X-Men: First Class Characters & Costumes: Official First Look [Updated]

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UPDATE: We have new images of Professor X and Magneto in action!

One of the four major superhero comic book movies debuting this summer, and the only one yet to reveal any official footage or images, is that of X-Men: First Class. The Twentieth Century Fox X-Men prequel, directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick-Ass) and produced by Bryan Singer (X-Men), takes us back in time to the 1960s to tell the tale of the origins of the X-Men.

Focusing in on the history of Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, X-Men: First Class also features  a cast of relatively unknown mutant characters, few of which have shown up in previous X-Men films. Until today, we’ve yet to see what these characters will look like on screen and in costume. Here is your official first look at the mutant cast of X-Men: First Class.

So far, we’ve been living off of  set photos, but the X-Men: First Class cast image first leaked on MSN for a brief moment yesterday but was quickly taken down while it spread like wildfire across the blogosphere. We waited until Fox released the official images so you can see them in proper form. Meet the X-Men and enjoy your first look at the team, in and out of costume, as well as Kevin Bacon as Sebastian Shaw.

Update: Courtesy of a /Film exclusive with Matthew Vaughn, we now have images of Professor X and Magneto in action as well!

In the main cast shot, note the two mutant masterminds who eventually part ways on their plans for mutantkind, becoming Professor X and Magneto, respectively. Here are the characters and their aliases, from left to right:

  • Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto (Michael Fassbender)
  • Moira MacTaggert (Rose Byrne)
  • Emma Frost (January Jones)
  • Azazel (Jason Flemyng)
  • Hank McCoy/Beast (Nicholas Hoult)
  • Alex Summers/Havok (Lucas Till)
  • Angel Salvadore (Zoe Kravitz)
  • Raven Darkholme/Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence)
  • Charles Xavier/Professor X (James McAvoy)

While I cannot say that the first official X-Men: First Class cast images are impressive or inspiring (although fans will sure dig Emma Frost’s authentic outfits from the comics), it does show that they aren’t shying away from the use of colors and costumes, paying a little more tribute to the X-Men books, at least in style if not story.

They did a great job with Azazel and I look forward to seeing Flemying play him in action. Havok has the circular symbol on his chest, similar to some of the comic designs, and Mystique’s design is consistent with the X-trilogy. Many fans are undoubtedly curious how Hank McCoy’s blue fur will be explained as he appeared in a cameo without the fur in X-Men 2. Chances are they’re pretending that didn’t even happen.

The images do not however, give us a look at Edi Gathegi’s character, the ever-evolving mutant known as Darwin, which brings into question his role in the film and as part of the ’60s era X-Men team. My guess is that he’s from the future since in the books, he’s one of the newest characters and Matthew Vaughn previously alluded to First Class acting both as an in-continuity prequel and a quasi-reboot of sorts, referencing what J.J. Abrams did with Star Trek.

[Update: While Harry Knowles of Ain’t It Cool News undergoes his miraculous recovery, he had chat with Bryan Singer who gave him the following first X-Men: First Class teaser poster- Get well soon Harry! Head to AICN for their high-res version.]

x men first class poster 280x405 X Men: First Class Characters & Costumes: Official First Look [Updated]

Fans, before bringing down any potential wrath upon these images, let’s wait to see what the characters look like in live-action when the X-Men: First Class trailer releases. They certainly have stiff competition up against Marvel Studios’ Thor and Captain America features as well as Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment’s Green Lantern.

As an X-Men fan myself, please share your thoughts with me on Twitter @rob_keyes and make sure to follow @screenrant for all of your movie/TV needs.

X-Men: First Class opens in theaters June 3, 2011.

Source: Fox, LA Times

Update Source: /Film

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  1. I have seen a lot of comments complaining about Beast (even Rob the author of the article) and I don’t understand why, I mean if you pay attention in one of the stills of the movie you can see Beast before getting blue just like he appear in the comicbooks, it’s the tall guy with glasses.

    • Yes but going from lookin normal in one still to lookin like the furred Beast in another then normal lookin in either X:1 or X2 then furred in X:3 does not make sense

      • Yeah I think that after I wrote my comment but I was to lazy like to write again lol.

    • Be that as it may, he doesn’t get blue and furry for YEARS after he joined the X-Men…oooh big goof that…

      • Tht’s right and at the beggining he was grey instead of blue.

        • True. :-)

  2. I’m big on comic movies but this one never really had me interested. Now that I’ve seen these pictures though…I’m still not really interested.
    I’ll save my $$ for something else.

  3. I truly believe this movie is going to be something special, something above and beyond the first two X-men films.

    The first photo of the entire ensemble does look a little rough around the edges, but its really just the fist marketing image, while the other photos from the actual film look amazing! I don’t know what everyone is complaining about, aside from that first image, everything looks pretty sharp. The image of Xavier and Lensherr playing chess… I don’t know, it just made me smile.

    We still have yet to even see a trailer; even then it will be difficult to judge for sure whether or not the movie will suck until we see the final product for ourselves.

    There is one huge element of this overexposed fanboy hatred that really bothers me the most.

    Everyone making comments here and abroad are fans, and no one here who is a fan, regardless of how much you may say you despise these images, no matter how much you may hate the trailer when it is released:

    You’re still going to buy a ticket.

    You’re still going to be there on opening day.

    All of this complaining is pointless.

    The way we recklessly conduct ourselves online, it just really makes me ashamed to be a fan of these types of films.

    • @ spicy peppers

      That’s quite a presumption, that everybody here will buy a ticket to see this at the cinema. :-)

      I haven’t supported a Fox Abattoirs or Phony Sony super hero movie at the cinema for a number of years now.

      I will never be a fan of these type of films which disrespect the original source material with such blatant contempt. My X-Men collection goes right back to the early sixties and this movie does NOT represent the ORIGINAL “First Class”.

      It is an alternate convoluted re-imagining which has no resemblance to the books except in title only. I don’t mind brand new story lines, but I expect the characters to look and behave like they do in books and to have some degree of continuity.

      • I agree with you Magnetic Eye, and I will not be buying a ticket for this mess.

        • I aint supporting Fox’s “Ex-Men” either. Just maybe I’ll watch it when it comes out on cable or tv or something on a lazy Sunday afternoon when I’m bored.

  4. i love x-men but this never really striked my fancy. even with january jones looking so great, i’m not really sold. i will still see it because of my love for x-men but my hopes aren’t up.
    maybe they should just drop this, and make that deadpool spin off with ryan reynolds already! now that’s something worth being excited over or even that possible gambit movie!

  5. Keep thinking the worst people (I am), it’s the best way to be pleasantly surprised.

  6. i have to say just going by the pic’s i’m ready to ban this movie from being made…i hate the pics all the customs look like a four letter word that i dare not speak

  7. i really wonder what it would look like if Josh Schwartz would have made this movie? this looks like crap like the sequel to punisher! i wont see this movie until DVD which makes me sad but its ruining great story’s like they did with X-men origins: wolverine. I Don’t understand why they let Brian Singer come back after what he did and how horrible X1 and 2 are plus superman returns is a joke! This movie will Blow but at least spiderman and Thor look amazing! Sony took all the complaints and is changing it too how it should be why could Fox do the same thing?

  8. ok why do they have to keep making prequels. i mean come on go back to the present and continue the f ing story already. i want to see how they would do it, i know that for me if logan and or scott summers isnt in it then it is not xmen sorry people and maybe storm. that is just my opinon

  9. I’m not sure she’s going to receive much recognition in this film, but it’s good to see Rose Byrne in the cast. I’ve enjoyed the work I’ve seen from her. Likewise, Kevin Bacon should make for an interesting performance.

  10. I personally believe that Fox has screwed up the continuity so bad, for the comics and movies, that they should just start all over from scratch again and pick one comic generation to follow not mix and match all of them together into a catastrophic mess. However that is just my opinion and I will not begrudge others for having their own thoughts and opinions.

  11. X-Men needs a REBOOT but not under cheap ass Fox Studios. They are notorious for skimping on the VFX budget. X-Men needs to go back to Marvel. As does Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Daredevil.

    Singer should NOT be involved with an X-Men film ever again. It’s clear from how far he strayed from the source material in all the X-Men films that he has no respect or love for the comics.

    Yes, X-Men 3 was his storyline. Ratner just inherited it. This film Singer was steering before Vaughn came on board and I’m sure much of it is Singer’s crapola.

    This picture is just one of many dire things to come.

    • @ Insider

      I have nothing but contempt towards Singer, an over rated, arrogant and egotistical CRAP director.

      • ME,

        I can’t say I’ve ever heard any statements from him that lead me to think he’s arrogant or egotistical (as opposed to say, Cameron and Shyamalan).


        • Vic,

          I don’t remember if I read an article here or somewhere else that stated how Singer couldn’t care less what the comic book fans want to see in an X-Men film.

          I guess that struck a nerve with me and it compounded with his alternate re-imaginings being so FAR removed from the original source material. :-)

          I know I come across as sarcastic and cynical, but I was really hoping for the X-Men films to be a little TRUER & FAITHFUL to the books. I don’t mind new story lines. I do expect characters to look and behave like their comic book counterparts. :-)

          • @Magnetic Eye, Ditto! Not to mention they actually had the chance to fix it with a total reboot with the original 5. Look, they let Aronofsky reboot X-O Wolverine after just one movie and he himself said that it would be SEPARATE from the first movie.

  12. This can work if they treat it less like X3 and more like Watchmen. James McAvoy adds a bit of class to this that may just make it a good movie.

  13. Does anyone else think with Beast, theyve made him an ‘Ugly Beast’ as in beauty and the Beast and Not the beast we all love?

  14. So does anyone have any idea if this film and “wolverine” are supposed to be in the same continuum

  15. not bad i just hope they do not leave a bunch of holes in the film from film to film like in x-3 you see a flash back and it shows a younger magneto and professor going to see jean grey at her home and invite her to the school for gifted, well i just hope they do not make the professor go into his wheelchair before events lead up to that or continuity will be messed up, and they need to show beast tring to hide his self by shaving and useing makeup to look human because in x-2 you see him in his human form. also we need a x-men 4 after this and bring back cyclop,gambit,nightcrawler,colossus,angel,iceman,rogue,a newer better juggernaught,sinister,apocalypse, and the rest, and if they do a sequel to first class, use beak for crying out loud he was angel salvadors boyfriend, and lets see cyclops join,storm,jean, a younger glob herman, chamber,husk,anole,mammomax,the sentinels,omega red, and some cool cameos. but please either stop making these or stop leaving holes threw out this series.

    • I dont really see your vision coming true , with the utter cluster Frak, they have made of the series

  16. It seems a shame to waste a whole movie in an effort to get the continuity back on track. They should’ve rebooted w/ the originals 2 movies ago, but that’s beating a dead horse and we’re all sick of hearing that. For Vaughn to follow Star trek’s tactic of using the time travel issue to justify their manipulation and exploitation of the source material may be a mistake. They feel that time travel gives them permission to do anything, despite the fans continued pleading.

    Well I’m a fan of x-men comics since Magneto took over around #200, maybe even before when Rogue joined and I am worried yet again. I know many Trekkers that are disappointed by the script of STAR TREK, they feel Abrams dumped decades of history that the fans expect to see utilized.

  17. I think there’s an easy way to get round the whole beast continuity hullabaloo. When Hank McCoy appeared every so briefly in X-men 2 in human form I’m just gonna assume he was using an image inducer. That actually fits really well with the character as this plot device has been used many times in the comics over the years.
    X-men 3 occurs after Proffesor X outs himself to the president and the mutant situation becomes more public, hence Beast no longer needs the image inducer and thus goes back to his natural blue furry look .
    Problem solved:-)

    • I agree with you, that is a good way around that issue. hat’s off to you. But I think for me the biggest problem is, its an x-men film without any x-men in it. Sure the characters in the film are from the same universe, but are they good enough to drive the plot? Its just a very muddy universe seeing how for example we’ve seen Emma Frost in Origins and now she’s in the 60’s. How do you reconcile that if they want to do an X4? Are we to pretend that all these prequels are not in line with the original 3? I have doubts. I think the beast issue is the least of the problems.

    • Actually , And I cant beleive that im speaking up for this crap fest movie, but you dont have to use an image inducer to explain Hank on again off again furriness, if your a true x fan you know that Hank as gone fuzzy and than had it revert only to return back to his big blue form later on. While with the xmen he starts as non furry, becomes furry revert to non furry when they start x factor he is non furry only to revert again to furry and has been furry since then only mutating differing degrees of furriness.

      • not to mention that the image inducer was made by Hank and Forge for Kurt Wagner aka Night Crawler, so that he could hide his apperance in public

      • haha! that made me laugh. I think we can all agree that the Beast issue of continuity is the least of our problems with this “xmen” film. Its probably one of the move visible though.

    • I like to think that the Hank McCoy human is simply a normal guy who just happens to have the same name lol actually I suppose it would be more likely if he was a beast, turned human by a scientific experiment, then went back again lol

      • Billy Bob,

        did you forget that Beast was not so “beastly” when the comic first started. It was an accident/experiment that turned him furry and blue

  18. sweeeet

  19. I don’t know if someone posted this already but apparently the pic with all the characters together was not official and was photoshopped by someone. Matthew Vaughn released two pics of Magneto and Xavier to make up for it, lol

  20. Are they serious, suspenders!? WTF man. At least Magneto’s helmet is accurate. Every one else looks like garbage in their costumes/makeup. Hopefully they keep Fassbender and McAvoy on screen as much as possible.

  21. Of course this movie will genereate revenue but nothing crazy probably something similar to X-men Origins: Wolverine. I really have to say that X-men franchise has fallen appart since the second film. I thought the third film was pretty bad but Wolverine beyond bad; it was awful. This movie so far just is not doing it for me. I don’t care about these characters and I don’t care about their beginnings. Aside from that Wolverine, Gambit, Rogue, Iceman, Nightcrawler, etc are not even in the film. Moira MacTaggert, Emma Frost, Azazel, etc are in the film, however, and I have no idea who these people even are. Really dissapointed in the way this franchise has turned out.

    • I think Azazel is Nightcrawler’s real dad (but I read alot of fanfiction so its really just speculation); MacTaggert had her own branch of the school in Scotland although I had no idea she was a mutant; Emma Frost had a branch of the school in Boston, was the White Queen in the Hellfire Club, stole Scott from Jean, and is a slut; Sebastian Shaw is the Black King and leader of the Hellfire Club; Alex Summers is Cyclops’ long lost brother; and I have no idea who this Angel Salvadore person is. Seriously, I would’ve taken Jubilee over her.

      • I lied, I’d take Carol Danvers (Ms Marvel), but only because she would fit the timeline

      • Angel is a frigg’n Bumble bee dude! a BEEEEEE! my heads starting to hurt again just thinking about this cluster frag.

      • Angel Salvadore is an X-Men who appeared in the early 2000s during Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s run on “New X-Men”. She has the powers of a fly, basically: Noisy fly wings and acid mucus. She’s pretty trashy in the comic, and gross.

        No idea what this movie version of the character is going to be…

        • @Kofi Outlaw, Soooo.. Lenny Kravitz’s hot and sexy daughter might going around puking mucus and making annoying buzz noises. Let’s assume she’ll be the first one to fly toward and land on this pile of horse dung of a movie.

  22. I’m actually starting to get a headache from all these! I’m writing this whole franchise off and hope I can get some money back at tax time!

  23. i think everyone needs to see a trailer its less than 6m to release,im hopeing this film will work i think they are hopeing to start again and forgetting about the other 3 films even the next wolverine movie is not a sequel its a stand alone movie.I think the way they are doing this movie could work as long as they dont forget about jean,cyclop,ice-man and angel in other films if this makes money because they are the first class.We are lucky to be getting a new x-men movie after x3 so i would forget about X 1,2&3 and take this film for what it is, and let all hope we see a few more

  24. Has anyone seen todays comment on script Flags, Mathew vaughn is pisssed that Fox released the pictures, He goes on to say that he himseldf thinks they look terrible, and that they dont properly represent his xmen, and that he isnt bastardizing them , but trying to get them back to being whole again, LOL WTF is he talking about does he read another xmen comic that I dont know about, He was better off sticking to the argument that they are FOX’s Xmen and in no way relate to the comicbook version. That atleast gives him ground to defend his work, but to say he is trying to bring them back to the X men , is just a slap in the face of the fans of the true Xmen

    • Loco Lobo,

      You are a regular commenter here, so should be very aware of the no profanity rule. I’m getting tired of editing the s-bombs out of your comments – I’m busy as hell and have more important things to do. So please stop doing it, otherwise I’ll just start deleting your comments from the moderation queue because that’s a lot easier/faster for me.



    • @ Loco Lobo 73

      Thanks! Just had a quick look at scriptflags.

      LOL, reading what Matthew Vaughn said has just reaffirmed my concern that he has got absolutely NO IDEA about the X-Men comic books.

      You can be as cool and innovative as you think you are Mr Vaughn, BUT ignore and disrespect the ORIGINAL source material with convoluted alternate re-imaginings and all you’ve got is a counterfeit film which carries the title only and bears a vague resemblance to the books.

      A TRUE & FAITHFUL adaptation of “First Class” would ONLY include the original 5 founding members of X-Men.

  25. This is gonna be dumb! The first was an okay attempt at best with such a broad universe. It got worse as the story unfolded, and now these arent even real first class students! If you’re gonna do a reboot then just do one! Don’t make things even worse.

  26. Yeah… I’m not impressed with these pics at all, Mystique looks TERRIBLE, I might see it for Emma Frost though, but in all honesty that isn’t enough. The Hellfire Club should have appeared in X2 or a BETTER version of X3. I won’t make up my mind on seeing this movie UNTIL I see a trailer, though to be fair.

  27. I liked the pictures. I absolutely love the idea of it being set in the 60s. I’m pretty stoked about this movie now.

  28. I like the idea of the retro reboot/origin story. Seems a really good way to go after the last 2 X-related films really derailed the franchise. I think Vaughn is a good fit since he was supposed to originally helm X-3…although the material for X3 wasn’t something many great directors could have done anything with:(

    If this doesn’t do well, I wonder how or if Aronofsky’s The Wolverine will get X-Men out of the ICU. Seems X-Men is becoming like the AVP series *shudders*

  29. I love the way mystique truly looks like a young version of the X-Men trilogy’s mystique. So does beast, and Xavier I suppose. I love the Austin Power vibe lol, actually works very nicely. Nice to know they aren’t simply churning out sequels really (although will love to eventually c a X4 with sinister and then an X5 with Apocalypse, unless he’s in this one but I hope he isn’t because it wouldn’t make sense for them to fight their most formidable foe before they even encounter general striker, after that Magneto or striker, or even maybe Phoenix would feel easy). Good to see they are going this new route tho. HOPE IT’S GOOD!