5 Things We Learned From ‘X-Men: First Class’

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X Men First Class Riptide 5 Things We Learned From X Men: First Class

When we posted our preview for the 2011 Superhero Movie Showdown, we said that X-Men: First Class was going to be the biggest wildcard of the summer 2011 Movie Season.

The movie had a lot of issues from the get go – a rushed production schedule, a loose interpretation of X-Men lore, no headlining stars, confusion over its continuity – but it also had the promise of  a great director (Matthew Vaughn), some great leading actors (James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender) and the return of X-Men movie guru Bryan Singer to the franchise he started back in 2000.

Now that X-Men: First Class has debuted in theaters to critical acclaim but a lukewarm first-week box office, it seems that all the uproar and debate that erupted in comment threads all over the Internet for years now will end without any clear “winner” being decided. The angry fanboys who claimed the film would be a stillborn bastard weren’t correct in their assessment – and neither were the unabashedly optimistic believers who said the film would be the best X-Men and/or comic book movie ever. As always, the truth ended  up somewhere in the middle…

So, it is that even-keeled middle ground we will stand on as we explore “The 5 Things We Learned from X-Men: First Class.

Before we begin, be sure to read our official X-Men: First Class review to know where we stand in regard to the film.


5. You Can’t Rush a Movie to Greatness

As much as I enjoyed First Class, one thing that irked me while watching it (and will likely irk me forever) was seeing all the points where “the seams” of the film showed through. By “seams,” I mean all the places where there clearly wasn’t time or attention given to touch up a shot, or polish some hokey dialogue; time to sit back and look at the script and decide which themes and aspects of the story were working most effectively (Xavier / Magneto), and which ones needed to be toned down or outright cut from the story (the auxiliary mutants who served little purpose).

If you really watch First Class closely, the lack of revision and refinement slowly becomes more and more apparent. There was definitely a great film in there, somewhere – but unfortunately I don’t believe Matthew Vaughn had adequate time to reach it, despite the praises of some fans and critics.

'First Class' director Matthew Vaughn and co-writer Jane Goldman

Green Lantern and Captain America are two more comic book movies that are racing to meet strict deadlines, and both of them have had longer production schedules than First Class‘s ridiculously short 10-month production schedule. When you have a film that requires a large ensemble cast, shooting locations all over the world, a complicated multi-storyline script, and plenty of effects-heavy action sequences, there needs to be ample time to fit all the many pieces together into a cohesive, polished, final product.From what we’ve heard, Matthew Vaughn’s experience making First Class included everything from on-the-fly script rewrites and reshoots, to eleventh-hour races to get all the effects in place for opening day.

Having been in the writing game for a decade now, I can tell: you can indeed produce something good in a rushed fashion, if the deadline demands it and you have the focus; however, something great absolutely requires time for a creator to be able to step back, assess his/her work, and decide what improvements should be made. Revision is the key to brilliance. You take away that time from any creative artist, and the art is ultimately going to be diminished. First Class was no exception.

Like I said, watching this movie in the future is really going to irk me: there’s nothing worse than looking at what is, while constantly imagining what could’ve been. Just ask my ex-girlfriend about that one ;-).


The bad side of brand recognition…

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  1. I agree with the fact that films are going to differ from the comic counterpart but some comic films go to far, x-men first class differs alittle but on an acceptble level but some go to put it lightly off the rails like spiderman or the first hulk or fantastic four.

    Spider-man 4 well Amazing Spider-man as it is known as now, really gets on my nerves I always have to question the choices behind this one, you have a perfect film where you have an actor who not only makes the viewer feel the character but looks and acts the part but you have every detail right, only for you to sack the actor and director to bring in some lame reboot that completely destroys the story with a new actor that for a lack of a better word sucks ass for an actor who was excelent in the role, to changing the costume and then to changing the actual storyline as well, which for me destroys it to much for me to even think of seeing this new version.

    Fantastic four for me was an epic fail the story was good don’t get me wrong but the actors OMG the actors geez talk about bad, I mean the only decent one was chris evans but with the rumors of the civil war coming to the big screen (the marvel civil war comic fans will know this well) how is chris evans going to play captain america and johnny storm?
    reboot on the fan four?
    Mayebe well I hope so because if i was evans I’d stick with the capt good acting on his part from what I’ve seen of it…….but I degress the general feel of the fan four movie wasn’t quite right I didn’t feel any of the characters hit the nail on the head with their roles.

    Hulk was well to cgi for me, but then again alot was wrong with the film and to be honest as a true fan I could list the lot but it would take me a week or so.

    I don’t just hate the film counterparts I do love some of them but i have questions as to why some films do what they do like captain america in 1990 they did the suit perfectly but in the 2011 remake they make slight but noticable errors like the wings on the head of the suit or the fact hes got straps all over the place, why keep changing the hulk pick one and stick with it please, changing histories of characters like no captain america in x-men origins: wolverine and no wolverine in captain america everyone knows america and logan served together in ww2 but because of money they won’t feature in each others films come ON PEOPLE stop changing the best parts about our favorate characters.

    But like my girlfriend says everyones entitled to their opinions and such, and film makers are no different but its due to these kinds of things and changes that some marvel films flop and some don’t, the more to the story the better it does the less to the story it is the worse it does……take daredevil way way way way off base and some like me wish they could forget ben afflec was ever daredevil but we can’t and it flopped big time yet wolverine was more to the story and it has made $373,062,864 yet daredevil only made $179,179,718 big difference huh?

    What they need to remember is these films they are making are already established stories where the fans are really fond of the characters, and if the stories are changed in anyway the true fans will notice and sales will be effected, the true fans like accuracy and if something isn’t accurate then it’s not worth it.

  2. I don’t mind a film maker changing things round a bit if it makes a better movie. I loved first class, it was my favourite X-Men movie. Yeah some of the characters were pointless and a little too obscure, yeah Magneto had an Irish accent for the last 10 minutes of the film, yeah Alex is supposed to be younger than Scott but surely these can be ignored because it was an awesome movie. Honestly, stories change in the comics all the time as well. How many different marvel universes are there? Each one has vast differences from the others. The thing is with superheroes is that everyone has their own idea of who they are and what they should do. Look at Batman, Does he kill people or not? Personally I don’t see Batman having any trouble wiping out a few goons if they get in his way but sometimes he’s completely against killing. It all comes down to what the writer thinks and who they think that particular hero should be. All they can do is show the world their vision and hope other people like it, if not then their view of that character won’t change.

  3. In the comics, Batman did kill. Whether it was necessary or not. But bottomline is on film, they always change things from the comics, especially things around the characters.

    • Rofl ok Wally ok. So when Batman gets all preachy about how killing is wrong and being overly violent is wrong he is just covering him self going out and killing random people ? Do you read the comics?

      • @ Daniel F

        It was in the Early Years of the character’s creation. It was the 1st Batman story ” The Case Of The Chemical Sydicate” which was published in Detective Comics #27 of May 1939. Batman was originally written in the style of the pulps, & this influence was evident Batman showing little remorse over killing or maiming criminals. Yes, ive read the comics. If read the comics yourself, you’d know im right. Even in Batman Begins, Ra’s on that train before it crashed was leaving him to die which would be against his code despite what Batman said to him.

        • Bingo. Personally I don’t think it makes sense for Batman to be against killing his enemies. Fair enough for scouts like Superman or Captain America or a nice kid like Spider-man but the whole point of Batman is that he’s darker and a little more twisted than the others.

          • You are very Right Abaddon_Almighty Batman is the darker of all the comic book characters but like Daniel F says Batman wouldn’t just go out to kill random’s like WallyWest is suggesting he would, yes in the early days of Batman he wouldn’t think twice about “offing” a crimial but he didn’t kill everyone he met otherwise he’d be no more a hero than the joker and that’s just not the Batman that was written in any of the comics

            But we are all degressing away from the topic of this post, was First Class good enough by comic book fans standards or did hollywood change far to much about the story we all love, my opinion right now is yeah they have changed it too much but having refused to watch it due to certain changes, I may have to watch it to make my own mind up, where as the new spiderman movie i will never watch as it does not in anyway stick to the spiderman we all know, and I was very very very dissapointed in the x-men movies having loved the comics and the cartoons, but to watch the movies and how much they have changed everything really dissappointed me, but again I can’t really say who is right or wrong about whether this is good or not, I’m watching captain america on my birthday and even though there are afew changes (suit being one of them) I have seen nothing to tell me that the base story is changed maybe when I see it I’ll know but for now I am looking forward to it.

            • Nah, Batman would kill in a fight but he wouldn’t just murder random civilians for fun.

              Yeah, I liked First Class a lot, it was different but I didn’t really mind because I found it was good on it’s own merrit. I keep changing my mind about the new Spider-Man, I hate the costume design and I hate that they’re making Peter more of a skater kid than a proper geek. But I dunno, from the teaser trailer it looks like it might be alright, the design for the lizard is quite cool, I thought they were gonna try and make it too realistic, just make it so he had a skin condition that made him look scaley or something stupid like that. Captain America looks amazing imo :) and I was never a huge fan of Cap.

          • Then you have not been a batman fan for the past 50 years. Because Batman does not kill.

        • Wally I would hope that you know that is not with in continuity. That was never with in continuity because it’s from before official continuity even existed. Those comics have been declared NOT batman for decades upon decades. So no Batman DOES NOT KILL. Have you read a Batman Comic from the past 60 years? He not only doesn’t kill, but is fairly preachy about it. You site one old outdated comic that is not and never has been in continuity as a way to say that Batman is a murderer? You may as well be quoting a Marvel what if comic to prove a point about something. Batman does not kill.

          • nice. why has wally gone all silent?

          • @ Daniel F

            You are not in position to tell me im not a Batman fan. I don’t insult your intelligence, so don’t insult mine. Batman has killed in the comics before rather you want to deny it or not. Like any other comic book character, Batman writers changed the character to his no killing policy. Things always change around characters in comics over the years. I never said Batman was murderer. He’d kill when it called for it sort of speak. Only thing was, he wouldn’t use a gun because that was the weapon Joe Chill used on his parents. Batman has killed, not anymore.

            • I didn’t insult your intelligence anywhere WTF are you even talking about?

              It’s simple Wally. You keep saying Batman kills as if it’s who the character is. It’s not. It’s been established for decades that Batman DOES NOT kill. He is completely against it. He DOES NOT “Kill when it calls for it”. I’m not denying that he killed in the late 30′s in comics books that are not a part of current or any continuity. Continuity in comics didn’t even really exist back then.

              You say comics change things all the time, but there is something that hasn’t changed in decades and that’s that under no circumstance what so ever does Batman kill. There are some out of continuity stories where he does, but it’s called Continuity for a raeson. What is in continuity is what the character is. Anyone can write a batman story and make him do what ever they want, but if it’s not in continuity than it’s not Batman.

              I’m not the one denying that Batman has killed at some point DC Comics is. They are the ones who do not include it in continuity. The Batman that currently exists and has existed for decades now has never and will never kill. That’s an undeniable fact the character him self says it in nearly every story of the last 30 years.

              I’ve got a comic book where the X-men are in fairy tales. it’s a sort of esleworlds comic. Does that mean that since that comic says it Wolverine is a Frog ?

              If it’s not official it’s not a part of the character.

              Are you still gonna try to claim that Batman that is in the comics now and has been for decades is willing to kill? Are you gonna keep making that claim because over 70 years ago out of continuity he killed?

              • @ Daniel F

                You know damn well what im talkin about. I simply implied Batman killed in the comics, only when it was necessary but never depicted him as a murderer. You are in complete denial over the fact how the character’s code was like in earlier comics before the No Kill policy came about afterwards years ago. Thing i pointed out much eariler is Batman has killed in the Comics before. Like the things that change around the characters like Batman & other heroes over the years, so does continuity.It’s not a claim, it’s Fact rather you want to deny it or not. This conversation is over we’ll have to agree to disagree obviously.

                • Again wally it’s not me in denial at all it’s DC comics. According to them that never happened by not including it in continuity. All that matters in the world of comics is Official Continuity other wise you could use thousands of books and comics to make claims about the characters. That’s like Defining Captain Jean Luc Picard by the crummy fan fiction out there.

                  If it’s not official continuity than it never officially happened. It’s that simple.

                  • @ Daniel F

                    It was the Point i mading around Abaddon_Almighty’s comment in the first place. During the character’s early years before the Offcial Continuity issue you makin. You tried to make sound like i was makin Batman to be murderer. I wasn’t because he didn’t kill everyone he encountered. Once & for all i made the point that Batman had killed in the comics. Google search it or on Yahoo. Again my point was made that Batman has killed in the comics. Before the official Continuity till this day. Im done with this conversation.

                • We all know damn well what you were talking about. You said “bottomline is on film, they always change things from the comics, especially things around the characters”. The fact is Batman DOESN’T kill in the comics. It wasn’t that they changed Batman’s character for the movies from somebody who went around killing people to somebody who didn’t. Quite the opposite in fact: in Batman Returns they had Batman burn a guy to death with the Batmobile. (He backed up and started the car with the guy behind him.) That was the reason Michael Keaton cited for not wanting to do another Batman movie: in the comics Batman doesn’t kill people and he didn’t think Batman should kill people in the movies either.

                  • @ Martin

                    I said om done this conversation & I wasn’t even talkin about the films except Batman Begins. Fact is Batman did kill BEFORE in the comics which im wasting my time pointing out obviously. There’s differance between how Batman debuted in the comics & the Official Continuity till this day. Reasons Michael Keaton didn’t wanna come back as Batman was mainly because of the direction that WB was wanting to take the franchise into a more family friendly approach & would only return if Burton was directing. He did meet with Schumacher about the film about decline over what ideas he had for the next film, one maybe nipples on the Batsuits perhaps? But it was mostly when Burton stepping down as director & where the studio wanted to take the franchise.

                    • Really? You were “only” talking about Batman Begins when you said “they always change things from the comics”? The fact is that Batman did kill people in the Burton films so if all you’ve seen are the Burton films and an old reprint from the 30s then you might have had the impression that Batman went around killing people the comics. He didn’t. SO Batman Begins didn’t change Batman from the comics. Burton’s Batman did.

                  • @ Martin

                    Maybe if you read one of my responses to Daniel F more clearly, you’d realize ive mentioned even in Batman Begins that Batman went against his code by leaving Ras to die on the train when it crashed. If Batman stood by his code, he’d knock out Ras & get him off the train. Other than that i was goin by the comics, not by the films. Sorry to say that Burton’s films didn’t change Batman. How many times have i repeated myself? Batman debuted killing people, not everyone. Then they lighted him up with the No Kill code & its been like that in the official continuity since. I don’t see how people can’t understand to do a Google search & see for themselves. it was Detective Comics #27 of May 1939. Batman killed in the comics rather in you’re in denial or not. End of Conversation! Period!

                    • Maybe you should reread your own diatribes before you post because then you won’t be contradicting yourself every time. You said the movies changed the character of Batman from the comics. You claimed Batman killed people in the comics. Now you are saying Batman only killed once in the comics and that the character of Batman was changed in the comics, not in the movies, and that you were only talking about Batman Begins and not movies in general anyway. You seriously need help.

                  • @ Martin

                    Obviously you can’t read very well. I never said the movies changed the character from the comics. Ive stated things change around the character in the comics AND that i only mentioned to Daniel F that Batman didn’t go by his No Kill code in Batman Begins! I don’t know what parts you don’t understand. You’re twisting my words up & insulting me. Im done wasting my time with people who are in such denial of FACTS & refuse to do research. THIS CONSERVATION IS OVER AS I WON’T WASTE MY TIME WITH THOSE WHO DENY FACTS.

                    • You said “on film, they always change things from the comics” and “in the comics, Batman did kill”. Apparently quoting you directly is the same to you as twisting your words and insulting you. Are you going to say for a fifth time that you aren’t going to post anymore on this topic?

  4. Hated it for the simple reason that, even following its own previous movies,wolverine & xmen 3 seems to be asking too much from these stupid non comic book reading mofos, they mess up the simple yet biggest event in prof x life him going crippled… Now tell me why he was walking in both those films all old (Cpt. Pickard) yet he was crippled at a youg age according to the latest film, even x-men 3 was the very first scene to even open up the movie like it was a big deal.guess researching the last films is even too much work to do in 10 months of shooting. Pftt. People can make excuses and say was awesome, but obviously the movie was nothing that was expected… This is y James cameron can make a film about a sinking ship then be the only person to break his own record breaking box office hit with blue aliens with humans inside the aliens. It’s ALL ABOUT THE DETAILS, even if your making them up, it has to flow or your not payingthe attention needed to the LITTLE DETAILS

    • If you’d ben paying attention, you’d realise that in the first scene of X-Men 3, Xavier had thin metal chains running down the inside of his trouser legs. Magneto was making him walk, duh. :P

      In all seriousness though, that is a good point, I rememberred that he was bald and walking in Wolverine Oranges but just discounted that because there were so many other continuity issues with First Class and Oranges that I assumed they weren’t meant to be connected. For the most part First Class and the trilogy fit well enough so I assumed they were meant to be seen together. Ahh well, I still enjoyed it.

      • Prof X can walk after being in a wheel chair a few times in the comics, only to end up back in a wheel chair again and people do go bald. Most bald men do have hair at some point in their life and men can go completlely bald in a few years. Even if they start out with a full head of hair.

        • Avatar

          Despite all our disagreements and all of my problems with XFC (there are many) I agree completely with you here.

          IMO there are many big problems with this movie both as an adaptation and a film in general, but Prof X having hair isn’t one of them. Men lose hair all the time and lets be honest he may of had fluffy hair in XFC but it’s receding obviously. He could of easily lost it all with in a matter of years or simply lost so much that he gave up and simply shaved. Most completely Bald people can still grow hair but choose to be completely bald because it looks better than the alternative.

          • It does seem silly that with all the problems in this film, (yes, I admit they were there,) especially the ones we discussed, that someone would focus on something like hair loss.

  5. I guess there is no place for black faces in Super Hero movies? Oh yeah, that’s right, there was the one guy…they managed to get rid of him quickly.

    And I personally liked the fact that the Green Lantern was black in the action cartoon series. At least there was some balance.

    But America shows its prejudice when presenting what’s really super in Real Life.

    • oh yes, cause every character in x-men has been a white American…guess you never saw x-men 1-3 in which one of the main characters is black, let alone dozens of other supporting characters of various nationalities. And I’m assuming you have forgotten about Angel who is black and in the film the entire time.
      And yea sure the Green Lantern was black in the cartoon, but thats because he was a different green lantern as apposed to the first, Hal Jordan.
      And so you know, the director of x-men first class is English not american.
      So please don’t speak unless you know what you’re talking about.

    • Dont forget about all those white CIA agents who died. And Shaw. He died too. They were all white. Om my God! XMFC must hate white people too! The way Darwin took charge in that scene and the way he protected Angel, was heroic. Gave his life in end (or did he? No, actually.) If your using FC as an example of how Hollywood looks at black people, you could do alot worse than the characterisation of Darwin.

  6. There was also the movie Steel which was unpopular with many comic book fans, not to mention the Blade films. I agree though they went with John Stewart GL in JL/JLU animated series. If i remember right from the commetary from one of dvd box sets, Bruce Timm & Co. went with John Stewart because people weren’t really familiar with the character & that Hal Jordan was dead in the comics aswell they wanted to pretty much distance the show from the Superfriends show.

  7. I personally enjoyed the movie. Don’t care if the movie script based on original comic book materials, I personally enjoy great acting with a great plot. On a scale to 1-10 with 10 being the highest. It was a 8.4/10. I do somewhat agree with most of the critizism of the movie though you have the admit, Fassenbender and MacAvoy were execellent in their respective roles and their on-screen friendship was phenomenal and that is what drove the movie.

  8. I don’t know WHAT flaws everyone saw with “First Class”, but i thought it WAS the best X-Men movie made. not to say that bryan singer didn’t do a good job, but i thought storywise, it WAS more accurate to the comics than singer’s version. as far as visual effects…A-MAZING!! what r u talking about “irked you” and “lack of revision and refinement”? as a movie fan (and comic-based movie fan at that), i don’t think that movie would’ve been done any better. so bottom line, stop being so overly critical about preproduction “flaws” and just enjoy the movie for what it is…A COMIC BOOK MOVIE. worst case scenario, AT LEAST it’s better than “TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON” and “GREEN LANTERN”….horrible

    • WHAT!!!!! Green Lantern yea that movie sucked Ryan Reynolds? Seriously Dc/wb? (plus acting and story sucked) But I personaly enjoyed Transformers way more, it was epic watching the Decepticons destroy Chicago, and the effects kicked ass, especially in 3-d. Plus no Megan Fox

      • No Megan Fox => waste of film.

        • Dude Megan Fox is a crappy actress and she isnt as hot as everyone thinks, plus when u described ur boss as hitler im pre sure ur bound to get fired. the new chic was a way better actress and extremely hot

          • Yeah, if you like people with prolapsed rectums for mouths. :/

            • OMG that was freaking hilarious.

          • She used to be hot now she looks kinda weird and she’s a bit of a b****

            • Kinda a b****??? Hahahaha she is the most bitchy actress ever. Rosie Huntington Whiteley is wayyyyyyyyyyy hotter haha

          • She’s a fair actor

  9. BTW 600TH COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Again and Again are these articles about people yammering over nothing and Not highlighting the biggest reason for all these rushed movies. It’s typical in hollyweird money grubbing ways to why that topic is never raised too.
    Releasing Rights! This is what 20th century – Sony – and Warner bros. are all facing~ disney/Marvel want their x-men~spidey-man fully back in their filthy paws and the litigation madness btw dc and the famiilies’ creators of superman mucking about over the dough w/ warner still trying to beat some more cash out of the corpse by fast tracking out another one. Same thing happened to the fantastic four movie and why it never came out earlier because the dude who had the rights didn’t want to lose it, so he dribbled out a z-grade movie from the arm pits of nowhere that was never released! Lots of money later he loses it and we get the horror of a true hollyweird “masterpiece”.
    It’s all about control of money and Not about how good it’ll be to the public.. Remember: It’s fa~~~ da childran!!!!

  11. The film wasn’t completely without merit, but it’s flaws were so many and in some cases so deep that it’s unforgivable. And the quality of the film is many steps back than what we’re used to. Proper cgi is hardly a case for quality. The scenes of Mystique as a young fragile little girl are not only laughable, but far and away she was the worst looking thing in any super hero movie ever. It looks like a chubby kids in some halloween makeup. Oh and let’s say she knew Professor X too…just like Magneto. And Darth Vader created C-3PO while we’re at it. And R2 used to fly with Obi-wan (Can’t seem to remember owning any droids). Guess Ben has alzheimers. Mystique was just sooooooooo bad! It was a forehead slapper and greatly reduced the film overall. Oh and let’s say that his person is Angel now. Wrong gender, wrong race, and now Angel is evil. Oh and while we’re creating villains, let’s just go ahead and copy Nightcrawler exactly. But make him red to be more devilish. It’s like the movie is made for those looking to enter junior high. James McAvoy’s performance was outstanding, but certainly the movie couldn’t stand solely on that. The relationship between he and Magneto that is lauded in this article wasn’t truly all that. Entertaining, but I’m fairly sure that any B-level script writer could easily have done as well with a story and still maintained the truth of these characters. To try and coerce some interest from an audience, the lazy and half-witted path was taken with liberties. I’m fairly sure we could have had something interesting without molestation. But regardless of the fact that they ripped up the truth of the comic book in a comic book movie….the movie JUST SIMPLY isn’t that good. It’s just not. It’s not completely terrible, but it certainly has multiple moments of terrible. Atrocious even. In short…the movie feels cheap. It’s like watching Spy Kids with an X-Men theme. It might be worth going to a 2nd run theater to see…maybe. And that’s stretching a bit, but beyond any shadow of a doubt, this is the worst X-Men film to date. And truly it should be erased from X-Men movie history. Just as Bryan Singer chose to ignore Superman 3 and 4 and to make a Superman film that picks up after Superman 2, this movie should also be completely forgotten. It was a mistake and was truly put in the wrong hands. Only once has a comic book movie gone this wrong…though not entirely. Catwoman. We all waited and waited and waited for this movie with much anticipation. You can’t say Catwoman was off…because they chose to simply call it Catwoman and it’s not actually based on the comic book or it’s character. Just someone with the same name. What bothers me is not how bad the film was (I actually only watched a few minutes [painful] and heard the rest from others), but that the movie studio thought they were giving fans what they wanted. Somehow….some way…someone at the top has no clue whatsoever and throws around heavy cash. It’s like asking a 6 year what’s a good stock to invest in. While I’m here Batman 4 was the worst movie ever made. X-Men First class is on par with Blade Runner when standing next to Batman 4. Agony. My favorite part of that film is where they show Bane in the background. You know…the character the writer of the comic said they wanted to make…smarter and stronger than Batman? A true nemesis for the ages. His only word in the film…a grunt. Excuse me, but…who’s in charge? The other X movies took liberties that pissed people off. Let’s take Rogue, not make her in her 30′s, take away both her flight and super strength, leave her with a flippin handicap basically, and give her the role that belongs to Jubilee…instead of…you know..just using Jubilee. I MEAN SERIOUSLY…that wasn’t even a needed change and it didn’t add anything to the film. It wasn’t a cinematic liberty, it was a completely unnecessary and inexplicable change. Completely baffling. X-Men first class was basically a disney version of the film. Too bad we were all suckered into thinking we’d have a proper x-men film on our hands. Let’s hope they bury this dud with superman 3 and 4 and get the films back to what…you know…we actually like.

    • @Bogle – to go with your ‘crap movies list’ you are forgetting ‘Elektra’ , because let’s face it that was a bad movie. Sure Jennifer Garner is hot, but the movie was crap, imo.

    • Just a few points.

      “Oh and let’s say that his person is Angel now. Wrong gender, wrong race, and now Angel is evil.” There is a female character from the X-Men Comics with the code name Angel whose mutation is fly wings.

      “Oh and while we’re creating villains, let’s just go ahead and copy Nightcrawler exactly. But make him red to be more devilish.” His name was Azazel. He is also from the comics. He is Nightcrawlers father.

      “X-Men first class was basically a disney version of the film.” Disney owns Marvel. Just saying.

      “Let’s take Rogue, not make her in her 30′s, take away both her flight and super strength, leave her with a flippin handicap basically,” That was Rougues original power set was before she absorbed Ms Marvels powers. All she could do was steal powers from other mutants.

      “but beyond any shadow of a doubt, this is the worst X-Men film to date. And truly it should be erased from X-Men movie history.” Thats opinion, not fact. And a opinion most people wouldnt agree with.

      “But regardless of the fact that they ripped up the truth of the comic book in a comic book movie….the movie JUST SIMPLY isn’t that good.” Rotten Tomatos, Critics 87%, Audience 88%. Also opinon, not fact, but again, most people disagree with you.

      • Avatar you beat me to it. Jeez it’s people like this who make me look bad for my stance on the movie. The movie made a lot of changes and almost nothing he said was a change lol.

        • I was actually hoping they would throw Icarus into First Class, even as a background character, just to screw with all the X-Men ‘fans’ out there.

      • totally agree with you and what a great comment :D

      • Saw that why are they putting new characters with old ones.

    • Just to clarify one point.. not especially relevant to overall comment but still: the red nightcrawler (azreal i believe) is actually a character from the comics and is nightcrawler’s father (why they have the same powers.

      just throwing it out there.

    • really dude? do you know anything? that girl isn’t a remake of the Angel dude with wings, it’s a totally different character who is in fact a girl and spits corrosive acid, and that guy who’s biting off of Nightcrawler is his FATHER, Azazel, who knocked up Mystique later in the future, giving you Nightcrawler. At least know the basics before you criticize. SMH

  12. Looks like The Green Lantern has bombed as I predicted, while The X-Men has actually done very well all things considered. Thor is the big winner with Captain America failing expectations as it’s struggling to keep stride with Thor.

  13. Let’s be honest Magneto hunting down Nazi’s was way cooler than the Savage Land Saga. Nazi killing is a lot easier to sell than suto science dino making, case in point every movie ever made about WW2 vs. Jurassic Park franchise. Just sayin lol

  14. Wow! I went to boxofficemojo and noticed that Thor made nearly half a billion dollars. Way to go, son of Odin! And, unfortunately, the movie that will not be named has not made its money back worldwide.

  15. @ John

    Do you think Thor will wear his helmet more in the Avengers film or his solo sequel?

    • There is a reason for the helmet (to protect his head). I would assume he would be wearing it since they will face a threat that will require all of them to assemble, a threat Thor can’t face alone. Of course, I’m not directing/writing the film, so who knows.

  16. I am a long-time comic book reader and fan and I, too, found First Class to be a fantastic comic book movie as well as one of the best made. I learned to get past breaks with book-continuity a long time ago and I must say that this has allowed me to experience far more enjoyment from CB movies. First Class had it all, as far as I’m concerned, and was superior to the previous X-Men films, most notably in the respect that it had tons of action and was a blast to watch.

  17. To be honest (and I know ill get crap for this) I like First Class more than The Dark Knight

    • WHAT?!?!?! Ok I liked First Class but The Dark Knight was a complete masterpiece with lots of subtle brilliance I could go on about how great it is and pretty much write a review but I won’t lol but seriously HOW?!?!? You just mustn’t have seen it enough!!! lol

      • It’s their opinion. Respect it.

    • You won’t get crap from me, because I agree. I loved TDK on first viewing but can’t watch it again (boring), but I have already seen X-Men:FC about 3 times.

  18. I thought it was a good film and I’ve always had a real problem (close to hate) for the fanboys who don’t give a film a chance AS A FILM. X-men First Class was a good FILM regardless of if it was a good X-Men film. I had only a couple of problems with it and these are continuity errors but not from the comic series but from the movie series (my Dad actually pointed these out to me) these are that mainly Magneto and Prof X ‘broke up’ too soon as Prof X has said that Magneto helped to build Cerebro I thought about this error when I first saw Hank’s Cerebro but then thought “well maybe Magneto helps him build his own” also that Shaw made the helmet which Magneto was supposed to have made. I am a comic book reader before you write my opinion off thinking that I don’t know what I’m talking about. I also thought Green Lantern was a good film not great but good (had some problems I can’t put my finger on, I’ll need to re-watch)

    • Oh also forgot to say that they have to change things in moviees from comic books because some stuff by normal universe standards are just RIDICULOUS that whole thing about Magneto living with animal-people would be ABSURD in a movie. Some things that work in the comic book universe with lots of superheroes and things are just ridiculous if they were in our universe for example Galactus in Rise of The Silver Surfer as a cloud-thing makes more sense than some weird looking MAN with a pointy helmet.

      • Sorry if I made any weird mistakes or something, I’m just REALLY tired lol

        • Okay, there are continuity errors but the question will be whether sequels to First Class will deal with them or not. To wit:

          1) Charles could walk in Wolverine and in the opening scene of X-3.

          This is not a problem. In the comics, Charles could project images in other people’s minds. Hell, he did the same thing in First Class. We saw him walking but that could have just been what the kids saw because Charles projected an image of himself onto the island.

          And in the opening scene of X-3, Charles and Erik are recruiting. This is what they were doing in First Class. Charles and Erik didn’t recruit Jean Grey because she was too young. The continuity error here is that Charles and Erik were played by different actors in the two movies.

          2) Charles said “He helped me build it” meaning Cerebro. Also, Charles said this to explain how Magneto was able to design a helmet to protect him from it.

          Well, again, First Class isn’t entirely wrong. Erik may very well have helped Charles install Cerebro in the mansion. In fact, the equipment being very heavy I doubt if it could have been installed without magneto’s help. Beast would have continued to make modifications until it resembled in Cerebro in the first trilogy.

          As for the helmet, well Charles told Wolverine that he was “blocking Cerebro” and Wolverine asked Charles how he knew how to do that and Charles said “because he helped me build it”. But Charles knew about the helmet back in First Class so the question is not “How?” but “Why?” ie Erik wears his helmet most of the time so Charles can’t read his mind using Cerebro.

          3) In X-Men, Charles said (referring to Wolverine) “I’ve heard of experiments on mutants but I’ve never seen anything like this before”. Thing is, in Wolverine Xavier rescues all the children from Stryker so he should have known about Stryker already. In fact, in X-2 it is hinted that Charles knew about Stryker because Stryker says to Wolverine “They didn’t tell you?” as if Charles should have already known about Wolverine’s connection to Stryker.

          In X-2, this was explained by Charles saying he wanted Wolverine to discover his past by himself.

          So there were continuity problems amongst all five movies, not just with First Class and the other four. A sequel to First Class will probably make things worse as Scott will probably be reintroduced in the sequel but it probably won’t tie in with Scott being rescued by Charles at Three Mile Island. I think Wolverine is the movie that will get largely ignored. Wolverine also had a character named Emma who turned diamond hard but it obviously wasn’t Emma Frost. :)

          • The studio just wants people to forget what happened from one movie to the next like the writers have.

            • I found the best way of describing First Class is to compare it to the TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Its based on the movie which came before it, but not directly tied into it. It makes refernces to things which happened in the film, but also talks about plot points which did not or could not have happened. i.e. the gym burning down. Joss Whedon took what worked from the movie and left behind evrything that didnt.

              First Class did the same. It took what worked from the original trilogy, but wrote a new story which does not tie directly into it. Ive posted a comment from Vaughnn a few times which basically says that but cant be bothered Google-ing it again.

              It was written as a stand alone film which makes homages to the original X-Men trilogy.

              • The fact they used the opening from X-1 almost shot for shot makes it look like more then a “homage”. The plot Shaw had was also allot like Magneto’s plot from X-1 and the whole Magneto looking for the man who tormented him/made him the monster he is was allot like the Wolverine/Stryker deal from X-2.

                All that said how much of an homage can it be when Singer was a producer and writer on First Class. Is it still an homage when the original director is involved ?

                • Well the writer of the movie said it, and he would be the one to ask. If the continuity is the only reason you cant enjoy this movie, you now have a valid reason to ignore the continuity errors.

                  • I just found the movie to be as overrated as X-1&2 for the same reasons. The continuity issues, while small just kind of seem to be part of the overall lack of attention to basic story structure pretty much every movie has had.

                    First Class had the same issue with pretty much every minor character being barely one-dimensional. Some of the actions of the character during the course of the story either make no sense or are never explained.

                    At this point this series is just a watch it and forget deal for me. The people making these movies defend them with good reason since they are the ones making them and my personal opinion is just that.

  19. O.K if your dealing with mistakes then all of the x-men movies (apart from wolverine) had major errors and as a fan can say for certain that they need fixing in this new set of films.

    to start with in x2 and x3 colossus is shown as an american but he is infact russian, Nightcrawler was brought in to it in the second movie but never played a role in any others, which is a major error in itself because he is an important part of the x-men, another is gambit another important character only brought into an origins film and not the main x-men also rogue is bobbies girlfriend error, rogue loves gambit not bobby (a.k.a Iceman) this is why xavier knows about logan and striker,

    Professor X: William.
    William Stryker: Please, Xavier, don’t get up.
    [electronic static]
    William Stryker: I call it the neural inhibitor. It keeps you outta here.
    Professor X: What have you done with Scott?
    William Stryker: Don’t worry. I’m just giving him a little reeducation. Of course, you know all about that, don’t you?
    Professor X: William, you wanted me to cure your son. But mutation is not a disease.
    William Stryker: You’re lying. You were more frightened of him than I was. You know, just one year after Jason returned from your school… my wife – you see he resented us. He blamed us for his condition. So he would toy with our minds… projecting visions and scenarios into our brains. Well, my wife, in the end… she took a power drill to her left temple in an attempt to bore the images out. My boy, the great illusionist.

    and as for him knowing logan it is said in the part when logan confronts the intruders,

    William Stryker: [to Logan] I didn’t realize Xavier was taking in animals, even animals as unique as you.

    also storm and nightcrawler seem to appear to have a “thing” going on but again this is an error it’s good that they bring in crawlers father.

    there are many many more and i could go on alday about it all but i won’t because i think everyones made their points with the x-men films i haven’t seen first class but i am willing to give it a shot as both a comic fan and a movie fan.

    • *facepalm*

      Differences between the movies and the comics are NOT continuity errors. Movies are *adaptions*. They do not fit into comics continuity. Nor are they meant to.

  20. hbgvhggytfrd@yahoo.com

  21. Screen Rant, when I replied to Luke weeks ago, I didn’t swear nor was it a personal attack. I listed some facts that he apparently doesn’t know. Are you being biased in what you allow to be posted. I’ve read some things which made my post look like a canonized saint.

    What’s up with you Screen Rant moderator?

  22. Although I agree with many points brought up in the article concerning “X-Men:First Class”, there is one little thing that is irksome:
    “Magneto as a super-powered man of espionage, hunting down Nazi war criminals? Much better than the guy in the comics, who tried to live peaceful for a time on a mystical mountain of animal people, only to eventually slide into mutant terrorism.”
    This may just be the typical fan-boy(or fan-girl as it is) RABBLE RABBLE, but where did you get the “living peaceful for a time on a mystical mountain of animal people” from?
    I’m assuming you’re referring to Mount Wundagore, but there weren’t that many moments of peace associated with it albeit when he visited his late wife’s grave marker for the last time.
    Granted, I only really keep up with the 616 Universe of Marvel, so maybe this is different in the Ultimate Universe, but Magneto WAS a “super-powered man of espionage hunting down Nazi war criminals” in the comics.
    After losing his only daughter and having his wife run from him after a deadly display of his powers, Magneto eventually traveled to Israel where he met and befriended Charles Xavier. (Uncanny X-Men #161, Uncanny X-Men #321, X-Men vol. 2, #40 and #41, X-Men Unlimited #2.) They had many discussions about the rise of mutants and the bigotry they would most likely face, with neither admitting being one, until an attack by HYDRA and a former NAZI SS officer caused them to use their powers. This was the first time Xavier bore witness to the incredible powers of Magneto as he used his gift to brutally kill Nazis against Xavier’s wishes. After this, he used his abilities to lift the massive amount of Nazi Gold-mostly taken from his people-and exclaimed that it would now be used for the mutant cause.
    After this, Magneto relocated to South America and began working as a double-agent for both the CIA and Israel to apprehend Nazi war criminals. He destroyed their bases, took their gold, and gave most of them to Israel to be judged for their crimes against humanity. (Classic X-men #19.) It was actually this time he adopted the codename for himself “Magneto”. However, when he was finally making an attempt to open up to the first woman since Magda to find him sexually appealing, his Control from the CIA barged in and had his men slit her throat and ordered them to fire upon Magneto for being a double-agent and sending “their” Nazis to Israel. Magneto pretty much went crazy right then and there and declared himself entirely as Magneto and flew off. (Classic X-Men #19.)

    At some point, and this may just be an Unlimited issue, but there is a big discussion between Xavier and Magneto on the very grounds of Auschwitz. It was haunting and poignant. It was suppose to be their true parting of ways as they both declared their individual goals and how they felt the other was wrong.

    So, anyway, there was no “trying to live in peace on a mountain with animal people” or whatever that was meant to be. Maybe it happened at some point, but not during the pivotal parts of Magneto coming into his character. If anything, it sounds like a confusion between Magneto and his son, Quicksilver, who did venture to Wundagore Mountain in his mini-series and lead the Knights of Wundagore: high evolved, bipedal animals that were creations of The High Evolutionary.

    I’m not trying to attack you and please don’t take it as such. I agree with a lot in the article, but felt using comic history that doesn’t seem to exist as a basis for the argument that the movie version of the character was better just doesn’t make sense, especially considering that at least a part of the movie version was based on his hunts for Nazis in the comics. Obviously, I understand that certain creative liberties must be taken in order to create a movie that is somehow trying to fit decades upon decades of comic back story into 2 hours, however, I feel that they could have actually done much more with the relationship between Xavier and Magneto, especially considering how profound the original dialogue between the two was in the wake of post-Holocaust Israel. And the separating of two friends over philosophical differences on the grounds of Auschwitz would have just made for a better movie, not just because it’s “cannon”, but because it would have simply been epic. Not action-epic, but the kind where two very passionate people on two sides of the fence have their “breaking point” argument. Yeah, that kind.

    • The meeting between Magneto and Xavier on the grounds of Auschwitz, their final parting of ways, is told in Uncanny X-Men Flashback #-1

  23. This movie was great. I loved it. It’s a 9.5 out a 10 for me. Story was great. But the charecters was alright. It would have been better if there was some of the original x-men like storm, cyclops & Jean. Havock, beast & mystic were good for the movie. I’m a person that could easly make a better version of first class. Over all… X-men First Class was good.

    • sorry, my friend, but there’s no way you could have made a “better version” of a movie rated BY YOU as a “9.5 out of 10″. it was a GREAT movie and the little you would have done better in comparison would have also had a lot you WOULD SIMPLY NOT HAVE done better, and would have exceeded the good to be rated, even by you, as less than a “9.5 out of 10″.

  24. Im still not getting it. It interested you enough to use these characters but not their background. Wow I got an idea start your own new heroes and see how that work out for you. Its not suppose to be realistic its a comics str8 sci/fi. Kick Ass was good oops he wasnt a hero but Big Daddy an Hit Girl man forget powers. lol

    • excellent post. Kick-Ass did, indeed, kick all kinds of ass in so many ways.

  25. this article, LARGELY, a rather whiny & overstuffed waste of time. Iron Man 2 does, actually, stand alone better than a lot of “comic book movies” out there, which there are not many at this point to actually choose from. there’s still less comic book movies OVERALL than gangster movies. what people don’t understand is that this genre of film making is still in its’ infancy for the most part.

    having said that, there are many truly amazing hits to counter all of the misses in the previous decades.

    didn’t care to see Green Lantern in the theater. already knew the whole freakin’ movie by the time it hit theaters due to all the obnoxious trailers and commercial crap. …and we’re talking about Green Lantern, not exactly the least cheesiest & predictable, as well as the most deep, storyline around.

    anyone who saw Green Lantern in the theaters and not Xmen: First Class is a waste of a brain, “fanboy educated in the genre” or not. doesn’t matter the preconceptions, doesn’t matter the small little “splitting hairs” problems you or anyone else dredged up (like a friend of mine, idiot he is, taking away from the whole just because of the lack of continuity w/ some of the character’s ages. SO FRIGGIN’ WHAT!) but for the author of this article to further underrate easily the most underrated film ever made, which (despite the “star power”, which can and should only sell a film so much) was better than the better first 2 Xmen films in that trilogy, is kind of stupid.

    mark my words, when this film gets released on DVD/Bluray, there will be people who will say, verbatim, “i can’t believe i wasted my time and money on Green Lantern in the theater and missed this killer movie”.

    yeah, it was far from perfect, but the good things about First Class easily and heavily outweighed the bad things.

  26. The quality of the movie would matter more if it wasn’t a movie based on subject matter that has been defined with basic guidelines.

    Every negative change(I don’t believe all are bad) that is made to the characters or story is a mark against the movie. Even if it is well done.

    If I watch a Superman movie where it doesn’t ‘feel’ like Superman Even if it satisfies ‘Does this film tell a complete story in an engaging, interesting and/or fun way?’ then it’s a failure of a movie. Maybe not to someone who is not a fan of the comic or character in general because it’s just another good movie to them, but to a fan it will just feel like a empty shell.

    • Dre you are spot on there, the fans of characters and the comics will think these are empty shells, if the information is in anyway different to what we already know, it doesn’t matter if they change things that aren’t, by definition “not possible” but the story of a character shouldn’t have to change ie, Wolverine knows captain america and so forth, but that major detail was cut out of both the wolverine and captain america films though it was due to rights, cost and such like that, but the main flow of both films was excellent and the basic stories were about right only minor details were changed, but the x-men films change far to much of the basic details like wolverine and sabertooth have no idea who each other are but only wolverine lost his memory but again i’ve made points of this in earlier posts, i don’t know where this “first class” is going with their story and as an inderpentant film it might be good, but as a film based on comics fans know and love, it may just like you say dre be an empty shell.

      • The fact is that even if Marvel had all the rights to all these characters some connections might not be able to be made in every movie just due to time and money constraints. The argument with the X-Men movies that it doesn’t have to adhere to comics verbatim would be more accepted if the movies did a better job of explaining it’s own changes rather then leave allot up to the viewers to piece together.

        With FX showing all three previous movies and Wolverine being shown on HBO leading up to First Class being released it made me realize how much they didn’t explain as far as most of the characters were concerned in all of these movies. And the things they did do just seemed like they were trying to connect everyone’s past in some way which just ends up creating more confusion.

        • that maybe the case in most films, but there are connections that make the character who they are, without those connections the charatcer will not now nore ever be the character fans love, somethings can be changed somethings can not, but the point is that there is no point calling it an x-men movie if it has nothing to do with the x-men the fans love, yes it may have the characters but only by name, and true fans will not condem the films and refuse to watch them, but they won’t respect them or value them like they do the comics because of that fact, and they won’t want to spend their money on it, I watched Captain America knowing Wolverine wouldn’t be in it, as upset as i was about that fact I still had an open mind, and it turned out to be a really good film and though some details were changed all in all I loved it, I can not wait for it to come out on DVD because it was Cap even without Wolverine it was still the Cap we all know and love, I am even looking forward to the Avengers, I haven’t seen thor but what I have seen of it is good, the fact is that some don’t mind if there is minor details changed and then there are others that do mind, because their of the opinion of why bother making a story about an already established story or history, if you are just going to go and change it, I mean we don’t make world war 1 or 2 films where hitler wins, if something isn’t broken don’t fix it, although I do appreciate that everyone has their own opinion whether it is changes are acceptable or not.

          • I don’t feel as strongly about minor changes when and if they move the story along or just don’t work in a film setting. The thing with the X movies is that they took liberties here and there that were small but, it got to a point where it became big holes that they themselves never adequately fill in.

            As much as it’s heaped on fans of the comics that they are too hard on things not matching various things in the books the movies leave too much unexplained and all people can do is fill in with what they know. Like in the first movie with Wolverine and Sabertooth, nothing was said that linked the two together and him taking the dog tags means nothing unless someone is up on the history. Problem is down the road when they started using concepts from the Ultimate’s (like Juggernaut not being related to Xavier) what fans thought was going on ended up being wrong and if they weren’t still reading the comics they didn’t even know why.

            • Thats only true if the goal of the X-Men movies is to be exactly the same as the comics. If the plan is to make another another 7 films and for X-Men 10 to be exactly at the same spot the comics are at now, than yes, they have dug a huge hole and there is no way to correct the series without a reboot.

              But as far as I can tell, the only goal of these films is to tell stories using characters and ideas established in the comics. They have no reason to explore every relationship and story idea presented in the comics. No comic book film does.

              I have never read a Batman comic, but I can assume that the events in the Dark Knight from start to finish, as it occured in the film, did not take place in any issue of Batman. That differneces were made to characters, like The Joker and Two-Face, to make the film more “gritty and realistic”. And The Dark Knight is generally accepted as one of the best comic book movies out there.

              Things like Wolverine and Saber-tooths past relationship dont need to be explored in a movie where it doesnt figure into the plot. Things like taking the dog tags, names on a computer screen, news stories in the back ground, they are for the fans of the comics. Was the plot in X-Men confusing for someone who didnt know that Wolverine and Saber-tooth had a history? If someone didnt know that Mystique and Nightcrawler were mother and son, was it impossible for them to enjoy X-Men 2? On the flip side, pretend that X3 was better than it was, but Juggernaut was still a mutant and still not related to Charles. Would that have prevented a fan of the comics from enjoying a movie about Dark Phoenix?

              Changes may have prevented First Class from being a good X-Men movie, which I think they didnt, but no amount of changes form the source material can stop a movie from being a good movie if it tells “a complete story in an engaging, interesting and/or fun way”.

              • The Mystique/Nightcrawler (and I guess throw the Azazel character in there too) is a prime example of people adding something to the story based on what they know from the comics. By the time I stopped reading none of that stuff had been written so, I never made that connection at all. And judging by the tone of the movies it doesn’t play into their version of things at all. As it stands Nightcrawler was a one-off character from Germany, Mystique grew up with Xavier and Azazel was some mutant with a Russian accent.

                As for the Juggernaut character them using what I guess is the updated version was their choice. And since they never took the time to flesh out other major players in the movies I doubt they would have gotten into that story anyway. They have instead managed to create all this back story with Xavier and Mystique for whatever reason.

                And X-3 would have been more enjoyable if it was a movie about Phoenix in general and not what they put on screen. The premise they teased at the end of X-2 was just that, they never seemed to have a clue as to what they were going to do and it showed. And again fans of the comics are the ones who tried to connect that movie with something of substance but, aside from the misleading fire-bird image at the end of X-2 they never even uttered the word Phoenix. They just went the split personality, soap opera route.

                • Not true. They did use the word “Phoenix” to describe her “other personality”.

                  X-3 was okay but it would have been better with Singer and/or Vaughn. Both dropped out (well, actually Singer was forced out) and we got Ratner instead.


                  • I stand corrected, that movie blurs together even though I saw it again a few months ago. I still don’t find the way they explained it to be very good since it just seemed to start manifesting itself in X-2 and then she just come back looking all undead and evil. The way they depicted her powers were odd too, guess the fire would have been too much for the FX guys.

                    As for Singer I am not sure if he was forced out or just left to do Superman on his own accord. Vaughn dropped out two weeks before shooting though for reasons I guess nobody wants to bring up since it’s one big happy family again.

              • > differneces were made to characters, like The Joker and
                > Two-Face, to make the film more “gritty and realistic”.

                Not really. Joker and Two Face were the villains in the Dark Knight Returns which was the inspiration for the title and the portrayal of Joker, Two Face and Batman is spot on… except Dent shouldn’t have been dead at the end of Dark Knight if Dark Knight and Dark Knight Returns are in the same continuity. There’s speculation that Dent may return in Rises. We’ll see.

                The other inspiration for the Nolan movies would be The Long Halloween. It dealt with Two Face’s origin and featured Falcone, the Joker, Solomon Grundy, the Scarecrow, the Mad Hatter, the Penguin, Catwoman and Poison Ivy. Sure enough, half of them will appear in the Nolan films. I remember reading an interview with David Goyer in which he acknowledged that The Long Halloween was a big influence.

  27. I liked Dark of the Moon a lot, I like Green Lantern more than I should have, because the parts that looked like Power Rangers the Movie were to me a plus. Of course others saw that one differently…

    X-Men First Class I wanted to see so badly, and still want to see, but it’s fair to remember that it ended up being in theaters (like Transformers 3 and GL), in ‘the Harry Potter Summer’. Even before it hit the screens, Deathly Hallows was Avada-Kedavra-ing everything else out of the waters for a solid couple of weeks, because the hype was coming from…the ENITRE WORLD?!!?!

    • sir and or madaam i could not agree with you more! although i myself was not jonesing to see Dark of the Moon or First Class, i still feel like Harry Potter, while a good movie, really ruined these movies chances.

      • Didnt actually fall.

        • The guy who played Sinestro in the Green Lantern movie was good. I am glad there won’t be a sequel though. Why have Sinestro be the villain? He devoted his life to the corps? The Green Lantern movie wasn’t that bad. They could have the same actor in a Justice League movie. They could have Sinestro do a cameo in a Justice League movie and then have a story arc to explain why he becomes a bad guy and then have him be a villain in a Justice League sequel.

          • Yeah, well, in the comics he is the main villain. Who the hell trusts a guy named “Sinestro” anyway?

  28. I loved this movie. But i wouldn’t mind a comic book film that adapts the story for the big screen. Hmm.. 5 things ? i think we can learned with 7 things.

  29. I thought that I was the only one who thought that there is something wrong with this movie. All I can say is… nice try, (as you said) if you are going to interpret (more or less transfer) every bit of info that the Comics have to offer into the silver screen, it is NOT gonna work; unless you compensate for the time length of a feature movie, which limits the narrative of a movie and the comic books excel, thus revision or re-interpretation of a character must be done. However, it saddens me that a potentially good character such as Azazel (the red teleporting guy/father of Nightcraler by the way) became a mere empty shell of its supposed to be greater origin which impart can become a good backstory but not exploited. The point is there is so much in so little allotted time that it somehow overshot the story TO THE X-MEN instead of X-MEN STARTS HERE.