New ‘X-Men: First Class’ Clips are All About The Action

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x men first class clips concept art New X Men: First Class Clips are All About The Action

Up until now, the clips from X-Men: First Class that have hit the Net have mostly been character focused, introducing us to Charles Xavier, Hank McCoy (Beast) and Mystique, respectively. These clips – along with some wonderful character trailers – have established that director Mattehw Vaughn has captured the essence of both the X-Men mythos and character themes in his film, but fans have another question on their minds as well: How good is the action?

Today, we have a slew of new clips from X-Men: First Class that showcase just a sliver of the mutant mayhem and action this movie will indeed offer.

If you don’t know the story of First Class, here’s what you need to know before you watch the clips:

In the 1950s, America and The Soviet Union are in the throes of the cold war. At the same time, a new species is starting to emerge known as “mutants,” people with fantastic powers that separate them from average humans. Charles Xavier, a telepath, seeks to guide this new emerging species along to maturation, while working with the government to integrate mutants into human society. Charles’ good friend Erik Lehnsherr, a victim of the Nazi concentration camps, does not believe that humans and mutants can ever co-exist. As these two great men come together to start a school for young mutants to master their powers, another mutant faction (led by ruthless mutant Sebastian Shaw) seeks to steer the powers of the Cold War into confrontation, in order to eradicate humanity and usher in the age of mutant supremacy.

In the clips below, you’ll see the tense chess game that is at the center of First Class‘ plot, as well as some of the epic action, which (to us)  looks better than any X-Men movie that has come before. Check out the clips below:

Emma Frost – “Excellent Question”

“Sebastian Shaw Attacks”

“With Us or Against Us”

“Locating Shaw”

“Beach Attack”

At this point, there’s little left to say: we here at Screen Rant have had high hopes  for X-Men: First Class since the beginning, and it looks as though our faith will pay off. Ironically enough, even though early reviews tout this film as the best of the franchise (or at the very least a close competitor for x2‘s crown), there are STILL some self-proclaimed X-Men fans casting heaps of negativity on Vaughn’s vision of the X-Men universe. It’s almost funny at this point. Beyond some…er, questionable line delivery by January Jones, everything about this film looks more than solid.

As far as we’re concerned, if the franchise stays in the hands of Matthew Vaughn and Bryan Singer going forward (See: First Class sequels as well as  X-Men 4 & X5), we’re open to whatever new visions and ideas they want to explore. Count us in.

If you want to hear the cast and crew talk about how worried THEY were about how this movie turned out (and why they’re so relieved about the finished product), go HERE.

X-Men: First Class will be in theaters on June 3rd.

Source: Marvel & Fox

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  1. this really does look like its going to be a fun ride, but to wax poetic…
    “hater’s gonna hate”

  2. It looks really wicked.

    Magneto’s helmet looks really odd in profile though.

  3. am i the only one who thinks Jan Jones is a little stiff???

    • Um… insert joke about January Jones making…. something…stiff?

      • LOL @anchampion03

        I just updated the post with a line about her acting before I saw your comment. To be fair though, she DOES turn to diamond. That would make anybody…er, “Stiff.”

        • *nods* true, true….perhaps a secondary mutant power???

        • She looks the part and because of her hardening talents
          any questions of line delivery are quickly forgiven.
          Kevin Bacon conversely looks out of place.


  5. I SO CAN’T WAIT TO SEE THIS FILM! It looks better everyday…

  6. is it me or do they plan on showing the whole movie before it actually releases ????

  7. i just worry that the continuity will be messed up by having prof-x crippled in this film and showing him walking in the last stand flashbacks. but it would be cool to see beak,anole,glob herman,husk,chamber,sinister,cyclops,,jean,storm,tito bohusk,john sublime,apocalypse, and the sentinels story in the sequels.and i know i post these characters alot but they are really unique and have very interesting powers and looks, and would go great on the big screen, also gets people to ask who are these newer characters and then they look them up and are interested.

    • Vic, could you PLEASE TELL THIS GUY TO STOP POSTING THIS DAMN LIST? It´s so annoying!

      • That’s for sure, Scape! Especially because he keeps forgetting “Blah-man”, “Doctor Blah”, “Super Blah”, “The Blahb”,”Professor Blah”, “Bat Blah”, “The Silver Blah”,”The Incredible Blah”, “Blah- Force”, “Wonder Blah”,”Santa Freakin’ Blah”, and the rest of the continuously expanding and ANNOYING Bozone known as the “Blahverse”!

      • Scape,

        All you are doing is empowering him by bringing attention to it. It’s almost become his shtick now to work that list into every post he makes.

        The only way to remove a troll’s power is to ignore it.

        • I don´t think he´s a troll. But this list is annoying.

    • Why are you worried when you KNOW that the continuity will be off.

      Aside from that,I must admit that I think that this might be a pretty good movie.

      I had no desire to see this movie,but now it looks like it won’t be as bad as I once thought it would be.

  8. i think ive seen to many clips before seeing the movie lol

  9. Yes, lot of action please! Don’t spend all time on character development, keep it balanced. sick of extreme character development and little action in latest movies.

  10. I had my doubts about this at first, but I’m almost ready to say that this is the true beginning of the X-Men series — looks epic.

    • Cinematically speaking, of course.

  11. This movie looks like it could beat Green Lantern, Thor (which I really liked) and Captain America (which looks very cheap in the trailer) in a heartbeat. And for all you haters who complain about the characters and changes in general: Get a life. It´s just a movie.

  12. The film looks fantastic, I read the comics, it looks much different, but I’m still watching it just because of Matthew Vaughn, Bryan Singer, & because it’s FREAKING X-MEN.

  13. Looks really good, but i wish they wouldn’t have released so many clips.

  14. Looks good. I will be catching this one.

  15. I had a feeling that this movie would be something special, and the early reviews seem to be very positive. Diggin that! :)

  16. i’ve had a lot of faith in this movie since seeing the first trailer. when i saw magneto lifting that sub it was game over.

    • Why was it “Game Over”? That scene is more or less 1:1 taken from the comic books when he destroyed the “Leningrad”. Do your research…

      • I think he means game over as he will definitely see it.

  17. I’ve been hopeful for this film, especially when it started to look a lot more action-oriented than X1-3, but was worried that it wouldn’t turn out well.

    I’ve said this once before on Screenrant but this seems like a good place to repeat it…there’s an actual *reason* they didn’t use the original “first class” from the comics. Can you imagine how many people would throw a fit if they hadn’t used Cyclops, Jean or the other First Five in the X-Men films back in 2001-2006? So now that they’ve used those characters, and they’re doing the origin story set in the 1960s, guess what? They can’t use the younger characters from those first films, because they weren’t born yet.

    Beast, sure, he’s old enough, Mystique, well the film version apparently ages slower, that’s their explanation anyway, so that leaves Xavier and Magneto, who ARE old enough. So what does that mean? It automatically means “if we’re going to do an origin story, we have to use other characters and not the First Five.” See, there isn’t even thought involved, it’s just a logical “well duh” thing.

  18. January Jones is terrible. The action sequences are poorly designed. I reckon it’s because the film was pre-staffed with Singer’s peeps before Vaughn got to it. PASS.

  19. “there are STILL some self-proclaimed X-Men fans casting heaps of negativity on Vaughn’s vision of the X-Men universe.”

    Yep, that’s me, Mr. Negativity!

    I will be the first to admit that, from what I’ve seen, the movie looks good. It’s just such a shame they had to completely destroy the X-Men IP to make it happen.

    The fact is though, this character lineup IS stupid. Singer pretty much painted himself into a corner by using all of the founding members in the original X-Men AND made them young. Doing so shifted the origin of the iconic team forward by 30 years. That fudging luckily (or unluckily as it were) had little consequence because it just felt like an update which was ok imho and a fairly common practice.

    Singer continued this trend and also destroyed other continuity threads by having the Dark Phoenix appear in XM2. This was further ruined by making her so damn weak in XM3 (yes I KNOW Singer wasn’t involved) and not bringing in the Hellfire Club as the antagonist to try and control her. Instead she was just a silly tool for Magneto to use.

    So when this prequel idea was hatched they had shot themselves in the foot with the real founding members unless they did a complete reboot. Doing that though would have nullified his previous films and who likes to cancel out their OWN work? So if he wanted to use this idea he would have to retcon pretty much the entire team. In doing so though he really made some BIG mistakes imho like turning established villains like Mystique(that HE even established!) into founding members, including characters that were never X-Men (Azazel) and pulling random X-Men from the distant future (Azazel, Havoc (Cyclops’ YOUNGER brother), Emma Frost and Angel)

    It’s one thing to move characters forward in the timeline but another entirely to pull characters from the future who have NEVER existed in that time. I would have preferred it if they had simply made up characters at this point because at least it wouldn’t have created any paradoxes and incongruities. I mean if you are going to throw their REAL history out he window anyway and are only left with a set of powers, why not MAKE something cool instead? Just because you own the rights to the IP doesn’t make it a good idea to just borrow from the future to suit your own ends.

    If Singer had really wanted to do a prequel he should have had the foresight to use older actors in the original X-Men so he could then go back in time and explore their origins CORRECTLY. However, if you are going to establish an “updated” version, you need to accept the limitations you placed on yourself and not completely screw over the IP just to satisfy your desire to tell a story.

    Singer is the Frankenstein of the X-Men IP and, like the mad scientist, created a real monster here. Will this random piecing together of body parts live? Maybe, but that doesn’t make it’s creation right and why I consider it a blasphemous piece of work, no matter how good it is.

    /goes to the shed to get a pitchfork and torch :D

    • Too bad it is actually a great movie.

  20. hi all just got back from seeing x men first class and it wort the wait.For a film that was rushed all the cast get good screen time, loved the 60s setting the only person i did not like in the film was angel she felt out of place in the film not sure why.I hope it does well @ the box office so we will see another few x movies, Fassbender and mcavoy were great in the movie perfect in there parts.wont give it away but there is a few parts that link it 2 x-men 1 and 2 and a cool cameo i will say you love.
    Go see this movie cauce it one off the best movies i have seen this year