Over 40 New Images from ‘X-Men: First Class’

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X Men First Class Riptide Over 40 New Images from X Men: First Class

The 2011 Summer movie season is off to a great start with Marvel’s first big screen superhero cinematic offering Thor. However, as good as that movie was, with Green Lantern, Captain America: The First Avenger and X-Men: First Class opening in the next couple of months it appears the best may be yet to come.

X-Men: First Class looks like it could very well be the superhero film to beat this summer, even though the film doesn’t appear to keep continuity with either the previous X-Men films or follow much of the original canon. Fox hasn’t won any points for its uninspired and often laughable promotional artwork for X-Men: First Class but each of the trailers and the individual character videos for Banshee, Beast, Havok and Mystique are nothing short of fantastic.

Director Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) seems to have combined an interesting story with great looking action scenes – Magneto raising a submarine from the water is pretty iconic. However, it’s still too early to tell exactly what audiences will see on the screen in a couple of weeks – Marvel fans have been burned by Fox a couple of times before (looking at you Fantastic Four and Wolverine).

Regardless of how the story plays out, the one thing that Vaughn and his talented team seem to have absolutely nailed in X-Men: First Class are the mod inspired 60s-era costumes and set design for the film – as you can see from the more than 40 images below. Where Bryan Singer made the decision to ditch the traditional blue and yellow outfits in favor of a bland, black leather version in his X-Men, it appears that Vaughn has not only managed to keep a much closer version of the iconic outfits, but made them blend well inside the world he has created.

In this gallery you will get a good look at January Jones (Mad Men) in the familiar white bra top Hellfire Club member Emma Frost always wore in the comics – as well as the interior of the X-Jet and the Hellfire Club’s submarine. Enjoy.

Sorry, you can’t “enjoy” any more – images removed due to legal demand by studio lawyers.

X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3rd, 2011.

Source: Comic Book Movie

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know they were making another X-Men series on the WB! Way to go Channel 7!

  2. Nope. Still not impressed.

    • Why not

    • That’s okay, the rest of us are.

  3. Can’t wait.

  4. Michael Fassbender looks way to short and slight of build to be Magneto. I know he’s 6′ but couldn’t they give him some platform shoes or something?

  5. Wow, talk about your flood of visuals. Don’t think I have ever seen so many different clips and images from an upcoming movie.

    Again this feels like overkill and they are pushing the marketing a bit too far.

    After being subjected to the 30 sec trailer about 10 times now since Friday, I have to take issue with them labeling this movie as, “The Beginning” (there is text that says, “Witness the beginning”). Re-imagining yes but it most assuredly NOT the beginning of either the X-Men from the comics OR the first X-men movies.

  6. its amazing that they casted Edi Gathegi as Darwin and u dont see no pic of him or nothing of him in the trailer

    • They started showing more trailers for this now and I have seen one with Darwin and Angel and it shows him forming gills while underwater at some point in the film.

      I have also seen more of Emma Frost in diamond form and it is not that great. It seems like unlike the Emma that wasn’t this one in Wolverine the act of trying to do the diamond effect for a longer period and with movement was not very successful at all.

  7. Awesome.

  8. this movie is going to be garbage just like the rest of the xmen movies. just a soap opera with powers. have to find those soft sides huh singer! wish i got paid millions to put crap on the big screen. i lost all interest when i saw beast and that other chick say “normal” at the same time then kiss. i could puke.

    • Yes, God forbid we’re given characters that we might actually care about.


      • wow vic, that hurts. i don’t know about you but i’m sick of the campy crap going on. they didn’t even put the original xmen in this! not even going to get into how they blew the characters from the previous ones. i bet you went out and bought a purple mazda after the second one…

        • U realize, that the if they did add scott and jean, then people would be complaining that it shouldnt be in the 60’s because of how much they didnt age…

          But if they made it based in the… idk… 80’s people would complain about it not being in the right time era…

          You just cant please some people, get over it, its just a movie… no need to be all upset, after all, the comics are one thing, the movies are another…

          BTW, Vic, didnt marvel say that they were gonna have an alternate reality (like in the comics) for just the movies?

          think about that one cgisuperman

          • that’s pretty funny how you sit there and say people will complain about the movie not being in the right era. if you’re going to do it, do it right. i mean, how is havok even in this then? he’s scott’s YOUNGER brother for crying out loud! interesting how the first mutant recruited to the xmen isn’t even in first class. chew on that one beaarthur

            • Im sure no one has said this to you yet, so allow me. This is the First Class of the X-Men from the movie continuity. The movies are only BASED on the comic book series. I for one prefer to see something new done with the chararcters instead seeing stories already done in the comics/tv shows. Where is the suspence and mystery if its scene for scene froma comic? Besides these movies arent made for the .001% of comic geeks who hate anything original, they are made so the general public can enjoy them. Go in with an open mind and you may enjoy yourself. If the comics cant stick to their own continuity, why should you expext the movies?

          • This is not a Marvel product.

        • I didn’t think that was a campy scene in the clip. I thought it was a scene trying to humanize the characters and give the audience a sense of connection.

          • Campy isn’t the right word. CLICHE is. This film lacks originality and imagination. Singer should stop ruining comic book films.

            • @Rp1n – Perhaps you should stop pre-judging a film before you see since you don’t even know who is directing directing it. Singer hasn’t directed an X-Men film since #2; Matthew Vaughn is directing XFC…something you would have known if you actually read the article and not just looked at the pretty pictures (though I admit Jones’ cleavage is quite distracting.)

              • I agree with you completely Paul Young!

              • Nice…”icicles”…on Ms. Frost [*insert leering and dirty-sounding chuckle*]

            • The films lack originality? The main complaint seems to be that they stray to far from established continuity. If the the movie was exactly the same as the comic than it would lack originality and imagination.

              • 100% true, some people cannot be pleased…

              • avatar_popco,

                Ha! Good point.


  9. the only good thing about this movie wl be January Jones’ cleavage

    • will*

    • Zoe Kravitz looks pretty good too, fly wings aside. These pictures also elude to her character turning on the X-Men at some point.

  10. How are they going to explain Azrael?

    • He’s a rich mutant who made his money in the canned meat business…..

      • What are talking bout you nerd, Azazeal is a mutant. His from a race of demon looking mutants called Neyaphem’s from biblical times. Fan boys are such douches, they complain, but they hardly know anything about x-men anyway.

        • Yeah I know the back story but a group of demon looking mutants fighting against a bunch of angelic mutants is pretty far fetched and contrived, even for me. At the very essence a mutation is a random occurrence which is why everyone’s powers are so diverse in the this universe. I can buy that there will be a few with similar powers/abilities but to have two entire groups with the same exact mutation and the same exact time in the distant past was a real writing stretch, even for Marvel. Just because they slapped the word “mutant” onto it doesn’t mean I have to agree with it. He is a demon, period.

          This was all dreamed up a little while ago to give Nightcrawler a and origin and explanation of his look/abilities so why Singer decided to stick such a trivial character into the ORIGINAL X-Men borders on blasphemous.

          Also must you name call like an 8 year old? If you can’t be civil then you should probably refrain from posting. 😉

          • I have been reading up on the various stories they have done since my long absence from collecting X-Men and some of the stuff is just,ambitious to say the least. This whole demon/angel race scenario seems to jive with the Romulus idea they threw into the Wolverine origins for whatever reason.

            The idea of mutants was nice and simple since it did away with radioactive bugs, gamma rays, super soldier programs, being an alien from another planet, magic rings and other usual conventions. The need over the years to give everyone an “origin” has clearly driven them to try and explain everyone’s background seems like it has caused them to dream up stuff that doesn’t seem needed.

            It’s also kind of lazy to create retcon characters that are basically clones of ideas that are 30 years old and call it back story. All of these parents and mysterious races that are somehow linked with these characters at this point is the equivalent of the clone or child idea in reverse.

  11. They need to make a good 3-4 hour x men movie

    • Supposedly, this one’s about 240 minutes long…

      • No way is this 240 min.

        You do realize that is 4 hours right?

        Even Peter Jackson doesn’t get 4 Hours in the theater (only after in Extended Release on DVD)

  12. Well this looks like a moderately entertaining movie about some super powered mutants. Now if they’d just make one about Marvels Xmen.

    • I’d prefer a movie about Ultimate X-Men. Ultimatum would make an awesome cinematic experience.

  13. Damn, sex sells. Might watch this now. Those boobs sold me. If that makes me a pig oh well idgaf.

    If there happens to be an awesome movie and story along with those boobs then thats a plus I guess. But i doubt it.

  14. So the Hellfire club is in the submarine?! So that’s why Magneto was bringing the sub out of the water. Who the hell is writing this film?

  15. Never seen so many people talk s*** on a movie they never seen. Saying it doesn’t look good is one thing talking about it like u just walked out of the theaters is just starnge. Stop being a lopp people. Yeah a lopp.

  16. if this was a reboot. then i would be happy. i absolutely hate the fact that we still havent had a actual x-men movie.

    by x-men movie i mean:

    – proper costumes.

    – the whole team. cyclops, jean. storm, wolverine, rogue, beast and GAMBIT.

    – Rogue being a sexy southern belle. not a gothic emo.

    – GAMBIT

    – Wolverine not being the leader. CYCLOPS having a bigger role.

    – Zac Penn and anyone associated with the so called X-men Franchise staying away.


    • Wonder what those other movies were about than? What did I sit through if there havent been any X-Men movies?

      • you sat through crap and apparently have no problem w/ it. good for you, hope you enjoy the movie

      • Your nerding out a little calm down. I loved X2. Its still an xmen movie even if rouge isn’t a flying slut and wolverine doesn’t have a yellow jump suit and sabertooth isnt a 9 foot tall beast. Don’t be a lopp dude. Go watch your avatar uncut for the up-teen time and we will watch a bad @%$ XMEN movie

        • My last post was at cgisuperman :-\ & Adam not u avatar guy.

        • @ Brian.

          So you would be happy to watch Fantastic Four without the Human Torch?

          Or watch a Justice League movie without Superman and Batman.

          or watch a Justice League movie where superman cant fly. or the Flash can’t run fast???

          Well Rogue flies. Shes got super strength.

          Wolverine is not the leader.

          How come every comic book movie they have proper costumes except for X-men.

          I wonder if you complain if Superman doesnt wear the proper costume in the Man Of Steel movie.

    • @ afan

      I certainly see the point you are making, however, you are clearly coming from a standpoint of early nineties X-Men lore.

      The team you mention is the Jim Lee “X-Men” series team and, while I love them, they are NOT the original team.

      A real X-Men 1st Class would have to be a proper reboot with Cyclops, Jean, Prof, “Human” Beast, “Fluffy-Snowman” Iceman, and “MALE” Angel.

      • @Dante

        I agree with you.

        I wasnt really talking about a First Class movie when saying i wanted a Proper X-Men Movie.

        But if they were going to have the original team yeah your right. Cyclops, jean, beast, iceman and angel.

        and then the current x-men team would be the same but add storm, wolverine, rogue and gambit. and take out iceman and angel.

        if you started from the first team. you could show how the members left and the new members joined.

        now that would be a EPIC maybe 3 movie series.

        but again i would like to state that you have to have the PROPER COSTUMES.

        Until they have the proper costumes and proper team members then they have not made a X-men movie in my opinion.


        Can’t Marvel sue for Fox changing the storyline of X-men? or did they already get permission from Marvel to screw up the entire X-men universe.

        @ Brian.

        So you would be happy to watch Fantastic Four without the Human Torch?

        Or watch a Justice League movie without Superman and Batman.

        or watch a Justice League movie where superman cant fly. or the Flash can’t run fast???

        Well Rogue flies. Shes got super strength.

        Wolverine is not the leader.

        How come every comic book movie they have proper costumes except for X-men.

        I wonder if you complain if Superman doesnt wear the proper costume in the Man Of Steel movie.

        • While I agree that seeing the team you mention on screen properly would be UNCANNY, I feel that relying on the broken canon of Singer/Ratner/Vaughn is a mistake.

          A MARVEL owned reboot could bring the X-Clan back into the proper Marvel fold.

          I mean how cool would it be to see Wolverine fight the Hulk? Or The X-Men team with the Avengers & Spider-Man…Possibilities are so cool…

          There are lots of great Marvel stories to draw from, and with an overarching all-encompassing Marvel universe I would weep with joy as a comic fan.

          • i couldnt agree more.

            having a certain character feature in another marvel would be brilliant. i could imagine cyclops and beast helping out spiderman in a scene in a spiderman movie. or storm featuring in the hopefully upcoming black panther movie. or wolverine and spiderman in the next avengers movie. the spiderman, ghost rider and the x-men fighting dr doom and magneto in a fantastic four movie.

            seriously Marvel spend 2 billion dollars and buy x-men back from fox. you would make that back within 10 years.

  17. Does anyone remember the TV Show “Mutant X” that was on for a millisecond back in the early 2000s?

    This reminds me of that.

    • Yeah Fox sued Marvel and the other companies involved in the show for using the rights to something that was too close to X-Men while they had the movie rights.

      • Hehehe, so funny, FOX suing Marvel because they used Marvel’s The Uncanny X-Men characters…

        I suppose Marvel is watching these trailers and just biding their time. I mean all they have to do is wait for this to fail.

        • For clarity it should probably read:

          “…because Marvel used Marvel’s…”

  18. So… many… hot… girls… in… this… movie!

  19. this is gonna be awesome!!

  20. I think january jones looks like a ghost someone should show her some sunlight

  21. I’m apparently in that tiny minority of moviegoers that decides the worth of a movie by seeing it first, not verbally blasting the director/casting/effects/etc. before the frelling movie’s been released.

    Folks, as weird as it might seem, it’s a movie IN THE PROCESS OF BEING MADE; it is not anywhere NEAR what would be described in automotive terms as street-ready.

    Give these guys/gals a frelling chance, willya?

    • No, not a FRELLIN’ chance.


    • I think they release trailers as a way to try and entice people to come see their movie. The response can’t be controlled and there are only three effects they can have, people will either like, dislike or be indifferent.

      They control what the product is like and how they present it to potential consumers. They can’t control how it’s received though, and that’s the business and they know it.

  22. Why does the girl playing Mystique look so, ummm, chunky, in these pics?

    I mean the 2nd down from the top, right column – dead ringer for Meghan McCain.

    The pic 7th down, same column makes her look real tubby too.

  23. I can’t wait, will be great. Whoever answered me about Lincoln being
    the vampire hunter, thank you, i felt like an idiot.
    back to X-Men, love James McElvoy, next big actor of out time, i’m sure!