5 Things We Learned From ‘X-Men: First Class’

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X Men First Class Riptide 5 Things We Learned From X Men: First Class

When we posted our preview for the 2011 Superhero Movie Showdown, we said that X-Men: First Class was going to be the biggest wildcard of the summer 2011 Movie Season.

The movie had a lot of issues from the get go – a rushed production schedule, a loose interpretation of X-Men lore, no headlining stars, confusion over its continuity – but it also had the promise of  a great director (Matthew Vaughn), some great leading actors (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) and the return of X-Men movie guru Bryan Singer to the franchise he started back in 2000.

Now that X-Men: First Class has debuted in theaters to critical acclaim but a lukewarm first-week box office, it seems that all the uproar and debate that erupted in comment threads all over the Internet for years now will end without any clear “winner” being decided. The angry fanboys who claimed the film would be a stillborn bastard weren’t correct in their assessment – and neither were the unabashedly optimistic believers who said the film would be the best X-Men and/or comic book movie ever. As always, the truth ended  up somewhere in the middle…

So, it is that even-keeled middle ground we will stand on as we explore “The 5 Things We Learned from X-Men: First Class.

Before we begin, be sure to read our official X-Men: First Class review to know where we stand in regard to the film.


5. You Can’t Rush a Movie to Greatness

As much as I enjoyed First Class, one thing that irked me while watching it (and will likely irk me forever) was seeing all the points where “the seams” of the film showed through. By “seams,” I mean all the places where there clearly wasn’t time or attention given to touch up a shot, or polish some hokey dialogue; time to sit back and look at the script and decide which themes and aspects of the story were working most effectively (Xavier / Magneto), and which ones needed to be toned down or outright cut from the story (the auxiliary mutants who served little purpose).

If you really watch First Class closely, the lack of revision and refinement slowly becomes more and more apparent. There was definitely a great film in there, somewhere – but unfortunately I don’t believe Matthew Vaughn had adequate time to reach it, despite the praises of some fans and critics.

'First Class' director Matthew Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman

Green Lantern and Captain America are two more comic book movies that are racing to meet strict deadlines, and both of them have had longer production schedules than First Class‘s ridiculously short 10-month production schedule. When you have a film that requires a large ensemble cast, shooting locations all over the world, a complicated multi-storyline script, and plenty of effects-heavy action sequences, there needs to be ample time to fit all the many pieces together into a cohesive, polished, final product.From what we’ve heard, Matthew Vaughn’s experience making First Class included everything from on-the-fly script rewrites and reshoots, to eleventh-hour races to get all the effects in place for opening day.

Having been in the writing game for a decade now, I can tell: you can indeed produce something good in a rushed fashion, if the deadline demands it and you have the focus; however, something great absolutely requires time for a creator to be able to step back, assess his/her work, and decide what improvements should be made. Revision is the key to brilliance. You take away that time from any creative artist, and the art is ultimately going to be diminished. First Class was no exception.

Like I said, watching this movie in the future is really going to irk me: there’s nothing worse than looking at what is, while constantly imagining what could’ve been. Just ask my ex-girlfriend about that one ;-).


The bad side of brand recognition…

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  1. fox needs to give marvel back the movie rights. the only reason people are sayin this movie was semi decent was because the director and the actors and all those involved in the makin of the movie itself didnt want to be involved in some monstrosity, and they alone deserve credit for this movie not flopping completely. fox rushed production in order to keep the movie rights, cuz hey, as long as theyre makin money, why not keep makin semi-decent(at best) movies? wheras marvel has proven even with a seires of movies all connected, bridging each movie, that they can please everyone and make lots of money while doing so. fox has ruined too many classic characters. look at the incredible hulk. in one movie the hulk, one of the most recognizable superhero characters who had been made a complete laughing stock in his first movie, finally was the character everyone wanted him to be. marvel studios can keep people happy and interested, AND make the big bucks. so just give the movie rights back to marvel please(not just x-men, fantastic four and daredevil too)

    • this all of this

    • disney owns marvel not fox

  2. I really liked this movie; however, I think it should have at minimum kept the characters from the original first class. I think the whole problem began with the first X-Men beginning in the middle. I also get lost with all of the other X-Men not following the story lines. Was Cyclops and The White Witch not part those collected by the professor at the end of Wolverine? Things like that just irk the hell out of me. I am certain most of our society could care less because most people have the attention span and admiration of a “Snooky”. I just think if they are going to put sooo much money into something, why not do it right? Transformers (of which I am the hugest fan of and still collect)ruined the integrity of the Real Transformers Storyline. I mean the whole inner struggle of Optimus is that he feels there is still good in evil and would NEVER kill someone, much less completely cut their heads in half. What a horrible translation of a hero! I wish I could to Micheal Bay what Optimus did to all those decepticons!He totally ruined the rep of Transformers. I hope someone can come along and fix them in the next decade and Micheal Bay is reduced to coffee boy!

    • I completely agree with you! Thanks for posting your comment. :)

  3. Why does she have to be in a bra??? Really.

    • Probably because her real comic book movie costume would fall off or harder to do fight scenes in

    • because she doesn’t want anyone to see her family jewels. sorry.

  4. Being a big x-man fan could not wait to see first class i felt going with the lesser known acters was the better way to go made for a better story there are so many charters they’re doesn’t have to be a list acters playing the parts as long as it has a great story line or true to the comics they are based on.

    • X-man?

      • Angie just isn’t a grammar fan. :|

  5. James McAvoy is very well known! He was the star.

  6. I think that Michael Fassbender as Magneto was the highlight of the movie for me!

  7. Your review was way off.
    I know of no one who loved IM2 btw.
    None of the characters evolved, with the exception of the terribly acted Mystique. Also several plot points were added for seemingly no reason. The unkillable Darwin is killed in his second scene!
    “Hi guys, I’ll evolve to survive anything!”
    “Lets test that.”
    “Oh no, dying, I’m super lame.”

    Departing from the comics is fine, but you can’t use the original source from a series then totally abandon it. Further it is impossible to be both a prequel and a reboot. A prequel fits into continuity, a reboot abandons it.

    Lastly, the quality of a movie matters. I can forgive everything but the movie has to be good, which this wasn’t. Xavier and Magneto’s “friendship” was forgettable but some how withstands the test of decades of strife? Its absurd that I’m going to visit a man in jail who has dogged me for years just because we shared a drink once.

    Bring back Singer, Singer is the Xmen God.

    Last Stand, First Class, and Origins, are a grim reminder to Hollywood- If you have a film series leave it in the hands of the original director unless there is a problem.

    When Singer went to make Superman Returns Fox should have waited for him, not gotten huffy and made the Last Stand without him.

    • Singer was a producer on this film and helped write the story so, he was already brought back. The fact that this movie wasn’t a reboot and as Vaughn put it, an “homage” to the first two X-Films, some of what you didn’t like about it comes from the fact it really didn’t go anywhere new.

      And Singer hasn’t done anything with the X-Men that has warranted the amount of hype he got. That lack of actual content he brings to the table is why the Superman film he left to do didn’t live up to what Warner thought they were going to get. That is the only reason he’s back in any capacity for the X-men movies in the first place, not out of some affinity for the characters and fans.

    • This article was written right after opening weekend so it can be forgiven for assuming First Class’s box office was weak. However, it’s actually become one of the most financially successful movies of the summer, in terms of production costs vs. box office. It’s opening may have been a little low, but it was within the margins of what producers expected…what they probably didn’t expect was that the combination of good reviews and word of mouth would help First Class gain box office momentum, instead of having the usual superhero box office dip. I’m one of the people who had been steadfastly against seeing it because of being burned twice, and by the changes to certain characters. I didn’t end up seeing it in theatres until late July/August and firmly kicked myself for not seeing it sooner. Somehow, despite all the changes, it worked for me. Big credit goes to Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy because they are the best part of the movie, but I felt a lot of other stuff (like Mystique as Xavier’s younger sister, despite the fact in comics she could be his grandmother) that I thought would irk me actually worked. The best way to view it, in my opinion, is as a reboot that still gives a nod to the original film but can be it’s own AU. Your line about Darwin did make me crack up, but I’d like to think that if they do a sequal to FC, he’ll be brought back. His death and the nature of his powers makes me think of how Dr. Manhatten pulled himself together, but it taking a few months to do so.

    • Thank you, Thomas! Very much agreed!

    • Woah woah, I agree X-Men had it’s flaws, but Your Theory of leaving a franchise in the hands of its original director is just not so. There’s always potential to improve a franchise, and a lot of times changes in the creatives behind the project does just that. For Example: Bourne, Batman, Harry Potter, etc. Can you imagine if Chris Columbus made the last 4 Harry Potter movies? They’d be awful!

  8. Movie goers want good movies. X-Men first class failed to make money because it wasn’t that good. While not a bad movie, there wasn’t anythiong about it that would create enough buzz bring celuloid fans into the theaters. Rise of the Planet of the Apes didn’t really have huge stars, but it’s making money hand over fist. Look at The Help, people are sitting in the seats because its a good movie. When will Hollywood learn you don’t need big name stars, you need good stories. Star Wars, Alien, Indiana Jones, The Matrix, all made money with little known actors. Hollywood just needs to start producing good movies based on good stories. Then people will start filling the seats. When making a movie based on a comic series, just follow the comic. You have a pre existing fan base who will in all likelyhood support your film. Stop revising stories that worked and were successful years before you ever decided to make a movie.

    • ALX3

      Making Money has nothing and I mean nothing to do with being good. I have my problems with Xmen first class and I agree it doesn’t deserve praise, but money has nothing to do with quality.

      Transformers 1-3 made lots of money and also they were not good.

      Twilight films sucked but made lots of money.

      Look at Pirates films money hands over fist but only the first one was well received though I personally think it’s crap.

      Also You make a strong case for movies being all opinion because I thought The Help was a horrible film.

      You mention Star Wars, Matrix and Indy yet all had horrible films in their history that still made money. Look at the rest of the Star Wars films of the last two decades. Look at the most recent Indy. Check out the second and third Matrix films. critics didn’t like these movies and even the fans of the properties hated the films.

      • “Making Money has nothing and I mean nothing to do with being good.”

        The Smurfs
        Total Lifetime Grosses
        Domestic: $134,208,845 31.2%
        + Foreign: $295,800,000 68.8%
        = Worldwide: $430,008,845

        That pretty much says it all. I would have lost money if I bet this movie would bomb. Whoever had the guts to back this won the stupidity Lotto, even more then Michael Bay.

        As for X-Men:First Class I think the deal with the movies was that there were enough people who were dead set against going to see it along with people who were just indifferent to lower its sales. This caused the downward trend of the series to continue at the box office. And despite the much used Rotten Tomato praise they like to use to market the movie and the DVD the movie was just kind of middle of the road. There were movies this summer that clearly were just dead on arrival and First Class was decent in comparison. But in the context of what is essentially a fifth movie from the same people in ten years it really lacked any sense of growth.

        The actors themselves might not have been the problem in drawing as much as the characters they used and the creative license they used with pretty much everything people might recognize. I am no huge fan of the new Star Trek movie but, it knew enough to stick to something resembling the story and characters a wider range of people would know. I don’t know how receptive people would have been if they threw characters from Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and even worse Voyager in a movie about the original Enterprise cast just because.

        • You mention the latest Star Trek movie, which I actually find worse than the X-Men series of films as far as changing canon for the sake of a story. The X-Men films take place in there own universe, have no effect what so ever on the actual comics. But the last Star Trek film took place in the same universe which every tv series and previous films took place and with one event basically deleted everything once considered canon. As far as I’m conserned, Abrams basically said, “Screw you Trekkies, I can do a better job.” I think Star Trek fans are far to forgiving.

          Plus I myself have never even seen an epsiode of any series of Star Trek. But when I saw the last Star Trek film, I didnt need anyone explaining to me who anyone was. Star Trek is basically a permanent part of popular culture. Who doesnt know that Kirk was the Captain of the Enterprise? But how many people who dont read the X-Men comics know that the original team was Iceman, Jean, Cyclops, Angel and Beast? I’ve still got friends who think the original team of X-Men is Rougue, Storm, Cyclops, Jean, Gambit, Beast, Morph and Wolverine with Jubilee joining soon after. Is anyone who didnt like First Class really saying “what a crap movie, if only the orginal team was there and all the other events remained the same, than that movie would have rocked”?

          I actually think if they had used the First Class in First Class, at least as far as the general movie going public is conserned, than that would have been like throwing Deep Space 9 characters into the rebooted Star Trek. That would have been too confusing for average Joe, with all the changes to characters and timelines in the movie version of X-Men. Look at all the hoo ha with the changes already in First Class.

          • The new Star Trek movie actually was supposed to take place in an alternate timeline to attempt to silence the long-time fans who would probably not like any change. That said they did do a better job of explaining the changes they made to what amounts to the characters origins in their universe that people really couldn’t try to point out any continuity errors since it was establishing it’ own. Then again that movie was a clear and intentional re-boot where First Class is different things depending on who you ask and what day it is.

            The nostalgic tendency people have to want to see the X-Men start with the original five is probably based more on people who read X-Factor in the 90′s since the original comic was not a huge seller at all. Saying a whole movie dedicated to them would be a hit is a guessing game but, overall having a better defined starting point would make trying to tell a cohesive series of stories over several movies easier.

            The point you bring up about average movie goers being confused if they did an actual re-boot with the original five (and possibly the second group of recruits) like Star Trek did is kind of confusing since that would be the point of a re-boot. Fox and the producers deciding to dump the actual re-boot script and use characters from pretty much every decade might have confused people who didn’t know or caused those who did to create unfavorable word of mouth.

            And at the end of the day for me with these films is that as someone with decent knowledge of the X-Men up until at least the mid-90′s the feeling I come away with is that they never explain what is going on in their “universe” properly. They leave holes in plots and character development that viewers either have to fill it with whatever they know, or make-up themselves in a best case scenario. Worst case scenario is people are apathetic to the movies and don’t go watch them.

          • I agree. The movies are in a whole separate universe from the comics. What happens in movies will (most likely) not be continued or even mentioned in the comics, which is a good thing. I don’t know what I’d do if the movies universe and the comics universe merged together. It’d be an apocalypse!

    • The only movie this summer that could be considered a bigger success than First Class is Rise of the Planet of the Apes. Neither of these films were intended to be the huge summer blockbusters that Thor, Green Lantern or Captain America were intended to be. As I noted above, in terms of budget vs. box office FC and PotA made more money, were critically well praised, and while having smaller than typical opening blockbuster weekends had a great deal of staying power in theatres. Huge numbers are impressive, but when you add in huge budgets, those numbers can get small really fast.

  9. This is an intelligent post. Im glad to have read it. It kind of contradicts my usual thinking on these sort of films but also confirms my thinking.
    too many movies get totally ruined because film makers want to throw in some flash: effects, music, star power for profit sake.
    this is only a bad idea because it gets abused as a power. Like too much salt on food. You don’t want to embellish to try to mask a bad film. (Batman 4)
    but highlight and dress up greatness.
    But summertime is blockbuster time and that means a whole lot of immaculate meals being judged and sorted through.
    So you kinda WANT to spice up a production if you can. Here was a really great bit of film making. Rushed or not. But competing with TRANSFORMERS, CAPTAIN AMERICA, A SLEW OF OTHER ON-GAME FILMS, AND HARRY POTTER!!??
    A great film needs to present FABULOUS at this time of year. You WANT star power. You WANT effects and glitz and the works now that it is already a great film to begin with.
    maybe in September or november this would have worked.
    but you come to battle, you’re supposed to be geared up.
    bacon was great. Everyone was. But where was that force that shows that the moviemakers were the top dogs that they are. Worthy of our summer movie time and (many) dollars?

  10. Good point.
    to the moviemakers: DUH!
    simply put? Look at LORD OF THE RINGS TRILOGY (and forthcoming films) and the HARRY POTTER franchise and their fan base and their box office bragging rights.
    excellent movie making and 100% attention and commitment to the source material.

    Imagine that added to ANY of the comic to film movies. RAIMI kept it close to source material with SPIDERMAN 1 and created history. He started straying in 2&3 and nearly got shut down. But still kept it pretty close and has made nearly a billion with the three movies right?
    technology is abundant these days. And actors WANT to be heroes. And comic movies is the trend. No guess work needed. Do it right and we will buy tickets.

  11. Also it teaches that producers choose scenarios to the movie without even checking them on google. expl:villa gessell=beach city not mountain scenary= villa la angostura.

    • Even the New Testament has a mistake like that. In the New Testament, there’s a scene where Jesus commands some pigs to run to the sea but the place where Jesus was supposed to be at the time was too far inland for it to happen as described. People have argued that the author’s just got the name of the place wrong. It’s a bit much giving First Class a hard time for this then, isn’t it?

  12. As a system developer I know what you’re talking about when pointing out that enough time and revision is the key to a great product. Good things can come out of a tight schedule, but not if wanting to create something out of the ordinary…

  13. First the first two X-men movies was based on 3 thirty min cartoons.
    X-men one they replaced Apocalypse with Magneto when he tried to turn human into mutants. Check X-men Evolution Season 5. The last two episodes when the brotherhood and the X-men stopped Apocalypse from doing. Then the Wolverine Sabretooth saga. They acted like they don’t know each other?

    Rogue was adopted by Mystique and hidden away. Mystique hated Magneto and in X-men they were almost like life long partners. That kid in X-men 3 who can take away mutant powers was again ripped from X-men Evolution Season 5 the last two episodes. Rogue used he’s powers to stop Apocalypse. 3 X-men movies ripped from a hour cartoon. The Phoenix Saga. The biggest junk and messing up of a comic book series ever done by hollywood. Wolverine killing Jean Grey. They killed a entire series by 3 movies. Then after that ok lets start over. X-men : Origins. The same bull. Deadpool doing a Barakka of Mortal Combat. Are you kidding me. Then First Class. The storyline of Sebastian Shaw. Magneto has nothing to do with Sebastian Shaw. If they did they’re homework they couldve done the Phoenix Saga together with Sebastians Shaws character. Because that were he was really known for. For releasing the dark phoenix. Not Magneto! Magneto didn’t kill him nor had anything or clashes with him. Emma Frost betrayed Sebastian and he tried to wipe he from existence. One question though. Where is The Scarlet Witch?

    • they ripped off the cartoon? No, they took stories and idea from the comics to create a new story so that we weren’t simply watching a live comic, knowing exactly what would happen next. Like any Comic film, its not ‘ripping off’ is taking ideas to create something old and new fans can like. Comics aren’t like books where people wants to see it closer, Comic films gives you the chance to expand and do stuff you can’t do in other book adaptations. See what happens with the narnia films:they sucked because they drifted. X-Men1-2 + First Class were good because they took staple ideas and made something new. X-Men 3 had an alright story just awful director and bad delivery.
      Sure Wolvy Origins was pretty crap. But I hate to break it to you, Wolverine does kill Jean.

      X-Men first class was a good semi-reboot that keeps everything in line with the current films; wolverine origins excluded. But i for one am looking forward to seeing a sequel to x-men first class.

    • hiiii this very nice movie

  14. I actually really loved this film, I thought it was fantastic and I loved seeing Professor X younger, that was the highlight for me. The moment he got shot was one of the best movie moments I’ve had :D
    But…then again, I love most movies I see, so…maybe I’m just weird. :)

    • @ Kylie

      I too enjoyed the film alot. I loved seeing Mageneto slowly claim his destiny as did Charles by the time the movie ended. As much i enjoyed Ian McKellan’s performance as Magneto, i enjoyed Michael’s performance aswell as his seemed alittle more radical when it comes savaging the mutant race. I loved the scene when Erice let’s out his rage after Shaw kills his mother when he’s a kid & when Charles & Raven first meet. Aslo enjoyed how Magneto used that same coin to kill Shaw after the count to 3,lol.

      You’re not weird because i enjoy most superhero films that came out. Some more so than others. Heck i even got Supergirl on dvd just because of it’s connection to the Christopher Reeve Superman films & Batman & Robin just because i enjoyed the previous three films in that Batman franchise just as examples, lol. I love movies myself that i always have my sister borrowing old ones & new ones i buy. I havn’t took the time to count how many i have but my family thinks i got enough to start a rental store which i doubt. But i have quite a few because i had to make extra room in my den.

      • @WallyWest

        I’m glad I’m not the only one with a big movie collection, my siblings are always borrowing them too…leaving me to hunt them down when none are returned!

        I have to say, Michael’s performance was great…and the coin thing, yup, that was a very interesting scene to say the least. Mystique, oddly enough, was my favorite character, possibly because I could relate to her and the whole arc of her character – if I relate to a character then I’m sold on the film. ^^;

        • @ Kylie

          I know what you mean about Mystique. I forgot to mention how i also loved that scen when Eric lifts that weight & lectures her about how she focuses her powers to make herself look human when half the other time she’s not paying attention to stuff around her. Somthing like that. Honestly, i can relate myself to alot of characters of the X-Men comics. Wolverine in particular. Like in the first film & in his cameo appearance, i could see myself act the sameway as not really want to be joined to etheir side. I feel the same way about if i can relate to a character in any film, im sold. When it comes to comic book films though, id say the closet i could relate myself to is clark Kent/Superman,lol.

  15. The only thing I didnt like about entire film was Emma Frost, her character was so weak. If they shoot another film I hope they dont bring January Jones back. Just thought she was horrible as Emma!

    • @ Anti-Septic

      I rather liked Emma Frost in the film. Not as great as her comic book counter part, but in other superhero films ive seen it’s the samething in more ways than one. Imo it wasn’t perfect or great but it also wasn’t as terrible or weak as people make it out to be. If a sequel happens, hopefully theres little improvement in character. Atleast her diamond form looked better than that other Emma’s in X-men Origins: Wolverine.

    • I agree. She was awful- but so was Mystique and every other female character. Was it the acting, the directing or the writing? In the case of Mystique, I think the acting was about as bad as I’ve ever seen. Did you notice in the “prep” sequence where the recruits were all supposed to be practicing their skills that Mystique was just randomly lifting weights- and did nothing to develop whatever powers she had. She just struggled with her “sense of self” the whole time. Oh, woe is me, I’m blue! Blech. The others may never have been given any decent material to work with.

      Director: “Just stand there and look mad… and sexy!” … “Ok, now look happy… and sexy!” … “Surprised! You must look sexy and surprised!” … “No! No thinking! Just sexy!”

  16. XMen first class should never have been made, Very few of the actors can actually act. Story line makes little sense and geez mine aswell had the whole female cast made up of hooker super heros… I will not be in any hurry to watch future xmen movies… after wolverine origins how could you go so wrong?

  17. all of u are stupid.as u can see,in final scene in x men wolverine origin, profesor x was standing at the helicopter waiting for the young mutant.but in the x men – first class,he were paralysed at the end of the mvie.then,the next days use his wheelchair.how can he still standing at the x men origin,but in the same time,he paralysed in the end of the first class movie?in first class,after he paralyse,then he continue to search for mutants….i hope the director will do they homework if they want to make another movie in xmen series.and u can see the character of colonel that made wolverine, in xmen 2,he come again.but,in x men wolverine,he been caught by the goverment for killing the cmander..how can he still can show up in x men 2?yet,he been caught for killing at x men wolverine?doesnt make sense

  18. Whoa Justice Leage. I wait for watch this movie now

  19. I was unaware of the ‘controversy’ surrounding the build up to this movie as I purposely try to avoid reading such stuff :P Preconceptions are bad when it comes to movies.

    I thought the movie was really good, I liked the changes and I liked the fact it felt like a new story. I’ve already seen the “x-men” story unveil multiple times before in different formats and I think this movie is exactly what the franchise needed.

    Fanboys avoiding movies (of this quality) are only hurting themselves. Since they make it less likely for companies to make “X-men” related media. I certainly wouldn’t bother myself if I made something this good and had people boycotting it.

  20. i would like to make a short but too the point statement. I used to read comic books and X men was one of them. I do not care which characters they used as long as they were beleivable in the roles they portrayed. I thought this was a great movie, I know people pick it apart for different reasons and you have the right to do that. For those people who want to see a great movie that was well acted, this is it. If you are going to pick the movie apart, then you will never be happy no matter what they do. Which in my eyes is a waste.

    Don’t leave out the 3D when other movies aren’t!

    In a crowded space, why would I see this,when there are other super hero movies (no! make that, OTHER MOVIES in 3D period!) that give me an experience I can’t get at home.

    More rant:
    You have Thor in 3D, Captain America, and Green Lantern.

    Adding to this overly crowded 3D summer, pirates, and Transformers, and Harry Potter – ALL in 3D and Giant IMAX Screens!

    And now you want to put out another fantasy/superhero movie?. without the 3D? and expect to beat them?!!

    Bottom line: People decided to wait for X-Men to come out on DVD rental. Even if it was still a good movie (3 stars).

  22. This movie sucked. It was extremely boring. It was better that the first Hulk movie, but not by much. The best part of it was the Hellfire Club. Like it’s said, “Great actors can’t make a bad script good.”

    Aside: The New ST movie was good. It’s an alternate reality. They only changed a few non-essential things like the Enterprise being built in Iowa instead of SF. Boo hoo.

    • It looked good in Iowa but the original Enterprise was built in orbit, John, which just made more sense. :-)

  23. The X-men movies are some of my favourite moves. Great, interesting.

    • @ Personal Finance

      I agree. I remember when the first time i seen the first film. I noticed their costumes being black all too same lookin somewhat but didn’t care since X-Men was finally brought to the big screen.

      Besides Marvel Studios films, the X-Men franchise is the best imo.

  24. Ok, the one thing “learned” was complete bull. Magneto is just Anikin Skywalker and turns simply to the dark side on long term anger and vengance in all of Hollywood’s outings.

    In the comic, Magnus practically settled after escaping in the first war and was living modestly with a wife and new born daughter. Despite what one may think, this second event which led to his breaking the law and need for going into hiding is the bigger of the two sparks for his personality. Had the second event never occur, there’s a good chance he‘d stay with his family and grow away from this other nature.

    This event is similar to whites burning a black’s home and killing relatives in the process, ruining a life and leading to mistrust. He’s pass the breaking point and can never return to living the normal life he had. Instead, this spark is given to a lone mutant for killing his mother, leaving less a reason for building his ideas on coexistence with mankind.

    This leaves only the concentration camps for the reasoning of Magneto’s views, but even the comic knew the camps wouldn’t be enough. That prejudice had long since resided for the most part and the camps were put to rest. The camps only served as a source of dread towards what man’s power could very well do again. He left Charles by his own traits and overall experiences with mankind. Without his backing, Magneto is truly only a shell of his former self.

    Sorry elites but it aint fanboyism. None of you know what technical adapting is. Its not to invent once 1 to 1 (letter) doesn’t deserve adapting. The source will always be superficial in a way, as a technical adapting of something requires simply to make a condensed representation of it, down to both a story summery treatment and the idea or intent, removing the saturated fat such as execution and presentation flaws. They must be differentiated.

    With how primitively written a summery is, one may execute or present such events anyway wanted and flesh out the rest with material that fits the storyline and its intent. It’s only then that they go into the letter of the source to find additional notes and research.

    This IS NOT what they are doing here. These inventions can be reinserted back into the source from day one, with all the same presentation values, whereas any other film maker would repeat the entire scenario again and again, at random. It doesn‘t pin point the real problems at all, as the ideas by condensed representation are not their execution. There are too many possibilities in adapting that treatment into a script and too many ways for a talented movie maker to interpret that script as epically or entertainingly as possible on screen..

    • Further, the first film, in a way, lets you imagine the rest as correct; however, it prints only the camps did anything.

      The camps aren’t enough. The second event is what leads sense into any of this, as without it Magneto is a RETARD bigot doing things without anything really behind it.

  25. I’m not a comic fan- I’m posting this as a fan of action movies in general. As an action film fanatic, I don’t look for a lot of character development, but I expected more from this film- even in passing. I haven’t read all these comments, but I’m posting this because it has to be said: What the heck happened to strong female characters???

    Honestly, the people who made this movie should be totally embarrassed to have put together an entire film without a single intelligent, strong female character. It’s shameful. Say what you will about the other X-Men movies- but every single one of them had better women. Even “Last Stand” for goodness sakes- and I hated that movie!

    I actually liked the film overall and I’m a huge fan of Fassbender and McAvoy. Yet this whole film was ruined for me when I realized they really weren’t going to bother with a decent female supporting role. Let’s recap: we have a selfish, shallow stripper, Mystique who is apparently dumb as a post and has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old, a blond bomb shell who does nothing but what her master tells her to and an open-minded, but incompetent agent. Did I forget anyone?

    The last line from the agent’s debriefing says it all: “This is why we shouldn’t allow women to be agents!” I know it was supposed to be funny, but honestly I was embarrassed because I would have felt the same way- AND I’M A WOMAN!

    It was jokingly said to me that since this was set back in the 60′s (or whenever) that women just hadn’t evolved yet, so this was true to form. Yeah, funny. If they were trying to capture the sexism of the times, they could have done it without actually selling women short in the film.

    This might rank low on the list of issues for most people, but the bottom line is that if you want to make a decent movie, having a decent female character makes a big difference. This movie was pathetic. Such a disappointment considering the strong women who actually appear in Marvel comics.

    • Wow, this thread is still going. E-mail surprised me! Anyway, you are dead-on about the way the women were depicted in this movie. Being set in the 60′s is a good way to slip out of it, but if you were a fan of the comics then even some aspects of the original movies had an element of watering down the female characters greatly.

      Storm became a much stronger character when she eventually became leader(after losing her powers); Jean Grey was seen as weak until the Phoenix story-arc (in the movie she follows Magneto after killing Xavier for some unknown reason); and Rogue was just turned into Kitty Pryde (which was awkward when they actually gave Kitty a speaking part).

      Mystique was so over-used in the series, but has never been anything more then a lackey to Magneto. Calisto was leader of the Morlocks in the books and just did the follow Magneto dance that all these movies live and die by. DeathStrike was a brain-washed mute that was just there for Wolverine to kill.

      But if it’s any comfort to you, they short-changed almost all the male characters too. So it’s just an overall lack of character development, First Class just added gratuitous lingerie shots to the mix…

  26. I Believe they were spot on with Friendship and Relationship inbettween Charles and Eric and how that Friendship and Relationship became A rivalary and how they became enenies, but in the case of Sebachian Shaw as Eric pointed out vebally earier on being The Creator of Frankenstestien’s Monster Victor Frankenstestien with him [Eric] as The Monster of Frankenstestien means that Sebachian created the monster in him by robbing him of his childhood and rendering without a mother thus making him more of a father figure to Eric and using him to unleash his power of Magnesim through anger and Sadness as a weapon. how Charles Xaiver became Professor X, how Eric Lensherr Became Magneto and how the X Men were created but recuiting will be not until later, why Mystique Joined Magneto rather than taking care of Charles and becoming a nudist due to Magneto’s speech about not hidding who you are, and sticking with magneto as his righthand woman and her Hatred towards Xavier which is hinted in The X Men Saga but not seen in X Men First Class, what happened to Moria Mectaggart after her mind wipe by Xaiver and losing her Job in The CIA. what happened to Azazel and angel Salvatore and Emma Frost\The White Queen and Riptide after the events in X Men first Class and when will magneto create The Brother of Mutants along with Happened to orginal X Men and so forth. thanks for lisening!

  27. Anyone notice that xavier was bald and walking in the opening scences of last stand but still had hair and in a wheel chair at the end of first class,
    Xavier and Magneto are still friends at the begining of last stand, yet they fall out at the end of firstclass.

    They run the school together in the begining of last stand yet xavier starts it on his own in first class.
    In my opinion the story line in first class conflicts with the other movies.

    Not very well thought out, they could have at least taken the time to review the other movies.

    • The problem is they got new actors to play Xavier and Magneto and they hadn’t cast the roles when they did X-Men: Last Stand. They just made Stewart and McKellen look younger. It’s not a mistake really. Otherwise you could claim it is a mistake that James Bond is now blonde when he’s had dark hair for twenty movies.

  28. WRONG! This movie was awful on all fronts. Saying altering source material can be a good thing is just obscene, when you take into account that the brand name X-Men is a COMIC PROPERTY and it is popular because of the STORY. Changing the story changes the whole 50 year history. Which is what causes the fanboy rage. It makes no sense to take a property that is incredibly popular because of it’s story and then change almost the entire story and expect it to do well. Not to mention this was a horrible cast. A problem with casting a comic movie is that the characters are already defined physically and if you don’t cast right it comes off as horrible. Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw was gut wrenchingly bad. Really!? KEVIN FREAKING BACON!?

    • You can’t really get too hung up on how the characters look in these comic book adaptions, that would be asking for allot. Comic books are not known for being very anatomically accurate and depending on who the artist was the look of a character can vary drastically. Things that look good in the 2-D format of print or even animation does not always translate well into real life. That is just a practical fact of the game.

      On the other hand the stories, personalities and context of the characters is something that can be captured correctly on film, and that is where these movies lose fans most of the time. It seems like due to lack of time, or ability to juggle a large of characters, the X-Men series has suffered in particular from characters just being set pieces. They have them use their powers for a few seconds, and if they are lucky they get a few lines, and that’s it. Video game level bosses get more build up these days and that’s the way some of the movies feel.

  29. I’m an X-Men fan from way back (before there were two books, let alone 60), my favorite characters remain Havok and Nightcrawler. First Class is a flawed film from the get go but not a bad one even ignoring the time shift of putting Alex in the 60′s and let’s not talk about Azazel. The movie was meant to set up Xavier and Magneto and failed to do that in a convincing manner. It just didn’t work there because Xavier already had a relationship with Raven. I’m not saying that was bad, but there seems to be a scene missing where Erik and Charles meet for the first time. There’s an underlying mood in the flick that says they did and if it had been included their relationship would have made much more sense.

    The film holds together because Vaughn’s a talented director and the flaws can be ignored. Unlike Last Stand, which is a steaming pile and Brett Ratner isn’t fit to direct someone in the general direction of the men’s room.

    And not giving Banshee more lines in that hideous accent was for the best all around.