X-Men: First Class Characters & Costumes: Official First Look [Updated]

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UPDATE: We have new images of Professor X and Magneto in action!

One of the four major superhero comic book movies debuting this summer, and the only one yet to reveal any official footage or images, is that of X-Men: First Class. The Twentieth Century Fox X-Men prequel, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) and produced by Bryan Singer (X-Men), takes us back in time to the 1960s to tell the tale of the origins of the X-Men.

Focusing in on the history of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, X-Men: First Class also features  a cast of relatively unknown mutant characters, few of which have shown up in previous X-Men films. Until today, we’ve yet to see what these characters will look like on screen and in costume. Here is your official first look at the mutant cast of X-Men: First Class.

So far, we’ve been living off of  set photos, but the X-Men: First Class cast image first leaked on MSN for a brief moment yesterday but was quickly taken down while it spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. We waited until Fox released the official images so you can see them in proper form. Meet the X-Men and enjoy your first look at the team, in and out of costume, as well as Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

Update: Courtesy of a /Film exclusive with Matthew Vaughn, we now have images of Professor X and Magneto in action as well!

In the main cast shot, note the two mutant masterminds who eventually part ways on their plans for mutantkind, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Here are the characters and their aliases, from left to right:

  • Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender)
  • Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne)
  • Emma Frost (January Jones)
  • Azazel (Jason Flemyng)
  • Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult)
  • Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till)
  • Angel Salvadore (Zoe Kravitz)
  • Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)
  • Charles Xavier/Professor X (James McAvoy)

While I cannot say that the first official X-Men: First Class cast images are impressive or inspiring (although fans will sure dig Emma Frost’s authentic outfits from the comics), it does show that they aren’t shying away from the use of colors and costumes, paying a little more tribute to the X-Men books, at least in style if not story.

They did a great job with Azazel and I look forward to seeing Flemying play him in action. Havok has the circular symbol on his chest, similar to some of the comic designs, and Mystique’s design is consistent with the X-trilogy. Many fans are undoubtedly curious how Hank McCoy’s blue fur will be explained as he appeared in a cameo without the fur in X-Men 2. Chances are they’re pretending that didn’t even happen.

The images do not however, give us a look at Edi Gathegi’s character, the ever-evolving mutant known as Darwin, which brings into question his role in the film and as part of the ’60s era X-Men team. My guess is that he’s from the future since in the books, he’s one of the newest characters and Matthew Vaughn previously alluded to First Class acting both as an in-continuity prequel and a quasi-reboot of sorts, referencing what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek.

[Update: While Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News undergoes his miraculous recovery, he had chat with Bryan Singer who gave him the following first X-Men: First Class teaser poster- Get well soon Harry! Head to AICN for their high-res version.]

x men first class poster 280x405 X Men: First Class Characters & Costumes: Official First Look [Updated]

Fans, before bringing down any potential wrath upon these images, let’s wait to see what the characters look like in live-action when the X-Men: First Class trailer releases. They certainly have stiff competition up against Marvel Studios’ Thor and Captain America features as well as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Green Lantern.

As an X-Men fan myself, please share your thoughts with me on Twitter @rob_keyes and make sure to follow @screenrant for all of your movie/TV needs.

X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

Source: Fox, LA Times

Update Source: /Film

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  1. btw does anyone recon that they didn’t involve Cyclops, in order to fit in with continuity with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, as it was quite obvious that him and Xavier were only just meeting, and the Xavier cameo was older than McAvoy. HE WAS ALREADY BOLD, plus it wasn’t in the 60s. But there again apart from that the X-Men characters don’t show any way of continuity from the actual X Men Trilogy at all! I pretty sure its an alternative dimension ‘Star Trek’ 2009 style

    • Wishful thinking.

  2. lol, they look hilarious, that kid with the helmet made me laugh out loud.
    So silly looking

  3. Honestly, I am a bit fed up with the XMEN sequels. I mean, how many mutants really need to be discovered or filmed about anymore? Ah whatever…its what the people want anyway.

    • Now that would be awesome and I would gladly shelve out money to see it at the cinema. :-)

  4. the new pictures aren’t helping any

  5. I think if anyone can make a good x-men sequel its matthew vaughn, kick-ass was amazing and I hope he brings that same level of awesumness to the x-men. Yeah things are different and there are more widely known mutants they can use ,but the only prob I hav with the pics is how dorky magneto looks in a big grey helmet while wearing yellow and blue spandex. Hopefully the first trailer will help give this film some positive buzz.

  6. I am completely lost on where this movie is picking up in the history of past movies,including Wolverine. Let alone how they’re doing a timeline if any? Emma Frost is older than Magneto and Xavier with an amazing rack? Mystique is the same age as them? I’m thinking they need to bury the franchise for 5 years and let Marvel start over.

    • Or at the current rate of reboots they can wait 72 hours and declare thats plenty of time to start over with something new.

    • you see, what confuses the hell out of me is Havok. this movie is supposed to be based in the 60’s or somewhere around there, and yet Havok is like 19. even though he’s Cyclops’s YOUNGER brother. if this is supposed to be in continuity with the first three films as well as Wolverine Origins, than im supposed to assume that cyclops is roughly 70 years old in the first X-Men film?(being as he’s about 5 years older than Havok)Because to me, thats just an unbelievable stretch there.

  7. Wheres Cyclops? i seem to remember him being one of the first ever Xmen.
    That photo of Magnus looks like someone doing cosplay. is it in an actual photo from the film?

    I hope Marvel has the rights given back after this movie is done.

  8. I can’t say the pictures I’ve seen so far inspire me and I’ve never been a fan of prequels anyway. Unless it gets great reviews, I don’t think I’ll bother with it.

  9. The movie looks like it will be good. I like that they have the original comic book costumes. Magneto’s helmet looks more like in the comic book.

    Although, if they are going back in time. I find it curious to see Mystique. Mystique did not seem that old, especially when she was cured by the serum in episode 3 and looked like her normal self.

    When I was younger and collected comics I do remember an episode in X-Factor where the Beast was cured of his fuzzy state, but then later on become his fuzzy self again. Maybe that can explain his on and off fuzziness.

    I find it interesting that they went with all unknowns. We’ll see how that goes.

    I’m sure it’ll be a huge blockbuster anyway.

  10. I think people will be ok if this team isnt called the X-Men. Maybe Chuck brings in four people to join Beast somewhere down the line. Would that please you all?

  11. I have to agree with many and join the mounting chorus of WTF??! I do not understand how this even remotely qualifies as the original or “Uncanny X-Men”. That SHOULD be Angel, Beast, Ice Man, Cyclops and Marvel Girl (aka Jean grey). Instead they seem to be trying to be clever and ending up being stupid) by having some weird correlations with the original characters….

    Emma Frost: Some sort of word cue to Ice Man combined with telepathic powers so she is the shows Jean Grey? Plus didn’t exist until 1980.
    Azazel: What? While he is a cool character was he EVER part of the X-Men…EVER?
    Beast: Oh look an original one but he is not supposed to be blue and furry.
    Havok: So no Cyclops but instead use his brother? Wow.
    Angel Salvadore: While interesting she didn’t even exist until 2001! A nod to the original Angel name no doubt.
    Mystique: Like Azazel, other than one limited collaboration was she EVER part of this group? COME ON. I know why she and Azazel are both there though, so they could play up the Nightcrawler origin.
    Professor Xavier: Um, is he not supposed to be a bit older than his students?

    This is just all so……wrong. Might as well have called it, “Z-Men:Third Rate”. Talk about not even giving a **** about the source material. Lets just use a bunch of marvel characters who have been associated with the X-Men at one time or another, that’s close enough right? Might as well have put Apocalypse on the team!!! /rolls eyes.

    • not gonna lie your essay made me laugh. I do agree they should have just pulled a Hulk and act like it never existed. i will stick to my claim that angel is best left off but mentioned as an original.

      • Well I’m not gonna lie, Angel isn’t the most awesome superhero out there. He is literally a bird-man. Kind of a yawn. It wasn’t until Apocalypse changed him into Archangel that he became great.

        • yea its too bad the screwed him up by making him a teenager in last stand. im tellin you, flashbacks are the way to make people happy.

  12. I believe it’s time to take the film industry out of the hands of greedy corrupt companies. We need to stop complaining about bad flicks and actually do something about it before all entertainment is reduced to Idiocracy’s ‘ASS’ movie. I propose a mass online chain letter asking people to boycott target movies, the movies will flop, companies get curious to why, we create an organization go public with the plan, create a committee of REAL director veterans to approve future flicks, let the people vote on said movies and change the way films are made forever. AH hahahahahaha…
    -Seriously thought, this would work if we got enough people to join the cause, can you imagine a movie like Jason X making nothing in the box office, or better yet never being made at all.

    • Well Apollo, I for one am with you on that.

    • You can’t tell people what to mke. A film is someone’s expression. Not that In that sense WE don’t have a say and we shouldn’t. The creaators or whoever owns it has the say but they don’t interact anymore. They just trust that these jokers know what they’re doing. Remember you opinion will ALWAYS be different from someone elses. There might actually be people who enjoied Jason X and saw no wrong. Who am I to take somebody’s joy away?

      • @ Longshanks

        True. I haven’t gone to see a Fox Abattoir or Phony Sony release of a MARVEL character at the cinema for a few years now. I doubt them not receiving my hard earned cash will make a difference, but collectively who knows. :-)

        I’m assuming with these super hero films that a movie theatre would be filled with approximately 50% comic book fans and 50% general movie goers with no idea of the original mainstream source material.

        It’s this secondary group the above named studios are targeting with their counterfeit products. General movie goers have no idea they are being shortchanged and some don’t even care. :-(

  13. This is going to be crap. The continuity is all wrong for “prequel”. Are they trying to get a new fan base, because a Marvel fan is NOT going to see this. Fans want to see the comic brought to life, not some fabricated story line that makes no sense. Make mine Marvel, not this stupidity.

  14. Wow, this looks like it’s gonna suck HARD! Producers of this film sound like they have their heads up their ass! Chods!

  15. THis movie looks like it is gonna be really, really bad. They Producers obviously do not know what they are doing. It’s the death of the X-franchise! Nice going guys!

  16. I’ll be extremely glad when Marvel gets the rights back for X Men from fox abattoir, i know the movie hasn’t even come out yet but there are already a few details about it that I think need fixing, one being the introduction of Azazel and Darwin in a movie about the “first class” seeing as how they are both fairly new mutants and Azazel is a villain anyway,secondly in the early years Beast of course was still in his human form and last Mystique also didn’t join the Xmen until later on

    • LOL, further confirmation that Matthew Vaughn has got absolutely NO IDEA about the X-Men. I doubt he has even read a comic book.

      “I’m a fan of X-Men. We’re not bastardizing X-Men, I’m trying to get them back to being whole again.

      LOL, that’s a crack up. Hahahahahahahaha!!!!

      As for the costumes…

      “The costumes are blue and yellow as well, because f**k it, lets take it back it the original. Also, by the way, those costumes are hardly in the movie. The main costumes are like these cool 60’s James Bond…”

      What???? Taking the costumes back to the original???? LOL, James Bond??? How about Austin Powers?

      Very funny article about a potty mouthed director upset at Fox Abattoirs. :-)

      • Yeah, after knowing what we ALL know about the X-Men, spewing out a line like “We’re not bastardizing X-Men” is pure hypocrisy.

        I have already committed to not giving this joker any real amount of money for this farce of an X-Men origin movie (I will redbox it though ;D ). Hopefully it will do awful and they will FINALLY relinquish rights and let them revert back to Marvel where they can do the job correctly.

  17. I think the actor playing magneto looks kinda like him in the 90’s cartoon the uncanny X-men. But I think its going suck just like the first x-men did and all the rest. Just make a movie about the uncanny x-men. include the scott, jean, warren, hank, bobby, storm, rouge, logan, remmy, and Morph (i never liked the fact they killed him off and replaced him with jubilee her powers were week.) And give them there Costumes. it works for batman, cap, thor, and lantern. Makes me wonder if these people had rites to iron man, would they have given him an iron skeleton and put him in a handcok imean hand job, im ean hankoc suit. so fn gay i was rob again thinking i could see the comic/90 cartoon come to life. stan lee please rescue the x-men pls.

  18. I’m skeptical, but I will probably see this movie in theaters anyways. Michael Fassbender is the only one out of that pic that peaks my interest, he was perfect to portray the young magneto.

  19. Magneto´s helmet looks real but stupid. I always liked the one McKellen had in X2. About the costumes of the X-Men… Now THIS is how X-Men 1 should have looked like!

    • I m with you
      helmet is STUPID

      • the helmet what about the real origanal xmen cyclops angel beast and ice man mystique never was an xman

    • Well, that stupid looking helmet protects him from the REAL stupid people…

  20. GREAT when will they make prince namire ??? how about disney owning marvel .

  21. Where is Jean Grey? Again, where is Jean Grey? I am a huge X-Man Fan, and if she’s not in it. I’m very dissapointed Mr. Vaughn! Very dissappointed!

    • She’s either a little kid or not born yet.

      • No Jean Grey? That’s odd. I remember the original X-Men being Beast, Angel, Cyclops, Jean Grey and Ice Man with Magneto being the villain.

        Love Magneto’s helmet! That’s the way it should have always looked, unlike in X 1-3.

      • jean grey was the fifth x men the original four was beast,angle,cyclopse,and ice man. then jean grey came as marvel girl.

    • i so agree, she all powerful a stuff- but they just kill her off and move on.

    • If you remember from the last movie jean was brought ti the mansion as a child when magneto and professor x were still on good terms. so i think they will have to put that in the story line some where. but it depends if they are still on good terms by the end of the movie. or rivals. but i

      • oh yaaaaaaaaaaaa hmm ok I could be wrong and I think you’re right. But Cyclop isn’t in this either, sad.

    • she’s still a kid, she’s cyclops age. This is before her time.

      • Isn’t havok cyclops’ younger brother?

  22. When I saw the pictures of Emma Frost, I kept switching emotions about once pr second like Quagmire. “Nah-ah, you’re kidd-… really? Nah you gotta… really? there’s no way th-… really?”

    Then I remembered that Mystique spent 3 movies naked so why the hell not?

  23. People, people, this is a PREquel. Most likely set between Wolverine and X1. or possibly set before Wolverine. (Probably between them) We clearly see that Beast is an active member of the X-Men in this movie, and it was established in X3 that Best is an ex X-Men who had a uniform that was similar to the standard XMen uniform but more retro. Plus it’s cannon in all versions of the X-Men that the lineup changes at LEAST once every 10 years. (except Professor X and Wolverine are always there, while Wolverine is also in the Avengers at the same time) Plus, in this movie Magneto is young and Professor X has hair, therefore it was set at least 10, 20 years before X1.

    Look, I know, I’d like to see the entire lineup from the cartoon in one movie too, but Wolverine establishes that Gambit would be way too old for Rogue so that’s not gonna happen unless they do a reboot. So, I say we take what we can get. And what we can get is a Hellfire Club Fresh Emma Frost, and I for one find it acceptible :)

    • I see what you’re saying. I’m not bashing you or your thoughts, I just want to clear up the time line for everyone, because i am a nerd like that.

      In xmen 1 prof says, its been nearly 15 years since logan lost his memory, 15 years from 2000 is 1985.
      So Wolverine Origins takes place starting in the 1800’s and ends around 1985 when logan loses his memory.
      XMEN 3 says “20” years ago when Prof X and Magneto to get Jean. 20 years before xmen 3 is 1986.
      In Origins we se Xavier looking the same there and in X3 flash back.
      So xmen first class has President John F. Kennedy on an old fashion t.v. talking about the nuclear threat which puts xmen first class in the 60’s. so its nearly 40 years before xmen 1. 25 years before wolverine origins ends where we see X save Scott and the other kids. And 26 years before we see X and Magneto get Jean.
      Thats roughly the best timeline to go by given the evidence in the films for dating.

      So therefore it does work as a way of explaining the x3 mention of beast but there is trouble explaining emma frost in both origins and first class, since she’s a teen in origins and a old soccer mom in first class ha! :)

      Obviously the writers need to take some liberties in creating their stories and I for one, don’t mind if stuff changes a bit as long as its done well, and for example x3 and origins were not done very well and xmen needs to salvaged soon. But i am hopeful now for xmen first class and eve wolverine 2.

    • Wolverine takes place in the 70’s or 80’s, this takes place in the 60’s.

    • Agreed!

  24. the writers arent very good with the x men movie alot of things from one movie to the next dont add up like when wolverine gets the tests done to him in his dreams people injected into them but in the forth movie it was done by machine and there not following the books or tv shows so the story might be a disappointment but it should have good fight scenes