma Frost.

            • Ah, ok. You confused me dude, that almost made me watch that horrible movie again…
              But since XO:W is now out of continuity, it doesn´t matter.

  18. Man, Mystique’s forehead is so big she dreams in Drive-In movie format.

    • They really should have went with bangs on this version of Mystique. There is noticeably more forehead on this make-up job. The pulled back widows peak was not a good look for this actress in this make-up.

  19. I agree, mystique looks like Kelsey Grammer’s Beast in the the last stand. Bad makeup and hair on that part.

  20. /shakes head in shame…….Mystique in an X-Men uniform is just so wrong.

    • Yeah, I prefer her nude as well.

      • You would prefer her….never mind. 😀

  21. Mystique’s make-up and hair is probably exactly the same as in the previous films. I think the actress just doesn’t look the same because she has a different facial structure, and she’s wearing clothes.
    It’s nothing that’s going to make or break the movie.

    • I think you should take another look at Mystique from the earlier X-Men movies.

      • I think it looks funny too, but it’s not a deal-breaker for me. If it’s a good story with good direction, I’ll forgive all kinds of effects.

      • Rebeca Romjin is tall, thin, and has a triangular face. Jennifer Lawrence has a rounder face. She just doesn’t look the same, just like you couldn’t put just anybody in the same make-up and make them look the same. But the make-up looks the same otherwise.