‘X-Men: First Class’ Hellfire Club Banner, Poster & DVD Set

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X Men First Class Riptide X Men: First Class Hellfire Club Banner, Poster & DVD Set

Excited to go out and pick up X-Men: First Class on Blu-ray? The film, which has endured a very rushed production, hasn’t even hit theaters yet, but that’s not stopping Twentieth Century Fox from planning ahead. A leaked image details the box set for the special home video collection for X-Men: First Class, apparently already set for release in October.

Returning to the present with the film still a month away, a new French poster has released online alongside a wide banner which pits the early X-Men against the nefarious Hellfire Club, a group of characters noticeably absent from the marketing materials to date.

The newest poster is of French descent and looks very similar to the Spanish international one-sheet with a few character swaps. Instead of Azazel and Sebsatian Shaw, Alex Summers gets a little poster love in costume as the energetic mutant, Havok.

Below that is the image you should really be focusing in on: the new Hellfire Club-themed banner which offers our very first unobstructed look at Janos Quested (Alex Gonzalez). Quested aka Riptide, is a character who in Marvel Comics could spin his body like a tornado to launch sharp self-generated calcified objects at opponents. If you click the image to expand, you’ll notice on top of looking similar to Taylor Kitsch’s Gambit character from X-Men Origins: Wolverine, he’s controlling a mini-tornado in his hand and we can expect his powers to differ slightly in the film, with him generating tornadoes rather than becoming one as we see in the latest extended X-Men: First Class trailer. This is a good thing if you remember Storm’s action sequences in X-Men 3 – No more spinning people.

The last item in the gallery is the apparent current design and contents for the special edition home box set of X-Men: First Class for when it finishes its run in theaters. It comes with character collector cards, a t-shirt, a comic book and a few other goodies. If this is real, you’ll unfortunately be getting the weak character images from the first released First Class cast image which generated a storm of negative responses from fans and the film’s director, alike.

While there’s a lot of praise for the X-Men: First Class trailers, we cannot say the same for their other marketing materials. The posters in particular are taking a lot of flak, but outside of some awkward facial expressions from James McAvoy, they look like comic book covers which when you think of it in that fashion, it’s not as bad as many make it sound. Would you rather have desaturated portrait close-ups of each character, a la Thor?

The X-Men: First Class cast includes James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Kevin Bacon, Jennifer Lawrence, January Jones, Rose Byrne, Nicholas Hoult, Jason Flemyng, Zoë Kravitz, Lucas Till, Oliver Platt, Ray Wise, Edi Gathegi, Caleb Landry Jones and Álex González.

X-Men: First Class hits theaters June 3rd, 2011.


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  1. LOVE these posters. I get more and more excited for this with every new screenrant article. Superhero movie of the year I think, and this is from someone who already seen and enjoyed Thor

    the dvd pack I can live without

  2. The picture of the Blu-ray release is real. It’s a FNAC France exclusive edition. Its release date is the 25th of May 2011, and you get a cuppon to get the Blu-ray and dvd combo on stealbook when it will get released. So it is very real, just go to FNAC.com and you’ll see. btw, they have more editions like this one of other movies such as sucker punch, fast 5 and more.

  3. i want to know where Barnel Bohusk is? and Sinister,Glob Herman,Husk,Anole,Chamber,Mammomax,and Apocalypse? and when the f@#$ are they going to do the sentinel story? give the right to x-men back to marvel.

    • You’re complaining because s**t characters like Anole and Mommomax aren’t in the film? As if Azazel being included isn’t bad enough.

  4. Which “awkward facial expressions” from James McAvoy? His expressions are nothing different from those of the rest of the cast. Why single him out?
    Oh yes, because it seems that fanboys are supposed to hate McAvoy for some unknown, pathetic reason. It’s getting really ridiculous.

    • why would anyone hate McAvoy? have you people not seen him in Shameless? one of the best actors to come out of Britain in recent years

      • Well, that’s what I ask myself. I don’t know if it’s because of “Wanted” (in which he was brilliant, btw) but some fanboys seem to harbor a strange hatred towards the guy, while Fassbender gets all the praises.
        I know this will eventually change when they actually SEE him acting in First Class, but so far it’s irritating to the point I’m not going to comics’ forums anymore.

    • ps. No one hates McAvoy. He’s brilliantly cast as Xavier. Where have you seen otherwise?

      • Cris said “Oh yes, because it seems that fanboys are supposed to hate McAvoy”

        I was just curious what he meant and who these so called “fanboys” where, I have seen, and I give, nothing but Praise to McAvoy. Brilliant Actor and excellent Xavier

        • I’ve been reading a lot of “meh!” and “I really can’t see him as Xavier” or “why didn’t they hire a real actor?” especially at comics’ forums, so the comments come mostly from fanboys. There’s a lot of praise to Fassbender, but when it comes to McAvoy the reactions are ridiculous. It’s obvious those people don’t know a thing about his acting career, and the amazing range he has an actor.

          Then I come here to read an article and again there’s some comment criticizing McAvoy, now mentioning “awkward facial expressions”. What am I supposed to get from this?

  5. I must apologies as I dont keep up with the Xmen as much as I used to.

    Who is the red guy?

    • Azazel, Nightcrawlers father

      • Thanks!

        And not questioning as I fell of the mutant bandwagon a bit ago.

        So he is not really a Mutant…. If Myst and Az are mutants he would be something entirely different as he was born that way?

        Jsut speaking out loud.

        • In the comics he’s a demon, but in the movie they’re making it a mutation of his. When you look at it, Nightcrawler has the characteristics of both Azazel and Mystique. How entirely different would he be to you? Just curious :)

          • I understand that but Ive always understood a mutant to be caused by a mutated homo sapien gene.

            So if two mutants have a child they are producing a child that has common genes. None of them would be considered mutated as they started out that way.

            Is Az a true mutant? Mutated gene from to unmutated parents? Or is he all demon?

            Cant view it at work will try to get it later at home.

            • The child is still considered a mutant as it’s from the mutated gene that is within the DNA, being from both of the parents. Thus it may show at birth or as they get older. They start out that way yes, but they’re considered so because of the gene. Magneto always states that they are the next stage of human evolution.

              Are you talking about Az in the comics or the movie version?

              • Az in the comics is a demon. Not technically a mutie. But, as with everything he touches, Bryan Singer will f#ck up the story to try and make money. Storyline wise, one may argue that they are “being accurate” with people like Banshee b/c they are keeping his powers the same. If you know about when the Xmen were starting, 3/4 of these chars werent even around. If they were doing it right, they would have the old “snowball” iceman, angel, jean grey, cyclops, and human beast. But, will they do that? Of course not. Why? B/c you can make it look better and make more money by just mashing up a bunch of chars who havent been in an X movie yet…

                Btw, wtf is up with Shaw having/getting 4 arms?

            • In the comics he is all demon, not sure about the movie

              A mutant child is still a Homo Sapien. having the mutant gene is no different than having the gene for melanin production. A species is defined as a group of genetically similar individuals who can breed to parent fertile offspring…
              Two “Normal Humans” having a normal baby
              Two “Mutants” having a Mutant Baby
              Two “Normal Humans” having a mutant baby
              A mutant and a human having a normal baby

              all couples result in a Homo Sapien with genetic variation

              as Mastermold says to Trask in that video

              Trask: You were designed to protect Humans
              MasterMold: That is illogical, Mutants ARE humans. Therefore Humans must be protected from themselves

              I suppose Nightcrawler would be half human half demon

              • Well said!!

              • Let me insert a bit of Mutant and Geek history to this convo..
                The first mutant was/is Namor and he’s not “Human Sapien.”

                • Actually, I think the first mutant was Apocalypse.

                  • Nope. Marvel History shows it’s Namor and it’s his tag line.

                    BUT, i get what you’re saying because of Apocalypse origins.

                    His character didn’t come along until the late 80′s while Namor came out before WWII.

                    I’m going to go against my first comment because I forgot Namor is half human.
                    old age catching up with me…

                    • No you were right the first time, Namor was considered a mutation of his race due to his other powers that may have come from being half-human.

                  • Kahless is right. Timeline wise, not production/publication appearance wise, Apocalypse was the first mutant. in fact doesnt Apocalypse’s real name, En Sabah nur mean “the first one”??

                    • Well, he’s KNOWN as the First Mutant. it’s Marvelverse fact.. Some new writer can come along and write in another mutant who’s sat in the Garden of Eden and it won’t change it.

                      After some research I find that in your terminalogy of “first” it falls the award goes to Selena from the Hellfire club. She’s been around since Conan’s timeline.

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0qkl1ZYMrQ&feature=related

          watch from 0:36

          God Bless MasterMold’s logic ;)

          • God Bless the animated series.

            • Here here. Best cartoon ever made.

  6. Awesome poster and banner.

  7. I don’t get why Riptide is in this. He was a second string maurauder who was killed by Colossus, twice I think. Why wouldn’t the hellfire club have leland, tessa or selene, or even a young Hellion… beef or jetstream maybe. Anyway, it looks shiny and cool, but just when i try to get excited, despite the continuity flaws, yet another strange plot/casting choice arrives.

    I’ve been an x-fan for over 25 years and I’m really trying trying to get pumped for this… but it’s bloody hard to. Thankfully fassbender/mcAvoy may save the day.

  8. I don’t hate the poster, but the banner… wow. That is turrble. If you gave 50 people photoshop who had never used it before, I’d be willing to bet that 45 of them could come up with something that looked more professional. I’m just praying that this is a sign that they sunk all of their budget into the actual movie and only had peanuts left over for marketing.

  9. I’ll be glad when this film is over and done,,,

    • Me too…